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Subtitles for LA Confidential CD2.

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LA Confidential CD2

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l wondered when youīd|knock on my door again, Officer white.
ltīs Bud.
why me?
l donīt know.
This election... about the future|of law enforcement in Los Angeles.
City Councilman Rogers|represents that future.
So letīs dig deep...
...and get a moral man re-elected.|Ellis Loew wants to say a few words.
Thank you, Brett Chase.|The talented star of Badge of Honor.
Let me tell you,|l am so thrilled to be here.
Big V.
Good to see you back.
-How they hanging, Sid?|-Down around my ankles.
You tight with the D.A., Jackie?
He tried to throw me off the force|last Christmas.
How about some payback, big-time?
Plus the usual 50 dollar donation|to the Jack Vincennes retirement fund.
-Did you know the D.A. was a swish?|-No kidding?
Remember Matt Reynolds? Christmas Eve?|""The Movie Premiere Pot Bust""?
-He just got off the honor farm.|-whatīs he doing here?
Reynolds is acey-deucey,|not to mention broke.
līm getting him|to fuck the D.A. for $100.
Thatīs twice the $50|you got for wrecking his career.
-Come here, come here.|-Jesus, donīt bring him--
Thatīs D.A. Loew right there.
You need a drink?
Look after him.
Matt, this is Jack.|No secrets between me and him.
-How you doing?|-līm okay. Howīre you?
līm good.
Have we met before?
was it at a party?
lt was something like that.
Fleur-de-Lis party, right?
""whatever you desire.""
Dope, hookers that|look like movie stars....
Pierce Patchett has it all.
You could say that again.
Pierce, heīs not like regular guys.
l dig him, but... know...
...he scares me too.
when l came out to L.A. this isnīt|exactly where l saw myself ending up.
Yeah, well...
...get in line.
Your courage, kid. Drink up.
l donīt think l should do this.
ltīs not like you donīt know how.
Jackīs connected to Badge of Honor.|Pull this off, youīll get a part.
l smell a comeback, donīt you, Jack?
The D.A.īs free.
Go introduce yourself. Go on.
Tell him about the opening on the show.
līm pretty sure l can get you|a part on this show.
...thatīs later on.
Tonight, go on over there|and pretend itīs an acting job.
Like show biz.
Acting, thatīs it.
No oneīs going to know about this?
ltīll be our secret.
-Show biz.|-Thatīs it. Go on.
Show biz.
lf Reynolds works his charms,|which l know he will...
...theyīll be at the|Hollywood Center Motel, room 203.
Meet me there at midnight|for a photo shoot.
And maybe we can work in|the Hollywood sign this time.
what do you know|about Pierce Patchett?
l know what you know.
Heīs rich. lnvested in the freeways,|whichīll make him richer. why?
l just keep hearing rumors, you know.
High-class porn, drugs,|hookers that look like movie stars.
Patchettīs what l call twilight.|He ainīt queer or Red.
He cannot help me|in my quest for prime sinnuendo.
As though Badge of Honor would|touch that guy with a 10-foot pole...
...after heīs been Hush-Hush|cover boy twice in one year.
See you soon.
Midnight. l guarantee all kinds|of illegal activity.
Come on, you donīt have to do this--
Thank you for what you did for me...
...for killing those animals|who raped me.
will you thank Officer white|for me, please?
Seeing him come through the door|is about the only thing l remember.
Thank God.
You remember what time|the Negroes left you, right?
ln your statement, you said|they left you at midnight.
They might have.
They ""might"" have?
l donīt know what time they left me.|l wanted them dead.
would anyone care|that they raped a Mexican girl...
...if they hadnīt killed|those white people at the Nite Owl?
l did what l had to do for justice.
Exley, over here.
Smile, lnez.
ls he your hero?
Fellas, how about this? ""Rape Victim|wheeled Out by Nite Owl Hero.""
All they get is Veronica Lake.
l get Lynn Margaret Bracken.
l grew up there.
līm going back in a couple of years,|open up a dress shop.
The girls in Bisbee|need a little glamour.
whereīd this come from?
l was 12. My dad went after my mother|with a bottle. l got in the way.
So you saved her.
Not for long.
-līm sorry. ltīs none of my business.|-He tied me to the radiator.
l watched him beat my mother to death|with a tire iron...
