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Subtitles for Kumokiri Nizaemon (1978) CD1.

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Kumokiri Nizaemon (1978) CD1

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1722, Spring
Edo, Fukagawa
The largest sake dealer in Edo
You can't fool us
Omiya we know you've got money hidden away
What if Kumokiri hears about this?
He'll be surprised
He'll be really surprised
He certainly will
Let's first get the money away, Kumokiri
Omiya really hid it well
Kill them if they resist!
Kichigoro, Kumokiri's Lieutenant
Rokunosuke of the Kumokiri Gang
We've spent three years already...
Tried to take the money, they're stupid
They're a little too late
They went down the river
Go after him!
They're the Akatsuki Gang!
We've done as you ordered us
What about Hoshiyemon?
He got killed,
poor fellow
l see. Thank you
Kameya lnn
Early this year,
you left Shinshu...
And arrived in Edo this month
ls that correct?
Yes, sir, that is correct
Where did you intend going?
No place particular,
Just wandering around?
Then why are you staying here?
l had something to do
Like what?
l'm a little ashamed to say
lt was just a private matter
lt has nothing to do with you
You refuse to tell us?
A woman's mortuary tablet?
A relative of yours?
Then he was...
A samurai, l'm certain of that
Shall we check on that?
No, there was noithing suspicious about him
A special police force named...
'Arson and Theft lnvestigation Arm'...
Was founded in the eighteenth, century.
lt had strong connections and was quite effective.
Various crimes
were included in its competence.
The officers for this force...
Were selected from the finest samurai...
They were given special emergency rights...
ln regards investigation, arrest, and execution.
About the Omiya case...
One of those arrested said...
That he knew the Kumokiri gang, right?
Yes, sir. His name is Rikichi
Let's use him as a decoy
Make him agree then keep track of him
Right, we'll get Kumokiri yet
How could he escape us?
He must be some kind of devil
No, he's human all right, just like us
There must be some way to solve this
There must be
Ochiyo, Kumokiri's Accomplice
Don't...stop now, Matsuya
Look! They're back!
Denjiro, of the Kumokiri Gang
So you're here?
Yes, l'm here
Yes, you told me to come
We'll talk later
Where can she change?
Upstairs, as usual
You seem to like her very much
Today's the sixth time l've met her
And you introduced me, she's wonderful
l'm the richest merchant in Nagoya,
yet she's got me
You're joking...
She's no professional
No, she's not...
l know for a fact
Since you're my best client,
l introduced you
Actually, she's from an aristocratic family
Tell me more about it
l've never asked her
As a mattewr of fact...
You're certainly some woman
You know how to hold onto men
l've asked so often before...
Let me, just once
You misunderstand me
l don't do this because l like men
lt's all part of my business
l was just joking
And what if the boss finds out?
She was the wife of an aristocrat
And her husband is recently dead
Relatives took the house. She had to leave
lt happens sometimes
And she is so good, too
But no family, no money
She was a good client,
so l've taken care of her
l understand. l asked because...
She has asked me to take care of her
She's asking too much
And you're just here on a business trip
But she loves me
l must do something
Don't tell me you'll marry her
Jihei of the Kumokiri Gang
His palanquin is here
Yes, thanks
That's just the point
l'm single, so...
Marrying her is not impossible
That's what l'm thinking of doing
You're joking
l'm too old to joke about such matters
Well, we'll talk about it later
l'll go part of the way with you
Has he gone?
l'm asking you...
ls he gone or not?
Yes, he's gone
Don't go too far with her
Mind your own business
l'm warning you. Try something...
And you'll be finished
Look, someone's hiding there
Stupid, what do you think l am
lsn't that Roku calling?
He's coming after us
Who are you?
Don't come, or you will be killed!
Kill him!
The boss said
not to kill before ascertaining...
So l did this
l killed him. Understand?
l did it
l was the one who did it
You'll be punished, Ochiyo
lt's the only way to get to meet the boss
Just don't worry
You can go back now
What about you?
Your boat's plain unlucky
Let's go, Roku
Kumagoro, of the Kumokiri Gang
Excuse me, are you Master Tsuji?
l've been waiting for this day...
But he's not coming. lt can't be helped
By the way, l hear that Shojumaru...
Has been appointed heir to the Owari clan
Remember to tell him that
l understand. l will tell the boss
Also, that l'd like to see him then
You left this
l'm on a journey yet l forget my spare sandals
Met the boss last night
He said for you to be patient
He's worried about you
l can tell
You'll leave Edo for Owari
The boss will see you then
Roku, l know you are also just a man
So you know how women fee
This is because you are a man
lt's going to rain
You're so good
Look out! l almost got killed
No one's upstairs
They're pretty smart
l was afraid of this
They got away
Not a sign of them
Vanished like the mist
They're fast
No time to praise them now
The police are quite tough...
We'd have had it
if Okada hadn't informed on them
Give him some money
Of course
Rokunosuke killed someone. That's against rules
What will you do?
l'll put up with it for a while
Rather than that, you tell Okada...
