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Subtitles for Lille Frk Norge 2003.

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Lille Frk Norge 2003

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What a nice picture, Lotte.
That is me, and there in my heart that is mommy.
Very, very nice.
No, don't put the flowers over the picture.
Mommy can still see me, you know.
- Who'll bring flowers now? - We will, Lotte, always.
But maybe not as often.
No, but that doesn't mean we'll forget her, does it?
Oh, look!
No, Lotte, stop it.
- I want a cell phone. - You'll have to run for three years.
Not until you're twelve, you know that.
- You'll get yours when I get mine. - In three years. No more nonsense.
- I want one. - Give me that phone.
No, I need it now, it's important. Let me have it!
Good day, Your Majesty. No, you are not interrupting.
Right. No, not at all. That is quite all right.
Yes, I will see you soon. Good bye.
We'll have to stop by work. Just a few hours.
- Now? - And then, we will move to Kristin.
Look who is here!
Hi Lotte!
They enjoy that.
- It'll be nice to have a mom. - Yes.
I also lost my mother, the Queen, much too early.
But she is with me in my heart.
So is mine. In my heart.
- Ready for the visit, Your Majesty. - Thank you.
- Who is coming? - Princes.
- Are you getting married? - Perhaps.
The Queen is coming!
Where on earth do I find a good man?
Certainly fit, isn't he? But there are more.
I hear the French one is good. He writes poetry.
- Imagine, the fairest in the land. - The Queen?
- No, Kristin. - Oh, right, Kristin. Yes.
Imagine, daddy, she'll be my new mom.
- Are you looking forward to it? - I think it will be nice.
-Wow. Mom is with us. -That's funny.
On that picture, you were just a tiny seed in her stomach.
I'll put her away.
- You seem ready for our new life. - I'd have liked to bring my room.
You cannot take it with you when you go
You cannot take it with you when you go
You don't need money anymore When you're at Heaven's Door
You cannot take it with you when you go
I hope Kristin is going to like me.
I know she will.
You have to sthop, mom, they're here.
- Helge? - Wow, such a big slice.
- That means you get married. - Oh?
If the slice had fallen, you would never be married.
Best leave it standing for as long as you can, then.
You'll get married too, Lotte.
My turn!
- You cheated, Vendela. - It still counts, anyway.
This is really good.
- Aren't you having any, Kristin? - Oh, I've just eaten.
You always say that you've just eaten.
I live on air, and on love.
I've made you a picture.
- Is that me? - Yes.
You being a beauty queen is big.
Oh, so long ago. I'd almost forgotten.
Look, Vendela, such a nice drawing Lotte made!
- I'm entering Little Miss Norway. - What's that?
- A beauty pageant. - For the women of tomorrow!
A place for girls to play and make their dreams come true.
Little Miss Norway.
Do you remember the Queen calling you that many years ago?
Yes, she put her crown on my head and called me little Miss Norway.
The Queen?
OK, five, six, seven ...
Smile - on one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Attitude! More Attitude!
OK, we go: five, six, seven.
Smile - on one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Personality!
You had your navel pierced?
Let me see.
- What's that? - That's old Pooh.
She's really ugly.
Almost as ugly as you.
What a cosy place. And old Pooh.
Don't be up all night chatting. Pooh, you watch'em.
- Good night, Lotte. - Night, daddy.
Do you think mommy is pretty?
Very pretty. And so are you.
- Sleep tight, Vendela. - I will.
Do you want to be friends?
Darling, can you do one thing for me?
What I dream of above all else.
- It would give my life new meaning. - Tell me. What is it?
I'd be so happy ... if the Queen were to present the award.
- The award? - Yes. For Little Miss Norway.
She could grace us with her presence, and I'm there ... I'm there...
Oh ... I am there ...
But Kristin ...
It would mean the world to me! And I'm sure you can do it.
If you want to, that is.
Lift me.
Lift me!
There I am.
See those claws ...
Show me those muscles. Bodyguard, bodyguard ...!
Hi, Lotte.
Have you seen the bird?
Come on, I'll tuck you in, Lotte.