...and he left me there.
Three days before|a truant officer found us.
They never found the old man.
ls that why you became a cop?
To get even?
Do you like it?
l used to.
Now itīs all strong-arm,|sitting duck stuff.
lf l could...
...get a chance to work Homicide... a real detective....
That prick, Exley,|he shot the wrong guys.
whoever killed Stenslandīs still around.|l know it in here. l know it.
Somethingīs wrong|with the Nite Owl.
l just canīt prove it, thatīs all.
līm not smart enough.
līm just the guy they bring in|to scare the other guy shitless.
Youīre wrong.
You found Patchett. You found me.
Youīre smart enough.
Bud white! what brings you down|to the basement?
l got a couple of Nite Owl questions.
Donīt know if you read the papers,|but that case is closed.
Anything bother you about it?
The fact that the pack-up boys havenīt|hauled this shit out of here yet.
The suspectsī 3 shotguns match|the strike marks on the shell casings.
what more do you want?
Thereīs blood on the wall here.
l thought everyone got shot|in the menīs room.
That is Stenslandīs blood.
Blow to the head. Probably unconscious|when they dragged him in the john.
Did they hit anyone else?
No, but he was a cop.|Probably tried to do something.
Grilled cheese, black coffee.|Someone was sitting next to him.
2 victims were women?
Yeah, Patti DeLuca, the night shift|waitress, and a Susan Lefferts.
Susan Lefferts.
Yeah, what about her?
Youīre welcome!
Mrs. Lefferts?
līm Officer white, LAPD.
Tell me about the boyfriend|you mentioned at the coronerīs office.
l told you l didnīt|approve of that boyfriend.
He was too old for you.|And you let him be fresh with me.
They came here one day|when l wasnīt home.
Mrs. Jensen next door said...
...she saw Susieīs boyfriend|and another man and...
...she heard a ruckus.
what was his name?
we werenīt properly introduced.
Susie gave him a nickname,|Muns or Luns.
was it Stens?
l donīt know.
Thatīs him.
Thatīs him.
You said a neighbor heard a ruckus.
was it outside?
And then Mrs. Jensen said|they kept going under the house.
You have to leave now, officer.
-whatīs through here?|-Just a room full of old things.
Donīt move that!
Donīt mind the smell.|l think a rat died behind the wall.
My Susie was a good girl.
She was never|in any kind of trouble at all!
""Leland Meeks.""|Never heard of you.
They call me Buzz.
was it a rat?
Yeah, a great big one.
Compliments of the Police Department.
Stomach of the week|from a motel homicide.
Unemployed actor had frankfurter,|french fries, alcohol and sperm.
Hell of a last supper, donīt you think?
Anything bothering you|about the Nite Owl case?
That you guys|wonīt let it get filed away.
-what do you mean?|-Bud white grilled me on it today.
Bud white?
Heīs not as dumb as l thought.
Did he say where he was going|after he talked to you?
Let my daughter rest in peace!
Mrs. Lefferts,|l want to ask a few questions.
Officer white already checked|under the house.
Under the house?
-where?|-Out back.
All he found was rodents.
l need an l.D. on this as soon as|possible. Talk only to me on this one.
l need your help.
līm busy right now. why donīt you ask|your boys in Homicide?
l canīt. l need someone|outside of Homicide.
Tail Bud white until he goes|on duty this evening.
Do me a real favor and leave me alone.
You make the Negroes|for the Nite Owl killings?
ltīs a simple question.
why in the world|do you want to dig deeper...
...into the Nite Owl killings...
Rollo Tomasi.
ls there more or do l have to guess?
Rollo was a purse snatcher.
My father ran into him off-duty.
He shot my father 6 times|and got away clean.
No one knew who he was.
l made the name up to give|him personality.
whatīs your point?
Rollo Tomasiīs the reason|l became a cop.
l wanted to catch the guys|who thought they could get away with it.
lt was supposed to be about justice.
Then somewhere along the way|l lost sight of that.
whyīd you become a cop?
l donīt remember.
what do you want, Exley?
l want to solve this thing.
Nite Owl was solved.
l want to do it right.
Even if it means|paying the consequences?
All right, college boy, līll help.
But thereīs a case your boys|in Homicide donīt care about.
