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MRP Matila Rohr Productions presents
Afilm by Aku Louhimies
It's my 30th birthday. I can't sleep.
I haven't been able to sleep in a long time.
This must be what jet lag is like.
If you've travelled somewhere really far.
I never have, but it must be like this.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Iiris Happy birthday to you
Blow the candles!
Or if you have a baby who cries all night.
No wonderwomen throw babies out the window.
It must be awful.
I should throw my VCR out the window. This is stupid.
I'm too tired to do anything afterwork. Ljust lie around.
And watch movies.
I don't clean or do the dishes.
But I don't get any visitors, either, so it doesn't matter.
Wanna switch channels? - Yes.
What would you like to watch? - Love.
Me too.
I'd be a great Jedi, like in "Star Wars".
They're not allowed to seek adventure. And they must be alert.
Perhaps I wouldn't be a good Jedi after all.
I drink 12 cups of coffee a day.
But I don't have any other bad habits.
I don't smoke, I don't drink much and I don't do drugs.
Thank god! I'm enough of a mess as it is.
I'll soon try to kill someone like Robert de Niro in "Taxi Driver".
Turn your head.
Will this relax me?
I'm activating the zones in your ear for improved balance.
You should seek harmony in all aspects of life.
Iiris! Dad made us a horse. - I saw it.
How do I seek harmony? - What's missing in your life?
Sex. - Don't say that.
Everyone talks about sex. Why don't they talk about feelings?
Stop watching those movies and wake up. - I'm not sleeping.
Then stop drinking coffee and start having sex.
"Love is very deep. Sex only has to go a few inches."Woody Allen.
I'll introduce you to somebody. - Somebody?
Bars are full of somebodies. - Who do you think you are?
I'd like to find the man who is exactly what I want.
We seldom play against Norway in ice-hockey finals. - So?
Wake up and smell the coffee! Give men a chance.
Bridget Jones found a man who said: "I like youjust the way you are."
Dream on!
The tall guy in the grey suit works for an ITcompany.
He's got class. Hi!
No sense of humor, though. - I don't like them unless they make me laugh.
That's my problem. - One of them.
Thanks a million. What if he's hairy? - Fuck you.
Come up with a better excuse if you must.
Life is not like movies, except for porn movies.
There's Pauli. - Who?
The one you harassed with phone calls. - Don't.
Who's he? - Adoctor. Or a psychologist?
Gestalt therapist, gestalt psychologist.
Sounds good. Introduce me to him.
Life is a puzzle.
I've considered -
seeing a psychologist.
I have this outrageous thing at home I'd like to show you.
At home? - Yeah, I won't show it tojust anyone.
Shall we go?
Thank you.
You shouldn't blame yourself. Life is a puzzle.
Ajigsaw puzzle. - The sky alone is 4,000 pieces.
Guess how long it took me? - Well?
Ayear? - Four days. And nights.
Jarvinen didn't even get the sky done in that time.
It's a record injigsaw puzzle circles. - Congratulations.
Would you like to help me with the smaller one? - Now?
What's hardest withjigsaw puzzles? To find the pieces that fit.
I bought this in London, despite the palmtrees.
I did that when I was 16.
You can even lift a 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle from the corners.
The modern ones are so good.
Men always need a second chance. - Yeah, life is a puzzle.
I have a late birthday present foryou. - What?
I fixed you a blind date.
I don't want any blind dates. It's so desperate.
Stop, Anna.
Is this a bit too much?
All men want theirwomen to look like Russian hookers.
I don't want all men, just Mr. Right.
It doesn't work that way.
Feelings are more important than sex.
You're overrating feelings. You can't wait forever.
Sometimes you have to act and feelings may follow.
Just go forthe cock.
Are you Iiris?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I am. - Hi, I'm Mikko.
You look scary.
But I'm a kind spirit.
You look like an escaped convict. - Thisjacket is a bit too small.
I could have a beer before we go to dinner.
Anna told me that you like movies.
I'll never order spaghetti on a first date again.
Or on any date.
I know nothing about sports.
Why would adults run after a ball or a puck?
I could take you to a game. It's more dramatic than movies.
I'd rather kiss a tarantula. - What?
It's from "Singing in the Rain". - Right.
What next?
Let's go to your place. - Are you sure?
We should let it breathe a while. - Never mind.
I'll change into something more comfortable.
I'll be back.
Why did you take your blouse off?
I'm sorry.
You'd better go.
He had Steven Seagal movies.
No wonder he thinks football is more dramatic than films.