My dear Queen.
I can't believe that you will present the award...
It is such a great honour for me!
"No, Kristin, the honour is all mine."
Thank you.
Come, let's meet the press.
- Morning, Lotte. - I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?
- How about bacon and eggs? - Yes.
- Sunny side up. - Yes.
- Let's see ... Hi, Vendela. - Hi.
I'm making breakfast.
- Where is the food? - I'll get it.
Blue and green.
Last night was wonderful.
- Remember your promise. - But I can't say when.
No buts. You gave your word. Gotta run!
Just make yourselves at home.
This is a weird breakfast.
Yes, but I bet it's really healthy.
Do you remember mommy's special?
- Toasted cheese, bacon and eggs? - That was delicious.
My mommy is always dieting.
The perfect tool for the perfect body.
It's here at last.
The miracle that works miracles.
Shaping the unshapeable.
The perfect tool for the perfect body.
It's here at last.
The miracle that works miracles.
Shaping the unshapeable.
- It's here! - It's finished?
It's not for sale yet. But we are starting to promote it.
Body Addict! The Irresistible Cream.
- How soon will it be approved? - Soon, if there are no mistakes.
- Would you like a sample? - I'd love it.
We think we'll call it "My Little Body".
The First Beauty Products for little girls.
When you start, you can't stop.
- Oh, I can't wait to ... - For God's sake, we won't use it.
We'll make money out of it. But we are not going to be addicted!
This is a souvenir.
But don't use it on anyone you love.
Sh-chocolate Cake.
Sh-chocolate Cake.
-Sh-chocolate Cake. -Sh-chocolate Cake.
- Come on, let's go play! - Mom told me to practice an hour.
No, that's enough practice. Come on, let's go!
Hurry up!
Oh, two on one!
- You're it! - You'll never catch me!
You're it! You'll never catch me!
We got you!
We need a fence here, before there is an accident. That was close.
Let's go back.
It's got to go forward.
Forward it is. There.
- And a little to the right, please. - A little to the right.
- There. Left a little. - Too much? We just move it back, eh?
- Much more forward. - No problem.
Should have done it right away, that would have been the smart thing.
Are you here?
I don't want to nag, but when will you ask the Queen?
I don't know. I'll have to wait for the right occasion.
- Time is growing short. - Wow, you're so pretty.
It's my BodyFlame dress. Tonight there's a party.
That reminds me. I need chairs from the cellar too.
- What kind of party? - BodyFlame!
- A celebration? - No, a home party.
You'll have to come and help ...
- What happened to your face? - I don't know.
There's a huge gash on your cheek. What have you done?
- We were out playing, and ... - You can't play now!
With Little Miss Norway, BodyFlame, you can't look like a war casualty.
Come here, Vendela.
We have to fix this, or you can forget Little Miss Norway.
Be still!
Good morning, Your Majesty.
- Oh, the Queen. - No, You're not interrupting.
- I want more. - Shush. The Queen's on the phone.
- Hands off! - Want more!
Gosh ... You don't need more.
I have to go into town, a guard is out sick. I'm sorry, Kristin.
No, of course you must go! Wait, I have to do something first.
- Will you be away all night? - Afraid so. Is that a problem?
With a cell phone I could call and say good night, and I wouldn't be so sad.
Slick move. "... wouldn't be so sad" indeed.
Beauty products! From me to the Queen.
And be sure to extend my best wishes!
And when you do, you can ask her, can't you?
Can't you?
I'll see what I can do. She's very busy, but I'll try.
- Tell her it's a girls' talent show. - I don't want to lie.
Who is talking about lying? Oh, bodyguard ...
- You're so beautiful. - Thank you.
- You've met the Queen often? - Yes.
- Is she as pretty as on TV? - Yes. And she's also very funny.
- Has she got a boyfriend now? - N... well.
I can't talk about her private life.
- So you're more inside than me? - Oh, I wouldn't know ...
- But daddy says I can't. - Oh, hell! I'll ask him myself!
And you can go wash the toilet.
And now we'll go pore hunting.
Look here ...
We don't want large pores.
