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Subtitles for LOTR The Return Of The King CD1.

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LOTR The Return Of The King CD1

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English Subtitle by Rsuter, Fantasyl, Arana, Do My Best Corrected by Do My Best
The Lord of The Rings
Smeagol, I've got one!
I've got a fish, Sme..Smeagol
Pull it in. Go on! Go on, pull it in!
Give us that, Deagol my love.
It's my birthday and I wants it.
My Precious.
They cursed us
"Murderer" they called us.
They cursed us
and drove us away.
And we wept, Precious.
we wept to be so alone.
--and cool So nice for feet
And we only wish To catch a fish
so juicy, sweet
And we forgot the taste of bread...
the sound of trees.
the softness of the wind.
We even forgot our own name.
My Precious.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up sleepies!
We must go, yes
We must go at once.
Haven't you had any sleep, Mr. Frodo?
I've gone and had too much.
It must be getting late.
No, it isn't.
It isn't midday yet.
The days are growing darker.
Come on!
Must go, no time!
Not before Mr. Frodo's had something to eat.
No time to lose, silly!
What about you?
Ah no, I am not hungry.
Least ways not for lembas bread.
All right, we don't have that much left.
We have to be careful, or we're going to run out.
You go ahead and eat that, Mr. Frodo.
I've rationed it.
There should be enough.
For what?
The journey home.
Come, Hobbitses.
Very close now
Very close to Mordor.
No safe places here.
I feel like I am back at the Green Dragon after a hard day's work.
Only, you've never done a hard day's work.
Welcome, my Lords
To Isengard
You, young rascals.
A merry hunt you've led us on
and now we find you feasting and... and smoking!
We are sitting on a field of victory,
enjoying a few well-earned comforts.
The salted pork is particulary good.
Salted pork.
- Hobbits. - We are under orders from Treebeard...
who's taken over management of Isengard.
Young Master Gandalf. I'm glad you've come.
Wood and water, stock and stone, I can master.
But there is a wizard to manage here; Locked in his tower
And there Saruman must remain, Under your guard, Treebeard.
Well, let's just have his head and be done with it.
He has no power anymore.
The filth of Saruman is washing away.
The trees will came back to live here.
young trees, wild trees.
Bless my bark!
Peregrin Took! I will take that, my lad.
Quickly now.
Tonight we remember those who gave their blood to defend this country.
Hail the victorious dead!
Westu Aragorn hal.
I'm happy for you, he is an honorable man.
You are both honorable men.
It was not Theoden of Rohan who led our people to victory.
Ah, don't listen to me.
You are young.
And tonight is for you.
Oh you can search far and wide, You can drink the whole town dry,
But you'll never find a beer so brown, As the one we drink in our hometown.
You can keep your fancy ales, You can drink them by the flagon,
But the only brew for the brave and true,
Comes from the Green Dragon!
Thank you! I win!
No news of Frodo?
No word. Nothing.
We have time.
Every day Frodo moves closer to Mordor.
Do we know that?
What does your heart tell you?
That Frodo is alive.
Yes, he is alive.
Too risky.
Too risky.
Thieves. They stole it from us.
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them both!
Shhh, Quiet. Mustn't wake them.
Mustn't ruin it now.
But they knows,
They knows..
They suspects us.
What's it saying, my precious, my love?
Is Smeagol losing his nerve?
No! Not! Never!
Smeagol hates nasty hobbitses.
Smeagol wants to see them...dead!
And we will.
Smeagol did it once.
He can do it again.
It's ours!
We must get the precious.
We must get it back.
Patience. Patience my love.
First we must lead them to her.
We lead them to the Winding Stair.
Yes, the stairs and then?
Up, up, up, up the stairs we go
until we come to... the tunnel.
And when they go in,
there's no coming out.
She is always hungry.
She always needs to feed.
She must eat.
All she gets is filthy orcses.
And they doesn't taste very nice, does they, precious?
Not very nice at all, my love.
She hungers for sweeter meats.
Hobbit meat
And when she throws away the bones and empty clothes,
then we will find it.
And take it for me!
For us.
Yes, we meant, we meant for us.
Gollum, Gollum.
The precious will be ours
once the Hobbitses are dead.
You treacherous little toad!
No, no! Master!
No, Sam! Leave him alone!
I heard it from his own mouth, he means to murder us!
Never! Smeagol wouldn't hurt a fly!
Aaaah! He's a horrid, fat hobbit who hates Smeagol
and who makes up nasty lies!
