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Last Witness CD2

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Let's take Hwang Seok in for questioning.
Hwang Seok.
I'll ask you again.
Where were you from 10p.m. on May 9th to 1am the next morning?
If you refuse to answer,
we'll have to take you into custody. I'll ask again.
Where were you from 10pm on May 9th to 1am the next morning?
Can I speak to Ms. Sohn Ji-Hye?
- Can I help you? - I've come to see Ms. Sohn.
- Can I ask who you are? - I'm a police officer.
I am Sohn Ji-Hye.
You were the one who called yesterday.
What would you like?
I came to ask about Hwang Seok.
Sun-hee, could you go out for lunch?
Yes, madam.
What did you say? Hwang Seok?
- Is he alive? - Yes.
We are currently investigating him.
Is he well? How is he?
He's fine.
If you want to help him, please cooperate.
I want to hear what happened after the end of this diary.
It happened a few days after my diary vanished with Kang Man-ho.
Lay down your weapons and come out!
You are completely besieged.
If you surrender, we'll let you live.
Surrender right away!
Don't stop! Keep digging!
You, dig! Now!
All the prisoners who ran out died.
I could hear their screaming among the flames.
All of them died so.
The 16 year-old prisoner, who only wished to go home
and sleep by his mother, he died, too.
Seok, look at the flower. It can live, even on the rock.
Hwang Seok. Sohn Ji-Hye. I will kill you first,
and then I will follow.
We'll be remembered as heroes, dying for the revolution.
While I distract them, you take Ji-Hye out of here.
Go to Jiri Mountain,
you know the direction better than me.
You must keep Ji-Hye alive!
I'll survive, to meet you again.
Until the next time we meet, keep this for me.
Seok! Seok!
Han Dong-Ju barely managed to escape with me from the mountain
but we couldn't get off Geoje.
Han Dong-Ju was shot then?
Han Dong-Ju is not a man to die so easily.
Han Dong-Ju came to see Yang Dal-Soo of his own will.
There must have been some transaction between the two.
Han Dong-Ju informed Yang where I was hiding:
...the fireplace in my kitchen.
Finally, I was caught by Yang Dal-Soo.
When they took me in, Seok was already there.
Destiny treats those who resist harshly,
and it drove Seok and me to ruin.
I decided... to accept my destiny.
Kim Jung-Yeop suggested a way to get Seok release:
It was to transfer all my property to him.
I could give up my property to save Seok.
Seok was released, not knowing anything.
There was another condition in the deal.
Yang Dal-Soo wanted me.
At that moment, my only thought was to save Seok.
And this was the only comfort I had
to get me through my life in darkness.
Can I ask what happened to your eyes?
Death was the only was to escape from Yang Dal-Soo.
I took some poison.
Instead of my life, I lost my sight, and he discarded me.
Quite an old story.
Have you ever heard the name 'Agimo'?
Excuse me.
I remember now.
When we lived together, Yang Dal-Soo often visited Japan,
perhaps for smuggling.
He told me an old schoolmate in Japan helped him a lot.
His name was 'Shintaro'.
Han Dong-Ju was also Yang Dal-Soo's schoolmate...
Han Dong-Ju, buried in 1952'
I solved the puzzle of the word 'Daeryang', found of the victim.
Tea-rang-- it's the Japanese nane 'Taro'.
Suspecting that the murderer might be Japanese,
I sent the frame of the glasses found at the crime site to Japan
and it was found to have been made in Miyazaki, Japan.
The man who ordered the glasses is Maeda, Shintaro.
His given name ends in 'Taro'.
We neglected one thing.
Yang Dal-Soo called Shilla Hotel once on the day he was murdered.
Maeda Shintaro was visiting Korea at the time on business.
He was taped on CCTV from Shilla Hotel.
He's surely Maeda, Shintaro.
Han Dong-Ju faked his death in 1952 and moved to Japan.
This is him.
We must go to Japan to complete our investigation.
I'll get evidence to indict him.
We must be cautions.
He is Japanese and a former politician.
- I can do this. - The meeting is over.
I said meeting is over!
- Yes? - It's me.
I'm giving you a week's vacation.
I don't care where you go, Japan or wherever.
But keep your head. Understood?
Your first time in Miyazaki? How do you like it?
It's beautiful.
The lieutenant called, asking me to help you.
10 years ago there was a Korean- Japanese drug smuggling ring.
