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Subtitles for Legend of Drunken Master The.

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Legend of Drunken Master The

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[People Chattering]
You must declare all items.
Undeclared items will be confiscated.
Cho, declare the ginseng to customs.
Why, Pop? They make us pay 50 bucks in duty.
- I know. - What if I just hide it in my pants?
- They'll never know. - Brilliant, Fei-Hong.
Better yet, why don't we have the master hold onto it?
They'll never search him, because he's too respectable.
- What do you think? - Ha ha ha! Very good idea.
- You're hopeless... both of you. - Bad idea.
I'll not hear any more of your nonsense.
I just don't understand why we have to pay duties...
on everything we buy?
I don't care what you say. Just listen to me.
Avoid trouble. Pay the duties, that's it.
I know best.
[Honks Horn]
[Car Honks Horn]
Soldier: Back, back.
Back. Make way. Let the ambassador through.
What's going on?
Now watch it. It's the ambassador, and he deserves respect.
He's treated like royalty.
He doesn't have to pay any duties. How about that one?
Wow. He's a lucky one.
Man: No pushing. Don't push.
Everybody back.
Let these people through!
[Crowd Chatters]
Oh, no. Hey, are you all right?
Let's go. Shh, shh, shh, shh.
What happened?
- Shut up. Someone push him. - Huh?
Please, sir, I apologise.
Listen, Fei-Hong.
- Why did you give him our ginseng? - So we don't have to pay tax.
Once we get on the train, I'll look for the box.
- Ah, what a terrific idea. - What's that?
You could throw me down again and I'll hide some more.
Here I go. Here I go.
Cho: Ooh.
He must've tripped. Look at you. You're so clumsy.
Come on, get up.
File in!
Wow, what a crowd. Why don't you go get a seat...
and I'll pay the taxes?
All right, son. I'll see you on board.
If you have nothing to declare,
begin boarding right now.
Cho: Here, Fei-Hong, take this.
Got it.
Come on.
Fei-Hong, great.
Wong: Easy, easy.
Be careful. You'll crush everything.
Wong: That's good.
Hold it.
Hey, where are you going? Stop!
Come back! Fei-Hong!
Wong: Fei-Hong, let him go!
Fei-Hong, forget about him!
Come back here. Come back.
now, let me remind you.
A hero lives but a few seconds.
A master holds onto his life.
But he stole your wallet.
And I took it back.
That's not the issue.
The point is, the stronger man knows...
It's more important to forgive than it is to fight.
That's right.
What was I thinking?
Your turn.
How about this?
Hey, you know better than that.
But there's no other move.
Try it again.
Try it again.
Hey, look at the white crane.
Wow. Have you ever seen one like that?
It's still your play.
Come on.
Can we start over?
You still have a chance.
Where? I don't see it.
It's not fair. You always win.
Oh, God!
Cho: Damn it!
Are you OK?
I bet that hurt.
I'm sorry, sir.
- Wong: Is this yours? - I'm afraid so.
Be more careful.
Yes, sir.
Wong: Fei-Hong, what's this?
We call it cheating.
[Train Whistle Blows]
You've only got 10 minutes, so hurry up.
[People Yelling]
Woman: Come on, we ain't got all day!
Oh, the ginseng... time to find it.
Oh, yeah. Good idea.
Father, forget about this.
Let me go find something you're really going to like.
Ha ha. I don't think I'm ready to eat,
but I thank you.
Come on, how about a nice roasted chicken?
We can find him one.
How about it, huh?
Look, I can see you two want to look around a bit.
It's OK. I'll be fine here.
- Go on. - Come on.
[People Chattering]
Wong: Hey...
you two stay out of trouble, you hear me?
You make sure you come right back.
[Chickens Clucking]
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Sorry, sorry.
[Various Animal Noises]
God, do you believe the smell of this place?
I think I'm going to be sick.
Hey, this way.
[Classical Music Playing]
The vegetation's much nicer.
Yes, I see.
It's making me hungry.
Maybe we could grab a roll.
What are you doing here?
- Nothing. - Nothing.
You think you have reservations?
Yeah, yeah, we do.
Go on back.
Check inside.
I've had enough. Go on.
One more time, and you're off the train.
So what do we do now?
I got an idea.
[Ducks Quacking]
Now what?
Just watch me.
[Loud Quacking]
Man: Go away! Go away!
Look out!
They've gone wild!
Here. Hold this.
- [Quacks] - Stop him!
Fire! Fire!
Woman: Aah!
[Bird Chirping]
Sorry, sir. Huh?
Man: I'm sure he came this way.
Hey, stop!
Hey, you!
- Guard: Where you going? - Where you going?
Hey, you.
Wait. Why you hit...
- I kill you! - Oh!
There. Traitor.
A what?
Hot tea, sir?
Man: Hot tea for sale.
Thank you.
You leave me alone!
Next time, I cut your throat...
Fei-Hong: Hey, listen!
I'm not a traitor, you hear me? You...
Then what are we fighting about?
Don't play games. You hit me.
Where'd he go?
Back again? Why don't you give up?
Oh, no, old man. Apologise.
What did you say?
How dare you call me a traitor?
OK. Sorry.
Fine, but I still owe you one.
Hey, show respect.
Stand still.
Respect to you?
You must be kidding me.
Let's make this fair.
Ah, drunken boxing.
That's right. I'm the master.
You think so?
Come on.
- Let's go. - You come.
You know...
a kid like you isn't worth my time.
I show you!
Tiger Slash At Bear!
What do you call that one?
Ha. It's called Turtle Holding Wild Bear.
Catch the Bouquet!
Eagle Catch the Rabbit!
Down the Hatch!
- Hmm. - Drunk Plays the Flute?
Da da da da da da da
Fei-Hong: La la la la la la la
Dee la da da la la la la la la...
And this one?
[Sheep Baas]
Nursing a Hangover.
stand up.
Your kung fu is pretty good.
Young man, you're not too bad yourself,
but that drunken boxing wasn't...
[Train Whistle Blows]
Basically, it's slow, and you have no power.
It's pathetic.
I can defeat any kung fu. I show you power.
That's nice, but you're out of time.
Time? I'm young and strong.
I've got lots of time.
But your train's leaving over there.
