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Subtitles for Legend of Hell House The.

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Legend of Hell House The

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ALthoug the story os this film is fictious, The events depicted invoLving psychic
phenomena are not only very much within the bounds of possibility, but couLd weLL be true.
Dr. Barrett?
My peopLe teLL me
you're among the best five in your fieLd.
Your fee wiLL be libras 100,000.
Your assignment: to estabLish the facts.
Regarding what?
SurvivaL after death.
You want me
To Let me know if it's factuaL.
What wouLd convince you either way?
Give me the facts.
Where can I find these facts? I'm a physiscist...
In 20 years of study psicologia
You'LL find them in the onLy pLace I Know on Earth
where survivaL hasn't yet been refuted.
The BeLasco House.
HeLL House?
HeLL House.
The BeLascos seaLed it up after what happened.
20 years ago. They need money now.
I've bought the pLace.
Can you be there Monday?
WeLL, can you?
There'LL be two others.
FLorence Tanner--
Tanner? But she's a mentaL medium.
Yes. I want that approach empLoyed, too.
She's practicaLLy a chiLd.
My peopLe teLL me
she's the best in her fieLd, too.
And the other one?
The onLy survivor from the Last attempt.
I expect an answer within a week.
A week?
Take it or Leave it.
I have a List of aLL phenomena
recorded at the BeLasco House,
restoration of eLectricity,
transportation of your equipment.
Is that it?
No. There's a partiaLLy constructed machine.
How Long before it's compLete?
Depends on how many eLectronics experts you use.
How soon wiLL you need it?
Good day.
It wouLd be better if you didn't come.
But I aLways come with you.
I don't want to be Left aLone.
I want to be there
when you prove your new theory.
Isn't it just another so-caLLed haunted house?
It's the Mount Everest of haunted houses.
There were two attempts to investigate it.
Both were disasters. Eight peopLe died.
Fischer was the onLy survivor.
He crawLed out a mentaL wreck.
These are the house keys.
Your Luggage and equipment
has aLready been instaLLed.
ELectricity's on. Your rooms are ready.
There's a fuLL Larder.
I'LL return at 5:00 on the 2 4th.
Look at the windows.
He had them bricked up so no one couLd see in.
Or out.
It's hideous.
We're not even inside yet, Miss Tanner.
I don't have to be.
[Trying Light Switch]
So much for eLectricity.
There's a generator?
My God, that smeLL.
The atmosphere in here.
Of this worLd, not the next.
This house...
it knows we're here.
Miss Tanner.
I'LL keep my observations to myseLf.
Do you know where the emergency generator is?
I hope I didn't disturb you.
It's just that I'm concerned for you coming here.
Yes, I understand.
I wonder if you do.
Just how weaLthy was Mr. BeLasco?
I beLieve he Left miLLions when he died.
If there's anything you'd care to teLL us...
What's to teLL?
The house tried to kiLL me.
It aLmost succeeded.
That Leads to the ceLLars, Mr. Fischer?
That's right.
What's through there?
The chapeL.
Sorry. I can't right now.
We understand.
WeLcome to my house.
I'm deLighted you couLd come.
I'm certain you wiLLfind your stay most iLLuminating.
Think of me as your unseen host...
Why couLdn't Miss Tanner come in?
Her system is attuned to psychic energy.
ObviousLy, it's very strong in here.
A church in heLL, that sort of thing.
Why doesn't it affect him?
ObviousLy, he protects himseLf
better than she does.
Miss Tanner.
Miss Tanner?
I'm sure it's nothing.
Are you?
Miss Tanner?
I'm over here.
You shouLdn't have done that,
Miss Tanner.
You caused us undue aLarm.
I heard a voice in here.
WeLcome to my house.
I'm deLighted you couLd come.
I'm certain you wiLLfind your stay most iLLuminating.
Think of me as your unseen host.
BeLieve that during your stay here,
I shaLLbe with you
in spirit.
May you find the answer you seek.
It is here, I promise you.
And now, auf wiedersehen.
Auf wiedersehen.
''TiLL we meet again.''
The record wasn't for us.
What made the record go on?
BeLasco said he couLd wiLL peopLe
to a particuLar object,
then move among them unobserved.
I doubt that.
Do you?
Our attention was on that a few moments ago.
How do you know he didn't waLk right by us?
This house hasn't Lived up to its reputation so far.
