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Subtitles for Kumokiri Nizaemon (1978) CD2.

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Kumokiri Nizaemon (1978) CD2

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I want you to take this money...
And promise you wiII never see us again
What do you mean?
Ochiyo and I wiII soon be married
She wiII be my wife
She must be respected, and respect herseIf
Seeing you wiII remind her that...
That she was reaIIy bought. It wiII be hard
I'm not young any more
I'm not Iying. It's true
I understand. If it's for her sake...
If it is for the two of you...
I'II be happy to withdraw
I am gIad you understand
I am gratefuI. Thank you
This is the Iast time
you shouId see her now
WouId you Iike to buy some sushi?
Show it to me
Be carefuI
Sanji got kiIIed...
It was hard to contact you
Send someone eIse then
What do you want?
Denjiro turned informer
They don't know what we're up to, though
But the Investigation Arm is there
And the boss says to hurry
The boss?
Is he in Nagoya?
I don't know, Kichi said so
TeII the boss that...
I'm to marry Matsuya
in three days
There you are
Don't just Iook...
Buy something
I don't want anything
That's just Iike you
Here's something for you
Thank you very much
Take it and go
Thank you
Ochiyo is ready, sir
I check it
How beautifuI!
You may go
They say you're an angeI...
They're right
You are an angeI
Your fragrance
Your form
You are a reaI angeI
I have an angeI
An angeI, how fortunate I am!
Good morning, Lady
Good morning
Where's the money?
and the keys?
I'm just married...
I can't ask him so soon
You'd better hurry
You shouId be carefuI of the garden path, madame
May Kumokiri be weII...
May I marry him after...
AII of this is over
What are you praying for?
For your good heaIth and prosperity
Don't worry about that
I am protected by
myriad pieces of goId
What do you mean?
You are standing on a huge fortune
The treasure house is right under your feet
There's a Ianding under the shrine flooring
Beside it is the treasury
But the keys, I worry about them...
They ought to be carefuIIy hidden
They are very near us...
But they are aIways on the move
Where are they?
That, no one eIse knows
No one eIse knows at aII
I am the onIy one who knows where they are
It has been a Iong time
Who are you?
The masseur who was at the Musashi-ya.
There's more, too. Ten years ago...
Ten years ago?
Because I faiIed to kiII you...
I have had to Iive as you see me...
But now Iuck is mine
Iori Tsuji
You cannot kiII me, can you?
This is a sanctuary
There are many samurai outside
You cannot touch me
I've won, this time I've won
This time I'm the one to win
We meet again
As my brother, Iori
WiII you do me a favor?
Our vendetta has Iasted ten years
Now our very chance for revenge has come
Our very chance?
Yes, Iook
That boy wiII be officiaIIy appointed as the Owari heir
The ceIebration wiII be in then days
On that night the Lord of Owari wiII retire...
To his private suites with his wife and son
They wiII be off guard
The private paIace is here
As you know...
There is a hidden escape passage
for the Lord
It is through this pond
But we can enter through it
The day the Lord of Owari retires...
That is the day of our Iast and best chance
I have decided to die there
For ten years now...
I have been waiting for this. Now it has come
I want you to join me, to attack and die
PIease heIp me
PIease, I beg it of you
Iori Tsuji...he died ten years ago
The man before you is Nizayemon...
That notorious bandit who
rebeIs against the government
As a robber, I...
Nizayemon, Iead my own Iife
I do not care that I am notorious
I Iike this Iife. I obey no one
Are you not sorry
you are onIy a robber?
No, I shaII never be
Authority and poIiticaI power
are for samurai...
Thieves are to resist them
Samurai Iive on their vanity, but...
Thieves are free, they Iive as they pIease
ActuaIIy, I quite enjoy my Iife
Then, you mean...
You wiII not obey
even your own brother?
I am sorry
But I do not care for castIes or for Iords...
Much Iess for the girI I once Ioved
To me these are as nothing
Your way of Iife and mine...
These are opposite to each other
That can be our soIe concIusion
How you Iive. How I die...
Which is right?
I shaII say no more
I no Ionger consider you my brother
Even if I faiI...
I shaII try aIone
I shaII go by myseIf
Are you awake, madame?
Has my husband gone?
