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Kyun Ho Gaya na

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Wait a minute. I can keep doing this but...
then we'll get late for the rally
Cars, racing, popcorn and... what say?
Hey Arjun! You better not lose!
Love and defeat are not words in my vocabulary!
The strongest contender for the top position is Ranvir Singh...
popularly known as Banna
A close second is his team mate, Arjun Khanna
The first heart-stopping, thrilling and exciting round of the Coffee Day...
...International Rally ends here
Now listen the oil pressure has fallen
Add some Castrol GTX and change all four tires
For this final stage, I want everything to be perfect
Hey! Hand me the spanner
Come on Banna. It's time for us to go
What's his lead on us? Banna's just ten seconds ahead, Arjun
I'm going to get him today
The second lap has already started
Here is Ranvir Banna's Mitsubishi Lancer, racing at the speed of a bullet
How much room on the left? - No Arjun, it's really risky
Tell me... what's next?
I am going to beat him today!
Has he gone mad?
This race is mine. I am not going to spare Banna today
No, Arjun, don't. Don't you remember what happened last time?
Though they're both from the same team
Arjun and Ranvir are competing for the number one position
Both cars are moving neck to neck
Like every year, we've lost again!
And Arjun who got caught in a spin and whirlwind of dust...
emerges at number two position
Hey! A drink for Arjun!
Banna, tell me some thing. Why is it that you always win and I don't?
Your sole purpose is to defeat me and mine is to win!
Which means? - Whether it's a rally or the race of life...
when you are focused on winning... you will
Banna, that's a very profound thought
You do have a point. - You bet
What you bet? Did you get any of that?
Not really Me neither
So where did you learn to drive like that?
Well... he taught me I mean... him, Arjun
So can you show me some of those moves?
What you doing tomorrow evening? - Tomorrow...?
Nothing really How about tomorrow... say 4 o'clock? At his place!
Why? She's beautiful, she's Graceful Not Grace... she's Sunaina
Whatever! Now listen. Should I talk to her about marriage?
Hey Banna! Don't you take any hasty decisions now
Control your emotions. Marriage is a major step
Don't you think? - Of course!
I was referring to your wedding, actually
No, Banna. Elders first
Arjun, you already know that in my case
It's my parents' responsibility to find the right match
And I have already given my parents that job!
Hello people! Which world are you living in?
These days marriage is not about parents' decisions...
it's about finding true love. - Why tip the scales?
Grand dad married grand mom. They're happy? Arranged marriage!
Dad married mom. Blissful! Again, arranged! Even I want to be a happy man
I will get married someday... but it'll be arranged!
What? Arranged marriage? So what's wrong with that?
How can anyone spend their entire life with a total stranger?
But Diya... - Like I always say...
No love, no marriage!
Love and defeat are not part of my vocabulary!
Oh come on! No one can escape love
Love is nothing but a problem. Never fall in love
Make no promise of living and dying together
All that talk about love... - Is a big deceit
From this kind of talk, I have stopped my heart
Love is nothing but a problem. Never fall in love
Make no promise of living and dying together
In love, there are just promises and oaths
And those that take them seriously have much to regret later
Love is life itself, love is every happiness...
Love is all there is in life
In love there is excitement. In love there is simplicity...
Love is the song of life
When in love, you enjoy the ultimate bliss of life
Don't ever make the mistake of spurning love
Never deprive your heart of love
Fall in love... - To despair
You will suffer
Never give your heart away
Day or night...
without love, they're all so pale
Every hardship is overcome in love...
it's love alone that shows you the way
Like a dream, love takes over
What dreams...? They're all humbug
Dad, how do you expect me to be this early?
Your time is up! - Dad I'm busy.
I'm sleeping - Your mother's coming back tonight
What? How can that be?
Son, misfortune and your mother always arrive unannounced!
Look Arjun, you have two options One, you settle down where you are
The other, be here before 10 tomorrow morning
Arjun, my son... This is the end of you!
So Mom's found out has she? - Oh no, not at all
Why don't you just tell her about the rally?
And if she disapproves, why do you still do it?
Banna, please don't sound like my mother
So you're all packed now?
Are you sure you're not forgetting anything?
Hmmm... I don't think so. - Here...
What is this? But at least look at the photo once
I don't want to choose my life partner through a photograph!
I know but just take a look... once... - Ok, tell me one thing...
Did you decide to marry Mama after seeing her photograph?
First we met each other, spent time together...
got to know and understand each other and then...
and then you fell in love
But in all your studies, the orphanage, the plantation...
when will you find the time?
Papa, falling in love doesn't need time... only a moment.
Ok Banna! I'm off
Next time inform your mother before coming
Next time I'll tell Mom before coming, and defeat you before going
And Arjun, if you need money...
Don't forget this evening at four, sharp!
Yes, please!
Yes, please!
Uncle, what time will the train arrive? - It's running 10 minutes late
Uncle, the problem is that it's early morning and I have to go. - Go where?
It's bad... Oh! It's there
Thank you, Uncle, can I... - Yes...
Can I leave my bag here?
You'll take care of it? - Yes, yes. Go ahead
I'll be back in 5 minutes - Yes, don't worry
Where did you go? Magazines!
Here's the train... And listen you must... - I know, Papa
I'm going to your close friend's house for the first time...
I shouldn't feel like an outsider... they'll take very good care of me.
And one more thing... when Uncle gets back tell him I'm really mad at him
He didn't even call or meet me before I left
Ok I'll tell him. Now don't be angry
And you must take care
That's my train...
My bag?
My bag? Where did he go?
Beware of Thieves and Pickpockets - Yes, please!
Excuse me, sir
Hurry up! 4 vegetarian meals, 8 non vegetarian
Get it quick! The train is about to leave
You'll have to change.
Even I know but how do I do that?
Everything's stolen... my bag, money, clothes, my ticket.
If I don't get back to Mumbai, I'll be dead
So you want to go to Mumbai?
Sumi, which idiot booked me on the train?
Sir, Pandey
That fool knows that I don't travel by train. Where is Pandey?
Sir, he took the flight out to Mumbai last night
The flight? Pandey has gone mad
Get me the Rail Minister on the phone right now!
This country I tell you. I should be in...
In Hollywood, sir?
Did you get through? What are you doing?
Rail Ministry?
A bit more, just a notch higher and your voice will reach Delhi directly!
You won't even need the phone!
Uncle, will you have one?
For you, brother? No Lassi, only cold drinks
Ok give me one. What's the coldest one you have? Absolutely chilled
There's ice! You want some?
Good one!
I'll crack the joke and you have the Coke!
What's your name, my friend?
Arj... T.S. Ranganathan Ranga... in shorts
Madam, something for you? And sir, what will you have?
