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Kral Sokolu

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Did you enjoy that?.
We'll show Lord Balador the falconer Vagan is still good at his craft.
Tomorrow you'll go to the castle.
Damned Vagan!
Beautiful... Vagan promised me one like this.
I've been training it secretely for a year. For you, my lord.
-Vagan is an old braggart. -Stop it. I've heard enough!
Well, people talk, my lord. Here you are...
Wonderful, indeed.
Once hunting, I caught sight of the famous King Mathew's falcon.
For that falcon I'd give my castle on the Danube.
Nobody can catch that one, my lord.
Come on, this way! Faster!
in coproduction with
supportedby the Slovak State Fund
andthe Fundof the Council ofEurope
Basedon the book by Jozef Cíger Hronský
-Tomorrow we'll saddle the bay. -God help us.
Father, Thomas! Lunch!
Hurry up, men, Grandpa is starving.
Come on, son.
Here you are.
Grandpa, it's not just for you.
Hey, calm down. I've heard you.
It's all right now.
Damned fool.
-You wanna get your ribs broken? -The bay is death-ridden.
Yesterday you said you were at death's door.
Right, but the door was sealed. Death is scared of me.
Thomas, don't do that any more.
Oh, my...
How did you know about the thorn?
The bay was complaining. Are you deaf?.
We are all deaf except for master Thomas.
What did you tell her?
To throw a cone at you if you don't stop neighing.
Liar! You liar!
Just you wait.
You robber...
With that whip of yours I'll change the bay into a lamb tomorrow.
You touch the stud and Lord Balador will get you caned.
-The bay cost him forty cows. -And it's worth it, I'm telling you.
I've never seen such a beauty in my life.
-Ostrik'll get the stud as a wedding gift. -And he'll ride away on it...
-with beautiful Formina. -And who is Formina?
He doesn't know who Formina is!
Lord Balador's daughter, born on the same day as you only a year earlier.
The day you were born, at the castle they celebrated her first birthday.
-So we're actually siblings. -And I'm your Grandma! -Shut up.
-Forty cows for such a horse... -Tell me about her. -Wait a moment.
Balador has offered a castle for a falcon, just imagine.
The one with the golden crest?.
The falcon belonged to the King of Hungary. It saved his life.
People say so...
Once King Mathew got lost in the marsh. He would have died there,
but his hunting falcon showed him the way out.
-The King rewarded the bird with a golden crest. -And set it free.
-What do you know about it?. -Nothing. Everyone'd do so, I guess.
Our smart Thomas knows better than anyone.
You're lucky the marten is asleep.
-The little beast... -It's your birthday in a few days...
Here's your present.
-The wolves! -Light up a big fire. We'll drive them off.
You go left, I'll go right. We'll meet back there.
You stay by the fire.
Put more wood to the fire!
-Are you okay?. -Yeah!
Over here guys, help me!
I've got no fire!
Oh, God...
Thomas, come back!
-Mama won't be lonesome any more. -Now they are together again.
Thomas. Come on, let's go home.
What for? Balador will hire a new herdsman and we can go begging.
Forward, jump! And back!
Perun, fetch!
Bravo, Perun!
Me and my brother, we've prepared a little surprise for you.
You are free. Run!
-What's this? -Be patient, my lord.
Perun, get him!
Let go!
-Perun, come here! -Wild beast.
-Isn't the lad hurt?. -He deserved it.
-Broke a jug... -That's all?
And put the splinters into the dog food. Perun could've died.
Punish him. But not like this. According to the law.
Put him to the stocks and then cane him.
I'll plead with Lord Balador for a piece of land. He'll remember me.
Once he went hunting and passed by... I bowed and he waved at me.
He must remember me.
He will not let us go begging.
Again the little beast of yours...
You do it yourself!
-What have you done to her now?. -Nothing.
-Grandpa, can I come along? -To the castle? No way.
You'd mess something up and come to a bad end.
-I'd like to see Formina. -What for?
Maybe she'd dance with me.
You won't even get close to her. If by chance you did,
Balador would burn your heels.
Come on!
Get up!
I'll finish you.
Loser! Loser!
Send for the healing mud. My back was aching last night.
-Your husband is a weakling. -I like him the way he is, Father.
Perun, to me.
For you Formina, I've chosen a better husband. Ostrik.
-But I don't wanna get married yet. -First the betrothal...
-will take place. On your birthday. -But that is tomorrow!
So what?. I've prepared everything. It will be your great day.
-Have I ever seen Ostrik? -Of course, my dear.
On the day we signed the wedding agreement.
