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Subtitles for Loco Fever.

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Loco Fever

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In Japan the Locos are worth|their weight in gold...
The Loco is an endangered|shellfish
In Chile its capture is not|allowed...
...except during|some days of the year.
Many do not sleep|waiting for those days...
63, 64, 65, 66,...
... 67, 68, 69, 70,...
...74, 75, 76...
...77, 78, 79, 80,...
...81 , 82, 83,...
...84, 85, 86, 87, 88,...
...89, 90, 91 , 92,...
...93, 94, 95,...
...96, 97, 98,...
...99, 100, 101 , 102, 103, 104,...
...105, 106,...
...107, 108, 109, 1 10,...
...111 , 112, 113,...
...114, 115,...
...116, 117...
Hey, you! You did it!
...129, 130,...
...131 , 132, 133, 134, 135,...
...136, 137, 138, 139,...
-...1 40, 1 41 , 1 42...|-C'mon, let him out!
-He's already won!|-No! Leave him there, he enjoys it!
Leave him there!
Hey, man!
How're you doing?
Fine, fine...
-So you're still diving, man!|-Yeah, come on.
Say, what brings you here?
This weekend the Loco ban|will be lifted.
Come with me.
Don't tell me you|wanna go diving again.
No, no. Ever seen a rich diver?|No. That's not the business.
I want to buy now.
-Buy?|-Yes. -What with?
With Mr. Yukio's money.
He buys and sells fish and seafood.
We can convince everyone in town|to sell him their production.
We don't even have to dive. We get|a percentage. What do you say?
-If it's that easy, what do you need|me for? -Because I need...
...someone reliable.|A good captain.
Who better than you?|You're my friend.
No way, man.|I'm alright here.
Jorge, believe me,...
...this is clean business.
Same thing you said last time,|remember?
It was a pleasure, Jorge.
Are you nervous?
Me? Why should I be?
I don't know...|seeing everyone...
...after so long.
17,146 km southeast of Tokyo
It's a long time since|I smelled this air.
-It's the same old fish smell.|-There used to be only...
...plastic little cabins.|The place has really changed.
-C'mon, Jap!|-You sure he doesn't understand?
-Sure. -Can I try?|-C'mon, say something.
C'mon, hurry, you damned Jap.
Canuto, since when are you so|interested in buying Locos?
Mr. Yukio knows many exporters.|The Locos will be...
...immediately canned and|sent to Japan.
Just think about it.
A simple Loco ''from Chile'',|straight from your hands... a fancy restaurant|in Japan...
I don't konw about you,|gentlemen, but... amazes me.
All this is too strange.
Why strange, Father?|I have the buyer right here.
What's strange is you|doing clean business.
People have the right to change,...
...don't they, Father?|Isn't that true?
That would be a miracle, Canuto.
It's true, Father, this is clean|business. I'm a witness to it.
There's also|good money involved.
How have you been doing|in the North, Jorge?
-Fine... I mean, so-so.|-I could go somewhere else,...
...but I want my hometown|to grow, to develop.
-We already have our regional buyers.|-Right.
Here you are, please.
See for yourselves.
Go on,...
...take a look.
What's your best price?
-1,000 pesos per unit?|-Sort of...
This is the offer I can make|on behalf of Mr. Yukio:...
...2,000 pesos per unit.
-What?|-2,000 pesos.
You don't seem to be getting it:|I'm offering double.
And what do you get? You're not|doing this just to help mankind.
What do you think, Father?|We all gain something.
So? What do you say?
-We need an advance to cover our|expenses. -No, first get the...
-...Locos out of the water.|-Nobody will accept that -Ask the...
-...Father. -No, the Chrch's ark is|empty. -Make money, Father.
You once printed vouchers.
Those were other times.|Besides, I'd need...
-...a backing, Canuto.|-Give him the money...
Keep the money,...
...there's no problem.
Then, you're making|the decision, Father.
It's for the benefit of all.
-Then it's all right.|-There you have 200 million pesos.
-Do you want me to say it in dollars?|-More important than that... what we could do with|all this money.
Amen. Gentlemen,...
-...cheers.|-Cheers. -Cheers.
-Good evening.|-Good evening.
-What will you have?|-A beer for me.
A beer for me too.
Are you Nelly?
I am.
You've grown up.
One has to grow, right?|There's no other chance.
Yeah, right.
-What are you having?|-A beer for him too, please.
