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Subtitles for Liberty Heights CD2.

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Liberty Heights CD2

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The Royal, Friday night. I think you'll like the acts.
For the two of us? I mean, isn't that a colored place?
Bring a friend, and I'll go with a friend. We won't sit together.
Is it safe?
Don't worry.
Do you think if a bomb fell, this book would save my life?
I don't know. Last year, we had to lie on the floor.
It's a different position now.
One time, it was the atomic bomb. Another time, the hydrogen bomb.
Hydrogen can't get through this book.
Come to the Royal.
Sylvia got me two tickets to see James Brown at the Royal.
- Who? - James Brown.
Who's he?
He's a singer.
- The Royal. Isn't that...? - A colored theater?
Problem is, I can only take one of you.
I don't wanna make the decision, so you guys can battle that out.
- Yeah, well... - Doesn't matter.
She's taking a friend, and I have to choose a friend.
I don't wanna choose.
She's taking a friend?
A colored girl?
I assume so.
- Do you think...? - I'll go.
You wanna go?
You think she'd put out?
I don't know.
I'm really into James Burn.
James Brown.
We're going to the show. I'll sit with one of you guys.
She'll sit with her friend. We all go home.
There's probably time for...
A little putting out.
We're not even sitting together.
- I'm sure she'll put out. - You're sure of this?
Sheldon told me all colored girls...
It's not that kind of thing.
Well, you know what would make it that kind of thing?
Something called "Spanish fly."
- Spanish fly? - They will go nuts for us.
Give them Spanish fly? We're not sitting together.
That stuff is dangerous.
There was this girl in Highlandtown. She rubbed that all over her body.
You don't rub...
You take the pill.
In Highlandtown, they rub it.
The point of the story is, she rubs it all over her body.
She gets so wild, she mounts a stick shift in the car.
She dies. She died, Sheldon.
Which one of you will it be?
- Me. - We'll flip a coin.
- Heads. - Tails.
Who is it?
Trey Travelstop.
You know a name like this?
Yes, I'll accept.
Where are you?
I didn't know you go to Washington and Lee.
When? Tomorrow?
Yeah, that sounds like fun.
Get off the phone, Bubbe. Off the phone.
I'll meet you at your house. Give me the address.
Yeah, well, hope she's there.
All right, see you, Trey.
Hope she's there.
Your mind
I'd have to say
It's kind of wonderful
There's $40,000 there.
You about 60 grand shy, ain't you?
Well, we've got a problem. That's just to show our good faith.
First, the southeast territory don't work out.
Now you come here with this shit?
You some tricky guys, ain't you?
I've got a car that's worth 3600...
...a home that's worth 18 to 20 thousand. I've got nothing to hide.
I'm letting you hold the deed, and each week you'll get 2000.
I won straight up! This here's some bullshit.
I'll call the Better Business Bureau.
That'll work.
It's the best I can do.
This about the grocery-bag test?
What's that mean?
Skin darker than the bag is low-class. Man don't get the respect he deserves.
They say if you wear a horseshoe ring in that direction...
...all the good luck tends to run out.
That's the way you see it. I see it a whole different way.
If white men get luck in one direction, colored men get luck a different way.
And that is a fact.
And you've got Those baby eyes
- Did he go for it? - We'll see.
Nice Caddy. I ain't seen this color before.
Do you like it?
Take it. Louie, call us a cab.
I want my money. And I want all of it.
You can't buy me off.
I'm doing the best I can.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm having dinner with my family.
Let's go.
You don't take me seriously.
A man in my position makes his presence felt.
Get your hands off me.
Dad, can I take the Cadillac?
Where you going?
- All right, but drive carefully. - Thanks!
Not too late!
Yeah, Mom.
I'm here to see Trey Travelstead.
You said that his family had money.
They got a butler.
Look at these rugs. They couldn't get wall-to-wall?
Squeaky floors.
With wall-to-wall, you don't have this problem.
These are piece-of-shit throw rugs.
