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Subtitles for Lan Yu.

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Lan Yu

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Since you left that morning,
I've thought of you every day.
It's as if you're always with me.
You know...
Handong, your turn.
That damn black ball won't go in!
If this goes on, I'll eat it!
Do that and
the game's over.
Then we might as well go home.
Xiao Bin!
Bring them two bottles of black-label whiskey.
That last red-label was awful.
Nice shot!
I heard
you scored the other night.
What are you talking about?
What do you mean?
She had a name!
What was her name?
Ask him!
Everybody having fun?
Liu! Where'd you run off to?
Yeah, Liu Zheng.
The red label's awful and the black ball's stubborn.
It's up to you to cheer him up tonight.
Mr. Chen, your two bottles of black-label.
Don't forget, you owe me three drinks.
Pay up!
Have pity on me!
No way, let's drink now!
Liu Zheng, aren't you joining us?
Wait a minute.
What are you plotting out there?
None of your business.
Do you work for me?
Who's that?
A friend's younger brother.
You actually have friends?
Just as many as you.
So why's he here?
College guys are always short of cash.
You expect him
to make money off us?
Come on.
I want to hook him up with the big boss.
That bastard?
What for?
You ask too many questions.
Chen Handong, are you still in?
I'm coming!
Are you kidding? He's into that?
How much?
How much for what?
Don't play dumb.
1,000 yuan.
Is that all?
Is he clean?
Seems healthy. All he needs is a bath.
Is he any good?
What are you on about?
It's just money.
So you're offering him to that bastard?
Listen, how about
taking him out for dinner tonight?
Let's go.
Don't make a fuss.
What's his name?
Lan Yu.
LA is not only Califonia largest city.
It's also the state capital
or it's the largest city in the western US
The city of angels has several different areas...
Still here?
It's the mix culture of these five areas
that give LA it's unique...
I mean...
I thought you'd run off
with all my stuff.
It's late.
Go and wash.
Have you been to America?
What time is it?
Those East Europeans,
they're never on time!
No wonder their countries are so poor.
Are you in a hurry?
No classes tomorrow.
Studying architecture costs.
Where are you from?
The Northeast.
I majored in liberal arts. I wasn't any good.
But my company's worth more than 100 million today.
Where's all this come from? I'm covered in it!
Wipe yourself, too.
Sleep here, tonight.
First time?
Got a girlfriend?
You're hard again?
Ever kissed?
Want me to teach you?
Hey, student!
I thought you'd given up and gone back home.
I don't give up so easily.
It's been a while. How are you?
Four months.
It was four months yesterday.
Right, right.
- Today... - You...
- What? - You first.
Nothing, really.
I thought
you would call me.
I left your number
in my pocket.
Then I washed my clothes.
The thousand yuan was OK.
But the note got lost.
Liu Zheng said you were a weird one.
Really? What else did he say?
Can't remember.
I don't believe you.
You don't have to. I just forgot.
Mr. Liu is a good man.
That implies I'm not?
Aren't you cold?
I was in a hurry. I forgot my scarf.
Take mine.
Any plans this evening?
It's winter break, everyone's gone except me.
I'm here.
Not going home for New Year?
I hate holidays,
eating and drinking all day.
Don't you like eating?
You really want to know?
Come to my place and see.
Happy New Year.
You were up early.
Early? It's already lunchtime!
Go and get dressed.
We're going out?
I've booked a table
in a new restaurant.
Very pricey, they say.
Endless eating!
Damn you!
Come here!
I thought you wanted me to get dressed?
Come here!
Come here.
Come here. I have something for you.
I said Happy New Year!
You just ignore me!
Happy New Year!
Your present's in the wardrobe, go and look.
You bought all this for me?
You dress like a country boy.
I am a country boy.
If I wear these to class,
they'll think I'm Japanese.
I'll turn you Japanese
and we'll see what they say!
Which shall I wear today?
I think...
you look best without clothes!
Stop it!