You're too critical. No man is perfect. - I am!
You're right, Iiris. You should listen to your heart.
You soundjust like my Mom.
My dear friends.
This show represents myjourney as a woman.
The key element of thatjourney is the cycle of falling in love.
I believe that falling in love is the only thing -
that is uplifting in life.
The targets may vary a lot, as you can see in here.
I wouldn't remember half of them without these pictures.
And I must confess that I can't remember-
which one of them was my daughter's... Iiris?
...the father of my daughter Iiris.
But as I look at this cavalcade I can only say-
that I have been loved a lot -
and I have loved a lot. Thank you.
Are you enjoying yourselves? - Very much.
Mom, this is my boss Jari.
And this is my partner Matti.
I see... How charming! I love homosexuals.
You're always so elegant and anarchistic, right?
I was hoping that one of you -
or preferably both of you, were Iiris's boyfriends.
Hold my glass, Iiris. I'll take a picture.
Get closer, boys.
This material is documentary. That's the whole point.
And I selected this...
I'm leaving now.
Where to? - Home.
Why on earth? Let's celebrate. - No.
We'll celebrate and I'll sleep at your place.
Calm down.
You sound like grandma Siiri!
"Don't get too excited now." I can still hear her voice.
"Don't get too excited, Leila."
You'rejust like her.
Did I give birth to my own mother?
Good morning. - Agreat party!
When's yourtrain leaving? - Not today.
Why not? - Let's have a real mother-and-daughter day.
Let's go to the movies. You pick something really great.
OK. They are showing... - Excellent!
"Gilda" at nine.
Do you want something for the headache? - No way!
I love Helsinki! It's so much betterthan Turku.
I'll introduce you to some fantastic people.
You've lived in Helsinki... two years?
And how many friends have you made? Anna and Laura.
Kauri Koski, art critic. This beauty is my daughter Iiris.
Like mother, like daughter. - Not at all, in fact.
She means lifestyle ratherthan looks.
Hers is the first generation more conservative than their parents.
I've always liked radicals.
Good morning! Isn't it a lovely day?
A lovely day. - Stop.
Good morning. - Morning.
I have an idea.
I have so many people to meet and so much to do here.
I thought I'd stay a bit longer. - What?
We could really talk and spend some time together.
Isn't it a fantastic idea?
Wait! I'll get my camera.
I need a close-up...
Come climb with us, Iiris!
I feel dizzy up high.
She's driving me crazy. - Tell her.
I can't say that to my Mom. She'd go berserk.
And it wouldn't make her leave.
Move into our guest room. - Sure...
Why not? - It would be really pathetic.
I won't stay long, just until Mom returns to Turku.
It's fine. - I'll do the dishes.
Is anyone home? - Yes.
Leave him alone!
I have candy.
Give Tintti some too.
Look what I found!
That Neil Young you've been looking for. - "Journey through the past."
The soundtrack for a film that was never completed.
A real collector's item from 1972. - Doesn't that border on obsession?
Aren't you the one who got really upset -
about a four-minute scene they had cut out of"All About Eve"?
It's important. - Absolutely.
We don't know what they did in that scene.
I know, those edited scenes keep me up at night.
No more candy! It's not your candy day.
Besides, candy is just industrial poison.
Think: The first 14 years we yearn for candy.
From there on, we yearn for sex.
The only two things that get us going: Candy and sex.
I've been going forthe candy lately.
I have some dried dates here.
Gregory Peck takes Audrey Hepburn home.
She thinks he lives in an elevator.
Are you saying this is too small? - No.
I'll make you a separate wing tomorrow. - Cool.
Or should I get the hammer right away? - Yeah.
Are you OK? - Yes.
Need anything? - No.
Good night. - Good night.
Laura! - Hi! I'm glad you came.
Have you been busy? - Enough not to lose my touch.
Good... I guess.
Iiris, would you open a bottle while I get some glasses?
She needs a good fuck. - Knock it off.
Honest, how come she has such a gorgeous husband?
Do you mean Sami? - Yeah. Haven't you noticed his ass?
Need help? - Yeah.
This is a gridiron.
Do you know what it's for? - Grid ironing?
Or broiling. Do you know what that means? - No.
Lord, give me strength. - May the force be with you.
Would you hold the baby for a second? - No thanks.
Let's listen to something else. - What would you like to hear?
Try this one...
Bon Jovi? - Yeah.
I really need to know who you are.
May I join you? - Sure.
Who are you? - Iiris.