-I'll get the coolest.|-Thanks.
-Beers are inside.|-They ordered the coolest.
You saw him?
I'm not blind.
Clients are not allowed|in the kitchen.
That speaks well of the owner...
I brought you a present.
What is it?
Who's that?
How much is it?
Three thousand.
Here you are.
-I got bored waiting for Canuto.|-Don't wait for him any longer.
-How's your family?|-They went back to Cisnes.
They left you alone.
Thank God.|I was fed up with them.
Two and five... ten.
I can't.
-More water for the fish? -The ban|will be lifted tomorrow, not today.
-Tomorrow I'll give you double.|-Right.
Let's go, you ugly Jap.
{y:i}They're stealing!
Go take a look, quick!
Drop that!
What's all this, sir?
-They're stealing from us! -You|thing you can make justice yourself?
I'm the one to guarantee order here.
-What's the use of having order if|they steal the Locos? -Nothing's missing!
Are you sure?
Check well!
{y:i}Dear audience,...
{y:i}...I remind you the Chapel's roof|{y:i}still leaks.
{y:i}As soon as the ban is|{y:i}reimposed, you are all called...
{y:i} a repairing day.|{y:i}The woods are on me.
{y:i}It's 7:15 a.m.,...
{y:i}...Divine Providence Station|{y:i}from Puerto Gala.
{y:i}Welcome if you join us now...
...on AM 27 of your dial and remind|you that there're only hours left...
...before the lifting of the ban on|our precious resource:...
...the Loco.
And now, some|public utility adds.
{y:i}Message to Mrs. María Cárcamo|{y:i}in Ronchi Isle:...
{y:i}You may start making preparations.|{y:i}As soon as I get back, we'll...
{y:i}...get married. Order a calf to|{y:i}Paredes. I'll pay them as soon...
{y:i} I get there.|{y:i}Love you.
I'd love to stay for breakfast...
...but I have things to do.
I promise I'll be back|as soon as I finish.
What is it?
Are you mad at me?
-No.|-If anything bothers you...
No, I'm alright.
Don't worry.
{y:i}Message to Mansilla Cerón family|{y:i}in Melimollo.
{y:i}After the Loco's crop,|{y:i}we'll meet in Puerto Aysen...
{y:i} buy the new engine for|{y:i}the boat. Tell his brother José...
{y:i} buy a yoke of oxen|{y:i}from Don Anselmo,...
{y:i}...he'll pay for it.|{y:i}Your son Alberto.
{y:i}If anyone hears these|{y:i}messages,...
{y:i}...please inform|{y:i}the addressees.
{y:i}And, to encourage our divers...
{y:i} the beginning of this hard|{y:i}day coming, here's some music.
Take money and go buy some|hakes. Choose the best, ok?
No. Nobody went fishing today, so|there's no fish no, seafood, nothing.
Can't believe it!
Everyone goes crazy|with the Locos.
You'll find some cans|in the storeroom.
Canned fish? Ugh!
If you have any better idea,|just tell me.
She's not in|a good mood today.
C'mon, girls. No,...
-...get closer... c'mon, closer...|-Hurry up. -Alright...
Ready. One, two, three.
Oh, no... This is the shitty town?
Right. Don't get delicate,|we're here to work not to tour.
-Listen, Deniss...|-Idiot.
They're here!
La Pincoya Restaurant.|Menu of the day:...
Fresh fish and rice|$1,500
Hi, sweetie, I'm here.
{y:i}Singing joyfully, Lord.
{y:i}Singing joyfully|{y:i}they're coming, Lord.
{y:i}Those who pass through|{y:i}this life, Lord,...
{y:i}...sowing your seeds of peace|{y:i}and love.
Alright, girls, go wash your|rosebuds, vacations are over.
In the name of the Father, of the|Son, of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Bless, oh Lord,|these boats that will bring... our wharf the|precious mollusk,...
-Bless them, Lord.|-...of which the authorities lift...
...the fishing ban.|Protect them and let...
...their men enjoy this|abundance and show...
...generosity and...
...responsibility, as well.
Don't let, Lord, misfortune|bring mourning... this happy day.
Because this kingdom is yours,|for ever and ever, Lord.
{y:i}In the name of the Father, of the|Son, of the Holy Ghost, amen.
{y:i}Bless them, Lord.
{y:i}Bless them, Lord.
{y:i}Bless them, Lord.