- Because: - They're ugly!
- But anything can be ... - ... repaired!
Today we'll treat ourselves to that little special something.
Show me that angry face!
Anger wrinkles.
There's an angry wrinkle.
And here is the poison that heals.
It paralyses anger wrinkles, restoring our baby skin.
Are we ready?
My god, you look like a hooker.
Pardon my bluntness, but that is how you look, actually.
Come here.
And what would we do without children?
Let me introduce Lotte. She's my new daughter.
Lotte has lost her mother.
Her beautiful, good, irreplaceable mother died in a traffic accident.
And now daddy is all Lotte has left.
Apart from the tears, of course.
You see? Lotte's grief shows here, in these dark circles.
But everything can be ...
The marvellous new BodyFlame Concealer.
And this is just the beginning.
If you are happy on the outside, it feels better inside too, right, Lotte?
Time to remove this now.
Now is now.
Here. And here. Attitude.
Give me that attitude!
You have to smile naturally! Show me.
Your eyes are lifeless. The smile is everything. It won me my titles.
I can't.
Of course you can. Here's the jury: show them you love them!
Feel it, you are the prettiest in the world. Shine - you're beautiful!
Yeah, I'm beautiful!
Shine, you're beautiful!
Yeah, I'm beautiful!
Shine, you're beautiful!
Yeah, I'm beautiful!
Good. Let's take it from the top.
It's all frigging shit! Darn crap!
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest ...?
Yes, who is?
- Hi, so this is where you are! - Daddy!
- Hi, Lotte. - Hi.
- What did the Queen say? - About what?
Yes ... Uh-oh. I forgot. Sorry.
I ask for one thing. One single thing which means so much to me!
- Can you think only of yourself? - No. How can you believe that?
- You're only after the one thing ... - No!
Kristin, you know it's not that.
I don't ... How can you say that? You know I'm not.
There was a visiting head of state, lots of people sick, and ...
Kristin, but of course I'll ask. I'll ask the Queen.
- Promise? - Yes, I promise.
I promise.
I know how you can make it up to me.
For you?
Yes, I'm sick of crappy clothes. I want nice clothes, like Vendela.
Yes, but this ...?
I need them for dancing. Kristin says so.
- Did you find anything, Vendela? - Yes, a lot!
- Yes, that's ... - They come in sizes from 4 years.
- You're really kind! - I'll have these as well.
Good evening, Your Majesty.
- Is it everyone's birthday? - No.
- Lucky you! - Daddy, draw the card.
Sorry, the store is closed. I have to go to work.
Very good!
And look us in the eye!
That's it! Good! More, more!
- Can I sing now? - I'm top priority, aren't I?
Yes, you have to wait, Lotte. Once more. Remember the mike.
And your eyes.
I'm tired.
- Can I enter Little Miss Norway? - What an incredibly bad idea.
- I'm afraid I agree. - And you hold the mike all wrong.
We have to focus on Vendela. You must learn to share the limelight.
What have we here? I think there's time for a little lipo before bedtime.
- I'll read to you. - Yes!
"Claudia gasped."
"Jeanette was coming, on her way to John."
"She wore the low cut, see-through dress."
"That slut, Claudia thought. She'll never have him, never!"
"I am the prettiest, I am... echoed in her soul."
"She heard Jeanette's footsteps approaching."
"The edge of the cliff was only a few feet away."
"She wondered if she could frighten Jeanette into jumping, - "
" - but at the last moment decided that she had to help her along."
Kristin, why did you put Vendela in the show?
What do you mean?
You can't give your own daughter the prize if she wins.
We have to have trust, credibility. No mistakes!
I would never have given you the job if I knew you were going to do this.
But Vendela isn't going to win.
You know she's speech impaired? Sh-shopping ... sh-shining...
- Then why put her in the show? - Because I have a plan.
I have found someone else to present the award.
- The Queen! - What did you say?
- How did you manage this? - We have the same bodyguard.
This is just perfect. Think of the publicity!
The Queen ... of BodyFlame!
Let us introduce BodySculpture at the show!
- Is it working properly now? - No, but it will.
