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Subtitles for Life of David Gale The.

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Life of David Gale The

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Please the parking
There is a related story be
High class court this week five mean
They will maintain to the philosophy professor
David Al Gore of original judge
David has ever announced the article
He dies the views of the period penal servitude
He involves in to his assistant the rapes
This legal case causes the national moves
Because he oppose the dead period penal
You know that the virtuous gram thinks
Hand over annually how much tax laws
We do not agree
Do not borrow
Eparch we deny why
This kind of public punishes the system is
They now say
Please watch the television
Al Gore's lawyer points out
He the past opposes the behavior of the national
Excessively of exsits to the national law
Can go to something to gather news originally
But refuse them
They talk everyday two hours with her
On Friday not line
Because Friday is a day that he were carried
The lawyer says that only have the shell
Al Gore gave to take
Only there is shell
l can't play trick with you of
l am a very fatty and black old woman
You want her he send to the airplane that
You think why and so
l come over
Only there is shell ising what mean
They say that only have you can
Others who all not line
They is who
Al Gore's lawyer
His lawyer
Why is l
You tell me that you do not want does
ls not
l am just not that understand he has wanted
Request why l gather news
Perhaps they decides you go to the jail
Or is they saw your photograph
Decide you lovely
How much times can l go to
Three times
On Friday they walk
Good of
We want to gather news of is what
Rape the premeditated murder with die a
He is an intelligent man
Perhaps he will hear yours
Good of
Tell him that l will beat again to his
The pulls
Early best shell
l tell you what l concern is what
The pulls to say with me
This is mission that a value 50 play the US$
That is the market value
That individual hasn't spoken up the words
But l we to this arrangement
Anything of opinion
That have the legal case of the public effect very much
You think the fish that have both with
Let me feeling first that indisposition is
A rapes to murder the criminal concurrently
Of the first three days
Want to negotiate with a well-known reporter
He is affirmative to have him the certain purpose
And you are a charming girl reporter
Like this inequity
lf l am a man l can go to
Total to say
lf you can go to with a man together
Possibility nonexistent what problem
l hear his lawyer mention the BLUE
At the matter that cooperate
l be aware of suddenly our work is from
You want however she go to
l am not that meaning
That let her going to
All right enough
That trainee wants to has been coming after you
Good of
You play trick
He says so
His hair nerve
He is a boss
Not l want the oneself
l do not want to see the child
Al Gore's DNA is everywhere are all
His fingerprint spreads all over whole kitchen
lnclude her carry on the back behind
Still there is other possibility
Like enough
He possibility is before she die touched her
Have the bag that find out his girl friend
Some plastics bag what
l am to say that that bag may
Right bower
He did
He must dead
That is what he deserve it
l feel not in the right always
This guy is a Doctor
The high class knowledge numerator publishes
And he is an outstanding husband
See his wife
Very beautiful very noble
He will find other girl's son why
Damn the light again bright
Have no matter of
Hearing that man may be to give the person
The politics have no what to relate
l like smell to gave to be burned what things
lt is a lot of to connect the wreath cutthroat
Throw your smoke out
Then l can breathe
My car has caned not stand
Right bower
This car is affirmative to have problems
Mama of
The parking liked
lt is the problem of the car that l feel
The newspaperman of the magazine agency is
To meet the trouble of the car
To know
The reporter wants to face every kind of
l am a reporter
You are just a trainee
Very hot
Does the engine opens
l should how do
Make a phone call to the office
Telephone that see how much trailer
Have no the signal
Mama of
l have to urinate
Right bower
Right bower
Right bower
We come early is
Not smoking area is there
l ignore
A book for being written by David Al Gore
He simply is a genius
What time
This neighborhood contain 10 jails
Death list is in the virtuous jail in road
But year-end they will move out that jail
The boyfriend of that attendant works there
She again previous boyfriend is in the virtuous
Again before of two are in the gram jail
David Al Gore quotes from her words says
''my bottom a lot too big''
We had no plenty of time now
Say that this is really to affects our appetite
l feel that we should go to the spot sees
This will do good very much to our story
This is not ours story
Too is not ours gather news
You want to remember
This is my gather news
All right
5 hours that leave l do what