I'll pick you up in 2 hours!
-Alright!|-Drop the stern rope!
-Wait, Jorge.|-Forty, Canuto.
Eight thousand.
Eight thousand.
It costs $250,000.
Hey, how much's the TV, mister?
The TV? Oh, the television!
This is our big star here.
Flat screen, stereo sound.
250,000 pesos, honey.
-I can't stand that asshole.|-Shut up!
Why did you bring that jerk?
First thing he tries, I'll fuck him|up. You got it?
Listen to me, Fujimori.|Don't you dare touch Jorge.
-What's this?|-For your protection, that's all.
-You said it was clean business.|-It is! But...
...this load's worth gold.|Keep your eyes open.
The Chinese may be tempted.|You watch him.
-Wasn't he your friend?|-No, no, no.
-You know I only have one friend.|-Well,...
-...come with me then.|-I'd love to, but...
...somebody has to take care|of the money.
Last night was really cold.
But you slept warm.
You're hopeless.
Take care.
Here is a new chapter of...
''Endless Love''.
The most attended show|in Radio Mother Divine...
{y:i}...Providence. ln our last chapter,|{y:i}Pedro, in order to calm...
{y:i}...his remorse, decides to tell|{y:i}his girlfriend Alicia...
{y:i}...he doesn't deserve her love...
{y:i}...since he's been unfaithful|{y:i}to her having an affair with...
{y:i}...dona Ester, Alicia's|{y:i}stepmother.
Who is it?
Good morning, Mrs. Ester.
Good morning, Pedro.
Her heart beats fast.|What happened...
...with Pedro, was not|a simple affair to her.
May I speak with your daughter?
Please, come back tomorrow.
I don't want to wait|any longer,...
{y:i}'am. I must tell|{y:i}all the truth to Alicia.
{y:i}Okay, I agree. But, please,|{y:i}do not call me ma'am, Pedro.
{y:i}Not after what we've been through.
Here's a good one.
A teacher tells the kids:|''Today we'll have...
...Sexual Education''. And starts|telling the story of the seeds...
...and the rabbits...|And ond kids says,...
...''Miss!'' ''What, Pedrito?''|''May those who've already...
...fucked go and play football?''
Listen, did you know the|little old man has AIDS?
-Why?|-'Cause of the soot.
-Another one!|-Come, Canuto!
Don't waste your time.
Don't you see he's a buyer now?
-What's the ambition of a napkin?|-What? -To have a napkin ring.
Hi, how are you?
-How are you?|-Fine. -Cheers.
Let's play cards!
-I want it!|-I want it!
Take the branches off|so that they won't tickle.
Have you seen my husband?
Nelly, have you seen don Bernabe?
-I think he left.|-Alone or with someone?
-That I don't know.|-Ma'am,...
...we don't spy on our clients.
That's weird. You know how hot|they get with the Locos...
...and their pockets full of money.
In older times, when my husband|visited whores,...
...he had to sail all the way to|Puerto AYsen. And if the sea...
...was rough, sometimes nobody|dared to go for weeks.
For better or worse, we were|isolated... and quiet.
You've changed all that.
What do you mean by that?
One has ears.
If you believe everything|you hear, it's your problem.
I've got work to do. Excuse me.
Give me a mint liquor.|A small one.
Right away.
Where do they store so much alcohol?
They drink as if it was|the end of the world.
Why do they like it so much?
Time to close.
Get the last bills.|I'll be right there.
Go on, cry.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Let's go...
-C'mon, let's go.|-No. I want to be alone.
-Bye, Rita.|-Bye!
Anyone waiting for you?
What, are you jealous?
I'm closing. Get out!|Get out!
-Will you just stay there?|-Yes.
C'mon, stand up.
How dare you, asshole! Get out!|I don't want you!
Get out!
-My treat.|-I don't want it.
Didn't you hear me?
How are you?
I'm serious, how are you?
I'd never seen you so serious.
I'm fine.
I'm like everyone, Canuto.
Sometimes fine, sometimes bad.
God's here for everyone, right?
Men also...
I don't complain.
Let's stop this crap.
-Jose was the only one.|-Who?
Jose, the one on the picture.
He's a good guy...
So good that he went back|to his wife and kids.
Really...|I never saw him again.
Go away, go away!
{y:i}After preparing the soil|{y:i}and sowing the seeds,...
{y:i}...wheat has been picked up|{y:i}under the autumnal sun.
