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Krull 1983 CD1

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{y:i}This, it was given me to know:
{y:i}That many worlds have been enslaved|{y:i}by the Beast and his army, the Slayers.
{y:i}And this, too, was given me to know:
{y:i}That the Beast would come to our world,|{y:i}the world of Krull...
{y:i}... and his Black Fortress would be seen|{y:i}in the land...
{y:i}... that the smoke of burning villages|{y:i}would darken the sky...
{y:i}... and the cries of the dying echo|{y:i}through deserted valleys.
{y:i}But one thing I cannot know:
{y:i}Whether the prophecy be true...
{y:i}... that a girl of ancient name|{y:i}shall become queen...
{y:i}... that she shall choose a king, and that|{y:i}together they shall rule our world...
{y:i}... and that their son shall rule the galaxy.
Colwyn should have been here by now.
{y:i}He may be forced to travel|{y:i}through the forests and the stone country.
{y:i}All the passes and the roads|{y:i}are held by the Slayers.
{y:i}Colwyn may not get through.
{y:i}That would please you?
{y:i}I sent men to help.
{y:i}But I see no reason for an alliance|{y:i}with our ancient enemies.
{y:i}Father, the invaders|{y:i}are destroying our world.
{y:i}We must have the alliance.
{y:i}Only if we're united,|{y:i}do we stand a chance against them.
{y:i}Then, I'll make a treaty with King Turold.
{y:i}It's not necessary for you to marry his son.
{y:i}It's the only way to guarantee the alliance.
{y:i}The marriage is my choice.
If it were anyone but Turold's son.
Colwyn is a great fighter.
Good fighters make bad husbands.
Horsemen approaching!
Open the gate!
We sent to you for help. None came.
Twenty men were despatched to you.
We've lost 300 getting here.
I didn't choose this marriage, Turold.
Nor did I, Eirig.
I chose it! Your daughter chose it.|It'll be done.
And you'll lead this army with mine|against the Slayers?
Whatever army I have,|I'll lead against them...
...until I've won or I'm dead.
I have chosen well.
So have I.
Your journey was hard?
But necessary.
- It may already be too late.|- It's not too late.
Is this where the ceremony will be?
Tonight at moonrise.
My father says that good fighters|make bad husbands.
- That depends.|- On what?
On whether you expect a husband|to follow you around...
...jump every time you clap your hands.
Wouldn't you jump for me?
No, of course not. You're a warrior.
From this day, my kingdom is no more.
Nor mine.
A single kingdom under our children.
I give fire to water.
It will not return, except from the hand|of the woman I choose as my wife.
I take fire from water.
I give it only to the man|whom I choose as my husband.
Take the fire from my hand.
Call the roll, guards!
- Slayers!|- Arm yourselves!
- We'll fight together.|- No. Is there a safe way out?
- An underground passage.|- Come on!
My place is with you.
- Do you love me?|- Of course I love you.
Then go.
Colwyn, hurry back to me.
Everyone in the centre of the room,|get back!
Take it!
She's alive.
Stay still!
For now, beyond your reach.
Who are you?
I am Ynyr.
The old one.
Well, not as old as all that.
You've come down|from the Granite Mountains.
Yes. I am needed now.
There's no time now for grief.
You haven't lost a father|and a bride on the same day.
Nor have I become king on that day.
I have no kingdom.
Your kingdom may be greater|than you know.
I give it to you, old man,|and welcome to it.
I came to find a king...
...and I find a boy instead.
They will hold her in the Black Fortress.
Can you lead me to it?
You must have help.
I'll find men on the way.
In the Fortress,|you will face more than the Slayers.
You will face the Beast,|who is their leader.
He can be killed.
But no man has ever seen him and lived.
You will need more than men and swords.
You will need the power of the Glaive.
The Glaive is nothing|but an ancient symbol.
It doesn't really exist.
It exists, up there.
In a cave on the highest peak.
Without the Glaive,|you will never be able to reach Lyssa.
I need weapons, not symbols.
Once, the Glaive was|a very powerful weapon.
It can be so again.
But only in the hands of the right man.
For only the right man|can retrieve the Glaive.
Am I that man?
I wish I knew.
I cannot go with you.
Don't worry. If it's there,|I'll come back with it.
If you do not come back with it...'ll not come back at all.
{y:i}You have been brought here for a marriage.
{y:i}I am the king you will choose.
Do not use it until you need it.
