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Subtitles for Life or something like this.

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Life or something like this

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Lanie: Things happen.
Things you never see coming.
And you think afterward,
"IfI'd known this,
"would I have changed things?
"Would I have done more?
Whatwould I be thinking??"
I need more time.
Hey, Pudge.
Stand by. Take 9-2. Cue.
Standing by.|Overthe shoulderto 1 2-3.
Yes, I know.|Theywon't letyou in.
They neverwant|to let us in.
Just get in there|as soon as possible.
Today, we got a few|high clouds around,
but theywill dissipate--
Fishing is synonymous|with Seattle--
Lanie Kerrigan reporting|from the Capitol Hill Zoo.
I'm here at|the chimpanzee habitat,
[Laughing]|where this morning
a local boywas rescued|by this gallant--
I cannotwork|with that thing.
[English Accent]|Relax, Lanie, it's all right.
It's just a chimpanzee.
He's naturally attracted|to largeyellow objects.
You're late.
I'm not late, you're early.
I ate cheese.
Announcer:|Tomorrow on Pressline,
Deborah Connors' intimate talk
with former president|Bill Clinton.
I wouldn't have,|you know...
put my family|through the, uh...
public pain that|I put them through.
Would you like a tissue?
She always makes them cry.
Doyou think Deborah|Connors eats cheese?
And so, as another|Mariners season ends
and the retractable roof|at Safeco Field
closes until next spring,|the fans will once again
have to be comforted|by a familiar phrase:
"We'll get 'em nextyear."
I'm Lanie Kerrigan,|and that's Seattle Life.
Thanks, Lanie.
That does it for us.
That's Prime News--
Stand by to spin music.|Spin music.
Stand by to insert copyright.
Stand by to dissolve 1 3.
Man: That's a wrap.
Good show,James.
Lanie, come back to my office.
- Edit 4.|- Yeah.
Something's come up|at the network.
They're looking|for somebody new
onA.M. USA.
They're looking for...
a young, fresh face,|someone who appeals
to that 1 8-35 demographic.
They're asking|all the affiliates
to send in tapes.
I'm going to send in yours.
- Really?|- Mm-hmm.
Woman: The phone's|been ringing, Dennis.
Thanks, Mo.
Have a seat.
Areyou sure?
Absolutely.|I never had a question.
What about Andrea?
She has been here longer.
Lanie, some people|are just local.
That's all they're|ever going to be.
You really have|a chance at this.
Oh, my God.
But don't getyour hopes up.
They're looking|at hundreds of people.
The process could take months,
but in the meantime|there is plenty
thatyou could learn|around here.
Like what?
Like camera.
Camera doesn't matter.
It matters.
I wantyou backwith Pete.
Look, Lanie, he is the best.
I can't workwith him.
Look, I don't know what happened
between the 2 ofyou--
- Nothing happened.|- Whatever!
Do you want this job|or don'tyou?
Doyou want to go|network or don't you?
Pete is network.
He worked for 5 years|in New York on nightly news.
You turn the camera on,|you point it at the news.
What is the big deal?
Lanie, would you do me|a favorjust one time?
Do what I say.
Lanie: So I'll ask|a few questions.
Just relax,|and I'll be back in 5.
Ready? OK.
OK, I've got 2 kids|for interviews,
and the manager said we could|have 30 seconds ofshow footage.
Oh, hey, Pete.|How areyou?
You know, it's really|good to seeyou again.
I've missed you.|You know, Lanie,
thanks a lot for asking.
It's nice to seeyou, too.
Under the circumstances,|I think it would be best
ifwe kept things on|a purely professional level.
Define "the circumstances."
We have to work together.
We don't have to like it.
You know,|it wouldn't kill you,
to have some fun.
I have fun.
No, no, no.|You see, it's not fun
ifyou have to pencil it in.
Oh, I can't be spontaneous?|You don't know me.
I know thatyou're up|for a job at A.M. USA,
and I know that|that fits perfectly
with your little|5-year plan, doesn't it?
I don't have a plan.
Yes, you do.
You carefully construct
every moment ofyour life
to project the right image.
No, I don't.
Uh, yeah, actually,|Lanie, you do.
[Sighs]|All right.
This is what we're|going to do here.
All right? We're going|to start on the sign,
I'm going towork myway|through the crowd
and then end up on you.
Well, I like the last part.
The "you" part?
Yes, well, I am the one|telling the story.
Haveyou ever heard|the expression,
a picture is worth|a thousand words?
That's just for people likeyou
who don't know a thousand words.
Hey, well, I know 2,
and the first one|begins with an "F."
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
We got a story to do here.
All right?
Thankyou, Lanie.
Give me that microphone.
OK. Ready?
It's not a toy.
All right.|Everybody ready?
Man: Oh, yeah.
All right, yeah,|we got speed.
OK, Lanie,
wheneveryou're ready,|we got speed.
[High-pitched Voice]|I'm Lanie Kerrigan,
in front of|Giggles Comedy Club--
Why don'tyou take over?
Areyou serious?
Knockyourself out.
[High-pitched Voice]|Ha ha ha. All right!
Howyou doing, Seattle?|Howyou doing?
You happy?
Define happiness.
Your death.
She wants me.
[Sighs]|Oh, man, you're in trouble.
He is completely unprofessional.
He turned my piece|into a joke.
It was about a comedy club.
I can't workwith him.
Look, from what I understand,
the piece is fantastic,
and you look great.
Well, isn't that|whyyou asked for me?
I didn't ask foryou.
It doesn't matter|whether she asked
foryou or not.
Doyou have another|cameraman on this staff
who can make her look|like a natural blonde?
Doyou see what I have|to put up with, Dennis?
I am not just a reporter.
I am a TV personality.
My hair is my trademark.
Just like the|I-don't-like-to-shower look
is your trademark.
Lanie, enough.
Pete, enough out ofyou, too.
- Mo: Dennis.|- What?
They're ready|foryou in edit 3.
Thanks, Mo.|I'll be there in a minute.
Look, now I wantyou two
to stay in this room|till I get back,
and then we'll discuss|your next story.
In the meantime, stop|acting like children
and find out a way to get along.
So, uh, how's Cal?
How's bachelorette number 3?
You know, for someone|who supposedly hates me,
you take a healthy interest|in my love life, don'tyou?
Ohh, the words "healthy"|and your "love life"
do not belong in|the same sentence.
