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Subtitles for Leaving Me Loving You (2004).

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Leaving Me Loving You (2004)

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Hin, let's get the bill.
Check, please.
Young Young! Let's go!
Young Young
What's up?
Nothing, is everything set for tomorrow?
It's all set. Don't worry.
How are things? Feeling relieved?
I don't know.
It's good for both of you.
It's good to get out while you still can.
You can still be friends.
It's better than dragging it out. You made the right decision
Let's go, I'll buy you a drink.
My interpreter has fainted.
Can you come over now?
Fu Zhou Road.
Let's go.
Not here, turn... turn, quickly!
Check please.
I can't understand you. Hang on...
Kong, a glass of sugared water...
Your interpreter had low sugar level.
I've already given her a glucose shot. She'll be fine soon.
Next time you want to lose weight, please don't stop eating, It's harmful to the body.
My business card...
call us if you're ill. Here's a card for you!
I won't need that.
Why? You could fall ill and need a doctor.
Thank you.
You're welcome!
Such bad luck. It's all my fault.
Forget it.
Is everything all right? Yes, sure!
Catch you later! Bye.
I may not be able to make dinner tonight. I don't know how long I'll be!
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
This is Miss Hui's birthday surprise for you.
She hopes you can see how she feels for you.
Do you still remember watching "Titanic"?
You said you liked the idea of not giving up on love even in face of death.
You wondered if you would experience it but said the ending was too sad.
You don't want to share Leonardo's fate
and she doesn't want to wait till she's 80!
Sorry I didn't tell you before
No, no. I am very happy, really.
I should be the one to say sorry.
I want to be with you until we're 80 will you marry me?
Have you read your patient's report?
I've said before that your patients still have to go hospital when they need a check-up.
You never listen!
When you wanted to break up,
I told you not to but you still ahead You need a shrink!
It's so stable here why do you want to be on call outside?
When you need medicine,
you still need to come look for me!
Here, I've already given you a discount.
Thanks. I'll buy you lunch.
Really? I'll book a table.
Yes! Okay.
Sorry to interrupt but we've waited several hours.
Do you think he will see us?
Can you wait for a while? What kind of attitude is that?
Ms Man!
Goodbye. You don't have to walk us out. Bye
s everything all set, Marsh?
Of course!
Is the car ready?
Yes, Ms Man. Let me walk you out.
Mr Marsh, how are you? I am Yuet.
We met at the Man home You asked to see my proposal.
We've been waiting for almost three hours.
If you're busy perhaps we should reschedule.
I've never seen anyone speak to clients like this.
Do you care about closing the deal?
I care very much indeed.
Take a seat.
I like the proposal but are you sure you can deliver?
The party will be well-organised.
Please keep this confidential. Mr. Man mustn't know we're doing something special for his birthday.
Why don't we discuss the details tomorrow?
Let's do lunch. I promise you won't need to wait this time.
Great, thanks!
Can I help you?
Sorry, is this your van for out-patient service?
Yes, it has the most advanced equipment.
My business card we're from the Ran Ming Out-patient Clinic.
F you have any problems, please feel free to call.
We wish you good health. Excuse me, goodbye.
Their equipment is much better than ours.
That assistant is so polite!
She even wished us good.
Her kindness puts people at ease.
What do you mean?
You think you should have found a female partner, right?
I didn't mean that but your attitude is a bit problematic.
What's wrong with my attitude?
The way you give out our card Bye! Bye! Remember to call us!
I am very nice.
You look like you want people to fall ill and that turns people off.
Really? OK
I promise to improve.
Come on, bottoms up!
Madam, please spare us! We are doctors.
We're just having dinner after helping others! We will leave after grabbing something to eat.
You're driving after drinking? You're doctors!
You should know the consequence for drinking and driving!
I know. He drank but I didn't. Give us a chance We'll be careful next time.
This is the chance our country gives you to right your wrongs. One needs warning to improve.
I know, I know. Kong, forget it!
Here's fifty.
Please don't drive if you had alcohol.
It's your turn.
Hold this for me.
Why do you always ask for a cash deposit What a shame if it gets stolen!
Who would dare? I'd kill him!
Split pins! What?
Nothing. You said something Tell me... come on.
I heard that when one gets split pins the break-up is only temporary.
A double negative means positive.
Life is boring without bullshit.
I will forget the asshole very soon.
See you tomorrow. Bye!
Mr. Man's birthday is on the 21st.
All right.
Fifty! Come on, some change...
Quick, do you have three yuan?
Three yuan.
These are the most expensive brands.
Are you that rich?
This hat really doesn't suit you Let's return it.
Packaging is also very important Take this cup of coffee. It doesn't taste special,
why can it sell at 60 yuan? It's because of this!