Look at this piece of crap.
Look at this piece of crap.
You know, this has to be 80 years old, if it's a day.
You know? They can't spring for a new one?
No wonder they have money. They must save every nickel.
- They must like this old stuff. - It's old. It's very old.
When did they last make a purchase? 1906?
From bad to worse.
Look at this.
You know what my parents just got? A Formica table.
Get anything on that, and it cleans right up.
Nice hair.
You guys ready to roll?
I know what I'm doing.
You realize we're the only white people here, right?
There's Sylvia and her friend.
Don't draw attention.
What's your name?
This is Gail.
Let me ask you guys a question.
We just finished reading Death of a Salesman.
Is that a play about a Jewish family?
I don't know.
Arthur Miller wrote it, and he's Jewish.
I mean, Willy Loman, salesman.
Except the boys' names. Biff and Happy?
That's a crazy name, "Biff."
He wanted to avoid that whole Jewish thing.
- What thing? - You know.
What do they say?
"What was that play that we saw?
That Jewish play that we saw? It was good. About the Jewish family."
Not a salesman play. A Jewish salesman play.
He wanted to make it universal.
I'll grant you this, there are few Jewish ballplayers.
True. Very true.
You'll never hear, "Ground ball to short.
Flo Ziegfield scoops it to Leonard Bernstein at second...
...who fires to first. George Gershwin stretches. Double play!"
That's not gonna happen.
This is a much larger party than that Halloween thing.
We were just slumming at that one.
That was slumming?
When do we slum again? This is nice.
This is some farm.
I believe it's a land grant from the king.
Grant. Kings don't grant Jews shit.
Not now, okay? Not now.
That's Maggie Ridgley.
I'd pop her.
Sally Breckenridge. Her dad's with DuPont.
I'd pop her too. She would see.
She would know.
The one in the white hat is Anne Whittier.
That's your best bet.
- Very easy. - Fabulous.
I don't see the little princess.
I'm getting something to drink.
Do me a favor.
Don't call me Yussel tonight.
- What do you want me to call you? - Yates.
The Royal should be jumping tonight.
Sure enough.
Wait a minute. That look like Kurtzman's car.
He got that nice Caddy, and he won't give up the cash?
He got you on the layaway plan.
Don't make me moody, all right?
Believe me.
He'd pay the whites off on the spot.
It's a damn nice color, though, ain't it?
- You should've asked him for the car. - He offered.
Threw me the keys and everything.
- Hell, I should have. - Damn right.
Let me find that son of a bitch, take him up on that offer.
Man takes advantage.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna take that goddamn car.
He got to be around here somewhere.
What he doing down here anyway?
I don't know. White boy like that stick out like a sore thumb.
I'm glad to be here at the Royal in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland!
How you doing? Any whites inside?
Saw two.
You mind if I take a look? I'll be right back.
- Go ahead. - Thank you kindly.
Stay there.
I can't go in the show?
You're looking lovely this evening.
You look like a double scoop of chocolate.
And I got a sweet tooth.
And you still can't go in.
Yeah, so let me ask you, Yates?
- It's a very unusual name. - It is. It's Scandinavian actually.
My mom was born in Norway. My father was born in Denmark.
They met in Sweden. So it sort of covers the whole Nordic spectrum.
It sure does.
The shit just hit the fan.
- Thought she went to Paris. - That's what she told me.
Wish me luck.
You're gonna need it.
So this is Paris.
Just couldn't bring myself to go.
Yeah, well, Paris is tough.
Please don't be snide.
It's my father. I just can't deal with him right now.
He looks familiar.
I saw him when I came riding in.
Think Halloween.
He's crazy for you.
The night you stood me up for most of the evening.
- I flirted with him for amusement. - You did quite a job.
He's salivating for you.
How do you know?
I brought him here.
Does he know we go together?
Didn't wanna break his heart.
Please. Spare me your sensitive side.
Say hello. I won't get jealous.
Screw you.
I don't get it. Love her? Hate her?