You trying to live|vicariously maybe?
I mean, God knows|your fiance*'s never around,
so maybe that's it.
You don't bother me.
You can't.
Because no matter how|you'd like to define it,
I can honestly say|at this moment,
my life is perfect.
Define perfection.
I'll define perfection.|Great job, great friends--
Great man, great apartment.
Great hair, great body.
- Thankyou.|- Uh-huh.
Great new job opportunity.
Yep. Dennis told me.
And don't worry about me,|I'm fine.
I'm happy foryou.
- Really?|- Really.
That's so nice.|I loveyou.
I loveyou, too.
I loveyour earrings.
Thankyou.|You gave them to me.
- Oh.|- [Laughs]
Anyway, Pete's a dick.
He's arrogant and rude--
He's a malcontented--
Anti-social juvenile.
Who's overrated and overpaid.
He has no manners.
He has no idea|how to treat a lady.
But he's good in bed.
What?|You slept with Pete.
- I did.|- Yeah?
He has a kind of--|kind of quirky,
sort ofloner appeal,|don'tyou think?
No, I mean, I don't.|I-- You know, butyou--
That's great.|Soyou're seeing Pete now?
No, no, of course not.
Actually, I have my eye|on our new sportscaster...
Hmm. That's great.
You're not mad about Pete?
Pete? I don't care|who Pete sleeps with.
He sleeps with everybody.
The 405 will be obstructed
by a 3-car accident|late this afternoon.
Man: Thanks, man.
My pleasure.
Highway 405 will be obstructed
by a 3-car accident|late this afternoon.
Continued turmoil
in the technology sector|all next week.
Jack, how areyou?
Remember me?
What is he doing?
I don't know.|And I think he knows him.
Yeah, he would.
I'm glad you dressed|for the occasion.
Doing a story on|a homeless guy,
and you wear a designer suit.
Don't be a wanker, Pete.
How exactly|doyou know this person?
Overheard him yelling about
a couple of stock tips,|made a little coin.
Ah, and still,|you couldn't afford a haircut.
Jack? Hello?
Lanie Kerrigan.
Listen, I--
I don't really believe|all this stuff,
but I'm up for|this really big job,
a job I've been dreaming|ofmywhole life,
and I was justwondering,|you know,
what doyou--|what doyou see?
Am I going to get it?
All right, Lanie,|we got speed.
Tonight at 8:00,|the Seahawks and Broncos.
Who's going to win?|One man knows.
Let's see ifhe's telling.
ProphetJack,|noted street savant,
and a little local flavor
in a town that could|use a little more.
Jack, what's with the crate?
I come from|a long line of prophets.
My pedestal elevates me closer
to the voice ofGod,
allowing me to heal|the huddled masses
with myvisions.
Why is it always|the huddled masses?
Do we huddle?
Well, I'll tell you who does.
The Seattle Seahawks.
Nice segue.
Jack, tonight the Hawks|are on a special
Thursday-night edition|offootball,
and they're playing|the 3-0 Broncos.
Tell us,Jack,|is it finally Denver's year,
or are the Hawks|going to open up
a big old can|ofbutt whupping?
The Seahawks will win, 1 9-1 3.
Yeah? Well, don't be|joking now,Jack.
You'll break our little hearts.
Prophets don'tjoke.
OK. Any other hot tips?
Tomorrow morning,|it's going to hail.
Well, the local|meteorologist said
we'll have more|blue skies tomorrow.
You-- You sureyou don'twant
to tweak that frequency|a little,Jack?
How old areyou now?|Maybeyou're not, you know,
hearing the old voice|ofGod so good anymore, hmm?
I hear it.|I hear it loud and clear.
OK, well,|you heard him, folks.
The Seahawks are going to win,
and tomorrow,|it's going to hail.
And next Thursday,|you're going to die.
I'm sorry.
I didn't ask for the power.
Ifl find out|you were up to this,
I will never speak|toyou as long as I live.
Yeah, and that would be what?|About a week or so?
Tonight, Seahawks|over the Broncos by 6.
Take the points.
He said the Seahawks
were going to win, 1 9-1 3,
that tomorrow,|it's going to hail,
and next Thursday,|I'm going to die.
The Seahawks are going to win?
Andrea, focus.
- [Laughs]|- OK? Please.
Sweetie, the guywas crazy.
Don't worry about it.
I'm sure Pete put him|up to the whole thing.
Miss Kerrigan, Miss Fox.
Hi. We're just,|uh, here for drinks.
Good to seeyou both again.
Enjoyyour evening.
- Hi.|- Hi.
So what's the score?
Seahawks are up, 1 9-1 3.
1 9?
What is that?|What is that?
Is that 2 touchdowns,|a field goal, and a safety?
3 touchdowns,|2 missed extra points.
TV Announcer:|Huge one here. Third and 1 3.
Second Announcer:|Broncos just haven't been able
to step up and make|that crucial play.
Yes! Oh!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Man:|We just lost.
I know, but it was|such a good pass.
Wait, wait,|they're contesting it.
Announcer:|We have a challenge to that last play
when McCaffrey caught|the ball on the sideline.
We saw the replay already,
and the call on the field|was for a catch, so--
What happened?
I think the receiver
might have stepped|out ofbounds.
Announcer:...really good|visual evidence to overturn it.
Referee:|Upon further review ofthe play,
the Denver receiver|stepped out ofbounds.
Take a deep breath.
And another deep breath.
You hear something weird.
Like what?
Like something that might give me
a heart attack by next Thursday.
Lanie, you eat nothing but lettuce.
You'll die ofstarvation
beforeyou die|of a heart attack.
Maybe it's high blood pressure,
or something more serious.
Doyou get headaches?
Vision problems?
Maybe I should get an M.R.I.?
Lanie, your blood|pressure's fine,
your lungs are clear,
no lumps in your breasts.
You may be the single|healthiest person in Seattle.
- Did you do it?|- No.
- Did you do it?|- No.
Lanie, I didn't do it,|all right?
I don't put that much|thought intoyou.
Oh, well, I wouldn'twantyou
to put too much thought|into anything, Pete.
You might hurtyourself.
Look, I can understand
whyyou might be|upset about this.
Ifl found out I had|a week left to live
and realized that|my entire life was
a meaningless quest for|the approval of others,
I'd be upset, too.
My life is not meaningless.
Unlikeyours,|a hedonistic free-for-all,
an empty succession
ofbanal sexual,|physical encounters...
whateveryou call it.