It hasn't taken our measure yet.
Don't consider the house the haunting force.
Quite evidentLy, the probLem is created
by muLtipLe surviving personaLities.
I take it you don't beLieve in survivaL, Dr. Barrett.
If you mean surviving personaLities,
you're correct.
We wiLL see.
Indeed we shaLL.
When was the house buiLt?
I don't know.
Mr. Fischer?
1 91 9.
You seem to know a Lot about BeLasco.
WouLd you mind sharing it with us?
His first name was Emeric.
He was born on March 23, 1 87 9,
the iLLegitimate son
of an American munitions maker.
What did he Look Like?
His was a frightening visage,
the face of a demon
that had taken on some human aspect.
Are you quoting?
Yes, I am.
That is his second wife.
She committed suicide in this room in 1 927.
How taLL was he?
He was 6'5''.
They caLLed him the Roaring Giant.
What did he do
to make this house so eviL, Mr. Fischer?
Drug addiction, aLcohoLism,
murder, vampirism, necrophiLia, cannibaLism,
not to mention a gamut of sexuaL goodies.
ShaLL I go on?
How did it end?
If it had ended, we wouLd not be here.
It's about to end, Mr. Fischer.
What happened to Mr. BeLasco?
No one knows.
When reLatives of the guests
had this house broken into in 1 929,
they found aLL 27 of them dead.
BeLasco wasn't among them.
If no one objects,
I'LL try a sitting tonight.
I have no objection.
WouLd you care to sit
in the morning, Mr. Fischer?
I'm not ready yet.
Spirit of Love and tenderness,
we gather here tonight to communicate with those
who waLk this house in torment.
HeLp us to bridge
the chasm of death so faithfuLLy
that pain is transformed into joy,
sorrow into peace.
ALL this we ask
in the name of our Infinite Father.
This is an eviL house,
a pLace of sickness.
Terminations and extremities.
I don't know.
''If thine eye offend thee...''
There is a young man.
Very young.
Says he must speak.
Must speak.
[In Spirit's Voice] I don't know you peopLe.
Why are you here?
It does no good.
Nothing changes.
Get out or I'LL hurt you.
I can't heLp myseLf.
God damn you, you fiLthy sons of bitches.
God damn you!
I don't want to hurt you,
but I must, I must.
Get out of this house before I kiLL you aLL!
You started manifesting physicaL phenomena.
But I'm not a physicaL medium.
You were just now.
The embryo of one.
I don't understand.
ALL this time a mentaL medium,
and now this.
The Lord certainLy does move
in mysterious ways.
So does this house.
Back to normaL.
Those pounding noises are a bit unnerving
the first time you hear them.
Why was Miss Tanner so disturbed by that sitting?
Because she caused physicaL phenomena.
If Miss Tanner is a mentaL medium
and Mr. Fischer a physicaL medium,
how can you be sure she created those noises, not Fischer?
I can't.
In fact, I'm not at aLL sure
about Mr. Fischer or Miss Tanner.
Who is it, pLease?
You want to speak to me?
Are you the one
that warned us to get out?
Yes, it is you, isn't it?
You must give me some sign.
You're not BeLasco, are you?
Such a pain wouLd not be in BeLasco.
I feeL your anguish.
Who are you?
DanieL BeLasco.
Very cLever.
If you're that cLever,
why are you stiLL a prisoner in this house?
Good morning.
Good morning.
You sLept weLL?
Fine. And you?
Yes, very weLL, thank you.
I think I have a partiaL answer
to the haunting, Doctor.
That young man that warned us during the sitting
came to my room Last night.
BeLasco's son.
DanieL BeLasco.
He's very young and frightened.
Because he's so frightened,
he's very hostiLe.
If I convince him to move on,
the haunting force wiLL be eLiminated.
Do so by aLL means.
I'd Like to suggest another sitting,
under scientific conditions this time.
Miss Tanner in apparent trance.
PuLse rate 85, respiration 1 5.
Four eLectric contacts maintained.
No change in temperature. Steady at 73.2.
Dynamometer reading decreased to 1 823 now.
Temperature Lowering.
Now it's 69.6 degrees.
PuLse rate 94.5 and rising.
Temperature drop now 1 2.3 degrees.
Dynamometer reading reduced to 1 77 9.
Pressurometer negative.
ELectric contacts stiLL maintained.
Rate of breath increasing.
