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Subtitles for Lolo CD2.

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Lolo CD2

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I stopped seeing pink.
Dirty pink, dead pink.
I don't feel my flesh.
I'm not there.
Submerged more and more in pleasure,
I forgot about Tintin,
I forgot about the Belgian Congo
becoming Zaire in 1960.
I was obsessed.
Fernand couldn't wear himself out doing his pushups.
So he paid me to sit on his shoulders.
That's how I began to enjoy reading.
You don't want it?
No. I don't like dead animals.
Look at your brother, he likes it.
And it's got iron in it.
He's strong.
What's this?
I don't know.
Maybe the pig had gallstones.
As far back as I remember having a hard-on,
Bianca was there.
It was the name of a beautiful Sicilian neighbor
who'd never seen Italy and occasionally baby-sat me.
My grandfather helped her make ends meet.
Not with scissors.
Do it with love.
I told you no. I don't want to.
everything you want.
It's all yours.
But do it one more time.
Just once.
Do it one more time.
Do it to me.
When I was small, I liked to hide under the water.
The bottom of our pool was sky blue.
There was a pirate's treasure in a gutted wreck.
I started stealing to buy my first diving mask.
Your titties.
Show me your titties.
I never knew whether to puke
or jerk off.
Hate the girl,
or envy my grandfather so much I'd want to kill him.
Do it one more time.
They're old, and yellow
and dry.
Even washed, they stink.
Do it.
Bastard! Pig!
My mother offered us a beautiful rose made of plastic.
Supposedly to brighten up the room because a flower is an image,
or rather, an idea of nature.
The scarlet red is muted by the dust
that buries it more and more every day.
If only someone in the family would realize
How unnatural this flower is
with its little golden ''made in Hong Kong'' tag
glued under a petal.
Yet, all it takes is an effortless gesture from me
to take off the tag
and begin to believe in the illusion.
But I refuse to touch it.
I don't want to rest in the cemetery of the living dead.
And now, my toes remind me I'm still here...
sticking out a hole in the blanket.
Day after day, without realizing
I've slipped one toe more than the day before.
Tomorrow, it'll be my whole foot,
then, my leg,
and soon, my entire body.
I feel I must leave this life
before the rip becomes a noose.
Hey, don't run in the hall. -Sir?
Are you Mr. Deguire, Leolo's teacher?
Leon who?
Leo. Leo Lozeau.
Oh yes. Are you his father?
No. Just a friend.
Have you read Leolo's writings?
You should have a look.
I've got 40 pupils.
If I gave each an hour more a week,
I'd never leave this place.
And he's like all of them heading for tech school.
The brains'll write parking tickets, if they're lucky.
Poetry won't fix a piston.
But you're his teacher.
You could tell him what to read.
I'm the third teacher this year to take Lozeau's class.
The first two were beaten up.
My specialty isn't French, it's fucking judo.
And I plan to get thru the year.
Leo, come to dinner.
''Leolo Lozone!''
I loved Fernand for his sweet ignorance.
Because I dream, I am not.
We'll make money, Leo.
We'll catch tons of fish.
And big fat eels. Hiya!
Look at those idiots!
The nerve of those guys.
Hey! Scram! This is our spot.
It's too tight, dammit!
I don't wanna ride a bus again
to pick you up in hell and gone.
I haven't even finished my sandwich!
You're never gonna buy a bike sitting on your ass
eating and watching boats go by.
Gimme a hand?
Listen, if your prices were better, l'd take'em all.
You always break my ass over 25 cents!
As if should give it away!
It's 3 bucks for the pail.
It's all rusty, Fernand. Fucking expensive.
Have you ever worked in your entire life?
Got one.
Rewind and pull.
Shit, I lost it.
I told you to rewind. -You said ''pull''.
I said ''rewind and pull''. -You said ''pull'' first.
It's great you don't feel the cold.
You'll soon be able to buy your bike.
Gimme a good deal, Fernand, 3 bucks is too much.
He could catch pneumonia diving in this fucking shit
and it's ''too much''?
2 bucks. And I'll throw in 2 eels.
Okay, I'll take it.
Okay, let's see your cash.
Aw... Now get the hell out of my sight, okay?
Go! Go on.
Well, if it ain't the frog brothers themselves.
Hey, Fernand!
Ben Weider's been good to you, eh?
It still pays to put little Leo to work.
You won't scare us today.
Want him to smash your face
and have you eat the street?
Hold this, Leo.
Is this for real?
Took your nose vitamins?
Oh, that's beautiful, Fernand.
Can I touch?
Wanna see something really great?
Check this out! Now that's gorgeous!
Come on, Fernand, come and fight me.
Come on, Fernand, fight me.
What are you, chicken shit, Fernand?
Come on.
Let's go, Leo.
Come on, Fernand!
Fight me, you fuck!
Drop your bike.
Stand up, fight me!
Fight me !
That day,
I understood fear lived in our deepest being...
and that a mountain of muscles or a thousand soldiers
could not change a thing.
