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Subtitles for Kuch Naa Kaho 2003.

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Kuch Naa Kaho 2003

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Kuch Naa Kaho (Say no more)
''Your brother's bank has received your cash gift, Doctor''
lt's already reached Mumbai
You've made it so simple.
That's Western Union Money Transfer for you.
Give Rakesh this phone number
All he needs is his lD card to draw cash from any of our branches
l'm sorry that my wife's surgery... is keeping you from Mumbai
What matters is that my gift has reached them
What do you mean
You've sent a gift but you're not coming?
''Rakesh, l have an urgent surgery''
l'll miss Nikki's engagement but l'll be at the wedding for sure
At least send Raj
''Puja, Nikki, and Aria are dying to see him''
''After all, he's the only brother they have.''
Raj is impossible. He doesn't listen
''lf his Dad was alive, he'd have set him right''
''Didi, just send him to lndia ...''
l'll line up such eligible beauties that he will return a married man
''But Raj must agree, right?''
Now only his future wife will be able to set him right
But l don't even know if there is a woman for him out there
''And if there is, where is she?''
Your Uncle called
He's upset that you're missing the engagement
''lt's take out, from an ltalian restaurant''
''You know Mom, l knew there's something wrong''
You know Nikki considers you her only brother
She'll be really sad if you don't go
lt's also from the ltalian place
''You know mom, living on this food, is driving me crazy...''
This pizza's a perfect example
lt's not coming off the plate - disgusting greasy stuff
l made that
''Seriously, son. Two of my patients need me here.''
One may require surgery...
So l can't go to Nikki's engagement
But you have no reason to skip it. - l do mom...
''As soon as l land in Mumbai, Uncle will line up girls, saying ...''
''Son, this one's an MA, she's a BA, here's a Phd ''
Blah blah blah...
Like you
''Whether l like the food or not, you make me eat it ...''
Uncle's the same. Whether l like the girl or not...
he'll get me married
You'd rather be a bachelor all your life?
Bachelors live longer
''Their days seem longer, that's all. - Mom, l can't give up my freedom''
Raj? This is Nikki
Papa says you're not coming for my engagement?
The problem is...
You're crying ? - No...
What's wrong? - You know Papa listens to no one
''lf you don't come, who'll tell him l don't want to get married?''
''Why, Nikki?''
l don't love him
Then why are you getting engaged? - lt's being forced on me
What will you do?
l'll watch them distribute wedding cards
They'll dress me up in wedding finery
Then? - They'll escort me to the altar
Then? - l'll run away
''No, Nikki! l'm coming!''
He's coming!
''Listen, Sister, it's crucial that l get on this flight''
''Listen, Brother, the last seat's gone.''
My seat ?
To whom? - That lady-on the phone
One minute
You know what happens to me when l'm away from you...
''l'm missing you, my love''
You miss me too?
Fine. l'll stay two more days
No... l'm on today's flight
Yes? - Can you help me?
''Could l have your seat, please?''
l mean - your seat on the Mumbai flight
My son's in Mumbai. Babloo
''He's ill, very ill... seriously ill''
What's wrong with him?
Heart attack
How old? - Twenty-six
And you?
''Father, son... both 26?''
You asked about Babloo?
''lf l'm 26, how old would he be?''
Three or four. - Exactly. Three or four.
Such a small boy had a heart attack?
''You're not a doctor, are you?''
lt's a very rare case. Happens only to little kids
Hypo-cardio-pulmon-oritisis syndrome
He's got a hole in his heart
''High fever, low BP ...''
''lmagine, such a small child...''
''l'm here on urgent work and he's there, calling out,''
''Papa, Papa''
He won't take his medicines without me
''Madam, l must get to Mumbai''
l must give Babloo his medicine
Only you can help me
Please take the next flight. l can organize your stay here
No. l mean you don't need to worry about me...
l'll take the next flight. lt's important you go
l know how you must feel
Cancel my ticket. - And confirm mine
Make it snappy... and... a window seat
''Don't worry, he'll be all right - Who?''
Who Babloo?
Babloo...your son
''Yes, Babloo''
''With your blessings, he'll be okay''
''Uncle, it's Raj. l'm coming. Please be at the airport''
May you live long
May your married life be blissful
''Uncle, l set foot in lndia and you start''
Worry about Nikki now. - No need. Ajay's a fine boy
Ajay? - He's one in a million!
Ajay Sehgal? - Right. One in a million.
You know him?
''You don't mean Ajay Roshanlal Sehgal? - Yes, so ?''
Why? ls something wrong?
Not Ajay Roshanlal Sehgal who did his MBA from NYU?
''Yes, yes.... Listen, Raj...''
My blood pressure's rising. Tell me plainly...
What is Ajay up to and with whom
He likes someone in New York - Likes someone?
Who he's ditching to marry Nikki
What? - Please forgive him
Forgive him?
''Uncle, you promised. He's one in a million''
Are you sure?
l heard it from the horse's mouth. - Ajay told you?
No. The broken-hearted one...
Why doesn't Ajay marry that one?
He wanted to
But couldn't hurt his parents
''He sacrificed his love for them - Meaning, he still loves...''
''One in a million, right?''
So tell me- who is my daughter's rival?
Michael? - Yes...Michael
''These Americans are strange. ln lndia, Michael is a boy's name''
ln America too. - What?
''Uncle, Michael is a guy''
Michael is a man...
Big moustache and all. - He can't marry my daughter.
You promised. - To hell with my promise
There's no way l'll allow this marriage
But he's one in a million. - Such guys are one in a million
Two. - Shut up.
What's wrong with this dress? - So cute
''Very nice. Ajay, please, l'm not interested''
Nice outfit.
''Puja, what if Namrata doesn't show up with her clothes?''
You'll have to wear something. - You look beautiful
Thank you Aria. - Superb!
''What style, what attitude ...''
You're dressed just right - Exactly. But Nikki doesn't like it
''Didi, even Papa approves''
''Papa, tell her it's a lovely outfit.''
Come here
Meet our sister's prince charming
He's no prince. He's a queen
Sorry? - The wedding's off.
l don't understand. - But l've understood
''What's the matter, Papa-ji?''
''Scoundrel. Calls me Papa - Papa, what's come over you?''