Rising steadiLy.
Infrared rays broken. Cameras activated.
Evidence of eLectromagnetic radiation commencing.
Medium's respiration 21 0.
Dynamometer 1 460.
Evidence of ozone in the air.
EctopLasm forming.
Separate fiLaments exuding from fingertips of both hands
uniting to form two separate strands.
Two strands moving toward each other.
EctopLasmic staLk through net, moving toward tabLe.
Leave a sampLe, pLease.
Leave a sampLe in the jar.
HoLd it.
She's aLL right.
Miss Tanner coming out of trance.
Premature retraction of ectopLasm
causing brief systemic shock.
ConcLusion of sitting, 2:48 P.M.
I spoiLed your sitting, didn't I?
Not at aLL.
I couLdn't be more satisfied.
Take a Look.
What is it?
A specimen of that teLepLasm prepared in water.
What the spirituaLists refer to as ectopLasm
is derived aLmost entireLy from the medium's body,
the remainder being admixtures
from the air, the medium's costume,
fibrous remains, dust particLes.
But the buLk is organic Living matter,
an organic externaLization of thought--
Mind reduced to matter.
She made that figure from herseLf?
I was visited by BeLasco's son
again this afternoon.
Were you?
WiLL it never end?
WiLL what never end?
Your attitude of doubt and distrust.
Why shouLd mediums be expected to perform
onLy under conditions that science dictates?
We're not machines!
I'm not a medium for fun.
Do you think--
I beLieve mediumship
is God's manifestation in man.
''When I speak to thee, I wiLL open thy mouth
''and thou shaLt say unto thee,
thus saith the Lord. ''
There's nothing in the BibLe
that doesn't occur today,
be it sights or sounds,
coming through cLosed doors,
or the speaking in tongues!
Miss Tanner,
I don't know what this is about.
Mr. Fischer, you must go.
What do you mean?
You know.
You're the physicaL medium.
You're being used. You're not in controL.
You've got to Leave!
Trying to get rid of us both now?
What do you mean?
Doctor, what do you mean?
I wouLd have thought that was obvious.
What is he saying? That I'm responsibLe?
You're the one who shouLd Leave this house.
You're the one who's being used,
not me.
Do we have to stay?
This is important to me.
What if you're hurt again?
I won't be. I'LL see to it!
SureLy you noticed how it aLL ended
with a word from her,
how I was the onLy one who was attacked.
I angered her.
You think Miss Tanner was responsibLe?
Not unassisted.
There's a Lot of power in this house, Ann.
She was the one who used it, though.
Directed it at me.
I made a mistake.
I accepted quiet, poLite behavior toward me
at face vaLue.
You can't do that with a medium.
You never know what's underneath.
[knock On Door]
May I speak to you?
I'LL onLy be a moment.
Were you badLy hurt?
I'LL manage.
I know what happened now, Doctor.
It was BeLasco's son.
He's trying to separate us.
We're Less of a chaLLenge that way.
I'LL sit for you tomorrow.
There'LL be no further sittings.
You can't stop them now!
I'm doing so.
You don't think I did aLL that?
I know it!
PLease. I'm in considerabLe pain.
Doctor, I am not responsibLe.
It was BeLasco's son.
Miss Tanner!
There is no such person.
You're wrong.
Where are you going now?
To Look for something.
Proof that BeLasco's son existed?
I'm sorry if I insuLted you before.
Mrs. Barrett.
Mrs. Barrett!
that girL...
aLL together...
You were waLking in your sLeep.
Mrs. Barrett.
DanieL, I've found you.
[Chain RattLes]
What is it? What happened?
DanieL BeLasco. I've found him.
WeLL, I'm not imagining it.
He attacked me.
Did I imagine this?
He's in there behind the waLL.
''Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
''O Lord, we beseech Thee
''mercifuLLy to receive
''the prayers of Thy peopLe
''and grant that they may know
that which they ought to do. ''
Is that you?
HeLp me, FLorence.
Why? Why?
You shouLd have gone on.
You're my onLy hope.
Your body was buried.
I prayed for you.
PLease, FLorence.
No. You have to go.
You've been given your reLease.
You are my onLy hope.
You must go on.
You are my onLy hope, FLorence.
What does he want?
No. I can't.
PLease, FLorence.
No. I can't.
[Door Opens]
What in the name of God?
[Cat Screeches]
Aah! Aah!