There's nothing banal about any--
Yeah? Well, that's not|what Andrea said.
Why don'tyou 2 just|get a room already?
Well, speaking of meaningless,
what are we doing here again?
Lanie and Vin: Pumpkins.
Pumpkins shaped|like famous people.
Is that their heads,
or does that include|the entire body?
Is that funny?
It's supposed to be.|An attempt at humor.
Ifyou owned a dictionary,
you would look that|word up under "H."
You know, Pete, ifyou had|less than a week to live,
I don't think|you'd be so funny, OK?
Lanie, he's a homeless guy, OK?
He lives in a cardboard box
in an alley on|Fourth and Sanders.
All right?|He's just some crazy nut
who had a bad case|oflogorrhea.
Define logorrhea.
Logorrhea,|it's diarrhea ofthe mouth.
You know, he goes on|and on about things.
Usually,|it's sports and weather,
and sometimes he's right,
and sometimes he's wrong.
When it comes to matters|oflife and death,
it's a little|out ofhis league.
Yeah, really.
Hi, Daddy.|Happy birthday.
Hi, dear.|Thankyou.
It's made by Bose.
It's the best|sound quality in the world.
Thankyou, Gwen.
Did, uh, you bring a gift, Pudge?
Yes, I did.
Of course I did.
Mariners season tickets. Wow.
Yeah,just like lastyear.
Why did you say
the kids couldn't come again?
Well, Conrad's soccer team
is playing in the division|championship tomorrow,
and of course,|Chloe has rehearsal--
international|children's orchestra.
I'm up for a job at A.M. USA.
- Oh, really.|- Yeah.
Is that still on?
Well, Lanie, the man|has worked the 5 a.m. shift
at the plant for 25 years.
I guess you could|give him a break, huh?
How's Cal?
He's fine.|He's in New York.
In the off-season?
He's doing a commercial.
I like Cal.|He's a good kid.
I think the Ms|are going to have
a good year nextyear.
Dad, can I askyou a question?
Gwen:|More cake, Dad?
Just like Mom used to make.
Maybe Lanie wants it.
No, I have to go, actually.
Oh--|Have some cake.
Dad, don't tempt her.
Happy birthday, Dad.
Yeah? Hello?
Cal, it's Lanie.
Is something wrong?
Uh, no, nothing's wrong.
Well, then why|areyou calling me?
Becauseyou're my fiance*.
Babe, it's late,
I don't reallyfeel like|phone sex tonight.
I know, Cal.|I just, um--
Listen, I've had a...
bizarre little evening,
and I just--
I just want|to askyou something.
what would you do|ifyou found out
I was going to die in,|like, a week?
Areyou on your period?
No, I'm not on my period.
I met a homeless guy,|and he had a vision.
Yeah, like ESPN?
No, he had ESP.|There's no "N," honey.
I know that, Lanie,|butyou know what?
It's late, sweetie,|and I got to get up early.
And there's no such thing as ESP.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You're right.|You're right.
I just don't understand|what the problem is.
OK, well, have a--
You know,|a good day tomorrow.
- OK. Night night.|- Bye.
Oh, that was helpful.
Aah! God!
He's still waiting
for the spaceship to come back.
Hi. Doyou remember me?
I'm much too psychotic|to remember something
from as far back as yesterday.
I broughtyou something.
Fortified strawberrywine.
June 2001.
Good month.
W-What would you|rather have, then?
A down jacket...
gor-tex boots...
a nice house|in the Florida Keys.
What did Pete payyou?
Because I am willing|to payyou
twice what he paid you|to tell me the truth.
Up to bargaining already.
Not following.
Anger, denial, bargaining,
depression, acceptance.
The 5 stages of death.
You're going pretty quick,
butyou only have a week
to get through 'em all.
Haveyou ever been wrong?
I don't think so.
Can't be sure.
Don't have a television|or radio.
Right. So th--
So, the truth is,
you really have no idea.
I mean, at all, right?
Like, you could be,|like, a.250 hitter,
and, you know, you don't|want anybody to know that
because then they|wouldn't put money
in your little cup, right?
What doyou want from me??!.
Don't you think I'd rather see
the lotto numbers?
I don't have any choice|overwhat I see.
The images are random.
For some reason,|I saw something aboutyou.
I see and I say.
Now, ifyou could|prove me wrong,
ifyou could prove|that I'm wrong,
even one time...
then, great, I'm--|I'm not a prophet.
I'm a normal guy
who has a hunch|once in a while,
and I can go and find|a nice cozy bed
and live my life in peace.
OK, it's-- it's a deal.
I will proveyou wrong,
and you will take away|the death sentence thing.
You're back to bargaining.
Mm-hmm, come.|Give me another prediction.
Let's do it. Come on.
Come on.
I see, I say, you pay.
I can do this.
Well, um--
Nuclear arsenal--
Come on!
Used computers... aboriginal--
- OK?|- I got it.
OK, tomorrow morning...
there'll be a relatively|significant earthquake
in San Francisco.
What time?
Specific times cost more.
9:06 a.m.
Now I need my beauty sleep.
You watch your step|as you're leaving.
Ow! God!
So, you... saw that coming,|did you?
No. I trip in that crack|all the time.
Good night.
Reporter On TV:|The new diet craze.
You can shed unwanted|pounds in just 2 days.
We'll put the meal plan|to the test.
Newsman On TV:|Good morning, I'm Jake Manning.
Newswoman:|And I'm Lori Ruben.
Good Saturday morning toyou.
Brad and Sarah|are offthis morning.
We're glad you'rewith us today.
We're going to have|some fun this morning
highlighting some ofthe events
going on around town today.
There's a classic car show
going on at the stadium|exhibition center.
And it's Octoberfest weekend.
This is a great family event
with plenty offood and music
and, yes, even some beer.
Haveyou ever doubted yourself?
Probablywhen I--
Newswoman:|And the forecast. Sam?
I'd say a pretty typical|Seattle day around here,
and that means you get|a couple of sun breaks,
you get a couple of showers,
and you're dodging it|no matterwhat--
That's it.
Theywould've cut in by now.
He was wrong.
Oh, God, I knew it!
You're a genius.
We have reports just coming in
from San Francisco
that an earthquake hit|at 9:06 this morning,
but therewas no damage reported.
The 3.3 measure|on the Richter scale
makes it only a relatively|significant quake.