''Nikki, one minute. Relax, Uncle''
''Raj, what are you up to? - l've made sure you're free.''
You're behind this. - Of course.
''Raj, l love Ajay''
''Pooja, dear... go inside.''
What are you doing?
You go too - But...
Take the clothes too. Take them
You lied to me? - How else could l get you here?
So l have to tell uncle...
l'm history
You made a fool of your Uncle!
''Don't take it personally, Ajay''
Tomorrow's the engagement. Do come
Just a minute
Tell me- who loves Michael?
No one
Nikki! You're not ready yet?
Namrata was to bring my outfit
''And the matching jewellery, shoes, and everything''
She's not here yet. l told you..
not to send her to America before my engagement
She was expected yesterday
Everyone's waiting. Wear something else
Never. l'll wear only that outfit
So if she doesn't come your engagement's off?
''Raj, this is my elder brother and my sister-in-law''
''What's wrong, Raj? - Nothing''
''lf you'd come any later, the engagement would've been off.''
''Sorry, sir. l'd checked in and ...''
Later! Get her ready quickly. l'll attend to the guests
You're so late
What happened to you? - When l reached the airport...
''Raj, meet the Malhotras ... and their daughter Rani''
Talk to her.
Say something
Where do you stay?
On MG Road... - And you?
ln a house. l can't live on the road
He's always joking
''Uncle, l'm serious''
You? - You?
l can't believe it - Nor can l
You know each other? - l was telling you about the airport
Namrata designed it
How is he? Babloo?
Babloo? He's well.
Which Babloo?
Ajay. He's been searching for you.
Nikki's here
Must be around. l'll fetch her
One minute
l can't find Nikki or Ajay. Where are they?
Right here
''Namrata, it's a beautiful outfit.''
Have you met ?
''The most talented designer in our office, Namrata''
My nephew Raj. He lives in America and thinks he's too cool to marry
But he's...
going to get married this time. He won't escape
lt's getting late
Come along
Do you know why l was delayed ?
This man had to rush back to tend to his sick son Babloo
''Look, l had to get to Nikki's engagement....''
Admit that it was a good idea
So you have no sense of humour? lt's not your fault
Girls are deficient in that department
''Only guys are smart, right?''
''Nikki, you should stand by him''
But Namrata was so late
All because you
Don't listen to these guys. They're all liars.
Come on... listen to me...
What is it?
''Listen carefully then tell me what you think''
''Why are women so arrogant, vain and stuck up''
''We're just being nice to you, so why the attitude?''
You listen to me...
What would you like to say?
We're not like that
But even if we were
So what?
''Why shouldn't we be proud or even arrogant''
When we have the world at our feet
And our beauty drives you crazy
Even when we break your hearts
''You must admit we do it with a certain charm''
''We hope you got the answer You were looking for...''
Listen to me...
''Let me tell you, the secret of your beauty''
And your charm?
''lt is we who behold the magic in your mundane acts''
''And honor your silly tantrums with attention''
''lt is we who call your smallest virtue sublime''
''And make your ordinary looks legendary''
Your beauty remains unmatched
only in the eyes of the beholder
''Without us, where would you be?''
lf you think...
That we owe our looks to you
then it's clear that
your beauty has you
''so intoxicated that you cannot think straight''
''Otherwise, why would you''
Talk such rubbish?
''Obviously you missed the point... Nevermind''
lf you want to be vain that's fine
But don't forget
That the glow on your face
''only reflects the fire of our passions''
for the world to see
lt's not surprising
we've cast a spell on you
''with our petal-soft skin lips like buds''
''and hair so dark and fragrant like the night''
But we're the ones who
''Compared your lips to buds and your skin to blossoms''
''lt is we who respond to your glance as if it's magical''
''and your words as if they're poetry''
''And it's we who see the mystery of the night in your hair''
''lf we were not to look at it to love it and to worship it''
''Who would call an idol made of stone''
A god
Will you listen to me?
What's left to say?
Come on... listen to me...
l know exactly what you'll say
But at least listen...
Maybe later... if l have the time
l like this one.... - Her nose is too large
Her bank balance is larger
''Let it be, Dad. Raj doesn't want to marry.''
A man's life is incomplete until he's marries
''After that, it's finished !''
See this one
l'm the umpire. You are out. Your wicket has fallen
Get this straight. My wicket cannot fall
This time l have such winners lined up that you'll be bowled over
These are our future sisters-in-law?
''Yes. - Not all, stupid. Just one''
''Raj, take a look''
''Poonam, an interior designer''
''Reshma, MBA. Kavita, Priya...''
''Rachna, who you'll meet this evening''
Who said so? - l did
''l didn't, did l? - But you've to listen to what l say''
How can you decide without asking me?
l've asked you so often- you never reply
''But, l don't ... - No buts. Pick one of these five,''
We can have a joint wedding - Nikki and you combined
Buy one get one free!
This isn't a money-saving scheme. lt's my whole life on the line
Exactly. l'm doing this for your happiness.
After all l'm like a father to you. - But you're not my father !
''Nikki, make him understand...''
You upset him. You pacify him
l've convinced the American buyers to see our collection
They will be here on the 19th. l'm sure we'll get the order
''After such a successful trip, can l expect a promotion?''
Who do you young people think you are?
You know it all!
''Our generation, it seems, knows nothing''
''Uncle, you misunderstood. We're nothing without you.''
''Sir, l'll be back later''
You stay here
''Sit. - Yes, sir''
l'd rather talk to you in private
''Sir, l'll come back... - Sit''
''Yes, sir''
''Tell this young man, l've heard enough from him''
''Uncle, l didn't mean it. Don't be angry, please''
Me ? Ask him ...
What right l have to be angry with him
''Uncle, you've always treated me like a son''
And l've regarded you as a father.
''So, ask him ... Will he see the girls ?''
''Sir? - No, Uncle''
''Fine. Namrata, you were saying...''
You come here
Sit... and listen
''l said to this gentleman, you're old enough now...''
''Meet some girls. lf you like one, marry her''
''Did l say something wrong? - Not at all, sir''
''Look, l'm not against marriage. - Then...''
ask him what the problem is.
Explain to him... Please. - What?
That it's absurd to meet a girl with hordes of her relatives around
How can l talk to her?
