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Subtitles for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The CD2.

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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The CD2

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We'll be smashed to bits. If Nemo says we stay, we stay!
He has overtaken the collapse. Be ready to launch.
Bravo old boy.
He's done it!
Venice still stands.
You've failed!
You see yourself as the brave John Bull.
But you're weak!
The wound from the memory of your son's death.
You should have trained him a little better.
You may aswell have put the gun to his head, and pulled the tricker yourself.
Oh yes, I know all about you.
I know all about your spy! - Do you?
Mr. Grey? What happened?
Misadventure. Have the others returned?
You're the first, hopefully not the last. That bastard Skinner, alot to answer for.
Skinner? No?
You? - You don't know the half of it.
The Phantom is M! And the hunt is still on.
What are you talking about? The Phantom is M!
The very man who recruited us. -Let me see it, come....
But, how get our answers?
Where are the others? - Dorian is missing in action!
... And Mr. Skinner must have fled when he realised we knew.
And Sawyer? - He'll live to fight another day.
Don't worry, I've had my full of throats for this evening.
It was Grey. Not Skinner.
Grey's tricked us all.
What is it? - The sound of traitory!
What is that thing? - My exploration pond.
We could track it. - I intend to catch it!
That is us! That is the north loid. We will be upon them soon.
You're okay? I'm just a little shaken.
Nemo? - It's nothing of mine.
Captain! The noise came from this.
A recording disc?
Ready professor?
It's recording.
Gentlemen. - If you're hearing this, then every step leading up to it is gone as planned.
And I've intruded the goals set to me! Yes it's me Dorian.
As you know by now, I'm no loyal son of the empire.
In fact my loyalty to Mr. M. comes in no small part from his possession of -
- something I hold very dear to my heart. Something I would do anything to regain.
- Are you allright? - My ears hurt, it's nothing.
Everything so far has been misdirections. Sanderson Read. - The assassins in Kenya...
... the recruitment in mission. The secret conference: A myth!
Even the league itself: There is no League! There never was.
It was a use to get me closer to my goals. - He likes the sound of his own voice, doesn't he?
You see, I want you, each of you. Even tired old Quartermain.
Because he will capture Hyde, where all others have failed.
The question is why, why all this mask and mystery?
Because in the war to come, I intend to build the greatest weapon of all:
The power of the league itself!
Oh, turn it off Henry. Please turn it off.
To that end, I set my wolf among you sheep. - Growl!
Who gained your trust. Quietly lead you astray.
And all the while I'll collect you, the parts of you I need.
Nemo's science. - Magnesium Phosphoros.
Skinners skin sample. - Augh, you scratched me!
Jekyll's potion. And Mina's blood.
He's stolen us. And we let him!
If you fail to save Venice, then I get my war.
If you succeed, well it's a small price to pay for the great of your body's tasks.
War will come, sooner or later. As inevitable as someone interward.
Now some of you, perhaps caused too many years of death...
Will pause to ask why I'm letting you know all this.
What fool reveals his strategy before the games.
It is over... for you!
Because my voice isn't the only sound being made. While I rabbled on...
... A secondly layer of inaudible sounds, higher than humans can hear, laudable to dogs,
Those sounds have been heard by crystal censors, dotted about your wessel.
Sencors attacted to bombs!
Bomb voyage!
Out of the way. - We have to surface.
We're taking in too much water. The controls are not responding.
Primary engine room are almost full. The bulk gate is open. Pumps are jammed.
- Seal it off. - But we can't reach it captain.
For the greater good, we must seal it!
We control the tank. - What are you talking about?
You know we can control it. Together!
Seal it. Seal it off.
Hold it, wait. Don't close it!
What are you doing? - It's our last chance.
But I ordered to close it. - Then close it!
Bravo it worked. Bravo.
Let's not make a saint out of a sinner. Next time we may not be so helpful.
Can we still follow Grey? - Well we were the faster, but now we're in a sour distance to his hair.
So we're done? - No, we're alive!
If M has any idea of the contrary, then I guess it's an edge.
We're getting a signal.
Morse code! - What's it saying?
"Hello my freaky darlings". - Skinner?
"Hiding onboard little fish with Grey and M"... ..."on way to base, east by northeast, follow my lead".
Good work... all of you. Captain?
All ahead, full!
If Skinners headings are correct, we will pass through the traiterous straights of Tartari,
and enter the Amur river, which empty's out into the frozen lakes of Mongolia.
Virtually inaccessable to outsiders.
Passing settlements. They're all deserted. - Why deserted?
Fear no doubt.
M's summer retreat.
This is for us a signal they meet. So we wait.
We heard a noise? - It was nothing.
Just an old tiger sensing his end. - Perhaps this was not his time to die after all.
I've been waiting a whole week to do that.
Get a grip, man! - Well I thought I just did.
