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Subtitles for Last Hurrah for Chivalry 1978.

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Last Hurrah for Chivalry 1978

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"I am grateful that we met."
"While devastating mutual enemies|with our swords."
"We conceded on fear|to their fatal arrows."
"Nor to rainstorms|endangering our mountainous journey."
"One chance encounter|and absence took over."
"You and I had different fates."
"Mine was a Ionely battle|against endless havoc."
"And endless havoc|it has been until now."
"Praises and honors of yesterday."
"Have become causes of regret."
"My career of a Ione ranger."
"Was one of sadness|dressed up in glamour."
"Though we now meet as old friends."
"The swords we carry are ones of hatred."
"I'd like to throw mine away|but I can't."
"What can I do but shout at the rain."
We really should celebrate tonight.
Have you met the bride?
No, but she has to be prettier|than my wife.
I heard she's from a respectable family.
She doesn't deserve Mr. Kao otherwise.
Mr. Kao is so different from his father.
What makes you say that?
The old man was famous for his Kung Fu.
The son fights, but prefers scholarship.
He thinks that's the way to the top.
Poor us then, we're not scholars.
Not all scholars are men of virtue.
Is it?
Some may specialize|in the art of lovemaking.
Isn't that something?
Congratulations, Mr. Kao.
I thank you, my good friends.
My compliments, Mr. Kao.
Your father and I...
Had 108 fights together.
You've got such a good memory.
You're a real drinker.
It's the world of the young these days.
He's loyal to his friends.
I would give anything|for such a pretty wife.
Your bride is out of this world.
She's the hottest number|at the Red Chamber.
- The Red Chamber? Isn't that...|- A whorehouse.
I've slept with so many there.
But they were all pigs.
She's the only good one.
So I bought her for 1,000 taels.
Didn't she come from|a respectable family?
That's pure publicity.
Not all scholars are men of virtue.
- My dear.|- How are you feeling?
He's the sworn enemy of the Kaos.
Mr. Kao, be careful!
Why haven't I been invited?
It was my mistake, my apology.
The Kaos are most respectable.
So we've brought you a present.
That's some present you've brought me.
Did I overdo it?
Watch his sword.
I've always loved and trusted you.
But Pai gave me more money.
You bought her for 1,000 taels.
I offered her 2,000 taels|for killing you.
Whores never change.
Go to hell.
Your father stole this villa from me.
I swore I would return for revenge.
You've gone too far.
I'll take him.
Stay with Mr. Kao.
Take Mr. Kao and run.
Come on, Mr. Kao.
Stay with Mr. Kao.
Run, Mr. Kao.
You'll pay for this.
- You'll pay for this.|- Mr. Kao.
We've killed most of them.
I want them all.
I want to avenge myself.
You'd better stay in bed or you'll die.
Cool down if you want to avenge yourself.
I'm sure I can kill Pai.
You won't stand a change against him.
I can recruit for help.
Good fighters won't work for money.
Teacher, don't leave me so helpless.
Tell me how I can get a good fighter.
Hatred would only make your wounds worse.
But I'm suffering more mentally|than physically.
Chang, the Magic Sword,
is the man you need.
That's ruthless.
The chicken has two tooth-prints.
Yes, left by a bamboo snake.
The chicken's been poisoned.
You'd be too if you ate it.
I've never heard of such nonsense.
Would I be killed then?
That's for sure.
He'll be reincarnated to be a chicken.
I wouldn't eat that chicken|if I were you.
That's right.
To hell with you.
- Go to hell.|- Hold it, sir.
Give me back my chicken.
Or I'll beat you to death.
Don't you dare bullying kids.
What if I do?
Then I'll be mad.
Do you know who I am?
I couldn't care less.
I'm respectable and I'm rich.
You're rich?
Let's go buy some chicken.
Do you mean we'll go whoring?
Of course not, I mean let's go eat.
Don't you stop beating?
One more day okay?
I've wash 8 horses for a total of 8 bits.
8 bits.
The check please.
Come on in,
we've got some gorgeous ladies.
Please don't stop.
Why don't you come inside?
I can't afford it.
There's nobody around, come inside.
No, I just want to hear you play.
Another funny person.
There're some more down below.
Those three have been tailing me all day.
That may not be a good sign.
I'm sure it's not.
A bad omen then.
I was once tailed by three kids.
All the way across the country.
What happened in the end?
They looked exactly like me.
And they call me father.
They're some of my illegitimate sons.
Are you all right?
What could possibly happen to me?
I eat and I sleep.
And I drink if I can afford it.
That's a good life.
My mother's waiting for my medicine.
I told you I'd come.
But you've also told me you might not.
Is killing the only thing you care about?
May be. Watch it, you can cut yourself.
You watch it too, you may do the same.
I came here by myself.
