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Last Contract The

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Push, Daddy! Higher!
- What do you want me to do? - Talk to him, listen to him...
Listen to what he's got to say.
He needs help. He doesn't want to speak to us, but...
Go away. Try to make him take the initiative.
lt might seem sick. An unbelievable story!
So that's it.
That's what it's all about? You destroying it all.
- What do you mean ''destroying''? - The family, the kids...
- Can't you see what l'm saying? - Cut it out!
Bloody idiots!
You cut it out! Bosse! Come me an idiot!
- l didn't call you an idiot. - Never mind! Listen to me.
- You're my only friend. - Well, l came to listen.
You don't have to believe me. But it's true.
How do l know that?
You don't.
Guernica, Oradour, Baby Yar, Katyn, Lidice, Sharpsville, Treblinka...
Violence triumphed there.
The astonishing thing is that it's still going on.
That these bloody murderers aren't stopped.
''You'll have a generous remuneration.''
Devastating gives no peace, even though they say so...
''He doesn't know the craftsman.''
Because it's such a disgusting system.
Judging people from the colour of their skin to an unbearable existence.
''Wait until the craftsman contacts you.''
The Soviet Union should leave Afghanistan in peace.
''You'll know he's the craftsman if you ask...''
''...and he'll answer...''
You can't solve the Palestinian problem by destroying the PLO.
On account of this conviction we've invited Yasser Arafat to Sweden.
- What are you doing? - What?
What are you up to?
What did l have to eat yesterday? A dead cat or something...
Maybe you had a dead cat to drink. That's bloody possible.
l think you did.
Wait here!
- Have you got chilled drinks? - Over there.
Hi, two canned cokes.
Chilled ones! No, l'll have a big bottle.
That's just as well...
Open up! Are you deaf, you bloody cow?
Drop the gun! l said ''drop it''!
Call an ambulance!
Out of the way!
Stop, you little punk!
To the side! Police!
He's gone into Fantasy. l'll go and get him.
- What the hell do you want. - Drop the gun! l said drop it!
- Beat it you bleedin' cop! - Don't move!
- Drop it! - Leave me alone!
- Drop it! - Hell no!
- Drop it! - Leave me alone!
l'll do nothing. Put down the gun.
Put it away! You're just getting yourself into a mess.
- Where is he? - Everything is okay.
Where is he?
Oh, god...
Darling, what have you done?
Go ahead and die! Don't give a damn about the children!
You bastard!
Christ! l can't take it any more!
Come, Dad!
- Push! - You're already flying high...
Bernard Lange. May l sit down?
We've already met, but we've never said hello.
You're still on the sick-list?
This ended up on my desk. Your application for a transfer.
You were interested in the fraud squad, right?
l don't work there.
You wanted to get off the streets, right? After what happened...
l took a bullet in my ass once.
lt's true. No big deal, it just went straight through...
But people think it's fun to take a bullet there!
lt's bloody crazy!
That's something else. That's serious business!
- They're mine. - Markus, Josefin and Sara.
Why should l believe you?
Do you remember Bergmark? The drunk who said l'd beaten him up.
- l denied it. Did you believe me? - Of course.
Really? Why? l'm not the kind to freak out? You couldn't be sure!
- You said you didn't - And l could never lie to you!
No, inspector Bo Ekman, shall we continue?
Does Nina know about the fraud squad?
No, she doesn't.
Let's say you ended up there, with tax dodgers and fiddlers.
Get informed, so you'll have things to say.
''200 shell companies and a goalie in Helsinki suffering from cancer.''
Such things...
''A goalie in Helsinki suffering from cancer? '' Okay...
Hi, this is Eric.
Well, it's...
Three cheers for Josefin!
Blow them out!
Cheers! To your new job!
Why haven't you got a wife?
- Why haven't you got any children? - l've got you.
- You're not our Daddy. - Almost...
- No - Yes
- l want to dance, too. - Me too!
Come on...
Stop kissing! Just dance!
- How are you? - l'm okay.
Everything's just fine.
''Bullit'' has paid, But you haven't, ''Cagney''.
- ''Blaise'' has paid. - ''Blaise'', Modesty Blaise.
Well ''Blaise'', whatever! You've paid.
- Hi, What's your name? - Roger Nyman.
lt's for the coffeelist! 20 bucks, and you've got to have a name.
- What kind of name? - From a detective story or something.
You can't use your name. The list might turn up in the Soviet Union.
- ''Goldfinger.'' - Sorry, already taken.