Iris, my name is Travis.
"Taxi Driver." - You knew it!
So what's your name? - Easy.
That's not any kind of name. - It's easy to remember.
Iiris what?
Iiris Vaara. - It spells trouble!
I knew you'd be trouble. - I doubt it.
Your name is an omen.
And you? - What about me?
Your name can't be Travis. - No, it's not.
And I'm no Vietnam veteran either.
And I'm not 12. And not... - A prostitute. Which is nice.
I'm Marko.
I see you've met already. - Not enough.
Sami did the sets for Marko's short films and music videos.
Iiris is initially my patient.
Yeah. Laura works at the prison forthe criminally insane.
Take something to drink, eat.
You must know Iiris in and out. - We're like one big family.
Tell me a terrible secret about her. - Don't.
Tell me about herweaknesses.
I don't think you need my help in discovering them.
Marko! We're leaving. - I'll be there in a second.
I promised to drive their car.
It was really nice to meet you. - Yeah.
Bye then. - Good night.
Know what? People are only happy-
when something is going in or coming out of their bodies.
Everything else is pretending.
I've decided to forget men. - For now?
I don't think there's anyone who would love mejust the way I am.
What's wrong with me?
Besides, I like being alone. - Sure.
Hi! It is you...
Do you remember me? - Of course I do.
Agreat movie. - Yeah.
How are you? - Fine.
When I was still in school, I used to sit in a coffee shop -
called Dismal. Honest.
It was next to a gas station and it was truly dismal.
I listened to the radio there.
It was the only place serving cafe au lait.
The menu said: "Cafe Ole."Toro!
It wasn't real cafe au lait, regular coffee and hot milk.
Am I boring you? - No.
I wanted to work in radio and moved to Helsinki.
For some reason I ended up in TVand became a cameraman.
Later I was given the chance to direct which is where I am now.
But above all, a feature film I'd like to direct. - What?
A feature film I'd like to direct. My greatest dream it is. - What?
A feature film I'd like to direct. My greatest dream it is.
Like a characterfrom "Star Wars"you speak.
Like a gnome with hairy ears. - Yoda.
Speak yoda you can. A rare skill in women that is.
Thank you.
What's your greatest dream? - Mine?
Promise not to laugh.
I've always wanted to ride a horse like in films.
Gallop along the beach in sunset or in the woods.
Why haven't you done it?
I don't want to do it alone.
And I haven't found anyone who'd like to do it with me.
Tell me something nobody knows about you.
Where have you been?
Right here.
If I had known there was someone like you in this world -
I would never have stopped looking.
I love you.
I don't even know you and I'm already in love.
You're bad!
Give me a bite.
Good morning. - Morning.
What's up, lovebirds? - I brought this princess home.
You're covered with hay. What did you do out there?
You must be hungry. - You're right.
I'll get the coffee. Will you take Tintti?
Let me hug you.
Once you get rid of coffee, you'll be more than fine.
We'll see. - Good.
Good morning, everyone.
Only one thing makes people so happy. Who did you meet? - Travis.
Who? - A man who lines from "Taxi Driver" can.
What? - Are you talking to me?
She's even worse when she's happy.
"Lulu was a young antelope of the bushbuck tribe" -
"which is perhaps the prettiest of all African antelopes."
"They live in the woods, and are shy and fugitive" -
"so that they are not seen as often as antelopes of the plains."
I feel that I know someone like that...
"There are lots of bushbucks in the Ngong hills and plains."
Do you have anything delicious?
This has been popular and this Gouda is in high demand.
I'll take a good slice of them both.
You made love outdoors. How? - What do you mean?
How did you manage to do it without anyone seeing? What position?
First we read a book... - Cut to the chase.
We were facing each other. - Where were your feet?
My other leg was crooked. - Flamingo?
If you were lying face to face and your leg was crooked -
it's called flamingo in tantric sex. - I see.
It wouldn't have worked in a yawn. - In what?
Your favorite position, with your legs wide open.
This is divine! Incredible.
Thank you.
Don't stay long. - I just want to see him.
He looks so cute. Don't tell him I said that. - I won't.
Hi. This is Anna. She's not invited.
Nice to meet you, lover boy. - I'm Marko. Nice to meet you.
Nice shoes. - I just went diving.
Why are you looking at me like that?
It's scary.
These are foryou.
Men used to grow muscles working the fields.
This is not as masculine but really handy.
You should try this too.
Some raw fish foryou...
It's hot!
This is a fraud. - Be patient.