That's how I'll leave here.
You know I'm your only friend.
My profession may require me|to kill my friends.
But I know you wouldn't.
Otherwise you'd have been|a rich man by now.
Do you have any more wine?
You're a top swordsman|but a bad assassin.
For you feel bad|if you kill an innocent man.
Or you seek comfort in your wine.
Do you always have such a big mouth?
I don't pour my heart out|to anybody else.
Do you have more wine?
But you can have me.
The wine's good,
but tastes incense.
Sleep with your wine then.
Go boil these herbs.
Mother will get well soon.
What's the matter?
Promise me you won't get mad.
All right.
It's because of Chuan.
Did he hit you?
What did he do then?
He refused to marry me.
- What are you going to do?|- How can he do that?
Stop it, dear brother.
You promised you wouldn't get mad.
Don't you worry, you'll get married.
- Chuan.|- Brother.
Stop it.
Open the door, Chuan.
I'm sick.
Don't give me that nonsense.
Why did you refuse to marry my sister?
Is she not pretty enough?
She's perfect.
Have you flirted with her?
A little.
Why? Speak up.
I've given it a lot of thought.
She's got one hell of a mean brother.
I promise I won't be mean anymore.
I have no money,
I can't afford a wife.
Is that right?
Love has nothing to do with money.
It has too.
I want my wife well fed and clad.
That's the duty of a husband.
Are you marrying my sister or not?
Stop it.
Help me.
I beg you, brother, stop it please.
Stay out of this.
You're going to kill him.
Are you fighting again?
No, he fell down himself.
Look what a mess|you've got yourself into.
My elbow...
- Your elbow?|- My elbow...
You've got a dislocated elbow.
Don't get upset, mother, sit down.
I'll see if the medicine is ready.
Haven't I always told you not to fight?
Yes, you have.
The medicine is ready, drink it.
Come on, get up.
Do you want to be my wife?
In that case prepare a bath for me.
All right.
Make sure the temperature is right.
I know you have the Moonlight sword.
Can you give it...
You don't deserve it.
But I have to avenge my family.
Unless one thinks right.
One will do evil with one's sword.
I'm absolutely qualified|to use your sword.
Please give it to me.
Unless you can rid your mind|of all evil ideas.
I won't consider giving you my sword.
I just want to borrow it.
Please lend it to me.
I have to avenge myself.
I beg you.
Seek help from your own self.
Seek help from your own self.
Please wait a while.
Oh, it's the dog that's been tailing me.
My boss wants to meet you.
Have a seat.
All right.
My name's Kao,
I admire your talents.
I'll buy you back a drink one day.
We don't know when we'll meet again.
Why don't we get to know each other now?
Let's not rush things.
You're right.
Get out of the way.
Move over.
Get out of the way.
What about my pay?
Go get it in hell.
Get your head down.
- Well?|- He's not there.
- Spread around.|- Yes, Sir.
You're injured.
He promised to give me 100 taels.
My father said,
"Trust a whore, not a man."
Some bad luck.
- Have we met before?|- Think hard.
My mind's a blank.
Have you seen the escaped convict?
You touched my sword.
So? Did I ruin it?
You touched my sword.
Who are you?
The name's Pray.
Whoever touches my sword had better pray.
Where's your sword?
I've stored it up.
Has it turned rusty?
"Battle with Chang"
If one beat Chang, the Magic Sword.
One would be the King of all swordsmen.
Chang doesn't stand up to his reputation.
You'd better pray|if I've got my sword here.
It all depends.
I'm being granted|a showdown with Chang at last.
You're a coward, Chang.
My friend.
I have no friend.
I want to buy your sword.
- It's not for sale.|- What about yourself?
You can't afford my price.
What about 1,000 taels?
I can buy 1,000 women with that.
Chang is worth 10 times|your price though.
He's way better than you.
You just wait, I'll beat him.
You can earn 10,000 taels if you want to.
I'm listening.
- Chang.|- You?
How's your mother?
Get a lot of rest, Mrs. Chang.
These are the best herbs.
It's too late.
We've only met once.
That has nothing to do|with our friendship.
I have to do something about your mother.
They're leaving.
- Where's he?|- Over there.
We'll rob that bank tomorrow.
Bring me some wine.
How did you hurt yourself so bad?
That's not the first time I've done that.
Promise me you won't kill anymore.
One killing begets another.
One isn't born to be a loser.
I'll quit|after I've pulled off a big one.
There's one who cares about you.
She would give the world|for marrying you.
Don't you ever fall in love|with a drifter.
Where are my 100 taels?
I spent them all.
You don't keep promises.
That's my secret of success.
You'll also get yourself killed.
We have to give your mother|a nice funeral.
Why isn't Wang here yet?
Who are you?
Why are you in such a hurry?
Take this money and set yourselves up.