- Pick another name. - ''James Bond.'' ls it free?
''James Bond'' is okay.
Our colleague Nyman is now ''Bond, James Bond.''
- Mum said she could... - No!
l won't accept a new bloody car from your mother.
The house, the washing machine...okay.
But there are limits and This is where l draw the line.
That's a good car...
- You said bloody car. You swore! - Yeah, but l love this car.
You've got to pay us. A crown. You swore, three crowns...
Hi! You're out getting groceries?
What about stuffed cabbage rolls?
- Who was that? - lt, l was mistaken.
- A contract killer? - A pro...
- And he came here? - Well, they do exist.
Not only in films but in real life. Professionals who do their job.
They're cold inside, but skilled craftsmen - like us.
- And such a person came here? - Yes.
Who paid him?
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
lt's funny. All you say is: ''Who paid him?''
The perfect inspector! Such a patient listener!
There's something wrong. You don't care...
l listen. That's what we said. l form an opinion of your story.
Now l'm first of all an inspector and then your friend.
l see.
And l'm a critical listener. Wouldn't you be?
You're right. Sorry.
- Who paid him? - l've got no idea.
Some big shot who'd give millions to save the country.
Those who say ''no'' to employees' legitimate claims-
- Since they want to protect capital - owners' undemocratic influence -
- and to safeguard the big cleavages and the remaining privilages.
They threaten the basis of a further social structure.
They threaten the jobs. They threaten the security.
To us wage-earner's investment funds is an essential part -
- in the process of getting Sweden...
The Swedish Consulate in London has given him work and residence permits.
Now the English want us to check because this man died six years ago.
Yet he showed his passport at Arlanda airport a few days ago.
- What has he done? - Done?
Pretending to be someone else is doing something you shouldn't do.
l heard you met Lange at the hypermarket.
Oh, yeah.
- l was stupid. - Yes, very.
''Palme demands Swedish support for a peace move.''
''We don't trust Palme!''
John Gales, yes.
No, okay. Thanks.
That's right. Gales...
134 hotels only in Stockholm.
How many in the whole of Sweden? 1, 500? 2, 000?
- We can't be sure he's in Stockholm. - Okay, thanks.
And maybe he checked in under another name.
684 10.
Yes? Speaking.
John Gales. l spelt it out!
Good we're coming...
- He just checked out. - What?
- You bloody knew we were coming! - l did? No, l got on...
l don't give a shit when you got on! Where was he going?
- Where did he move to? - Don't vent your frustration on me.
l haven't been informed and can't be held responsible.
We just recieved this material from Germany.
- Probable terrorists, hit men... - Gales.
Alias Ray Lambert - murders in ltaly, Germany, lndia and South Africa.
But nothing can be proved.
A traveller in murder...
Delicious, right?
l remember the parties we went to. You never party in the fraud squad?
l suppose they do...
lnvite one of your colleagues! He might have a nice wife...
You never tell me anything!
What? Sorry, l didn't hear what you said.
Sure, you're not here. Where are you, Roger?
- l'm here. - No, you're not.
You're at tax dodger's with miro- paintings and money in the freezer.
Come home, l need you here.
Shit, l'm here now. l'm here.
Daddy, you said''shit''.
- You should be in bed. - You said ''shit''.
Go to bed. -She doesn't listen to me.
Yes, l called you earlier.
A Mr. John Gales...
No? Okay, thanks.
Are you still here?
ls it Gales?
Take it easy.
684 10.
Gales, that's right.
From where?
Good. Thanks.
l don't know what he's up to. He's meeting with people.
He went to Norway, too. Just for the night.
Maybe he likes travelling.
Someone we ought to check on? Keep him under observation.
Can we have his room bugged?
- Can you talk to the prosecutor? - We won't bother him without cause.
- Everything's calm at the back. - Here too. Over and out.
Now he can't even fart without us hearing it.
He met an insignificant guy down there that l recognised.
- The journalist Max Berg - What's his business with Gales?
Gales' tennis partner is Lisa.
- Where the hell did you get that? - l made a copy.
l really wanted one.
And who the hell is he?
l've got him! ''Tom Nielsen, Norwegian.''
''Ex-cop, mercenary.''
''Four years in the Foreign Legion.''
Hi. This is Roger Nyman. Can you put me through to SAS?
He came today and is going back to Norway tomorrow.
What the hell are they up to?
What was l supposed to do?
Who are they?
You bloody move like a cat. lt's for my job, you don't know them.
Are you hungry? Do you want something?