Ranga, just leave. Sir is very tense at the moment
What's he tense about? - We're shooting tomorrow...
and still don't have the scene in which the hero confesses his love. - That's it?
Sir, I'll tell you... - Did you hear that Sumi?
No dearth of people wanting to make a film!
Ok, now pay attention. The hero leaves his house... - Rahul
Rahul gets into the car, revs the engine
drives off... at full speed swift like the wind...
his face determined like a warrior on to war... man with a mission
The car stops at... - Puja
the car stops in front of Puja's house
Rahul gets out Shuts the doors
strides to the gate In the dead of the night...
a solitary watchman standing by the gate
Rahul asks him, Where is Puja? Rahul approaches Puja...
stares into her eyes... completely mesmerized
Puja looks away but Rahul persists
His gaze fixed on hers, he says What good is marriage without love?
You used to say... How can anyone spend Their entire life with a total stranger?
I want to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams
And I have found her. Don't you want to at least know who she is?
I feel I understand you... I feel I have known you closely...
I feel I know who you are... You are the one for me
And the trolley tracks in...
Stop right here... or you'll poke her eyes!
That's brilliant. It's a miracle It happened, didn't it?
It's amazing! No one has ever written a scene like this before
Sumi, you better have got all that down?
I'll take your leave now. - Wait! At least finish the rest?
Sir, if I get busy with your work, who will do mine?
Vinay, why were Mom and Dad at the station?
I hope Dad hasn't spilled the beans!
I don't know all that My job was to get you home
And here we are...
Hey Vinay, let's have a cup of coffee! - Forget it
If your mom interrogates me, I'll be in a fix again
You're so scared of my mother. You're such a coward!
Oh... so you're saying that. Fine then...
I'll meet her and tell her the whole story
No, no, don't bother. You were on your way, weren't you?
Carry on, I'll catch you later
God knows if this fool has reached home or not
Mom, Dad, you're back! - Thank God!
Where did you both go?
Mom, you mustn't go away for so long
Without you, both Dad and I, get so Lonely
Isn't it? We missed you, Mom.
Arjun, what's wrong with you? Is everything alright?
Yes, now even Arjun is here
Everything's alright. Vinay... where's Vinay?
Vinay's at his place
He has some guests over that's why I came away
Well, even we have a guest in the house now...
Oh so you'd gone to pick somebody up at the station
You fool! Dad, this is not on
The guest is still outside the house with the luggage...
and you haven't brought even one bag in?
You should let me handle these things. I'll be right back with the stuff...
Ranga? What are you doing here?
Diya you know him?
Yes, Aunty, the pantry car boy! He was on the train with me
No, Mom. I was at Vinay's place
What is she talking about the train and all that? And who's Ranga anyway?
I don't know Ranga. Do you think he could be my twin?
Yes, it's possible Or it could be that it was you!
No way, Mom - Where did you go?
For the rally? Even after my telling you not to?
To tell you the truth, I didn't do anything
It's all Dad's fault - Oy!
I told you to go for the rally?
Yes, mom. First he threw me out of the house
Then he said I'm out on bail for four days
Go have fun and let me enjoy my moments of bliss
Mom you shouldn't go away like this God knows what happens to him
What happens to me? Talk about yourself
Darling, after you left... he came to me with packed bags
He said that you had given him permission for the rally
I didn't think for a moment that you had allowed him
Arjun, you've upset your mother again
God knows who is lying and who isn't
Come Diya, let me show you your room
Look what you've done! Turned a happy family into a soap opera?
Did you enjoy it? - I didn't know it'll be such a problem
I am sorry. I didn't do it on purpose
Knowingly or not, it's all your fault
Now poor Dad will have to spend the night in the garden!
Ok... it's fine now After all that has happened?
Dad, is everything alright?
Your mother doesn't even want to talk to me now!
I'm so sorry, Uncle. All this happened because of me
No, don't worry It's survival of the fittest...
learn to blame others, like he does
Diya, you're still there. Why don't you come here?
Who is she? She's my old friend Malhotra's daughter
Dad, I have an idea... to make up to Mom! - What is it?
Tried and tested... formula 44!
I am really very sorry
This will never happen again I swear
You always say that Arjun
You know that I don't like you going for the rally
and still you do Do what you want!
Really, I can? I'm kidding
Mom, we can only joke with the people we love
And I love my mother very much
And I feel that even you have some room in your heart for me
Ok enough now! There's no need to flatter me!
Love you, Mom - Love you too
By the way, if you have a teeny-weeny bit of mercy left...
please forgive him too! He'll be eternally grateful
Arjun, you scoundrel...
Come, join us
Aunty, Papa has sent some coffee from our plantation
Uncle, I'm sorry for what happened this morning
No, don't bother sympathizing with these two at all
They're incorrigible... they always do this...
And you always forgive us Arjun, Diya's here to take her exam
I don't want you to bother her all the time You understand?
It's fine, Aunty I'm up for a challenge
Oh good! At least there's competition now
You hurt your mother's feelings again? Such betrayal! I'll deal with you later...
No, you sit with us. - No thank you, I'll go study now
God knows when he'll be serious in life
I would hope... never. - Just like you
Being serious isn't a prerequisite for being responsible
His lightheartedness doesn't mean he'll take things lightly
But when will he take charge of his responsibilities?
There's a right time for everything.
If you pressure him, it's likely that he will run further away
When the time is right, he will understand
Oh Malhotra, how are you? Yes, I'm very well
Now tell me, Diya reached ok? - Diya reached safe and sound...
I don't know all that... here talk to Meenakshi
I'm very well We had gone to pick her up...
She's such a reflection of her mother...
So did you manage to show Diya Arjun's photograph?
No, she refused to even look at it Never mind Now that Diya's here...
they will have a chance to get to know each other
You shouldn't worry. Everything will be fine
I think if we keep up this game, we're going to win the competition
The trophy is ours
But we don't have a substitute. - And we don't even need one
According to the rules, each team must have a substitute
Now where do we get one from? - It's a formality, but it's necessary
Sir, if it's a formality... can you write your own name?
Excuse me, if it's a formality, just give my name
Diya, you? - No? Of course, it's just a name
Diya, you're also taking part in the competition?
No! Just a substitute. Aunty, can I ask you a question? - Yes...
Do Uncle and Arjun always bother you like this?
This is nothing! First they misbehave...
and then they always beg for forgiveness
I feel that I have not one but two kids!
I guess all of us take our mothers for granted
I guess so
And if you want you can do the same
But only a little or you'll also have to suffer the same consequences!
Arjun, what are you watching?
I wanted to ask you something. - What is it?
in the competition...
What about the competition?
If you... I mean, I don't want that to happen but...
what if you lose? Lose?
Love and defeat are not part of my vocabulary, ok?
That's all fine but just think, by chance, what if you do?