Why aren't you using your sword?
There's no need.
"Battle with Chang"
Why don't you come home with me?
Just take this as your own home.
Look, Mr. Kao.
Did Pai's men come?
Who did it?
I don't want you to avenge this.
"Battle with Chang"
"Kill Kao"
I'll go get him.
- I'll go get him.|- Wait.
I'll go, it all started because of me.
No, I'll go, my men died for me.
Stay here and take care of your teacher.
What if...
I've handled quite a few Prays.
And I don't have any dependents now.
It's still one hell of a sword.
What are you doing?
Testing the blade.
Oh, my God.
Nice sword.
I may divorce your sister|one of these days.
You'd better be nice to her.|Are you leaving again?
This is going be shit.
Are you leaving again?
I'll be back with a lot of money.
Riding in a palanquin carried by 100 men.
If I lose,|please don't persecute my friend.
I'll retire if I win.
I really have to retire this time.
I knew it was a conspiracy.
Pray didn't know me,
how could he find me?
Why did he lure me to use my sword?
Don't you trust me, teacher?
I don't know you well enough.
Mr. Kao.
Chang's back.
We don't owe each other anything now.
You virtually saved my life.
It all started|because you buried my mother.
You're so loyal to your friends.
Chang can sure beat Pai.
Not really, Chang's too sentimental.
- Get a big table.|- That one will do.
Bring me some wine.
Do you have cash?
Just charge it to my account.
I'll pay up later.
You can have the rainwater, it's free.
Bring me the best wine.
Coming right away, sir.
You look sharp.
I've never seen you dressed up before.
Did you marry a wealthy widow?
- Of course.|- Here comes the wine...
We want some too.
- Don't stop for panting.|- What about going to the restroom?
You're not allowed to stop.
Place your bets now.
Place your bets now.
Place your bets now.
Here we go.
The banker wins.
I'll borrow this.
Place your bets now.
The banker wins.
The banker wins...
Who are you?
No wonder the banker wins everytime.
Stop it.
Only my mother could pull my leg.
How did she do that?
She said I'm a descendant of Confucius.
Are you?
All I know is|anybody could have been my father.
So you're an illegitimate child.
So? What does it matter?
I don't know.
Where are you from?
And you?
I'm hired by Pai.
Pai's wife is fifty, and still a virgin.
Pai must be queer.
Do you need our help, Chang?
I didn't know it's pouring.
Stop fooling around.
My name's Chang, what about yours?
Call me Green.
That's nice, boss.
That's real nice...
Listen, you have to follow my example.
Get up.
You four, come out.
You're lucky to be chosen.
Give me a hand.
I'm busy.
Attack me.
Come at me at the same time.
They're going to die.
They'd better deliver|their message first.
You'd better speak up.
Our casino was busted.
Many of our men were killed.
Who did it?
One Chang and the other one is Green.
That's outrageous.
That's nice, boss.
Take a break.
Get out of my way.
Have some wine.
Who are those two kids?
Green is the worst assassin|in the business.
What about Chang?
Chang, the Magic Sword,|is a friend of Kao's.
He'll killed many good swordsmen.
He's really good with a sword.
He's just another swordsman.
I should have killed Kao.
Should we go get him now?
No, I'll wait here. They'll come.
I've come a long way with this villa.
I'm not scared of two kids.
Mr. Kao, don't be so foolish.
Why did he...
Perhaps he thought|there's no hope for revenge.
What happened?
My family were all killed.
But I'm not good enough to kill Pai.
Is Pai really that tough?
He's never been beaten.
Why did you do such a foolish thing?
I'll kill Pai for you.
But it's a family matter.
Which means it has everything|to do with me.
You're the first man who respects me.
Words can't express my gratitude.
Take care, dear friend.
What are you waiting for?
I've never hesitated before.
But this time...
You can't make up your mind?
You should go.
Everybody knows you're doing it for Kao.
So you know too.
They are waiting for you.
Pai's men are looking forward|to your attack.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Whether you'll die or not|is not important.
I perspire too before I kill.
And wine is the only remedy.
Don't just keep on drinking.
We've got to discuss our battle plan.
Pai's villa is protected by 36 warriors.
Wolf and Lance are the door guards.
They're no good,|but we've got to be careful.
Have you seen the Chain Knives before?
You need help, I'll have to come along.
Are you coming along?
If you died,
I'd have to drink by myself.
Watch out for the Sleeping Wizard.
How did you get to know so much?
I'm a nosy fellow.
But Pai is the toughest.
Watch out for his last move.
What's that?
I wish I knew.
I thought you're a resourceful man.
Just be on the alert.
Forget about tomorrow,
let's finish the wine.
Let's do that tomorrow.
I'll make sure it'll be warm.
Chang and Green have taken off.
That's to be expected.