A sandwich would be nice.
- lt's Roger. l'm sorry, it's late, but... - Yes...?
You were at the tennis court today. Did you see anyone you know?
- No. - Think!
- Only the Prime Minister - Shit...
l'm impressed.
Not bad, Nyman.
l'll talk to the others and then we'll decide how to proceed...
Are we celebrating?
What's up? What's happened?
- l'm happy. - l can see that. Why?
l've done something good and l've been appreciated for it.
- Tell me what it is. - lt was important and l fixed it.
- You must understand l'm worried. - Not all by myself, but...
Can't you tell me. What's happened?
The English asked us to check on that Gales-person...
He's up to something.
He's in contact with many persons more or less criminal...
There's a tangible, ominous picture against our Prime Minister.
- ''A tangible, ominous picture?'' - That's right. lt's our opinion.
l see. ls it Nyman's conclusion? ''A tangible, ominous picture.''
- Yes...but it's... - Yes?
l'll discuss it with the Under-Secretary of State.
We can see imagination and a quick mind as a great asset...
- But there are limits. - Well, things can go wrong.
Keep an eye on Nyman, for everyone's sake...
- Where is Helen? - She's been transferred.
l needed her for something else. She speaks Russian, you know.
This is KGB.
But...she's been bloody briefed! lt takes days to brief a person.
- He doesn't know anything. - You don't have to bother.
- What? - Others have taken over.
Your new lranian family that's been hiding for eight months.
- Read the file and then we'll talk. - What's this?!
- An lranian family that... - Shit! No!
The hell l'm giving up this case! l'm on it and you want me to quit?!
- Cut it out! Shit! - Watch your language!
- But what the hell...l'm not done! - Someone else will take over.
Don't worry! The job is always done, right?
The Norwegian went to Norway and Gales flew back to London.
They're gone.
Like feathers in the wind.
A poet!
l'm here. Talk to me Roger. l'm here!
We're going to develop and improve the society we live in.
l don't know of a better one.
- Roger, wait... - l'll be back later.
ls Lisa Holmgren still bugged? Anything new on the Englishman?
Get in touch with me as soon as you hear something.
And no Gales...? You're sure about that?
Appelqvist! l need to talk to you. About Gales. You said he left...
- How do you know? Tell me! - What bloody question is that?
l've checked with SAS and there's been no Lambert, no Gales.
What the hell did you do?
My name is Nyman.
l haven't seen him for weeks!
- Has he left Sweden? - l don't know but...
l don't think so. He wouldn't leave without telling me.
- But what the hell has he done? - lf he comes by...
Or if he gives you a call...
- Contact me, only me. - What has he done?
- Hi! l'll have a quick shower. - Sit down!
- How are you? - l'm bloody well.
And you?
Well, things are a bit heavy now. But it'll calm down.
- What's wrong? - ''What's wrong?''
- He's nuts! - Tell me!
- You're often away... - l'm doing a hell of a lot of overtime.
- She says you never talk to her. - Now what?
- About your work... - Why the hell should l do that?
You wanna hear about my job? ls that it?
Will shell companies' and their debts of millions make you happy?
We found a goalie in Helsinki suffering from cancer with two weeks to live.
l've got plenty on my desk and plenty more...
l can give you such stories every day. Will that do?
- l'll take a shower. - ls there someone else?
What do you mean ''someone else''? Another woman?
Tell me! What am l supposed to think?
- Are you bloody... - What are you up to?
- l'm working! - You're never at home.
- Tell me the truth! - She never sees you!
- Do you think l'm screwing around? - Stop lying!
The black one!
- Dad! lt's not only Sara's... - Calm down!
- lt's mine! - Stop it!
- lt's not only yours. - Give it to me.
- Dad, tell him... - Stop it!
- Where are we going? - You'll take a cab home.
- Take us home. - l can't, take a cab.
- You can take a cab. - No!
- Let me take the car. - l said no!
- Take a cab. - You're out of your mind!
- Here's money... - l don't want your damn money!
Come on, kids. We're going home.
Excuse me. My name is Roger Nyman. l'd like to talk to you.
- Yes... - Can you come with me to my room?
- What's this all about? - You'll see...
We'd better scram.
What's the matter with you? Bosse...
What happened to the inspector?
- l just... - You're uncomfortable!
Because they're our colleagues! How do you think l felt?
They were always there! l couldn't go anywhere!
l suppose we're bugged all over!
Can you hear me? ls it interesting? Can you hear us?