We'll bring you more details|as we get them,
and we'll also have|a live report
at the top ofthe hour.
And coming up next,
highlights from|last night's sports action
and the national|weather picture.
All that when we return.
I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna die.
I mean, what is that?
Somebody tells me|I'm gonna die in a week,
and my life that|seemed so perfect
just last Wednesday, now...
seems like some big,|greasy sugar doughnut.
All right. Well, uh,
define doughnut.
Why do I talk toyou?
No, no, Lanie,|I'm being serious here.
You mean, like, your life
has a big hole in the middle?
Likeyou're missing something?
Pete, I'm gonna die in a week.
- Lanie--|- In a week.
You are not going to die, OK?
You don't know that.
Yes, I do, because, actually,
it's supposed to|be less than a week.
And that's ifit was true,|which it's not.
And ifit is,|then what, hmm?
You tell me, 'causeyou|always seem so happy.
You're so content with yourself.
And look at this place.
You have nothing.
I mean,|nothing anybodywould want,
and you're happy.
Hey, you know,|just relax, all right?
Can you do that?
All right,|then try breathing.
Take a deep breath.
No, I'm serious.|Take a deep breath in.
- That feel better?|- Mm-hmm.
Try another one.
See, that feels good,|doesn't it?
Oh, my God,
you're trying|to have sex with me.
I am not trying|to have sex with you.
Because I was drunk that time.
And what time was that?
Uh, the time that we had sex...
in that bedroom?
Oh, oh.|Yeah, that then.
I know we haven't|talked about it
for the last few months,
but I thinkwe both know|it was a big mistake...
the moment we woke up.
Yeah, and then had sex again.
I'm marrying Cal.
I know that's hard|foryou to accept.
And even though I may be
veryvulnerable right now,
I think it would be|a very bad idea
for us to have sex
and foryou to|getyour hopes up again.
I appreciate that, but,|Lanie,just soyou know,
you are the single most|delusional, self-involved,
self-absorbed,|egocentric woman
I have ever met.
Hmm. Let's have sex.
Look, I don't want|to have sex with you.
Oh, and ifyou had a week|to live, what would you do?
I would, you know--|I'd have sex with you.
Look, you know what?|I don't know.
If I was gonna die|in a week,
I would--|I'd try and live every moment.
I would go to see the people
that mean the most to me,
and I would try|and memorize their face.
And I would say to them|all the things
that I wanted to say,
but have always been|too afraid to.
Like what?
Shouldn'tyou be talkin'|to Everybody's All-American
about this?
He's not home,
and he's not much for talking.
Oh, butyou want|to marry him?
I don't know.|I have a week to live.
Does it matter?
Lanie, all right,|give it up already.
You're not gonna die.
How doyou know?
Becauseyou're in charge,|Lanie, all right?
You run your life.
You makeyour own fate,|and you makeyour own luck.
Let's just say that|ProphetJackwas right
in one version|ofthe universe.
OK, maybe he tapped|into some wavelength
where in this version|ofyour life,
you do in fact die|next Thursday.
OK-- OK.
All right, but maybe|ifyou change the path--
you know, change the path|you're currently on--
the outcome is gonna|be different.
But I've worked so hard|on this one.
Well, you know what?|Maybe that's your problem.
- Maybe what you--|- I--
You know,|I think it's-- I--
Where are you going?|Whereyou going?
I thought we were|gonna have sex.
No running by the pool.
Can I talk toyou?
To me?
Let's have a seat.
So, did you get|that jobyou wanted?
I don't knowyet.
OK, well, keep me informed.
Gwen, does your life|have meaning?
Does your life have meaning?
Because I've been|thinking about life
and what's meaningful,
and I keep thinking about Mom,
and ever since she died,
how me and you and Dad,|you know,
we don't seem to be real normal.
And maybe we're trying|to be something...
that we're not.
Does that make sense toyou?
So, I'm not normal?
- No--|- I am normal.
My kids are normal.
- Gwen--|- Yes,
Jerry is in A.A.
Yes, he's been dealing|with his sex addiction,
but we're getting through that.
I'm so sorry.|Jerry's sex addicted?
Don't act like|you didn't know.
Must be nice foryou...
having a famous baseball player
as a boyfriend,
getting all the attention,
just likeyou always did|when we were little.
Me getting all the attention?
But some of us
have real life|to deal with, Lanie.
Oh, real life.
Real life in|your really big mansion
with your really perfect kids
and being a perfect wife?
What doyou want|from me, Lanie?
You want me to tell you|all the problems
in my life, soyou'll|feel better aboutyours?
It's not gonna happen.
And you wanna know|ifI'm happy.
I am.
I'm happy.
Everything's just peachy|here in wonderland.
- Gwen?|- Lanie...
you're on TV.
You should recognize|a good exit line
when you hear one.
What areyou doing?
We get a cat?
I haven't listened|to that foryears.
What areyou doin' here?
You just takin' a trip|down Memory Lanie?
So, seriously, whereyou at?
Right there.
That's notyou.
Um, is something wrong?
Well, yeah, Lanie,|something's wrong.
You know, I-I mean,|I've been gone for a week,
and I come home,|and you're all...
- Filmy?|- Yeah. I mean,
what, you just--|you didn't take a shower today?
No, I didn't.
I woke up, and I thought,
[Scoffs]|the heckwith it.
- It's Sunday.|- And you're smokin'--
Yeah, I'm smoking.|Oreo?
No, thankyou.|And what doyou--
Why doyou have|the-the glasses on?
Because I wear glasses,
and I didn't put my contacts in.
Well, they have laser surgery.
Nowyou can get|the whole thing done.
Hmm. Yeah.
Are we in love?
I mean...
what is it?
What, Lanie?|What is what?
What is it that connects us?
Humor me, OK?
It's been a bad few days.
Yeah, obviously.
I mean, what is it that's going
to keep us together for|1 0 or 20 or 30 years?
Well, you got a great ass.
And you're pretty funny...
you know, and there's--
Oh, no, that's... enough.
I'm gonna pretend|you didn't say that.
What is it about our beliefs,
our-our dreams,
- ourvalues--|- I-I don't--
This-This is not a good idea, OK?
What is not a good idea?
Having the "us" conversation,|Lanie.
But why?
Because it's giving me|a headache, OK?
And, you know, this is the thing
that I loved about us, baby,
is that we don't have|to talk like this.