Drive to turn
Seek an a little bit good restaurant
Your good good reputation and do not explain
My good good reputation let me suffer the
l do according to the rule
Even my colleague do not like this be called
ls an opportunity to hold tight
You wants what
Just coffee
Do not force me you know your cleverness
The church here is ander the rise than STARBARKS
The jail here is ander the rise than STARBSARS
You can come in
Here out of fix
My work is a normal to guarantee the jail
ls not France here
Do not say Germany here
ls a virtuous gram to think here
We will obey the law that virtuous gram
Welcome you
l think that you is a shellplum
History text
l am several spaces , responsible for community
This ages is such
You are to think that l call your plum still
Good of
You are still my guest
You Did past came the jail
Are those that gather news person to die the list
ls not
Please post notice your certificate once
All now of prisoner whom virtuous gram think
Were all closed here
Those will be carried out the person of the death
The accidental closes here
There is 404 persons waiting for to is carried
Flow every a cantonal jail 9 annual ringses
These personses are some to give to change
Some direct give to carry out the death penalty
Certainly this both of all is not what good over
But this is the end that they should have
Taking your guest goes to Mr. Al Gore there
ls it all right to give me to your bag
You remembers 3:00
Here of the safe system is very perfect
You are best and do not touch that glass
You did not take the weapon shell
The sorry has no
History text you
Have no
Cellular phone
Have no the signal
The words that you do not mind leaves it here
We still have the provision
Must not take a flood of cash
Go in with shoes that wear the toe of
You arrive there to check once
You can go in
Very good
Shoes of the toe of
Just a crary provision
Arrived you the history text
Walk past
We hopes you to keep manner
l know that rules in the jail is a lot of
But you want to obey the rule here still
Though you can't like
Because any words that you say we can hear
lf you has any crime activity with criminal
We can discovers right away
Shell do you did not think to rob the jail
Have no certainly
Here you careful point
This floor has a little slippery
This is ours day type garden
You are best to do not want to throw
This place
Shall arrive soon
His right here
They two are to seek yours
Seek mine
You is very safe
Plum young lady
The please sit down do not be polite
They have to tell you that they want to check
They say if we want to is shot dead
Can fuck so
She is intelligent
l am a virtuous in horse in in Louis
The lawyer of David Al Gore
This is a right bower history text
lt is very happy to see you
Come over
His right here
You are good
You are good
Al Gore sits down
You must not stand
You why not make the small voice to it to order
My lawyer requests you to adjust
The volume size of youbox
Al Gore
Sit down
They are in the elephant now usually similar
The practice is how the talent the cruelty
Shell ...
We have reached consistence
You can proceed 3 times long two hours gathers news
Still there is day after tomorrow
All are 3:00 P.M.s
Very sorry we can't give you more time
We also have no way
Press my comprehension is
You want to proceed alone does this gather
The magazine agency thinks best
Yes myself
Still having you can't use any recording tool
Very good
This is my card
lf you are convenient
Can on Thursday of the morning come to my office
Very good
We see on Thursday
Wish your good luck
l the night orders again come
Right bower
We go to the parking lot there the sucking
See again
Have a seat
He is fierce
He is unique medium that l follows outsider contacting
Too is l unique good friend
Your former wife
Ask you to do not ask any she
With the problem of my son
l only have a claim
Be l can't answer any have relation with they problem
Good of
l have no opinion
This calculates not record sound the tool at last
We from where start
You tell me to let why l to
No one has such courage
l am not David Al Gore
l is a rape to make a murderer
Leave he drive executive day still contain four days
l want to let you to is because of
l want to let the people of this world knows
Then my life ends again and how of
Why is l
Why is not
You have the courage to is not
Because your handle affairs to compare other
Protect the data is the principle of our
l know
That is your good reputation
l have a story for can hardly speaking wants
This can't be an easy matter
That we from where start
That l want to be from l to will arrive
Like to like to want
l hope that you can return to think of
You fantasize after all is what
World peace
Seeing the ghost goes to
You wants to acquire the international popularity
Or military prize
Or Nobel Peace Prize
Or the music of MTV
Follows still a has a liking for to seem a genius
ln reality is a hundred percent and bad egg
l choose the second
l choose the second
The imagination is not realistic
Once you got the thing that you pursue
You impossible fantasize again it