''Sir, l think he wants to meet the girls in private''
This is not America. All that doesn't work here
That's the problem... l can't have a heart-to-heart
Why not send Nikki with Raj?
''You'll manage a heart to heart with Nikki there, surely?''
Nikki's caught up with wedding preparations.
''Otherwise, it was a good idea. - Sir, you could send someone else''
He won't take me along.
Puja and Aria are too young. And he doesn't know anyone else.
So the bride hunt is off !
Namrata will go with you
''But, a family member should be present''
Don't worry. l'll take care of all that.
''But, sir... - You want a promotion, right?''
Get started
''But, Uncle... - Now what?''
Nothing...Can l go?
You chose to meet Rachna at a temple?
With you and uncle against me. l need god on my side.
You're sure that immersing a silver coin...
makes a wish come true? - 100 percent
You know the stable behind our house... Gulab Singh's?
''Yes. - His horse, Lovely...''
''The black one? - No, the white. A major problem.''
No offspring. So he threw coins in here and got twins
''Gulab Singh got twins? - No, the horse did''
How did the horse throw the coins ? - Gulab Singh did that
l see. - How much is a silver coin?
Rs 101
''Give him the money, quick. Hurry or we'll lose our turn''
''The money's with you, how can l pay him?''
l kept the cash in my socks and left my socks in the car
How ridiculous! Hiding money in your socks. Go and get it
l'm going - l'll stand in the queue
We mustn't lose our place
''The keys are with me. Here, catch.''
Avoid brawls in temples... - Sardarji just grabbed my hand
''Brother, l tried to catch my keys and caught sister-in-law's hand instead''
l'm not your sister-in-law. - l'm no villain
We've come from miles away to immerse coins and make our wish come true
Me and my Mrs ... Minty come quickly
What's the matter?
This man claims l grabbed his wife's hand
''Not my wife, my sister-in-law. - l am not your sister in law!''
Ok... sister. Forgive me.
Please forgive him. l'm his wife Minty
''He didn't mean it - He doesn't act fresh, even with me''
Rachna ?
Go make a phone call... - To whom?
''Uncle, of course''
l wanted to ask- Why meet at a temple?
You believe in re-birth?
What? l mean ...
What happens after death? - How would l know?
l haven't experienced death.
You mean that l have?
You don't remember? - What?
You fell from a cliff
We went as pilgrims to Kedarnath.
Babloo was with us
Our beloved child
''Remember, he was so thirsty that day''
You handed him to me.
And set out to get water for him
You never came back
''Three days later, We discovered your corpse !''
My corpse?
''Don't worry, l never remarried.''
l took good care of Babloo
''Do you know, he's a vegetable vendor now!''
When you were about to be reborn
''so l jumped off the same cliff to end my life, Savitri''
''Savitri? - Yes, Savi.''
True love has reunited us. Now Kishen won't lose his Savi
''Come, Savi. The temple's here. We can get married at once''
One minute... l'll take off my shoes...
What's the matter? - He's crazy.
Why introduce me to this lunatic?
Why did l get involved with you? - Who told you to get involved ?
You two are fighting again?
lt happens when you're just married. Don't worry.
You'll get used to it soon.
l've upset her again
Let's go. Where are the keys?
Here. - This is a coin
So l threw the keys in the water. - Oh God !
l think that Raj really does not want to marry
We shouldn't force him. - That's not it
The problem is that he's never met someone he connects with
''Next time, take him to a cool place''
Get him in the mood...
l knew you'd like this place
''Raj, come on. - Where?''
l told Poonam we'll meet upstairs
''lt's less crowded, you two can talk and ...''
You take such good care of me !
Poonam's an interior designer. She studied in New York
What's that famous college called? - Gaitonde lnstitute of Design
Stop kidding. - l'm listening. l went to NYU
''lf you don't know anything about Poonam, how will you talk to her?''
l know what to say. - That's what l'm afraid of.
There's Poonam. Doesn't she look cute?
My friends call me Pony
When you let down your hair what do they call you ?
Pony !
What will you have? - Vodka !
''Sir, this is not your drink, sir - Put it down''
First ask Pony what she'd like?
What will you drink?
No hard drinks for me. One Virgin Pina Colada
One Virgin Pony Colada ...
''And you, Namrata? - A Coke. No ice''
You need to make a phone call
l did already
What are your hobbies?
Checking out potential brides.
l come here every summer and meet a line-up of girls
lt keeps my Uncle happy. He considers his time well-spent
l cannot marry you
''l can't marry you either, l'm so happy to hear you say...''
Why did you have to hurt her feelings?
''Sir, your drinks. - Under the table''
That's not it... lt's him.
The one in the ugly shirt? - ln the grey jacket... Vikram
My first and only love
What happened to him? - When we last met we had a big fight
He didn't like my dress. Know what he said?
''Pony, l can find thousands like you! Can you believe it?''
So l told him that l could find thousands like him
l thought l'd marry someone else And teach him a lesson...
But the truth is really l love Vikram
l cannot live without him. l swear
Thank god. - What?
''Don't worry, Pony, we won't let you die''
''From the moment l saw you today''
''From the moment l saw you today''
The stars shone brighter
''My whole world changed- The moment l saw you''
''From the moment l saw you today''
The stars shone brighter
''My whole world changed- The moment l saw you''
You are my love...
''you are the one l dream of''
''You mean the life to me. ln you, l find my peace''
''You are my love, my beloved...''
''you are the sweetheart l think of all day and night''
''You are my desire. You are my goal...''
''You are the one who possesses me in heart and soul''
''You are the only one l seek, the only one l know''
''From the moment l saw you today''
The stars shone brighter
''My whole world changed- The moment l saw you''
''You are my desire, you are my friend, my beloved''
''You are the one l worship... my heart is yours''
''You are the form, you are the hues. You are the scorching sun and the shade''
''You are a bewitching beauty who wields the magic''
''You are the only one my eyes follow''
Why do l get the feeling... - Some things are meant to be
''lt's true, isn't it''
Meaning? - You don't think so?
Think what?
lf we hadn't met today ...
Then maybe Pony and Vikram wouldn't have met
Pony and Vikram lucky they are
You think they truly love each other?
How can one tell it's true love?