Nice try, old man, but now you're going to get it.
Ay. All right, kid.
Come back here!
[Gasps] Oh, no, the train!
[Train Whistle Blows]
[People Chattering]
Fei-Hong: Wait for me!
Come on, give me your hand.
Hey, thanks a lot.
Get what you were after?
[Man Shouts]
Good fortune to you!
Ah, the ginseng.
All right, everyone here get up.
Gather your luggage for inspection.
Guard: Everyone, now. Come on.
Wake up.
Good morning.
What are you doing?
Something has been stolen,
and we're going to find it.
search them.
All right, what is all that?
Guard: You, take it out.
Hurry up.
Cho, open this. Fei-Hong.
Let me see.
Bear claw.
What else? Come on.
Green toad.
Guard: Next.
Wong: Deer horn, ginseng...
What's that? The one you dropped.
Open that.
This one?
What's that?
Dried yak.
- Guard: OK, next. - Fei-Hong: Shit.
Now the other box. Come on.
Let me see the other box.
Not that... that.
Let me see that one.
Not that one. The one over there.
Fei-Hong: Which one?
Guard: On the seat... between you.
Fei-Hong: This? No, no, no. That one.
He means the ginseng.
He wasn't hiding it.
Well, then open it up.
Guard: What are you waiting for?
Open that box!
Right now!
Excuse me, sir...
these gentlemen are clearly physicians from Hunan.
Why don't you give them a break, huh?
I don't give breaks. I give orders.
Guard: Show me your papers.
Come on, let's see them.
Sir, my apologies.
[Whispering] He's with Counterintelligence.
John: He's with the central government.
Better not challenge his authority.
Guard: All right, next car.
- Search up there. - Next car.
I'm amazed they would think
we would steal anything.
It is such an insult.
Put that away.
Do you all realise what this means?
They certainly won't buy the rest of the shipment
without it.
You know, I'm truly astounded
at the incompetence of all of you.
You severely damaged my reputation
with the British Museum of Art.
They've asked me to deliver
the jade seal of the emperor,
and I have every intention
of fulfilling that request.
I don't care how you do it.
I want it back.
Both: Yes, sir.
We think we know who the thief is, sir.
Get him.
Yes, sir.
we're having a bit of trouble
with the workers at the steel factory.
I trust you'll deal with it.
Of course, sir.
I know just what to do in this situation.
I promise you'll have no more trouble.
Let's make sure.
Yes, sir.
Ancestors be blessed.
It's grand slam.
Women: Aw...
Ha ha ha!
Let's go, let's go. Come on, come on, pay up, pay up.
Quickly. We haven't got all day.
Go and see who is at the door.
Come on.
Money. Ha ha ha! That's the way.
More. Now your turn.
Ling: Come on.
[Women Chattering]
Man: She wins every turn.
The master is back.
Yeah, yeah, the master.
Oh, God, it's my husband!
[Women Panic]
What took you so long?
I was in the kitchen.
Uhh. Unh.
Stand back.
Miss me?
Wong: What are you all doing?
Oh, it's you. I'm so glad you're home.
How was your trip?
Is everything all right?
Ling: All right?
Um... oh.
More mah-jongg?
[Whispering] Quiet!
How many times have I asked you
not to see patients while I'm away?
You know it's illegal.
Oh, now, I know I'm not supposed to,
and I tried to wait, but I had no idea
when you would return. Besides, if you were me,
I know you would've done the same thing.
Wow. I bet you won a lot.
[Whispering] Not now.
Perhaps I should examine them.
Uh, oh, it's a female problem.
I can handle it.
Fei-Hong, would you prepare my altar for me?
All right.
You should wash your hands.
[Women Giggle]
Stop it.
We'll need the altar ladder over here, please.
Did you remember to water the plants?
- Oh, yes. - Excellent.
Thank you.
Fei-Hong: Hey, Mom, whose money?
[All Gasp]
- Son. - Huh?
What was that?
I didn't hear anything.
Wong: The altar.
Oh, thanks for coming.
My share. Gimme.
[All Talking At Once]
Go. Go.
show a little respect.
Now, remember your treatment
next Friday, ladies.
Bring money. Ha ha ha.
Hello, Mrs Wong.
How are you? Has Master Wong returned?
Yes. He's inside.
Any news about my ginseng?
Did he get it?
Let's ask him. Come in.
Oh, thank you.
Mr Chan has come for his ginseng.
Ah, Mr Chan, I'm...
Why are you here so soon?
- The ginseng's in the back. - I know.
- Let me get it. - Go on.
It's beautiful. I brought you a whole root.
Wait till you see it.
It's just in back. Some tea?
Ah, you are so kind.
Yes. Please have a seat. I'll be right back.
Thank you.
I'm getting out of here.
Where are you going? You got to help me out.
When the master finds out, he'll kill me.
He will not.
Ling: Fei-Hong.
What are you doing?
Stepma, come here.
Fei-Hong: I don't know what to do.
We're in such trouble.
I lost the ginseng on the train.
What? What did you do now?
What'd she say?
OK, OK, OK. Shh.
Please. You got to help us out.
Wong: Fei-Hong!
Yes, Dad!
You just go out and serve him tea.
I'll think of something.
I'll leave it up to you two. Coming!
Oh, madam, what should we do about this?
You see that door behind me?
You mean...
- In the cabinet. - Sure.
- There's a black box. - Oh, yeah?
Look inside it.
Ah, another ginseng. I can't believe it!
- What for? - For you.
Oh, no, madam, please don't tease me this way!
Who's teasing?
I have your tea, Mr Chan.
Thank you very much, son.
Enjoy it.
Go, go.
Father, you must be very hot.
- Let me help you. - Mr Chan.
It's real.
Now, Mr Chan, I know you have never seen
a specimen as beautiful as this, have you?
Oh, and let me tell you... wait till you see
what happens to you when you take it.
Why, women won't believe the difference
in your performance, and you will owe it
all to the master.
What are you doing with that rutabaga?
Fei-Hong: Ohh.
This is a rutabaga?
You mean it isn't ginseng?
- No. - Silly of me.
Of course it isn't ginseng. What I meant to tell you
was that you should stay away from rutabagas...
especially big rutabagas like this one...
while you're taking ginseng.