You already tortured me all night long.
Tortured? Really?
The guy underneath me
seemed to be having a good time.
Sorry I'm late.
How did you get here?
Next time, take a taxi,
call me and I'll pick you up.
No beer. I have to tutor later.
You're too busy for that.
Really need that money?
That's not why I do it.
A coke and mixed noodles...
Then, what's the problem?
Who's making that noise?
Okay, let me check it out.
We're trying to eat.
Can you keep it down, please?
Stop it! Customers are complaining.
I save all the money you give me.
maybe you'll bail me out
if I'm broke one day.
But there isn't that much.
Lan Yu,
I think you're weird.
Right, I'm weird.
I prefer you
to the girls in college.
Aren't you cold?
I'm okay.
There's a strong wind these days.
It's okay.
What do you smoke?
These? Want one?
Don't see many of them around here.
I'm waiting for my brother.
Your brother?
It's winter vacation.
The dorms are all empty.
You seem hungry.
I didn't eat. No time at the site.
The site?
Mr. Liu got me a construction job. Doesn't pay much.
I wasn't supposed to tell you.
Liu Zheng is always plotting
behind my back.
Doesn't he know I'm his boss?
He admires you a lot.
And you? What do you think of me?
Me? Nothing in particular.
Why wasn't I supposed to know?
About that construction site job?
I was afraid you'd be angry.
And why were you afraid of that?
we were destined to meet.
But it won't be for a lifetime.
We'll stay together
as long as it feels right.
When it doesn't anymore, we'll just break up.
Me, I feel good.
When two people know each other too well,
it just doesn't work anymore.
Then it's time to separate.
You understand?
You do look kind of Japanese
in those clothes.
We don't know each other too well yet...?
I guess not.
What shampoo do you use?
Make yourself useful!
Go and fetch the special tea set
for later.
And don't break anything!
Why is Daning so late?
Niu Ma,
is the turtle soup ready?
Another example of sexual inequality.
Why should I always be the one to fetch things?
Lan Yu, you go!
Come on, how should he know which set to bring?
If he breaks something,
the old lady will blame me.
Ma, how old are you?
Someone's calling you an old lady!
I've been telling you for years
not to shout!
How will you end up raising your own kids?
Ma, allow me.
Old lady?
I never said that.
Brother! Ma! Sister!
This is Lan Yu, my classmate's brother.
That's Weidong, my brother.
did you bring the stuff
I asked you to buy in Hong Kong?
In your room.
You like Japanese music.
All those magazines and tapes!
Sakamoto Ryuichi, like him?
I'm not into music.
Go and wash your face,
then bring us the best tea set.
And be careful!
Niu Ma,
is the duck ready?
The same old junk every year.
Ma hasn't given out gifts yet.
Every year the same risk
of breaking the antique tea sets.
As if it's our only set!
Be nice and get them for Ma.
If not, she'll tell her old jokes.
Evening, everyone!
Ma is cracking jokes again?
Never mind.
Go on, work for a change.
Your turn again this year?
Why so late?
Something came up.
Give him a hand.
Who's he?
Handong's friend's brother.
Madam said to serve
when Mr. Daning arrives.
Niu Ma, tell Mrs. Chen I'm sorry I'm late.
I'll drink three cups of wine as penance.
Ma's already had a few herself!
Let's get the food.
Handong... it's been a while.
I've been very busy these days.
No wonder, your business is growing.
We're doing alright.
What about that
30 million government loan?
They've approved it?
I hear they have.
I admire the way you network.
In my opinion...
Brother, Daning, dinner's served!
In your opinion?
You know what they always say:
Better to prepare for the worst.
Let's toast to the New Year!
All these are for me?
If you like them.
You're so generous, Mr. Chen.
That stuff looks bad on most people.
But it looks great on you.
My classmates say I should model,
but I have no connections.
Take a seat.
Have a drink to warm up.
To your success as a model!
It's nothing. Never mind. I'll do it myself.