Let's unpack these later.
What's this? - What?
This is not your handwriting. - No, it's not.
Whose handwriting is it? - I don't know.
This was on TVa month ago. - Was it?
Yes. There are at least six different handwritings here.
This isn't yours either. - It must be my mother's.
What? You have a history too.
I was born the day I met you. - "Gilda."
You knew it! Again. - That was too easy.
And talking about Gilda, women should have a past.
The more complicated the better.
Back to work!
Sorry it took me so long. I had trouble finding a suitable T-shirt.
I have so many from ex-boyfriends. - Did you warm up?
Yeah. I wonderwhose this is?
I can't rememberthem all. - I see.
Red is a good color foryou. You should wear it more often. - Really?
That's from "Rocky".
Have you met his family? - Not yet.
Has he met your Mom? - Wanna see what I bought?
Does Marko like red? - I like red.
And Marko thinks I look good in red.
How come?
What? What is it?
Relax oryou'll have a heart attack.
You'rejustjealous because our relationship is above the ordinary.
What's wrong with Marko?
Nothing, I just don't want to waste any time sleeping.
It's dangerous not to sleep.
Astronauts must sleep eight hours a day orthey'll go nuts.
Am I an astronaut? - No.
No, I work in a bookstore and I'm perfectly happy.
I've never seen anything that bad.
You can say that to the director. - He's an old friend.
Congratulations. It was really something.
Thanks. It almost ruined my marriage.
What's a marriage next to a film like that? - Right.
When do we get to see your film?
I'm still working on the financing. You know what it's like.
You can make it. Let's talk. - Yeah, let's talk later.
I'm glad you came. Thank you.
"I don't want to belong to a club that will accept me as a member."
Bye then. - Hasta la vista.
Have we met? I'm Kassu's wife Karita.
Iiris, Marko's girlfriend.
Do you mean our Marko? - Yes.
Really? - Yes.
Did you hear, Kassu? Marko has a new girlfriend.
We've been together for months. - I haven't heard anything about you.
Why didn't you tell me? - What?
I know everything about Marko:
Ulcers, diets, mountain climbing dreams and all.
I'll be damned...
What do you do?
Are you the editor? - No.
In advertising? - No.
I know! You were an extra in his TV-show. - No.
What do you do then?
I'm a taxi driver.
Come. - What is it?
Nothing. I'm tired. - Are you kidding?
Really tired I am. - I'll see you to the door.
Are you not coming? - Not yet.
I can't sleep if you're not home. - I've gotta meet some people.
We could've done something. - You said you were tired.
I'm not that tired. - Are you tired or not?
It's not like a pregnancy. One can be a little tired.
Where was that from? - Nowhere.
Whenever I say something funny, he asks where it's from.
Like I took all interesting ideas from a film or a book.
I don't want to nag. And otherwise we're fine.
Have you talked to him about it? - No...
I feel that I'm no longer interesting. - That's life.
Of course he'll get used to you and your stories.
You told him all your great thoughts in the beginning.
And vice versa. - Yes.
You thought you were so deep and it would go on forever.
That's not the way it works.
Goddammit! Yeah, I'll call.
Did you get it? Congratulations.
Clapper board! - Scene 6, take 2.
The water is good.
You need to be more relaxed. We see what you're doing.
Cool tattoo on your stomach!
Come on!
There are various ways you can get Marko's attention.
A friend of mine learnt tojuggle. - What good would that do?
If your man is bored, you can entertain him.
Sounds really stupid. - Right. I believe in acrobatics.
Now that you've gone through all the deep thoughts -
you can move on to stage two. - Which is?
You can use AbTronic almost anywhere, anytime.
Ten minutes equals 600 tummy crunches.
What's the smell?
Sandalwood. - What?
Sandalwood. It's a sensuous, stimulating scent.
Goes with tantric sex, like creams andjewelry.
Men can wearjewelry too. Even on their penis.
I hate this smell.
It's giving me a headache.
What are you watching? - What do you think?
What's that device? - Gym Master 2001.
It replaces eight different gym units.
Athree-minute workout equals 300 crunches.
And you can even isolate your hips.
This is a classic! Listen to the words.
Have you heard Radiohead? Their lyrics are really good.
It's mock intellectual rock. This is genuine stuff.
Turn it off. - I'll put on something else.
This is basic stuff...
What's with the wires here?
I read that if you lift the stereo wires up -
it improves the sound. I don't know. - Our kids are out of Lego.
You can't know much about edited scenes. - What?