It causes gas and neutralises the effect
or something like that.
Excuse me.
Mr Chan...
I'm glad she remembered to tell you about that.
You know, most people don't realise
that when you use ginseng
you should avoid the use of rutabaga,
because they're not a good mix.
Rutabaga, shmutabaga.
Stop that, Fei-Hong!
Hi. Back so soon?
Oh, Lord. Now what?
Good luck, now.
You think this looks like ginseng?
Oh, yeah, it looks just like it.
Where did you find it?
Father's bonsai tree.
What a great idea. Just blame it on Cho.
- OK. - Aah!
I'll try to keep your father distracted.
What do you think of this?
Boy, that looks great.
Great. I'm a genius.
Excuse me. May I have a word?
Just a second.
Of course. I can wait.
What is it, dear?
- Come. - What?
Come on. Just one minute.
Can't this wait? I'm busy right now.
I'm sorry. I couldn't wait
any longer to tell you.
Fei-Hong is all grown up now.
Someday, he will leave our house.
- What? - Oh, you know...
how cute he was when he was little.
Chan: But why is it wet?
Let me tell you. I'm glad you asked.
Because it was just picked this morning.
You're really going to enjoy the potency
of this one.
It's really powerful.
You just need a little bit.
A little brother around here could take his place.
We can talk about this later.
Don't be rude.
Please, or I will never forgive you.
You shouldn't talk that way to me.
Well, you never let me talk.
Honey, not now. Mr Chan...
Don't you turn your back on me.
OK. Roll it up tight
to keep it nice and fresh
and keep it close to your heart...
Like that.
Remember what I told you and have a nice day.
Yes. I really do think
we need to talk about this now.
Master Wong? Thanks for the ginseng.
Ah. Everything is all right?
Just fine.
- I'll keep it inside. - He liked it.
Let me see you out.
Let Fei-Hong do it.
I can show you. Please, this way.
- Bye-bye, now. - Goodbye, Mr Chan.
Anyway, as I was saying
before Mr Chan interrupted us,
it's time you thought about this.
I don't know what you're trying to tell me.
Fei-Hong: Mother, Mr Chan's gone.
Oh, thank God.
What's this all about?
Look, if you don't want to talk about this
right now, I understand.
You've had a really long trip,
and you should get some rest.
Come on. Let's sit down.
Yes, Father. Please take a rest.
It's a good idea.
I better start taking better care of myself.
I need to realise I'm not getting any younger.
Well? Why do you make that look?
Because I'm afraid he'll find the tree.
Don't be silly. Throw the pot away.
That's not all.
What happens when Mr Chan drinks the tea
made from those roots?
Ho ho ho! So he will get a little dizzy.
Ling: He's going to have the time of his life.
I wish I could say the same.
Man: All right, all right. That's it for me.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, thanks for bringing it down.
Man: Ho Sang, she's cooling down.
Can you give me some more fire?
Just give me one minute.
Stand back.
That was great. Thanks for the light.
Almost quitting time.
After this, I ought to.
[Men Shouting]
That's it!
See you tomorrow.
Get them back to work.
But why?
I'm the new foreman here. Now ring the bell.
Go on.
Yes, sir.
[Bell Ringing]
[Men Talking]
Hey, Ho Sang,
what the hell you doing now?
Yeah, what are you, out of your mind?
I was just told that we have a new foreman here.
New foreman?
we seem to have fallen behind this month,
so everybody works the night shift
for one month.
What? Extra shifts?
[Men Protest]
Hey, hold on.
So, let's say we work
all those overtime hours for you...
then we need overtime pay.
[Men Agree]
You give us no choice.
You either work the overtime,
or we close the steel mill down,
and you'll all be without jobs.
Now, you can take it or leave it.
Mr Smith, you can't blackmail us anymore.
We worked hard for you,
and now we've had enough!
We quit!
[Men Yell In Agreement]
Hold it!
Nobody is to leave.
You'll stay and work.
Do you understand that?
You can take my job,
but you can't run my life!
You think you can make us?
Who you think you are? Let's go!
Don't move!
You're in our way!
All of you, right now! Get back to work!
[Men Yell]
Strike breaker!
That's enough!
Free him!
Ahh! Ohh!
Man: Get him!
Everyone up! Back to work!
You see? He's very persuasive.
They're going to get right back to work.
Ha ha ha!
Men: Huhh!
Instructor: No, again.
- Ki-yah! - Huhh!
Ki-yah! Ki-yah!
Ki-yah! Ki-yah!
Ki-yah! Ki-yah!
Black Tiger Slash! Ha! Ki-yah!
OK, now! Clean!
It's bloody impossible to sleep with all this noise.
Why don't we just buy it and have it bulldozed?
You know that we've been through this before.
Mr Wong refuses to sell.
It's ruining my life,
so why don't you go and do something about it?
Yes, sir.
[Instructor And Men Shouting]
[People Chattering]
Man: I'll catch you later!
Hey, Fun, you're working too hard.
You need husband to run that snake stand, huh?
Perfect job for me, huh?
Tsan: Ha ha ha ha!
A husband, huh?
Yeah. I bet you'd be running away
from these snakes all day.
Come on, now.
Why would I want to pay some lazy man
when I can do it better, huh?
You know, you make good point.
But seriously now, Fun,
you know, you don't have man around,
so I worry about your safety.
Hey, Fun, I've been thinking...
Let me teach you kung fu.
How about drunken boxing?
Where did you get that idea?
No one does that.
If you really want to fight,
I teach you the Choy Li Fu boxing style.
Oh, wise man speak.
What you looking at?
Get back to work.
We've got customers waiting.
They need the help now.
Woman: Yellowtail!
Yellowtail? OK.
Drunken boxing.
What does she know anyway?
Hey, Chang Tsan.
What, Fei-Hong?
A fillet of salmon
and a pound of fish marrow, OK?
Hey, where are you going?
Fun: Really soft skin,
but the meat is tougher.
Hey, Fun, I'm going to need a few things, OK?
- Ohh! - Hi.
Oh, it's getting away.
Oh! Ha ha ha!
One pheasant and two orders of har gow.
Ah, that would've been my choice.
Woman: I've been waiting for a long time.