What's so special about the sugar?
It's a magic stick. You can stir it a bit.
When it's not sweet enough you can stir it again. It feels good.
With this, something worth 6 yuan can be sold at 60 yuan!
If we don't package ourselves how can we get money from the clients?
You have a reason for everything!
Hello. Mr. Marsh, what's up I'll be there right away!
Where are you going?
Take these back for me, and please return this.
Ms San, this way please.
This is the doctor that I just hired for our father. Let's listen to his opinion first.
Mr. Man's health condition is pretty good, but he is quite old.
I doubt his heart condition can take this kind of dangerous activity.
Creative people are all very stubborn.
It's the style of the new generation.
I told you to plan a memorable birthday.
The proposal is very creative but you should consider his health.
This is Mr. Man's latest health report Let me give everyone a copy.
I've already called Ms. San. It might be better if she explained in detail.
Doctor, is my father's health really not up to this?
Is she the organizer Tell her to change the program.
If we can't change the program, let's change her.
Let's talk about this.
Another time...
I feel that I can't breathe when I am with you.
You have endless energy, always running ahead.
Only when you're tired or thirsty would you think of asking if I wanted any water.
But you never realized that I don't like water,
I only like tea.
Something's missing between us...
Bullshit! Too fast too slow... that's nonsense and excuses.
If you are tired of me, just say so.
You don't love me anymore!
Who is she?
What "she"? Stop being paranoid.
Forget it. If you don't want to say it, let me... let's break up.
Don't procrastinate! She shouldn't be upset with you.
You have your opinions as a doctor and we also have our own difficulties!
Our business isn't doing well We also need to secure jobs.
She also has to face her own problems, right?
It's her proposal that has problems I don't think you did anything wrong.
He's still trying to interfere in our business after splitting with you.
The deposit is all gone and our ideas and hard work have been wasted.
There are still a lot of bills to be settled, what are we going to do?
What are you doing?
Is this the outpatient doctor, Mr. Chow?
Can I help you?
Someone is ill. Can you come over quickly?
Where are you?
Tung Ping Street, 580th alley!
Tung Ping Street, 580th alley Do you know the place?
Kind of.
What's the condition of the patient?
Is it really here? We've been driving for a long time. Did you get the wrong address?
I definitely have the right address
Dr. Chow?
Yes, yes...
Where are you now?
I have already reached... 250th alley.
250th alley... Can you drive faster?
We are almost there.
Can you see roadworks by the side?
Yes, on the right.
That's the right way. You are almost there!
Stop! Kong!
Dr. Chow! Dr. Chow? Can you hear me? Still alive?
Asshole! How does it feel now?
Your car is totalled. Now you know what it's like to have your work ruined!
Do you know how miserable we are because of you?
This accident is only a small incident for you but we have to compensate other vendors!
Bastard! You should also try being in a pothole!
Who set us up?
Call the tow car. I will catch her! Take care of yourself.
Ma'am, you haven't paid! Let me get you the bull!
Yuet, what are you doing? Yuet!
I didn't argue on the break-up but you want to fight me on this?
Do you feel happy for trashing my work? What do I owe you?
It was you who wanted to break up and I helped you say the words!
How far do you want to ruin me? Bastard!
I want you to stay far away from me Do you hear me?
Hang on, wait for me!
Yuet! I got you some medicine.
Who are you looking for?
Who is it?
The number you are dialling is incorrect Please check and try again.
Are you OK?
She changed her phone number she has moved.
Forget it then. We're already late Please concentrate!
Who are the unlucky guys this time?
I am about to go off-duty, let's get lunch.
We are going to see a patient now I'll call you later!
See you!
I must admit we had overlooked some safety concerns.
It's not just your fault I am partly responsible.
I think we need to revise the proposal a bit.
It's only a month away do you think there is enough time?
It's not a problem.
That's great! I forgot to pass you Dr. Chow's card last time.
He is Mr. Man's family doctor I hope you can talk with him!
Chances for mistakes will be reduced if you have close contact with him
I better get going. Thank you!
How many hands does an octopus have?
It has no hands!
Eight hands. All of them are hands.
Put the octopus on the floor and bash its head.
Whichever legs it uses to pat its head are the hands.
This is really silly! These two are the hands.
Silly? Ribs! Come on!
Please carry on. I have to go out for a while I'll be back soon.
Sure, let him go. Do you want anything else Where did you hear this joke?
From my friends!
Hey! What are you trying to push into the box?
What kind of medicine?
For the flu. I am a doctor.
Are you giving some medicine to Ms. San? All right, then.?
Is that apartment available for rent?
It's already occupied. If you want to rent a place,
How did it go yesterday?