Can't live without her? Never wanna see her again?
Ain't it romantic?
You're too much. Guys would die for her.
I think I will.
Hello, stranger.
You remembered.
Certainly. How could I forget?
Let's get something to drink.
So where are you coming on a horse?
- Did I say James Brown was my cousin? - Is that right?
He should've left you a ticket.
You just stay right out here.
Couple of white kids. One of them probably Kurtzman's kid.
What do you wanna do?
You should've asked for the car.
Don't make me moody, all right?
Hold on, now.
What if I take his kid?
He got my money. I got his kid.
Right about now, I'd like to do a song...
...that I hope to record real soon.
Hope to make it my very first record.
Fellas, are you ready?
Building, you ready? We're gonna tear you down.
Please! Please!
Please! Please!
Darling, please
Don 't go
I love you so
Baby, you did me wrong
You done me wrong
Told you darling You done me wrong
Took my love And now you're gone
I love you!
I'm sorry. I didn't know about you and Trey.
Trey should've said something, but that's Trey.
He really should've...
...because it really would've saved me a lot of aggravation.
You know, that night when I saw you in the basement, I was so...
It wasn't a real magic wand.
Guess not.
Teach him who he dicking with. A man win big, and he can't get his due?
And it ain't kidnapping.
It's more tit for tat.
You do nothing on your own.
I've never seen anything like that in my life.
Wait. Careful.
I'm really glad you liked it. It was worth it, wasn't it?
Please, please
Where are you parked?
Just through the alley.
We're up here.
How about we get someone... buy us a six-pack of beer and drink it in your car?
Drink it in my car?
We could just sit in the car.
I have a curfew. I can't do that.
We don't have to go anywhere.
Please. I don't think so.
Please, please
How you all doing this evening?
Which one is Nate Kurtzman's kid?
That so?
Get in the car.
You all take a walk.
Get your ass out of here.
I'm not leaving him here.
You can either get in the car or get out of here.
- I'll get in the car. - Right.
Everybody get in the car.
- Then what? 3? - 3-0-4.
Shalom. Is Mr. Kurtzman there?
He just left?
Well, when will he be back?
Got it.
Went down to the Gaiety. Should be there soon.
If my dad had the money, he'd give it to you.
Two black, two white.
- You all dating? - No.
We happened to meet. Ben, Sheldon and I go to the same school.
I go to Douglass.
Cab Calloway went to Douglass.
Something going on between you two?
We're just friends.
White guy, colored girl, friends? I ain't never heard of such a thing.
New to me too.
You plugging her?
- Why not? She good-Iooking. - We're just friends.
I never had a white friend in my entire life.
Now, I done work for white...
...and I been messed over by white.
But we ain't never been friends.
I don't get to be in the business world like you Jews.
Jews are a minority too, you know.
Oh, that so?
Did you know there are less Jews in the world than Negroes?
But you ain't got the skin thing.
Slaves, slaves.
Jews were slaves.
Who built the pyramids?
How in the hell should I know?
The Jews.
Jews built the pyramids?
I didn't know that.
Pull them big stones? Jews?
It's true.
When was that?
3500 years ago, something like that.
3500?! Don't you tell me about no slave thing happened 3500 years ago.
I'm talking about my granddaddy was a slave!
Thousands of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth...
...and stuff was coming out of the dirt.
Don't you make fun of my suffering.
Oh, come on!
I'm going with Dubbie.
You know your way back?
What'll you do? Ride off on the horse?
We're staying here with some friends.
That's depressing.
I'm sorry about all this. I didn't know she'd be here.
I thought you'd spark to someone else.
That's all right. Maybe next time, you know?
I'll let you know about the next to-do.
- Thanks. - I'm sorry.
I'll see you later, pal.
Looks like Yussel's doing fine.
Maybe I should dye my hair.
Maybe. See you.
I'm glad you see it that way, Mr. Kurtzman.
Just a negotiation. Tit for tat.
It's nice doing business with you too.