You miserable little maggot! I'll stove your head in!
Call me a liar? You're a liar!
- You scare him off, we're lost! - I don't care!
I can't do it, Mr. Frodo. I won't wait around for him to kill us
I'm not sending him away.
You don't see it, do you? He's a villain
We can't do this by ourselves, Sam.
Not without a guide.
I need you on my side.
I am on your side, Mr. Frodo.
I know, Sam.
I know.
Trust me.
Come, Smeagol.
The stars are veiled.
Something stirs in the East.
A sleepless malice.
The Eye of the enemy is moving.
What are you doing?
- Are you mad? - I just want to look at it.
Just one more time.
Put it back.
He is here!
I see you!
Help! Gandalf
Help him! Someone help him!
Fool of a Took!
Look at me!
Forgive me!
Look at me
What did you see?
A tree
There was a white tree.
In a courtyard of stone
It was dead.
The City was burning.
Minas Tirith?
Is that what you saw?
I saw...
I saw Him!
I could hear his voice in my head.
And what did you tell him?
He asked me my name. I didn't answer.
He hurt me.
What did you tell Him about Frodo and the Ring?
There was no lie in Pippin's eyes.
A fool.
But an honest fool he remains.
He told Sauron nothing of Frodo and the Ring.
We've been strangely fortunate.
Pippin saw in the Palantir a glimpse of the enemy's plan.
Sauron moves to strike the city of Minas Tirith.
His defeat at Helm's Deep showed our enemy one thing:
He knows the heir of Elendil has come forth.
Men are not as weak as he supposed,
there is courage still. Strength enough perhaps to challenge Him.
Sauron fears this.
He will not risk the peoples of Middle-Earth uniting under one banner.
He will raze Minas Tirith to the ground before he sees a King return to the throne of Men.
If the beacons of Gondor are lit, Rohan must be ready for war.
Tell me. Why should we ride to the aid of those who did not come to ours?
What do we owe Gondor?
I will go.
They must be warned.
They will be.
You must come to Minas Tirith by another road.
Follow the river and look to the black ships.
Understand this:
Things are now in motion that cannot be undone.
I ride for Minas Tirith
and I won't be going alone.
Of all the inquisitive hobbits. Peregrin Took, you are the worst!
Hurry! Hurry!
Where are we going?
Why did you look? Why do you always have to look?
I don't know. I can't help it.
You never can.
I'm sorry, all right?
I won't do it again.
Don't you understand?
The enemy thinks that you have the Ring.
He's going to be looking for you, Pip. They have to get you out of here.
And you -- you're coming with me?
Come on!
How far is Minas Tirith?
Three days' ride, as the Nazgul flies.
And you better hope we don't have one of those on our tail.
Here, something for the road.
The last of the Longbottom Leaf
I know you've run out
You smoke too much, Pippin.
But, we'll see each other soon.
Won't we?
I don't know.
I don't know what's going to happen.
Run, Shadowfax. Show us the meaning of haste.
Take her by the safest road.
A ship lies anchored in the Grey Havens.
It waits to carry her across the sea.
The last journey of Arwen Undomiel.
There is nothing for you here.
Only death.
Lady Arwen.
We cannot delay.
My lady
Tell me what you have seen.
You have the gift of foresight. What did you see?
I looked into your future and I saw death.
But there is also life.
You saw there was a child.
You saw my son.
That future is almost gone.
But it is not lost.
Nothing is certain
Some things are certain.
If I leave him now.
I will regret it forever.
It's time
From the ashes a fire shall be woken.
A light from the shadows shall spring.
Renewed shall be blade that was broken.
The crownless again shall be King.
Reforge the sword.
Your hands are cold.
The life of the Eldar is leaving you.
This was my choice.
Atar, whether by your will or not,
there is no ship now that can bear me hence.
We've just passed into the realm of Gondor.
Minas Tirith
City of Kings
Make way!
It's the tree.
- Gandalf! - Yes.
the White Tree of Gondor The tree of the King.
Lord Denethor, however, is not the king.
He is a steward only, a caretaker of the throne.
Now, listen carefully.
Lord Denethor is Boromir's father.
To give him news of his beloved son's death will be most unwise
And do not mention Frodo, or the Ring.
And say nothing of Aragorn either.
In fact, it's better if you do not speak at all, Peregrin Took.
Hail Denethor, son of Ecthelion, lord and steward of Gondor.
I come with tidings in this dark hour. And with counsel.
Perhaps you come to explain this.
