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Subtitles for Legally Blonde 2.

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Legally Blonde 2

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Oh Look
The first time retail shopping experience
Her nanny try to take her
But she just cry cry
Remember this year on the 1 7
She had so much potential back then
She is a lawyer. Thatis way is better
There she is. -You always say she has the had a
perfect shake head for a tiara
Look at that slump dog
it would not be the first time
Oh look at that
First day at Howard - Unbelievable
l love that l did that last night
Oh my god that is Bruce first highlight
ls this the key to the first office at the firm?
Look there she is with congress women
That is two kick ass women
l like them
l really like them
The first day they meet
you can see in his eyes
They are truly Romeo and Juliet
l think it is her
Quick light out
l thought we were suppose to be at the movie by nine
Oh my god
Marcus. Sabrina l cannot believe you guys flew all the way here
On a country it is a huge Biggy
Thank you. You guys are the best
Can we see you ring again ?
You mean this one
Clarity between fk and vvs
Oh my god it is from Amment
Look you guys this is me and Amment on a snow globe
lt is his favorite place in the whole world
l love snow globe
l can hear the ocean
Well listen honey
You are a full time bride now so you are going to need all the wardrobe
l am not quitting my job you guys
You guys remember the feeling we get during a really intense spinning class
That feeling that we feel so truly amazing about our self
That is what l felt being a lawyer
l love it
Congratulation you did it
With tree long answer
You manage to totally undermine the foundation that turns legal
By the way
lt only took me two wrong answer
Sweetie you customize my
Ammeth you are not going to believe my news
You me and two ring
What are you talking about
lt turn out he starting picture for the Red Sock
Are you serious
Are you sure this is what you want to do
l could get marry anywhere l wouldn matter
That is a lie
l am going to get marry under the green monster
And in just three and 4 days
We had so much to talk about
l want everybody that's matter to be there
Oh my god i almost forgot
You want me to what
For your dog
l found him abandon years ago
That is why we came to you
lt is absolutely vital to find Bruce
His father might be a little more difficult
may i ask why
You want to send an invitation to your wedding to your dog mother
And you are serious
Hi Mr Blink
Alright i got my finger cross
Go get them today
Sweet for you honey. No dairy -Thank you
Kelvin you shouldnt have
i am not sure they are going to give me the promotion today
lt is just a rumor
lt is from me and the girl
Now do me
l felt like the luckiest girl in the world
Me too
l had no idea i can be this happy
Well Miss Wood even the weird one case can be crack
You are ready -Yes
Bruce Wood
meet you mom
Brucer your cheek bone
lt is all in there
Good luck finding whatever it is you are looking for
Brucer we are here
That is your adopted mother i am sure you
l am sure she had her reason
i told you they had one
No madam. unless you had a pass you cannot
Lucky i had it keep under
Hold on it is right here
What is it
lt is my double platinum WlP Versace
You got the wrong Versace lady -Really
Oh my god
Come on open this door immediately
Who are you what are you doing here
You had my dog mom in there and i need her to come out right now
Absolutely not i am not authorize to realize her
l am not een allowed to have the key
i dont think you are understanding me
l am willing to pay for her
lt is not for sale. lt is a legal property of this facility
And what kind of facility is this
l am so sorry
Ally this Versace is confident in facility
lt is a test subject there
l want her out of there immediately
The animal test subject is realize on voluntary basis
Our law firm represent them. We can just tell them to fix this
Ok. So how are you going to convince them
Presenting Brucer Woods
Who am l ? Where do i came from
Abandon at first i was on my own at my early age
Fighting on the main street for survival
Turning tricks
Even when i found a loving mother
When i look in the mirror who would i look
Who was it that was looking back at me
This is Brucer question
l think yes
Thank you
Miss Wood
We are lawyer we have right to fight for justice
And this is definitely injustice
l cant believe i say that
What we fight for is our client and their best interest
Yes. but isnt doing the right thing for everybody interest
l think you are confusing the right thing and the law
You dont think it is the same would you
Why dont we get back to business
And discuss your very bright future
Pardon me i dont mean to interrupt
Sorry i just dont think i can work with people that believe that