For letting it exsits forever
lt musts be the in reality eternal
But goat wool
What you want is not it
But is all it of imagination
So the desire is the foundation of the imagination
This is also the department of and can say of
Real happiness
When you to from now on will take place
Carefully the thing that you hope
ls not because you can get
Because you do not want those thingses
So pull the card to much say
Depend your demand on the hoof forever
Can't cheer you up
The real meaning of the life consists in
Pursue those idealses
But is not to is got by you
That thing measures
But is an activity
Even is a self-sacrifice
Because finally
We can measure the oneself vital and unique way
ls to pass the life that cherish other people
Liked us to see on Monday
l be late to me very sorry
Because that you know
Yes you are very punctual usually
lf need to be suffered hardship
l would like to do the can only pass the examination
l will give you the good score
A very nice score
lf you would like to
They do over and all broadcasting station evaluation
Local superior
You think a week inside have three death penalties
We are simply to come to rock'n roll
lt is very happy to hear
Our local superior will really play
Can tell me you why do this
There is computer insect
l did not notice this
l came out the point painting
lntelligent origin of matter he come to do
The death penalty is a god's law
See eye to eye
The fact is rational
Are all those l do not like the authority
However New York person of responsible for no one
Still have another
Will have a federal the personnel to will
Take the dancing party that him go to space
l need to change the examination paper
lf tomorrow you have the program
l wanted to walk 10:00
The eye opens widely the tail opens
The tail opens
Hero's rice does on the monthly calendar the
Have to have certainly
Then 4 day mama go home
Only there are 4 days
Liked too
ls it all right to ask a problem count
Certainly can
Does the breakfast edibles to frying a round
Plus the syrup with the strawberry
Say again
With the some the peach of
ls not chocolate snow ice
Still there is milk
This rightness of a little boys is a very big request
You sleep
Small guy in good evening
Good evening
Do not forget he hello fish
Do not forget the hello fish
Good of
l would came k midnight ago
lf there is urgent matter and then make this
Refrigerator contain chicken with food
Very good Mr. Al Gore
Possible hereafter l will seek the thing
See again to see again
Daddy you do not hello fish don't
Sleep yes
This is valid
But do not forget it very boring
lf you want the boredom
Tell you that l haven't wakeuped from sleep
The Hey how are you
Your another half
Another half oh my wife
She is in Spain
Go again there?Save the mark
John sees the has no
is she is seeking you
Really exactly the person will attend of
l think that she did not conceal what
Her father is a diplomat
The diplomat of the Madrid
To the wood of is here
The mood is full bad of
We drove out her
At talk me
ls we are talking you
l tell them that you suffered the circumcision
Their reaction is true to amaze
This be called the history exceeds the gram
Circumcision after of the period is called
You are really a cleverness
You are really a simpleton this afternoon
l would notē until now know that you am dismissed
This importance
Not this should be what can compromise
The poet says that died to come
They are laying the money
Still there are those very happy personses
Theis a same sex
He takes a young man arrives his room
Whole night they are all there
Decision who should what
l ends
l have been the student
l do not want to know your meaning
Have ever thered is a girl to call the wood
She does not want that return to again now
But want to stay at current
Time and time again
ls lovely
l have a secret
But l must arrive the that direction tells you
Not not
Do not stay in the behind
You should stayn the behind
l do not want the score
l feel
We can talk the analysis considers
Or you can kiss me
Do not turn me down
Take off it
From the behind
Make an effort
Make an effort
Bite me
This argues uselessly the phrase is wrong
lf we find out an innocent dead the criminal offender
Thering will be what changes
The local superior will ascend the television says
The many thanks supports the person of the death
This law is very successful
lf we have him death penalty the evidence
We can the elephant is with the Reno state
The request reforms
Are you O.K.
The sorry is yes
This can't take place
Dying the person can't constitute the case
To keeps reasonableness
Do not want to be so
Positive hearer
Should be to pretend positive at obedient
l can hear at the same time you talk
Did you take the data of MC
Having no me leaves it at home
l copy
Toing tell me takes place what matter
Nothing important... all matters
Took place the very stupid matter last night
Hoping you wears a son
She wants to follow you together
She is the wood of
Liked too
l can hear people at say
Right of different same as cooperation
Liking too you are really weak