Oh Mina.
Report! - Well hallo to you too.
And need I remind you, I am naked in the snow. I can't feel any of my extremeties, and I mean, any of them.
With all the suspiscion on the ship, i knew you wouldn't believe I wasn't the spy.
Well, I thought it was best to disappear.
So what are we dealing with? - The fortress is vast.
Furnaces produce iron for making M's weapons of destruction.
They are pieced together on the factory floor by an army of ruthless men who share his vision.
But the worst was to come.
In the dry dock M's best minds, perverting a dream.
The Nautilus? - Nautiloi, there's eight for now.
What about the kidnapped scientists? - M holds their families hostage.
The men work, or the women and children die.
But that isn't the half of it. The scientists are forced to work night and day...
... to make new versions of us!
Invisible spies, an army of vampyric assassins.
M leaves for Europe today with a sample case of the chemicals, to sell to the most eager nation.
I will not let M defeat the world. Do you think any of us feel differently?
Chimney pipes leads into the buildings. Bombs in the furnaces, would make quite a bang!
If someone needs to blow that place to hell, ... and I'm least likely to be seen.
Skinner, if I didn't know that you were such a barefaced liar...
... All that time pretending that you weren't a hero? - Oh shut up or I'll come to my senses.
And besides, anymore like me, and I'll loose the franchise.
No! This cannot be a hunt to death. Though it's a pity.
We must take M alive. If he's secrets are to be uncovered.
Not Grey, he's lived long enough!
Oh, I'll handle him. -No!
Nemo? You and Hyde will free the prisoners.
Sawyer and I will deal with M.
Then the game is on.
Do you mind?
Night, night.
The painting's in your room.
In return for the league. That was our deal, and I'm glad to see you honored it.
So what now?
London! I've had my full of violence. Now I'm in the mood for vice.
You could stay, share my dream.
I have lived long enough to see the future become history, professor.
Empire's crumble. There are no exceptions.
You think you're better than me. You forget... I've seen your painting.
Skinner said, turn right at the column. - Oh great, which one?
This way.
You lead. I'll follow.
The scientists. - they're for Nemo.
They're movin' out. - Let's hope Skinner is up to the task.
Release that! Get them back to the ship.
Intruders. Intruders.
James, here is your box of tricks. The brute's potion.
The vampires blood, the indians science. And mounted samples of invisible skin.
There'll be all the rage in europe. - The nautuhive is fueled and ready.
We have trouble. - Trouble? I call it sport.
Intruders. Indians. I think it's captain Nemo and his men.
The prisoners are escaping! - How many times do I have to kill these...
Make this the last!
Nemo, get the scientists!
Is that all you got?
Do not move, M!
How would you prefer professor James Moriarty?
James Moriarty. The so called Napoleon of crime.
That man died. And I was reborn.
Eyes open, boy. I can't protect you all the time.
Hello lover.
You're alive? - It's possible. I can't die!
Same could be said of you.
Let's put it to the test.
Do you realize what you have done?
What you've let out of me? - A womans wrath, oh I'm petrified.
We'll be at this all day.
The bedroom Mina. Does it give you memories? Ideas?
If that had been permanent, I'd been very upset!
The painting.
I had to get to nale you one more time. But didn't think it would be literally.
It's okay, it's Skinner.
What the hell are you doing here? - What makes you think I'm Skinner?
Sawyer, run for it.
Keep moving. Go, Go. Quickly.
Come on. You want more.
No! Not the whole thing.
You look so lovely.
Thank you.
You broke my heart once. This time you missed.
You spoke once of wanting to meet your demon...
Here... he is!
It's the last time I'll play with matches.
End of the line.
To the death, but you'll need Hyde to make it mine.
He'll be making his own fight.
Here! Nemo!
Nemo, run!
What is that thing? - Gives me a bad day!
He's to strong. We're trapped!
No, he's burning through the formula at an accelerated rate.
He'll soon change back.
I hope I'm more of a fighter when I'm your age.
You will not wanna live on today, that I promise you.
Hyde, come on! My formel is done.
Do you think you're gonna come in here and wreck all this? I'll just rebuild it!
There'll be others like me, Quartermain. You can't kill the future.
Do you ever get tired of being wrong? The league, me, Skinner?
Wrong! Wrong about your little american friend as well.
Do you really think he's ready for action? I think you trained him as well as you trained your son.
Get him!
It's too far! - Take your time. You're ready.
Take your time.
I got him!
May this new century be yours, son.
As the old one was mine.
You remember he swore Africa Wouldn't let him die?
I wish the old boy had been right.
What's next?
I have long hidden away from the world, now I wish to see it anew as the century turns.
You're all welcome to join me.
We've all been hiding in one form or another.
The Nautilus awaits. - So who's coming?
So long, old chap.
Goodbye Alan.
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