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Subtitles for Krull 1983 CD2.

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Krull 1983 CD2

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Now we have no way|to find the Black Fortress.
There is one who might help.
The Widow of the Web.
That creature helps no one.|And none who go there return.
- She has great powers.|- Yeah, to kill.
She may not kill me, for I know her name.
Her name is Death.
She had another name once.|An ancient and powerful name.
We all risk our lives on this journey.|My risk is no greater than yours.
I must try.
Where are my papers?
Blast, I really must get organised|one of these days.
Where's Ergo?
He'll be back soon.
From here, I go on alone.
- I'm going with you.|- No.
If two approach,|she would certainly kill both.
Alone, I may have a chance.
Each to his fate, Colwyn.
Yes, each to his fate.
If I'm not back by morning...'ll know mine.
We stay here.
I still say it was a foolish wish.
We have no food,|and the men are too tired to hunt.
- Hey, Kegan.|- Hello.
Doesn't one of your wives|live in a village near here?
Lona. No, she moved down to the river.
How many wives does he have?
About seven or eight, at the last count.
He's a travelling man, you see.
He covers a lot of ground.
She lives in a village|at the edge of the giant trees.
Can she cook?
It's not her strongest point,|but hear, I tell you.
Just have her bring provisions.|Magnificence there reckons he can cook.
We'll soon see.
Plenty more if you're still hungry.
Out of my way. Let me get at it.
- Well?|- Well, what?
Who's the girl then?
Her village was burned.|She'd nowhere to go, so I took her in.
Look at her one more time,|and I'll throw her out!
Merith! Oh, my sweet.
She doesn't hold a candle to you.
- She's not even pretty.|- Yeah?
Now, look, petal,|'"'"faithful'"'" is my middle name.
You must eat something.
I'm not hungry.
Please, for me.
Thank you.
What troubles you?
{y:i}You have chosen a paltry kingdom|{y:i}on an insignificant planet.
And love.
{y:i}Love is fleeting.
{y:i}Power is eternal.
{y:i}Such is my power.
{y:i}It can be yours.
I don't want your power.
{y:i}Do not let my form frighten you.
I can assume any form I wish.|Any form you wish.
There's no love in that form.
And you think there's love|in your boy king?
{y:i}I've not held a man in my arms|{y:i}since my lover left.
This is a lie!
{y:i}I know how painful it is|{y:i}to be far from your lover.
He will betray you.
{y:i}Comfort me for one night.
He will not.
{y:i}I can't betray my bride.
Then he will die.
Let me comfort you.
I can't accept comfort when she has none.
You will not then?
I cannot.
{y:i}My master said:|{y:i}"Make him betray her. If not, kill him."
Yes, he is my master. These talons|were a heartbeat away from your throat.
I could have killed you in an instant.
{y:i}But, in the hour I knew you, I loved you.
It is you who are betrayed.
Power is fleeting. Love is eternal.
{y:i}Remember me.
{y:i}Consider this power.|{y:i}If you consent to be my queen...
{y:i}... I will halt the attacks of the Slayers.
{y:i}It is in your power|{y:i}to stop the killing and burning.
{y:i}Each hour you delay,|{y:i}more innocent people will be killed.
{y:i}Think on it.
Hurry, Colwyn.
I seek the Widow!
Enter here and die.
Who speaks that name?
It is I, Ynyr!
I give you this time.
I was young when I last heard that name.
I was young when I last spoke it to you.
And my face was as beautiful as my name.
And I loved you, Lyssa, with all my heart.
But you would not stay with me.
- There were responsibilities, duty"..."|- Ambition.
You had a son.
We had a son.
But you said nothing.
Where is he?
I killed him when he was born.
And this is my punishment.
My son?
Since I could not kill you,|my rage needed a victim.
I know you can never forgive me.
I cannot forgive myself.|I have already forgiven you.
You can never forgive a woman|who has killed your son.
If I had not...
...could I see you now as I saw you then?
And allow me to see through your eyes.
How could I have left you?
Your vision is your gift to me.