Happily you are not my wife department D
Do not worry me and not conceivability this post
l am not that meaning
We leave
You have no matter yes
True? yes we walk
There is annually 17,000 murder cases in the United
10 states has abrogated dead penal code
lf in consideration of religion
Can say the United States almost all ofthe religious
Do you is hearing
Again 10 second
The beginning turns
Welcome to return to the with the program
We continue we four part of programs
Ascend the local superior with the discuss
Still there is professor Al Gore
How are you local superior
You know that l always say
l hate the homicide
My management would for obstruct homicidal
You know that the death penalty can't stop
Each research... altogether over 200
You also read
Their all all contain same conclusion
Perhaps you should read your Holy Bible
Deuteronomy 19:21
See eye to eye a tooth for a tooth
See Gandhi to how say of
Old law''see eye to eye to let us
Sorry this is thought that freedom parties
Do you think like this? certainly
Very interesting
Because you once say like this on a lecture
You let me throw into disorder the superior
lf you are a freedom to send you and then
lf you are an authority you have no brains
This is the words of the
What you mean to say is let we to choose
Healthy society
Must away with the improbity by fair
Yes l agree
This too is what l say
ls not Hitler
Superior whether we can admit or not
This national death penalty method
Because false certificate speech
We judge the death penalty to the innocent person
do you know
Texas more any than world nationthere
lnclude China in the inside
43 had been judged by you the person
They is held up by lawyer
Down to date
Still there is lawyer in their interrogating
l am not a lawyer
This is not the foundation opened court session afresh
That is the mistake with the crary system
The false system will kill the innocent people
Let him answering
Mr. Al Gore
Under my management
You speak an innocent people is judged death
ln 100 death penalties
lf you forgot altogether is 131
Let him saying over
Good literally
l will write down
A you can the proof is an innocent people
l will record of
Mr. Al Gore
Did we ends
Time is up
l want to appreciate our guest local superior
Hope the tomorrow see again
Tell me my ego how to have the influence
Your ego again how to affect the work
l will do not want originally that do so
The television is next your argue time and not long
What mean
The meaning is a death to guard and can't succeed
Because you are nasty to blame the authority
And proof David Al Gore the ratio death penalty
To study not in the audience in front speech
Do you saw to send to contribute money the
Mr. Al Gore
Hey waiters
D police
This is the military officer
Argue the theory speech of the local superior now
ls not to rape
Wood's body of has my bite the vestige
Time is up
Her clothes were tored
Under her nail find out my skin
Look to rape for the elephant
Then she abandon the accusation left
lt is guilty to let me look the elephant
She is too shock to face to review the court
My wife have to read these thingses in the airport
Do not know that where l am pick her up why not
Again two weeks then can go out
ls graduate student the wood of
You miss why she do so
Want to satirize the authority
Let the person see her how intelligent
Or the vengeance that research living
Know that l go where find out her
Do not know
Come to the irst year here
l receive the postcard that San Francisco send
The signature that is up is
''a the student that would stop at nothing''
You still see what
''l compare you to return the penitence''
l had no time
Being able to believe his wife lets he
Who can blame her
ls all an university that Lin's girl of
ls this true facts
Concerning the wood of Concerning everything
Who know the true facts and nonentity
Only there is standpoint
lf you say without the true facts
Your meaning is to says have the truth
This is self-contradict
To discuss our philosophy
The conviction is the most important
This is to advertises the phrase
Should be to assimilate the sex
l think that what he say is a true words
This is you sit at jail hall hour discover
ls my standpoint however
places shows his guilty gram
Such proof is already enough to me
The second day
3303 3305
See that marking
Hi l am a blue shell west
He is the gram of
Do you want to have a look
Everybody needs the 20 pieces of contributing money
There is 5 photographs inside
l gets to charges first
Sign to do not need to write true
lting is said you wants to study the violence crime
Open the photograph
lf l can see much more easy
Be l am what my boyfriend claps
We still have videotape 50 pieces
Can see my chest
Does the many people comes to swims to play
Much less
We think to would be busy this week
You do not mind here
The ratio stop for much better with parents
Start from here
These are forever useless
The wine is to has religion
We arrive the kitchen
ls the second location here
My boyfriend will usually borrow the thing
The past of my boyfriend also is so to kill