Press one button, and you have the perfect body.
BodySculpture... I love her!
Oh, yes.
- Daddy, what are you doing? - I thought some light would be nice.
- Don't you think so? - Yes.
- Careful, mind the axe. - Yes.
- Have you heard from the Queen? - Not yet.
But she said she'd call?
For the third time: she'll think about it and call me before seven o'clock.
Good evening, Your Majesty.
Yes, fine. Right now I'm hanging some lights in the garden.
Must spread some light and joy, you know.
Yes, right. No, I understand.
Of course. No, not a problem at all.
And You have a nice evening, too.
I'm sorry, she couldn't do it.
Then talk her into it!
I'm sorry, that I will not do.
My dear Queen, it is a great honour for me.
"Kristin, the honour is all mine."
Thank you.
"I have admired you ever since you won the title Most Beautiful."
- But You are the Queen. - Yes.
But you are the most beautiful.
- This stuff is really healthy. - You say that all the time.
Yes, but, it is very healthy.
Daddy, next time you're in town, can you buy bacon and eggs?
- That's a good idea. - We deserve it.
You know what?
You deserve ...
... this.
- Is it for me? - Yes.
Thank you!
I feel a little bit guilty, and this makes me feel better.
Now you can call me if you need to. I guard the queen, and you the house.
Here you are. Agent Egg. Agent Bacon.
Thank you, Agent Bacon.
Careful with the gun. Let's see. I'll enter this here ...
Agent ...
...Egg; there. And now mine ...
Agent Bacon.
When you want to call me, just press here.
- Good morning. - Hi.
- Wonderful man. - I have to go to work.
- I have to go. - Bye, daddy.
- Lotte? - Yes?
Do you still want to be in Little Miss Norway?
I may be able to get you in.
There is a slim chance - if you listen and do as I tell you.
And if the Queen comes to present the award.
- But she said no. - Do as I say now, all right?
And we won't tell Vendela about it.
Why does she have to be here? She just ruins everything.
Lotte deserves a little attention. Don't you have any patience?
Well, use it, then!
Your phone is ringing.
Good morning.
Just fine, thank You. And You?
Thank You. And the same to You!
- That was the Queen. - Oh, show me the number!
Why is it hidden?
Look, you've hidden the number.
But mommy! The Queen's number is unlisted, that's why it is hidden.
Unlisted, indeed. There's no such thing.
"Unlisted, indeed. There's no such thing."
"Unlisted, indeed. There's no such thing."
"Unlisted, indeed. There's no such thing."
Dear Queen ...
Look! All these people! All the photographers.
Oh, all the flashes ... The Queen ...
Dear Queen ...
- What are you doing? - Beautifying myself.
There, I'm done, it seems.
That was lovely.
Now it's your turn.
We have to get rid of this baby fat.
This has no place in a beauty contest.
- No! - But it's completely safe.
I've tried it many times. Makes your tummy flat.
And, you won't have to diet.
At first you use a needle, and then you can get an implant.
I want you to succeed, you know, against all those pretty girls.
What if the Queen is there...?
So you'll have to let me help you.
Is she going to enter the contest?
No, that's just what I tell her. Do you want a treatment?
Good. Check balcony view.
You have to move back. Move back. You too.
- Lotte? - Daddy!
Come home! I'll die if you don't come home!
Kristin wants to suck all the fat out of me.
What are you saying?
It's Kristin. She's doing something weird, and says I need it too.
Please come.
Lotte, I can't talk right now.
- You have to come! Please. Daddy! - I can't talk now.
No, Daddy, no!
- I have to hang up. - No!
I love you!
I love you ...!
All right?
Thank you.
Six - two...
... six - six - two.
Six - two - six - six - two.
This number not in service.
Let's forget the liposuction. We'll just buy you a big dress.
- Come, I've made cocoa. - I'm staying here until daddy comes.
But Lottie, it's so cold here. I'll draw you a nice, warm bath.
Go away!
Here, darling.
- What was that? - Did you like it?
- Yes, I want more. - And you'll have more.