{y:i}It was necessary|{y:i}to make white flour.
{y:i}Man's work has made|{y:i}this bread.
{y:i}This is the bread|{y:i}we're offering today,...
{y:i}...the bread of our life,|{y:i}the bread of our love,...
{y:i}...the bread from our soil,|{y:i}of our joy and sorrow.
{y:i}Our effort lies in making|{y:i}a better world.
-Bye, see you.|-Bye.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.|C'mon, girls, the vouchers.
3, 4...
-What is it? Are you having|your period or what? -No,...
...there weren't any clients.
What d'you mean?|The place was packed!
But they all left.
It's not my fault if they close|al midnight.
Do I look stupid, asshole?
Listen to me, shithead!
What do you think? This is not a|pleasure trip! This is work,... any other, so you|better work hard, you cunt!
Work your cunt hard.
You'll have to learn|to like this job...
...and accept all men.|Listen,...
...I'm talking to both of you.
Divers are more generous|than the fancy guys...'re used to,|so you better start working.
C'mon. Get some sleep.|We're leaving at twelve.
Is it really good?
-What?|-Your agreement with the Japanese.
Of course it is.|What do you think I'm here for?
Put the towel in its place, please.
What percentage?
-Why do you want to know?|-You were never good for business.
Do you already know|your commission?
See you, boss.
You wanna see the goods? They're|good for your son, for your nephew...
-Good, nice and cheap.|-How did it go?
-Fine.|-Any problem?
-No, no problem. -And the Chinese?|-He's down there.
I must take this, I'll see you later.
-Mister...|-I don't want it.
How about this one?
-This one.|-Ten.
-How much?|-Ten. -That's too much.
-Five.|-No, I've got three. -It's yours.
-Hi, good morning.|-Excuse me.
-Come in.|-I'm bringing Mrs. Sonia's order.
Yeah, come here.
-She's not here?|-She's inside.
-Where can I put them?|-Next to the potatoes.
Let me see.
-I can help you.|-No, it's all right, I can do it.
-Yo want a mate?|-Alright.
-What happened?|-I got burned.
-Is it too hot?|-This is really hot.
-You're over-reacting. It's good.|-I must have a blister.
No, there's nothing there.
Sorry, I couldn't help it. Maybe it|was the Locos I ate...
It doesn't hurt anymore.
That's him!
C'mon, say hello!
C'mon, say hello!
Rain cleaned the streets,...
...pushed by warm gusts of wind.
{y:i}Pedro, obsessed with Alicia,|{y:i}refuses to lose her.
What are you doing here?
Please, listen to me! There's so|much I need to tell you.
{y:i}How dare you come here|{y:i}after what happened?
{y:i}After betraying me with|{y:i}my own stepmother.
{y:i}I don't want to lose you for|{y:i}something of no importance.
{y:i}So you also played with|{y:i}her feelings?
{y:i}She brought me up!|{y:i}I can't forgive you, Pedro.
-Where are the cards? -Take it to|him. -Cards, we want cards!
-I have some in my room. Come|with me. -Easy...
''Easy and well written'',|as the priest says.
You took my drink, asshole!
Order your own, ok?
I'm madly in love.
You're drunk.
-How did you do that?|-Did what?
-Change the rum for tea.|-That's no big deal.
-That's a whorehouse trick.|-Excuse me. -It's a classic.
C'mon, move.|Get out, shut up.
-What percentage?|-Shut up.
-Yours is surely better|than mine, right? -Get out.
-Tell me.|-Get out.
-I don't want any trouble. Out!|-Don't get mad.
-I'm not. I want you to leave.|-We all have to manage to get along.
But the tea should be stronger.
-Don't tell me what's wrong or right.|-No, honey,...
...I like the way you are.|We're all walking on ice.
Do you think I care if you|like me or not?
I don't know... You tell me.
-Why should I care about a|scoundrel's opinion? -That's what... think I am.|A scoundrel.
Not only me, everyone thinks so.
-If you think so, why are you with|me then? -I'm not with you!
I haven't been with you for years!
Or do you think I've been|waiting for you?
I've never forgotten you, Sonia.
Well, that's your problem.
While you weren't here|life went on.
What we have now doesn't count.
-C'mon, get out.|-Oh, no.
If you had told me that, I wouldn't|have wasted my time. Fine.
Here. For the two nights|we were together.
More? Yes?|Here.