They did not see on the spot
Any resembles machine, photograph with record
That connects the wreath cutthroat shone on the photograph
Then walk off again
He is not a profession cutthroat
The time completely nude that she die of
That resembles the machine in the doorway there
Then he from come over there
Take away that bag
Like this she can breathe
There is her fingerprint there
The police has taken her fingerprint
We disallow other people moves
Any thing of the spot
More funny is
Where is the key on the handcuffs
Do you know
We know
What is the row
ln her stomach
David Al Gore put the key to go to in her stomach
Very obviously
You has still what problem
Those smokeses are what is the row
ls to roast
You can think the elephant
Key is in her stomach
Here very cold
Do you know that cowboy
He too here
ls really strangely fits
Strangely fits and forever strange
All they is just strangely fits
l can in recognition of
Good of
The professional jargon that use the police says
The gram gives to kill with the safest method of
Forcing her swallows the key
The mouth gave to seal
And use the bag lives a set
This kind of circumstance bottom
Few the opportunity that flee for life
Unless someone on time discover
Your free key
However in your body
This is the very mean but valid method
Problem is
l this want that write it in my an article that write
The person of the indictment does not know
Someone frames up you
Not only only is those
That is a trap
Her body
That without her fingerprint
Too is to says that someone takes her to go to
Then the whole arrangements is good
Exterminate to commit crime the trace allly
Then left
They want to let l know
Someone knows the that afternoon
Took place what after all
They want to let l die
So my free key
ln their there
Perhaps you are to wronged the person
l the past is an objection to carry out the critic
l wait for here however now to execute
You do not feel that does this have a little the oddness
Do you know who they are
But l thinks that affirmative someone helps me
Someone stands to think the my innocence in proof at me
Your colleague
A reporter
She wants to help me
You know that l am innocent
Not l can't
You want to take l go to
Get on the car
The carat is virtuous
You come to make a phone call to me
Difficult an a rightness of husband and wife must
We can try
Do not want
The rice of
Go in
See again
The is many in the
Etc. meets
Small crocodile
l gave you the hair a mail
The rice of
The bottom line is very high at least
Your answer is very what a mess
They want to let you leave
They think very much
The silk how thinks of
l can't
l can
Support you
Oppose my politics
Hearing me says
l call David Al Gore
l beat to conduct electricity the words before
l am understand
May l follow give up Lin Al Gore talk
Mrs. Al Gore
So l want to hear your opinion
Hear professor Al Gore
l can sit and did not have problems here
But because of our department reduce staff
You need to publish your book
l need to protect my reputation
Those are all the blah
Your book is very good
You have the creativity very much
You is the ages of Victoria most contain value
Just have most the writer of the
That is not what drink to excess the problem
There is an elephant your such colleague
ls a very rare affair
But we all at a big fly on board if l hire the you
There will be a lot of rumors
Say that l hired the a rapes to make
That accusation hases given to reject
People will say that you invited a good lawyer
l am innocent
You are still not understand
You do not understand political Al Gore's Doctor still
That is a kind of duty
A kind of duty
You are affirmative to know
ln any law
Those were judged the criminal person
The that shoulding get should have punishes
Where are those personses
The text of strange is despicable
l said that the text of strange is ugly
He is despicable
The text of strange is despicable
text fantasy a that idea
He says
lf l how would like to pay the penal sum
He suggests to use the penal sum but is not a
The problem is to punishes how much just have
You guess how much his suggestion is
USDs 30
USDs 30
Does that is reasonable
USDs 30
USDs 30
30 pieces of silvers
And the judge thinks that more people is only
The vote thinks that he is criminal
So he guilty though he is innocent
30 pieces of silvers
That guy
You needed abstain from alcohol
Did you forget your the circumstance of now
lf you can receive the Christmas card already very lucky
Still miss your family
What mean
lf your wife says with the law court of Spain
You to your son's in danger
You do not wish to see them any further
She be not willing to talk with me
But he will return to the me certainly
Can we come to one more
l want to pick him up back
Europe is not Mexico
You go in the possibility so more easy
lf you want that see again the rice of
That you must invigorate
l am very good
l am too very good
Who start first
l call David
l am an alcoholic
So David Mr. Al Gore
Can tell me to let me feeling 3:00
Can you be competent this post
Welcome back
You look very good
l feel O.K.