I got it.
I got it.
I wantyou to go|somewhere with me.
But stay there.|I'll be right back.
- Thanks a lot, George.|- Anytime, Coop.
Appreciate it, man.
All right, you ready?
This had better|be going somewhere.
Just trust me.
All right, here it comes.
That's a nice cut,|though, right there.
Here we go. One more.
Watch the ball into the bat.|Just swing right through it.
Just stay loose up top.
- OK?|- OK.
- Ready?|- Right with you.
That's it, right there!
- OK.|- OK.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
All right, here we go.
All right, honey,|lay it on me.
There it is,|lay it on me.
What is it?
It's some kind of metaphor, right?
You want us to step up|to the plate
or come out swinging or--
Actually, I was just thinking
when I start talkin' nonsense,
it helps ifl just come out here
and pound the shit|out ofthe ball.
You know?|1 5, 20 minutes ofthis,
and you kinda forget|whatyou wereworried about
in the first place.
Your cure for my emotional crisis
is batting practice?
Is that right?
What doyou--|What-What is this?
Is this you breaking up with me?
'Cause, you know, they're pretty|much lined up behind you, Lanie.
You mightwanna take a minute|and reconsider.
A minute seems like|a really long time towaste.
Welcome back.|I'm Lori Ruben.
And I'm Jake Manning.
Good morning.|We hopeyou're having
a good Monday morning.
We're going to run down|the news foryou in a minute,
and there's quite a bit|going on today.
The transit workers|are out on strike.
We'll be going|to Lanie Kerrigan
with a live update on that|in just a minute,
but first let's check out--
Strikers, Chanting:|No pride, no ride.
Dennis, Over Radio:|Where is she?
Look, I just spoke to|her on her cell phone.
- She said she'd be here.|- When, next Friday?
Hey, come on.|She said she was on herway.
We work out together|every morning.
Today she didn't show.
Man: Stand by to dissolve|the weather graphic.
Pete, I'm sending|Andrea out toyou.
Hey, come on, Dennis,|why don'tyou just give her
a couple minutes, all right?
Pete, I'm sending Andrea.
- Thankyou.|- Go.
Any sign ofher?
Oh, no, nada.
All right, well,|Dennis wants a live feed.
I'm ready, ifshe ever|decides to show up.
Go on.|No pride, no ride!
Get out and walk.
Show some support|for the huddled masses.
Lanie:|No pride, no ride. No pride--
Hey, guys.
Isn't this fantastic?
Yeah, yeah.|Everything all right, there?
Everything's great.
I got stuck in traffic|way back there,
and I thought I'd walk.
Where's your--|Where's your car now?
I left my car.|I have a story to do.
Hi, Vin. Wire me.
Vin, do not give her|that microphone.
Vin? I love you, Vin.
I've never been able|to say that before
because I was frightened.
You know, Lanie,|that's really sweet,
but, Lanie, are you sure|that you wanna go on air?
I mean, did you have|a couple of drinks
or something? Or--
No, I'm not drunk.|I'm free.
That's good. That's good.|Butyou know what?
Dennis has already called Andrea.
She's coming in to replaceyou.
Dennis, Over Radio:|Has Lanie shown upyet?
Yeah, Dennis, she just got--
Dennis, I'm here,
and I'm ready to rock 'n' roll.
Dennis, she is|in no shape to go--
Dennis, hi. I'm golden.
I've got 3 strikers|ready to interview live.
That's my girl.
OK, saddle up!
I loveyou, man.
You sure about this?
We're live in 5, people.|Live in 5!
Lanie, Over Bullhorn:|No pride, no ride.
News Anchor:|A major story is developing in Seattle.
Director:|Get camera one coaster, still 1 3.
Tape. Give me her name.|Stand by, super.
Super in. Stand by live.
Pete, get ready|to roll on Lanie.
- Whoa!|- [Thud]
Hey, Lanie, you at least|wanna zip up or something?
- Oh.|- Yeah.
How's this?
Well, I know,|you love me, too, right?
Rush hour in downtown Seattle
has ground to a halt today
as striking bus drivers|take to the streets
to make theirvoices heard.
What's your name?
Bob Washington.
Bob, areyou one ofthe many
faceless men and women
who toil in the streets,
guiding your diesel Goliath
through the blighted cityscape
to make sure that we|get home safe and sound?
Um... no pride, no ride.
Strikers:|Yeah! No pride, no ride.
Bob, tell us,
what are the drivers demanding?
- Better hours.|- Strikers: Yeah!
- Betterwages.|- Yeah!
- Bettervehicles.|- Yeah!
Better overall job satisfaction.
Yeah! All right.
Sounds reasonable.
Bob, I don't know ifyou're aware
of a very popular song|by a little band
called the Rolling Stones,
but it talks about|these very same issues,
and it goes a little|something like this.
Bloody hell.
- Hi, Bob.|- Yeah.
That is one crazy chick.
Director:|Stand by,Jake and Lori.
We should get out ofthis.
I'm Lanie Kerrigan,
and that's fuckin' life|in Seattle!
Morning, Mick.
A little hair ofthe dog forya?
Just point to the one|you were drinkin'.
All right.
I knewyou were|a rum and Coke girl.
You drink a little|bit ofthis down...
you're gonna be|feelin' much better.
No. No. Come on.
A little bit more than that.
- Good girl.|- [Coughs]
Oh, God. Did we--
Well, don't sound so excited, OK?
You passed out in my car.
What-What happened?
You don't remember any ofit?
- No.|- You don't remember
talkin' to me on the cell phone?
The bus drivers' strike?
The live spot?
Areyou telling me|I went on the air?
You went on the air.
Without my makeup?
Withoutyour makeup,|withoutyour lines...
withoutyour sanity.
Oh... wow.
I don't know, Lanie.
Seriously, I don't think|that's a good idea.
You do not--|You do not wanna watch it.
Oh, boy.|It's important to note
that it can be very difficult|to be a reporter,
and we're not here
to make fun|of our brethren, but--
But she is from a rival station.
So, uh, let's see it again.
Woman:|Just how involved
should reporters|get with their subjects?
A local reporter|caused a huge traffic jam
when she turned a live report
into an impromptu rock concert.
I'm Lanie Kerrigan,|and that's [Bleep] life--
My life is over.
I'm officially dead.
I officiallyjust--|just stopped breathing. I'm dead.
Define life.
My career.|My networkjob.