How can we lose? It's a matter of pride
How is it for men everything becomes a matter of pride?
Listen, right now I'm watching this amazing suspense film
Go and sleep. Good night
I've seen this!
The one in black... he's a she And the killer!
Sidhu, now we have to see which team proves to be solid...
and which one a house of cards! Here I would like to add that in
such an important situation... this shot is difficult for any player
No Sanjay, not only is it a difficult shot but an impossible situation
Both teams' scores are too close to call... they will have to play with great caution
Now Team A's player, Arjun, is getting ready to take a shot and...
Sidhu, it seems that the players in Team A have fallen silent
At this point, the pressure is on Vinay He has two chances to drop all ten pins
Let's see if he can do it It's a do or die situation for Team A
Look, Vinay, now it all depends on you, ok? Hmm...
What 'hunh'? You're looking nervous You're the one making me nervous
I'll calm down. Don't you get nervous, ok?
Vinay's injury can be quite damaging for team A
How did you do it? That was unbelievable
I mean, I always knew you had it in you, Diya
After all that's happened? I'll have to think about it
If you don't check this out, you're going regret it
Nowhere, at no time, are you going to find someone like me
Wherever you go...
where will you find someone like me...
who possesses all the talent?
That's me, only me... there can be no one else
Take a look at me... you'll know what I'm all about
I wish we could fly like them too
Do you like to fly?
The day and the night, happen at my command
Why should I care for your senseless talks?
You could never recognize the talents I possess
That's me, only me... there can be no one else
I don't know why, but I feel like believing what you say
I'm surprised what you've been thinking about me
All I can say is that you do possess it all like me
That's you, only you... there can be no one else
I hope you keep saying that... - Oh, lay off
How's your studying going? - It's going well, Uncle
That was a good meal Coffee?
Good idea, Dad. Let's call for it. Khem Singh, bring us some coffee
Today is Sunday. Khem Singh has gone for a film
Khem, where the hell are you? Have you gone deaf?
Forget it, we'll have it tomorrow
Why tomorrow? Coffee... right now!
Didn't you hear? It is Sunday today!
Here, smell this brew!
Whose dumb idea was it to do dishes on Sundays?
When we were newly wed...
I eagerly promised a whole lot to your mother...
and I'm still paying for it! You messed up and I'm suffering
I'm going to make a fool-proof scheme for next Sunday
Uncle, can I help you? - No, I'm used to it now
Uncle, you should go. Please!
Well, if you insist... Hey! Move!
Are you feeling alright?
Proof to convince 'beyond reasonable doubt'
Ok, when you are all done here...
send me a steaming cup of coffee in my room
Coffee? That's no problem but if mom asks me who did the dishes...
you know that I solemnly swear to say the truth...
Think about it, Dad
Do you want to sleep in the garden tonight?
But you'll still be washing dishes
You know, you're even better at this than Khem!
Any girl will be lucky to have a trained husband like you
Stop the nonsense and pass me that cloth
I have to wipe the dishes Arjun, tell me something...
What's your type?
I don't have time for such vacant thoughts
I've left that decision to my mother
So you have never thought about the kind of girl you'd want to marry?
As if you know the kind of guy you want to marry?
You've found someone?
May be Diya, are you hiding something from me
Nothing at all
I've been meaning to ask you something
What? And please don't say no...
lf... If you're not drinking the juice...
can I have it? Diya, Ishaan's call for you
Ishaan! What a name!
Why did you turn off the music?
You know that I have an exam tomorrow. I'm studying
Diya, if you study so much, you'll go crazy
You need a break I'm not kidding.
When I was younger, I read in a magazine that...
if people study more than 3 hours the day before the exam...
they can completely forget everything on the day!
I'm serious
Look, this evening we are all going out and you should come too.
It'll be good for you, otherwise... Think about it, you might...
I don't have the time
Oy Khem Singh who is it?
Sir, the sourier-man - Sourier-man? - The guy who brings letters
Letters! Not sourier-man, you fool! The courier man
Whose is it? - Diya's
Diya, there's a sourier for you
Whose is it? - It's from the University...
What happened?
The exam has been postponed. - Why?
Diya, there is some news about your exams. Come quickly!
Master's in Social Work examination has been postponed indefinitely...
due to the question paper leak
There is still no report on how the paper got out
The University's Vice Chancellor claims that an in-depth investigation is on...
and the students will soon be informed of the new date by post
But you should be glad, you have more time to study now
I didn't need more time. I'm fully prepared
Don't be upset, no use now that it's done
See I can't do anything about your exam delay
But I can definitely do something about your mood...
this evening...
The sight of a girl sets my heart pounding, pounding
The sight of this boy starts a fire... a raging fire
Why does it happen... why? Look at my state
So what's the secret? - There it is
Never fall for anyone. Never pine...
don't ever make this mistake
Matters of the heart will drive you out of your mind
O friends...
All the heart seeks is love
Words... - That make sense
Just listen to it all. Say nothing
Whoever falls for those words is a fool
It isn't true. Love is deceit
Think... keep away from love
Well? There you are
Lose your heart and you will lose your senses
The more you give, the more you get in love
You can continue to kid yourself. - You will believe it someday
If you're in love, the world's a beautiful place
If there is a dream in your eyes, and a desire you cherish...
if there is a song of love, the world is a beautiful place
Without love, there's nothing
You knew there was going to be a competition there
But whatever you say, you did have fun?
Now you will say Arjun is the best
Yeah, I know. But if you still want to say it again...
If anyone needs cheering up, they should spend time with you!
Yeah, that's true Just a minute...
You were not too bad today. - That's a given
You know, I'm an artist
In fact, instead of crying I was born dancing!
What happened? Why are you looking at me strangely?
Nothing at all
You know Diya, though it's hard to admit...
but if you were not with me today... I would have probably lost
Until the day I am with you... you will always win
Yeah, I guess so
Diya, listen. I wanted to say something...
I wish I could say the same There's a small problem
just watch this tape and you'll understand...
The Master's in Social Work examination has been postponed indefinitely
due to the question paper leak
The University's Vice Chancellor claims that an in-depth investigation is on...
and the students will soon be informed of the new date by post
This is Rishi Kapadia with BTS news, Mumbai
Was that ok? Superb! You were fabulous
I almost believed you for a moment
Hey Diya, why are you wasting time looking at me?
Go study. You have an exam tomorrow
Let's go And yes...
It seems that you haven't slept all night Well, me neither
In fact, I feel that you are slightly upset with me
But Diya, I did all this for you
so that you would be totally fresh during the exam
Just like these flowers! Oh! They don't belong here but here!
Look Diya, who studies on the day of the exam?