You just know
When you can't sleep at night
And each day seems endless without that person
Why must he send roses every single day?
''When you grow up, you'll get roses every day too''
''When a boy sends roses to a girl, it means...''
l love you
''Raj, you're in love aren't you?''
Who's she?
Can you keep a secret?
Tell me....
Namrata !
''Raj, you there yet? - Where are you?''
ln the office... - Still?
l'll leave in ten minutes. Chat with Kavita till then
l liked you the minute l saw your picture...
But how did you know what l like...
Like what? - This
l've no idea
You guessed? - No
Why put it there? Give it to who it's meant for
''Don't worry, l will''
What are your hobbies?
Hobbies !
''Son, do me a favour, please?''
My mummy said not to talk to strangers
l'm Raj. l'm from America. You?
l'm Adi. From St. Peter's Boarding School
''Now we're not strangers, right?''
''Adi, please help me... l'll buy you an ice-cream''
''ln that case, what can l do?''
You're forward...
My new mummy!
When are you coming home to stay with us
We'll have lots of fun
That's not your mummy. This one is
''My new mummy, when are you moving in with us...''
We'll have so much fun together. What?
Poor boy.
''Ever since his mother left us, he imagines that every woman is his mother.''
He misses a mother's love desperately. - You're married?
And divorced. l'm available.
Enough? - See how much he loves you already!
We'll make a happy foursome.
''Four? - Yes, his brother's at home: Babloo''
You gave me a scare!
''Adi, give me those photos''
Then you know what you won't get after lunch...
What are you cooking?
''Didi, tell them both to listen to me''
Puja's in charge today. You two must listen to her
Understood? - Never!
This paneer is delicious. l wish l didn't have to go to Ajay's for lunch.
Their food is quite bad. - What a good daughter-in-law!
Who are these moustachioed girls ? - Brides for your darling brother
But he doesn't need to meet any
He didn't tell you? - Raj likes someone?
l can't say a word. l promised him
''And l did nothing for him, why should he tell me?''
''lf he won't tell you, who will he tell?''
Tell me who she is
When you steal a glance at me
You leave me breathless
When you play with a straying hair
You leave me breathless
When you look at me that way
You leave me breathless
When you show your love so openly
You leave me breathless
''You possess every quality, my love...''
''The innocence, the freshness, the mischief, the naivete...''
''You are the one l have given my heart to''
My freshness is thanks to you
''Thanks to your love, l am beautiful''
''Every hue, l have got from you''
''When you feel shy at my praise...''
you leave me breathless
''When you laugh, when you put on airs...''
you leave me breathless
Why do you look lost?
''What thoughts are you lost in?''
''That which is in your heart, tell me too''
''l wonder how l must address you''
''My beautiful one...? Or my beloved?''
''But those are already your names''
''When you tell me l have so many names...''
You leave me breathless
My birds !
''You brat, why are you doing this?''
l'll lock you in this cage for the rest of your life !
Where did you go...
''Adi, what's up? - Where's that rascal?''
You're the rascal! - l won't let you go
Who are you? - His father
He won't let you go!
''l've travelled long and far, and scaled the Himalayan peaks...''
to catch each little bird. And your brat ...
''Sorry, your little darling, let them all fly away''
l've lost everything...
He's lying! He catches the birds right here and spray-paints them
Tell me
How can such a small boy open such a complicated cage?
''Sir, he did. - Can't be''
l swear on the open cage that he did...
''Don't believe it. - He opened it, l swear''
l don't believe it. - Shall l show you?
''Adi, show us - Brat-''
''Dear child, show your daddy how clever you are''
How you opened the cage and let the birds out
Show us
My birds ... My bread-winners...
''are gone, thanks to him.''
''What's this, sir?''
You ok now? - Thank you sir.
This time l'm being kind- - To the birds?
''No, to you. lf l see you with this cage again...''
l'll spray-paint you till you're one of the birds. Understood?
Lower your lungi. And get going...
This is a decent neighbourhood.
Let me treat you today
''Some other time, okay?''
What you doing here? - l was looking for you.
l believe you told Nikki you like someone
''And you didn't tell me ? Actually, Namrata l-''
''Mom, look at all the fish...''
There's so many! - What if something happened?
Look - What if you'd fallen in?
Raj's my friend - we've met before
You know my son?
''Don't tell her where we met. That's our secret,''
Come home and we'll see who keeps secrets from whom!
What happened with the birds?
He traps birds and spray-paints them !
''Raj, what are you doing here?''
Why? l live here.
But this is my hiding place
''No, it's mine... and has been since l was your age''
Who are you hiding from?
Aria. l don't play with girls
Who are you hiding from?
No one
Then why are you here? - l'm in a bad mood
Why? - You won't understand
Why? - lt's grown-up stuff
Do l look small to you ?
l'm in a bad mood because ...
l'm in love with someone who can't love me back
l don't know. - Then who knows? God?
Mom says God knows everything.
So l think God must know where my Dad is
We don't know where he is. He doesn't even come to my school
All the other dads come. Only mine doesn't
''So, you could say... l get into a bad mood''
That's Pooja... let's go...
''Raj, you won't tell anyone about our hiding place, right?''
Out with the money - What for?
lt's auspicious!
They caught you didn't they!
''You too, Papa - Oh no...''
Take this
l'll get back at you!
What did you do now Adi? - Nothing
l'm sure!
He's so mischievous! - But he's adorable.
''Uncle, where's Namrata's husband? - You don't know? He went away...''
Left both of them years ago
Namrata never talks about it. She's raised Adi on her own
l've never seen her cry. Except once
When she first left Adi at his boarding school
Shall l put them on?
What's this? - Let's see
Give it to me. l'll make a paper plane
Don't you think it's time you started life over?
l want to put wedding bangles on you too
''Nikki, you know that can't be''
No way... Lunch first. l'm coming
Let's be quick
''Namrata, you've put bangles on Nikki, but what about...''
''a wedding turban for Raj? - Very soon, sir''
l don't want to meet any more girls. - Have you found someone?
''No, Uncle''
''Sir, leave it to me. l'll find someone for him''
You won't understand. - What won't she understand?