But first you have to come inside. And we won't tell daddy, right?
- This is our little secret. - Yes.
- Come along. - Yes!
I came as soon as I could. What's the matter?
- Daddy, look at all the ... - What's happened?
Lotte? Lotte! What's wrong with you? Look at me!
I just checked how I could send messages on the phone.
I was just kidding you.
Kidding me? Look at me, Lotte.
Lotte, look at me.
You don't fool with messages, and certainly not in an emergency!
- I'm sorry. - What did you say?
I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean any harm.
Good for you.
- You know the girl who cried wolf? - That was a shepherd boy.
OK, a shepherd boy.
- But don't be like him. - I won't.
- I entered Little Miss Norway. - And who said you could?
I did.
I said she could, Helge.
She really wants to, and she is a good singer.
And she is so pretty.
Yes, she is.
But I'll not allow her compete as to who is the prettiest.
My, aren't we strict today.
My little angry bodyguard.
Come here, lift me up.
You're so cute when you're angry.
I'll discuss this contest a little with Kristin.
Don't sit in the water too long and catch a chill, okay?
Bodyguard, here I am.
Roast Pork, Lotte. We are so lucky. Thanks, Kristin.
It is I who should thank you, Helge.
Imagine, here we are, the four of us.
Just like a little family.
Come, Vendela, let's all hold hands.
Dear God.
Thank you for bringing Helge and Lotte into my life.
So that I can share it with them.
Thank you for this time of joy, warmth and love.
Thank you.
- I want more soda. - Help yourself. There's lots.
I won't make a speech or anything. It's just ... I wrote this poem.
To Kristin.
It's called "A wish for a mommy".
A mom is what I really want A mom who's just like you
A mom that's gentle, fair and sweet To hug me when the day is through
When I'm feeling blue.
A mom is what I really want who loves me like you do.
Oh, Lotte ...
I'd love to be your mommy.
And mine.
- You're cheating. - Sure, or I won't win.
No cheating, girls.
- Aren't you going to play? - No.
I found it in the bedroom.
- Daddy, it's your turn. - Yes.
- Now you are cheating! - Am not! It takes a thief ...
- Vendela is no thief! - That's true.
It takes a cheat to know a cheater, a thief to know a thief.
And a liar to know another liar.
Lotte, do you want to come and see your dress?
- What's this? - Aren't I pretty?
Yes, you are.
- Are you entering the contest? - Yes, if daddy lets me.
He doesn't decide that, Mommy does. And you have to be pretty.
- Is there someone not pretty here? - Yes.
- I don't think Lotte is ... - You just shut up.
- I definitely think you should go. - You think so?
Thank you!
Kristin, I can be in the contest!
Kristin, I can ...
What's that?
A firming mask. I can't let my skin go flabby, now, can I?
Do you have your phone?
Come here, I'll show you which number to dial.
The Queen?
- Did daddy give you this? - He gives me everything I ask for.
- Why don't you call? - You're the one getting the award.
That's not really sure.
You are The Little Miss Norway! Use it!
Tell her how much it means to you.
Good luck.
Good Evening, Your Majesty, this is Lotte.
I would just like to thank you for calling before.
I've been thinking about how you used to call me Little Miss Norway.
That was nice.
And a little funny.
Because I'm in the contest now.
Yes, Daddy let me.
It is on Thursday.
Are You engaged already?
What if I win first prize?
Will You consider it?
That's it.
We turn around.
OK, take it from the second verse. You know the chorus.
And back.
And close in, yes.
And now: Show your emotions. That's it!
Kristin, guess what? The Queen called, she is coming!
What did I tell you?
Brilliant! She said she'd come on one condition: no press.
This is not an official occasion, it is a private arrangement.
And that means no press, no TV, no magazines, no reporters at all.
But, darling, that is OK. If she says no, then no press it is.
As the Queen commands ...
Can't you use spray?
- It is about ready for the junk heap. - Polishing it wont help, then.
I think I will have to repaint the whole car.
You have so many nice things.
- What's that? - Fashion model teeth.
Not so good for eating, though.
- I want them, too. - Ask mom if she has more.