Your problem is that|you always want more.
You think you deserve everything,|but you don't, Sonia.
One gets what one can get,|sometimes not even that.
No. Get out!
{y:i}This story we're broadcasting is|{y:i}terrible, don't you think?
{y:i}-But it's a love story, what's|{y:i}wrong with that? -I don't know,...
...we should add...
...a little hope to it.
You want to change the story,|right, Juana?
Can't we do that?
We can, but we shouldn't.
You haven't read the end.
Actually, I did, Father.|And it's really sad.
It's not a happy ending?
So... if so many people follow|the story...
We'll see it then.|Go home, it's late, Juana.
Good night.
Good night, Father.
Can you make us both|a special price?
Are you mad? Times are hard,|I can't lower the prices!
-Why? -What d'you mean ''why''?|They... -Want a cigarette?
-The price would be higher.|-No.
-C'mon, give us a discount.|-No way! No.
-You told me to come here, but...|-For both of us.
-You got money for both of you?|-For both of us, yes. -Of course.
Don't get mad, baby.|Come here.
-Whose gonna pay?|-Come here, fatty. -We'll pay.
They have no shame, those|assholes. The only town... this country without a police|station to make a report.
What d'you want cops for? You know|where they'd be now? Drinking...
...and whoring around.|That's what men are good for.
C'mon, girls, shut up.
Listen! Listen!
They've only spent vouchers there.
C'mon, let's go to bed.|Tomorrow we'll see.
-Bye, bye.|-Bye, see you tomorrow.
Jesus, it's cold. Hurry up.
-C'mon, don Pedro...|-Hey, hey! -C'mon!
Relax. Don't you get rude!|Stop it!
-Relax...|-C'ome on, cut it out.
Hey, buddy!|Hey, pal!
Let's go to the boat.
-Listen...|-No, pal, no way...
-You're freezing here.|C'mon, let's go. -No
Let's go! You're freezing.
-Hold on to me.|-Hey, Lucho!
-Lucho!|-Come here.
-No, watch out.|-You watch out.
Hug me, my king.
We'll treat you well here.
Men are so weird.
The more fun they have,|the worst they feel.
You have a sentence for everything.|Why don't you write a book?
You'd be famous.
-Whore and writer?|-Why not?
Look at him, he looks like a monkey.
I bet he's suffering for someone.
Have a drink.
Don't be sad.|C'mon, it's not worth it.
I'm not sad.
Why are women always fucked up|for the same things?
-What's that?|-For love. Actually for being stupid.
Because love, I mean that|kind of love, does not exist.
Nobody will give you what you|really need. Especially...
...if you're married. I know that|from experience.
At first, it's beautiful,...
...I have to admit.|You're touching the stars.
You have to make the most of it.|'Cause months... or a year later,... begin to feel strange,|put aside, lonely,...
...they won't listen to you anymore.|You want tenderness and they...
...grab your tits. You don't|count anymore. Tits and fuck.
Then you start hating the asshole,|his smell, his pissing...
...outside the bowl knowing|you'll be the one who'll clean.
And your whole married life|will be like that.
And the shithead is gonna|cheat on you,... can bet on that.
Look, I would marry again, but to|an old millonaire. I'd kill him from...
...fucking, and I'd keep everything|he has. For possessions,...
...but for love?
I also would.
{y:i}Why did I meet you...
{y:i}...if you weren't meant for me?
{y:i}Why did I adore you...
{y:i}...if you don't belong to me?
{y:i}Treacherous life...
{y:i}...always deceives. Always.
{y:i}And when you love the most,...
{y:i}...your heart breaks.
{y:i}I don't blame you,...
{y:i}...I blame my destiny...
{y:i}...that made me understand...
{y:i}...I wasn't your love.
{y:i}And now that you're leaving...
-Pass me the salt.|{y:i}-...very sad I'm staying.
{y:i}Why did you kiss me...
-Would you like some lemon?|{y:i}-...if you weren't meant for me?
{y:i}For me.
Don't you like it?
Yes, it's beautiful.|A little sad, though.
It's just a song.
I wouldn't like to be crying around|for a parting love.
But that will never happen,|my honey pie.
You'll never leave me?
I won't.
You sure?
I'm sure.
I brought you a present.
Show it to me.
I want a kiss first.
Oh, a bear...
Isn't it nice?
Yes. And what I asked for you?
You forgot?
You forgot.