Having a little the thing sees you
This is an agenda
That No.838 indictment
There is a meeting in Washington
You see
But does this community have the approval
What's the matter with your arm
Do not take care of it
You is to the person beat
He is there
Reach the D of
You work hard to fuck why and always and so live
You good David
All right
Tell me
She 17- year old time were judged the death penalty
She is good at to talk
Who did she kill
She shouldn't should give to penalize the death penalty
Who did she kill
A police
You are crazy
This is really crazy
She is just 17 years old
Leave the age that legal can drink alcohol still contain
But she killed the police
You help to do not help
What you burn is fierce
Anna of
You good Al Gore
Does someone drinks the coffee
You good David
Free coffee
Where is the
She is making a phone call
ls that new nation to lead
l dare affirmative
We can get hold of the some electric cable
Very good
l wanted to walk
l agree you to say of lay emphasis on the
l the person of affirmative Washington will
What data seeing these have to support
Al Gore not at is
ls not
Very good
Do not want to lead long to pull the top with him
period penal servitude this matter we did not
We need finally of is
His fame is very bad
l begged you
ls my son
ls also my son
l want to talk with him
The rice of
ls you
Father likes to miss you
The rice of
Do not hang up the telephone
You frightened to death me
My pain and sufferings died
He be not willing to see me
You have no matter
l harmed myself
Come in
You know that l tell it why
Because his true is a whistle
There is two s whistle
The wears the
ls a good man
Still have another a
ls a bad egg
ln time in basinet
People used for can't
Unless they special despair
Otherwise they can't there is business can
So they need the their name in changes
Your letter all ran
Are you a doctor
She how is after all
Our etc. will then can know
Ask you to calm down once
She still is just now thoroughly
You wait here
You want that give again to grasp
You how can anyone know l is who
l see the news
Go to wait there
How are you
Very good
How is
She fell asleep
A leukemia patient must not work all night of
The had been the later period
You do not know
Not l do not know
Can the person be very selfish not is
l hear for the first time the department D wants
l am very angry to her
l say that you can how like this to l
You know that l am very difficult to find out
She why did not tell you
She says her very busy
l want that has kept up with her because of the death
She wants to help other people avoids it
She be handles like this her life
The department D let world changed better
This is the very small but very difficult matter
We leave
You get what
l follows the executive officer of the D of conversation
They think that that is the fun
lt is big house that he say has no animal
He were judged twice
Al Gore can get the life imprisonment
Because the some's national the most severe lawyer
Al Gore hases been all follows they
You also do not park the failure
They accepted the fun to like too
Still have another
Berlin had no
We want to go to in the evening private's of
Private's of
The office is to says like this of
l never know 1,000,000 is like this heavy
Very heavy 1,000,000 rightnesses our...
The sorry is better to listen to your story
1,000,000 cash
Relax the gram of is a money however
To come in
Want to come in please
l think you owe somebody else's money
can what
lt is something to open
The possible maid forgot
We must seek other people
That is what
Do not know
This is not good
l check the toilet
Shell west
How the gram of
May have the trace
Each room key is all different
His husband has the main key
You say with her what
Say that you have a boyfriend for envying very much
The many thanks records the elephant takes
She did not ask
She thinks probably this envies relevant with him
You are certain and do not seek the police
Need not key come in here
That individual is certain intelligent
This is the remote control
Do you make sure to to see this thing
Try the third set
lf it is l think that elephant is so
ls she
Ratio day of benefit elucidation early in
He also says that you did not call police to
You have no matter
The third day
He deserves it
lf this kind of person they commit crime
Hear if what Al Gore say is a true words
ls a right-wing person perhaps design
Let it become the perfect premeditated murder
Why to send out the bullet evidence
This has no truth
Not this is perfect
This individual knows at Texas judge to is
They know that the bullet can't give us what
We need more early must to it
But have no
More important
They know today that l will tell Al Gore
Again and how
lf the premeditated murder of the D of
Not only remove him
Also let discard the doctrine of guilty
He sympathizes with the cutthroat certainly he be a
They are certain because of the premeditated murder
Then let him dying
While dying will let everybody remember him
This will break his life the work with remember
Let him seeing
This is the very big old grudge
That why to release it
Stay to hate to is dull to oneself
We had the companion
True failure of hiding
He thinks certainly we are idiots
Did he come
Having no him stays behind
Stick down his car number
He walked off
This person wants to do what
Let ratio copied to record the elephant take
The over empress still comes back the source version
You did not see it two my apprehensibility
Afterwards l can't sleep
l understand
See the hour of tape
l have to tell the oneself that she is not a department D
ls other people to also will say like this unfortunately
But it kitchen in her house
Bedlamite with eccentric
Only 20 dollar someone will create that tape
Can let us delaying
Blue young lady this is not my contest for the first time
Tell you to have the tactful here
Tomorrow evening 6:00
That machine will be used the top
l will come 100 roughly Sir
Problem is your can letter meeting a crisis
You intimidate the criminal
The court thinks that may let you participate that tape most
He is a very persuasive person
You are not an authorities like this very disadvantageous
100 roughly Sir someone puts the tape in my room
For this fact we have no the evidence
Thanks for your ratio
Do not want to sympathize with too
Probably we will find out the sympathetic judge
Hour in one more l send out
Do you want to return to see Al Gore
Good hereafter l will make a phone call your hotel
Tell you the new condition
My jacket is damned
See him
Who cowboy
He is here? He is in the hall
See his truck whether in the front
Stick down the car number
Finding out who this individual is do not fail
The gram of this is very important
How do you arrive jail? Taxi
You did not tell the truth with me
Lookinging at you should calm down
Young lady's have a seat
Perhaps you should sit down
His name is a virtuous with
Before take charge of D he protect natively
He is a protest
Think that start revolution to need to be ended
The virtuous the D of dismisses him because
The however virtuous the D of leaves him in company
He enjoys her
They are very close
He will do the certificate in my reviewing court
Doing the certificate supports you
Oppose the death penalty still
Doing the certificate opposes me
Oppose you?
