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Subtitles for Little Princess A (1995) CD1.

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Little Princess A (1995) CD1

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A very long time ago...
... there lived a beautiful princess, in a mystical land known as...
She was married to the handsome Prince Rama...
... who had been banished to the enchanted forest... his jealous stepmother, Queen Kaikeyi.
One day...
...Princess Sita saw a wounded deer in the woods...
...and she begged Rama to go and help it.
Rama drew a circle in the ground and said to her:
''This is a magic circle.
So long as you stay inside it... harm can come to you. ''
That night, the princess heard a horrible cry.
Help me.
Thinking it was her beloved Rama in danger...
... the princess ran from the circle to answer the cry.
She soon came across an old beggar man.
Although she had no money to give him...
...she could not refuse his plea.
As soon as he had the bracelet...
. . .he transformed into the 1 0-headed demon, Ravana.
He grabs her and takes her to his palace. . .
. . .to make her his bride.
Did you ever know a real prince, Maya?
Laki's father.
-l thought he was in the army. -He was.
And he was my prince.
And l, his princess.
But l mean real princes and princesses.
All women are princesses.
lt is our right.
l shall miss it here.
lndia is the only place on earth that stirs the imagination.
l wish we could stay here forever.
l know, sweetheart. But now that England's at war. . .
. . .l must go too. You understand, don't you?
But why must l go to America?
Because it's safer.
And you'll be going to the school your mother went to at your age. . .
-. . .in a city called? -New York.
Maya told me that all girls are princesses.
-Maya is a very wise woman. -Then it's true?
You can be anything you want to be, as long as you believe.
-What do you believe? -l believe that you are. . .
. . .and always will be, my little princess.
l gave this to your mother on our wedding day.
l want you to have it.
She was so beautiful.
What did you love most about her?
Tough question.
l loved the way her eyes lit up when she laughed.
Just like yours do.
l loved the sound of her voice when she sang me the lndian folksong.
But l think, more than anything else. . .
. . .l loved dancing with her!
You must be Captain Crewe.
My sister will be down presently.
We were just preparing the young lady's room.
Your things arrived this morning.
Thank you. . .?
Heavens, Amelia. Amelia Minchin.
Captain Crewe.
How delightful to meet you!
And this must be little Sara.
My, what a beautiful child.
-l was telling the Captain-- -Thank you, that'll be all.
Won't you follow me?
Classes begin promptly at 8:00.
We cover all subjects: literature, math, science. . .
. . .and of course, French and Latin.
Oh, Sara speaks fluent--
Luncheon is served at 1 :30. Then we take our daily walk. . .
. . .unless the weather is extremely inclement.
At 4:00, the girls attend etiquette classes. . .
. . .where they're trained in the formal graces of society.
Study hall is between 4:30 and 6:30, followed by a light supper.
Before bedtime, we read from one of the classics. . .
. . .something the children look forward to with anticipation.
Sunday is a day of rest. Students may write to their parents.
And of course, we attend church. Have you any questions?
Come along, dear.
Say hello to our new arrival. . .
. . .Miss Sara Crewe.
Hello, Sara.
You must tell them about your exciting life in lndia.
No doubt she'll be our most popular student in no time.
There are certain rules that should be made clear.
First is the Order Rule. . .
. . .which requires the girls keep their rooms spotless.
These rules are strictly enforced.
But l assure you, the results are well worth the effort.
Our reputation for sending the most poised. . .
. . .and charming young ladies into society. . .
. . .is one of the highest.
l've no doubt.
Also, l'm afraid jewelry and such finery are not allowed.
What if l wear it in my room, during my free time?
lf you absolutely insist.
l do.
She'll get in trouble.
This is splendid.
lt's our largest suite.
Thank you for all the care you've taken.
l want Sara to feel at home while l'm away.
-No expense shall be spared. -Of course not.
l'll let you say goodbye.
You don't have much time before your boat leaves.
We'll write to each other every day.
How do you like your room?
l made sure it was the best, with corner windows and a fireplace.
And with all your toys and clothes moved in. . .
. . .it's as if you were really. . . .
l think l saw something. . .
. . .on that chair over there.
She came all the way from France to be with you.
Her name is Emily.
Dolls make the very best friends.
Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't listen.
Did you know, when we leave them alone in our room, they come to life?
-They do? -Yes.
Before we walk in, they quickly return to their places.
Why don't they come to life in front of us?
Because it's magic.
Magic has to be believed.
That's the only way it's real.
Whenever you're afraid, or miss me terribly. . .
. . .just tell Emily.
She'll get the message to me, wherever l am.
And l'll send one back right away. . .
. . .so when you hug her. . .
. . .you'll be getting a hug from me.
lt's all right, Papa.
l'm going to be fine.
What are you doing?
Memorizing me by heart?
l already know you by heart.
Goodbye princess.