-You were disappointed, right?|-No.
{y:i}So he touched me here,... and then...
...he went up, like this,|to my belly.
Then he touched my neck, here...
God, I got dizzy!|From nervousness,... know I don't drink.
Then suddenly,|he took my sweater off,...
...and I was there...|with my eyes closed...
...and I didn't realize and then,|with his teeth,...
...he took my panty off.
He went like this,|with his teeth,...
...and I kept my eyes closed|all the time...
And suddenly, he gave me|sweet kisses, like this,...
...lots of kisses|everywhere. And...
...I looked at him and he hadn't|taken his clothes off,... I told him: ''C'mon,|get your clothes off!'' -Yeah.
And he took his trousers,|his shirt, everything off,...
...and we did it.
On the table next to the Locos,|we just did it.
What's with you, Patagonian lover?
Do you want to stay here|waiting on tables?
Don't fuch with me, Chinese.
Mermaids are dangerous, Canuto.
They enchant you...
...and you end up fucked up.
So you should take care.
-120,000, Father.|-120,000.
-Jorge, this one's too small!|-Throw it away, then!
Are they all the same?
-I don't know. See for yourself.|-Put them there. -$41 less.
-They're nice.|-Here they are.
Hi!|What took you so long?
-Did you know they changed the|restaurant's name? -lnto what?
''Lodging Mass: bed, food and ass.''
-We ought to do something, girls.|-Yes, and it better be quick...
Yes, this is going too far.
Bernardita, close the curtain, girl.
-I haven't seen my husband for days.|-That's nothing,...
-...I haven't even seen a voucher.|-Neither did I.
-It won't be easy for them.|-No way.
So you're finally working, asshole?
Shut up.
Do your job and I'll shut up,|asshole.
Good luck.
Why are you so alone, Chinese?
There he is.
Aren't you eating anything?
-Thigh and chili.|-Yeah, otherwise you'll get drunk.
I'll get it for you.
I didn't know you liked that.|I don't like drunks.
Don't get mad.
Just a little.|To relax.
Yeah, to relax...
-What about Canuto?|-Arguing with the lady, I think.
-Take some wine to the table for the|gentlemen. -I'll be right there.
I'll look for him.
Hurry. You'll miss the end of|''Endless Love'', the soap opera.
-Behave yourself.|-You behave yourself!
Give me that.
C'mon, Nelly, hurry up|with the wine!
Don't hurry me!
You don't understand anything!|Move your head like this.
The damned Chinese has a lot of|money? Like this, yes, yes.
-Hey, Canuto. -What're you doing|here? -I came to see you.
-What for? -Don't know. I was worried,|I don't like leaving you alone.
Do you think I'm a kid?|A little kid?
What's wrong? lnvite me for a drink.
You know, Canuto?
I feel as if I was in the clouds.
I always thought I'd stay in Santiago,|just drinking beer, playing... and jerking off.
And then, suddenly, he shows up.
And I thought: ''this asshole|wants to fuck me up again.''
Because people change,|but not that much.
I don't know why,...
...but I believe you.
And here I am,... this village I never thought|I'd see again.
No, no.
No, no.
-Give me that.|-No.
I'm always ahead of you.
I know everything.
How much do you know?
Don't get nervous.|Sonia is alright.
I learned from daddy.
I followed daddy's steps.
Quiet, as a dog in love.
I want to get married.
That's a big hard on, asshole!
First, we must finish|what we're here for, because... money, no girl.
We already finished.
We better wait, Jorge.
You said there weren't any surprises.
Do you have a problem?
-I mean...|-What?
This time I don't want to screw up.
I'll hold on to this.
-I love you, man.|-Yeah...
-Yeah, yeah...|-I love you.
C'mon, rest for a while.
No, Nelly's waiting for me.
I love you, man.
{y:i}Pedro went to|{y:i}say goodbye to Alicia.
{y:i}Her negative attitude made him|{y:i}make a decision...
{y:i}...he never would have|{y:i}wanted to make.
Pedro, what are you doing|with that bag?
I'm leaving, Alicia.
{y:i}-You... you're leaving?|{y:i}-Yes.
{y:i}Since you don't want me|{y:i}with you, I'd rather...
{y:i}-...leave once and for all.|{y:i}-How's that?
-For such dark nights, mister.|They're good. -No, thanks.
-They're cheap.|-No.
{y:i}So you're just leaving? I thought|{y:i}you really loved me.