They think itīs just another|Hollywood ""homo""-cide. But l donīt.
You help me with mine,|līll help you with yours.
Johnny Stompanato.
Officer wendell white.|Howīs tricks, paesano?
l ainīt your paesano.
l ainīt in the snitch business anymore.
You know a guy named Buzz Meeks?
works for Pierce Patchett.
Should l?
Youīre muscle for hire.|Meeks is muscle for hire.
You tell me.
Yeah, l remember now.
Meeks is a run-down ex-cop.|Same as youīre going to be some day.
Thatīs all youīll get.
Keep your 20 bucks.
what do l get if l give you|your balls back, you wop cocksucker?
There was a rumor going around...
...that Meeks had a line|on a large supply of H.
And nothing!
He skipped out.
How would Meeks get his hands|on a large supply of heroin?
Youīre right.
ltīs probably bullshit.
Even if he did,|he could never unload it.
Not without drawing|all kinds of attention.
Maybe thatīs why heīs under a house|in Elysian Park not smelling too good...
Maybe whiteīs|not so dumb after all.
we got Rita Hayworth at the morgue,|and now Veronica Lake with white.
l think your case and my case|are connected. ltīs Fleur-de-Lis again.
""whatever you desire.""
High-class whores|cut to look like movie stars.
who knows what else. Reynolds,|the kid that got killed, was involved.
So is Pierce Patchett.
The millionaire?
l think we should go talk to him.
First l want to brace Stompanato.
want an autograph?|write to MGM.
Since when do two-bit hoods|and hookers give out autographs?
LAPD. Sit down.
who in the hell do you think you are?
Take a walk, honey.
-You are making a large mistake.|-Get away from our table.
Shut up.
A hooker cut to look like Lana Turner|is still a hooker.
-She just looks like Lana Turner.|-She is Lana Turner.
She is Lana Turner.
How was l supposed to know?
l believe the Nite Owlīs|your area of expertise, Mr. Exley.
l saw you on television|getting your medal.
And youīre...
...that other Hollywood|celebrity policeman, arenīt you?
The Veronica Lake look-alike works|for you. Sheīs one of your whores.
A vulgar term.
whyīs she seeing Bud white?
why do men and women|usually see each other?
Letīs try this on for size:|Fleur-de-Lis.
""whatever you desire.""
An actor named...
...Matt Reynolds.
No? Nothing?
we want some answers.
we all want something.
The guyīs as cool as they come.
Lieutenant Exley,|come in, please. Over.
The coroner wants to talk to you.|He says he has your l.D.
Tell him Sergeant Vincennes|is coming in to talk to him.
-līll drop you at your car.|-where are you going?
Lynn Brackenīs.
To find out why Patchett has her seeing|Bud white. See you at the Frolic Room.
Oh, great. You get the girl.|l get the coroner.
Hush-Hush, off the record|and on the q.t.
l was just coming up to see you.|You get that l.D.?
Thank God for dental records.|Stiff used to be a cop. Leland Meeks.
Buzz Meeks?
-You knew him?|-Of him.
He was around when l joined the force.|Bad rep. Thanks.
""Just the facts,"" Jack.
""Just the facts.""
Anything else?
Leland Meeks worked Vice ī39-ī41.|l need to see his arrest records.
Miss Bracken...
...līm Lieutenant Exley.
l know.
Bud told me all about you.
ls that so?
And what did white have to say?
He said you were smart.
He also said you were a coward, and that|youīd screw yourself to get ahead.
Letīs concentrate on my smarts.
Pierce Patchett made you, didnīt he?|Taught you how to dress, talk and think.
l am very impressed with the results.
But l need answers.
And if l donīt get them,|līll take you and Patchett down.
Pierce Patchett|can take care of himself.
And līm not afraid of you.
And you forget one thing, Lieutenant...
...Pierce also taught me how to fuck.
And he tells you who to fuck.
why does he have you fucking Bud white?
what makes you think|līm not seeing Bud because l want to?
lt would be easier for you|if there was an angle, wouldnīt it?
Youīre afraid of Bud because you canīt|figure out how to play him.
He doesnīt follow|the same rules of politics as you do.
lt makes him dangerous.
l can handle Bud white.