What was that noise last night? Somebody was crying for hours.
That's nothing. You should hear Josephine snore.
l do not!
Who was it? The new girl?
She hasn't come out of her room. Did you see all her toys?
l want your hair ribbon.
Her father grows crackers. They're very rich.
They must be. Everyone l know eats crackers.
Her father's British. l hear he's best friends with the king and queen.
l hear he was thrown out of lndia. . .
. . .because people died from eating his poisoned crackers.
Poisoned crackers?
My aunt died from eating poisoned string beans.
-Who cares about her? -Yeah, who cares?
But before we catch them, they return to their places, quick as lightning.
Gosh, she's fast.
We don't delay breakfast for one student.
l'm sorry, but l--
Remember, you're not the only child here.
Yes, good morning.
You remember our newest pupil from our visit yesterday.
This is Monsieur Dufarge.
You begin French lessons today.
Do l have to?
You most certainly do.
Apologize to Monsieur for your rudeness.
-But l didn't mean to be rude. -Now!
This child doesn't need to learn French. She practically is French!
She learned from her father.
l understood what she said.
l'm sorry. We tried to tell you.
She can tutor the younger children. . .
. . .and help you with your pronunciation, Miss Minchin.
Are those sausages l smell?
Thank you.
There's no talking at the table.
Doesn't seem natural.
l won't say it again.
Seven times five is 35.
Seven times six is 42.
Seven times seven is 49.
Seven times eight is. . .
. . .58.
No, wait. 54?
Or 72? Or 93? Or 1 2?
l'm sorry, Miss Minchin.
l studied for hours last night.
l find that hard to believe.
l imagine your father will as well.
Please don't tell him.
l promise l'll do better.
Lavinia, you may continue.
Seven times eight is 56.
Seven times nine. . .
. . .is 63.
Dear Papa:
l miss you already.
Things are fine.
Except l never imagined there would be so many rules at school.
l guess they're there for a purpose...
...and l'm trying hard to obey them.
But l get the feeling l'm doing something wrong.
Goodbye, Father.
Bye, son.
l hope when you read this... kindles your heart and puts a smile on your face.
l'm so proud of you. l think about you every moment.
And l love you forever.
Your Sara.
Lottie, you mustn't get so excited.
Lottie? Precious?
Please, Lottie dear! Please stop screaming!
How about a cookie? Would you like that?
l'll get a cookie.
lt's hard to study with you carrying on like this.
l want my mama!
You'll see her soon.
l won't. She's dead, and l won't ever see her again!
l don't have a mother either.
You don't?
Where is she?
ln heaven with my baby sister.
That doesn't mean l can't talk to her.
l tell her everything, and l know she hears me.
Because that's what angels do.
-Your mama's an angel? -Of course.
And so is yours. With beautiful wings of silk. . .
. . .and a crown of rosebuds.
And they all live together in a castle.
Do you know what it's made of?
Sunflowers. . .
. . .hundreds of them, so bright they shine like gold.
When the angels want to go someplace. . .
. . .they just whistle, like this.
And a cloud floats to the castle and picks them up.
As the angels fly through the sky. . .
. . .riding the cloud like a magic carpet. . .
. . .under the moon and through the stars. . .
. . .until they're hovering above us. . . .
That's how they can look down and see if we're all right.
And sometimes they even send messages to us.
You can't hear them if you're kicking and screaming as you were.
But they always try again, in case we've missed it.
Hey, wait!
That's Becky. She's not allowed to talk to us.
Why not?
She's a servant girl, and she has dark skin.
Well, doesn't that mean something?
l'm sorry, l--
ls there anything l can do for you, miss?
l just came up here to change my shoes.
No, there's nothing.
Begging your pardon, but we'll both be in trouble if you stay.
All right, girls, pair up.
Pair up.
''Sir Edward saw the sorrow in his daughter's eyes. . .
. . .but he knew that family honor must prevail.
Nobility was not to be trifled with.
'l beg of you, Charlotte,' he said.
'Marry Sir John in the spring, as he has asked.' ''
Thank you, Lavinia.
Sara, you may take your turn.
''Charlotte said to her father, 'Father, you are right.
l must put away my foolish fancies and childhood wishes.' ''
But l simply won't do it.
l'm sorry, Father.
When l marry, it'll be for love.
And with that, Charlotte ran from the house.
Waiting outside was the handsome stable boy, Pierre. . .
. . .whom Charlotte secretly adored.
Together they escaped to the coast and quickly set sail for Tahiti.
When they were halfway there, their ship was attacked by pirates!
Rather than be eaten alive. . .
. . .they threw themselves into the sea.
As they began to drown. . .
. . .they held each other close, and swore undying love.
Then, when all seemed lost, a group of mermaids appeared--
What are you doing?
l couldn't bear to see her marry him, so l imagined another ending.
lmagined it?
Don't you ever do that, miss?