Doyou really think
ifyou have no job|and no boyfriend,
then your life is over?
Will you shut up?
My head is pounding,
I haven't had a shower|since Saturday,
and I have ringing in my ears.
Yeah, well,|that's called a phone.
I'll take care ofthat.
Hey, Dennis.|Howya doin'?
Yeah, no problem.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
No, Lanie?
No. I mean, you know,|I saw heryesterday.
Well, it's 7:1 5.
All right.|Well, ifl hear from her,
I will giveyou a call. OK.
you want me to takeyou home?
Wanna go try and|look foryour car, maybe?
[Laughs]|Oh, God. No.
Well, look, you know what?
What doyou say|I takeyou to the airport,
you can go offto Morocco
with your last couple|of days here on Earth?
Ifit's OKwith you,|I'd like to stay...
here for a little while.
All right.
Butyou gotta|take a shower first.
- Hereya go.|- Quid.
Quid. Yeah.
What is that?
What is quid?|It's money. Currency.
In what language?
In English.|As in England?
You know how in the U.S.,
you would say, uh,|"I got a few bucks."
Well, in England,|you would say,
"I got a few quid."
So it's slang.
No. It's quid.
It's slang.
The queen does not use slang.
You cannot use slang|in word games.
It was not slang.
You would let me use|"buck," wouldn'tya?
Define buck.|Buck as in male deer?
Yeah.|Or buck as in buck off,
or, I'm having such|a bucking good time
shopping with you.
You're telling me
that even though it's Tuesday,
a daywhen normal people|have to work
or have appointments,
you have absolutely
no obligation whatsoever?
No. Sometimes, you know,|I'll actuallywork.
Oh, but only ifyou want to.
Yeah. Yeah.
And, uh, and what if
Dennis called and said
you have to come|to work today
oryou'll be fired?
Well, then I would|probably get fired.
Just like that?
Yeah, well, you know, Lanie,
I know this is hard|foryou to imagine,
but there are some things that are
a little bit more|important than work.
Like what?
Well, like today,|for example...
I gotta go pick up my kid.
Yeah. Yeah, you know,|I have a son.
Uh, you said you didn't
have any obligations.
You know, I don't really|look at him like an obligation.
There he is.|Hey, Tommy.
Hey, Dad.
How's it goin'?
Uh, pretty good.
Good. Good.
I got a little surprise|foryou today.
- OK.|- All right.
I wantyou to meet someone|I workwith.
This is Lanie.
This is my boyTommy.
- Hi.|- Hi.
It's nice to meetyou, Lanie.
Nice to meetyou.
Well, Dad, is she coming with us?
Yeah. Yeah, she's gonna|spend the daywith us,
see ifshe can|hang with the guys.
What doyou think?
All right. Well, come on.|Let's get goin'.
Pete:|Come on.
Doyou like kids?
Hey, come on, Tommy.
What? I mean, what ifher|and Cal Cooper
have kids someday|when they get married?
Cal and I broke up.
You broke up with Cal Cooper?
That's horrible, isn't it?
Can you still get good seats|for the Mariner games?
Well, look, you know,|Lanie's on TV.
I'm sure if she can't|get 'em through Cal--
Yeah. Yeah. I know--|the Seattle Life lady.
You should have sung
I Did ItAll For The Nookie,|by Limp Bizkit.
I don't think|I know that one.
- What?|- [Laughs]
Yeah, how do you know that?
All right, little guy.
Hey, Tommy.
We're home.
Mmm. Thanks, Dad.
You readyto go?
Oh, itwas nice|to meetyou, Lanie.
It was nice to meetyou.
You gotyour bag?
I can't believe thatyou|broke upwith Cal Cooper
just to go outwith my dad.
Oh, no, Tommy.|Your dad and I aren't--
aren't, you know.
Yeah, Tommy.|Look, we, uh, Lanie and I
are just, you know,|we're just friends.
We just work together.
Then why is she wearing|your clothes?
Um... you know what?
I, uh--|I'll explain that toyou
a little later on, OK?
All right.
I swear, that's always|the hardest part.
Is that his mom?
Yeah, we grew up together.
You know,|back in New York.
Catholic school, when...
well, ifyou got a girl pregnant,
you basically have 2 choices.
You can either marry her or...
marry her.
But then we split up,
and she moved out here
and tookTommywith her.
You know, I had to follow, too.
I just--|I couldn't bear to be
that far away from him.
And I don't know what's worse,
you know?
Getting divorced or...
the two of us trying to|stay together for him.
Well, I think|he's just really lucky
to have 2 parents that love him.
You're not thinking about|ProphetJack, areyou?
No, I haven't|thought about that all day.
- Thanks toyou.|- Oh.
So, you got to admit,|it feels pretty good, doesn't it?
Doin' nothin'.
[Sighs]|Yeah, it does.
So, what doyou normally do|on a Tuesday night?
Let's see. Normally,
ifl was with|a beautiful woman
such as yourself,|I would maybe, um--
maybe ask her to come|back to my place.
And ifshe was wearing|all my clothes,
then I would insist|that she return them.
Um, areyou trying|to have sex with me?
Yeah, I definitely am.
- So, areyou OK?|-Yeah, I'm OK.
- Areyou sure?|- Yes.
What, you didn't have|a good time last night?
'Cause I'm thinkin'
maybeyou should|meet me at 1 1 :06
in the equipment room|for a little quickie.
Oh. But I might|be history by 1 1 :06.
Well, then we don't have|to settle for a quickie.
I better go.
I have a 9:00 appointment|to get fired.
Well, good.|That'll give us more time.
Lanie, you got it!
That stuntyou pulled|on Mondaywas brilliant.
Yourfacewas on every news program
in the country.|Lanie, you're famous.
Theywantyou in NewYork
for A.M. USA tomorrow morning.
You're gonna do|a live interview spot.
Are we talking about--
You got the network.|You did it.
Oh, my God.|Oh, my God!
[Everyone Cheers]
Oh, my God!
Somebody get this girl a drink!
Pour! Pour! Pour!
- [Everyone Cheers]|- Whoo!
Here's looking at you, kid!
To Lanie!
- It's 1 1 :06.|- Hmm.
I forgot about that.
Areyou being weird?
Define weird.
- I got the job.|- I heard.
So ProphetJackwas wrong.
That was the first thing|I asked him.
So that means what?
So that means|that he's crazy,
that I'm not gonna die,|that I'm gonna live...
in New York.