Tried and found guilty for all the problems in my family,
in a moment of utter despair,
I had decided to kill my grandfather
whom I liked.
Leo, come to supper!
Do you know what ''attempted murder'' means?
You were never violent.
You'll destroy yourself
if you keep thinking your grandfather
is totally to blame for the family.
Your mother is strong.
Very strong.
She's a force of nature.
She never caved in.
In spite of everything she went through.
You're a lot like her, Leo.
I know your fear.
But there's nothing I can do
if you refuse to talk to me.
To do my homework,
I use half of a small desk
unless Fernand needs it to count and recount
the fortitude box he makes at Dominion Glass.
Two bucks.
Had some fries.
Ten cents.
All I had to do was read or write,
and she'd come back and sing for me.
The tamer was right.
There was a secret in words strung together.
Bianca my love
my only love
my sweet love.
Bianca my love
my sweet love
my only love.
A peddler shouts in the void.
There's enough blood this morning to stain a hundred pages.
And enough people to buy them,
to appease their rage.
I pull out my rifle and shoot at cars.
I look down
the barrel and aim at my father.
I want to stick a firecracker as big as the universe
up his ass.
Just because I'm waiting for the bus,
and I'll be waiting next week.
I'll still be waiting.
Every Sunday, we take the bus
to picnic on Ile Ste-Hélène.
As my father doesn't have a car,
it's our bit of the country in the city.
At the docks, we get bored watching ships sail away.
Ships we will never sail on.
And we eat cucumbers on the grass.
Maybe I should stick the barrel up my nose
and blow my thoughts all overthe place.
The bastards...
It sure would shock them to see me blow myself up before I retire.
Although instinct would have led me directly,
I still asked for her room number.
I felt strange after I said her name
because it was also mine.
Trois fois passera
la dernière la dernière
Trois fois passera
la dernière y restera.
Here, I brought my flies.
You can keep them.
That was the only time I dared caress my sister.
And all I could think of
was a wonderful seen in a movie.
And as always,
I was a spectator of my own life.
Leo Lozeau, I don't want to see you
bring live animals in the hospital.
Don't keep that in your room, it stinks!
Coward! Coward!
I wouldn't dare?!
Put 5 bucks on the table
and I'll do it. You guys don't have the balls.
5 bucks on the table and I'll do it.
None of you're man enough.
Not you, not you. None of you.
Put 5 bucks on the table and I'll do it.
Tonight, Buddy Godin will be late for home.
His mom will check his fingers.
She's worried her son might be smoking on the sly.
No, Mme. Godin.
Your son fucks anything that moves,
his dick is eaten by bugs,
he swallows any pill he can
just to forget you.
That bath you force him to take
before church on Sunday, just serves him
to prostitute himself with his hockey coach.
White meat sells better.
But no, don't worry, he doesn't smoke.
It makes him choke.
Sex I discovered between ignorance and horror.
Deep down,
we all knew money was just a pretext...
and that he'd do it anyway.
For betting just defanged the fear.
The poor cat didn't defend herself.
She'd been declawed.
Mme. Ouimet took good care of her curtains.
How lucky you are, Milou,
Tintin didn't have Buddy Godin for a neighbor.
I didn't have the courage of my love for Bianca.
So I settled for getting it off with Regina.
I'm coming... You smell good... Keep on.
Faster, faster.
Sometimes I spent entire nights
reading and writing dozens of pages
without seeing her.
Bianca had become very demanding.
She knew I'd cheated on her with Regina...
and she decided to punish me.
Leo is sick!
Don't do this to me!
Not you!
You're too strong!
Get up!
Don't go!
Don't do this to me.
Because I dream, I am not.
Because I dream...
I dream.
Because at night, I abandon myself to my dreams...
before I'm left the day.
Because I don't love...
because I was afraid to love...
I no longer dream.
I no longer dream.
''Because I dream, I'm not.
Because I dream. I dream...
Because at night I abandon myself to my dreams,
before I'm left the day...
Because I don't love...
Because I was afraid to love...
I no longer dream.
I no longer dream.''
Reduce the Largactil to 100 mg. intramuscular.
I no longer dream.
I no longer dream.
Tomorrow put him
in the ward with the rest
of his family.
''You my lady
Bold melancholy
Solitary cry piercing my flesh,
Offering it to ennui,
Haunting my nights when I don't know
Which way my life should go,
I have paid you back a hundredfold.''
You my lady
Bold melancholy
Solitary cry piercing my flesh,
Offering it to ennui,
Haunting my nights
When I don't know which way my life should go,
I have paid you back a hundredfold.
The ambers of the dream
Left behind the ashes of a shadow of a lie
you told me to hear.
The white serenity
Minute of eternity
was a dark-haired wicked waif
who pierced my sorrow with a sharp
and sacred breast
leaving only the remorse of seeing the sun
rise on my solitude.
''And I shall rest my head between two words,
in the Valley of the Vanquished.''
Captioning by CNST, Montreal
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