I'm glad we see each other more often. - Yeah.
We get out more now that I'm done with shooting.
It gets a bit boring or... Good to see you, I mean.
Look at theirwedding picture!
I'm two months pregnant and look the part too.
Some wedding! The guests were drunk and necking. - Unlike we.
I don't think I'd get married outdoors in the summer.
I'd get married somewhere far out like New York City Hall. - Wow!
Sounds like you'd like to marry yourself.
I never drink wine.
Where's that from? - "Dracula."
Right. - I haven't seen it.
Thank you for the birthday shirt.
What did you get from Marko? - Nothing. Yet.
I think that he's about to make me an offer. - As in?
I don't know but I have a hunch.
Hi. - Hi.
You're home! - I came in early.
I knew you'd remember. - What?
My birthday, stupid. - Yeah, right.
I'll take my shoes off.
To us!
We haven't talked in a long time.
Any particulartopic? - Yes.
I don't know how to say this.
I feel that we're not happy.
What do you mean? - That we're not happy enough.
Yes, we are.
I'm not.
I'll become more active.
We should do more together.
I could meet your friends and take up rock climbing.
It's not yourthing. - It is.
Let's travel together, let's go to New York-
or move abroad, be adventurous.
You hate adventure.
Give me a month. Please? - This is too much.
I'll make you the happiest man on earth. - That's too much.
Three weeks? - That's not what I meant.
Is there anotherwoman? - No! I told you it's nothing like that.
Then why...? - Iiris, don't.
Stop, for Christ's sake!
Put them there.
Get up, Iiris. Up!
Get up on your feet.
And take a shower, for God's sake.
Where can I go?
I found you a place. - But you trade luxury apartments!
I broke a few rules. Let's start packing.
Fortunately you don't have much. Just books, clothes and videos.
What's wrong?
Come on... My little friend.
Anything else? - No.
That's it then.
Should we break something here?
The Feng Shui is good. Orwas.
I can't stand this noise. It's giving me a headache.
And it'll get you evicted. - I'll tell herto stop.
I'll unpack this box here.
Isn't this great? - Yes.
Did you always think that Marko was the man of your dreams? - No.
Know what's amazing? Say"well"? - Well, well?
I don't believe he no longer loves me.
I didn't believe he really loved me while we were together.
Now that it turns out he didn't, I don't believe that either.
I've gotta go. - How long can she stay here?
They'll be in Africa for a year. Unless she gets herself evicted.
Take this every morning and evening.
Can't we go for a drink? - Are those tranquillizers?
Camomille extract. It calms you down.
Will you be OK? - Yes.
I promised to pick up Sami and the kids from Sami's parents.
Thanks. Bye, Anna.
How are you? - I'm great.
Nice apartment. - Yes, it is.
You forgot your"All About Eve".
And here are some letters. I paid a couple of your bills.
Hold me... - No, Iiris. I've gotta go.
Take this where you took the other one.
Have you slept at all? - No.
Are you depressed? - Yes.
Do you want to let off steam? I can manipulate your anger cells.
It's kind of risky, mind you. Your reaction can be fierce.
You'll destroy our china. - Saves you from doing the dishes.
It will pass. - Easy foryou to say.
I know what you're going through.
I was there six years ago. - Where?
The man of my dreams left me.
I thought I would die right there, on the streets of Buenos Aires.
Promise not to tell anyone.
I lived in Buenos Aires for a while when I was young.
I was so in love with this man, Antti.
It was so romantic.
I remember everything about him, the smell of his skin...
Do you know what a man's skin smells like?
Then he left me and went back to his girlfriend in Finland.
Even married her later.
I thought I would die.
Tried to die, in fact. I stopped eating.
But that's all in the past.
I met Sami really soon here -
and realized that my relationship with Antti was not real.
I didn't even know him.
Sami was so different.
You never know, you may find something betterthan Marko.
You never know.
Not necessarily as romantic but at least more realistic.
I don't want anyone else. I want him.
Knock, knock. - Who's there?
Postman Petskin. - Can't sleep?
Come watch this film with me.
Feel any better? - A little.
After all, tomorrow is another day.
Turn on the TV. - I'm watching a movie.
Stop. Marko is on. - OK, bye.
MORNING DEW A Film by Marko Manner
Marko Manner, the comet of the film sky, if you like.
You've directed yourfirst film. It will open this fall.
I was surprised it's so romantic. Are you a romantic soul?
I'm very romantic, in fact-
although it's almost embarrassing to admit it these days.