Yes, I've called every paper in the city, they'll be there.
Yes. Frankly I'm a bit surprised myself that she'll be there, but ...
No, twenty or thirty at least, full coverage.
But the press must hide somewhere, they can't show up before the Queen.
I'll walk towards her. The cue is: Your Majesty.
Then let them in. The Queen will be trapped! She can't escape.
What are you doing?
- Mind your own business. - You promised the Queen no press.
- I didn't promise her anything. - But you promised Daddy!
Well, so much for promises to Daddy.
Don't be childish, Lotte. We can't stop the press.
No one can stop the press, not even the Queen.
Imagine if you win. You'll be on TV. Won't that be great, singing on TV?
Listen, Lotte, I'm thinking of your future.
- I'm not like that! - Aren't you, now?
Who called the Queen?
Who begged her to come?
Who said it was just a talent show?
No, Lotte, we're both guilty here.
- I don't want to lie. - Should have thought of that before.
- I'm calling daddy. - No, you will not!
- Yes. - Give me that.
- No! - There.
- No! - Come here! You rotten little brat!
Do you think I'll let you stand in my way?
Pin code, pin code, pin code ...
Lotte? Little Miss Norway? Come out...!
It's only me.
Rotten little brat!
- Mommy, what ...? - Be quiet!
- I'm locking you in the car. - I'll get Lotte.
Run, Lotte, run!
- Daddy, help! - Lotte!
Just you wait! I'll get you!
- Let go! - Little snotwad ... got you!
- Now you will pay. - You can't have it!
Agent Bacon here.
Hello, Lotte...
Let me out, mommy! You slithering snake!
Let me out, mommy! You cheap chimpanzee!
Let me out, mommy!
This number not in service.
Come on, honey. This is it.
- Our big day. - No, yours.
- Come with mommy now. - You're no mommy.
Just try...
Here, honey.
Everything will be alright, see?
When the hostess greets Her Majesty, we'll let you out to photograph.
Daddy ...
Six - two - six - six - two.
Mommy, -
- where are you?
Good girl, Lotte.
- But that was very close. - Yes.
Have you forgotten all that I have taught you?
- No. - Yes.
What did I tell you about mirrors?
Only the Mirror of the Soul can tell if a person is beautiful or not.
Now I shall give you the Mirror of the Soul.
But you must pass it on, to one who needs to see her soul.
- Kristin? - Yes.
But you must look into it first.
What do you see?
I see the prettiest, finest, best girl I know.
I'm so proud of you, Lotte. I love you so much.
Walk towards the light, Lotte.
Two years ...!
That was Vendela, but the show is not yet over!
- Where is Lotte? - How dare you come here and ruin ...
Where is Lotte? She isn't home.
- I don't know. - Where is Lotte?!
I'm sorry.
Let go, daddy. There is something I have to do.
For me? A present?
What is this?
The Mirror of the Soul? How did you know I love mirrors?
Many thanks to little Lotte.
Help. Help me ...
I can't see the Queen like this.
Mirror, mirror ...
We have so many lovely young ladies still waiting, so on with the show!
The Queen is coming.
Dear Majesty, something terrible has happened. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. Don't look. It's totally ... We have to leave.
Your Majesty ...
Our cue...
Welcome ... ... to this place of beauty.
Good morning, Your Majesty, right.
Yes, see you then, bye.