No. No. I'll call you back about the meeting place.
Scribbles, go let them three kids out.
It'll be over in a minute.
Little children.
All three of you out. Kurtzman, you stay.
Come on, now. Get out, girl.
I'll wait.
Let's take a ride in the Pontiac.
- How old are you, little girl? - How much do you weigh?
That's a sassy one.
Ain't you loyal!
I don't want anything to happen.
Ain't nothing gonna happen, his father pays.
You sure you're not plugging her?
- Yeah, I'm sure. - You gotta find her good-Iooking.
I do.
Touch her titty.
- What? - No.
Go on, touch her titty.
This says yes.
Don't give me shit.
Ain't like it's a naked titty.
Think about it.
There's nothing to think about. No.
If you want your money, you'd better call again.
I was getting ready to do that.
I was just having a moment of entertainment.
Thank you.
But I'm not sure it would've been worth dying for.
Anything goes wrong, I'll never forgive myself.
- He's not gonna hurt him. - Should've been straight with him.
It'll be all right. It's not the way this guy operates.
- It's yours. - Can't take this. Your car.
Little Kurtzman.
Didn't have to give him the entire numbers business.
Could've gone 50-50. Or kill him.
Gotta love the guineas. Colored guy steals something from them...
...they find him dead on his own doorstep two days later.
A subtle warning.
He didn't steal. He hit the number.
He won it fair and square. It's his money.
And you.
You wanna explain this?
She's in my class.
She came out of the Royal when it happened.
You went to the Royal. Why?
James Brown. He's amazing.
Is this that rock 'n' roll?
It's great music.
Well, maybe you should get her in the car.
This is my dad.
Frightening night.
Yeah, somewhat.
Did you call your parents?
They think I'm sleeping over at Gail's house tonight.
That saves a complicated explanation.
I don't know how I'd tell my father.
Dubbie, hey.
How serious?
When did he go into surgery?
421 Springdale Avenue. It's right off Liberty Heights.
Friend of mine was just in a really bad car accident. He's in Virginia.
Why's he there?
He goes to Washington and Lee.
Wealthy goyim?
His dad works for Lawrence and Lebbe.
Big law firm. Very connected. Is he gonna be all right?
I don't know. She said they're worried about him being paralyzed.
How terrible!
By the way, what's the name "Dubbie"? I never heard such a name.
Thank you for coming. I didn't wanna do this alone.
You know, we can take turns driving, in case you get tired.
People, may I have your attention, please?
I need to see the following students:
Ackerman, Blume...
...D. Cohen, R. Cohen...
So where are you going to school?
A Negro school?
Why are you going there? I mean, you can go anywhere now.
Just because we can doesn't mean we have to.
And my mother went there, her mother went there. It's tradition.
No such thing for Sylvan and I. We're the first ones to go to college.
My family couldn't afford it. My dad went to work when he was 14.
Take a mulligan.
Heavy rumors about Little Melvin.
He's having trouble running the numbers.
How so?
Can't get organized. He's running it into the ground.
So golf's not your game.
I ran into him over at Globus. I was having lunch.
Comes over to my table.
I don't think it was a coincidence.
He can't work with white numbers runners...
...and white shop owners can't work with black runners.
- Think we can cut a deal? - I think he has no choice.
That was my plan all along.
- So you and Trey fight a lot? - All the time.
- About what? - Everything.
Such as?
Well, he thinks I'm too possessive.
I think he drinks way too much.
And he thinks I'm too demanding concerning sex.
I mean, I love sex...
...but Trey seems to think I get a little out of control sometimes.
Out of control.
Trey Travelstead. We came down from Baltimore.
Travelstead is on the second floor.
Only one visitor at a time.
I can go upstairs, though, right?
He'd like to see you.
I'm glad Dubbie was able to get ahold of you. Thanks for coming down.
What's the word?
It's worse than it looks.
Will you walk?
Sure. Maybe a little limp, but that could be romantic.
You know, mysterious. I need whatever I can to add to the mystique.