I was falsely accused of being involved,
but the lieutenant proved me innocent.
Hello. Yes, yes.
Mr. Chairman, a call from Mr. Nakata in the Diet.
How are you, Mr. Nakata?
This is Maeda Shintaro speaking. Thanks to you, all is quite well.
You have a Directors of Commerce meeting at 3:30, Mr. Chairman.
Welcome! It's very hot, Mr. Kim.
Yeah. One beer.
Another bottle?
I inquired about Maeda's family register.
Sure enough, he bought it.
I called his hometown, and asked about the real Maeda.
He was placed in a home for the insane after the Pacific War.
'Yakiimo Kudasai'.
Sweet potato, please.
Yes, one minute.
- 'Yakiimo' is sweet potato? - Yes, you want one?
Big Jaw, Sweet Potato Giraffe
Agimo... 'Yakiimo'
Ask in only the man who came from Korea.
Yes, sir.
This way, please.
what brings you all this way,
from Korea?
The children in the picture are cute.
I came to see the man who murdered Yang Dal-Soo.
The murderer was an old friend of Yang Dal-Soo. His name is Han Dong-Ju,
and his nickname, Sweet Potato,
...or in Japanese, 'Yakiimo'.
Myself, I like playing paduk alone.
Because, regardless of if I am black or white, I am always the winner.
Nowhere to move... Shall I cede?
This is what vexes me.
I always know the next move.
Yi hyang ji gui
I will be buried in foreign lands as a ghost
So,there were only stones in the coffin in your hometown, Mr. Han Dong-Ju.
Let's speak in Korean.
Meet me tomorrow at 4:00pm. At the entrance to Takachiho Gorge.
Here is what you requested.
Have you ever been to Mt. Jiri?
I lived there 3 years as a partisan,
officer of Jiri's 15th district.
One day,
after not eating anything for a week,
I glanced outside the cave where I was hiding,
and saw the sun rising in a sea of clouds.
It was breathtaking.
I promised myself,
I will visit here again, not as a patisan.
...Miyazaki is also beautiful.
I didn't kill Yang Dal-Soo.
Please don't bother me.
Please, bury my past.
I don't want my past to resurface.
I had one question before coming to Japan:
why did you kill Yang Dal-Soo?
When I first saw you, you looked familiar.
The answer to my question lies in this picture.
Yang Dal-Soo threatened
to bring back your past, using this picture.
Han Dong-Ju!
I arrest you as the murderer of Yang Dal-Soo.
You silly fool.
I am not the culprit!
'Hwang Seok Arrested After Confessing Crime'
If you got the parcel, you know Hwang Seok is not the culprit.
If you want to catch the true culprit, bring Hwang Seok to the central
lobby of Seoul Railway Station ...on August 14, 11:00pm.
If not, other innocent people at the station will be hurt.
Falcon 1, 2 Keep your positions.
Why didn't you do as I asked?
I said the central lobby, not in the square.
Bring Hwang Seok to the central lobby immediately.
Send Hwang Seok to the central lobby.
Hwang Seok is going to the central lobby.
Let Hwang Seok board the train for Jinju leaving at 11:30.
No one should accompany him.
If you don't do as I say, innocent people will be hurt.
No one should accompany him.
If you don't do as I say, innocent people will be hurt.
Where the hell is he going?
Sohn Ji-Hye!
Sohn Ji-Hye!
Why did you pretend to be blind? To disguise your crime?
No, not for that.
First, to escape from Yang Dal-Soo.
But in time, pretending to be blind became more comfortable.
Did the man who killed Kim at the lake also kill Yang Dal-Soo?
Yes. I hired him.
I Knew that Yang Dal-Soo had threatened Han Dong-Ju,
who visited Korea on business.
I decided to make use of this opportunity.
But why kill them after 50 years have passed?
What for?
They cheated me.
Last winter,
I saw the wooden-doll, which was made by some prisoner.
I was very surprised.
I was to see the prisoner.
The prisoner was...
Then I realized...
Yang and Kim had tricked Seok to serve in prison instead of me!
They cheated him as well as me!
Seok spent all his life in prison to save me!
In solitary confinement...
We're within 10m of the culprit.
Hold your positions.
Don't shoot!
Falcon 1, 2. Situation resolved.
Don't touch her!
Don't dare touch her!
Nobody touch her!
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