Can you?
l see Bud because l want to.
l see Bud because|he canīt hide the good inside of him.
l see Bud because he makes me feel|like Lynn Bracken...
...and not some Veronica Lake look-alike|who fucks for money.
l see Bud because he doesnīt|know how to disguise who he is.
l see Bud for all the ways|heīs different from you.
Donīt underestimate me.
The way youīve underestimated Bud white?
Fucking me and fucking Bud|arenīt the same thing.
Stop talking about Bud white.
Come on.
Jack Vincennes.
ltīs going on midnight.
l need 2 minutes, Dudley.
ltīs important.
Good thing for you my wife and daughters|are at the beach in Santa Barbara.
Do you remember Buzz Meeks, Dudley?
A disgrace as a police officer.
Straight D fitness reports from every|C.O. he ever served under. why?
12 years ago, he was on a Vice roust|with Dick Stensland.
They questioned Pierce Patchett|about a blackmail scam.
Patchett had Sid Hudgens photographing|prominent businessmen with hookers.
Anyway, charges were dropped.|lnsufficient evidence.
You were the supervising officer on|that case. Remember anything about it?
whatīs this about, boyo?
lt has to do with a murder|līve been working with Ed Exley on.
Youīre Narco, Jack, not Homicide.
Since when do you work|with Edmund Exley?
ltīs a private investigation.
l messed something up.|līm trying to make amends.
Donīt start trying|to do the right thing, boyo.
You havenīt had the practice.
Buzz Meeks and Dick Stensland.
So, what does Exley make of this?
l havenīt told him yet.|l just came from the records room.
Have you a valediction, boyo?
Sergeant Vincennes was killed|by a .32 slug to the heart.
Time of death, approximately 1 a.m.
Although he was found in Echo Park,|forensics indicates the body was moved.
l want 2-man teams|to scour that entire neighborhood.
Our justice must be swift...
...and merciless.
That is all.
Might l have a word with you?
weīre trying to run down a lead|on an associate of Vincennes.
The records check has led to a dead end.
whatīs the name?
Rollo Tomasi?
You ever heard Vincennes mention him?
No. No, l havenīt.
ltīs probably nothing. Still...
...keep your eyes open, boyo.
l know itīs unlikely, but suppose,|just for a moment...
...somebody had a lot of heroin,|who would they go to to move it?
white, in my office.
Captain. Look, just give me a name.
Mickey Cohen.
l could use your fearsome|habits at the Victory Motel.
Close the door, lad.
Youīre a bit of a|puzzlement to me these days.
You donīt seem your old cruel self.
And l had such|grand plans for your future.
what plans?
You have your extracurricular activities|and l have mine.
we must have a clarification session|one of these days.
...right now...
...weīll brace a man who may know|who killed Jack Vincennes.
So the question is...
...can l count on you, lad?
-Yes or no?|-Yes, sir.
l want to know everything you and|Jack Vincennes talked about last night.
Start with the l.D. on the corpse.
An ex-cop.
Leland ""Buzz"" Meeks.
An ex-cop?
Did Jack know him?
Only by reputation.
This is Sid Hudgens.
līm willing to cooperate.|No need to tie me down.
ltīs for your own safety.
what can you tell us|about Jack Vincennes?
Hollywood Jack? The Big V?
l can tell you heīs on|the night train to the Big Adios.
l had nothing to do with him|getting killed, if thatīs what you mean.
-But you were business associates.|-whatīs that got to do with anything?
Okay, so we worked together.
lt was an information exchange.
l got him first-class collars, he got me|good stories. we were friends.
weīll drop that for the moment.
Care to comment on Pierce Patchett?
You think he had something to do|with Vincennes getting iced?
wendell, līd like full and docile|cooperation on every topic.
Okay, okay, okay. All right.
Everyone knows Patchettīs|worth a boatload of greenbacks.
But the man has hobbies too.
He bankrolls B movies under the table.
And try this one on.
Heīs rumored to be a heroin sniffer.
All in all, a powerful|behind-the-scenes strange-o.
And what?
Reciprocity, Mr. Hudgens, is the key|to every relationship.
He runs call girls.
Primo tail fixed up|to look like movie stars.
Blackmail shit.
ln my car, in the trunk,|under the rug....
Patchett got me to photograph this cop|screwing this gorgeous slut named Lynn.