Nothing much.
I am meeting Nam for dinner tonight. Joining us?
We'll see.
OK, bye!
OK, bye!
Mr. Man! I am sorry. We can go in now.
Hey, there is no need to rush! Take it easy!
You still haven't had your lunch You must be very busy.
I'm OK and ready for the check-up.
Let's do it after you finish lunch.
This looks very nice. Smells delicious.
Would you like to try some? They're good.
Thank you.
You're welcome! Here's some soup as well. Try it!
Is this from the shop close to Ye Yuan?
Yes! I always go there.
It's a bit crowded, but the food is delicious.
You know how to appreciate good food too.
One of my friends enjoys it and took me there.
Is your friend a boy or a girl?
Does it matter?
It tastes different!
We have to wait for 15 minutes then I can do the check-up for you.
Hello? OK, OK, bye!
This is a special passage Mr. Chow, please! We're almost there.
Ms. San is already there.
Thank you.
This is my business card My name is Vincent Tam.
Please feel free to call me if you need anything I'll leave you here.
Will he be here on time?
Our permit only lasts till eight o'clock We have to finish everything by eight.
If he doesn't show up, we'll be in trouble again.
I asked him to come at seven thirty He should be here soon. Just be ready.
Do you think this place is suitable for Mr. Man?
The birthday party will be one floor up I need time to apply for it.
Today is only for you to experience it and assess whether Mr. Man's health can take it.
Any problems?
Nothing, no problem.
How long do we need to wait?
We're ready any time.
It's ready.
Please wait for my signal.
I'm ready.
Please start!
Hold on. Some technical problems it won't take long.
This is gorgeous! Wonderful!
When can you give me the report?
Give me a couple of days.
If there are problems, let me know soonest so that I can make adjustments right away.
Is that place really much cheaper?
Yes, and the environment is better.
Luckily, we have the job with the Man family,
otherwise even selling the car don't help.
Be confident!
I'm always confident!
When our business is better we can buy a bigger house.
Be careful! When should we move the stuff over there?
Day after tomorrow? You decide.
OK, I would defer it for a few days These few days have been very busy for me.
What with?
Hello... okay... okay... bye.
I need to go out. Where are you going?
Don't be nosy! Please help me pack. Thanks.
Again, I'm the only one left to pack.
The report is ready.
Yesterday's fireworks were gorgeous but further improvements are needed.
There isn't much time left.
Please look at this first if there are things you feel uncomfortable with, I can change it.
You look exhausted.
You should get some sleep Perhaps we can talk again tomorrow.
Please hurry up.
Just take a look. If it is fine I can go home to sleep.
I don't want to waste any more time!
Why did you ask Nam to help us move?
We're friends!
Otherwise she wouldn't be here Moving is tiring.
You're wasting her time.
Sorry to have bothered you with this.
It's all right!
It's about time. Let's go out for dinner!
Let's go together.
Let me take a shower first.
Be quick.
Let's go first. He will join us soon.
OK, let me...
Come on! Congratulations on your new flat!
Thanks for your help.
One more glass... This is to farewell Nam.
What farewell?
I 'm being transferred to Suzhou next week.
How long will you be there?
About a year.
It came as a shock to me.
Don't worry Give us a call if you have any problems.
We'll visit you when we can.
Yes, if you can't come back next week I can visit you.
Frankly, I don't have many friends.
It was my pleasure getting to know you Come on! Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!
For our friendship,
let's finish 3 glasses for 3 people!
Do you want to toast or to make others drunk?
OK, let's stop toasting for a while.
I'll go get some meat.! How about chicken wings?
Up to you.
All right!
Kong will miss you.
Only Kong?
It's hard to say goodbye among friends...
What don't you ask me to stay?
The transfer is assigned by the government.
It's not up to me to decide whether to stay or to move.
Yes, it's assigned by the government.
We should do our jobs well.
Kong is a nice guy and very caring.
Kong! Hurry up!
Almost ready! Can I call you my elder brother?
Come, let me drink with my brother!
It's so close.
You can simply stroll home. I want to drive Nam home!
Sure, bye!
I can go with you to Suzhou next week.
I have an aunt there. It has been a long time since I last visited her.
I can introduce you to her so you can call on her if you have any problems.
I haven't taken a holiday for a while.
If you don't say anything I'll take that as a yes.
Let me give you a hand!
Hold it up.
Why are you here? S
I just move in across the street today. Are you hurt?
No, I am fine.
Give me the hammer...
almost done.
You've been drinking.
Just some drinks to farewell a friend.
Nothing. Can we start over?
Perhaps everything has been to easy for us.
Too fast, too soon, too much sex.