It would be trendier, coolerto be a cynic.
But this is me...
I think it's really great. What does love mean to you?
It's the only thing that really matters.
It'sjust so easy to screw things up.
Lots of love forthis film I sacrifice had to.
There's this mystical connection between Marko and me.
Something is bound to happen soon. - Do you have a plan?
In fact I do. I plan to win him back.
Oh my god. - Isn't it cool?
It was stupid trying to hold on to Marko with some circus act.
I've got to fight. - And you think this will work?
You can't be serious. - I'm dead serious.
"Life's a bitch and so am I." Michelle Pfeiffer in "Batman" -
when she put on a rubber suit and became Cat Woman. - Good heavens!
Oh my god...
When does the cabaret begin? - It's already begun.
Let's get busy!
Do you want a picture? - What?
Do you want a tattoo? - Yes, and a piercing.
Fancy a meat pie? - No thanks.
I want a piercing on my lip and navel. - Something softer?
No, I want a big tattoo here.
Do you want to reconsider? - No.
You're like a creature from "Nature's Wild".
South American lizards: The iguana. - In your pants.
It could be nice. - Imagine!
Soon Marko and I will have a mutual hobby.
When did you sleep last? - In April. Let's go.
I should think you iguanas are better climbers.
You can't win Marko back by climbing walls.
Make himjealous. Meet other men. Launch a real attack.
Now you'rejust waiting for someone to chase the puck.
That's no way to win important games.
Don't look now.
Don't look!
He's here. - Who?
Marko. - Is he?
Don't look, dammit!
Is he alone? - He's not alone.
Who's he with? - Awoman.
Just the two of them? - Yes.
What does she look like? - Like a hooker.
Are they on a date?
It's hard to... - Come on!
Look foryourself.
It wasn't necessarily a date.
It could've been a business meeting.
Actresses arejust like that, always sucking up to the directors.
It doesn't have to mean anything. - What if it does?
Let's find out. - How?
Let's go to his place. - Are you crazy?
No way!
The lights are on. I know the door code.
Let's go. - No!
What are you doing?
If they're studying some business papers, we'll wait.
This time of night? - Contracts, maybe.
These people have no working hours, stupid.
They can sign contracts in the middle of the night.
See anything?
Let's go, if you can't see anything. - Shut up!
He can hear us. - Shut up!
What the hell are you doing here?
I'm sorry.
Would you guys leave?
I'm gonna pee in my pants... - Goddammit!
I'll tell you, Iiris...
Marko looked surprised when he saw me. - I need a drink.
Know what I'd fancy right now?
Cream cake.
Yeah, this is not a good time...
Now that's settled.
You can move on.
Like it? - Love it! Beats sex on the kitchen table.
You should meet other men, have a child maybe.
I don't want to meet other men. It's too soon.
No, it's not. - Yes, it is.
You'll shrink and wither like Sarah.
Sarah who? - Sarah in the Bible.
Abraham's wife, whose womb was like the Jericho desert.
Who had her first child when she was 100 years old.
It won't happen to you.
Would you like to have a child? - Yes.
Really? - I would.
I'm kind of surprised myself, but yes, I would.
You could both get pregnant! - That's a great idea.
You're both crazy. Stop!
Life is short. - I do want to meet someone but notjust anyone.
You should understand that.
You've gone from one great guy to another even greater. - No.
Very few people are truly great. Most of the time life is not great.
I've made ordinary men great but it doesn't last long.
It's pretty hard being great.
Eventually they realize they're ordinary and tired.
Then theyjust watch TVand that kills any relationship.
Iiris... There are no great people, just ordinary ones.
You and Marko did the same to each other.
You made each other greater than you really were.
You continued, he grew tired.
I guess it wasn't my thing. And the image is a bit too much.
Too big foryour arm, at least. - Right.
You shouldn't get a tattoo on a whim. We'll put it back.
Why do you have those tattoos? What are they?
This is a plant.
This is a human being.
I took them so I'd remember I can't live in a greenhouse.
Where plants live a perfect but artificial life.
People can't live in a place like that.
Sometimes pain can do you good.
Fancy a meat pie?
Are they fresh? - Yes.
I bought them this morning. - Great!
Hi, guys! I've really missed you. I've been trying to call you.
Is Mom home? - No.
Where is she? - Gone.
Where to? - Away.
Is Dad home? - Yes.
Where is he?
Can we come in now? - What happened?
Santtu, go out for a while. - I don't want to.
Is Tintti still out? - Yes.