She looks like Veronica Lake.
Leave him!
l said leave him be!
Get him away from me!
Back off!
Back off!
l wouldnīt trade places with Exley right|now for all the whiskey in lreland.
Dudley, l thought you were going to|let the dumb bastard kill me!
Learn to pull your punches|a little better.
You can uncuff me now, fellas.
...we had a deal.
You, me, Patchett, weīre a team.
Meeks never made an arrest|the entire time he worked Vice?
Someone mustīve pulled the files.
what about the daily report books?
Theyīd be buried in the basement.
Find them.
Did you talk to Exley?
Come in out of the rain.
l want to know|what happened with Exley.
Just come in.
Are you going to tell me|what happened with Exley?
we talked.
Tell me about him.
You fucked him.
You fucked him.
l thought l was helping you.
līm glad youīre here.|l need you to see this.
Dudley killed Jack.
He wants you to kill me.
He showed you the photo, didnīt he?
Didnīt he?
Think! ! Goddamn you, think! !
Get out!
l checked the daily report books.
Dudley, Buzz Meeks and|Stensland go way back.
l knew Stensland lied to me.
Leffertsī mother l.D.īd|Stensland as Leffertsī boyfriend.
Stensland pretended he didnīt know|Meeks or her the night that l met...
Stensland and Meeks...
...what the hell were they up to?
l donīt know. But l think|Stens killed Meeks over heroin.
what heroin?
Johnny Stompanato told me|that Meeks had heroin for sale.
Meeks ends up dead.
Stensland dies at the Nite Owl.
lt wasnīt the Negroes.
The rape victim lied in|her statement.
The first guys to the Mercury coupe|were Breuning and Carlisle.
Dudleyīs guys.
They planted the shotguns.
Theyīd have killed the Negroes too|if Jack and l hadnīt shown up.
Dudley framed them because|they were Negroes and had records.
He knew thereīd be no questions asked...
...if they were killed resisting arrest.
Somehow this is all connected|to Jackīs angle.
Sid Hudgens...
...the pictures|to blackmail Ellis Loew....
A kid got murdered.
To figure this out,|we need to work together.
why are you doing this?
The Nite Owl made you.
You want to tear all that down?
with a wrecking ball.
want to help me swing it?
Letīs go see Ellis Loew.
Find out what|the District Attorney knows.
You canīt go in there.
-want me to call the police, Mr. Loew?|-Ask for Capt. Dudley Smith.
Tell him weīre discussing an unemployed|actorīs death at a Sunset Strip motel.
These are the police.
what do you want?
l want D.A. bureau men to tail Dudley|Smith and Patchett 24 hours a day.
l want you to get a judge to authorize|wiretaps on their home phones.
l want authorization|to check their bank records.
On what evidence?
Call it a hunch.
Absolutely not.
Dudley Smith is a highly decorated|member of the department.
l wonīt smear his and|Patchettīs name without--
without what?
Them smearing yours first?
what do they have? Pictures of you|and Matt Reynolds with your pants down?
You have any proof?
The proof had his throat slit.
So far, youīre not denying it.
l wonīt dignify this with answers.
Now if you gentlemen will excuse me...
...l have a press conference for Jack|Vincennes that l have to prepare for.
Unless you came to wipe my ass,|l believe weīre through.
Donīt pull that good cop-bad cop crap.|l practically invented it.
So what if some homo actor is dead.
Boys, girls, ten of them|get off the bus to L.A. everyday.
Pull him off me! !
l donīt know how.
l know you think youīre the A-number-one|hotshot, but hereīs the juice.
lf l kill you, 10 lawyers|will take your place tomorrow.
They just wonīt come on a bus.
Dudley and Patchett, they....
Oh, my God!
l wouldnīt play ball so they set me up!
l gave in!|But the kid heard everything... they killed him.
-what are Dudley and Patchett up to?|-Taking over Mickey Cohenīs rackets.
Because of those pictures|l couldnīt prosecute them!
Oh, Jesus!
Help me up!
ls that how you ran|the good cop-bad cop?
Looks like his bodyguard|had a conflict of interest.
Suicide note.
Says he killed Jack because Jack had|figured out his pornography scam.
Slicing himself open wasnīt his idea.
2 of his fingers|are broken.