I didn't. Actually, I never studied Look... look at this
This is our family's magical jacket
Generations in our family have worn this and passed their exams...
and today it is specially for you
This is the first time you've done a sensible thing
It's a bit old but very useful
That's what I've been saying for so long, Diya, please wear it
But, Uncle. - Wear it please
It's a perfect fit, makes quite a fashion statement
You remember my 12th standard exams? I hadn't studied at all
In fact, I never studied, but it was only thanks to this jacket...
Diya, are you sure you're feeling alright?
What are you wearing?
Your family's heirloom- the magical jacket
Who gave it to you?
Had you not worn this jacket, you'd still be hanging around in class 12
And today I don't want to get into an argument
Don't worry, your exam will go well
Here's my blessing
Let's go Diya. It's getting late
Arjun will drop you
Don't worry, everything will be fine
When I become the Prime Minister, I'll get rid off all exams
Hey Diya, listen
This heirloom magical jacket you have on...
you still don't know why it's special!
The secret is that each pocket has a tiny note in it
And each note has an answer to every exam question
Look, it's magic
Relax, no need to stress
Just to clarify any confusion...
Here's the master index!
It tells you exactly which pocket has the question...
I mean the answer to the question!
You see! Even I didn't sleep the whole night just for you!
Yes, what can I say? Everyone says...
Arjun, I am going to take my exam, so just... please
Wait a minute, Diya. Listen to me... please
Diya, I know you don't need any of these stupid lucky charms
But I still want to give you something today
Arjun, have you gone mad?
You're giving your most precious thing to me?
Such kindness really doesn't suit you!
Diya, if you think it's crazy to give away the thing dearest to me...
to someone I care about, so be it
Hey Diya, how was the exam?
All this packing... are you going somewhere?
Home? Why?
Isn't this home for you?
Yes, but...
No ifs and buts, Diya
Your exam just got over. You can't leave so soon
But everyone's waiting for me there...
Papa, Uncle, the kids...
But I won't be there
Arjun, but I already have my ticket
Diya your train was at 9 in the morning?
Yes, it was!
Please Diya, don't go
Just stay on only for a few days for me
Diya, your father just called
Mom, Diya's saying that she really likes it here
She wants to stay on for a few days. - Really?
I did the right thing, isn't it?
Yes, I guess. Now go!
I'm very well... and so is everyone else
Well, they're all missing you. When are you coming back?
I was going to come back tomorrow
but Arjun insisted that I stay on a bit longer
Really? So what have you decided?
I thought I might stay on...
Ok, then come back with Uncle
He'll be reaching Bombay tomorrow. - No way, I'm not talking to him at all
Papa, this is between us. Please don't say anything
Ok fine
Take care
I told you. But you think you're Pele himself
Eating bananas doesn't make you Pele
Now come on, Heave ho!
You're not going to score but anyway... Try again
And now we have wannabe Ms. Pele coming for the penalty kick run up...
and here she is... and...
Come on Diya, what happened?
Why you uncomfortable?
Is someone there?
Who's there?
Aunty, Arjun is such a sore loser!
Why do you bother playing? Just sit in the stands and watch the game
Love and defeat are not part of your vocabulary, huh?
Yeah! So did the cat get your tongue now?
You can laugh your hearts out! But the world is round
I will have my day. - Ok enough, Arjun
Now look at these photos for your wedding
C'mon, take a look
Aunty, I'll just change and come back. - No, no sit down
Look at them properly
Mom, all the photos look good... so why don't you just decide
But which girl do you like?
I like my mother's choice!
Why don't you tell me...
which one of these girls would be right for Arjun?
Look Arjun...
It's not necessary that you choose from these photographs
If you've found someone else, just tell us
What do you think, Diya?
Uncle, no girl in her right mind will fall in love with Arjun
No sensible girl will fall in love with him?
Wait a minute...
There might be no 'falling in love' in my case...
but at least I will get married! What about you?
Any thoughts on him?
Vinay, how are you?
Hey, what happened to you?
Diya, it's my birthday today. - Happy birthday!
I'm here to invite you for my party this evening
I am sorry... I just forgot
Come Vinay... happy birthday
Don't touch my feet for respect
I am much younger than you!
Diya, you're looking beautiful today... really
Don't you want to go? Hurry up!
The party's tonight not tomorrow morning!
Oh Diya, is this ordeal necessary?
We're going to get late at this rate
Actually, can I ask you a question? - Ask...
Don't you ever take a shower? - What?
Then why do you drown yourself in so much perfume
I'm going to faint!
Arjun, can you never say a single good thing about me?
Diya, you are looking very beautiful
Some people just don't know how to appreciate others
Okay, you've heard the flattery. Shall we now?
I smell a rat! I've known Vinay for 10 years now...
Did you see the way he came up to invite you to his party?
He didn't even look at me!
What's the scene? Something fishy?
It's your fault you forgot his birthday
Au contraire, you remembered, is that right?
So Diya, is there something?
You can tell me... in fact, he's not too bad
I can talk to him if you want me to. He's standing right there...
He's looking right here. - Yeah, and pretty intensely!
I think something is definitely on...
Say sorry!
Say you accept! - It's ok
This is for you
And from me
Hey Arjun! Didn't you bring anything? - Empty-handed again?
In fact, I was bringing a present but...
Diya said why stand on ceremony with friends. So I decided to...
When did I say that? Anyway, I got my present
Vinay, this is for you
Yeah, so you were saying. - Such treachery!
Diya, when did you become a devil like me?
What can I say? Hanging around with the devil...
I've grown my own set of horns!
You better get your act together
You always land up empty-handed everywhere!
You're so right, Manu
Et tu, Brutus?
Why me? You're the miser!
Even the other day you came to Samir Karnik's party with nothing!
You're such a free-Loader!
You can laugh all you want
When you see my present... you will be gaping!
Oh really?
What's so special about it?
Why don't you show it to us?
Yeah, let's see it
I will show it...
but it's a surprise
Have some patience
What 'huh'?
I told you I'll show it
Hey Diya...
This one's for you
In the air there seems to be the melody of the shehnai
The breeze blows softly. I hum a song under my breath
There's a song on every lip, everything appears dazed...
so why are you and I quiet and speechless?
Let the melody flow from your heart...
why are you quiet...? Sing with me
Come to me...
Why's there a soft glow in my heart and soul?
What tune is it on my breath? What melody possesses my heart?
Could you tell me what this is all about?
Will you tell me what's happening to me?
There's a song on every lip. Why are you and I quiet?
Let that which is in your heart, come to your lips
Come, come to me
There's no confusion, no predicament anymore...
there's just an admission
It's neither you, nor me... it's only about love. Just love
If you can hear my heartbeat, come closer to me
There's a song on every lip. So why are you and I quiet?
End all distances... you must ever shadow everything
Come, come to me
Surprise! So? What do think?