You're not supposed to leave him alone. Go on. - No!
Just go! Don't argue.
Where's Laura? - Want some coffee?
Laura is gone. - Where to?
Rome. She...
She... left us.
Did something happen? - I don't know.
She has a new man.
Or it's someone she met before me.
Antti... Antti Saarinen.
My wife's great love.
Want some tea? - Chocolate.
Mom says tea tastes like sticking yourtongue out the window.
It has no taste.
Toast, then? - French toast.
I don't know how to make it. Can't youjust have toast and...
Thanks, but we'll be fine.
Are you sure? - Yes.
I can stay. - You don't have to. Go home, we'll be fine.
Call me if you need anything. - Sure.
Are you sure you'll be fine? - Yes.
Bye, Tintti.
How did you get in? - Your neighbor let me in.
Come in.
Are you alone? - Yes.
Have you heard from Laura? - No.
Would you like some wine or...?
I don't know. Perhaps this wasn't a good idea. - Come on.
I'll get you some wine. Coffee? Tea? - No thanks.
Please forgive me. - Forwhat?
For coming here this late.
You can come here any time you like.
What a mess!
I'm so fucking confused. I don't know where to go.
I have no one, except you.
How did you get over Marko?
Not too elegantly.
Or... Forget it.
I've missed you so much.
What are you doing here? - What?
Don't look! - You're crazy.
Where is it? - What?
The lovely woman who was here last night.
You've gotten laid. - What?
You've gotten laid. More than once. With whom?
You couldn't keep your fingers off Sami then. - How did you know?
It wasn't hard to guess. How could you?!
It wasjust one night.
And the next day and night.
Are you gonna stop here? - Of course.
How? - Trust me.
We'll stop here.
I've gotta get the boys.
What shall we do? - I don't know.
What are we gonna say to Laura?
I don't care. - I do.
Half of me wishes that she'll stay wherever she is now.
And we could live happily ever after. - Why not?
Why not?
Have you thought about how serious this is? - No...
I won't be long.
Daddy! - Santtu.
What's up? - I missed you.
I missed you too. Is everything OK?
Of course.
Where's Mom? - Still out of town.
Did grandma and grandpa spoil you? - Of course not.
Of course they did.
Yuck! Too much butter. - Women! Always complaining...
Did you know that light spreads are made of cat skin? - Don't!
Dad? Will Iiris be yourwife too?
Men are only allowed to have one wife in Finland, not two.
When you grow up, you'll realize this country sucks in that respect.
Give us a goodnight kiss. - Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Dad, help! Tintti is teasing me.
He's too little to tease you. Go to sleep, both of you.
It's way past your bedtime. Good night.
They're asleep, at last.
They took this pretty well.
Orwhat do you think? - They seemed fine, yes.
Shall we go to bed?
I think I should go home.
No, stay.
I think I should go home tonight.
We have time.
Sure, we have time...
When did you get back? - Yesterday.
And Sami had some interesting news for me.
Turns out my husband realized his long-time dream while I was gone.
Sami finally got to fuck you. And more than once.
How many times did you fuck? - Let's go in the back.
Answer me! - I didn't count.
And all the times you hugged and kissed like brother and sister!
What do you want? You're like a kid looking for a father figure.
I don't know what happened. - Sami seemed to know.
I didn't know if you'd ever come back.
What difference does it make?
I understand you and Antti. I feel... - Let me guess.
You feel that you've suffered and it's OKto sleep with my husband.
I neverthought you'd do this to me. Sami can do what he wants -
but I didn't leave you. I took you in and took care of you.
But when I have problems, you jump to bed with my husband.
I never asked you to take care of me! And where were you?
You were not in a hospital having a hysterectomy.
You were with your lover.
And Sami, your"husband", is not the only man in your life.
Aweek ago you had two. - You know nothing about that!
Sami loves me! Your marriage is a lie!
You're really pathetic.
How are you? - Not too good.
It seems that we're not all friends.
I've thought about this and I'm ready.
I'll leave Laura if you want me to.
This is too sudden. I don't want to break up your marriage.
Sami, I think...
I don't get it.
I can't, not now.
Welcome to the premiere of"Morning Dew"
Relax, turn around.
You're doing great. Spread your legs!
"Morning Dew"and its director, on his way to Hollywood:
Marko Manner!
Thank you. Welcome. I'm glad you're all here tonight.
This film is really important to me. I won't bore you any longer.
Let's see the film. Thank you.
Hi. Tomorrow?