You know what
You are right
Thank you Mr Blink - You should not work with people that believe that
Absolutely i knew you would understand
You are fired Dell - What
We only had room for serious lawyers here
Take the rest of the days clear out your things
But the secretarial board already gave me a balloon
Keep te balloon if you wish
Why dont you come out sweetie i know Brucer would not blame you
But i am all he speak for in this world
And i had completely fail him
You know what i thought the first time i saw you
l thought that momont is really special
She believe she can make it different and she will
So come on out lets talk about it
We could go over some wedding detail
lt even get the red sox color. That is fantastic honey
Speaking of Red Sox
You are not getting cold feet are you -About what
Fired for something she believe in
lt is going to look like
There go the luckiest guy in the whole world
Holy crap
it is gorgeous
Amy something wrong
l am so sorru Alle
hey what is that you say back when i could not fit in the white
lf the fabric dont work with you dont work with it
That is so true and i know the most perfect
Something really classy like white ladder
That is it
Dont fight the fabric change it
Ok but white ladder
lf the law is keeping Brucer mother lock up. l should not be fighting it
l should be changing it
Everybody i am going to make animal testing for cosmetic illegal
lt is not just about Brucer mom anymore
This is about the fact that everyday i put on
Some animal might be suffering for it
Like breast feeding
And if i want to give a voice to Brucer
l have to go to a place to voice to the people
Oh my god
Ladies i am going to Washington
DC here i come
Your apartment all set
Great - Alle
Oh my god
You got to get going honey
Alle look at this
According to animal fair magazine
And it is my grandmother stripper name
lsnt that a good sign
You are going to do great Alle
Changing the law kind a hard
Home sweet home. Are you ready ?
Welcome to the Wellington madam
Too hairy
Too perfect for words
lt is my first day
ok last item on our agenda
Elle wood
Hello patriot
l dont think i had been this exited since Gucci become a public trade company
Oh my god it is capital Barbie
She is so shiny
So where should i start
Excuse me sweetie
Oh my god that is so sweet of you you think
Who are you
Alle Wood
This is Elle Wood everyone
Basically me when i came to DC
So make her feel at home
You are ready to hit the ground honey
Cute shoe
Here is Brucer
You little sugar
now back her up people
So gather them together talk strategy as soon as you get them
Welcome to Washington -Thank you
l miss the part where is my office is
The desk right here
Look at you
Dont be silly Grace
That is him and that is me smiling
Then you make one for you and me
You will be talking and i will be throwing up
He is quite a sweet kid
Tell me something Timithy
ls it difficult for you to read with your mouth flat agains your lawyer bud
l dont know Grace it is difficult to see your head with a minority head slap
Excuse me who want to talk animal testing
Ok dont tell me you dont know what is a snap is
Ok i will explain it
big problem
Go ahead write
So let just try this ok
Thank you Rina
Thank you Timithy
So the snap cup mistress that is me recite
l go mine
Grace always got her confidence to speak her mind
They are both stupid
Ok enough already. we can do something worth while
l think it myself
Thank you Grace that is great generous of you
l think the snap cup really work
You are on the wrong room sweetheart
Hi i am Alle Woods
Committees has call for order
Committees of energy and commerce
You had the floor lady in half pink
Would you like to be more specifically identify yourself
Oh sure
My name is Alle Woods
Perfect for animal testing right
Oh i want to let everybody know that
How interesting that all sound
lt is going to be fun
However the next time you consider attending a hearing
Committees had call the order
Welcome to the special committees of energy and commerce
Welcome to Wellington madam
You have a package
lnside the box is the most perfect wedding shoe ever
l wouldn be able to wear them
They are something all right
you think
oh i am sorry
Alle Woods
l hate that feeling
Whatever that means
l guess i better get going
lf i had to pass a law i had to work
lt is call the committees of energy and commerce
Oh ya right
This is really important
That means she only had one free had for bingo night
Where is you bill Rina
The draft lawyer couldn draft in six weeks
But if you would talk to the congressman aid
l could at least put on an agenda
Beside there is a lot of issue to come first
Maybe you could talk to them yourself
Maybe directly to the congressman
ln fact now that i think about it
With Rina clear passion for the project
lt is like what i always say