Just take them off.
I hear models always
walk around naked backstage.
You've got company? I heard you talking.
Two weeks, and I've missed you.
How come you're here? Why didn't you call first?
I thought we agreed
to meet after I finished my course work.
You should have called first!
Think this is your place?
How's this one?
I didn't know you were busy. I'd better go.
What's the matter?
Nothing, I'll be right back.
Lan Yu!
Lan Yu! Listen...
What is it?
It's my fault.
I forgot we had a date.
This time...
I even took a taxi.
I'm really sorry you came all this way for nothing.
Is that all?
He's waiting!
He's hot for you!
I already told you.
This kind of stuff isn't serious!
So what is serious for you?
I told you:
When it stops feeling good, we split up.
I see.
See? You don't see shit!
If not me, who would you be playing around with?
Think Liu Zheng could find you
a client as generous as me?
How naive can you be!
You mean your money? No problem.
I'll get it from the bank tomorrow.
Mr. Liu can bring it to you!
Lan Yu, not taking my money
doesn't change anything.
I'm no Mr. Nice Guy!
Is anyone going to fix
the air conditioner?
Mr. Chen, I'll bring you some iced water.
I called the company,
but they said their staff is on strike,
the maintenance department's collapsed.
They're very sorry.
That's ridiculous!
Strike? Why don't they just
hire new staff?
Are all Beijing's workers dead or what?
Where's Liu Zheng? Haven't seen him all day.
His wife is in the maternity ward.
He's on his way.
Any news from East Berlin?
Not even a fax? Did you check properly?
If there's nothing else, I'll be going.
So early? I thought we'd have a drink later.
Right, your wife's still in the hospital...
Any news?
She hasn't given birth yet?
What's wrong?
The doctor didn't say.
He just told me
to be mentally prepared.
Is she in any danger?
I don't know.
I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
Don't worry. Shiling is a lucky woman.
I hope you're right.
I've been thinking all day
that I have only her
in this world.
Don't worry.
You mustn't think too much about it now.
Mr. Luo is asking for you.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
I'll go now.
Give Shiling my very best wishes.
Sorry to bother you.
Daning! I wondered which Mr. Luo it was.
Come in, have a drink?
I can't stay. I must go right away.
It's that serious?
I wanted to tell you,
but not over the phone.
I'm glad you're in.
I see...
It's alright then.
"A wise man never endangers himself."
But if you have any friends
on the Square,
tell them to pull out now. Things are heating up.
They're clearing the Square tonight.
Young people who want a future better stay home.
Don't say any more.
I just want to tell everyone and go home and sleep.
I must go.
I forgot...
I saw your friend Lan Yu
at the Square the other day.
Keeping order in the crowd, holding a lunch box.
Lan Yu?
Haven't seen him for ages.
What was he doing there?
I saw him but he didn't see me.
Must go. Take care.
At 4:30 am, on June 4...
Not really.
How's the car?
Not bad.
You're so ungrateful!
What do you mean?
I give you this graduation present,
and all you can say is "Not bad."
You must have given expensive gifts
to many others before.
Is that what you think?
I really don't know, and I don't want to know.
I just know that you're good to me.
Let's change the subject.
What's really in your mind?
Did it have to end that way?
Where are we going?
You rushed from the airport. What for?
I want to show you something.
Turn right at the junction.
Do you like it?
You're smoking a lot lately.
Am I?
Don't worry.
Fortune tellers say I'll have a long life.
I'm not scared.
Is the funeral organized?
Mr. Chong took care of it.
The grieving children just have to show up.
I'm afraid
I can't help you decorate.
It'll take time anyway.
How's your mother?
Seems fine, she's holding up.
All the ministers have sent wreaths.
Your family commands respect.
What good does that do?
My father was in hospital for several years.
All that's left now is a pile of bones.
The country boy has said the wrong thing again.
I feel so strange.
I suddenly thought about the day Chairman Mao died.
When I heard the news, I was so upset I cried.