When do theywantyou to leave?
In a few hours.|They're picking me up.
Theywant me to be|on the show tomorrow morning.
And guess who theywant me|to interview.
I haven't a clue. Who?
Deborah Connors.
A live interview|with me and Deborah Connors.
That's great.
Well, congratulations.
I'm sureyou're|gonna do a great job.
I wantyou to go with me.
I don't wanna go back|to New York, Lanie.
Because ofyour son?
Yeah.|Yeah, because ofhim,
and because I like it here.
You know, I like my life.
I'm not likeyou.
I just think nothing ever
satisfies your appetite for long.
Is that whatyou think ofme?
That's what I think.
Would you be saying that
ifyou thought I was|gonna die tomorrow?
I never thought|you were gonna die.
I thinkyou did.|I thinkyou did.
I think somewhere inside,
that's whyyou let me in.
That's whyyou introduced me|toyour son.
It's whyyou spent|the nightwith me.
You thoughtyou'd never
have to follow through.
I think that's what happened.
That's not it at all.
You know why I did|all those things?
Because on Monday, out|at the strike, I finally sawyou.
No. The real Lanie.|The real you.
And that's who I want,|and that's who I still want.
That's who I introduced to my son.
This is everything|I've ever dreamed of.
Well, then, I guess
there's nothing|left to say, is there?
You're gonna go to New York,|and I'm staying here.
I got thejob, A.M. USA.
I'm going to NewYork.
When areyou coming back?
Oh, come on, Dad.
It's not like|you're gonna miss me.
You have Gwen.
What's that supposed to mean?
It's not supposed|to mean anything.
It means that...
you've always|kind offavored Gwen.
What kind of crap is that?
I favored Gwen?
I love both my girls|just the same.
I know.
Why don't you go over
and open that top drawer|ofthat cabinet.
What is this?
It's you.
I tape all your stuff.
See that red one on the end?
That's my favorite one.
- Oh, God.|- [Laughs]
Pat, turn it off.
I know I haven't always
been there foryou, Lanie.
I've never really understood you.
Couldn't find a way|to talk toyou.
Butyour mother could.
You were the only person
that could make her smile.
Will you watch me tomorrow?
I'm gonna call in sick|as soon as you leave.
An angel will fall|from the sky!
An angel will fall|from the sky!
You are so full ofshit.
Don't give him any money, pal.
He's a phony.
An angel will fall from the sky.
Bullshit.|You said that a week ago.
I need to explain|something toyou.
I am not a therapist.
I do a volume business here.
You and your girlfriend|can't figure it out--
She is not my girlfriend.
Not my problem.
Did she say that?|Did she say
that she was my girlfriend?
I see and I say and you pay.
We do not develop a relationship.
Yeah, butyou see,|you're full of shit.
OK? Because she's not gonna die
because she got the job.
The networkjob thatyou said
she wasn't gonna get,
which means you were wrong.
Was I?
What is that supposed to mean?
Ifshe dies tomorrow,|then she doesn't get the job,
and I was right.
An angel will fall|from the sky!
An angel will fall from the sky!
An angel|will fall from the sky!
[Sighs]|This is the life, isn't it?
I guess.|I'm terribly afraid offlying.
I can assureyou,|we are not gonna die today.
You know what?
Vin, it just doesn't|make sense, you know?
I mean, the whole thing|with the two of us,
it just doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, well,|love never does, Pete.
- Love?|- Mm-hmm.
I didn't say--|Did you hear me say love?
Whateveryou say.
No one said anything|about love.
I gotyour love right here.|8 ball, side pocket.
Curiously strong.
That's kind oflike her,|isn't it?
Areyou gonna give me|an Altoids metaphor now?
No. No. No. Now, listen.
'Cause, uh, at first,
you can only take her|in small doses, right?
You know, after a while,
you start to like|the burn, you know?
You acquire a little|taste for it, you know?
But it scares you,|'causeyou're afraid
one day the drugstore's|gonna be flat out
of Altoids, and then what?
Soyou pick up|some cinnamon gum,
or some, uh, you know,|spearmint Tic Tacs,
but guess what?
Nothing else is gonna
cut it foryou anymore, cowboy.
Well, cowboy, Lanie's gone,
and Altoids aren't|really an option now.
So I'm just gonna|get on with my life.
He said I was gonna|die by tomorrow.
And I believed him
because he predicted|this hail storm
and the football score
and the earthquake|in San Francisco.
9:06 on the dot.
But he also said|that I would not
get this big job|that I was up for,
and guess what?
I got it.
That's where I'm going right now.
So, you see,|there is no way
you are gonna die|on this plane.
My game, your round. Again.
- Same?|- Yeah.
Newsman On TV:|Tragic news from Los Angeles.
Rod Melendez,|a former star catcher
ofthe California Angels,
and one ofthe few real heroes
ofthe Los Angeles riots of 1 992,
died tonight when|his small private plane
mysteriously tumbled|from the sky.
Melendez was an experienced pilot
whose plane disappeared from radar
Iess than a mile from|the Santa Monica Airport.
Former Angel catcher|Rod Melendez, dead at 35.
Hey, Lanie, it's Pete.
I don't know ifyou're|checking your messages,
but an Angel|did fall from the sky.
I mean, not an angel|with wings,
but an Angel, so, uh--
[Cell Phone Beeps]
Look, my phone's|gonna die any second,
but whateveryou do,|just be careful today.
All right? You know,|try not to go out on that--
This is our final boarding call
for flight 1 78|to New York, LaGuardia.
This is our final boarding call
for flight 1 78|to New York, LaGuardia.
Hold on! Hold it!
Bellman:|Good morning, Ms. Kerrigan.
Good morning.
Watch your step.
Have a good day.
Could you go|a little faster, please?
I don't want to be late.
I'm going faster already.
Any more faster, I'd kill us.
No, you won't.
Flight Attendant:|Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to LaGuardia|International Airport.
Please remain in your seats
until the plane|comes to a complete stop
and the "fasten seat belt"|sign is turned off.
We hope that|you enjoyed your flight
and will continue to fly|with us in the future.
So, how was your flight?
- Good.|- Good. Fine.
Hotel's nice?
Oh, yes.
- That's the backdrop.|- Oh.
Watch your step.
And this is the A.M. USA set.
News desk.
Living room set.
And this is the library set
whereyou'll be|interviewing Deborah.