- Here. - Thank you.
You want this or not?
Tsan: I got a customer waiting.
Oh, yeah. I'll be right there.
Oh, Fei-Hong.
Fun: I hear drunken boxing is the best.
Would you be able to teach me?
How about it?
Fei-Hong: Of course. Anytime.
Tsan: Hey!
How about I bone it for you, eh?
Oh, no. That's all right.
How about later with that?
Fun: We're discussing drunken boxing.
Fei-Hong, when do you think you could teach me?
Anytime would be fine. You just let me know.
Tsan: Fun, you need real instructor
to learn how to fight.
Maybe Chang Tsan can give you a lesson.
He doesn't teach the style I like.
It's for fighting.
Drunken master just for show.
Tsan: You cannot win fight that way.
Forget him. He's jealous.
I like your style.
Fei-Hong, time to admit it.
Your drunken boxing is no match for Choy Li Fu.
Isn't that right? You agree?
Men: Yeah! Right! That's right.
Man: Master much better.
Man: He knows.
Depends on who's fighting.
What do you say to a challenge, then?
Out of my way.
My Choy Li Fu, your drunken boxing.
And if I lose, you can have your fish
and anything else you want no charge, on me.
you can learn from Fei-Hong.
I don't need your help.
I appreciate the offer,
but there's too many people here,
and somebody could get hurt.
No way, Fei-Hong. You're going to fight this time.
Attention, everybody!
I'm Chang Tsan, and this is Wong Fei-Hong.
It's your lucky day.
I have challenged him to a fight.
Come on.
I'll hold this.
Remember, it's an exhibition match,
so go on.
Hah! Hah! Hi! Hyah!
Man: Oh.
[Both Grunting]
Drunken boxing.
Fun: OK, OK, that's enough.
All right, that's enough. The winner is Fei-Hong.
No. Really, it was a draw.
I think Chang Tsan would agree.
It's not over yet.
Ling: Fei-Hong!
Yeah, I'm coming! It's my stepma.
- Tsan: Come on! - I got to go. Thank you, Fun.
See you tomorrow.
- Fish. - Why, thank you.
What do I owe you for this?
You can have it.
Thanks a lot.
Fei-Hong: Thank you. Excuse me.
Everyone saw it was a draw, right?
OK, OK, show over.
Don't tell me you were fighting for food again.
Me? No way.
You know your father will kill you
if he hears about it.
Fei-Hong: How can I replace the ginseng?
Pawn my diamond necklace, that's how.
But, why?
We'll be in big trouble
if Mr Chan decides to brew that tree root.
You would do that?
Just remember, you owe me one.
Hey, that's the guy we're looking for.
Stay close to him while I go and get the boss, OK?
Yes, sir.
Woman: Stop here.
Ah, OK, here's the money.
I'm sure they're high quality.
She got them from her husband.
Look, I'm late already. Let's go, OK?
So, was the drought very serious?
In that province,
rice and grain were scarce before there was a drought.
With no rainfall, there will be no harvest,
and that is serious.
We must act now.
It's so bad.
They're so poor that some families
have to share a single pair of pants.
Wow. Who gets to wear them?
If you have job, you wear the pants.
Oh, wow.
Hello. Sorry I'm late.
Man: It's all right. How are you?
Good to see you.
Fei-Hong, don't you think we should be going?
Aren't you meeting my wife for tea?
Oh, no, not mah-jongg again.
How can you say that?
It's our fund-raising meeting,
and you were supposed to remind me.
Oh, I almost forgot. We'd better be going.
Ah. You don't want to keep them waiting.
You should go.
Of course. You're right.
- Bye. - Goodbye.
Ling: Good day.
No mah-jongg!
Fei-Hong: Yes, sir.
Man: This guy over here.
Go tell John.
It's been called to our attention
that Master Wong needs us to lend him some money.
Oh, no, no, no. That's not for me.
I'm sure I speak for everyone.
We'll just take up a collection.
Did you hear what I said?
I don't personally need any of your money.
It's for the drought victims.
But your wife...
Look, it's nothing to be ashamed of.
This could happen to you.
I say if Mr Wong needs money...
Nothing right now.
You sure?
You better not have said anything,
you understand?
I won't tell a soul.
Besides, she's the one that talks a lot.
Like you don't?
How dare you say that? I only told my sister...
Qu doesn't even know I came here.
Whoa, ladies, somebody has been talking.
They always lie to me. Look at their faces.
Now, that's enough.
Second Woman: Can't we just take a look?
Let's see.
Hey, careful!
Woman: Oh, so beautiful.
[Women Chattering]
[All Gasp]
Oh, don't handle it like that.
And I'm only borrowing the money.
You're going to have to give it back to me.
I know, I know. I understand.
Come on. Show it to us.
So, did you get it?
No. I haven't actually seen it,
but I'm sure they have it.
Well, we can't waste any more time.
Grab the seal, and we'll meet you out front.
OK, grab it, and I'll see you outside.
Oh, you're so lucky.
You're lucky.
Ah, it's so beautiful on you.
Hey, wait!
The necklace is gone.
You've got to learn to speak up.
Stop him!
Stop him!
Stop! Come on!
Ling: Let's go!
Leave it.
Ling: Fei-Hong!
It's over there!
He went that way! Go!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
[Men Yelling]
You better run.
Fei-Hong, you're my hero!
Oh, you are a hero.
Hey, Fei-Hong.
You see that?
Atta way.
What's this?
You bumped me.
Oh, I'm sorry about that.
No. That's not good enough.
Did I miss something?
Get on your knees and bow... right now.
What? You must be out of your mind.
Ling: Leave him alone.
You were in on it. I saw the whole thing.
Why don't you mind your own business, bitch?
Hey, who you calling bitch?
I can't let him get away with that.
And who the hell do you think you are
strutting around here like a peacock
in that bad English suit of yours?
I think I should kick your ass.
Oh, yeah?
Wait! Uhh!
Mom, are you all right?
[Slurred Speech] Go away.
I want this guy. I can taste it.
Hey, hey, take it easy. You'll be OK.
Oh, she wants to fight?
We'll take the two of you.
What? You're going to start this again?
[Slurred Speech]
What'd you say?
[Slurred] I said, kick his ass!