I cried my eyes out for days.
I just couldn't stop.
But for my father,
I didn't cry.
I was so young then,
but I remember everyone in the village crying.
I'd never seen my dad cry like that before.
What's the point?
Death is death. Everything's over.
It's not really over as long as there are memories.
Let's go out to eat.
That meal just now was horrible.
Ma, it's me Lan Yu.
Why haven't I called? I'm real busy.
I'm doing construction work...
No, in the suburbs.
Here it's not at all like home.
Five floors usually.
Ma, when are you coming to visit me?
Who said that? How is Dad's health?
If you have time,
Mr. Chen wants to invite you to have some champagne.
Thank you, but we'll drink
together in Moscow.
Yes, we'll be meeting often
from now on.
Instead of drinking champagne,
they'd rather go duty-free shopping for their wives.
That's what they said?
I overheard them.
I don't want to interfere
with your shopping.
That's it for now.
It's been a pleasure working with you...
Ms Lin, I wish we had interpreters
as pretty as you in Russia.
Thank you, I hope we can meet
as business partners next time.
Sure, I'm looking forward to it.
You didn't translate
my last comment, did you?
Have they gone? What about the champagne?
What do you mean? I'm here, and so is Ms Lin.
Ms Lin, thanks for your help
in closing this deal.
Let's have champagne.
Next time, it will be dinner.
Liu Zheng, what's the name
of that new French restaurant?
Don't know.
- La Vie en Rose - What?
The one in the embassy district?
It's called "La Vie en Rose."
The cuisine is not great,
but they have the best
wine list in Beijing.
Does Mr. Chen like red wine too?
Excuse me.
"Does Mr. Chen like red wine too?"
Where did you find such a brilliant woman?
I won't tell you.
Was that place alright?
Very nice.
The wine was excellent,
but the lamb wasn't too good.
If I'd known you wanted lamb,
I'd have chosen
a hotpot restaurant.
It wasn't that clean.
I was born in the Year of the Tiger.
So I'm destined to eat lamb.
Are you calculating my age?
No, I'm not.
I know you were.
You had an indelicate thought.
You were embarrassed to admit it.
You know what I'm thinking?
Do you read minds?
With you, I seem to.
With you, I can't.
And even if I could read your mind,
I can't understand Russian.
You imagine I think in Russian?
Masculine intuition.
Women like to hid
what they're thinking.
They always worry that someone
will know what they're thinking.
So you think a Russian
would have an unfair advantage?
Any Russians in your mind?
No, nobody there at all.
Can I apply for a tour of the site?
The application was sent to your home.
Didn't you see it?
I'm very distracted.
My aunt told me never to trust an over-meticulous man.
When can I meet this
oft-quoted aunt of yours?
She never sees people.
Not even you?
Are we standing around
in the cold like this
just to discuss my aunt?
Shall we talk about
my mother's chickens instead?
So that's it?
You've fallen for a woman
and you're going to marry her.
Don't worry about the house,
it's already in your name.
I'll live somewhere else.
And you'll come to visit me
when you have time?
Sell it if you like,
there'd be enough money to start a company.
I see... you've got everything planned.
When a man grows up, he should marry and have a child.
I've always thought so.
You know that.
I forgot.
Don't make this harder.
I'll wash my face.
Sit next to me for a while.
Will you?
We lived here for so long,
but we never sat like this before.
When I was little, I used to sit on a hill with my mother.
Not... I'm not thinking of anyone.
Once I saw a huge rainbow out there.
I rushed to get the camera.
By the time I came back it had gone.
Rainbows are shy, they don't like to be photographed.
Yeah, right.
You realize
I won't be sitting here waiting for you any more.
That... I guess not.
I should have...
finished decorating the place sooner.
You probably won't believe this,
but I really like you.
Don't make me cry.
You probably don't know it,
but I really like you, too.
Why are you up so early?
Couldn't sleep.
You're so temperamental!
What do you want? Whiskey?