Dubbie looked a little disturbed.
You know, if you still got a thing for her, this could be your chance.
It isn't gonna work out with the two of us.
We'll talk about this later.
It's over.
It's over, it's over, it's over.
This could be your chance, Van.
But she comes with a warning.
You gotta read the fine print: "Dangerous. Handle with care."
So, gentlemen, where do we begin?
Here's the shorthand.
You screwed up the business. You need help.
I'm thinking...
...thinking, mind you, of bringing you back into the business.
Thirty percent of the take.
Thirty percent is better than nothing.
Soon, your 100o/o won't be worth shit. How's that for arithmetic?
Forty percent.
I'm insulted.
- Fifty. - Eighty.
Take it or leave it.
Couple of other things.
Don't come to my office. I don't wanna see you.
I want nothing to do with you.
I can live with that.
You won't wait for your drinks?
Too much work to get done.
Let's go, boys. We're back.
- Music to my ears. - Yes, sirree.
...what I pay you for?
I'm over here negotiating business for you and me, and you're eating pie.
You sit over there and negotiate. I sit over here, out your way.
You're ordering pie while I'm losing the business...
...and I don't see a ounce of remorse.
Don't make me moody, understand? Go sit outside.
Do you speak French?
No. Do you?
Not as well as my father's boyfriend does, but then again, he is French.
That's a secret.
Are your parents divorced?
Absolutely not.
They have an "understanding."
Because of religion?
Religion? No, no. Nothing like that.
It's just more like a convenient arrangement.
Your mom lives in Baltimore.
Let's talk about something more pleasant.
What about Trey?
That was pleasant...
...but all good things must come to an end, fortunately or unfortunately.
Seems like a nice guy, though.
That's only half of it.
Are you tired?
You know, I can drive.
We could stop at a motel.
We could do that. Sure.
You're sure about this?
How much do you want me?
I haven't been able to get you off my mind since the moment I met you.
How exciting.
I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.
A toast.
It seems to be all gone.
Fear not. I have backup.
I have it around here somewhere.
We can do without that now.
I'm just so damn happy, we've gotta have a drink.
You all right?
It really wasn't that funny.
- You all right? - I'm fine.
Wait a minute.
Hey, what's the matter?
What's wrong?
I'm fine.
What's wrong?
Make love to me.
- What? - Make love to me.
Listen, calm down, okay?
Make love to me.
What's wrong, Dubbie? What's wrong?
I don't need this crap. Screw you.
What are you talking about?
I'm fine.
Everything is fine.
I don't know what's going on here.
I don't need this crap.
I don't understand.
You don't understand?
I don't understand what just happened.
I have everything. Every thing!
And it's just wonderful! I'm happy! I have everything!
How can you not understand?
How do you like me so far?
Lewd and lascivious behavior?
What part of Annie's act was lewd and lascivious?
No bare tit, no bush. Don't get it.
It isn't about Annie. It's about Little Melvin.
You run numbers, they turn their backs.
Burlesque is an institution on the block. Fine.
But not so fine your partnership with a dealing schvartzer.
I've nothing to do with drugs.
You've got a partner that deals. What the hell is wrong with you?
- I'm supposed to kill him? - Too late for that.
- What does that mean? - I can get you off this charge.
Nothing to it. But not the FBI.
They're gonna charge you with a violation of the Mann Act.
What? What kind of a crazy charge is that? What is the Mann Act?
Transportation across state lines for illegal sexual activity. Prostitution.
Where'd they come up with that?
How many girls do you bring into the state for shows?
Who can count?
Any one of those girls involved in prostitution?
Who in the hell knows? They could be. I don't know what they do.
They get one of them to testify, one, and it's goodbye.
Do they?
They've obviously got someone.
Over the years, in my business, you watch enough shows, you learn.
A good performer knows when to get off the stage.
What are you thinking?
I don't know.
I don't know yet.
All right, boys, stand together. You look like a hood.
Stand up. Stand together.
Come on, pull yourselves together.