You want me to go kick...
[Slurred] You will, or I will.
All right.
Woman: Oh, what happened?
[Slurred] I'm all right.
[Slurred Speech] He's a very good fighter.
The necklace is inside. It's going to be ruined!
The necklace?
[Slurred] Fei-Hong! Over here, Fei-Hong!
Man: Where'd he learn to do that?
Po Chi Lam.
He does drunken boxing, doesn't he?
Oh, well, then, maybe he'll give us
an exhibition on drunken boxing.
All right.
Whatever you want. Fei-Hong! Come here!
All right...
time for drunken boxing.
What about Father?
I'll take care of him.
Besides, it will be great publicity
for the school.
Your dad will be happy.
Drunken boxing!
All right, what are you scared of?
Four of you guys can't beat one?
Get him!
Men: Waah!
What is that, huh?
It's drunken boxing.
Come on, now. What do you think?
Well, can he do more?
Of course he can. Yeah.
Hey, you're a bunch of fools.
Come on.
Oh. Let's go.
Wait for us.
Take as much as you can carry.
Hey, who's going to pay for that?
Master Wong's charge account.
All right, then.
[People Chattering]
Hey, where'd they go?
Over there, I think.
- Let's go. - Wait for us! Hurry, ladies!
What are they doing?
What's that?
Don't know.
Oh! I'm going to call the police.
Don't do that.
Fei-Hong, I brought you some help.
But Father will kill me.
You can blame it all on me.
You're going to lose if you don't,
so just go ahead.
Here you go... another bottle.
Both: Aah!
Ling: Two at once?
Do you think that's a good idea?
Don't worry. It gives him power.
Man: Yaah!
Are you all right?
One more drink would be helpful.
Here is the very last bottle.
You, get up!
Ow! What the hell was that?
What does it mean
when there's a picture of a skull?
Oh. Good stuff.
The last one really hit the spot.
Monkey Drinks Master's Wine.
That was Crazy Corkscrew
Open Wine Bottle.
White Tiger Washes Face.
Turn the Barrel!
What's wrong? You have a hangover?
Kill him!
Do you like Drunken Monkey?
Ah, Eagle Carries Wine Bottle.
Man: Got you now!
Attack! Waterfall!
That one there, I showed him.
Here is Peter Piper Playing the Flute.
Mmm! Ooh! Ha ha ha!
Oh, that's a good one.
Down the Hatch!
Drunken Maid Flirting With the Master.
- Aah! - Fei-Hong: Snake Eyes.
And this one?
Uh, Gypsy Wine.
It's called Gypsy what?
Just watch.
Uncle Stirs the Barrel.
[Men Groaning]
Come back!
He can't even stand up straight!
Find some more wine.
Of course.
Master Wong! What's going on here?
Those men are attacking Fei-Hong!
Hold this. Fei-Hong!
Smash Bottle Against the Wall!
Oh, no!
- Ha ha! - Have you been drinking?
You stop it right now!
Down the Hatch!
What are you doing?
Uh, Father?
Ha ha! You have the cutest little nose.
Look how well they get along.
How are you, Dad?
Fighting again!
Fighting? OK.
You should have been here.
Fei-Hong defeated all five of those gangsters.
What was this all about?
They tried to steal the diamond necklace
that Ling sold to me.
You sold your diamond necklace?
Why didn't you tell us Po Chi Lam needed more money?
We would have helped you. You know we're all friends here.
No. The school doesn't need money.
Here, you can take charge of the funds we raised.
Stop that! Fei-Hong!
- Hi. - Hello, Madam Wong.
I said stop it!
No, please, Master Wong, don't hurt him!
He's drunk!
Mom, fetch me another bottle.
Wong: Go home now!
Yes, dear.
Do as he says. All right.
See you.
Go home now, Daddy
Go on. Follow him!
You didn't do any better.
And what were you trying to do?
You've ruined the school's reputation!
They think we're broke!
And you, you idiot, what have I told you
about drunken boxing and fighting in the streets?
Now, tell me, is everything here so bad
you have to sell your diamonds?
Come on! Do you really think
I would have sold something
that's precious to us? I would never!
Don't lie to me!
How much money did you lose playing mah-jongg?
Well, how much?
I always win at mah-jongg.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Besides, who are you going to believe,
me or friends?
Stepma, I believe you.
Shut up!
Did you hear what I told you? Shut up!
You disobeyed me!
I said absolutely no fighting and no drinking.
And above all, no drunken boxing!
You even fought with me, your own father!
You disgraced your family name!
Wait! Wait! Hold on!
Would you stop hitting him?
He was just defending me!
They tried to break my jaw.
I guess that's something you don't care about.
Damn you, woman! It was forbidden!
They could have killed him. Don't you care about that?
Oh, sure. Like it matters.
You're beating him worse than those guys ever did.
You're driving me insane!
I can't believe this!
Wong: What's this?
Cho: Oh, my God!
[Gasps] What has happened to my 300-year-old bonsai?
Damn it! I forgot to throw it out!
Mr Cho!
What went wrong?
Wong: You know this garden is your responsibility
and I expect an answer! Well?
Just hold on!
You shouldn't blame everything on him that way,
because I was actually the one who did it.
I was practising my kung fu
and then I tripped over that statue right over there.
Luckily, the tree was there to grab.
God only knows, I could have gotten killed,
but I see now you don't care. Oh, well.
You know that's not it, Ling.
I am so sick and tired of your deception!
If you're going to hit me, just go on.
You know, that's not a bad idea.
Wong: It's time you showed me respect.
That's not gonna work this time!
You've been hurting me so I won't cause any more trouble.
You're driving me out of my mind!
Hit me! Hit me all right!
Over the head! Kill me!
Kill me and the little one inside me!
Little one?
Is that so?
We're going to have a baby?
Wong: Why didn't you tell me?
- Never! - Come inside.
You told me to get on my knees, so here I am!
On my knees! It doesn't matter if I'm pregnant!
Mom has a little baby!
I apologise. I wouldn't hit you.
Get away! You said enough!
Ling, no! You will hurt the baby!
- Then put me down! - OK.
Leave me alone, I said!
No! You have to stop this!
All right, I will.
Are you all right?
There's no way I'll forgive you!