Are you fucking crazy?
Ladies don't like swearing.
What the fuck do you know
about what women like?
I don't, you're the expert!
So you're moving out today?
You forgot! I told you before you went to Hong Kong.
You are getting married. No point my staying here.
Getting married is no big deal!
No big deal?
Is that what
you tell your wife, too?
I'm not driving you out of this house!
Exactly. I'm driving myself out!
That's it. Exit singing, bags in hand.
"I'm the one who loves you most,
never dare to let me down."
Be as melodramatic as you want!
Say something!
I've spent so much money on you,
when will you reciprocate?
And this is the right moment to ask me to reciprocate.
Master, in what position would you like me?
Stop it.
Pull up your pants and let's talk.
There's nothing left for us to say.
That's not true.
You should take better care of yourself.
If you run a fever or get sick, go and see a doctor.
When it comes to money,
don't trust just anyone
who asks you to invest.
If you're not sure,
always ask Liu Zheng.
We've agreed to stop seeing...
each other from now on.
But you can always come to me in an emergency.
I hope you'll call me.
I never forgot what you told me when we met.
"When two people get to know each other too well,
"it's time to separate...
split up."
So I kept telling myself to love you a little less.
So that the end would hurt less.
You know...
I promise myself...
that in the future...
I'll never let anyone break my heart again.
Where's Handong?
On his way. He forgot the earrings.
He has to bring them himself?
That's what I said, but he insisted.
Can you fix Mrs. Chen's hair?
I need some help with my make-up.
Have all your relatives arrived in Beijing?
My aunt's still in Shanghai
waiting for her dress to be fitted.
If I'd known,
I could have recommended a tailor.
She's very old, and very fussy!
We always say she's been spoiled
by all her years in Shanghai.
You're all so cheerful.
Ms Lin speaks so nicely!
Now I know why you chose her.
What did you say?
Nothing, really. The earrings?
Madam, more powder?
When is your flight?
At seven.
Everything settled?
Handong, remind Weidong
to pick me up later.
What's the rush?
Zhao is taking me to the airport,
he can drop you off.
Settle what?
The studio is ready, everybody.
Nothing special. But if you have...
any unresolved emotional business
please don't bring it home with you.
How can you go abroad now?
Just to Hong Kong.
Emotional business?
Your imagination is running wild.
Not imagination, female intuition.
Handong, you can't fool me.
We're both adults.
Everyone has a past.
I thought being with Jingping
could make me forget about you.
I thought I was a man
who could make a woman happy.
Yes, I'm at the airport, just got here.
What? I know that.
What's the point of saying that?
We'll have to cut our price anyway.
We're fucked!
We'll make a huge loss.
Just sell them as soon as possible!
Lan Yu
I'll call you back later.
I'll catch up with you.
I'll be in the car.
Didn't expect to run into you here.
Just seeing off my boss.
How's work?
So much construction,
architects must be in demand.
No, really?
Your friend?
A workmate.
You never wear enough. Aren't you cold?
It's alright, I'm fine.
Are you free?
I must go back to the office.
Me too.
How about dinner tonight?
- I know a new... - I have a date.
Well, maybe another day?
I'll be busy for several months.
You still have to eat.
Take-away is okay.
I have to go now, my colleague is waiting.
Sorry, I forgot.
How can I contact you?
I'll call you.
Dinner's almost ready.
Here's the ashtray.
Sorry, the air conditioning's broken. I haven't had it fixed.
Never mind,
it's got hot suddenly.
I shouldn't have asked you here to suffer!
It's fine.
Thanks for inviting me.
I haven't had home cooking in ages.
When I had a wife, we always ate out.
After my divorce, I still eat out.
Was it hard finding this place?
Not really.
Are you going travelling in your holidays?
I'm saving money.
To get married?
I'm not like you, always thinking of a wife and kids.
I plan to study in the US.
Eat while it's hot.
When are you leaving?
I don't know yet.