I don't think so. I'm kind of busy.
Something to drink? - No thanks, not yet.
Oryes, two Dry Martinis.
She likes Margaritas.
Would you make me a Margarita, Olli? - Sure.
How about the Dry Martinis?
Just one. - Thank you.
How are you? - Fine, thanks.
How's the antelope?
The same. Hiding in the woods mostly.
You've had some action too, judging by what I've heard.
It was quite a surprise, you and good old Sami.
I'd rather not talk about it.
Are you in love with him?
What was that for an answer? - I don't know.
Has it been going on for long? Can't you answer my question?
I don't know. We would all like to know the answerto that question.
Were you fooling around with him back then? - When?
When we were together. - No.
Really convincing...
Who's the waiter? - Olli.
What's the story with the Margaritas? - Why?
"Go ahead, order Dry Martinis. But she likes Margaritas."
Is that what he said? - Yes.
What's so funny? - Nothing.
Is he another intimate friend of yours? - No.
I don't need your help to embarrass myself.
I'm sorry.
This is not starting too smoothly.
I guess I'm a bitjealous.
You did it! - Yes.
I've felt kind of empty and restless ever since.
The lonely way, you know?
But you're flying high, and going to America.
It doesn't make me feel any less lonely.
I bet llona does.
Ilona was no... - Was?
She's an actress.
She wasn't ready for commitment.
Sometimes itjust takes so long to realize who the right one is.
But when you know...
It's like magic.
"Sleepless in Seattle."
Iiris... - Thanks.
I have something important to say to you. - Go on.
I've never said this to anyone.
Say it then. - Here?
What difference does it make where you say it?
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
I'd like to get back together.
But you're leaving forthe States. - Come with me.
Let's fly out there and take it from there.
I have a place and a carthere. I'll teach you to drive.
But forthat, one has to be immediate family.
What are you doing?
Iiris Vaara...
Will you marry me? - Are you crazy? Get up.
No, will you please marry me?
So that you could teach me to drive?
No, because I love you.
One-way tickets...
Take some brochures with you.
Have a good trip. - Thank you.
"Hollywood Wives, The New Generation."
You're welcome to visit us anytime. Liisa too, anytime.
You must visit me, at least once in a while.
Or I could come to Hollywood.
I have lots of new material. I could put up a show.
My last night in my home. It'll be "our home" from now on.
Can you sleep when he's around?
I learnt to sleep alone, didn't I? I'll learn.
The movers will get your stuff the day aftertomorrow.
Have you said goodbye to everyone else? - Yes, except Laura.
I swear I didn't plan it.
Itjust happened.
I'm really sorry.
I always knew Sami liked you. - Why didn't you say anything?
Perhaps I thought that if I let him keep his dreams -
he will let me keep mine.
There was no closure. It's the worst that can happen.
Although Sami loved me and wanted a family like I did -
I couldn't help it. I tried to forget him.
I tried not to think about him and compare the two.
It was too late to pick up from where we left it.
It didn't work out.
Too many kids and too much guilt.
Itjust didn't work out anymore.
Like me and Sami. - Me and Sami.
Me and Antti. Antti and Jaana.
You and Sami, you and Marko.
Uite a few impossible couples.
Antti Saarinen.
He looks like Santtu. The nose...
You may find something better. You never know.
Are you cold? Get in the car.
Do you have the tickets? Let's go! - Marko...
I'm not going. - What did you say?
I can't do this.
I don't want to live in a greenhouse.
What's this nonsense? - It's no nonsense.
I can't do this. I feel that I'm suffocating.
I can't sleep with you. I never could.
Why did you wait this long to say it?
No coffee for me, thanks.
You're having a baby. Congratulations!
Hi. I didn't know you worked here.
Yeah. Are they all your kids? - Just these two.
We wanted to borrow... What was it, Eepi?
The Brothers Lion... - The Brothers Lionheart?
I'm afraid it's out. - They don't have it.
But you know what? I have it at home.
I'm off dutyjust now. You can come and get it.
Really? - Yes.
Do you have any meat pies? We need four.
We can buy some. - Okay then.
My place is a mess, I'm afraid. - You should see my place.
I'm used to it.
Give me a hand, Eemeli.
You hit Iiris with the sword.
Let me see.
You look like an escaped convict. - Good.
You look like Bob Marley. - Great!
Hi. - Hi.
This is Jukka. Sami and Laura.
How are you? - Fine.
One day at a time. - And you?
Getting better...
We'd better go.
Take care. - You too.
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