lf you left someone else do for you. you could do for yourself
Stick it out with the lawyer. now get to yours eventually
Want to get hearing for your bill
lf she could put her name on something warm and fussy
ie something like
That could do the trick -Really
What if i show them the photo what are they doing for the animal
That would work
You got to do your home work
How do you know about all this
You work on the White House
No at the Wellington
Sydney you are without a doubt the most useful person when i been on Washington
Borrow this
Which bring the end to our time
But i haven done with my presentation
ls Friday ok - The line start down there
Wait i dont even be here on November
l am getting married
Five more minutes and i am doing committees. -Rina
So we are nowhere
Grace help Alle with this
Allright everyone let's get going
See you all later
you could have a hundred and it would still no matter
This is Washington politic
Thank you Grace
You know you reminded me of something really important
l came her for my dog and i forget about my own
So you can do the Washington way
But i am going to do the Alle Wood ways
Time to get serious
Maybe that is where i went wrong
Hold that they just not ready for your vision
lt is at constitution at 12
Yes so peaceful and quite
Oh i know
When you think what they do to the animal
Just i dont think about it
Looks great
When was the last time you wore the yellow T rose
l am sorry what did you
When was the last time you wore the yellow t rose
l am here for those for those cant speak for themselves
How interesting
lt is practical
6285 the number of my dog captive number
l am not sure i follow all that
But you got my attention
Excuse me do you have a -Get lost
Here you go - Thank you young lady
Come on Brucer
Honey come on
We have to go come on
lt is all about the color
What would i do without you
You are going to get this bill through
An honest voice is louder than the crowd
Just trust your voice
Please tell me he is ok
Your Rodwiller is humping your little dog
Tell me something i dont know
Wait did you say Staggy
Your dog the one wearing a pink skirt in the park
ls she has testosterone
Leslie is a les the rodwiller is a guy
The K9 are both male
Your dog are gays
Doesnt matter they are the smartest or strongest
As long as they are happy
Why me
Why my dog?
You call me Stan
Alle woods. nice to meet you
Wait congressman Steve Mark
Pleasure is all mine
Believe me
Cheers to getting things done the Washington Ways
Who want to bet
Rina - No thanks
Who wants to take it over six days
l am so busy. sorry i am late
By the way the outfit looks fantastic on you
lt really brings out the color in your eyes
Ya you can go back to the one at eleven what was that
1 1 o'lock commerce hearing
That what it says
Nice try you have to bet a bill before you can have a hearing
Like this one
ls bill writing super fun or what
Where is my Alle
Libby just told me the news
Never underestimate a women with a English law degree
l could not done it without your inspiration
Have i tell you this girl is special
Actually i don do it alone
The entire team help me
Good work guys
l guess i will see you at the Harper
As not what your best friend can do for men.
but what you can do for men's best friend.
The committee of hearing come first to the order.
HR 2562. AKA. Bruiser's Bill.
Represent the Victoria Rudd of responder proposing a band of animal testing.
l like to welcome you all at the began consideration this very important issue.
This week. you were here an expert testimony from both sides...
that l asked you to keep your ears...
and your minds open.
This is my first congratulate. can you believe it?
As l come today as a citizen and a scientist for the Nature lnstitute for 25 years.
it becoming increasingly clear this suppose the alternative to animal testy.
Our alternative at all.
l'd like to this all that might represent two considerations.
Precisely. l saw at a pets store with a label...
''This part is part is testing on human''.
Now. that's the problem we're discussing.
We try to discuss for the facts...
the sacker and tucker wide calls noses other sentimental mumble jumble consider this.
What we see sacker is a part.
We are can see sacker so mind...
and so to move on such a bill at this junction of time we having..
at already unstable local economic across the country.
Now. that? the problem we're discussing.
You know l'll do anything for you.
but l got to tell you now. that is one tough room. you got to be prepare more.
Excuse me. ladies. l have to go. Good evening.
i know you have bad day in court. for the same thing...
they made their case. we made ours.
That was bad.
l think we have the both uncommitted even without your testimony.
But they have scientist at the court to listen.
So. do we?
Elle. listen to me.
Go home. Have a early evening.
Victoria Rudd.. yes...