I told you when I reveal my surprise... you'll be stunned
You're speechless?
You kept saying show us what you have Now who's talking?
Don't mess with Arjun!
Hey Diya!
What happened?
Diya, listen At least listen to what I have to say
Arjun, let me go - Why are you in such a rage?
I was only joking
People joke with friends...
but they don't go around making fun of their feelings
Did you even think for a moment... that your joke can be so hurtful to others?
But you wouldn't understand - Diya, it's not that...
Arjun Until today I laughed off every one of your jokes
because it made you feel happy
I used to think that I am with someone who bothers me all the time...
and then makes up to me with his innocence
But every joke has a limit, Arjun and today you've gone too far
Diya, listen to me... Please
I had no idea that you would feel so bad
It was just a silly joke, trust me - Trust, that's the joke
Trust, love... these are just words for you
You always say that love and defeat are not in your vocabulary
Well, feelings and emotions aren't either - But 'sorry' is
I am really very sorry, Diya - Sorry?
C'mon Diya. I am sorry I really am, honestly
Now what more can I say? I didn't mean to hurt you on purpose
What do you want?
That I should go and confess to everyone that it was a joke?
I'll do that
I should go tell everyone that you don't love Vinay?
I will, Diya
Yes, go tell everyone that I don't love Vinay because I love you.
Ya, I love you
I never imagined that... I never looked at you in that way
Diya, love...
I mean... me?
What we want doesn't always happen... and what happens,
we could never imagine
Should I tell you something?
We had sent Arjun's proposal for you
But you want to marry the person of your choice...
and Arjun wants us to choose for him
You are our choice, Diya
I'll go tell him that you are the one
No, Aunty
You won't tell Arjun anything
Because he doesn't love me
For him, our relationship is just for fun
We only joke with the people we love
I know Arjun very well
Diya, he loves you... but he just hasn't realized it
He probably never will
And what if he does?
C'mon Charlie!
Here's the butter... where's Diya?
She must be in her room. - What happened to you?
Are you feeling alright?
You seem to be fine. Doesn't she want to eat? Call her
Diya isn't here. She's gone
Gone where?
Back home
All of a sudden?
Why? What happened?
That you should ask him
So what happened?
Why did Diya leave suddenly?
Something wrong?
Is it serious?
Do you want to talk about it?
Ok then, you find a way out
Diya, you shouldn't have come away like this...
When you love someone, you can't just walk away
No, Papa, we spent so much time together...
If he had to fall in love with me... it would have happened by now
But didn't you used to say, love doesn't need time...
only a moment?
The time has passed and so has the moment
but it didn't happen, Papa...
it just didn't
C'mon Charlie!
Uncle, sorry... - Sorry...
Oh no! Parth is stuck!
Don't mess with the best!
You measly devils... Don't forget, I'm the devil himself!
Get it?
I found a way out, let's go
Abandoning the battlefield now!
Good, mind blowing...
mind blasting!
Parth, come on, eat the cornflakes
I don't want to eat. I have a stomach ache
And why aren't the rest of you eating?
We aren't hungry
Me neither - Me neither
Healthy imagination! Thinking they can mess with me...
Well, it seems that no one's hungry today
That's a pity because the creamy, yummy pastries I got last night
I will just have to eat them all by myself Right, Mrs. Philomena?
Right sir
I seem to be getting a bit hungry now
Me too
I want to have a pastry
But I thought you had a stomach ache - Now I don't
Well, just as there is no stomach ache now... there are no pastries!
What? - That means...
I fooled you... again!
Now stop acting and eat your breakfast. Come on
This is cheating
But I've learned this from you people
Where did these come from?
Diya brought them for us, from Mumbai
And for me? - Sorry, Uncle, it's over
Excuse me, Uncle - Excuse me
But listen, check... there must be one at least
Check it
There's one left... - Give it to me, please...
Just one sweet...
One... Two... - Three...
You rascals! - C'mon Charlie!
You're unbelievable
When you're with the kids you're just one of them
That's the only way
To be close to them, I have to be just like them
Then may be when they're older...
they will think of me and keep the inner child alive
Because life will try very hard to crush their spirit
You're so right
After Ishaan left, you having started the orphanage again...
Not an orphanage a home... which these kids have made
Their presence has filled the void in my life
Today you have to do all the talking
Yeah because the kids have shut you up!
Hello Papa - Hello
Good morning Uncle - Good morning, Diya
Where are you off to so early? - We're going for the planter's meeting
Planter's meeting? - We had to be there at 11, isn't it?
Let's go
Bye! - See you!
Malhotra, I have to admit, Diya is a brave girl...
She hasn't let herself fall apart
She's learned that from you
No matter what, you are always looking ahead in life!
Vishal, wait for me!
Arjun! - How did you get here?
You gotta do what you gotta do
But you tell me why you left without informing me?
What happened? Shall we?
Please! - Arjun what is this?
Diya, it's a long saga last time the train journey was a fiasco it was a scam
This old man at the station... And then you blurted out everything at home...
Hello Uncle! - Arjun, what a surprise!
Uncle, there are two kinds of surprises
One that brings a smile to the face and the other, wipes it away
Quickly tell me, which one is mine? - You've always made me smile!
That's good then because that's what I am here for
Uncle, if your blessings are with me and I promise to make you smile. Deal?
Always be happy!
How can I be happy when someone so close to me isn't?
Who? - My stomach, Uncle!
It's been growling since this morning Could we go eat something?
Come, let's go have dinner All by yourself...
what are you looking for in the stars?
I am looking for answers
You know Diya sometimes life plays hide and seek with us
it's just a matter of finding the missing links and all of a sudden our search is over
These stars are very similar If you join one to the other
You'll find whatever you want
Look... May be you will also find what you're looking for
I am sorry Diya I am really so sorry
For every time that I hurt your feelings but I never meant it to happen that way
I always tried to make you laugh I don't know how I hurt you this way
Can't things be the way they used to?
After all that's happened? I'll have to think about it
See, you found what you wanted And I found what I was looking for...
...your smile
And with this as the background,
Jungle Lodges and Resorts... JLR, has struck upon a unique idea to utilize the...
Diya... Diya
Morning, Sir - Morning, Son
Where has Diya gone? - She left early to meet Uncle
Already left to meet him? Even I'd like to meet Uncle!
Ok, bye. See you
Is this Uncle's house or a haunted house? No one in sight
Hello? Hello?
Hey plumber! Where can I find Uncle?
Uncle! What happened?
Why are you all screaming? How did this happen?
Uncle! Come right here!
He's caught, I've caught him
He's the scoundrel who has done this to my innocent little angels It's him, look.
What what are you mumbling? Scoundrel, rascal...
Uncle, what have you done? - Me?
Yes, you! - Me?