The passport and visa are a hassle.
So do you have a new boyfriend?
Are you going to introduce him?
No, he's too shy.
That smells so good, is it curry?
He's been abroad for a while.
What line of work is he in?
He's a student.
How did you meet?
Don't just talk about me. What about you?
What about me?
You got divorced? When?
Did you buy this place? Or do you rent it?
The Japanese boss owns it, so the rent is low.
There's a yard out back. I plant flowers there.
You still like flowers?
Remember when you filled
our room with flowers
on my birthday?
It brought on my hay fever
and we had to throw them out.
Yeah, you're right.
Seems you've forgotten everything.
You even forgot my office number.
Some things, it's better to forget.
Is there any more beer?
Don't drink so much.
You have to drive later.
I wrecked my car the other day, I came by taxi.
I was destined to have a bad year,
and damned if it wasn't true!
At least you weren't hurt.
Young man, you've matured!
Young man? I'm nearly 28.
It's you?
Wake up, I have to go to bed.
Shall I call a taxi?
You still use that shampoo?
I'd love to hold you.
You've put on weight!
Whatever made me let you go?
Get up. Time to go to work.
I want to sleep a bit longer.
Aren't you meeting a client today?
Damn it, why didn't you wake me earlier?
Almost winter,
and you never got your air conditioner fixed?
The president of the bank's been arrested?
That was quick!
Let's talk later.
Who rang so early?
Never mind.
See you.
Nothing. Take care.
Silly guy.
What now?
I'll be busy the next few days.
Okay, call me when you're free.
Bon appetite.
- Have you had your breakfast? - You've come back.
Can we get the pay?
Yes, it's all done.
Don't worry.
I'll stay here with Handong a bit longer.
You put the kid to bed first.
Have a drink.
Shiling knows already?
I told her.
What did she say?
Like birds, couples fly apart
when disaster strikes.
Then she asked where I would fly to.
I heard her crying in the bathroom.
You're just an employee here.
If they charge us with bribery, smuggling or illegal fund-raising,
they'll only come after me.
Tell Shiling
not to worry too much.
She's not only worrying about me.
If the police close us down, you'll have to make a statement.
Ask Shiling to write it for you.
Nobody can read your writing!
It's not that bad!
They'll issue my arrest warrant in the next day or two.
I'm still working
on getting it delayed.
When I'm inside,
everything will depend on you.
What's so urgent?
Inside, there's a passport for you.
And guarantees from local and American banks.
You still have the acceptance letter from the college?
What's this?
A business card.
The woman in charge of issuing visas.
She'll help you.
What is all this? Who says I'm going to America?
I do!
Haven't you always wanted to study in the States?
I don't get it,
is this why you wanted me to rush over here?
Make sure it's all settled tomorrow, okay?
I won't be able
to see you off.
Tell me,
has something bad... happened to you?
When you get there, if you have time
send me a postcard.
Is Chen Handong here?
Yes, he's in. Do you have an appointment?
We're from the Public Security Bureau.
He's with an important guest.
Please wait
We're here on a very important matter.
I'm the accountant here,
wait one moment.
I don't want Daning implicated.
Don't worry,
I signed in as relatives,
not business partners.
Do you have to make a statement?
Let's not go into that.
Hong, give him the update.
The company accounts are frozen,
pending investigation.
So the company has ceased
to function.
But they don't have
enough proof of any crime.
If the company has ceased to function, it's all over.
There's still a chance.
Can't get me out without cash.
We've found a way, but it costs three million.
Who arranged it?
Can you trust them?
Come in.
Wait here.
Don't ask. I don't know anyway.
Where can he find three million in cash?
Liu Zheng mortgaged his house,
but we were still way short.
Then Lan Yu heard about it.
He came over the next day
with all the cash we needed.
Lan Yu?
Didn't he go to the States?
You were facing
the death penalty!
How could he just leave for the States without a thought?
Where did he get so much money?
He sold the villa you gave him.
And added
his own savings.