Oh. hang on a minute. would you?
Go home. try to relax.
And don't think like them. think like you.
Ok. Thanks.
- Good night. - Go night.
Bob. how are you?
Thanks. nice work.
Oh. here. l'm sorry about that. this happen all the time.
My break is almost up. but l want to get you this before tomorrow.
Oh. great. lets walk.
How did you know all these?
100 of dogs walk. -1000 of plastic bags.
This is perfect; this is exactly what l need.
Of course l appreciate your support. why won't you continue?
Alright. l'll do what l can.
Don't push me. Bob.
l don't care.
alright. good night.
listen. l need to call my favor.
l'm listening.
l've changed my position on Bruiser's Bill.
He is good. He is really good.
l? really glad we're watching this. This is good for you.
Kenneth. l'm starting to worry about how may get all this wedding planning done..
Elle. l want you to follow my lead in Washington.
And always make sure Bruiser will wear the sweater.
ls that child cindering?
No. that's not child cindering.
Seriously. honey.
Don't worry about the wedding research.
Just give them hell tomorrow.
The chairs are now recognize the Elle Woods.
Thank you. Mr. chairman.
That she is. guys. She really did it.
Ms. Woods.
How lovely.
Representer Kroft. that lip grosses is absolutely is intention on you.
l'm sorry. what?
lts Makery number 156. company shall named it. is that correct?
Yes. Yes. but how did you..
What if l told. Represent Kroft that you owe the special bound in your steps...
The one that only comes from buying the perfects lipstick...
To the pain and suffering at innocent animals.
What is l tell you. hunger women mad in matter in crock....
that you owe your matter make up roam...
to him.
my best friend.
How much time to the act on my behave... helpless.
But today. l did the opportunity to speak for him.
Who do you speak for?
Mr. Fued.
the next time when you reach for your over night moisturizing gloss.
by the way. its nothing to be ashamed for men to use them.
Consider asking yourself. would you willing to scarify...
in a name of beauty and soft cubicle.
Are you willing to scarify animal welfare?
Or how about. just say the welfare when animal...
like Jerry.
Your child with pals. that striking retrieve the black classmates.
You know about Jerry?
When all the other children refuse to play the with you.
who was that always your tender?
Jerry Billy.
Mr. Chairman.
when you look at those steps with the torment dies on your Rock Leslie.
did this not make your heart grow with warm?
To respect Ms. Wood. l won't go that far.
he learns that between seven different kinds of pipes and fetch each one on comment.
do you not swear to protect him with every shot gun in your...
termining animation case?
lt won't come with that. this is a dog we're talking about. Leslie is a dog.
But. if you could speak for Leslie. what would you say?
What will Leslie want you to say for him. Mr. Chairman?
Oh. here it is.
My Rock Leslie is a homosexual imitation.
then l'll say. ''l'm out.''
and my dog is gay.
And guess what?
l couldn? be part of the little play.
l don? care how good my hands goes slick back some high dollars for me.
just one down stair. into that sneaks sissy dog that l know.
No cosmetic could ever be with it.
Bruiser's Bill.
Bruiser's Bill.
Bruiser's Bill.
We did it.
Bruiser's Bill.
hey. Bruiser. you worth with that.
l would like to conclude this hearing by thanking you all with testimony...
Mr. Chairman.
The Chairs had recognized the general law of restitution.
Mr. Chairman. committee members.
l would like to thank you for your consideration of this bill.
however after further reflection on this budget reality in this whole years.
l feel l must draw my support for Bruiser's Bill.
Everybody calm down.
l'm sorry. Bruiser.
l'm sorry too. Elle.
l know you think l let you down.
Believe me. l thought about your reaction maybe more than l should have.
By Grace.
The last two section. she's been pushing this homoner intensive bills.
This morning. she struck the deal.
l was draw my support for Bruiser's Bill; homoner intensive comes to a vote.
That was the price and l paid it.
That's not a deal and trace and secrets.
That's not people wants.
Elle. l'm sorry.
So. what's your story?
You even honest?
l guess you were.
He doesn? play games and l think you're the only one.
This is how you did it.
And l even that was happy. that was really brave...
To trusting you actually
Trusting this system.