-When was that?. -You were two years old. Ostrik was four then.
He stuck his tongue out at you, and you hit him with a silver spoon.
-Hasn't he got a bump on his head? -Not any more. Now come with me...
I'm giving Ostrik the young bay as a wedding gift. And also...
-this falcon. -Is this the one which saved King Mathew?. -No.
That one wears a golden crest. Once I saw him by the Rocks.
-I've offered my castle on the Danube for him. -Is he worth so much?
-For me he is. He is indeed the king of all falcons. The pigeon! -My lord.
-Feed him! -No. I can't do that.
Do you want to offend me?
-But your old falconer... -You remember Vagan? -Of course I do.
I liked him.
He told me falcons get a pigeon only after hunting.
You're right. We shouldn't spoil him.
-And where has Vagan gone? -I don't know. He left. Was proud.
Once I insulted him... I'm sorry I did.
But lver will replace him. He's already trained this falcon.
Leave your presents by the servants in the yard.
Our gracious Lady Formina thanks you from her heart.
They won't let us in, we have brought no presents.
Grandpa... Come on.
You wanna get into the castle?
Fine, come along.
-Why are you sitting here? -Getting warm in the sun, you idiot.
-Get lost or they'll put you next to me. -What have you done?
I broke a jug, that's all.
To the stocks for a jug? Who ordered that?.
-What do you think? Our lord of the castle. -This Balador is really...
What did I tell you? It is His Highness Lord Balador.
We have to go to the main courtyard. His lorship won't come here.
-We want to congratulate the young lady... -On behalf of the guild...
The presents are being listed by the clerk. Over there.
Nobody can go any further. We are expecting noble guests.
-You're Metod from the pastures, aren't you? -And you're...
-Iver. The second coachman. -Not any more.
-Now I'm Lord Balador's falconer. -A falconer? You?
-What do you want here? -We've come with a request to Lord Balador.
-This is my grandson, Thomas. -Maybe I could arrange something...
-But he stays here. Come with me. -Don't you dare move an inch.
According to the law, the convict will get twenty strokes.
This is the ruling of the judge! Executioner, do your business!
Bite him!
-What's up? What's going on here? -Something is biting me!
Cane him! What's the matter with you? Are you having a fit, man?
-Something's biting me! -Run!
-Stop it! What do think you're doing? -Catch him!
You idiot!
Guards! Catch him!
Well done.
Come on, Sis.
I've got something for you.
From Stephen and me for your birthday.
May it bring happiness into your marriage as it has to mine.
-You want some? -You bet!
When the bell up there rings this leg is yours.
-And when will it ring? -It hasn't rung for years. Has no clapper.
He won't get away with that.
I'm here.
Rogues have all the luck.
-Here you are. -Thanks.
Make way for the cortege of His Highness Count Donat!
-What a dashing young man. -By far and wide the best suitor.
-How handsome he is. -I'd like one just like him.
-A fine bridegroom for Formina. -Do you know her? Formina?
Of course I do. I bring the mud to the castle.
This? For Formina? And what does she do with it?.
My brother takes care of the kennel. And this is Perun.
-The best of Balador's dogs. -Quiet, Perun! -Search him! Quickly!
Nothing else?
You want to rob this poor soul?
What if he's bringing a message from Vagan? He is spreading rumours
-I stole his falcon. -You can't compare with him!
You drove him away, you good-for-nothing! Swindler!
You see? He's Vagan's spy! Careful with me, old man.
Allow us to offer a few birthday presents to the future bride.
And now our son wants personally give this diadem to his fiancé
which she will soon wear on her wedding veil.
Go on.
Thank you.
Looks good...
A little heavy.
I meant Ostrik.
On acount of my dear daughter I thank you for the beautiful gifts.
And now, friends, to the table!
It is a healing mud. It takes away fever, protects against the plague
and refreshes one's mind. I know a fine lord who sips it like soup.
To clean his bowels...
-But Lord Balador heats it up and sits in it up to his neck for hours.
-And Formina, too? -No. She is as sound as a bell.
To us! We've been good fathers, we'll also be good fathers-in-law.
To the bottom!
Hey, that's enough!
-You've promised we'll dance. -I nearly forgot. Music!
Go and ask Formina to dance. Everyone is waiting...
-But l...-lt is your duty.
He's coming.
May I have the pleasure...
I'm not the best dancer but...
-duty is duty! -Duty?. I thought you came voluntarily.
-Yes, of course, but you haven't finished eating... -Oh, no.
I'm not going to eat any more.
Would you believe I once hit you with such a spoon?
Well, would you excuse me...
Have you seen that?.