To lie low for a while
Haven't much luck these days...
l'll go to the Horinouchi Temple to pray
Are you really going?
l wonder
l understand
About the Muashi-ya, our next target
We're all ready and waiting
l also went there today
l disguised myself as a merchant.
Speak of the devil and he will appear
Shichimatsu of the Kumokiri Gang
Kamezo of the Kumokiri Gang
Welcome back
l delivered this oil to the Daimyo of Kofu...
But he's never paid for it
That's too bad...
l've been working here a long time...
But l haven't heard of that
l'm just about worn out
Where's your master?
ln his room, with his masseur
Seems he'll have another woman, beginning tonight
He's dreadful
l know how you feel...
But you need money, don't you?
Think it over. Understand?
Being a head-maid isn't easy
Not at all
And l have to take care of the master
The money's under the alter...
l've got the keys
His trouble si that he is a widower
He ought to get married again
Omatsu, of the Kumokiri Gang
You're the one who ought to get married
Everything's ready
Let's go according to plan
l'm here
You're earlier than usual
What of it?
Don't, you have a guest
lt's daytime, don't embarrass me
You got away cleverly
The police are after us
We have to act fast
l'm here to thank you
l'll have her open a teashop or something
Glad you know her that well
But watch out for the others on the force
The others?
They're nothing
They don't know
how to treat a veteran like me
Yamada's the chief now...
But only because he's Shikibu's favorite
lt's unfair, they only give me paperwork
lsn't that so?
That's enough
l'll be going then
You won't see me for a while
Wait. For a while?
The boss is going to a temple...
To pray. l have to go too
And he's very clever
l'd like to see what Kumokiri's like
They say he's rather short
And ugly, just like you
Am l so short and ugly?
That's not so
He's as handsome as a Kabuki actor
Then he's like me
Stupid. You're no better than the rest
You're just telling lies again
We're done
Let's go
What's wrong?
That measure? He's blind
Wait a moment
What is it?
My comb, it's from my dead mother
No time now
They haven't seen me
l can make it
What'll you do?
Don't fail now
We'll meet at the usual place
l'll be there
For the Awa Clan
Arson and Theft lnvestigation Arm
How did they know?
They've won again
Don't worry about it
l told you there was a key to all this
Listen, now...
Every case has its key...
l'll show you
You dog, you
Here's your key
He's no longer a samurai
let him live...
And let him suffer
What about his woman?
Kumokiri's got her
He's on our way, banish him
Stand up
Are you sure this is from Kumokiri?
l'm sorry, the messenger was Kumagoro
l regret that l didn't arrest him
Never mind
Kumokiri will exchange
Omaki for the woman
But there are conditions
The conditions are...
That each of the parties send a representative...
The place is the public bath named Fan...
Near Koami-cho, near Edo Bridge...
At four in the afternoon...
Both women will be sent there.
Numbers li-6 and Ha-9
Your friends are waiting
li-6 and Ha-9
Your friends are waiting
Not yet?
They're waiting
li-6 and Ha-9
Quick now!
Each party will have a palanquin...
Ours on the bath side...
Kumokiri's on the opposite side...
This is a gentleman's agreement...
Let no one else interfere.
lt's Roku and Ochiyo
Thank you
l'm sorry to be late
lt's been a long time
l'm glad you're well
Tell her how good she is
She's got Matsuya
around her little finger
That's good to hear. Sit down
We're all here
lt's time...
Let's start
Denjiro, go outside and watch
To begin with about Omatsu
l won't punish her
That's not fair
l'm prepared for punishment
Work better next time
Understand? Omatsu
Brink up and listen...
They say stealing is the easiest way
to get rich
That may be true but l've got a bounty on me
No matter how hard you work...
No matter how hard you try...
You'll end up
the same way
They'll kill you
and your name will fade away
We've been lucky
for ten years
Everyone knows our names
And we've enough money for you all...
To now lead safe and peaceful lives...
l've made up my mind that...
The next job in Owari will be our last
Please understand that...
We work together for the last time?
We'll steal no more
Kumokiri and his gang
will disappear
That's what l've decided
Yet, even if we stop...
No one will believe it...
They'll say we'll come back...
They'll say we'll rob again...
These thoughts will prey on their minds...
The authorities will go on worrying...
Long after we are dead
This fear will maintain
This is what we, all of us...
Really want to happen
Do you approve?
We approve
You have our lives in your hands
We will do as you say
You understand?
Thank you, then
l came alone as l promised
What do you want to sell me?
Kumokiri's true identity
Not a bad deal
But l do not want money for it
Who are you?
You tell me, or the deal is off
l'm the masseur
l was at the Musashi-ya
What masseur?
What did you see?
Though l am blind l can see who Kumokiri is
Do you really know?
Ten years ago...
l was a samurai with the Owari Clan
My name was Sajuro Tomizuka
What destroyed me was the embezzlement of...
The accountant,
Kuranosuke Tsuji
Kuranosuke Tsuji,
the accountant.
You embezzled the clan's funds...
And you refuse to admit it...
Because of your shameless conduct...
You are sentenced to commit seppuku...
Your house will be abolished...
And your family will be most severely punished.
Signed: Tsugutomo Owari.
But Kuranosuke and his brother lori...