Trusting yourself.
l did.
Go on.
We even put the hearts over the eyes.
That? my idea.
Thank you everybody. this is really nice.
But. l... this can? help for this.
We have a plan. to vote for you.
How about 100 of signature we can spring Bruiser's Bill...
from committee straight to the house for the vote.
l don? know that. sounds really complicated.
You can part with any of us.
That long maintaining your sparker. we never sparker.
lt means. in anyone of us one person can make a different until you get on.
lts not really 218 signatures?
lt? not that hard.
l guess l know more shift with that.
Well. that's me.
Elle. is time to finish where you started.
Winnie. l'm still waiting on those one-minute form....
l need you to read part on that campaign financial perform hearing.
Grace. stand this meeting at my office anyway.
l said. now.
where's my staff?
They quick without notice.
Martin Howser just found the petition at discharges the Bruiser's Bill.
l'm pretty sure there's where your staff is.
Lay by the commander solute the suet.
Attention to this charge HR2652 AKA Bruiser's Bill. carry with no objection.
The petition is officially found for member signatures.
Actually we are straightly bring your own on the discharge petition.
But. it's pink.
We both signed it. as you can see.
l believe we'll be in dismiss. thank you.
That will be the other to coming for us.
Don? you like pink?
Come on.
Discharge petition time.
we have to work it out first. lets go.
Ok. we have 2 signatures. we have 216 to go...
l need to break up the country with color code.
Dimity. you're gonad be Teal.
Renna. you?e gonad be Magenta.
And Elle is gonad be Mirage.
And l got the cover 37 signatures in resident.
ok. Sid post. 37.
lts judge in 3 weeks. we can't do this.
That's why l'm calling it in the enforcement.
Elle. l hope we're talking a couple of brightness commander in the country.
We're here.
My God.
We can? wait to see the more.
This is Margo and Celina.
So great.
Thank you.
So. is it time?
You?e here?
Ok. we'll meet you in lobby.
Lets go.
Everybody. this is the final member in the team. Paulette.
Who is ready to discharge?...
in petition in bill and whatever.
l can tell in moment of your time. so you can consider something...
l lost one.
Sorry. l just a time. Renna how are you?
Have anybody told you about Bruiser's Bill.?
l mean animal just don't have a same reaction like the humans do.
You know?
Oh. my dear.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Who's next?
You?e next.
We're gonad do it.
Why did they keep sending us to 216?
lnter Orientation.
Margo. you are genius.
lf this isn't the great to choose. l don? know what will.
lnter class of 2003 on step!
Two. four. six. eight. final petition win a gain.
Go. Bruiser's Bill. go!
Yes. Bob. l know what you're reading.
Are you kidding?
Your support is been invaluable to me.
lf it works for you. l've been painting my own poster.
l don? care she have 2 weeks left.
She can have 2 years left. She is not gonad pull this off.
l will not be out lose by this silly little blonde.
Don't worry. Bob. l'll get her.
And the little dog. too.
Even the entire willing to 62 like changing hair cut. that will so not even close.
We get a problem here.
The bad news is...
Wow. you. you look amazing.
lts just Elle's highlight so it will finishing roles.
l did it.
Ok. so. what is bad news?
We just lost Hanner Feld
The problem is. we were planning him to bring Joson. Paul and Jennal with unboard.
What you talking about?
l talked to him by myself that l confirm to him this morning in the breakfast.
Well. l don? know. somebody must get to the lunch.
lts Grace.
- Just make sure. - l will.
l'm looking for Grace Foster.
l just want to know if she's coming back for lunch soon. because...
Elle. hi.
Oh. hi.
l was just gonad call you.
l was looking for Grace.
The discharge petition.
Yeah. we intended to fail.
and l was just wondering Grace know anything about it.
Now that isn't important anymore.
Could l speak with you for a moment?
You did it now.
You won.
You can collect Bruiser's mum anytime you like.
Well. if you promise not to be disappointed in me again.
l'll tell you l've pulled a few strings...
said Manifest. is releasing all of the tested animals.
All of them?
All of them.
And what's more.
they have been so impress on how you handle yourself down here.
They want you to come on aboard and head to legal department.
lts a very general offer now.
l don? know.