Because it's grown up stuff. l've eaten
Tell Aria to give back my plane
Forget the paper plane... come with me
Boys box... like this
''Not like that, like this''
What happened? You're hurt? Are you a girl?
l'll show them all how to box at school. l'll knock them out
Who? - The big guys. They make fun of me
Really? Punch them like this then... and this...
''Raj, will you be my Dad and come to school?''
''Shall we go, Adi?''
''Mom, tell Raj to come with us. Those boys will be afraid of him''
They won't tease me then.
''Raj, you'll come, won't you?''
l've got an idea. ln a couple of days ...
''l'll make you such good boxer that you'll fix them, on your own!''
Adi misses his father very much. - l understand
So you'll come?
Sorry? - With us... to school ?
No... l meant...
Think only you can crack jokes?
''Adi, put on your shoes''
''lf you want me to, l will come''
l was joking
l don't have a problem with it. - l don't want to bother you
But it will make Adi happy
''So, Raj is coming?''
''Mom, let's box''
l can't box. Box with Raj tomorrow
What will we play now?
Play with this plane
First brush your teeth. - Give me the plane
Give me the plane or l won't brush my teeth
Think about it. Raj doesn't box with dirty kids
Really ? - Yes.
''Namrata, l have good news''
l've found a girl for myself
And that girl is ...
Suddenly l feel like l'm incomplete without you and you without me
l don't know why l sense that you love me
As much as l do you
''Love, Raj''
You think you're Raj? - Why? Can't moms box?
''Moms can cook, go to work, and box too''
Have you got a cold? - Why? You scared of me?
You're not hurt are you? - No!
Did you get hurt sweetie?
You all right? Let's play
Adi... just a minute.
''You can't, Mom.''
Let's go to Raj's
We still have to pack. And go to school tomorrow...
''Oh, right...''
Who are you calling? - Raj. He's coming to school too
He's going to be my Dad. l'll show all of them
Raj can't come with us. - He said he'd come
''But he's very busy - lf Raj doesn't go, l won't go''
''After this, no more boarding school. This is your last year''
l won't go without Raj. All the Dads come there
But Raj isn't your Dad. - Then where is my Dad?
l don't know - Why don't you know?
How many times do l have to tell you...
''Look, what Mom has for you''
l won't go without Raj
You will. Didn't you go before you met him?
Give that back. - No
''Adi, don't be stubborn''
What's this. What have you done? You're a bad boy
You're a bad Mom. You never let me meet my Dad
All the Dads come to school. Only mine doesn't...
l won't go to school and you can't make me...
''Mom, l don't want to go without Raj''
The train will start in five minutes. That'll be fun
You're upset with me? Let's get some chocolates
Raj will get me chocolates. - Raj won't come
He promised me. He will come
''Please keep an eye on him. - Don't worry, go ahead.''
l'll be right back
35 rupees.
Adi's Dad has already done the needful
''Namrata, what's wrong? l was joking''
ls this also a joke?
''How did you find... - You wrote it, didn't you?''
Can't we talk about this later? The train's about to leave
Did you write it or not?
''Namrata, Adi's waiting for me... - Did you or didn't you?''
''Yes, l did... Can we go now?''
l can't change the fact that Adi's never seen his father.
But l can't believe that...
you would stoop so low as to take advantage of it.
That you would try to use Adi to win me over.
You've got it all wrong. l did write the letter
But l didn't know then that Adi was your son.
''When l found out, l thought about it a lot...''
l realized that though you may have a thousand reasons to turn me away...
There's just one reason l can't let you
l can't live without you
l promise... You will be happy with me
Who told you l was unhappy?
You think you're doing me a favour?
You think a mother can't raise her child alone?
Adi and l are very happy
There's no room for anyone else in our lives
Why don't you understand? l love you
Why don't you understand? l can never love you
Poor excuse for a big girl
''Go, do a 100 sit-ups as punishment''
''Hurry, it's late''
What have you done? Butter-fingers !
''Namaste, Miss Lobo. - Let me greet Miss Lobo properly''
You're so clumsy. Made a mess of the food
Myself - Bunty daddy She-self - Bunty mummy
Who is he? - Our son
We call him Bunty. Tell her his proper name
Sardar Parminder Singh Ahluwalia
What is Miss saying?
That our child speaked good English. - Speaked?
Meaning he talks good English. You can't understand even that?
Our Bunty speaks good English! Thanks to you
''No, he only speaks Punjabi''
''When we're Punjabi, will he speak Japanese?''
She wants to speak in Japanese?
''See - he sleeps, wakes, drinks, eats - Punjabi''
Our son has a Punjabi appetite. - lt seems Miss likes Punjabi food
''Here - mustard greens, tandoori chicken, rotis...''
''Careful, Sardarji''
You must taste Bunty's father's delicious lamb curry
You always think about food? - Yes
Never 'padhai' (lessons) - At times 'parhhai' (women)
Women? When married to me? l'll show you
Don't you understand anything? She's is talking of studies
Odd language
Teacher wants my homework
We can follow English. Where are his books?
''At home. lf his bag had books, where would the food go?''
She's a simpleton. We'll get the books
Guard our food. We'll return soon
Look - the lady from the temple
Adi's your son? Bunty is ours
He's taken after his Dad
Bunty's taken after me. - You never stop doubting me
Your father hasn't come?
''No, he had some work''
He could've skipped work this once. For his son's sake
Miss Lobo's waiting
He's afraid of Miss Lobo. Let's get his books
You play with Adi. We'll hurry back
''Adi, see- l have a moustache''
Soon you'll have a beard
l'll keep your bag in your room and come back
We're the same height
One chocolate? Let's share
Shorty's got a big chocolate
Give it back to me! - What will you do?
He'll call Mom. She'll scold us. l'm terrified !
l'll call my Dad. He'll box you
My Dad will kick your Dad and he'll land on the roof
My Dad will jump off the roof and show your Dad
Shorty's dad? Jump off the roof?
''Liar. You don't have a dad, so how will he jump?''
l have a Dad
''Call him then, sweetie''
''Liar, liar, liar''
Catch them
Adi's Dad is here Adi's Dad is here
Now he'll jump from up there.
Jump? From where ?
''From here? - Yes, l told them you would''
ls he a dad or a Super-dad?
He's so confident
Did we make it too easy?
Didn't you promise too much? You could have asked.