He will do the certificate concerning drink the wine
Alcohol in murder case contain important position
l tell the oneself
He do so is for alleviating my penal code
l think that he thinks that she dies so
Virtuous the D of drive old grudge numbness
Perhaps he hate your reason is you take charge
l did not take charge of the D friendly intercourse
Her body contain your body fluid
lt compares this more complicated
When you killed people you to also rob his family
Not only is a person that love but also robbed his life
You let alive with old grudge in their heart
You capture their emotion
You accuse their capital crime
This is the very ruthlessness and terrible matter
lt is useless that allowing this kind of hate
The disservice has resulted in
Once still get it us hunger
lnjected to like too to them fatally
Finally civilized society must face the difficult fact
Revenge dig two graves
They take out these personses
Thank you virtuous the D of
See those prodigal sonses
Red neck skin a guest
The poison of mental illness
Who they died to will care
Who interested
lf the bedlamite continues who bottom go to to will care
Who interested
Did you attend the meeting today
You ascended your lesson has no
Feel a little bit good
Do you know the stage of the face to death
Cut up rough
Lose heart
Which do you belong to
The denial is very good
Seeing this process make me very tired
l not the elephant wants the dead person
For the grass but amaze
Want to the stranger preachment they cherish time
Repair the bridge
Confess the regret
ls not there penitence
Have no
l accept it back
Hope that me have child
l is also sorry David
l think that l hope more
Make love not enough
Should be more
How much lovers do you have
lnclude the university
lnclude the university
Make love to do not consider as what
You should have more
When you work hard to do not let person
Very quick have nothing at all
l am understand
Do you want
Pitiful l
Do not thank
ls not a wretchedness
You have no matter
Did not relate to very good
Talk with me
l fear very much
Don't do not stop
l am very tired
Help me
Let it stopped
Can help you
Sorry l walked
There a lot of dusts
He has the motive
He comes to finds out you that day
lf true so
We can't talk here
This be l need you also chose your reason
l have told you everything now
But does l still do not know
l need more time
You will find out time
You should let it be so early
You are not to come to save mine
You are to come to save my son the
This is what l want
You want to let them kill you
We the whole life all dies at the occurrence that obstructs
Eat the thing of contrivance
The love prays to fight
How much do we know to the death
An individual can never come back again
At the time of certainly
The desire that your heart will overstep it
lt infatuates
Your habit exceeds your dream
Still there is what you lose
lt is a gift to die perhaps
You will think like this
Timed is up to walk
l can tell you
Tomorrow this time l die
l know time but can't say the reason
You have 24 hours to find out the reason
See again the shell west
Blue young lady
Return your weather to the jacket very cold
There is the news of our friend's intruder
Have no resort contain news
Pretty good
Still there is 2 hours and then will arrive
What you provide is to can't be little
You had better not know now too many
Stay in your hotel
How is David
The not small tonight in his age is not easy
Tell him that l will look after him l am to say his son
My meeting of
Do you will see to carry out
We see you tomorrow
Take good care of yourself
100 roughly Sir
Does the virtuous takes charge of the intimacy
lt is yes not difficult to see
ls lover
This is too intimate
lt just the rumor has no another
See again
The gram of whether you used or not over
This towel is on my toilet ground
ls what you throw
ls l thinks that the yeah is a hotel here
At home do you will do so
We again is not to live in a class wine shop
Take the television we want to take it
You is saying what that we want to go where
The D of
Take the television quickly
Want to earn 100 pieces
We want to go to the crime the spot
Put the bed flank to the television
A hour of hereafter
You must hear my words does
lf l say that jump you and then jump
Do you want me to jump? This is just the parable
Your boyfriend says of to
He is not my boyfriend any more
Do you still record the elephant machine
lt is very good to take it
ls it all right to get hold of the light
The handle knob set puts at put a
l did not put a
The gram of
Turn over them
Put to glue the tape in the ground
By the side of stove
Good you can...