Perhaps you come to tell me why my son is dead.
Boromir died to save us, my kinsman and me.
- He fell defending us from many foes. - Pippin
I offer you my service, such as it is.
In payment of this debt.
Get up!
My Lord, there will be a time to grieve for Boromir.
But it is not now.
War is coming.
The enemy is on your doorstep.
As steward you're charged with the defence of the city.
Where are Gondor's armies?
You still have friends.
You are not alone in this fight.
Send word to Theoden of Rohan.
Light the beacons.
You think you are wise, Mithrandir.
Yet for all your subtleties, you have not wisdom.
Do you think the eyes of the White Tower are blind?
I have seen more than you know.
With your left hand you would use me as a shield against Mordor.
And with your right, you would seek to supplant me.
I know who rides with Theoden of Rohan.
Oh, yes!
Word has reached my ears of this Aragorn, son of Arathorn.
And I tell you now, I will not bow to this Ranger from the North,
last of a ragged house long bereft of lordship.
Authority is not given to you to deny the return of the king, Steward!
The rule of Gondor is mine!
And no other's!
So I imagine this is just a ceremonial position
I mean, they don't actually expect me to do any fighting, do they?
You're in the service of the Steward now
You're going to have to do as you're told.
Peregrin Took, Guard of the Citadel.
It's so quiet.
It's the deep breath before the plunge.
I don't want to be in a battle.
But waiting on the edge of one I can't escape is even worse.
Is there any hope, Gandalf, for Frodo and Sam?
There never was much hope.
Just a fool's hope.
Our enemy is ready.
His full strength's gathered.
Not only Orcs but Men as well,
Legions of Haradrim from the South.
Mercenaries from the coast.
All will answer Mordor's Call.
This will be the end of Gondor as we know it.
Here the hammer-stroke will fall hardest.
If the river is taken, if the garrison at Osgiliath falls,
the last defence of this city will be gone.
But we have the White Wizard. That's got to count for something.
Sauron has yet to reveal his deadliest servant.
The one who will lead Mordor's armies in war.
The one they say no living man can kill.
The Witch-king of Angmar.
You've met him before.
He stabbed Frodo on Weathertop.
He is Lord of the Nazgul.
The greatest of the Nine.
Minas Morgul is his lair.
The Dead City.
Very nasty place
full of enemies
Quick! Quick!
They will see. They will see.
Come away! Come away!
We've found it.
The way into Mordor.
The secret stair
No, Mr. Frodo!
Not that way!
-Ah! What's he doing?! - No!
They are calling me.
Hide! Hide!
I can feel his blade. Oh!
We come to it at last.
The great battle of our time.
Come away, Hobbits!
We climb, we must climb.
The board is set.
The pieces are moving.
Peregrin Took, my lad. There is a task now to be done.
Another opportunity for one of the Shire-folk to prove their great worth.
You must not fail me.
-To the river! Quick! -Go. Go.
Come on!
Draw swords!
Amon Din.
The Beacon. The Beacon of Amon Din is lit!
Hope is kindled.
The beacons of Minas Tirith!
The beacons are lit!
Gondor calls for aid!
And Rohan will answer.
Muster the Rohirrim.
Assemble the army at Dunharrow,
as many men as can be found.
You have two days.
On the third we ride for Gondor, and war.
-Forward. -Very good, sir.
- Gamling. - My lord.
Make haste across the Riddermark.
- Summon every able-bodied man to Dunharrow. - I will.
- Will you ride with us? - Just to the encampment.
It's tradition for the women of the Court to farewell the men.
The men have found their captain.
They will follow you into battle, even to death.
You have given us hope.
So it is before the walls of Minas Tirith, the doom of our time will be decided.
Now is the hour.
Riders of Rohan, oaths you have taken.
Now, fulfil them all!
To lord and land!
We can't hold them!
The City is lost.
Tell the men to break cover. We ride for Minas Tirith.
Take cover!
Fall back!
Fall back to Minas Tirith!
Retreat! Retreat!
The age of Men is over.
The time of the Orc has come.
Take cover!
Take cover, my lord
It's coming!
-It's Mithrandir. -The White Rider!
They broke through our defenses.
They've taken the bridge and the west bank.
Battalions of Orcs are crossing the river.
It is as the Lord Denethor predicted! Long has he foreseen this doom!
Foreseen and done nothing!
This is not the first Halfling to have crossed your path.
You've seen Frodo and Sam?
Where? When?
In Ithilien, not two days ago.
Gandalf, they've taken the road to the Morgul Vale.