Of course!
Oh the injustice! There's no decency left in this world
All this is not mine but this rascal's doing
Look, I've caught him red-handed - No, I didn't do anything
You threw the spanner in my hand...
Quiet! You've been caught and you're still lying blatantly?
All the evidence is against you now You even look like a rogue!
Me? A rogue? No, I am Arjun.
This is Arjun - Yes!
Yeah, so what? Just because he's the legendary archer 'Arjun'...
doesn't mean he can shoot arrows through their innocent little hearts!
Uncle, enough of this charade - You know and we do too
who exactly is to blame - Who is it?
Tell me... who? - You!
How can you even think like that? You words cut like a knife through my heart
I am going back to my room And no one needs to come and make up to me
I am hurt, very hurt
What a liar! - This is too much, Diya didi
How will we get this colour off? - How will it come off? How?
All the preparations are in order!
The time is limited and the target's at hand
This is... Operation Uncle!
According to the plan... you two, attack from here, ok?
And you both, cover them from here - What about us?
No one interrupts no one speaks out of turn Just concentrate
Commandos, one thing to remember...
if there are any mistakes, there's only one penalty...
What if we get caught? - What if Uncle operates on us instead?
After two drinks even if you perform surgery on Uncle he still won't find out. Got it?
Clear? - Arjun, I am feeling very scared
If you're scared, you're as good as dead
When the time's rough... The commando's tough!
(cry for victory)
Left... right...
I can't think straight...
I can't even remember what's 'left' and 'right' anymore!
How much longer is Uncle going to make us do this?
Water... a sip of water...
We should have never gotten involved in Arjun's plan!
(colloquial) He's not Arjun, he's Duryodhan (the dreadful)...
And this white-bearded tyrant is Ravana (the ten-headed monster)
Come on Charlie!
What happened to my little brave soldiers?
Is this what Uncle did to you? This is just not on
He will definitely pay for it - We'll have to figure out all that later
Right now, we all have to go get ready - Ready? Why?
An Uncle and Aunty are coming to see us They don't have children
means that they will take one of us to their home
Arjun, we're all very happy here Uncle also loves us so much
But he says that this is not the real world
Just like Ishaan, he wants us to have a chance...
to go out there and make something of our lives
Let's go... c'mon
Move fast
What happened to you? Aren't you going?
Don't you have to get ready? - There's no point, buddy
They all want kids who normal... who can run around and play with them
When they see me walk, they all walk away
I know today will be the same I don't want to get ready
Buddy, when I was in school... I was the weakest boy in class
Now it doesn't seem so But, really, I was...
All the kids were stronger than me
I felt that if I ever compete in a race
I'll never manage to beat them I'll always lose
That's why I never took part And that was the biggest mistake
In life, you win some, you lose some
But if we give up before we try
How will we ever find out what was in store for us victory or defeat?
Can we try today? Please. For me
When the time's rough... - The commando's tough!
Buddy, c'mon... let's go
Oh my god! What are you eating these days?
Pull your shorts up properly!
Meet Mr. And Mrs. Singhania - Hello!
What is your name son? - Yash
Such a cute child! - This is Parth!
Hello Parth, you have a lovely name
So when is your birthday? - Tomorrow
Every year we celebrate all the kids' birthdays on the same day
This year... would you like to spend your birthday at home with us?
We both are very fond of Parth
Uncle can complete the procedural formalities now
Hey buddy!
Excuse me? - Yes?
We would like to consider for some other child
But you just wanted to take Parth home?
Yes, we said that but now we've changed our mind
We would like to see a different child
You see that time we didn't know that...
...that Parth can't walk properly? Is that it?
Another child? What if I break your wife's legs...
would you consider getting another wife?
How dare you? - How dare you!
He's a little child not a stuffed toy...
that you can just play with and throw aside when you've had enough
Now I understand why God hasn't given you your own children
And the mistake He hasn't made, we won't either
Just leave... go
because we are neither in the business of selling toys nor children!
You have the audacity to reject Parth?
Each and every child here, in fact, rejects you. Now get out!
Did you hear that? Is that what you've taught them here?
No, he's new around here
He doesn't know that with rude and shameless people
one shouldn't waste time arguing
brute force can get the point across faster!
So before I remedy his mistake I suggest you better get out.
Just leave!
Arjun - Yes?
You just redeemed yourself What?
Only two kinds of people can escape me
People who have a good heart and those who have good timing
This morning when you left me up on the cliff
I felt like throwing you down from there
but now you've made your way straight into my heart
What can I say, Uncle? I am just like that!
Thank you! After all that's happened
I'll have to think about it
Ok! At least let's celebrate - That's great, Uncle
A sweet for me, how sweet
If you think I am going to share it with you just forget it
It's fine
Let's go - One, two, three...
Uncle, if you don't mind, can I ask you something?
Yes, of course... Ask me
I mean... why did a dashing handsome charming, . Handsome.
No, I already said that Dynamic
Yes! Why did a dynamic person like you never find any one?
I mean, why no Aunty, Uncle?
You said one thing and now you want the whole saga?
Ok then, listen There was a girl...
the first time when I saw her I was waiting to go somewhere
But then I waited so long that I could never tell her how I felt
She left. I missed the bus! - What? You missed the bus?
But Uncle, that surprises me... Someone who talks so much
not being able to talk about how he feels
Even you talk so much - That's true, Uncle
Excuse me, please!
In my case, it is only if I feel something that I would say it out loud
There is nothing in here It's absolutely empty, Uncle
And even if I had to fall in love with someone wouldn't it be Diya?
Diya? Diya Really, but why?
Uncle, I mean... happiness is where Diya is
Ok, that's a given
Simplicity is where Diya is - That's a given too
Where there's anger, usually there's Diya - Given
There's illumination where Diya is - Fine, that too is a given
Uncle, where there's life. - There's Diya
Uncle, you agreed even before I could say Diya!
It's Diya... Turn around. Diya's standing there
Excuse me...
Diya, I was just telling Uncle that love and defeat are not in my vocabulary
Come on, Charlie
Love and defeat are not in his vocabulary!
That's really strange! What kind of reference is that?
He's just foolish!
Hello Ramnik Bhai How are you?
Uncle here All well?
Look... Today we are celebrating all the children's birthdays
There is a party this evening and
I would like you to come with your whole family
Yes, the preparations are on in full swing
Where should I begin?
There is so much to do that I don't have time to breathe
Yes, yes...
The burden, as you know... is always on me...
I have not even had the time for a glass of water
Malhotra? I'm on it... He can't even manage his own work!
How can I expect him to help me? Just a minute...
I'm on it. You can see that, can't you?
Yes, sorry Ramnik Bhai! The kids?
How can I expect them to work? This is their age to have fun
What work can I give them? What did you just say?