What name do you call
can l want you face the counter lies down
We can think the elephant a part
The gram of put her good
Arrive the front the front
ln her flank
Her left leg to a little bit outside
Like this
See this
She moves her feet
At hotel hour l notice
She moves her feet intentionally
Then she stop 15 second
Then she start struggling
This did not make sense
lf this is the premeditated murder
She will struggle first to then just stop
Perhaps she is pretending
The hope is the whole to will stop
We have a lier
The shell west do not be too wide of the mark
Let l to
Thank you to thank
The high class court says that you can go to
Gives the gram of to the key to stands to
l want you to wait 3 minutes take the bag away again
Shell west l did not know that this is too dangerous
Waiting several minutes standses to go to there
Notice your form
22 second she shouldn't# should like this
Like this not line
ls it all right to did not want to do again to experiment
What matter does telling me takes place
How are you
ls what her do-it-yourself
Her do-it-yourself of
She by hand the set keep fingerprint from staying
Then she put back the a to it
ls something to turn over however
This is the habit of the housewife
lf is a cutthroat he will throw it a beside
Good elephant you cast away the ground to the
All right perhaps is
But why wear this
l do not know but does she need it
She knows that she will tear off the bag by instinct
She swallows the key
lnsure the way that her have no flee for life
Why she do not commit suicide by hanging or take medicine
Take off clothes why let it look the elephant
l do not know that everything compute
Her handcuffs receive the last mouth
The shell west want the affectation why to
This has no truth that woman is to supports the activity
Why to plot secretly against the innocent people
Only there is simpleton would be accused falsely
To the gram of
This is why
Will accuse falsely the innocent people
She is something to think like this
Consider this woman originally quick dead
Die why not and like this
This is the reason why they come to record the proof
Have no the refusable evidence
This is the reason why we get the videotape
ls the woman of the dying to record by oneself of?
She needs other people the help keeps to erupt the cloth it
A supports her person
A person that she can trust
True silly we true silly
The virtuous is a fool
contain too many convictions
The plan that is at first may be
After Al Gore were convicted
Let the virtuous publish the tape
About after a year
Return to him to the dignity
Virtuous wait for like this
He is a person who unique know
The virtuous thinks the false death penalty
Compare the words that he say more effectively
The salvation meeting proof that is finally
ls not all murderers to all include in the inside
Virtuous at think
lf a premeditated murder can obstruct 1,000
So it do not consider as what
Death penalty empress he would publish whole tape
Meaning be he have the source version certainly
What time
l want the business that discuss your tape
Not 16 minutes tos arrive the gas station sees me
The gram of
The leave opens the telephone
Let it rung when bell ring ring out once
Then hide the forest
l know
Arriving the forest goes to the gram of
Go to
Will open the last one meal of the space today
lt includes to frying a round flat cake
Texas all of the death penalty is all in 6:00 P.M.
4 frying a round flat cake
Fresh strawberry
Finally of the words has said that start injecting soon
Fresh strawberry
its west gram come and will stop heart
Chocolate snow
Restructuring the rice costs about 86 pieces 8 cents
Where are you
You are what is the row
Walk quickly
Make a phone call to everybody
Have after all how far
1 car of hour distance
Or more
We can of
You can of
Walk quickly
Take a shower
The channel that l want
ls not now
ls not now
Mama of
Mama of
You are what is the row
Show according to the inquisition
66%% American the support carries out the death penalty
Let us changing direction the that direction to the lens
You see here
l simply dare not believe
He is really cruel
He killed that pitiful girl he should pay with life
He admited on TV
And sign
The treatment that he should suffer to that
He such person is too the cocoa is bad
Killed him
He should damn
Everybody is praying
The virtuous gram think to have carried out the death
He in 6:Death 12 cents
David Al Gore has died
The virtuous gram think to have executed he
ln 6:12 of tonight
David were already declared to die
His relatives will to illustrate finally
This is the news that we are latest to understand
Yesterday the magazine agency of LOSE at their
Mean on the authorities website
Someone gets hold of the proof David to record
Resemble to take according to the portrait that record
She commits suicide
According to investigate
He receives with the at the on Monday morning that
The time that she gather news last time hases been
Obviously this always record to resemble
Wear the
You can see
Police is entering to pass in and out in search of can
After 90 years dead period penal servitude were canceled
Obvious increment in crime rate
lf we can take what action can
All there
We need the justice
We need to make the case for David
This is a concerns the political mistake
And is we the first death penalty
So person here all at ask of is
lnvestigating after all will proceed how
l dare to guarantee
lf this individual is not drive
Justice at which
See the in god is last
We want still to carry out the death penalty
Because it is just valid
Otherwise our social public order can't
Solution getting basically
l can't change my position
Step aside
Having the meaning of satirize is
David Al Gore
This controversial and biggest victim
Even he has died
He works for us still
This is report that thunder the hero comes
The elevator arrives the first floor
Give yours
Did you go fetch
David of
Fight for your freedom
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