- How will I know when?|- You'll know.
If you lead me to the Black Fortress,|I'll use it soon enough.
That will not be so easy.
At each sunrise, the Black Fortress moves.
Sometimes it is in the mountains,|sometimes in the desert...
...sometimes in the sea.
Never the same place twice.
But you told me you knew where to find it!
There are kingly virtues other than bravery.
Courtesy is one of them.
I'm sorry.
It's the thought of Lyssa there.
I, too, was young...
I, too, loved as you do.
But your love will be...
...luckier than mine.
What I told you is that I knew|how to find the Fortress...
...and that is by seeking the vision|of the blind Emerald Seer.
But his place isn't known either.
It is known to me.|It is a day's journey from here. Come.
Help! I'm drowning!
This might have been quicksand!
I might have been sucked to my death|while you stood there gawking!
Where is this place?
The forest near the Granite Mountains.
Blast! 1,000 miles off course.
I was rushed.
There was a difference of opinion|concerning a gooseberry pie.
The man left it sitting on his windowsill.
- What did he expect?|- Perhaps he expected to eat it.
For that rudeness, lout,|I think I'll turn you into a bat.
Might teach you some manners|to hang upside down for an hour or two.
The Hill People lack the power to do harm.
We shall see about that, old man.|We'll see about that!
No, that's a recipe for hot fudge sauce.
It'll have to be a goose.
Fat and ugly.
Very fat. Very ugly.
From that, you see what I could've done|to you if I were a vengeful man.
You may leave me now.
Dear, dear. Let me see now"..."
The forest is not safe.|You'd best travel with us!
Me, travel with you?|Do you know who I am?
I am Ergo the Magnificent.|Short in stature, tall in power...
...narrow of purpose and wide of vision.
And I do not travel with peasants|and beggars. Goodbye.
Wait! Wait for me!
I've just remembered|I have urgent business in this direction.
What business?
Staying alive.
{y:i}I will allow you to go|{y:i}wherever you please within these walls.
{y:i}For this is the palace from which you|{y:i}will rule this world and countless others.
{y:i}You cannot escape me.|{y:i}You will be my queen.
You're no great chooser of roads, old man.
This way will save us half a day's travel.
They're men, we don't know yet|whether they're robbers.
Faces that ugly|could only belong to robbers.
Don't worry. I'll turn them all into pigs.
You're surrounded by 100 men!
100 is not enough!
What have we here? A fighter!
Besides, you're short about 90 men.
Let's just kill them and be done with it.
Soft, Rhun! I don't kill men|without good reason.
Nor do I. And be thankful for it.
You're escaped prisoners.
Every one. Slaves, bandits,|fighters and brawlers.
Desperate men.
- As desperate as you'll ever see.|- Good.
Those are the kind of men I need.
You need?
Well, see, these men|follow no man but me...
...and I follow no man at all.
- Would you follow a king?|- A king?
There are many lunatics wandering|through the country claiming to be kings.
Would you follow a king|to the Black Fortress?
Now I know you're a lunatic.
I wouldn't follow my own father|to the Black Fortress.
- Lf he could find it!|- He wouldn't be so foolish.
Is it foolish to defend your world?|To fight for your homes and families?
If the invaders conquer,|you'll be slaves with the rest of us.
Noble sentiments, but we fight for profit.
- You know what I mean?|- The profit's freedom. And fame.
Freedom? But we have it.
And fame, it's an empty purse.
Count it, go broke... it, go hungry... it and go mad.
That is true.
But this fame and this freedom|you could leave to your sons.
How did you know I had sons?
If the Slayers conquer Krull,|your sons will be enslaved forever.
I have no sons, but I will go with you.
The boy shames you all.
Only the king and the lord marshal|have the keys to these manacles.
- You don't look like a lord marshal.|- No.
You look about the right age|to be Turold's son.
The exact age.
Torquil, you're growing old.|Your brain's softening.
Nine men like you are worth an army.
If we succeed, unlock them.|Otherwise, I'll die with them.
Well, you heard him! We're now an army!
An unpaid army.
You got a problem, Rhun?
Can't a man even talk to himself|without being interrupted?
Let's go!
- Come along!|- Nennog! Move!
Ynyr, help!
Horrible! There was|a terrible creature over there.
And over there,|a creature with only one eye.
- One eye?|- A Cyclops.
He was aiming a spear straight at me.
Had it been so, you would now be dead.|He was aiming at a Slayer...