You were great.
-What happened? -She is beautiful. -And?
-She wanted to hit me with a spoon. -It's a pity she didn't.
I would burn my hands...
-What is your business here? -I am here to dance with Formina.
You'll have to wait a long time. I must wait until the gentry depart.
-I can see why. The stuff stinks. -It has to stink in order to heal!
My mud...
What are you up to?
-What do you want here? -You're Formina?
I've come to congratulate you. It's my birthday today as well!
-You're not lying? -I swear it!
Do something!
So let's dance together.
Take my hand!
The mud heals...
Shall we jump like frogs?
That's enough!
-Who are you? -Thomas.
-You're forgetting something. -Thomas, my lord,
the son of your herdsman who was killed by the wolves.
We came here with a plea for a piece of field... my lord.
-But you've spoilt my daughter's celebration and for that... -No!
I wanted to dance and he fulfilled my wish! And you said this would be...
-my great day! -I did say that. But this is not what I meant.
Let the fortune decide.
A rose, a nice piece of land is yours.
An empty hand, you will get caned.
Now make your choice.
Rogues have all the luck! The clerk will arrange it for you.
Now off, I don't wanna see your face any more! Music!
-My friends... -Bravo! -Eat, drink and be merry!
-Would you dance with me, my lady?. -With pleasure.
Thomas. What are you wearing?
We got a piece of land from lord Balador.
-I've earned it by dancing with Formina! -What?.
It must have been a bewitched day.
You fly high... but it was me who danced with Formina!
There he is! Get him!
-I can see him! -Halt!
-Leave him alone! -Let Perun off!
Perun, get him!
Come on!
Be a good boy, Perun.
Perun, catch him!
Can't you hear, get him!
What has he done with the dog?
You little brat! You'll be sorry for that.
-Enough! Take him away. -Quiet, come on...
What's wrong with him?
We were training Perun to track and we ran into this boy
who danced with Lady Formina. He did that, it's his work.
Such a dog is useless.
-Kill him. -No!
-Give him to me. -Take the carcass away.
As for this Thomas, now I'm gonna make him dance!
Where have you been wandering?
Grandpa, does it hurt when you get caned?
It does.
I still have one...
And how many strokes would one get if he'd done any harm to Perun?
Not a stroke.
Balador would roast him alive.
-Calm down, little one. -Hold it.
Take care of Agatha.
Come on.
Just one more thing. Come on.
We've come for your grandson.
-Thomas didn't steal the clothes. -What clothes?
He bewitched his lordship's Perun.
-He's not in there. -Search the whole place!
Wait here.
Well, what do you say?. Have you ever seen a prettier girl?
You're right. Me neither.
So let's go.
What are you doing here? You've come to rob nests, huh?
-I don't steal! -Has perhaps Lord Balador given you his best stud?
-Out with the truth. -I turned his Perun into a harmless puppy.
He's sent the constables after me. And so I took off on his bay.
You've heard that, Tatar? He turned Perun into a puppy,
stole the bay and the constables are after him.
We've caught a famous bandit! We'll take his skin off
and send it to Balador. He will pay us well.
-Welcome to the Rocks. I'm Vagan. -Balador's head falconer.
Used to be. Someone slandered me that I am no longer able
-to train a falcon. -I know all about you. -Who told you?
The birds.
Let's go.
Get down. We're home.
We'd better hide him. Go on in.
What's up? Leave me alone! That hurts! Let me go!
Zubor! Leave him, he's our guest.
I found him begging by the castle. Someone had cut out his tongue,
-afraid he might talk... -Lunch is ready!
Long time no see, huh?! Come on in!
-Iver would've hunted me down like an animal. -You cook for Vagan?
I've been promoted. At the castle I took out the rubbish.
Here you go.
-Leave it. It's for Frankie. -Who's Frankie? -You'll see.
-The constables! They've found me. -And me, too!
Into the corner!
-Calm down. Coming for lunch? -Whom do you have here?
-Just Zubor and a few animals. -We'll take a look.
Two, three, four. Two beggars eat from four plates?
You'd better not go there. Frankie is sleeping there.
He hasn't eaten yet. Might tear up your pants.
Who's Frankie?
This should scare me?
-You know better. -And who eats from the fourth plate?
-Mike. -And who's that?.
Frankie's father, a nasty fighter. Yesterday he tore two of my dogs
to pieces. Shall I wake him up? Mike!
-No, we're in a hurry. -Come on out! The gentlemen want to see you!
On the horses, let's be off!
To the table.
You've come such a distance. You must have set off at dawn. Why?.
-I wanted to see you. -And why did you want to see me?