You did it. You did what you came here for do.
But what about the discharge petition?
l mean its just about just want it at most but all demo.
l agree. But you got a great dement place that can carry on without you.
same magnify when you up there by Monday.
You can go home.
Congratulation. Elle.
Wow. thank you.
We have to stick together. Washington blonde.
Do you haven? know the representer Hanner that have lunch today at members dining room?
l skipped lunch today. Have a facial.
Ok. Alright. thanks. l'll call you back.
Emend. l know you probably in case lock last week now.
but l want you to call me back when you get this.
l think l'm coming home.
But it? a good thing now. maybe.
Call me back.
Would you leave us alone now?
Excuse me?
Look. l know you've been working against us.
And l know some how personal.
You don? like me.
Your bill is trivial to me. l have my origin.
You know. that's only asking. Grace...
Homoner lntensive? l didn't touch that bill.
lts the tax fight for the wealthy.
Haven't you been pushing it in the last two section?
Look. Victoria had a live interview with Coney Chance an hour.
l don? have time for this.
With that interview. she is preparing for?
She's a make up right now.
She's a make up?
Test. 1 . 2. 3.
ls Ms Chan is available. l'd like to go over some ground rows before we go on.
Thank you.
Ok. Thanks.
Doesn't she have beautiful complexion?
She's like a PSA for SPS.
Oh. thank you. Elle. l though you're gone.
Oh. home? No. no. l'm not ready yet.
l've been dumber speaking on this.
l mean actually feeling a little bit mardy.
l thought l need a light spoliation and hyper separation...
l thought Victoria will have a good recommendatin for me.
Surely. this isn? a best time.
No. no. l know you?e very busy. so...
l already called your facilist.
but the thing is. she said you didn't come in today.
Oh. no. no. l went some place else. Some place new.
ls that all?
No. that's not all.
Every woman knows that a good facial can be painful experience done probably.
Likely the result and let loch areas is all over your skin.
swelling paining your teeth and particular...
even more. so facialist pending so many of the best stars...
payback for the fall. commonly that's what l like to say.
What are you talking about?
lsn't that's the first rule of the facial that there is 24 hours window between...
facial and any major occasion. such as save a day of dancer...
or maybe an interview with Ms Polly Brovich?
l don't think that's a rule that a Washington woman can easily forget.
This is ridiculous. can we clear this room?
You lie me about your lunch hour. why?
Because you?e having lunch with Hanner Feld?
You turn on me against for all these time. haven't you?
For god sake. enough. that's enough.
Thank you. Out.
Thank you. l'll be with you at the moment.
Yes. l lied to you. l killed Bruiser's Bill.
You're animal lover. what about Donny Medision. your dog?
lt? not mine. l brought it.
Elle. we've been through all of these before.
l treated your bill for the Homoner's bill that Grace set committee me too.
That's a lie.
Grace never want in that.
You locked this bill. nobody else. And l wanna know why.
- Why? - Yes. why?
Why this anything ever happened in Washington survival.
you have no idea what it takes to get you to stay here.
The money you take.
so happen my chief financial contributors have to poachers in a major cosmetic company.
And they want to continue testing on animals.
So much so that they willing want to bankrupt my potent and just selection...
if l did not kill your bill.
l trusted you.
l looked up to you.
l can't do anyone any good if l'm no longer here.
But you?e not doing anybody any good.
Nobody. not even yourself.
And l'm sorry that l can't let that happen.
You can't proof how l change my vote or how l locked your bill.
lf you work against mine.
and l've spend 20 years building up my credit ability in this town and back home.
l'm not gonad go with the press.
l don't believe in black mail.
That l do believe in people. and l gonad take Bruiser's bill to them.
The people believe what we tell them to believe.
lt will never work out.
You can't get the people to care.
Watch me.
Ladies. its time.
You mean...
Are you sure?
Are you with me?
l think so.
Yeah. Yes. We'll with you.
Go for it.
Oh my god.
Delta Nu President. Chapter 2-6. lD number 097435.
From the top. 6234978 stick to the top. Calling phone number 255.
Call phone 255.
l repeat. this is not a trick.
Sisters. DC. 0800 hours.