Yes, madame. He said there was something urgent
I see. I'II stay in bed for a whiIe
You may go
What do you think?
Is this the missing cIerk?
Yes, I'm certain
Did they commit suicide?
No, they were murdered
Then, Kumokiri...
He may have been working for the thief
There may be more Iike this at Matsuya's
Some gambIing troubIes?
Do you have any idea
No, I have no idea
Change the screens here
PIease don't forget it
TeII him
I'II get the keys by tomorrow night
Are you sure?
They're somewhere near,
somepIace no one wouId Iook
Some unexpected pIace
I'II manage
Manage? I can't say that. It must be definite
Have I ever faiIed?
Do you understand now?
Are you certain Matsuya doesn't know about this?
Yes, sir
Sakuzo, the head cIerk, and I are the onIy ones who know
I'm afraid I don't know how rich Matsuya is
Much Iess the whereabouts of the treasury and the keys
Matsuya himseIf aIone knows
But I know something about this tunneI
Matsuya's father toId me
It was from his father's time?
It goes from here to here
Tobei, you found this out?
Yes, but I don't know where the treasury is
If we go too far, Matsuya wiII find out
Then Kumokiri wiII faiI...
We must act so that
Matsuya suspects nothing
Are there other spies in the shop?
Yes, and one of them is cIosest to Matsuya
Are you going out so earIy?
The magistrate has summoned me
Sankichi was kiIIed
Sankichi was kiIIed?
Which reminds me. Let's go to the Saya viIIa...
EarIy tomorrow morning
But, this evening the merchants...
Have to go to the castIe
Why the viIIa tomorrow?
You are most precious to me
I don't want to invoIve you in anything
I'd Iike you to move to the viIIa
PIease say that you wiII
I don't understand,
but if you insist
That's good, Iet's do it
Se how strange your master is
It seems fond of you
The keys are somewhere near us...
And how do you feeI?...
How are you?
But they are aIways on the move
Now, Iet's get going
You made it, Ochiyo
What's wrong?
This is very strange...
The frogs...
They've stopped croaking
Boss, this is?
Don't be scared
To the tunneI!
Stay caIm, understand?
Rokunosuke. Be quick!
Rokunosuke. What are you doing?
Ochiyo! Ochiyo!
Boss, Iet's go!
The tunneI...
It's the onIy way!
Let's go! Let's go!
Ochiyo! Ochiyo!
Ochiyo! Let's go!
Not that way
Wake up aII the cIerks and servants
Where is the way to the moat?
Fire! Fire!
The rear door is this way
See that Ochiyo gets away
We'II meet at the Juzen TempIe
Juzen TempIe, understand?
Wait there
Go now
Ochiyo, hurry!
Come! Ochiyo! Be quick!
Take care of him
Take good care of him
Now, it's time to fight
I'II get you
I may not be much...
But I have my pride
I am not much...
But I am a samurai
My Lord!
They have fled to the cIiff
This has been...
The worst business deaI I've ever made
The poIice say
there's no sign of Kumokiri
And we aImost got him too
An oId man has come...
He won't give his name
Wants to teII us something about Kumokiri
Under arrest, Kichigoro
Omatsu, Shichimatsu...
And three others
Those kiIIed are:
Rokunosuke and sixteen others
Those being pursued...
Kumagoro and Jihei
Is that correct?
Yes, sir. No mistakes
We met once, at an inn in Edo, didn't we?
Yes, sir. I am happy you remember
And what is it that brings you here?
That is the point
The fact is that I am...
The very Nizayemon for whom you are searching
You are Kumokiri?
This is no mistake?
No, sir
I swear it by the gods of heaven and earth
You must beIieve me
I appreciate your devotion...
I, Kumokiri Nizayemon...
Am truIy gratefuI
And I thank you
Tie him up!
There is no need. He gave himseIf up
Kumokiri Nizayemon
Before we arrest you...
I wouId Iike to ask you one question
How do you feeI now? I wouId Iike to know
UnabIe to bear the snow, the bamboo breaks...
After it breaks it reaIizes how free it is.
I had nothing to Iive for whiIe I Iived
Now, facing death...
I have discovered the proper way to die
When you die, Kumokiri's name wiII disappear
The pIace for you to die...
You have chosen it weII, you can rest assured
Thank you, sir
For your future reference...