What are you doing?
This is all my fault. Please be careful.
Get Madam a chair! Quickly!
Wong: What are you waiting for?
I'm begging you, Ling.
Sit over there, you'll be all right.
- Aah! - Ling!
Oh! Sorry.
Ling, I'm so sorry.
How dare you?!
Oh, it was an accident, Ling.
Let me help you.
You did it on purpose.
Now, of course I didn't.
Don't lie. Haven't you done enough?
Is the baby all right?
Stop it!
Eee. Ooh. Ugh.
It's fine.
Wong: Good. Are you comfortable?
Master Wong, Mrs Chan is here.
She has a bit of a problem.
You stay right here. I'll be right back.
Congratulations, Father. I'm really proud of you.
Thank you.
Ah, Mrs Chan, it's such a pleasure.
Dr Wong, uh, this really isn't ginseng.
I showed it to another doctor
and he says it's poisonous.
Now, I'm not sure where you got it,
but you've surely been misled.
It has made my husband deathly ill.
Mrs Chan: Thank God he only brewed half of it.
You owe me, and you're going to have to
take the blame for this mess. Now!
Forgive me. Uncle Ho, get the snake extract.
I can assure you he will recover
if you give him this.
Ah, Dr Wong, oh, this is wonderful.
I promise I won't tell anyone.
It must have been a mistake.
Good day, madam.
Mrs Chan: Good day.
Wong: Well?
Get over here, Cho!
What's this?
He did it! Fei-Hong!
[Fei-Hong Laughs]
How could you do such a thing?
Are you out of your mind?
You are destroying my reputation!
Here you go, Father. You dropped your bonsai tree.
That's it! I'm gonna kill you!
Ruin me! Drunk!
Wait, Wong, don't! Aah!
Hurt my friends! That's it!
Just listen! It was stolen off the train
and he couldn't get it back!
Oh, shit. What am I saying?
See, he was trying to save you some tax.
How would he have known the ginseng would be stolen?
The ginseng was stolen?
Even so, he still lied to me!
No! Not acceptable!
You shouldn't defend him!
He's a thief and a drunk. Just stay out of it!
I'm thirsty.
Oh, yeah?
You like some wine? Just stay right there.
I'll give you some wine. Come on, open up.
Come on, drink!
Ling: Stop it, Wong! Stop!
No more! What are you doing?
[Echoing] You're going to fight me now?
I disown you!
You are not my son!
Now, get out!
You better do as I say!
Get out!
Come on! Get out of here!
Stop it! That's enough!
Ling: You're going to kill him!
That's enough, Wong!
Fei-Hong! Fei-Hong!
Ling: Please, don't! Please!
You're killing him, Wong, can't you see?
I don't care! I want him out!
Up! Get out of here!
That was self-defence! He didn't mean to do it!
Ling: Tell your father you're sorry!
Fei-Hong! Come back!
After him, Cho! Don't let him go!
That way.
Oh, yes.
Man: How many you want?
Woman: Excuse me, sir. Where can I find the herbal shop?
Right down on left.
Woman: Thank you. Here you go.
Hello. Beer, please.
Yes, sir. Very good, sir.
I've never seen you drink so much.
You know your father's going to be
very angry with you, Fei-Hong.
Let's not talk about this.
Bring me another drink.
Keep it coming.
Ah, no way. That's it for tonight.
Excuse me, miss?
I want a song here.
Something I should sing?
The Ocean's Crying, but I sing it.
You play for me now?
[Playing Music]
I am so sent down
I was so happy and now
I'm all alone with no home
What can I do?
If not for the wine
I'd be hurting all the time
If only I could go home
Father, listen to me now
What can I do to make it up
To make you proud
Make you proud
I only tried to help
When I saw the bonsai tree
I thought I was so smart
Why did you...
There he is, right over there.
He doesn't look so bad.
Oh, yes, he is.
He's real tough. A fighter.
Well, let's just see about this.
I still love you
No matter what you...
Party's over. I suggest you go.
Fei-Hong: No matter what you do
What? You stop that!
Fei-Hong: Love you
You shut up! Listen to me!
John: The rest of you, go on home!
Go on! Get out of here!
Yeah. You gotta leave.
Go on. Move!
Man: Let's get out of the way.
What happened to the music?
- Oh! - Aah!
Are you the drunken boxer?
Sure. I'm pretty drunk,
but I don't know about boxing.
Man: He's just faking.
John: Come on. What's the matter with you?
Get up and fight me!
That's Fei-Hong.
Out of my way! What are you doing?
It's none of your goddam business.
[Men Shouting]
Get him out!
What's going on? Is this some kind of joke?
No! You should have seen him!
He couldn't be stopped. Ask anyone.
John: I'll stop him.
Man: We finished him!
Ha ha! Why you kick me?
Look at you. Get up and fight me! Come on!
Get this drunk out of my sight!
Go! Go on! Kill him!
No, wait. Not yet.
Don't kill him, teach him a lesson.
Man: All right, you've had it now.
Man: Careful, he's tricky!
[Low Chatter]
He's hurt bad, yeah.
Girl: Come.
Ooh, that's bad. Let's go.
Oh, God.
Man: Up there!
Woman: Get him! Cut him down!
Fei-Hong, don't be ashamed.
When we were kids, we used to go naked all the time.
I should have found you sooner.
You'll be OK. Just give it some time.
[Fei-Hong Sniffling]
By the way...
I have some good news, too.
Just listen to me. Guess what.
Every woman in town wants to be your wife.
It's the truth.
Hey, all right. Come on.
Dry your eyes.
I know.
I have a good reason to forbid drunken boxing.
Those who practice it frequently wind up as alcoholics.
Not if one uses restraint and self-discipline.
But that's more difficult than you might think.
Wong: It's true that alcohol can make the body loose
and its pain threshold higher,
but it's difficult to drink the proper amount.
Many drunken boxers become nothing more
than drunken fools.
The odds of bringing shame and disgrace
upon oneself and one's family is just too great.
It also reminds me there is an ancient proverb
that equates the drinking of alcohol with water...
"Boats can float on water," or so it says,
"but they can sink in it, too."
Now, that's a profound lesson.
I have only one question.
Whose boat are we talking about?
I will never drink again.