{y:i}-That you couldn't live without me,|{y:i}as you swore. -I know, Alicia.
{y:i}But destiny is in between. People|{y:i}like me sometines...
{y:i}...don't deserve a second chance.
{y:i}One does not choose|{y:i}who to love, Alicia.
{y:i}It's destiny. Good bye, Alicia.
{y:i}Good bye, Pedro.
{y:i}I will always love you.
{y:i}But you're leaving all the same.
What is it?
Pedro, don't go.
What are you saying?
What my heart tells me to.
What does it tell you?
{y:i}I forgive you, I forgive you|{y:i}for everything.
{y:i}For what you do, for what you say,|{y:i}for what you don't say.
-I forgive you 'till it hurts.|-But I don't deserve it!
What a skirt-chaser!
{y:i}So, will you marry me?
{y:i}Yes, Pedro, I'll marry you.
{y:i}I want to be your wife|{y:i}until death tears us apart.
{y:i}You make me so happy.
Come, my love.
Let's go back to work.
-Have you seen Jorge? -Leave him|alone. Go wait on that table.
-Father Luis?|-Yes?
Do you forgive me for|having changed the end?
There were never another ending.|Great performance, dear,...
...great performance.
Is Jorge here?
-What?|-Is Jorge here?
-What is it? -I'm sorry to disturb|you. -No, what's up?
-I'm looking for Jorge. He said|he'd come here. -Here?
That was a long while ago.
He was here, but he... he left.
-Didn't he go back there? -No.|-He said he was going there.
Do you know where he could be?|I'm worried.
No, he must be somewhere around.|Don't worry.
-Yeah, yeah.|-Go to bed.
-Sleep well.|-Bye.
I hope I did the right thing, Lord.
Yes, yes, yes!|Thank you, thank you!
Well, well, wel...|Hi, hi!
260 vouchers, Father:|5 million and 200.
-Take care of it.|-Thanks.
One million and 900.
Buy something for you kid.
They're on sale, take one.
Quiet there! You, quiet,|stand in line!
Relax, there's enough for everyone!
How much?
Enjoy it.
Don't forget to thank the Virgin!
It's back there.|Quiet, stand in line...
3 million, 260 pesos.
Good boss!
-So?|-Take your shit back!
I'm leaving. This line is for the|dribbling. Make way.
Stand in line.|C'mon, quiet... C'mon...
Quiet, realx,...
...there's enough for everybody.|Quiet, quiet.
320 thousand.
-Don't waste them.|-1,450,000.
Spend them with your family.
-300,000. -1 million.|-320,000. -1,200,000.
-Is Jorge with you?|-What?
Is Jorge with you?
Do you know where he is?
No, he must be somewhere.
End of the sales season!
End of the sales season!|Come all of you, pals!
I don't want to take all this back!
Please, don't let me take these|goods back!
I'm giving them away! Take them!|There's a 20% discount!
C'mon, ma'am. Don't be shy, pal.|Come closer, there's a...
...pair of shoes left.
We did quite well, girls.
You can take the afternoon off.
What about the wages?
-Easy.|-Mrs. Leile, where are we going next?
To Curicó's grape harvest.
And Cuasimodo's Feast.
-And the UNITAS Excercise.|-Sailors.
All clean and full of money.
Excuse me.
-What's up?|-What is it?
I want to have a word with you.
Give us the money,|damned bitch!
Have I been disrespectful with you,|motherfucker?
How dare you answering,|you dirty whore!
That money is ours!
-Yes! -You think we'll let you|steal money from our men?
No, ma'am, we don't steal,|we worked...
...every single penny.
I should swim in money|all year long, then!
Well, that's your problem, baby.
Calm down! Let's behave like|civilized peope!
She who is free from sin,|casts the first stone.
The money, fuck!
-Fucking old ladies,...
...fucking old farts!
Here, old bags!
Here's your money!
Give the money back!|The money!
My money!
They're fake!
-Shit!|-They're fake!
Oh, shit!
Leave me alone! Let go!
They are fake! They are fake!
The bills are fake!
-Look! -What're you talking about,|Father? -Look!
They cheated and swindled us!
You see? I told you we shouldn't do|business with that asshole!
Let's go look for that motherfucker!
Wait for me, wait for me!
You killed the asshole.
Stop, stop!
Let's throw the meat away.
Help me!
Don't stand there, man!|Help me!
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