Now what do l do?
Jump. Show them !
What will you do with a dad who has no hands and limbs?
''Adi, come down quickly. Use the stairs''
What's all this? Tell Raj to use the stairs
Raj... JUMP!
''No more tall claims, l hope?''
What do l do with this?
Kick it on to the roof. - What ?
Kick it with your foot
Try telling my leg that! Couldn't we have done this first.
You won't do it?
Come on.
l caught it!
You did it! Now you're ready for the cricket team
''Miss, your textbooks''
''First time catch, madam''
What did l do? - You hit me with that ball
''Miss, not he''
l just caught it - my first time ever - Your first catch and you get a slap!
You're history
lt was a mistake. They're kids
Who did this?
l'll tell you
''Respected Teacher, the football, launched by the lotus-feet of ...''
the respected father of your cherished student...
''Aditya Kumar Srivastav, having encountered a pillar...''
of your educational institution and then your venerated posterior ...
descended into the lotus hands of this learned being.
No English. Only Hindi. Mixed with Punjabi
''We'll explain our Hindi to you, in your English, okay?''
A. B. B. G.
T. P.O. G.
''l . P. K. l. U .P. O. G.''
''Have some tea, ji''
''l already did, You have some, ji!''
''lmagine a world that was just the way...''
we wanted it to be?
''Hey, Bibi-Ji Have some tea, ji''
''l already did, You have some, ji!''
''From Monday to Saturday we'd relax''
''And go to school only on Sundays''
''Teachers would be happier the later we were''
''We'd get ice cream and chocolates in every class''
''School would be just the way we imagine it...''
lmagine if it were so...
''O.P.R.A. My love?''
''Have some tea, ji''
''O.P.R.E. My love...''
''You have it, ji.''
''We'd return from school without homework''
''And nobody would mind the racket we'd make at home''
We'd play cricket in our bedrooms
We'd dance on the dining table
Trains would stop at our doorstep
Planes would land on our rooftop
''We'd buy anything we wanted without a single rupee.''
lmagine a world...
''lmagine a world that was just the way we wanted it to be...''
''lmagine a world that was just the way we wanted it to be...''
''lmagine a world that was just the way we wanted it to be''
''Don't cry, child''
''lt's school, not a prison''
''Excuse me, this is my son''
''They look alike, in their uniforms.''
''Sister, seen my child ? He looks just like this''
''Naturally, he's your son. Since when am l your sister?''
You're crying?
Lion cubs don't cry before school. - Lion cubs don't go to school
l mean ... l always went to school happily
Lies. You dropped out in the fifth standard.
l also want a Super Dad. - Take him
He's a Super Uncle.
Please visit our place
Our guest house is nearby
Some other time. l have to go now
We're sure to meet what with our kids studying together
''Namaste - ''Satshriyakal''
Call other men Uncle
''Take care, eat well and write to me every Sunday''
Time flies and you'll be home before you know it
''Till then be strong, don't cry...''
''Mom, l'm fine, l like school. Will you be ok?''
''You're going too, Raj?''
Can l always call you dad?
Looks like you'll have to
''Hurry up, Adi. - Coming''
Do l drop you to the train station or the bus stand?
The station
''Raj, what you did today... - l shouldn't have''
But l'd promised Adi
You misunderstand
l'll never misunderstand you again
Let me say what l have to
You said enough at the station that night
That night...
l admit l shouldn't have
You know nothing about my past
l do
Your husband left you
And l'm sure it was your fault
Stop the car
''lt's always the woman's fault, isn't it?''
''Namrata, l meant... - You're right''
l am to blame- for marrying him
For trying to please him in every possible way.
''How can he be faulted? He's the husband, after all''
Why should he care about his wife's happiness?
''To me, he was everything. To him, money was everything.''
l lost him to his obsession with money
Every day l wondered what l'd done wrong
To be together and yet so alone
Only a wife knows this loneliness
One day l discovered that l was pregnant
lt gave me hope that we'd be happy again
''Doctor, Sanjeev's card. Please call him''
''Sister, let her husband know. - l'll call him''
Don't be stubborn
Any further delay may be a risk to your life
We've both waited for this day
He will come
''Madam, there's no answer''
''Madam, your son''
Seven years and he hasn't seen his child's face
Till today l don't know why he left us in this way
He didn't care to look back even once
What did l do so wrong?
Do you realize you're punishing yourself for someone else's sins?
You're punishing Adi
And me
Could l ever betray you?
Have you asked yourself what you really want?
We can't be together.
''Raj, l have to tell you something. - So do l''
''Me, first. - lt's more important that l tell you''
''lf l don't speak now, l'll always...''
''lf l don't, neither of us will ever speak again''
The branch we're hanging on to...
What did you want to say?
We met by chance
We barely spoke
''But before l knew it... What can l say?''
Why is my heart racing?
Why do l feel this way?
''How do l explain this day dreaming...''
Say no more...
''Each day, and every night l'm lost in thoughts of you''
There's so much to say...
Come and listen
l have so many hopes and dreams
l want to share with you
Say no more...
Say no more...
l feel so much
''Yet, l am speechless''
What l cannot say
My silences convey
''lf you can, listen to the things l have not said...''
''Because the truth is there's nothing left to say...''
Say no more...
We met by chance
We barely spoke
''But before l knew it what can l say?''
Why is my heart racing?
Why do l feel this way?
''How do l explain this day dreaming...''
Say no more...
Back to the temple? Don't you trust me?
l don't want to lose you under any circumstances.
Want to make a wish?
l got what l wished for
Then return my coin. - Now it's mine
lt's your first gift to me. l'll never give it to anyone
... not even to God
lt looks really good
l missed you so much
Really? That's why he hasn't called me once since he got here.
He has no time for us these days
He just vanishes ! - Am l missing something?
Someone. A beautiful woman. Wait till you meet her
You've already met her ?
Wait - what's going on here? Who is this girl?
The one you made Raj's match-maker
Namrata !
Do you know what you're saying?
lsn't it wrong to want a married woman as your wife?
What is wrong is that she was deserted by her husband
What is wrong is that till today ... Adi has not known a father's love
for the first time in my life l have fallen completely in love
ls that wrong?
l want to be true to that love- ls that wrong?