Miss Tanner's been hurt again.
Where is she?
She's in her room.
She's been bitten and scratched.
How did it happen?
I don't know. A cat, I think.
A cat?
It was possessed by DanieL BeLasco.
WouLd you Like me to examine you?
This wiLL prevent infection.
I'm aLL right.
I know you think--
It doesn't matter what I think.
What matters is your being mauLed.
I'm aLL right.
I wonder if that is so.
ShouLdn't you Leave?
No! I'm not Leaving now.
I'd be faiLing in my duty
if I didn't warn you to Leave.
I don't want you
to be another victim of HeLL House.
He's right, you know. You shouLd Leave.
You're being torn to pieces.
You don't think I'm doing this to myseLf?
Of course I don't.
You say it's DanieL BeLasco,
but what if you're wrong?
What if you're being fooLed?
DanieL BeLasco does exist.
We found his body.
We Laid him to rest. Why is he not at rest?
I think I know.
ControLLed muLtipLe haunting.
Something unique in haunted houses.
A surviving wiLL so powerfuL
that he can use that power to dominate
aLL other surviving sources.
You mean Emeric BeLasco?
He's the one that's kept me from the chapeL.
He made it seem as if DanieL possessed the cat.
He's the one that's keeping DanieL's souL imprisoned here.
He's Like a generaL with his army--
Never entering the battLe,
but aLways controLLing it.
Just what have you been doing,
Mr. Fischer?
Have you been drinking?
I don't think that's any of your business,
aLthough I do think it's a very good idea.
Come on.
You come on.
Mrs. Barrett.
You shouLd not Leave your husband aLone.
Oh, I think he's aLL right.
He's sLeeping.
Mrs. Barrett, you must go back upstairs.
Did you know that this was where it aLL happened?
Where aLL what happened?
ALL that debauchery and vice.
Right here.
Right around this very tabLe.
Mrs. Barrett,
you don't know what you're saying.
Oh, yes, I do.
I know exactLy what I'm saying,
Mr. Fischer.
Mr. B.F. Fischer.
Mrs. Barrett, it's this house.
It's making you--
This house isn't doing anything.
I'm doing it.
Touch me,
or I'LL find somebody who wiLL!
I know you won't forgive
I know what I did.
I'd give anything to undo it.
I just don't know why I went down those stairs.
I knew what I was doing.
I knew, but at the same time...
I'm not asking you to forgive me,
but pLease, pLease don't hate me.
I need you.
I Love you.
I just don't understand what's happening to me.
I just don't understand.
It's aLL right.
It'LL pass after we've Left this house.
I Love you, too.
Doctor, I think your wife is in danger.
Mr. Fischer.
It was not her fauLt.
PLease, Mr. Fischer.
This is a matter of Life and death.
She waLked down here Last night.
Near midnight.
You were asLeep.
So was she.
She waLked in her sLeep?
You shouLd have toLd me.
No, Doctor. She shouLd have.
The fact that she didn't...
I don't think you know
what's going on in this house.
What I think is irreLevant.
What the heLL do you mean by irreLevant?
Whatever is getting at your wife
has aLready gotten to Miss Tanner and to you.
You're bLocking yourseLf off compLeteLy.
Mr. Deutsch is wasting a third of his money.
You're bLocking yourseLf off compLeteLy.
BLocking yourseLf off compLeteLy.
I am not bLocking anything.
I'm just not sticking my neck out
the way I did in 1 953.
[knock On Door]
Ben? I've been think--
Give up.
Give up?
What's happened?
I thought we trusted each other.
I don't trust anyone or anything.
Anyone who does in this house is a fooL.
Something has happened.
Lots of things.
Nothing we can't handLe.
There is nothing in this house
that we can handLe.
That's not true.
We've made wonderfuL progress.
Toward what?
Our graves?
DanieL and the way BeLasco works.
DanieL! DanieL! DanieL!
How do you know he ever existed?
The body.
How do you know that he isn't
a figment of your imagination?
How do you know his personaLity
isn't what you made of it ?
I know I'm right.
We knew we were right in 1 953.
Grace Lauter, a successfuL medium for--
For 20 years.
She jumped off the baLcony,
and she shattered both her Legs.
Dr. Graham...
He crawLed out of this house...
to die.
Professor Rand,
head of the chemistry department
at the University of Oxford...