Should we give them a hand?
Sit tight for the moment.
Sit tight?
You don't need a sword to kill.
"Green's gravestone"
I was hoping I could live till sixty.
Why not a hundred?
They say when you pass sixty,
you would turn impotent.
A hero is not afraid of death.
Heroes may not worth a dime.
There's nobody here.
Our ambushes are inside the coffins.
A mob of ghosts.
And they disappeared.
They may attack from your rear.
You're pretty good.
What are you doing?
Just to make sure you're not a ghost.
It's getting a bit dark here.
Will you stop fooling around?
Watch out!
How should one handle ghosts?
Make them fight against each other.
You're worse than a ghost.
Don't you stop drinking?
Are you tired of living?
I'm not a coward like you are.
I hate two things:
To die unnecessarily and to die drunk.
I thought that's the only way to die.
There are many ways to die.
As long as you think they're worthwhile.
Have you seen Pai?
Get him to come out.
One clean sweep.
Let's go!
Are you going to live?
I don't think so.
So you always have to kid around?
I don't see why not.
Come with me.
What should my last move be?
Let the others do your job.
Go get the others then.
What are you waiting for?
You're so different from your father.
He was a responsible person.
That's why he was number one.
He's dead.
You work for me now.
I have my own style.
You're not supposed to disobey me.
No wonder your teacher said.
He didn't know you well enough.
There's nobody here.
Don't hit your own man.
But I saw something behind you just now.
Am I a hunchback or something?
He's sleeping like a log.
He's the famous Sleeping Wizard.
I think he's harmless.
You woke him up.
He may become a dead wizard.
Is he dead?
It's hard to tell.
Forget it.
I think you should die over there.
This man is tough to kill.
We can't die,|we haven't finished our wine.
Hit his throat.
Sulfide solution.
Is this one of your jokes?
This is no time for jokes.
But why?
Kao offered me 500 taels for killing you.
You are a friend when he needs you.
A piece of junk when he doesn't.
Is this his last move?
I told you to be on the alert.
I never take precautions|against my friends.
That's why we're both losers.
Will there be another move?
Between friends,
there are millions of moves.
They'll catch you by surprise.
Where's your sword?
I knew you were the mastermind.
Where's the sword?
It's made for men of virtue.
Virtuous or not|it's not for you to judge.
You won't be able to find the sword.
You're as good as dead.
Give me back the sword.
Teacher committed suicide.
I thought I had found a friend.
He's gone like a dream.
Dreams lead one nowhere.
So does my love for you.
I told you not to fall in love|with drifters.
You've been seeking all your life.
What have you gained?
I don't like to dream.
I always know what I am doing.
You said you'd be back with money.
Riding in a palanquin carried by 100 men.
Who would have thought of...
What's the matter?
Chang's dead.
Help me with my sash.
Didn't you hear me?
I heard you all right.
You're such a hypocrite.
You'd use any means to get what you want.
The making of a hero|costs a lot of innocent lives.
Your father was a righteous man.
Didn't he kill and rob too?
When one pulled off being a hero.
One's killings and robbing|became heroic deeds.
I may become the greatest hero|they've ever had.
Look, they are all|kneeling there faithfully.
Only because you are paying them.
I don't think you have a choice.
I can always leave you.
Only those who obey me survive.
That I know too well.
You've killed Wang, teacher, and Chang.
You're a ruthless murderer.
I order you to stay.
You have no need for friends at all.
Listen, everybody.
Help me to rebuild my empire.
And you'll be rewarded accordingly.
Thanks, Master.
You've kept your promise.
That's the only way to do business.
Where's my pay?
Come over and get it.
I'd better not get too close to you.
Hold it!
With men who don't keep their promises.
I chop them up into a million pieces.
You're a dead man, because I say so.
What do you think of this move?
That's a hell of move.
True friends do exist.
Will there be another move?
Between friends,
there are millions of moves.
They'll catch you by surprise.
You've overlooked one factor.
None of my deals ever fell through.
That's why you're a loser.
All because I'm your friend.
I have underestimated you.
And I have overestimated you.
An overestimation well deserved though.
Because I'm better than you two.
Why don't you make yourself a shrine?
"I am grateful that we met."
"While devastating mutual enemies|with our swords."
"We conceded on fear|to their fatal arrows."
"Nor to rainstorms|endangering our mountainous journey."
"One chance encounter|and absence took over."
"You and I had different fates."
"Mine was a Ionely battle|against endless havoc."
"And endless havoc|it has been until now."
"Praises and honors of yesterday."
"Have become causes of regret."
"My career of a Ione ranger."
"Was one of sadness|dressed up in glamour."
"Though we now meet as old friends."
"The swords we carry are ones of hatred."
"I'd like to throw mine away|but I can't."
"What can I do but shout at the rain."
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