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Subtitles for Last Witness CD1.

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Last Witness CD1

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Imprisoned in 1952?
Almost 50 years in solitary. That's a record.
One gold ring.
One handkerchief.
One wooden figurine.
You carved this?
It passed through the 4th and 5th rib and punctured the heart.
7 cm below the left nipple, a 5cm long 2cm wide abrasion.
Injection marks above the right talus...
Must be a narcotics addict.
Now I'll begin.
No left kidney,
right kidney... 150 grams.
Right lung, 500 grams.
It was found at the crime site.
Looks expensive... can't be the victom's.
It's peculiar knife.
Judging from the angle and depth of the wound,
the murderer is a 175cm tall man with strong arms.
The suspect remains unknown,
and we haven't identified a source for the knife yet.
Any clues about the word 'Dae-ryang' found on the victim?
We're searching through personal and company names.
There are 29 people nationwide with the name Dae-ryang.
We're checking one by one.
Well then, follow up on the narcotics angle.
And you do a futher search of the crime site.
Yes, sir.
What about the black market for organs?
The victim had no left kidney.
He probably sold it to buy narcotics.
All right, let's investigate that first.
Detective Oh!
You know what'll happen if you get another reprimand?
You'll be sent to a district office and stripped of your gun.
Leave your gun in its holster.
Organs wanted
Oh my poor Byung-ho, how will I live without you?
If I let you die, how will I face my parents in heaven?
I want to live. Please, help me.
- Do you need an organ? - Yes, we need a kidney.
Here's a down payment.
Hi, there!
I knew I smelt something bad in here, it's the cops.
It's me, Detective Chun!
I'll ask you an eight-word question,
and you give me a one-word answer:
Only three possibilities: 'Yes','Yeah' or 'Yep'.
Do you know the home of Yang Dal-Soo?
This place is a dump.
He's got moonshine here.
Your phone is now disconnected. Please pay your bill at once.
These are the documents of the victim, Yang Dal-Soo.
Address is Geoje Island,
but his national ID has been revoked.
What a record... smuggling, fraud, assault, narcotics.
So splendid!
Anything from his phone records?
On the day he was murdered, he made eight calls.
- One was to shilla Hotel. - Shilla Hotel?
Yeah, and the other 7 were made in a space of 10 minutes.
Were those calls for drugs?
So I asked my informer to look into it.
I have to go.
It's my daughter's birthday.
She's waiting for a present, so I need to get her one.
I hope I don't get any emergency calls.
Detective. Oh, it's me.
If I get caught ratting, you gonna bail me out?
Start talking.
It's Kim Jung-Cheol's number.
The dead man bought drugs from him.
and worked as a dealer.
Don't look for me often.
You shouldn't play with fire.
Kim Jung-Cheol,
I'll ask you a five-word question.
And you give me a one-word answer. Only three possibilities.
Yes', 'Yeah', 'Yep'.
Did you kill Yang Dal-Soo?
Start talking.
You'll regret this.
I'm sure you will.
- Hi, honey. - Hi!
Stop, or you'll regret it.
I said that you'd regret it.
I never even touched a hair on his head!
Damn! I just sold him some stuff.
Where were you at 10:00pm on May 9 and 1:00 the next morning?
- I was... somewhere. - Where?
I had something to do.
What kind of thing?
Not a big thing.
Do I have to beat it out of you?
- I was chatting on the internet. - Really?
Ask the owner of the cafe, he'll tell you.
Chatting with whom?
With a middle-school girl.
What a guy.
How could the dead man afford the drugs?
He had money. I heard he got it from his rich friend.
Last time I saw him,
he was bragging about an appointment with his rich friend.
So I asked who his rich friend was.
Who's your friend?
So he said... Agimo or Yagimo, something like that.
To our friendship 'Big Jaw', 'Sweet Potato', 'Giraffe', 1940.
Geoje Island Elementary School
Yang Dal-Soo, Kang Man-ho, Han Dong-Ju... They all graduated together.
Yang Dal-Soo left Geoje Island the year the Korean War ended.
He led a group of local anti-communist radicals.
Han Dong-Ju, a friend in the album was recorded dead in 1952.
The other friend, Kang Man-Ho, is said to have lived on Geoje.
Supposedly it's near here.
Freeze! Put your hand down!
My father, Kang Man-Ho, died last year.
He drank all his life,
and the booze rotted out his liver.
Did you ever hear of Yang Dal-Soo from your father?
My father never talked about his past,
not even a word.
This is all my father left in this world...
I should have just burned it.
What's he doing packed there?
Something wrong with your car? Need a hand?
No, I don't.
You're from Seoul. Sightseeing?
Hurry up and move your car.
It's not hunting season.
Police. Open the trunk.