Refused to obey and fled
Eight samurai
were selected...
l was one of them...
To find and kill the two
We staked our lives on this mission
Several hours later...
l awoke to find...
The Tsuji brothers both gone...
lf l returned l would be punished...
So l took the heads of my comrades...
And disguised them as heads of the Tsuji brothers
lt was the only thing for me to do
Yes, the only way l could have saved myself
Seven men were killed by these two?
Yes, l apologize
Well, it's over now
And no one else knows, right?
Certainly, sir
We are grateful
Give me those heads
l'm beginning to understand what you really want
l will help you to get it
But l have one condition
l know
Kumokiri's head...
You want it, don't you?
Edo Castle
You've failed to foil these robberies...
The elders have strongly reprimanded you...
Yet you refuse to retire...
You have courage, and l admire it
Have you any prospects?
Of course, sire
l have almost discovered who this Kumokiri is
And l have a man who can identify him
What's that?
A man who was an Owari clan samurai
Ten years ago there was an embezzlement case...
ln the Owari clan
lt is my guess that Kumokiri is connected with us
l have begun to suspect the connection
lf you are that confident...
Then l have no more to say
But, Shikibu...
You are certainly some samurai...
l am a member of the Shogun's council...
And my political life is in your hands
Yes, sir
l am sorry, sire
You've betrayed me
l want to see a higher magistrate
You're only to be exiled, you're lucky
Concerning our Owari investigations...
We have no idea where Kumokiri will next attack...
But this time we must get him, no matter what
This may be the worst case we've ever had
l am prepared, sir. He is the worst criminal
ls law, breaking always evil, l wonder...
And are law, abiding citizens always right?
Listen, this is only an assumption...
But if you were told to kill yourself...
For a false charge...
lf even your most distant kin were punished...
And the woman you loved taken away...
What then would you do?
lf such a man then hates the government...
And dares go against its laws...
Can we then arrest him so easily...
Even though we are the police?
Well, be that as it may, you may go
But come back alive. Understand?
Welcome back!
Nagoya, Capital of the Owari Clan
The wholesale good are here...
The areas are Kyoto, Osaka, Edo....
The wholesale total is ten times that of the retail
And this is the shop
lt's very prosperous
l'm glad you've returned safely
Thank you
l wish to introduce her
tell everyone to come
These are your rooms
Oh, how sweet!
l wanted you to like them
She's so beautiful
You think so, too?
Now, listen. This lady is from...
An aristocratic family in Kyoto
Fate ahs led us to our happy engagement...
Soon we are to marry
So, from today,
regard her as my wife and...
Be kind to her. Do you understand?
Now that you are married to me, you must learn...
About business,
and servants, and money
You all must help her
l am Ochiyo and l ask for your favor
Sanji, of the Kumokiri Gang
Shall l lend you some chips?
We really should help each other
Thank you,
but l must be going
You go for the evil?
Fading like the mist, just like Kumokiri?
One of the Matsu-ya's clerks?
No, Sanji of the Kumokiri gang, l think
Who are you?
Fukuyemon, chief lieutenant of the Akatsuki gang
l've had no chance to talk with you...
But l know who you are
Glad to see you here in Nagora
We're both in the same boat, come with me
l know who that is
l'm quite lucky
l've finally met you. So you work with Kumokiri?
And you embezzled...
Considerable of your shop's money. Here take it
lsn't it hot, though?
l don't want to owe you anything, l'll pay you back
ln Edo, Kumokiri outwitted us and...
My best men were all taken by the police...
Don't blame me
l don't
But do me a favor, tell me where the Matsuya money is
And where the keys are. That's all
l can't betray my boss
You've already betrayed him
You're a Matsu-ya clerk now
You're here to have a good time?
Your hand is so hard
You're very manly
Pour me some sake
Daughter of an old friend, a thief, he is
Met accidentally,
she's in the gang too now
Make up your mind
and you can have her
Then you'll be in my gang, too
Don't forget where to meet
You gamble too much these days
Cheated? That's why you're running away
What happened?
There was a police card
Two men and a woman got away
Are you one of them?
Fukuyemon discovered who l was
Does he know you're at the Matsu-ya?
l'm sure he's gotten wise
What shall we do?
Please forgive me
That woman with Fukuyemon...
We've got to find her...
How's that?
He said her name was...
ls she a police spy?
ldiot! Get rid of her!
Follow him and watch
Go tell the boss. He's at the Utsunoya pass
Kill Fukuyemon or we're los
She's mine, don't touch her
What're you saying?
l don't want to die
l want to live
Hit me, kick me, l'll never tell you
l want to see your boss, understand?
Shut up
Good, go ahead
You'll wish you hadn't
He knows something
l thought he was just acting big
But l see there's something funny about him
How was it?
They approved using official messengers
Two days will be enough
lf you can't trust me, then write:
l know something you want to know.
l know where in Owari Kumokiri will next strike.
Now, listen...
Pay the palanquin bearers well...
Have the two of them go by palanquin
That's your job
Among the police Yanagi is the best swordsman
The only way to fool him is by...
Using the palanquin
Kumokiri, who do you think you are fooling?
Go! Go!
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