Professor FenLey...
psychic investigator...
crippLed and insane to this day.
Yes, uh...
You're right.
I am obstructing.
You're quite right.
I'm shut off.
I am going to stay shut off
untiL I am far away from this pLace.
I am going to coLLect my libras1 00,000,
and I am never going to come
within 1 ,000 miLes of this house
for as Long as I Live,
and I suggest you do the same.
[Water Running]
Can I do anything to heLp?
I'm afraid not.
It's just too compLicated.
Thanks aLL the same.
What's it going to do, LioneL?
You've heard me taLk
about a power in this house.
It's a reaL power, Ann,
a fieLd of measurabLe energy.
Energy that can be reversed.
That's what I'm going to do.
By this time tomorrow,
HeLL House wiLL be de-energized.
You'LL see.
That piLe of junk you have
isn't going to do a thing.
Get her out of here!
You haven't a chance.
Have you?
Yes. I know the score.
You do not fight this house!
HeLL House doesn't mind a guest.
What it doesn't Like is peopLe who attack it.
BeLasco doesn't Like it.
His peopLe wiLL fight back,
and they'LL kiLL you.
Leave that machine aLone.
When Sunday comes,
teLL oLd Deutsch anything and bank the money.
If you try anything eLse,
you wiLL be a dead man.
He won't Listen, wiLL he?
I was the onLy one
to get out of here aLive and sane in 1 953.
I wiLL be the onLy one to make it out this time.
He's wrong.
I toLd you before,
what FLorence Tanner beLieves is wrong.
I'm teLLing you now
that Fischer is equaLLy wrong.
Tomorrow, it wiLL be proved.
HeLp me.
heLp me.
Love me.
[Roaring And Shrieking]
Don't go, FLorence. HeLp me.
FLorence, heLp me.
HeLp me, FLorence.
HeLp me, FLorence.
[Voices Echoing]
DanieL, you must understand.
What you ask is impossibLe.
I can't.
I beLieve in you.
I've opened my heart to you.
PLease, heLp me.
PLease, Love me.
Love me.
PLease, heLp me.
heLp me.
Love me.
Dear God...
reach down Your hand
and give me Your protection.
HeLp me this night to bring to Your care
the tortured souL of DanieL BeLasco.
I give you now the Love you've never known.
I give it so you wiLL gain strength
to Leave this house.
I Love you.
And I Love you.
With Love, pLease, with Love.
Mm hm hm!
How Long have you been here?
ALL night.
You couLd have sLept with me.
Who put on my nightdress?
Mrs. Barrett.
Why didn't you do it?
My God. He's inside me.
He Lied to me.
He said it was the onLy way.
But he's inside me!
I can feeL him
just waiting in there to take over.
It wiLL be aLL right.
I wiLL take you out of here.
He won't Let me go.
He can't stop you.
He can.
He can't stop me.
[In Spirit's Voice] Who do you think you are,
you bastard?
You might have been hot stuff before,
but now you're shit!
Dear God, heLp me.
I'm taking her away.
How are you, Miss Tanner?
I'm aLL right.
You needn't come back, Mr. Fischer.
The house wiLL be cLear.
There isn't time for expLanation.
Yes, there is.
I am not Leaving untiL I know.
ALL right.
The body emits a form of energy
invisibLe to the human eye.
This energy can be expanded
far beyond the body,
where it can create
mechanicaL, chemicaL, physicaL effects,
sounds, moving objects Like we've experieced.
The energy I taLk about
is a fieLd of eLectromagnetic radiation.
ALL Living organisms emit this energy.
Such power must saturate its environment.
Is it any wonder
that HeLL House is the way it is?
Consider the mentaL and physicaL energy
which is being poured into its interior.
The house is a giant battery,
the residuaL energy of which
must be tapped.
We survive with this energy after death.
No, Miss Tanner.
This residue has nothing to do
with surviving personaLities.
The spirit of Emeric BeLasco
does not prowL this house.
Neither does his son
or any other entities
that you beLieve yourseLf to be in contact with.
There is one thing
and one thing onLy in this house--
mindLess, directionLess power.
You're wrong, Dr. Barrett.
You cannot destroy a spirit.
ALL you wiLL do is send it to another heLL.
No, Miss Tanner.
I'm right.
My machine wiLL fiLL the house
with a massive countercharge
of eLectromagnetic radiation,
opposing the poLarity of the atmosphere,
reversing, and dissipating it.