Ah, there, there, Fei-Hong.
I'm glad to see that you're OK now.
Come on, let's get up and thank all your friends here
for helping you. Go on.
Ho Sang: Fei-Hong, you OK?
Thank you.
You OK?
You should...
Tsan: Don't ever give up. You'll be better now.
Everybody makes mistakes.
How's the baby today?
He's just fine. Let him be.
Oh. All right.
Sorry, we are closed now.
Where's Fei-Hong?
Excuse me?
Is he here?
He might be. What for?
It's private.
May I come in?
Well, in that case...
Ling: I know who sent you.
What was that for? Keep your distance.
That's enough. I want you to leave.
You know, you're not bad.
Huh? It's you!
Fei-Hong, hold him for me!
[Whines] Help.
Father, help!
- Help him! - Wong: That's enough!
Hurting me! Aah!
Fei-Hong, are you all right?
Yeah, I was just pretending.
Fei-Hong, who is that?
Fei-Hong, hold it!
We have you surrounded!
I'm talking to you.
Yeah. Would you stop?
Wong: Please, sir, I hope you can forgive us.
I am Wong Kei-Ying. I apologise.
You are very famous. Meeting you is an honour.
I am Fu Wen-Chi.
Fu Wen-Chi?
Our most decorated Manchu officer.
Is it true?
Yes, it is.
It's an honour. Welcome.
- Right this way. - Thank you.
Good evening.
I guess that man is someone important.
Trust me, if he was important,
he wouldn't be hitting women, would he?
Think about it.
Keep searching. We have to find it.
Look in the parlour when you're done.
Yes, ma'am.
You have no idea where you left it?
No, I don't.
Where could it be?
Cho might know.
Something's wrong?
Oh, it's hot tonight. I can't stand it.
She's quite a handful.
Oh, think I'll get some ice.
Cho, where's the jade box I had?
Where did you put it?
I don't know.
What is that?
Ground garlic.
I mean there in your hand.
We found it!
Fei-Hong, where are you going?
- Mom! - I'm not finished with that.
Fu: When you surprised me in the baggage car,
I was trying to get back thejade seal
that Ambassador Morley had stolen.
I wound up with your ginseng instead.
Tell me something,
there must be a hundred jade seals in our museum.
Is this one so special?
Fei-Hong, they all are special.
Think about this.
Today they plunder a seal.
It seems small.
Tomorrow they take another, and the next thing you know,
the Great Wall is gone. And what's next?
Our children must travel abroad just to see their history.
So, don't you see that you and I
are the only possible defence
from governments trying to strip us of our culture?
So, I hope you can help me do this,
if only for the future generations of our people.
All right. I'll be honoured to help.
Thank you, Fei-Hong.
It's awfully quiet all of a sudden.
Where is everyone?
Yeah. There's no one here.
I'll go take a look.
Fei-Hong: What the...
- Aah! - Aah!
Let's go! Let's go! Move!
Fei-Hong: Uh-oh.
What do we do?
Follow me.
Here I go!
Get him!
Man: All right, lift it!
Fu: Here, Fei-Hong!
Let's go!
- Aah! - Aah!
Oh, they started.
Oh, I see the fun's begun.
Sounds great.
When you have the Ax Gang, you're sure to get the job done.
That's what we're paying for.
Fei-Hong, here!
- Huh? - Fu: Fei-Hong!
Oh, my God! No!
Hai! Yaah!
Fei-Hong! Your shirt, take it off!
- Quickly, now, go! - This way!
Go! Go! Move it!
Run! Go on!
What's this? What's going on?
Don't get involved.
Get on out of here.
Now. Go on.
That's Fu Wen-Chi!
Ow! That hurt!
- Man: Hey! - [Gunshots]
[Fu Yells]
Fu Wen-Chi!
- There! - Master Fu!
Huh? Come on! Let's go!
Master Fu!
- Get behind! - Help! Help!
- Aah! - Easy, easy!
Try to stop the bleeding.
Don't die!
Hold on! Master Fu!
We'll go for a doctor! You'll be all right!
The royal seal...
I know. We'll get it.
Don't worry. I'll find it.
The embassy. Go quickly.
- What do I do? - Tonight.
Hold on, Master. My father will take care of you.
I promise. Don't give up!
No, Master Fu! Come on!
What are you thinking?
[Low Conversation]
May I give you a light?
Hold this, please. Thanks very much.
There you are.
Carry on.
Pick it up. What's wrong with you?
- Chang Tsan? - Fei-Hong?
Come on! You almost killed me!
What are you doing here?
Me? What are you doing here? Come on.
I got him.
So, where's the seal?
How should I know? Let's go.
Fei-Hong: Anybody see you?
Tsan: No. I can't see. You got a light?
Of course. Hold it.
[Laughing And Clapping]
Ambassador: Looking for something?
Is this what brought you here?
Guard: Kneel!
Ambassador: I hope you don't mind.
We've taken the liberty to document your stay
at our magnificent embassy.
Please do enjoy our hospitality.
You can go straight to hell!
[Ambassador Chuckling]
[Guards Shouting]
Man: That's enough! Over!
A winner.
That'll be all, gentlemen.
We'll continue the plan as scheduled.
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Things have worked out rather well
now that we have the jade seal back
and a way to acquire Po Chi Lam.
That's right. I've already sent
the embassy photographs of Fei-Hong and his friend
to Master Wong.
He'll sell just like I told you.
He has no choice.
Make sure he understands, John,
that we expect him to vacate the Po Chi Lam immediately,
or we'll plan to execute Fei-Hong.
Damn those boys!
Don't they understand there's nothing we can do?
As an embassy, they're exempt from the laws of China.
Maybe we can reason with them. I'll go.
Sit down! You know what they want...
the rights to Po Chi Lam!
They just wanted to return the seal.
They aren't the criminals.
- You spoiled him! - You disowned him!
- This is all your fault! - This is all your fault!
You're impossible.
And you're his father.
We're running out of time. We've got to do something.
You're right.
I refuse.
How can I?
You know this land has been in our family for centuries.
There has always been a school here.
What would you do, just give it up?
I'll never do it.
Oh, really? What would his mother have done?
I bet I know!
Sister, I need your wisdom
more than ever.