Then you got bored and left Now that your feelings are back,
you expect me to carry on like before, have a relationship.
Then what?
Luck seems to be with us You're now the Man family doctor.
It doesn't take up too much time.
We can still do some outpatient jobs.
Last night was not bad.
I think she is willing to accept me,
so I've bought my ticket to Suzhou.
I want to take half a month off, because I promised to go with her.
Nam doesn't have many friends.
She needs someone to support
her while she's adapting to a new place.
Say something - or at least give me a smile!
I don't know don't move too hastily in a relationship.
You've got to develop it slowly and think clearly before
making the leap otherwise you could hurt yourself.
Hurt ourselves?
We're guys, man, not girls That shouldn't bother us!
Hey, get the change!
I will play you an old tune. I'm sure you have never heard it.
It's from a very good friend of mine.
Is it a "she"?
She also loves these buns.
I really miss her.
. Chow!
Hi, Mr. Yeung!
How are you?
Good morning! Can I ask you something?
Ms. San hasn't been home for several days, right?
I don't both about other people's private life You would know more than I do.
Dr. Chow, you shouldn't take it back now that you have delivered it.
I have some news to share.
Mr. Man had an affair with a lady called Cheung Ling.
I don't know where she is,
but I heard there is an Archive which may know.
It would be a pleasant surprise if you can invite her to the birthday party.
Don't worry. You can count on me.
Remember! This is his little secret.
Don't worry. I will be discreet.
You have my full support Let me know what you need.
Thank you.
Don't always say thank you.
OK! I am hungry. Do you want to eat something Let me buy you a meal.
Great! What do you want to eat?
It tastes good!
Is this the first time you've tried these?
Ate them everyday when I studied overseas
but never before in Shanghai.
Look! I never imagined I would find this in Shanghai.
This has been in Shanghai for quite some time Have you played it before?
Five years ago,
when I travelled to Australia with my wife we also tried this game.
I found it quite exciting,
t she was so scared.
She didn't even dare to fly so she stayed in Australia.
Do you want to try it now?
Thanks a lot. Catch an early night and get some rest.
This birthday party will be successful.
I think you are working better with Dr. Chow.
I learnt the story about Mr Man from Dr Chow and he asked me to inform you about this.
Really? Bye!
I really had a great time today.
Thanks a lot!
I had a great time too.
I suddenly thought of my wife I should probably give her a call tonight. Bye!
Mr. Marsh,
I want to check out the Archive as soon as possible. Can you arrange that?
Sure! I will arrange it for you.
You have been keeping me company for a long time. Aren't you bored?
No, I'm not bored. It is very tranquil and comfortable here.
I'm really pleased to have you as my new friend.
You are most welcome.
Is your car outside?
Can you accompany me to a place?
Great! Let's go!
Mr Marsh has already called, this way please.
Thank you.
Mr. Man!
Is it closing time?
No, we are waiting for you Come on in! You haven't been here for a long time.
The second floor is more comfortable.
I will cook the food for you myself Dumplings buns what a rare guest!
Let's take the usual order for food!
Take the usual order for drink! Welcome...
How are things? Is the food okay?
The food is excellent. Next timl should also tell the boss the same food, the same drink.
Her club was just round the corner.
She sang there once a week.
After work, we would come here to eat,
so the boss often needed to stay late because of us.
One night,
I caught a cold, and didn't dare to get close to her.
She was a singer,
she couldn't afford to catch a cold.
But she didn't mind, she just hugged and kissed me,
and poured me a drink. She added vinegar to the drink, She said it would help with the flu.
I never knew that.
Today, we lost a respectable senior,
a thoughtful father, a dear friend.
But Mr Man's good deeds
will remain in our memories.
We believe Mr Man will live in everyone's hearts forever.
Mr Man was in the shipping business.
Mr. Man's businesses extend from our country to all over the world.
Although Mr. Man has left us, the Man family will continue to grow his businesses.
Mr. Man always said that
we should lift our spirits work hard and serve our community.
From next year,
the Man family will donate 30 per cent of its revenue for educational use.
We hope to help our country nurture more pillars for our society.
Hello. Hi, Yuet.
Can we meet?
What's up?
Can we talk after we meet?
We are already talking on the phone!
Can't you just give me a chance I'd like to talk face-to-face.
Okay, if you can find me before midnight, we can talk.
Shanghai is a big place, where should I look?
If you want to find me, you will If you don't want to, you don't need to do so.
Don't come any closer.
Say the three magic words that
I want to hear first.
If you don't know the words, we shouldn't waste time or see each other again!
I don't know what you want me to say.
I can say "I love you" over and over,
but there are words that I've never said.
Words that my heart wants to tell you most...
I am sorry!
Happy Birthday!
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