Like you know each other.
- We are so proud of you. - Thank you, Dad.
What do you say we get something to eat? You wanna go out to eat?
It's your day. You pick it.
Don't make me do that.
Why don't we take a drive in the country?
First place we get to, we'll stop. That's where we'll eat.
Sure. Whatever. You guys work it out. I'll be right back.
- Sylvia, what are you... - I'll be right back.
- Wait. Where are you going? - I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
University of Maryland.
We'll keep in touch.
What would happen if I gave you a kiss?
I think our parents would die.
Take care of yourself.
You too, Ben.
Nate, talk to him.
What was that?
I was saying goodbye to my friend.
With a kiss?
You talk to him now. Did you see what he just did?
I don't wanna cause a scene.
I'm not causing a scene. Your son just caused a scene.
I'm not taking pictures.
Let's go. Come on, let's go.
I'm in trouble now?
I'm not gonna take another picture!
It's 78 degrees in downtown Baltimore.
You're listening to WCBM, 680 on your radio dial.
This is the Jewish hour.
It's good to get a little sun on the last day before college starts.
Not bad.
I hate to give up the cane.
A little sympathy works wonders with the girls.
You want some coffee?
I talked with Dubbie. She's transferred to Bennington.
She all right?
You know, she told me about the motel.
She did?
Oh, come on. She loves drama.
That's how it is with thoroughbreds. Too high-strung.
Tend to get spooked easily. Hope it doesn't turn you off to the breed.
That was a crazy night.
I bet.
Find anything out from your dad?
Here's the story on that. I got an uncle. He works at Justice.
They're gonna prosecute your father on the Mann Act and income tax evasion.
That's what he expected.
It's a hell of a thing. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
He wasn't partners with the guy.
- He's not involved with drugs. - They know.
They love to make an example. Love to go after Jews and coloreds.
They still have an adrenaline rush from the Rosenberg executions.
So my father asked if...
... your father could help.
To see if they'll wait... arrest him until after the Rosh Hashanah services...
...and after he sees the new Cadillac.
Is that part of the religious service?
It is with him.
I'll see what I can do.
Them new shoes?
Threw my old ones away.
- Why? - Bad luck. That's why I got arrested.
My lawyer's saying I'll get six to eight months.
That's it? What about Kurtzman?
Eight to 10 years. Federal.
Fed time?
Since I'm gonna be gone, you need to look for another line of work.
I've been thinking. I wanna become an announcer for the Baltimore Colts.
- A colored announcer? - First one.
I practice at home. I got a couple of plays. You wanna hear?
It's a beautiful day at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium. It's 76 degrees.
Birds chirping and such...
It's hot. I'm gonna sit, and I'm gonna sweat.
Indian summer.
Where's Dad?
In a minute.
He wants to talk to you boys.
- What's wrong? - He'll tell you.
What do you mean? He's about to be arrested.
I know. I thought it was something else.
What else could there be?
I don 't know how much to tell you.
You won 't see me for a while. Everything has been taken care of.
There's money for your college educations. Everything is provided.
I expect you both... get your diplomas, to be responsible... give back to the community.
I'll miss you, but it won't be too long.
We're a family, and nothing can interfere with that.
I'm proud of you boys.
My boys.
It's time, Nate.
It's time for services.
Life is made up of a few big moments and a lot of little ones.
I still remember the first time I kissed Sylvia...
... or the last time I hugged my father before he died.
I still remember that white bread...
... and that blond dancing girl with the cigarette pack on her thigh.
But a lot of images fade...
... and no matter how hard I try...
... I can 't get them back.
I had a relative who once said:
"If I knew things would no longer be...
... I would've tried to remember better. "
Had I been The toast of Paris
Had I sailed Down the Nile
All the wonders I could see
Could fulfill most any dream
And hold you
For a while
But when love...
... walked...
... in Pick it up a little.
There was nothing...
... I could do
Only to try...
... and keep my head...
English Subtitles by Gelula/SDI
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