...for they have ancient hatred|between them.
Long ago, his ancestors lived|in a world far from Krull.
And had...
...two eyes like other men.
Then they made a bargain with the Beast|who is the leader of the Slayers.
They gave up one of their eyes|in exchange for the power... see into the future.|But they were cheated.
For the only future|they are permitted to see... the time of their own death.
They're sad, solitary creatures,|born to know...
...the day they will die.
Today would have been my day,|if it hadn't been for him.
Up you go.
We three will go on.|The rest will remain here.
We four will go on. I'm not staying behind|with these criminals!
We four will go.
He marches us|towards a solid face of rock.
The man has raisins in his braincase.
I recognise an old friend.
Mad. They're all mad!
We seek the Black Fortress.
Such a vision will be opposed.|Who seeks it?
The new king.
With an old voice?
You know the voice?
Yes, my friend.
We're trying to find the...
I will seek the Fortress for you.
- Got any sugarballs?|- No.
- Gumdrops?|- No.
What kind of boy are you?|Boys always have candy.
I have a cinnamon bar.
Share and share alike.
I am Ergo the Magnificent.
Short in stature, tall in power,|narrow of purpose and wide of vision.
That is very impressive.
I should hope so.
I'm Titch.
That's not impressive, but adequate.
The Black Fortress.
Where is it?
Are you all right?
The Beast does not like|curious Seers poking into his affairs.
His power is too great|for you to overcome?
Yes. Here. But there is one place|where his power cannot reach.
The Emerald Temple.
Yes. In that place,|he cannot oppose my vision.
Will you travel there with us?
It is in the Great Swamp:|A treacherous place.
Our need is great.
The Temple is at the centre of the Swamp,|where three trees grow as one.
How can anything grow in that place?|It smells of death.
Death and power are close cousins.
Don't think I like your relatives, old man.
Have a look.
The profit of this journey.
They're worth a fortune.
Maybe. To someone|who's very nearsighted.
But they were emeralds.
Hey, Rhun, emeralds.
I swear it! They were emeralds!
Rocks in our pockets and gravestones|above our heads is all we'll get from this.
- From the lake!|- Take cover!
- Over here!|- Get down.
Get down there!
Quick, over there!
Over here!
That's the second time|you've saved my life.
- I am Ergo.|- The Magnificent.
Hasn't he got a name?
His name is Rell.
He visits the Seer sometimes.|He doesn't speak much.
So I've noticed. Except to be sarcastic|to people who wish to be friends.
Or jest with those|who already are his friends.
My name is no jest, beanpole. It's nice|to have a short name if you're 20 feet tall...
...but small people need large names|to give them weight.
Your actions give you weight, my friend.|I saw you save the boy from a spear.
That's what friends are supposed|to do for each other.
Quite so.
You've been with us for a long way now.
Since the beginning. When I learned|that the Old One had come down...
...I knew that the time had come.
Join us, then. All men need company.
All men.
That way.
If I had my wish,|I'd be out of this gloomy place right away.
If I really had my wish,|I'd be sitting on top of a gooseberry pie... big as a mountain.
No, that's a bit greedy.|I'll settle for one as big as a house.
I'd wish for a puppy.
Only one puppy? If you're wishing,|why not wish for 100?
I only want one.
That's a foolish wish.|And you, Rell, what would you wish for?
- Nennog!|- Help!
Help him!
The ground. It's sinking!
It is the power of the Beast.
- Link up! Make a chain!|- Help! Get me out!
Rhun, get hold of him!
- Hang on!|- Pull!
Give me the axe!
I'm slipping!
Pull it!
Help me!
Get me out! Help me!
Menno! Keep still! Don't struggle!
Hold on!
Keep still, Menno!
Don't struggle!
Is that you, Titch?
- How far to the Temple?|- Not far now.
Stay here, make sure|we're not being followed.
- I will stay.|- Be careful.
Thank you.
I'll lead the Seer. Titch, you go ahead.
Thank you, brother.
I'll lead the Seer. You go ahead with Titch.
- This way?|- No.
You sure?
I recognise this tree.
I recognise the place now.
We're in sight of the trees, brother.
He who seeks the knowledge|must lead me.
No one else may approach.
Here is the knowledge you seek.
The Beast has many weapons.|This was one of them.
The Changeling.
How did you know?
I found the Seer's body in the quicksand.
He gave his life for us.
He was my only family.
We're your family now.
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