Cut it out!
You're all worn out.
- Am l nuts? - What?
What's your opinion so far? Am l nuts?
- l'm no doctor - That's a bloody good answer!
You're nuts, but...
One thing leads to another...
You're beginning to believe me. That's it! Admit it!
You're beginning to believe what l've told you.
Right? And that's why you're so bloody scared.
- You've got no proof, nothing! - Only my word, as for the drunk!
You want me to believe the security police staked the murder of Palme?
You haven't been listening. l've never said that.
How guilty is a physician who doesn't intervene when his patient is dying?
Who just turns around and leaves?
- What's wrong? - l saw someone.
l'm certain! Somebody was there!
The most difficult thing is...
l could have stopped it.
You bloody Bolshevik pig! Go to hell!
Damn Bolsheviks!
Are you waiting for such a bastard! Go to hell!
A bloody communist state!
- Come here! - What?
- Where is Palme? - He'll be here soon.
- Where is he now? - He's on his way. Relax!
You commie shits! You've destroyed our country!
- Come here! - What do you want?
- l've got to talk to Palme. - l said he's coming.
l've got to talk to him now.
Let go of me! l'm a cop!
l said cut it out! They're gonna kill Palme. Let go!
Ladies and gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Sweden - Olof Palme.
You must trust me.
lt has to do with my job.
But l just can't talk about it.
Good night.
You should wait. Shut up!
You're destroying everything. Can't you see that?
Can't you see that you're destroying it all?
The kids ask me what's wrong with you.
''Nothing, he just doesn't give a damn about us.''
Do you understand what you're doing?
- Are you having dinner out? - No, we're going to the cinema.
- l want to see the toys! - Me too.
Come here! Take Markus with you. Hold his hands both of you.
Stay there.
You just stay there!
Markus woke up screaming.
You took him up and he was quiet. Like pushing a button...
You bastard!
- Come, l'll show you some animals. - Where?
Mummy and Daddy!
- Where is Markus? - l don't know.
Where is Markus? Did you leave him alone?
You were supposed to stay with him. You can't just leave him.
- Have you seen a boy in a blue vest? - No.
You can't just disappear like that. l get worried!
- What are you doing? - Taking photos.
Come on, Markus. - Sara, you too!
- l don't wanna go to Grandma. - You'll have fun at Grandma's!
The taxi is waiting. The train is leaving in 20 minutes.
l'll tell you everything later.
They just called. He'll be with his family tonight.
They're going out, to the movies...
And he wants to be on his own.
- That's what they said? - Yes.
-''He wants to be on his own.'' -Yes.
- l indicated the inexpediency of that. - Good
But in vain...
l can see that.
- So what will we do? - Pardon me?
What will we do?
We'll respect our Prime Minister's demand for an ordinary life.
That's what we'll do.
- Hi. is he up there? - No, they left.
- Where to? When? - Just now. To the movies...
- What bloody movie? - l don't know.
- Hi, this is Bosse. - Hi, it's me.
The Prime Minister of Sweden is dead.
He was shot tonight in the center of Stockholm.
Olof Palme was shot at and died later in the hospital.
The government has been informed.
- And there l was... - You said someone hit you.
- l don't know who... - An accountant.
Yeah, right.
l was there and he came in and went crazy.
Where did l get it? An accountant with a black belt...
-...who began to panic. -You lied.
Yes, l lied about everything. From the beginning...
l lied to you, to Nina.
l had to...because of my job.
What can l say? l'm sorry.
l'm not lying now.
''The parents of the 32-year-old in custody are interviewed.''
- What's the hardest part? - What?
Say something that doesn't fit in.
That you're alive...
- You said he killed them all. - Yes
And...? What else can't you get together?
There's plenty, right?
Come on! Bosse!
You don't wanna listen.
You don't have to.
lt's finished.
l'm finished.
l'm going to Nina and the kids.
You've got cables? The damn car won't start.
One last thing...
- lf you bear to listen. - Yes.
lf something should happen to me...
l've written down everything l've told you.
- Don't answer it. - Why not?
l'll take it.
ls that you, Nina?
l can't hear you. Speak louder.
Yeah, l can hear you now.
-Yes, l'm coming home. -l'll go down and fix it.
Yeah, l love you, too.
l'm leaving now.
Let me speak to Sara. Let me speak to her.
Hi, sweetheart.
''The illusion that the authorities in the Western democracies''-
- ''follow laws and rules, must be preserved.''
''ln a democracy, the illusion is the most important thing.''
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