I have sent for Kumokiri's things Ieft behind
For aII of his steaIing...
He Iived modestIy enough
I can see what kind of man he was
And you, what do you wish for?
My wish is written in it
You intend to resign, do you not?
That is correct, sire
I wouId be gratefuI if you so permitted me
You arrested a most notorious thief
You are promised promotion
Why do you wish to resign?
TeII me
There is no especiaI reason, sire
But I think that now I must judge myseIf
Judge yourseIf?.
He was human, so am I
Both of us obeyed heaven's judgments
WhiIe working on the Kumokiri case, you have...
Learned about corruption in high pIaces?
But, Shikibu...
I wiII say no more
You may withdraw
Dispose of these as you pIease
The name of Kumokiri shaII be deIeted...
From aII officiaI records
It wiII be my Iast gift to you
Kumokiri Nizayemon
and four cohorts...
Have been exhibited and executed.
ImpossibIe, I don't beIieve it
We must hurry...
I cannot beIieve it
Do you beIieve he is reaIIy dead?
The government's announced it
And he was exhibited at that
They can't be Iying
I don't beIieve it
He wouId never die
He's aIive, somewhere
I won't go to Kyoto
untiI I'm sure
You want to go back to Owari?
You mustn''d die there
Thank you
Kichigoro, Shichimatsu...
They are aII dead
Kichigoro Iooked at me as if saying...
I shouId take care of you
The man who died on your behaIf
He was the priest we met at Joshin TempIe
He cIosed his eyes. He was peacefuI
He was even smiIing sIightIy
So, they are aII dead?
But you stiII have me. I am with you
WiII you foIIow wherever I Iead?
I wiII go anywhere with you
Owari CastIe
It's reaIIy raining
My son
You are now my officiaI heir
And I must teII you something
You must Iisten to me weII
Years ago this paIace...
Was near ruin...
They say my cIan is rich...
But there were many disasters...
We were in dire straights
In spite of aII that...
There was one idiot who was unaware
That was me
Back then, the government was weak...
So was the sixth Shogun, he died soon...
And his successor
was Ieft undecided
My Iord is the cIosest reIative of
the Shogun
There was nothing untoward in your foIIowing him
TroubIes in my cIan prevented this...
I tried to bribe
the Shogunate's eIders...
In order to win over the Lord of Kishu, my rivaI
I spent our fortune, we were in debts
In a bad spot, as the commoners say
The Lord of Kishu became the Shogun?
Yes, but I do not regret it
I feeI sorry for those who are here
They were...
In charge of
the finances
They had to pay our debts, maintain our dignity
And how hard they had to work!
Thank you, my Iord!
Your words
have recommended aII our sufferings
They have vanished now
I feeI the same way!
As do I!
And I refuse to feeI that way!
Have you forgotten?
I do not think you have
Have I not appeared in your nightmares these ten years?
You cannot have forgotten
Who are you?
It is I...
It has been a Iong time, sire
I was your accountant...
My name is Kuranosuke Tsuji
Kuranosuke Tsuji!
You might weII try to become shogun
You are high officiaIs
You may weII dispose of the cIan's money your own way
But you went too far
UnabIe to pay your debts...
To the moneyIenders and merchants of the town...
You faIseIy accused me of embezzIement
You crushed me and my famiIy to protect your honor
SeIfish, crueI, have you any excuses?
The Iord was fooIish to trust the vassaIs
And the vassaIs sacrificed...
Their coIIeagues for the sake of promotion
What shame!
You are aII unspeakabIe!
Kuranosuke Tsuji...
Lost his famiIy,
saw his home destroyed
And he himseIf fled, penniIess
But now he is going to die with you!
Father! Mother! Be quick!
Get out of the way!
I no Ionger care that you betrayed me
Just get out of the way!
You are going!
That boy, he is your own son
Your own son!
I beIieved...
That you were stiII aIive...
And I aIways wished...
To show you your grown son...
That aIone kept me aIive...
That was aII that I Iived for
CIose the doors
What she said...
No one must ever know...
Or our cIan is finished
You now must die
There's a way out here
Boss! Be quick!
Stand up
Oshino! Get in!
Oshino! Oshino! Oshino!
Autumn, 1722
Kumokiri Nizayemon Died 1722
Dedicated by Shikibu Abe
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