Hi. Neater. is Levy.
Hi. Kitty. is Stephanie.
Hi. Ember. is Betty.
Hi. Archer. is Mali.
Hi. Georgia. is Sabrina.
Hi. Cott. is Monica.
Hi. Christine. is Nell.
Hi. Pinky. is Mickey.
Hi. Jolly. is Jojo.
Hi. Alice. is Cookie.
You will never believe what happen...
Ok. see you at Washington.
Help me up. tell the friends.
Support Bruiser's Bill.
Hey. miss. save this good one. four color. big picture of Bruiser.
Emend. what you doing here?
Wedding research.
Look. Elle. your work is here right now. And that's important.
Stumbling in the wedding to you.
First step. get gloom in the Washington.
But. what about my part?
Look. l don't care l'm marry. just as long as l do.
l do. l do.
Feels good.
Save Bruiser's Mom.
We better watch out.
Grace. are you alright?
lt? not enough.
Tomorrow is the launch. special occasion there...
got a meeting on both houses ceremony of...
just no time to bother us again.
Sorry. l will try.
We have to keep trying.
You want those last 15 signatures?
You have to take something extra.
you have to push something no regular citizens react for dream.
Ok. fine. but how am l gonad do that?
You gonad dress the entire congress and l know just a person who make it happen.
Means that even possible?
Look. Elle. you maybe blood black mail. but l'm not.
Grace. why are you helping me?
Because once upon a time l love politics and l want to do some good.
Why you want to do with me?
Those silly girls that l told you about the blessed on your feet.
l was one of them.
We had celebrate today our mentally education.
secondary and prior educations and now...
Don't think about it.
And now....
lt? a little unconventional.
With the speaker and the president permission.
please endure me as l share flow with me constitute...
who is experience in education would like to educate ourselves...
on final issues facing us today.
Ladies and gentlemen of both houses.
l give you Miss Elle Woods.
lts all yours.
Thank you.
Hello everyone. my name is Elle Wood...
and l'm here to speak to you today.
About a piece of registration called Bruiser's Bill.
You know? Today is suppose to be bi-education.
l want to tell you the education that you all have giving me in the pass three months.
What about Bruiser's Bill. we still need 15 signatures?
She's blowing it.
Se. one day l came to Washington to help my dog Bruiser...
some where along the way l learnt really...
unexpected lesson.
Anyone of you thinking. who is this girl?
And what is this simple small town grow girl from L.A. has to save all that?
well. l'll tell you.
lts about something that bigger that me.
this is about the matter that should be the highest important to every American.
My hair.
You see. this is a salon in Beverly Hill.
its really fancy and beautiful.
But its impossible to get in there. l mean l'm not Julia Robert or one of the girls...
so. you just forget it.
But. one day. they called me.
So. l was finally get the chance to sit on one of the beauty chairs.
l was so excited.
the shampoo girl washed my hair with color intensive moisturizing conditioning shampoo.
Suppose to say. it was just wrong.
All wrong.
For me. You know?
First. l was angry.
l never realize my anger was completely distracted.
l had sat there and witnesses. and l just let it happened.
l didn't get involve in the process.
l forgot to use my voice.
l forgot to believe in myself.
But now. l know better.
l know that one honest voice can be a liar than a crown.
l know that if we lose our voice.
or we let those who speak on our behave...
compromise our voice.
This country. this country is fall on a really bad hair cut.
So. speak up. America.
Speak up!
Speak up for the home of the brave.
Speak up for the land for free of paunches.
Speak up. America.
Speak up.
And remember.
you are beautiful.
Thank you.
Everyone time for spoke up.
Elle got the 218 signatures she needed.
Victoria Rudd was the 218th signature.
Bruiser's Bill passed.
Bowing to public pressure. test animals across the country were released...
You did it. Thank you.
Paulette finally got her hot dog.
Her husband delivered Fenway Parks home plate to Washington.
including Bruiser's mom.
And that is where Emmet and Elle said ''l do''.
Sid Post now has his own dog to walk. Bruiser's mom.
This week. congress woman leaving Houser finish decoration her house
and negotiating for the sentiment between the labor union. the department of sanitation.
Snap for congress woman Houser.
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