What can we do for Fei-Hong?
Can you help us?
Release them.
You may let them go.
You OK?
Just go on.
I'm grateful.
Are you hurt? OK.
Just look at you.
I'm gonna be all right.
Madam Wong.
Are you OK, Master?
Some bruises, but I'll be fine.
So, what will we do now?
What do you mean?
Master Wong has sold the school to the embassy.
He did what?!
How could that be?
Don't you see? They made him sell it.
He had to or they would kill you both.
You're just lucky to be alive.
Fei-Hong, this fight is over.
We can't do this anymore.
I hope you know your father has sacrificed everything.
I wish that they had killed me.
Now, Fei-Hong, that is enough.
Life's changes are like a moving river.
What's here today is gone tomorrow
and tomorrow brings a whole new journey.
Let's move forward and live.
So, when will the ship be leaving?
This Tuesday.
Hmm. And everything's ready?
Man: Yes, sir. Ready and waiting, sir.
Good, good.
I want to close down the factory, lay off the workers,
and transport the shipment to Hong Kong.
Pick it up.
Men: Yes, sir.
First we work overtime!
We refuse, then they beat us!
Chin: And now they think they can fire all of us
just like that!
So, are you guys going to let him get away with that?
What do you say, huh?
Chang Tsan, what's going on?
They closed the mill, and you know what?
It was English ambassador
who was in charge of doing it.
Sounds like trouble. I don't think I can help you.
Oh, sure. You didn't lose your job.
Well, I'm not gonna let them push us around.
Yeah. As soon as they finished the last shipment,
they fired all the men.
And you think they have something to do with it?
I don't know, but I'm going to find out for sure.
Let me think what it could be.
We should check the office.
Fei-Hong, could that be it?
Well, we know they're up to something.
- Find a way into the factory. - OK.
Then we'll find a way to stop them.
Let's go.
Chin: What... What's this?
My God! Look what they're doing!
Well, we've got to stop them.
I'll tell Fei-Hong.
Hurry, Ho Sang!
In a hurry?
Let go!
Chin: Go get help!
Ho Sang, this way!
No. I've got to tell Fei-Hong.
Get out of here!
Get them!
Bring Fei-Hong!
Go now!
Madam, they're coming out.
All right, keep it down.
Then we can organise.
A good idea. Good day.
Goodbye. Have a safe trip.
Take care of the baby.
I will.
Yes, Father?
Don't get up. Keep working.
Are you almost through with that?
Almost finished.
Then start another one.
I'll make sure he does. It's my responsibility.
He's not allowed to leave. You understand me?
All right. Good.
You know, dear,
I've been thinking about names for the baby.
If we were to have a boy, he could be Wong Tei-Pau.
If it's a girl, Wong Pei.
Nice. Both names are fine.
But do we really need to pick one now?
What if I'm early?
That shouldn't be a problem
if you take it easy till I get back.
Of course.
- Fei-Hong? - Yes?
Water the plants.
I will!
Hold on! I've got to go.
Remember, get lots of rest.
We'll be fine. Don't worry.
Fei-Hong and I will be just fine.
Go! We don't have any time to spare!
We've got to get Chin out of there.
I hope he's still alive.
What can we do?
I'm going to stop them. I'm going to do what I can!
I gave my promise to Fu and Chin!
What do you think?
Let's go.
Hey, wait, where are you going?
I'm going to battle!
Wait, madam, you can't go in your condition.
What condition? Come on, I'm only pregnant.
Oh, madam, please. Think about the baby.
What if something were to happen?
You're right. Go ahead without me, then.
I'll go get my students. Meet me at the mill.
Right. I'll gather up the men.
Oh, thanks, Fei-Hong.
You're with us, right? Yeah, OK.
Will you be all right, madam?
- I'll be fine. - Good.
But what if Father finds out?
Oh, go on. Who cares now what your father thinks?
Only make me proud.
I will. OK.
- Oh! Fei-Hong! - Yeah?
Something for good luck.
I can use it.
Men: We demand justice! We demand justice!
We demand justice! We demand justice!
Guards: Get back! Get back!
You step aside now!
We demand justice! We know what you have in there!
Back off!
Those antiques are not yours,
and we won't let them out of China!
You have no right to them.
Is that right?
Fei-Hong: No! No guns!
Man: Kill them all!
Fei-Hong, you've got to rescue jade now.
- Get back! - Stand back!
Unh! Come on!
- Yaah! - Wait!
Come on!
One hand!
Here's water!
- No! - Yaah!
You gotta find jade.
Let's go!
Yeah. Let's go.
Boss! Boss! Boss!
Boss! Boss!
What happened?
That drunken guy is here! We got to do something!
All right, get him!
John: Won't this be fun.
Do you realise what you're doing?
You're helping them steal our history, our culture.
You mean these?
They're of no use to anyone.
If they want to buy them, I'll gladly sell.
I won't let you do it.
And what are you gonna do about it?
Listen here, nothing's gonna stand in my way,
so why don't you just go home to Daddy?
I've heard enough.
Oh? Well, that makes two of us.
Don't waste time. Just get it over with.
Do it.
You hear me?
Ha ha ha! Do something.
[John Laughs]
Catch! Ha ha ha!
John: What are you gonna do now? Ha ha ha!
Help him!
John: Hey!
Drunken boxing, huh?
Well, what do you say?
Come on!
You OK?
[John Laughing]
Now it's over!
Give me another rod!
What's this?
"A boat can float in water, but also sink in it"?
Ahh, a bit of Daddy's wisdom.
Here, finish him off!
All right, this is it!
[Laughs Drunkenly]
Just perfect!
How about it?
Hee hee hee!
On behalf of the governor, I want to thank Fei-Hong
for his role in returning the stolen antiquities
and on the arrest of the ambassador.
Thank you, sir.
None of this could have happened
without the support of his loving father.
Ah, well, we need more fathers
who treat their sons like that.
You should be very proud of him.
So, where is he?
Fei-Hong is still feeling some of the after-effects
of all that he's been through.
We hope he'll soon be on his feet.
I'm sure that he will come see you as soon as he can.
Oh, and he better. I've got a job for that boy.
I am certain he will be most pleased.
Man: Smile! Count to 3! 1... 2...
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