''Ask your heart not your head, Mom''
lt's not for me to decide. lt's a question of your life
''Son, if you're sure ...''
You have my blessings
''Tell me, when will you bring her over?''
Mom has sent them...
for her daughter-in-law
When can l meet your mother?
After l get a cup of tea
Mom said to come at ten
What? - lt's already eight. Go now
''The door's closed, l can't go''
What happened?
You forgot something. - What?
You were to get me a cup of tea
Mind-blowing tea
Now what? - l forgot something
l have to get ready
What are you looking for?
My family. lt will always be with me now
''l called to check if you had left''
How can l if you keep bothering me
Please come soon - l'm coming
''l'm back, Namrata''
You can't believe it? Neither can l
You look beautiful- More than l remembered.
''Why have you come now, Sanjeev?''
''You didn't ask, 'Why did you leave?'''
''What's the point, after seven years''
''This time l am here to stay, forever''
There's no place for you in Adi's life or mine
The son you've never met
Whose name you didn't even know
Suddenly he's 'our' child? - l know that...
Know what?
That l'm guilty. - Guilty
''Namrata, listen''
''The truth is, you were right''
Money isn't everything
''l was wrong, to leave our home in search of wealth''
l didn't stop to think about my wife or my unborn child
l was obsessed. l wanted to be a very rich man
...To buy anything l wanted
She worked in my office
She said there's money to be made abroad
l didn't tell you l was afraid you would stop me
''Saying, 'What we have is more than enough'''
l left with her. For four years we ran scam after scam...
and kept raking it in
l got carried away by her promises
And Sunaina ? She cheated me and took off.
She left me for another man !
l was left with no money and no... - Sunaina
l made a terrible mistake
''That day l thought of you a lot, your face, the things you'd say''
''l thought of returning, but how could l face you?''
l slogged for three years. Now that l've earned enough...
l have come home. l know you will forgive
Only you can forgive me
Please go away
Leave me alone
''All right, l'll go now. But l'll be back''
''For my wife, for my son, for my family''
''Aunty, look here''
You have to come
l'll talk to you later
Open your eyes. She's here - Hurry up
Where is Raj? - What do you mean?
First meet Raj's sister
''Now you're my sister-in-law, l'll call you ''bhabhi''
''Aunty, this is Namrata. Namrata, Raj's mother''
Give me a hug
''l welcome you to our home. Be happy, always''
What's this? How can you welcome her?
l'm from the girl's side. l'll welcome you
Quiet. Let me meet my daughter-in-law.
''l told you, she's perfect for Raj''
What's wrong?
She's nervous - meeting her mom-in-law for the first time
''Namrata, come with me''
Just sign here. l'll handle the formalities
What's this? - An affidavit
The fact that Sanjeev hasn't contacted you in seven years
is sufficient grounds for a divorce
These are adoption papers. Now Adi will be Raj's son
Where is Raj?
l know. Come with me
Smile please...
''Aria, that's enough. Tell Aunty we're just coming.''
There's something l have to...
Don't say a word
lf this is a dream ...
don't wake me
The only thing missing ...
is Adi
When l tell him ...
l'm really going to be his Dad
''Listen to me, please''
l know. You want to tell him
''But let me, please''
''He'll be so happy, he'll make me box ...''
till l collapse
''Remember l'd said, l can't live without you?''
l was wrong
The truth is ...
l can't live without either of you
What's wrong?
Sanjeev is back
O beloved...
''your memories, l shall clutch to my bosom...''
and spend the rest of my life
''lt's all around me... This absence...''
''Reminding me there is someone missing''
Reminding me that you're gone
''This unbearable ache is more than l can endure''
''lt's all around me... This absence...''
And it's telling me to
Say no more...
Why has he come back now ? What does he want?
For seven years he forgot his wife and child
Now he claims his rights? Outrageous !
l think Namrata should... - He is Namrata's husband
Does he know what the word means?
He can't come and go as he pleases
He has no rights left in this marriage
He's still Adi's father
That boy hasn't seen his father's face. He takes Raj as his ...
''Desires and happiness... all swept away''
My path now leads me nowhere
''Just this prayer, just this memory...''
''only loneliness, only shadows''
Tears surge in my heart...
asking me to flow...
Say no more...
lf l drop this coin in the well will my wish come true?
So they say
That's my coin. - Are both yours?
''No, just one''
Take either. What difference does it make?
lt does make a difference. - ls it a special coin?
ls your name written on it?
''Not my name, my destiny...''
People come here to re-write their destinies
You keep both. l'll get another
One minute
No need for favours. Pick one
Even the wrong coin will work if your heart's in the right place
Anyway nobody can steal your destiny
''No arguments over who goes first, right?''
''Let's wish together, so you can't accuse me of doing you a favour.''
''Where have you been all day? Sir was asking about you''
Call when you can
''l know how important family is to you''
Because you never had one
My parents took you in
''And after they passed away, l was your only family''
''l swear on Adi that l'm a new man''
Even enemies are forgiven once
''l am your husband. Give me one last chance''
''Do you want Adi to never meet his father?''
l'm staying at the Marriott
l'll wait... till you forgive me
This is Raj's mother
''l know that you and Raj love each other very much''
lt'll be hard for you to part
''He grew up without his father ...''
he would not want that for Adi
''l understand what you're going through''
''You are a wife and a mother too''
''l know how difficult it must be to take this decision''
But we are all with you
''You'll attend my sister's wedding, right?''
''Wrong. lf the coin works, l'll come with my wife and son''
But you said you were alone and staying in this hotel?
You could say l locked myself out of my own home
''Years ago, destroying the life l had here, l went to America''
''Having suffered, l've returned to rebuild that life''
''You said, to get what you want, your heart needs to be true''
l think ...
Today Namrata will come
She's here
l knew you'd come
''Sanjeev, l have... - You've forgiven me, right?''
How could you not?
You've come at a good time
Meet the one friend l have in this city
You know each other?
Very well. She almost got me to settle down
She works in my Uncle's office. My younger sister Nikki ...
''whose wedding you'll attend, is a close friend of hers''
l even went to her son Adi's boarding school ...
pretending to be his Dad
My Uncle assigned her the responsibility ...
of finding me a suitable bride
Did something work out?