Because I liked the way you saved the boy from punishment.
Me? He just chose the right hand, that's all.
And what was in your other hand?
You saw it?. You have sharp eyes. Sharp by name, sharp by nature.
I must be back by sunset.
My parents don't want us to meet until the wedding.
I told them I would go hunting.
I haven't behaved honestly.
I think...
I can forgive you.
-You should go now. -I'd like to see you again soon.
Better not. Do you want to spend your horse?
But the day after tomorrow
I'll be passing this way.
Thomas! Are you mad? Here... by the castle!
The constables are looking for you. Father will have you caned.
You wouldn't survive it!
I just wanted to tell you...
My grandpa said...
I grow really fast. Soon I'll be grown up...
and strong like my father was.
If you could just wait I could be your...
Tom, I know...
I just thought Ostrik could find another girl... I'd help him.
You saw us?
You know, I like Ostrik, I do.
And I love him.
To fall in love with my future husband...
I can call myself lucky. It's not always like that.
I wish you all the luck.
For good luck... may it stay with you.
You're a nice boy.
Perun, go.
Thomas, come here.
I've been training him for months. He's good but unpredictable.
Tie this to his foot.
And how is Formina?
What do you know about her?
Only what you talk about...
in your sleep. Wash your eyes, they are a little red.
It's hopeless.
Tatar! Halt! Back!
The fox must be rabid.
We have to kill it or it'll infect all our animals.
What has got into you?
He'll never come back.
What have you done? I tried everything...
I told him a falcon should not behave like a donkey.
From now on, you train him.
Look... Thomas is sending us his greetings.
Frankie, come and have a bath!
-Won't you miss him? -I will.
But I know a better one. A falcon beyond compare!
I know which one you mean. I nearly trapped him with my net.
He's the king of all falcons.
-Shall I stop at your Grandpa's? -No need.
-You'll meet him at the castle. -How do you know?.
The falcon told me.
Hey, catch!
It's for Formina.
You can't go in there! His lordship has forbidden it.
-I've come to beg for my grandson. -First I want to know where he is.
-Speak! -I don't know, my lord.
-On my honour I don't know. -You don't know?. I don't believe you!
-You should, my lord. -Vagan! -Metod is an honest man.
-You've come to tell me that?. -I've brought you a falcon, my lord.
-And that's why I should believe you? -This one is better than
-the one lver stole from me. -Liar! Can you prove that?.
Tell his lordship who gave you this scar.
You can keep your field unless you deliver me Thomas.
If I find him myself his punishment will be worse.
Get lost, you old fool.
I like him. We'll try him after lunch.
I saw a rat in the tower.
-If Balador sees it... Where is the rat poison? -Over there.
But careful with it.
-You're not saying much, Vagan. -Because I know little.
This morning you spoke more.
Now I know even less than I did this morning.
What counts is the falcon knows what he has to know.
Let us begin.
Where is he flying?
You wanted to make a fool of me? You've brought me a carcass.
The rabbit gave him heart attack!
Did you poison my falcon?
-I know nothing. -And you brother "the falconer"?
-I've seen nothing. -'Cause you didn't want to see!
You're lucky I don't like when people get whipped.
And tell lver to stay out of my way. He's got one scar already.
My lady...
-Vagan! -I've got something for you.
You know where Thomas is?
Tell him, I'd like to dance with him one more time before I get married.
Let's go.
Hey, hands off from the nest!
You'll pay for this. I'm Lord Balador's falconer!
-I'm following his orders. -Liar! You're stealing the eggs.
Nonsense. You've hurt my arm. Help me...
He was stealing falcon eggs and Lord Balador is looking for him
-because of Perun. -Put him down!
Move back!
Lord Balador will punish everyone who helps him escape and...
Shut up, lver. Now you listen to me!
You poisoned the falcon.
You used to be my pupil, taught you everything.
And you've turned out to be a filthy thief.
Look: hawk, sparrow hawk, peregrine. The falconer robs his lord.
Stop that evil man!
Shoot him yourself if you feel like that...
He poisoned our falcon, alas!
We won't find a better one.
And what about that one?
It's him. The falcon king.
For him Balador would forgive you everything.
He'd also give me a castle.
Repair it! Stitch it again!
-Does it suit me? -You're a beautiful bride.
Get lost!
My lord, I trained the falcon you gonna give to Ostrik...
-What do you want?. Spit it out! -Could I be the head falconer?
-Your time will come. -You should know that Vagan...
Do you know anything else besides tale-bearing?
We're slow. I have to exercise my horse. I'll meet you at the castle.