Believe in something, just to make it seem real?
That's easy for a child who has everything.
There will be no more make-believe at this school. . .
. . .during reading or any other time.
-ls that understood? -Yes, Miss Minchin.
All of you, go to your bed.
l never heard a story like that in my life.
l bet you know lots of them, don't you, Sara?
l want silence up there!
We have to do something about this communication rule.
After Minchin goes to bed. . .
. . .we'll sneak into your room, and you can show us a real story.
How about it, Sara?
Only if it's just you three.
Come on, come on.
The evil Ravana locked the princess up in his tower.
There she stayed for many weeks. . .
. . .just staring out her window. . .
. . .missing her Prince Rama terribly.
You look just like Emily.
My father hates dolls. And he hates coming here.
Says he doesn't belong.
Then why does he send you?
Because he wants me to belong.
My little girl. She spoke French! She really spoke French.
Your mother and l are very proud of you.
l caught you, Nellie!
Randolph. . .John!
Rama approached the thorny palace...
...unaware that Ravana was waiting for him.
That's it! l can't take it anymore!
l don't care what you say about Sara's stories.
They have to be more fun than watching your hair being combed!
lf anyone else feels the same way, she should leave too.
But Ravana was not through yet.
He took a bow that could hold, not one, but 1 0 arrows. . .
. . .each filled with poison.
The arrows sped through the air. . .
...heading straight for Rama.
The arrows hit the ground...
...and released their poison, giant clouds of thick, yello w smoke.
-l want a big piece! -Hush up, Lottie.
''Princess'' Sara will give everyone a fair share.
Right, Princess?
l told her that's what you were.
Well, not just me. All girls are princesses.
Even snotty, two-faced bullies like you, Lavinia.
Here, Lavinia, you get a big piece.
Yes, may l help you?
l'm Mr. Barrow.
Captain Crewe's solicitor.
Oh, yes, do come in.
-We're celebrating Sara's birthday. -May l speak to you in private?
Yes, of course. Right this way.
May l just say that Sara is quite the favorite around here.
We went to great lengths to make this a special day for her.
l'm afraid your check to us this month will be rather large.
There will be no check, Miss Minchin.
Excuse me?
The party is over! Everyone go to their rooms, this instant!
But we--
Sara, you will stay behind.
l have something to tell you.
Amelia, go to Sara's room and find a simple black dress.
lf nothing is suitable, borrow one.
-But, sister-- -Do as l say.
Why would l need a black dress, Miss Minchin?
l'm afraid l have some bad news, Sara.
Your father has. . . .
Your father--
lt's been discovered that your father has died.
He was killed in battle several weeks ago.
l'm sorry.
That's the situation, and there's nothing we can do to change it.
The British government has seized control of his company and assets. . .
. . .leaving you penniless, without any money.
Since you've no relations, this puts me in a terrible position.
What are you staring at?
Don't you understand what l'm saying?
You are alone in the world. . .
. . .unless l decide to keep you here. . .
. . .out of charity.
Because of the expenses you've incurred, all you own is mine...
... your clothes, your toys, everything.
lt'll hardly make up for the financial losses l've suffered.
From now on, you must earn your room and board.
You'll move to the attic and work as a servant.
lf you fail to meet our standards...
...or if you don 't obey, you'll be thrown out.
And the streets of this city are not kind to homeless beggars.
Report to Mabel in the kitchen promptly at 5 a.m.
You could be arrested for taking this.
You're lucky l let you keep that doll.
You may have the book.
But another incident like this. . .
. . .and l will call the authorities.
l expect you to remember, Sara Crewe. . .
. . .you're not a princess any longer.
Papa, please.
Sara, what happened?
You're to serve the girls without conversation, understand?
Sara will be working here as a servant from now on.
There will be no communication. ls that clear?
Yes, Miss Minchin.
Seven times five is 35.
Seven times six is 42.
Let go!
Great God!
lt can't be!
lt's my son, John!
Dear God, no.
Not John.
lt's John, Ram Dass!
lt's John. Help me.
-Come inside. -Help.
l thought you'd be sleeping.
l never got a chance to give you your birthday present.
lt's a picture of where you used to live.
See the blue threads? That's the river.
These are the mountains you always talk about.
Thank you, Becky.
lt's beautiful.
Why don't you tell stories anymore?
They're just make-believe. They don't mean anything.
They've always meant something to me.
Some days l thought l'd die, until l heard you talk about the magic.
There is no magic, Becky.
Papa. . .
. . .can you hear me?
l'm so scared.
Are you still a princess?
You better get back in line or we'll both be in trouble.
Are you?
Girls, get in line.
Don't touch that!
lt's for Mr. Randolph.
The poor man. His son is missing in action in Europe.
You mean John? He's such a nice boy.
Here, little girl.
l told you not to give your money away.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
You see? You never get rid of them.
May l help you?
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