Money can be earned back,
but we have
only one life.
- Be quick... - There's a lot of meat.
Come on, let's toast!
Why are you drinking beer?
I always do!
Finish that and have some of this!
Hold on...
Careful! I'm surprised that you're such a good cook!
Bring over more tofu,
- will you? - OK.
It's better chilled.
Didn't I put it in the fridge?
I'll get it.
I thought we brought a lot.
You sure did. Enough to last us all week.
If you and Handong can't...
I'll send Daning over to help,
he's a big eater.
Why aren't you eating?
I'll take the tofu in.
Go back. Why stand here?
You must have starved inside.
Go and eat!
Okay, let's go!
I haven't played for long time.
- You're too bad. - You just want to drink.
Come on...
Let's drink a little bit first.
Going anywhere for the winter holiday?
I'll be working. A new construction site. You?
Shiling wants to take our child
to watch the sunrise over Mount Huangshan.
Good idea,
we went there just after we married.
You two should go there too.
He doesn't have time to go!
Do you want drink too?
What? I won, save it for yourself.
How long since we played drinking games?
When did I play with you?
She's right!
- You drink! - You're right. Okay, I'll have this.
Handong, we haven't played for ages!
- Shall we play? - Okay!
Keep pouring!
You lose again.
Come on, Lan Yu, I haven't played you yet.
Let's eat first,
you can teach me later.
Okay, let's eat.
I almost forgot. We haven't toasted Handong.
To Handong...
The black cloud has gone!
Thank you! Cheers!
Let me play with you.
Getting up so early?
I was thirsty.
It's so cold.
Did I keep you from sleeping well?
Not at all.
I keep thinking I've turned your life upside down.
By moving in here.
Would it be better if I moved out?
You've lost a button.
Are you saying this place is too small?
It's fine for one person, but with me here...
It's too small for you?
How big are you?
Well, I'm older than you, and every part of me is bigger.
I don't think so.
What are you doing?
Seeing how big it is.
It's getting bigger! What shall we do?
I'll tell you.
Is something wrong with me?
How come I like you so much?
The days when I was in jail
made me realize something...
That you and I are destined for each other,
to my great joy.
It seems like a dream to be back here.
What's up?
You usually don't behave like this.
I don't know why, my mind's in turmoil today.
Maybe you've seen what's in the accounts.
You've seen them?
The capital to be refunded,
after deducting taxes and penalties
and lawyers' fees, which are still being calculated...
Will be virtually nothing!
Not that bad, anyway enough for us to start again.
I was so worried that you'd quit after all this.
You won't get rid of me so easily.
I need to use the toilet, are you going too?
You know what?
Beijing is the same now as it was then.
Construction everywhere. Buildings up and down.
Whenever I pass the site where you had the accident, I stop.
But my mind is at peace,
because I feel you never really left.
Everyday I miss you so.
But I'm lonely and you don't know.
When will my beautiful dream come true?
My darling I wish to see you.
Autumn's come, the wind's blowing on my face.
I remember our past when we were in the autumn days.
What are you thinking?
Why did you leave me alone?
You are the only one I love.
How could you leave me in sorrow?
When I needed you most,
You left me silently.
You are the only one I love.
How could you leave me in sorrow?
I've been so good to you,
But you've never been moved.
Everyday I miss you so.
But I'm lonely and you don't know.
When will my beautiful dream come true?
My darling I wish to see you.
Autumn's come, the wind's blowing on my face.
I remember our past when we were in the autumn days.
What are you thinking?
Why did you leave me alone?
You are the only one I love.
How could you leave me in sorrow?
When I needed you most,
You left me silently.
You are the only one I love.
How could you leave me in sorrow?
I've been so good to you,
But you've never been moved.
Everyday I miss you so.
But I'm lonely and you don't know.
When will my beautiful dream come true?
My darling I wish to see you.
Autumn's come, the wind's blowing on my face.
I remember our past when we were in the autumn days.
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