-Still the same hothead. -Don't worry, he'll get tamed soon.
-And where is Ostrik? -He has to be here any moment now.
He rode ahead, was impatient.
He's savouring the last moments of his freedom. Please...
What do you want from me?
I'm thirsty.
I know you!
You made a big mistake.
Now you won't get out alive. I'm not going to the gallows.
Why are you holding me here? What are you up to?
It's none of your business. I'm settling accounts.
If I discover a corpse here, a reward would not come amiss.
I'm going to bed. If Ostrik appears tell the maid to wake me up!
-I'd like to talk to him. -No trace at all, nothing, my lord.
It's not possible! Looks like he disappeared into thin air!
Take more men and keep looking until you find him!
And bring us new candles.
-We're looking for Ostrik. -What would he do here?
We'll see. Search the place!
Stand up. Let's go.
Here's another one.
And here's the evidence!
Tie them up. They are criminals!
It belongs to Ostrik. I gave it to him myself.
We found it in Vagan's cottage.
-I bet they've robbed and murdered Ostrik. -Vagan!
And Thomas! At last I've got you. Where is Ostrik?
You're asking us? We know nothing. We weren't invited to the wedding.
-Where is Ostrik? -I drowned him in the mud. -Be serious!
-Do you know anything about him? -Let me go and I'll find him.
Put them into the torture chamber! The judge will try them!
-What have you found out?. -They denied everything stubbornly.
But the small one, Zubor, gave them away.
When he saw the red-hot iron he nodded to everything.
-Anyway, this evidence is undeniable. -And your verdict?.
A life for a life, Your Highness.
Start buidilng the gallows.
And hurry up!
Thank you.
I begged my father but he doesn't want to listen. I can't help you.
Tell me, what have you done to Ostrik?
If you believe we're able to kill you'd better go. Get out of my sight!
Watch out!
I'll be back for you.
Be careful.
I'll find Ostrik for you even in hell.
Find Ostrik, find him.
What are you looking at?. You can't help me.
Sign here, my lord.
Father, how can you believe Vagan or Thomas to be murderers?!
You can't send them to death. Ostrik will return, I'm sure.
I believe he's alive because I love him.
Hey, help me! I'm here!
-You're all right?. -My leg...
-How did you find me? -Not me... he did.
He flew around my ears and shouted "help Ostrik". So I came.
I had nothing else to do. Come on.
You understand the bird speech, you suckling?
Sometimes better than the human speech, you bridegroom!
-I've seen you somewhere. -Maybe in the mud? -You're that dancer...
that insolent boy! I wanted to give you a good hiding!
When you get well we can fight.
But now hold on so that I don't lose you on the way.
These criminals have caused deep grief...
to Lord Donat, his wife, my daughter Formina and to us all.
The judge decided they should be hanged for their evil deed.
-My spur was the only evidence? -Yeah. It was enough for the judge.
A judge like that ought to get hanged himself! Wait.
-I've still got the other one. -Other what?.
-The other spur! -And I've got the falcon.
...justice. A life for a life!
do your business!
Here with it!
-Ostrik! -Hangman, hold it!
I am here! Stop that!
He's injured.
That's the man who wanted to kill me!
-Iver! -Let me go!
We almost executed innocent men.
Iver indicated to me it was your wish, my lord...
You should follow the law and your conscience, not lver.
I don't need a judge like that. You'll go to the stocks.
-You're pale. -Just tired.
Come on, let's go.
-Thomas! -You little wanderer. Do I have to cut the wood myself?.
Grandpa, come on...
I'll forgive you Perun... Haven't you worn out my bay?.
-No. Anyway, it belongs to Ostrik now. -You're forgetting something.
My lord.
It's the falcon king. How did you achieve that?.
I've promised a castle for him. Now you are lord of a castle.
I don't want a castle. I'll keep the falcon.
In that case I'll make you my head falconer.
You've already got Vagan. But when you go hunting...
-I will borrow you the falcon. lord. -My lord.
My lord...
I have wronged you, falconer.
You decide on his punishment.
I grant him mercy. But I will not ever see him again in this region.
So be it.
Thank you for Ostrik and for me, Thomas.
-Without your help he wouldn't be here. -I'd like to dance from joy.
But Ostrik can't. Would you substitute for him?
It is not proper under the gallows. Besides, I miss the healing mud.
Keep it.
Leave it now. Go...
-We've come for you. -Would you like to come with us?
I need a good falconer.
I'll think about it. Maybe I'll fly to you one day.
The sooner the better.
Subtitles: Barbora Rážová, Bratislava
Director ofPhotography
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