Getyou touched up?
- Mark, Carrie?|- Yeah?
This is Lanie Kerrigan|from Seattle.
- Hi, Lanie.|- Hi, Carrie.
- Great to haveyou here.|- Thankyou.
I guess you finally got|some satisfaction.
I'll seeyou on set.
Uh, you're scheduled for 8:00.
You'll find your list|of questions in here.
Oh, I have my own questions.
Uh, Deborah Connors|doesn't answer
any questions she|doesn't already know.
- You nervous?|- No.
Great.|Follow me.
Sorry, I just completely--
Uh, uh, heading|the hour today,
uh, the rescue efforts|of an oil tanker
that capsized at sea|during a huge storm
offthe coast of Maine|are underway.
Is that right?|Thankyou.
[Clears Throat]
- Ah, ahh--|- Ah--
Director:|OK, stand by to come up on camera 2
in 5--
Announcer: From New York,|it's A.M. USA...
with Carrie Maddox
and Mark Laughlin.
Good morning and welcome to|A.M. USA.
I'm Carrie Maddox.
And I'm Mark Laughlin.
And we welcome ourviewers|on the West Coast
for this special|live edition ofA.M. USA.
You know I can't do that.
I have absolutely no idea.|Talk toJen.
I said no.
Just what part of no|doyou not understand?
Thanks. Hello.
So, what doyou think?
All right?|Seeyou on set.
Good morning, everyone.
Oh, God, what's this?|They call this a set?
Albert, I'm glad to|seeyou haven't lost
your sense ofhumor,|but please.
Hello, hello.|Oh, aren'tyou pretty?
Listen and learn.
Albert, fix it! Now!
Ms. Connors?
I'm Lanie Kerrigan.
You've been an inspiration to me.
Well, I wish I could be|an inspiration to myself.
Congratulations on your award.
Thankyou very much.|You have the questions?
Yeah? Good.|This'll be a breeze.
Oh, that's much better.
[Clears Throat]
Herbie, how do I look?|I need your help today.
Coming up in the next halfhour,
we'll see home video footage--
Hey, pal.|Pal, I was watching that.
Mark: And then,|we're gonna showyou how to keep
your rose bushes healthy|during the winter months
by proper food|and proper pruning.
Carrie: But before we get to|all ofthat, let's go to--
Carrie: But before we get to|all ofthat, let's go to--
OK. Clear, please.
[Clears Throat]
OK, coming up on camera 3...
in 5, 4--
...of distinction. Lanie?
Thankyou, Carrie.
I'm here with a legend
and one of my own|personal idols,
Deborah Connors.
It is an honor to be here
to talkwith you today,|Ms. Connors.
Oh, thankyou very much.|Call me Deborah.
when you stand before
the entire journalistic|community tomorrow evening
to receiveyour award
for 25 years offame|and excellence,
I think our audience would|like to know one thing.
Did you---
Mom, is Aunt Lanie OK?
Oh, my.
Did you-- Heh.
Did you think it was worth it?
What is she doing?
Uh, worth what, exactly?
Was it worth everything|you gave up?
For instance?
For instance,|you were never married.
Lanie, areyou trying|to pull a Deborah on me?
Well, ifto cut|through the camouflage
to ask the most|important question
is pulling a Deborah,|then, yes, I am.
There is no camouflage.
With me,|whatyou see is whatyou get.
No regrets.
What about Harry Llewelyn?
When you were a correspondent
for National Public Radio|stationed in London,
wasn't Harryyour fiance*?
Harry Llewelyn was--
It was...
one ofthe happiest times|in my life.
I was... 25.
And I walked away.
[Whispering]|What's happening?
Deborah Connors is having|an on-camera breakdown.
I walked out on someone, too...
to be here on national TV,
so people would think|that I'm special.
Oh, sweetie.
The only person who has to think
you're special is yourself.
IfI've learned one thing,
it's in your career
and in your life...
you just gotta beyourself.
So, no regrets?
I think I'm gonna regret|giving this interview.
Hmm. Well--
Well, I certainlywant to|thankyou so much, Deborah.
Back toyou,|Mark and Carrie.
OK. We're out.
Oh, Deborah, that was--
Thankyou.|That was incredible.
It was just so... brave ofyou
to be so honest, and, um--
God, I thankyou--
You... go.
Like, "You go, girl"?
No.Just go.
I want her out ofhere.
Lanie, where areyou goin'?
The head ofthe network|wants to seeyou.
He saw the interview.|He loved it.
Nobody's been able to get to|Deborah Connors like that.
In fact, the network's|gonna run the interview
again tonight, later on.
Television spots|are already airing.
He wants to meetyou
and talk aboutyour future|with our network.
25th floor.
I'll takeyou.
But I'm going home.
[Whispering]|Hey, Lanie.
Lanie, can you hear me?
It's almost 3:00|in the morning.
It's almost 3:00,|which means it's Friday,
which means
whileyou're not exactly|conversational right now,
you are technically
and legally
and otherwise still alive.
It's still Thursday in Seattle.
Welcome back.
Howyou feelin'?
Look, I don'twant|the opportunity
to pass me by again,
so I probably should've|told you this
a long time ago,
but I've loved you since|the first day I metyou.
Define love.
Lanie, I want to spend the rest|of my life with you.
All 4 minutes.
Yeah, well,
I'll take what I can get.
I loveyou.
You feelin' a little|betterthere, huh?
I should've tried kissing you
a long time ago, I guess.
Yeah, well, you're an idiot.
Is thatyou talkin',
or is that the morphine talkin'?
Heh. You're very cute.
You're lucky I loveyou.
You're not gonna die on me.
Come on, promise me that.
Pete, On Answering Machine:|Hi, you've reached Lanie,
Pete, and Tommy.
Leave a message at the beep. Thanks.|[Beep]
Lanie, Pete, hey, it's Dennis.|Look, I know it's your day off.
I know you hate to work|on your day off,
but I really need|your help on a story.
Give me a call|when you get the message.
Announcer:|And now batting,
Cal Cooper!
Oh, my God! Cal!
Lanie:|Someone once said "Live every day
"as ifit wereyour last
because one ofthese days,|it will be."
Jackwas right.
A part of me did die|that day.
The part of me that didn't|know how to live.
What will the future bring?
Jack knows,
but any conversations|I have with him,
I make sure he only talks|about sports and weather.
I told you I'd catch it.
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