They held him there.
Or drugged him.
Dudleyīs tying up his loose ends.
Patchettīs dead.
He sent you after me.
west Hollywood Sheriff.
-Theyīre closer than we are.|-līll get the car. Keys!
we took her to the station|for safekeeping.
Hold her as Joan Smith.|And no one sees her unless l okay it.
Someone worked her over.
She wouldnīt say who.
See you, Exley.
we should talk to Lynn.
You do it.
what will you do?
līm going to talk to Sid Hudgens.
Compliment him on his|performance at the Victory Motel.
Remember, Bud, we need evidence.
līll get the evidence.
Are you okay?
You okay?
Bud hates himself for what he did.
l know how he feels.
l need to know what you|can give me on Dudley Smith.
Heīs a police captain|in business with Patchett.
līve never heard of him.
Do you have a place to stay?
līll be okay.
Nobody goes in without official l.D.!
Heīs okay. Let him through.
what happened?
Someone beat him to death,|and stole a bunch of files.
Must have dug up garbage|on the wrong guy.
we got it narrowed down|to 1000 suspects.
Sergeant white...
...dispatch got a call for you.
Lieutenant Exley wants you|to meet him at the Victory Motel.
You wanted to meet here?
-You called it. l thought Hudgens was--|-Hudgens is dead.
Letīs get out of here.
ltīs too late.
You figured it was a set-up|but came anyway?
A lot of bad stuff happened here.
ltīs as good a place|as any for it to end.
All l ever wanted was to|measure up to my father.
Nowīs your chance.
He died in the line of duty, didnīt he?
Goddamn it!
You okay?
Come on. Easy.
Rollo Tomasi.
who is he?
You are.
Youīre the guy who gets away with it.
Jack knew it.
And so do l.
Are you going to shoot me...
...or arrest me?
Good lad.
Always the politician.
Let me do the talking.
After līm done,|theyīll make you Chief of Detectives.
Hold up your badge... theyīll know youīre a policeman.
You think you can talk|your way out of this, Lieutenant?
...but l can tell the truth.
During our investigation...
...of events surrounding|the Nite Owl case...
...Jack Vincennes, Bud white|and l learned the following:
Your golden boyīs|throwing his whole life away.
The 3 Nite Owl suspects...
...while guilty of|kidnapping and rape...
...were innocent of the|multiple homicides at the Nite Owl.
The gunmen were most likely...
...Los Angeles police officers|Michael Breuning and william Carlisle...
...and a third man...
...who may or may not have been|Captain Dudley Smith.
The objective:
The elimination of|another police officer...
...Richard Stensland...
...who, along with former LAPD officer|Leland ""Buzz"" Meeks...
...also committed multiple homicides|on behalf of Captain Smith...
...and then betrayed him...
...over 25 pounds of heroin...
...the retrieval of which...
...was the ultimate motivation|behind the Nite Owl killings.
Beginning with the incarceration|of Mickey Cohen...
...Capt. Smith has been assuming control|of organized crime in Los Angeles.
This includes the assassinations|of Mickey Cohen lieutenants...
...the systematic blackmail|of city officials...
...and the murders of Susan Lefferts,|Pierce Patchett, Sid Hudgens...
...and Sergeant Jack Vincennes.
Captain Smith admitted as much to me...
...before l shot him... the Victory Motel.
Thatīs it.
...the press will have|a field day.
ltīll stain the Department for years.
lf we can get the kid to play ball...
...whoīs to say what happened?
Maybe Dudley Smith died a hero.
-Good idea.|-lf we get the press to play.
want to tell me what|youīre smiling about?
A hero.
Howīd he know what we said?
He couldnīt have heard us.
ln this situation...
...youīll need more than one.
lt is my pleasure to present this award|to Detective Lieutenant Edmund Exley...
...two-time Medal of Valor recipient.
Next year the LAPD|will move into its new facility.
with leaders like Edmund Exley...
...the image of fat cops stealing apples|will be left behind...
...and Los Angeles will finally|have the police force it deserves.
You just couldnīt resist.
Theyīre using me.|So for a while, līm using them.
Come on.
Thanks for the push.
Congratulations, Lieutenant Exley.
Some men get the world...
...others get ex-hookers|and a trip to Arizona.
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