How could it? You came in the way
She's forgotten me.
You have a lot to talk about so l won't intrude
l think Raj has chosen a girl
That's why he was at the temple making a wish
And have you made your choice...
Of drink?
lt feels good
lt's a gorgeous night
This is the most beautiful and fragile part of a woman's body ...
separating the heart from the head
The head cannot prevent the heart from wanting something
Meaning my heart wants to stay here with you
But my head says l must go meet someone
l'll come back soon
''l should, right? - Yes''
What's the matter? ls Adi alright?
Someone's here to fetch Adi
l thought it would be good to have Adi with us too
Tell her
Please send Adi with him
Where are we going? - lt's a surprise
My Dad is full of surprises
''When the boys were teasing me, he suddenly turned up at school''
''What Dad? - Raj, he's my Dad. Super-Dad !''
Your mother likes Raj too?
Yes. Everyone likes him. l like him the most
You're taking me to my Dad? - Yes
''Now, l'll always be with my Dad''
''Yes, you'll be with your Dad''
Give this to Namrata
''lt's my fault, Raj''
''lf l hadn't dragged you to lndia, none of this would have happened''
lt's for him ! Clown
''Now you, me and Dad will always be together''
l'll have to tell Dad
You called Miss Lobo and told her to send Adi ?
''Adi, l'm not your Dad. - Not just Dad. Super Dad !''
The kids at school miss you l missed you too
''Adi's very sweet. After all, he's my son''
l haven't told him l'm his Dad
''That's your job, isn't it?''
Raj seems to be a favorite...
with Adi
The bride's looking much better than the bridegroom
Raj gave this for you
''My family lt will always be with me now''
Raj is leaving today- for good
''Nikki, they're calling you''
lt's time for the ceremony
lt seems l've stolen your destiny
Your special coin must have come to me
That's why my wish came true so quickly
That coin was yours. l got what l wished for
Then you can tell me what you'd asked for
Someone's happiness.
Aria says Raj is not my Dad
That this Uncle is my Dad
''She's lying, isn't she?''
''Mom, she's lying. Raj is my Dad''
Listen to me
''Tell him the truth, Namrata''
''Son, l'm your Dad''
You're lying. You can't be
Raj is my Dad. You are no one to me
Listen carefully. From now on you will call me dad.
l will not !
l've looked everywhere. l don't know where he is
l think l know where he'll be. l'll get him.
This house isn't big enough for Adi to get lost in it
Don't worry. When Raj was a boy he'd upset me in the same way
l'll look for Adi
Someone is very angry
''So, no matter what l do, he won't look at me''
Even if he does look at me...
he'll never smile at me
So he smiled. But l know he will never hug me
''l won't go with him, l'll stay with you.''
You're my only Dad
''l wanted that too, but we don't always get what we want.''
Your Dad is the one... who is married to your Mom.
You should call only him Dad.
You said l could always call you Dad
You and l have built this relationship together
lt's our secret
But your relationship to your father was created by God.
Neither you nor l can change it
Can't God make a mistake?
The only thing missing
ls Adi
When l tell him ...
''l'm really going to be his Dad... - Listen to me, please''
''l know. You want to tell him''
Please let me
l made a mistake
Raj is not my Dad
My real Dad -
You taught him to say that?
What a great man you are
Don't you think he's great? l met this man just two days ago
And he has already convinced my son to accept his father.
''And my son listened to him. Right, son?''
''Sanjeev, that's enough''
What did l say? l was just praising Raj
Or are you uncomfortable praising a stranger ...
in your husband's presence ?
''But then, Raj is no stranger''
ls he?
''lf l said something to upset you, l am sorry''
l never meant to. l was only...
Great! lsn't he great? Now what?
Should l be noble too? And accept your apology?
''No, l'm not noble''
''Sanjeev, if Raj or any of us has unwittingly hurt you...''
l apologize for us all
''The entire family is noble. Why should you apologize, Uncle?''
''You took care of Namrata, gave her a job...''
and your nephew too.
What's happened to you? - l've understood everything
This man sweet-talked my son and won him over ...
so that my wife would have an affair with him.
That's not true
''So, you seduced him? He must have liked that''
You're getting it wrong
So for him to wish for my wife in my presence was right?
He lied to me yesterday to cover up... Was that right?
Raj did no such thing - Stop defending him
''l am your husband, not he''
Does it hurt that much?
''Adi, my son.''
''Namrata, my wife''
l'll talk to her as l please. l have the right to
l left her for seven years. And l'll do it again if l want to
You can't stop me. Let's go
l don't want to go with you.
Why should l? Just because you're my husband?
There's no need to discuss this here. lt's between us.
''Sanjeev, you said what you had to in public''
Now you listen to me in public
You made me suffer the worst aspects of being a wife
Now you're the righteous husband?
''You ran away. Not for one month, or one year, but for seven years''
Why? To make money... arm in arm with another woman...
''ln those seven years, did you try to find out how l was?''
''lf l am alive today, it is only because l had Adi''
Adi... our son
Today our son called you Dad for the first time
And what did you do?
lnstead of hugging your son you attacked Raj
Raj - who convinced your son to call you 'Dad'
This family invited you as a guest to their home...
And you insulted them
The very people who supported your wife and son ...
when we had nothing.
But now l can give you and Adi anything you want
l've made so much money
''lf l wanted to, l would have earned more in these seven years ...''
than you could in seven lives
''But even in the worst times, l never compromised my self-respect''
That's why l am asking you to come with me
Come with you?
Tell me this: lf l had left you to return after seven years...
''and asked your forgiveness, would you have taken me back?''
''lf l had spent just seven hours with another man, what would you do?''
Answer me...
ln front of everyone
''l'll tell you. You would kill me, wouldn't you?''
Then why don't you deserve the same punishment?
Because you're a husband ?
l don't agree with society's worthless rules
which apply only to women
My patience has been tested enough
l don't want to be the perfect wife
Because l am an ordinary woman...
who has the right to live her life...
And the right to love a man who loves her equally
''Today, before everyone, l admit that l love Raj''
l worship him
''Because knowing my past, he accepted me completely''
''l cannot live without you, Raj''
''When l left, l broke up a family''
Now they're your family. Don't make the mistakes l made
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