Kim Jun-Yeop, who was murdered while fishing on Geoje Island.
was found to have been an ex-policeman.
Investigators are focusing on revenge as a possible motive.
A black narcissus in the shadows.
'I once asked you to show me your face,
and you answered me so: I am a narcissus,'
April 27, 1952. Clear.
The rain stopped last night. The wind blew from early morning.
The apricot petals vanished on the wind one by one.
I was given a new task by the party.
When other need us, pain often follows.
A sudden fear came over me.
I rode to Gohyun-Ri as if carried on the wind.
The war brought huge numbers of North Korean POWs Geoje.
They were divided into pro- and anti-communist groups.
The two groups often fought each other.
Their fighting was more serious than their struggle to survive.
There were some prisoners who were trying to escape.
My task was to help them.
After the successful escape of the prisoners, turmoil spread through the camp,
but was soon quelled.
The search for prisoners left our town in shambles.
After my father, a communist party member, was executed,
the only person I could depend on was Seok, son of our servant.
Seok seemed not to realize I was also a partly member,
nick named 'Black Narcissus'.
To me, Seok was like a tree,
when I could take shelter from storm and thunder.
Where is Sohn Ji-Hye?
I don't know.
- I don't see her. - She's not here.
This is your last chance.
Where is Sohn Ji-Hye?
? My hometown is in the valley with blossoming flowers. ?
? How I miss the times when I used to play there. ?
Seok and I joined the prisoners.
A 16 year-old prisoner whose home was Changshin-dong, Seoul
started at his mother's picture all day long.
In the starry night, after the day had gone,
he cried, calling out for his mother.
Then the other prisoners, who seemed to have fallen asleep,
sobbed together in silence.
The leader of the prisoners was Han Dong-Ju.
He was a former captain of guerilla unit, who was a radical prisoner of partizan.
Kang Man-Ho was his fellow student of elementary school.
He was a fierce communist, a partisan of Mt. Kumhwa.
I didn't like demeanor.
I managed to survive hiding under my former classroom.
Some nights the prisoners went out to get food, taking Seok.
They call it 'supply operations'.
And our pursuers never noticed our hiding place.
One more step and you die.
That's enough.
From now we'll dig towards 2:00.
You think you'll survive two days on this gruel.
Look at your face, it's already bloated and dark. We're walking corpses here.
If they find us, you think we can escape through that tunnel? Idiots!
Soldiers and policemen are all over the town.
We'll all starve before finishing that tunnel.
That is all the food we have!
What's going on here?
He tried to escape.
Execute him at once.
Why aren't you sleeping?
A full moon again.
You want something delicious?
Seok, I'm not a rabbit.
Get down!
Promise me, Seok, you'll be with me always.
Ji-Hye, if you no longer exist, then neither do I.
We will survive this. I promise.
Excuse me.
Who is it?
Detective Oh Byung-Ho from Seoul.
Come in.
Whose face are you carving? Someone you love?
If I carve the face of someone I love, I make a face of sadness.
It turns into the face of one love.
You mean, Sohn Ji-Hye's face?
If you'd renounced your ideology in prison, you'd be released.
I know you are not communist. Then why?
Long ago, there was a boy.
Because he had been born as a lowly servant's child,
the boy had no hope for his future.
One night,
the landlord's daughter at night suffering from fever.
The boy ran a long way to call a doctor at night.
While running he promised to himself:
If she dies, I die. If she dies, I die.
As the boy who ran all the night so fervently wished,
the girl survived.
At that moment, the boy found meaning in his life.
I'll ask one last question:
Did you kill Yang Dal-Soo and Kim Jung-Yeop?
According to records, Han Dong-Ju was Excuted in 1952.
...and Hwang Seok was sentenced to death for espionage.
What happened to Shon Ji-Hye, codename 'Black Narcissus'?
She was set free,
even though she was a Communist party member.
Strangely enough,
Sohn started living with Yang Dal-Soo, who had arrested her.
Yang then abandoned his family on Geoje Island,
and disappeared with Sohn.
Hwang Seok, after serving 49 years in prison,
was released last May.
I didn't notice anything suspious when we met.
You can't tell he's innocent.
Kim Jung-Yeop, who was strangled at the lake,
was the policeman who falsely charged Hwang Seok.
Moreover, Yang Dal-Soo took Sohn Ji-Hye, who Hwang loved.
So Hwang Seok has a Motive.
Then how can we explain the murder of Detective Suh?
The man was a gangster from L.A., wanted by F.B.I.
He was a professional killer.
So why did you kill him?
We could have made hum talk. What was Hwang Seok's alibi?
He refused to give an alibi.
But there is one coincidence.
The murder took place the day after Hwang Seok was released.
Let's take Hwang Seok in for questioning.
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