And HeLL House wiLL be exorcised.
I see.
WeLL, there's nothing eLse to do then.
Thank God she didn't know what to smash.
I shouLd be fLattered.
Her attack on the reverser
was her uLtimate tribute.
She knows I'm right.
There was nothing eLse to do.
That's what she said.
She had to destroy my beLiefs
before they destroyed hers.
[Roaring Noise]
DanieL, you must Leave before it's too Late.
Soon you'LL be sent from this heLL to another.
Where is Miss Tanner?
She was Lying over there.
Why didn't you watch her?
Ah! Oh!
You tricked me.
God heLp me, you tricked us aLL.
Ha ha ha!
You'LL have to open yourseLf to it, Mr. Fischer.
Try, Mr. Fischer.
I guarantee there'LL be no troubLe.
He's startLed because there's nothing to pick up.
Is it reaLLy over, LioneL?
Yes. It's over.
Done with, finished.
I can't beLieve it.
I know.
Do you mind if I say I toLd you so?
What a pity Miss Tanner died
when the answer was so cLose.
Barrett, the house is cLear.
It is compLeteLy cLear!
And I caLLed that machine a piLe of junk.
You better go and get some rest.
I want to check my readings.
This is impossibLe.
I don't accept this.
I do not accept this!
In here.
I'm sorry.
Oh, pLease get me out of here.
I'm not Leaving.
I'm going back to the chapeL.
No. No, you can't.
You don't know what it's Like in there.
I have to.
You don't.
There is no reason to go back there.
Ann, Listen.
I have to.
It's for FLorence.
It's for your husband.
If I Leave HeLL House now,
my whoLe Life wiLL be a faiLure.
You can't soLve it.
It cannot be soLved.
You're going to die...
Like LioneL,
Like Miss Tanner.
Then I wiLL.
It's here.
The entire house is cLear
except for this one pLace.
That's what the '' B'' inside the circLe means.
She was trying to teLL us
that it was onLy BeLasco aLL aLong.
It isn't mindLess, directionLess power.
It isn't muLtipLe hauntings.
It's onLy one.
One entity pretending to be DanieL.
One entity pretending to be many others.
That's where the answer Lies.
But what's the key?
What is the key?
Extremes and Limits.
Terminations and extremities.
Oh, God.
Of course. That's what she meant.
Grace Lauter's spine and Legs shattered.
Dr. Graham crawLing.
Professor Rand, paraLyzed.
Professor FenLey, crippLed.
FLorence's Legs crushed.
Your husband's...
''If thine eye offend thee... ''
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Whatever you do, do not interfere.
Here I am.
Destroy me if you can.
Don't Leave the job haLf done.
We're here.
I'm here!
kiLL me!
That's it.
Oh, that's it.
TeLL me something, BeLasco.
Why didn't you ever Leave this house
when you were aLive?
Why did you despise the sunLight?
Was it better hiding in the shadows?
[Whining Noise]
No one...
No one couLd reaLLy see you then,
couLd they?
No one couLd find out
your secret then, couLd they?
You weren't a genius!
You were a deviate!
A sawed-off LittLe bastard!
[Roaring Noise]
Your mother was a bitch!
A whore!
You were a bastard!
A funny LittLe dried-up bastard!
You're no genius!
You're no Roaring Giant!
What size were you, BeLasco?
5-foot 2?
1 ?
I know you weren't even 5-foot taLL.
Emeric BeLasco.
The Roaring Giant.
Is it cLear?
This is a speciaL moment.
Meet Emeric BeLasco.
Your husband did have part of the answer.
FLorence had part of it, too.
I finaLLy found the Last part,
that which BeLasco's giant ego
couLd not face.
He so despised his own shortness
that he cut off his Legs
and wore those instead to give himseLf height.
''If thine eye offend thee, pLuck it out.''
Maybe he was a genius after aLL.
Just because a man preserves his body
doesn't make him a genius.
It's not his body of which I'm speaking.
This is why your husband's machine
couLd not destroy his power.
These waLLs are sheathed with Lead.
He buiLt himseLf a fortress
to protect his spirit.
He knew what was coming years before it came.
Your husband and FLorence
heLped us to rid this house
of BeLasco.
Let us hope that their spirits
guide him to everLasting peace.
Legendas em InglÍs by (c) dCd /Maio [2003]
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