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Last Ride The
Last Temptation Of Christ The CD1
Last Temptation Of Christ The CD2
Last Waltz The CD1
Last Waltz The CD2
Last Witness CD1
Last Witness CD2
Last of the Mohicans The
Late Marriage
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The CD1
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The CD2
League of their Own A
Leaving Me Loving You (2004)
Legal Eagles
Legally Blonde 2
Legend (Collectors Edition)
Legend 1985
Legend Of Zu The (2001)
Legend of Bagger Vance The
Legend of Drunken Master The
Legend of Hell House The
Legend of Suram Fortress The Ashik Kerib
Legendary weapons of China
Legends Of The Fall
Leon CD1
Leon CD2
Leprechaun 4 - In Space [Brian Trenchard-Smith 1996]
Les Carabiniers (23.976)
Les Diaboliques
Les Invasions barbares
Les Miserables
Lethal Weapon 1987
Lethal Weapon 2 1989
Lethal Weapon 3 1992
Lets make love Marilyn Monroe 1960
Letter The
Liberty Heights CD1
Liberty Heights CD2
Life Is Beautiful
Life as a house
Life of Birds The 10 - The Limits of Endurance
Life of Birds The 1 - To fly or not to fly
Life of Birds The 2 - The Mastery of Flight
Life of Birds The 3 - The Insatiable Appetite
Life of Birds The 4 - Meat Eaters
Life of Birds The 5 - Fishing for a Living
Life of Birds The 6 - Signals and Songs
Life of Birds The 7 - Finding Partners
Life of Birds The 8 - The Demands of The Egg
Life of Birds The 9 - The Problems of Parenthood
Life of David Gale The
Life of Emile Zola The
Life or something like this
Light of my eyes
Lilies - Les feluettes (1996)
Lilies of the Field 1963
Lille Frk Norge 2003
Limelight CD1
Limelight CD2
Limey The
Lion King The (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Lion in Winter The CD1
Lion in Winter The CD2
Lips Of Blood (29.970)
Lisbon Story 1994
Little Man Tate CD1
Little Man Tate CD2
Little Nicky
Little Otik
Little Princess A (1995) CD1
Little Princess A (1995) CD2
Little Women
Living Daylights The
Living Planet The David Attenborough CD1
Living Planet The David Attenborough CD2
Living Planet The David Attenborough CD3
Living Planet The David Attenborough CD4
Living Planet The David Attenborough CD5
Living Planet The David Attenborough CD6
Living in Oblivion (1995)
Lizzie McGuire Movie The
Loaded Weapon 1993
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Directors Cut
Lock Up
Loco Fever
Lolita 1962
Lolo CD1
Lolo CD2
Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart at the River Styx
Lone Wolf and Cub 1 - Sword Of Vengeance (1972)
Lone Wolf and Cub 3 - Baby Cart to Hades (Kozure Okami 3 1972)
Lone Wolf and Cub 4 - Baby Cart in Peril
Lone Wolf and Cub 5 - Babycart in the Land of Demons (Kozure Okami 5) 1973
Long Riders The
Long Run The 2000
Longest Day The (1962) CD1
Longest Day The (1962) CD2
Lonorevole Angelina (1947)
Looking For Mr Perfect (2003)
Lord Jim CD1
Lord Jim CD2
Lord Of The Flies (1963)
Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) CD1
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Lord of Hangzhou The
Lord of The Rings - Two Towers (Extended Edition) CD1
Lord of The Rings - Two Towers (Extended Edition) CD2
Lord of The Rings - Two Towers (Extended Edition) CD3
Lord of the Rings The - Fellowship of the ring
Lord of the Rings The - The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings The - The Two Towers CD1
Lord of the Rings The - The Two Towers CD2
Lord of the Rings The - The Two Towers CD3
Los Amantes Del Circuli Polar
Loser Takes All The (2003)
Lost And Delirious
Lost Command CD1
Lost Command CD2
Lost Skeleton of Cadavra The
Lost Souls
Lost Tabula Rasa
Lost World The 2001
Lost World The BBC CD1
Lost World The BBC CD2
Lost World The BBC CD3
Lost in Translation (2003)
Love Actually 2003 CD1
Love Actually 2003 CD2
Love And Basketball (2000)
Love Dont Cost a Thing
Love In Nepal
Love Story
Love Undercover 2 (2003 HongKong)
Love is Colder Than Death (1969)
Lover Come Back
Loves of a Blonde - Criterion Collection
Loving You Elvis Presley 1957
Lumber Jerks (1955)
Luna Papa (1999) CD1
Luna Papa (1999) CD2
Lundi Matin 2002 CD1
Lundi Matin 2002 CD2
Lunes al sol Los CD1
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Luther CD1
Luther CD2
Luthiers grandes hitos Les
Lykkevej 2003