And your vision could be your gift to me.
- What can I see for you?|- The Black Fortress, where does it rise?
Tomorrow... the Iron Desert.
But the knowledge is useless,|for you can't leave here.
No man has ever escaped the Web.
There is a young girl being held|in the Fortress.
A young girl with your name.
A young man seeks her.
The age I was when... and I met.
When you and I loved.
What you ask is beyond my power.
It can be turned only once.
That is the Law of the Web.
Then the second Lyssa will share your fate.|She will die, grow old and lonely.
She will die in a place of darkness.|This world will be a place of darkness.
These are the sands of my life.
Accept them and the spider|will have no power to harm you.
But your own life runs out with the sand.
What about your life?
I give it to the girl who bears my name.
I cannot stop the sand.
You cannot stop time.
Go now.
Save the other Lyssa.
At sunrise"..."
At sunrise...
...the Black Fortress will appear... the Iron Desert.
It will remain there until sunrise|of the following day.
You must"..."
You must reach it.
We'll reach it. You'll be with us.
No, my...
...race is run.
Use your power wisely.
Do not squander it.
I learned the power from you.|I won't forget.
We'll bury him here.
The Iron Desert's 1,000 leagues from here.
Fire mares.
Fire mares can travel|1,000 leagues in a day.
There's time if we move quickly.
That's it. Drive them back!
The grey is the leader!
Hold him!
Come on! Come on!
I've got you.
Gentle as a baby!
- Saddle the others, quickly!|- Right!
Come on. Hold still!|Stand still, you beast!
Take good care of him.
- Why doesn't he come?|- It's his time to die.
If he's going to die anyway,|why doesn't he come with us?
No. He must stay here and accept his fate.
If he opposes it,|he'll bring great pain on himself.
Steady! I must remain here.
Is it time?
You've done enough, Rell. Stay here.
Each to his fate.
Each to his fate.
Rell, I'll ride with you.
I have to stay here, my friend.
We had no time.
Hold on!
There it is!
Yes, and only madmen would want|to get this close to it.
We're going to get a lot closer.
And quickly. It's almost dawn.
We must get inside|before the twin suns rise.
Rhun, get back!
I was wrong.
The journey was worthwhile.
Finish it...
- We'll have to rush them.|- No, wait!
We'll be picked off as soon as we move.
Colwyn, look.
Follow him!
Come on!
Kegan! Mind the boy!
Get your axe in the opening!
It's no use.
This is my time.
Keep moving!
Which way?
Look out!
- My travelling days are over, my friend.|- We'll get you out of here.
Here's where I stay.
Lead on.
I can't hold him!
Throw us a rope!
I'm going down.
Get back!
- Come out!|- No, wait!
There is nothing we can do. Get out!
From here, I must go on alone.
Go where? There's no way in.
There is one way.
We must find the others, Ergo.
They've stopped.
Bardolph, let it go!
Look out!
- Lyssa!|- Colwyn!
Not here, Colwyn. He's too powerful.
You must fight him away from the centre.
The Glaive is gone.|I have no way to fight him.
Colwyn, it's not the Glaive, it's you.
No, Lyssa, it's us.
It's us he can't defeat.
It won't return to me except from the hand|of the woman I choose as my wife.
I give it only to the man|whom I choose as my husband.
Take the fire from my hand.
We have to find the others. Come on!
I won't leave you, Ergo.
- Bardolph?|- Look, over here!
That's Ergo. He may still be alive.
Let's get out of here.
He risked his life to save us.
We can't leave him here|if there's even a chance he's alive.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Stand back!
Help them down!
He'll be all right.
- You are his queen?|- Yes.
- Then we've won.|- Yes.
Oh, boy! I should have stuck to puppies!
I think...'s time we unlocked those manacles.
I thought I'd keep them|as a memento of our journey.
The key's yours.
Only the king and his lord marshal|carry this key.
That's right.
{y:i}A girl of ancient name shall become queen.
{y:i}She shall choose a king,|{y:i}and together they shall rule our world...
{y:i}... and their son shall rule the galaxy.
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