No, there is no dependable house help in Coorg
In fact I had got someone from Bombay...
I am going to get even with Uncle
but he turned out to be a complete scoundrel
He lies around all day mindlessly drunk... a complete slob!
My head is killing me - One minute... please wait...
eh Arjun! - Arjun is dead, you killed him
What are you doing?
Are you going to do some work or just sit around wasted?
Coming... - C'mon then, hurry up
I said I'm coming!
Yes Ramnik Bhai... sorry I have to go...
see what I mean I don't even have time to talk
Great, see you this evening then
Please make sure everyone comes... Thank you
Ok bye!
Totally overworked, I need a break Fan me properly!
Listen ye all, on this path of life...
may there be a song on your lips, and your beloved in your arms...
and love in your eyes
All I will say to you...
is that you must dream
What traveler is he who knows what where his goal lies?
What heart is it that does not beat for love?
Get the hint!
Get the hint, my friend!
If you're in love, be honest about it
Get the hint!
Do not be glum, do not sigh wistfully
Get the hint, my friend
All I've learnt is that life is nothing except a game
Those win this game, who are in love
Whoever has paid heed to the heart and chosen this path...
has found himself in misery
Do not be afraid. What will be, will be...
pay heed to your heart and see what happens
If it wasn't for the seas, what would the shores mean?
So what heart is it that does not beat for love?
So get the hint
There are people who do not understand feelings...
so how will you ever reason with them?
Hang on! What's the hurry?
He will see reason on his own. We have nothing to worry about
I cannot believe there is someone...
who does not understand the meaning of love
They heed not the heart. But some beauty...
will tell him what love is all about
How would Loners know to appreciate a gathering?
What heart is it that does not beat for love?
Get the hint, please
You'll never change!
Hey Arjun, come here
Meet Ishaan... Arjun Nice meeting you
Finally, Ishaan
Your name is as powerful as your presence
No way! My name's just a name your name is a legend, Arjun
Diya, did you know that once the legendary Arjun took aim with his arrow...
He could not focus on anything but the target?
So what are you aiming at Arjun?
Hey, come on, relax. Just kidding man
You've actually gone into deep thought!
Shall we?
Ishaan, what a strong name!
Uncle, it's so good to be back home...
The love, the happiness... it comes flooding back... it's overwhelming
In the U.S., it's just work, work and work!
I didn't think you'd be able to make it
Uncle, I think you're forgetting that it's also my birthday today
And how can I celebrate this day without all of you?
Ishaan, it's really late now... - Let's go, Uncle
Hey! Give me a hand at least
After a long time... I really enjoyed my meal today
Uncle, you say that every time we eat - Shut up!
Now if your family lunch is over... should we start the hunt?
The hunt!
Hmmm! It's been a long time since the last one
It'll be fun - A lot of fun
The Hunt!
Yeah, Diya. Give me a minute
Come on, Arjun get ready for the hunt
Yeah, sure, totally
Buddy, what exactly is this hunt? - Don't worry, I'll tell you
This isn't like actual hunting It's a game with two teams
And the team that first collects and brings to Uncle
all the items on the given list, wins
Got it?
Malhotra, do you remember last time when we played on Diya's birthday
Mrs. Philomena spent the whole day fishing at the Cauvery river
And Parth brought the fish out of the freezer!
I still remember her face
Ok then, who are the captains?
Yes, come on guys, who is it going to be?
No, are you crazy? How can I be the captain?
I don't know head or tail about this game
No, no - Arjun, I'm here, aren't I?
Ok! - Great
Now who wants to enter the battlefield to face Arjun?
Of course, Uncle... Ishaan - Yes, Ishaan!
So the team captains are Ishaan and Arjun
Now let's toss to begin choosing the team players
All the best boys
Thank you, sir
Let's see what fate has in store for each of you
Ready guys, call! - Heads!
Fate has given the first chance... to you!
To me? Tails!
I choose Diya
Ok, now Arjun, your turn Arjun?
Of course... Parth Come on, buddy
So this is Ishaan's team... and this is Arjun's team
And these are the lists! Let the games begin
Commandos! The Game List Item number one
What are you doing?
What... uncle's drawstrings? - No, pyjama drawstrings!
Poppa! - Come on, Poppa!
Be a sport! Poppa, please!
No, I won't give it I'm not wearing underwear
Ishaan! - Poppa!
I got it... I got Poppa's drawstrings
He's gone for good now!
Item number two, a strand of white hair
Hey Poppa, leave it alone
Keep this. I know I've seen it somewhere...
Malhotra... whose idea was this?
Yours - Help!
Item number three, a comb Do you have a comb?
A comb? - Baldy!
Hey who you calling bald? - Oops! Sorry
Item number four, toilet paper
What a catch!
Item number nine, a lipstick mark
Don't look... don't Wh... what?
Ok it's over. All done
What now?
Buddy, we can still win The last item is a necklace
Who has a necklace?
Thanks, Diya
What happened? How come you lost today?
You weren't with me... that's why
Uncle, today was great fun - I noticed that but
Ishaan, why do I feel that you want to tell me something?
That's because you know me better than I do
I understood that when you arrived the other day
I was thinking about settling down in life you know what I mean
Look Ishaan... such a decision comes about
only when one finds the person who defines the meaning of life
I agree and I think I've found the meaning of my life, Uncle
And finalizing the proposal...
who else but you can do that?
That's fine but...
I'm sure this life of yours also has a name?
I am really very happy today
Oh look! Even Arjun's here
Come Arjun, have something sweet... - Ishaan's wedding been finalized today
Diya, you are happy, aren't you?
Very... I am very happy
Hey Arjun! Thank you so much
Now will all of you keep talking?
The wedding's next week... there's so much work to be done...
Come on Diya, we also have a lot of work to do
we have to choose the cards, clothes...
Malhotra, all because of your hare-brained idea to work on Sundays...
Look what we are doing?
His father and I are both suffering because of the working Sunday
Here, Uncle Is there anything else I can do?
Now we seem to be doing all the work where on earth is Ishaan?
Diya said he will not do any work today
Yes of course, why should he? His wedding's been finalized today
Oh! There they are! - Obviously, Ishaan
Diya, I will choose the wedding cards because your taste isn't that great!
What? - Look how happy they both are
I'm happy that Diya agreed to it
Papa, Ishaan isn't letting me choose the wedding cards
Ishaan, if you trouble Diya so much...
I think we'll have to call off the wedding
Yes Ishaan, your wedding will be cancelled
Think about it - Oh well, fine then...
Diya, you choose the cards, ok?
What's cooking? What are you making?
We do all the hard work and you eat all the goodies?
Here, open your mouth! - Thank you!
Diya, here are your favorite kebabs
Arjun, there's a call for you - Uncle, I have a phone call!