And then the Pass of Cirith Ungol.
What does that mean?
What's wrong?
Faramir, tell me everything.
Careful master! Careful!
Very far to fall.
Very dangerous on the stairs.
Come, master!
Come to Smeagol.
Mr. Frodo!
Get back, you!
Don't touch him!
Why does he hates poor Smeagol?
What has Smeagol ever done to him?
Master carries a heavy burden.
Smeagol knows.
Heavy, heavy burden.
The fat one cannot know.
Smeagol look after master.
He wants it.
He needs it. Smeagol sees it in his eye.
Very soon he will ask you for it.
You will see.
The fat one will take it from you!
Send forth all legions.
Do not stop the attack until the city is taken.
Slay them all.
What of the wizard?
I will break him.
What of Theoden's Riders?
Will Rohan's army come?
Courage is the best defence that you have now.
Here do I swear fealty and service to Gondor.
in peace or war.
in living or dying
From this hour henceforth,
Until my Lord release me,
Or death take me.
And I shall not forget it.
Nor fail to reward that which is given.
Fealty with love.
Valor with honor,
disloyalty with vengeance.
I do not think we should so lightly abandon the outer defences.
Defences that your brother long held intact.
What would you have me do?
I will not yield the river in Pelennor unfought.
Osgiliath must be re-taken.
My lord, Osgiliath is over-run.
Much must be risked in war.
Is there a captain here who still has the courage to do his lord's will?
You wish now that our places had been exchanged.
That I had died and Boromir had lived.
I wish that.
Since you're robbed of Boromir, I will do what I can in his stead.
If I should return, think better of me, father.
That will depend on the manner of your return.
What are you up to?
Sneakin' off, are we?
Fat hobbit is always so polite.
Smeagol shows them secret ways... that nobody else could find,
And they say "sneak"!
Very nice friend, oh yes, my precious, very nice.
Alright! Alright!
You just startled me, that's all.
What were you doing?
Fine. Have it your own way.
I'm sorry to wake you, Mr. Frodo.
We have to be moving on.
It's dark still!
It's always dark here.
It's gone!
The Elven bread!
That's all we have left!
He took it.
He must have!
Smeagol? No, no, not poor Smeagol.
Smeagol hates nasty Elf-bread.
You are a lying wretch! What did you do with it?
He doesn't eat it.
He can't have taken it!
Look. What is this?
Crumbs on his jacketses!
He took it!
He took it!
I've seen him! He's always stuffing his face when Master's not looking.
That's a filthy lie! You stinkin' two-faced sneak!
-Sam! -Call me...
Stop it!
I'll kill him!
Sam, no!
Oh my, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it to go so far!
I was just so, so angry.
Here, just... let's just rest a bit.
I'm alright.
No, you're not alright.
You're exhausted.
It's that Gollum
It's this place
It's that thing around your neck
I could help a bit.
I could carry it for a while.
carry it for a while...
I could carry it.
Share the load.
Get away!
I don't want to keep it!
I just want to help.
See? See?
He wants it for himself.
Shut up, you!
Go away!
Get out of here!
No, Sam.
It's you.
I'm sorry, Sam.
But he is a liar!
He's poisoned you against me.
You can't help me anymore.
You don't mean that!
Go home!
your father's will has turned to madness.
Do not throw away your life so rashly!
Where does my allegiance lie, if not here?
Your father loves you Faramir.
He will remember it before the end
Can you can sing, Master hobbit?
Well, yes
At least, well enough for my own people.
But we have no songs for great halls and evil times
and why should your songs be unfit for my halls?
Come...sing me a song.
Home is behind...
the world ahead.
and there are many paths to tread
Through shadow to the edge of night
until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow
cloud and shade.
all shall fade
all shall fade
March! March!
March! March! March!
Make way for the King!
Make way.
The king is here.
My lord!
Hail to you, sire.
Grimbold, how many?
I bring 500 men from the Westfold, My Lord.
We have 300 more from Fenmarch, Theoden king.
Where are the riders from Snowbourn?
None have come, my Lord
Six thousand spears.
Less than half of what I'd hoped for
Six thousand will not be enough to break the lines of Mordor.
More will come
Every hour lost hastens Gondor's defeat.
We have till dawn. Then we must ride
The horses are restless
and the men are quiet
They grow nervous in the shadow of the mountain.
That road there,
where does that lead?
It is the road to the Dimholt, the door under the mountain.
None who venture there ever return.
That mountain is evil.
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