That's vegetarian, leave that aside
Arjun... - Yes, Mom
No... I am fine - So how is Diya?
Everything's fine Everyone's really happy
Me? No. Just like that
Ok, I love you - I love you
Why did the lights have to go off just now?
Naturally, it knows that there is no comparison to the glow you bring
Diya, do you remember how scared you used to be in the dark?
You still remember that? - Diya, I remember everything about you
Ishaan, do you know what really sets you apart?
You remember even the smallest details in life
Thank you, lady, thank you
Diya, do you think I will be a good husband a good companion?
No partner can be better than you, Ishaan...
You'll make the best husband
Arjun, what are you doing? - Packing I am going home
Mom called... they've found a girl for me
Oh... That's great news
Good news? - Yes
Always be happy, Diya Good bye!
After all that's happened?
Arjun, are you going some where?
Yes, my mother's finalized my wedding plans
Even I am getting married
Hey, you are getting married. Great news!
Diya, it seems that it's wedding season!
Arjun, you are staying for my wedding?
After that we can attend yours and then leave for the honeymoon
That's a promise What say, Diya?
No, I won't be able to stay
I guess that's fine at least you will invite us to yours?
Of course - That's a promise then
Diya, you coming? I'll see you
Yes... You should be happy, Arjun
You always wanted Uncle and Aunty to make this decision for you
So now when it is about to happen... why don't you look happy?
Diya, the thing is that these days... you're just so involved in
your own joy that you probably... haven't noticed mine
Arjun, you... - Good night, Diya
Ishaan is waiting for you
Good bye, Diya
Diya, I want you to wear this at the wedding
You'll look so beautiful... everyone will be stunned
God! Ishaan, this is so beautiful
It will look better on you - Thanks. Wow!
Arjun, I heard that you're also tying the knot!
Best of luck, my boy... best of luck!
Thank you, Uncle. Lf...
unknowingly I made any mistakes then I am sorry
Yes, you made the mistake of getting us used to you
Ishaan and Diya will also leave after the wedding
It's going to be so quiet around here
Arjun, you met Diya before leaving, didn't you?
Yes, I've said bye to her Thank you, Uncle
I will always give you my blessings and you keep smiling!
Arjun, you are forgetting something I have something that belongs to you
It's yours now - Thanks
Arjun, what's happened to you?
Ever since you got back, you've been pre-occupied
Is everything ok?
Tell me, how's Diya?
She's doing very well
Good... you're coming for her wedding right?
No... you carry on
What? You're not coming? She'll feel really bad
I have work to do
That's really odd... you won't come!
Arjun, don't fool around...
I'm not joking Ok, as you wish
Arjun, now you should also get married
There's a good match we've found for you
Whatever you think best Good boy, cheer up!
Tell me what's the problem?
Dad, I miss her!
Who's Rashmi? - Who is Rashmi now?
She's the one we're finalizing your marriage plans with
No, Dad, not her I am talking about Diya
I miss her
Diya? The one we know? - Yes, our Diya
Now how did she come into the picture?
I don't know... she just did
She's everywhere... she's a part of my being...
I think I may be in love with her
Look partner, in love there are no may-be's!
Either you love her or you don't - I do, Dad
I love her... I love Diya
So now what?
Now I know that she is getting married but just once I want to tell her how I feel, Dad
I want to tell her
Some times when we make the right decision
the time to act on it, just goes by
But there's no right time to fall in love, Dad
It just happens
That is also true but... as your father,
I want to advise you... that going to someone's wedding and...
And what would you say as a friend?
I am going Dad I am going to tell her
Arjun, you're here
Where's Diya? - She's upstairs in her room
Diya, I... - No. It's too late
Yes, I know it's late... very late
But like everything else... it took me time to realize this...
I took time to know you... to know myself...
to understand my feelings... took time to accept how
I was feeling and today when I am ready to tell you how I feel...
you're saying it's too late?
Diya, this is the same thing that you once were dying to hear
but I just couldn't say it But today I will
Please Stop it, Arjun
I don't want to hear something you never had the guts to say. Until today!
How can you be so selfish, Arjun? How?
You only found the time today to tell me how you feel?
I am getting married, Arjun. I have to go
There's no confusion, nothing to distance us anymore...
all I do is to admit
It's neither about you now, nor is it about me...
it's only about love
You couldn't say it?
I missed the bus, Uncle
I used to say, simplicity is where Diya is...
there's illumination where she is... happiness is where she is...
Diya... she's life itself...
but I wish I just had once more chance, Uncle
to tell her that there can be no happiness without her
what is life worth without Diya? I wish...
Today Arjun is defeated in love
Just one more chance, Uncle just one...
Ok, given
Today you may have lost in love... but should I tell you something?
You haven't lost your love Because love can never lose
Arjun, why are you staring? Aren't you going to congratulate us?
This is yours and always will be
C'mon Charlie!
You fool! I am the writer and director of this whole story
Now let me tell you the screenplay. Of this love story
Listen carefully
Every love story begins with friendship The same happened with you and Diya
When I reached Mumbai I found out that Diya's in love with a fool called Arjun
I say fool because you hurt someone as adorable as her
And then, much like a film hero you landed up here to make up to her
First when I saw you
I thought that Diya indeed has bad taste
But as I got to know you better I realized that you aren't that bad
You'd happily attend Diya's wedding but
you will never have the courage to tell her how you feel
And that's the twist in the tale Enter- the second hero. Ishaan
Seeing Diya with Ishaan you just turned green with envy
And then an idea struck this genius mind
We only have to make Arjun believe that you are marrying Diya, not Preeti
But... - What but?
Look, one can only gather the courage to say what we feel...
when the thing we love is being taken away right in front of us
This is the only way to make him pop the question!
And then Uncle brought your mother and me into the fold
We knew that Diya would never agree to this
So we even kept it from her all along
And when I told everyone here that
you're coming here to tell Diya how you feel
we had to bring her on board
C'mon Diya, come on
This is the final act in our play... please help us out!
No! I won't be able to do all this
Got you!
It happened, didn't it?
So Arjun We only joke with the people we love?
And when the wedding bells struck, so were you!
Now hurry up and tell her what you had to
Diya, I can't believe that you did this to me
You can't believe it? What?
I mean this is no way to joke with someone?
No way to joke... you're saying that? - Yes!
And what you did at Vinay's party, what about that?
That's different At least I didn't lie to you
Oh you didn't lie? Diya, I am leaving
Mom has found a girl for me... good bye!
See all that is...
What now Arjun? You're speechless?
Otherwise you have a lot to say...
Love and defeat are not part of your vocab...
I love you very much
Do you know how long I have waited to say this to you?
And how long I have waited to hear this
After all that's happened? - Arjun!
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