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Subtitles for Lone Wolf and Cub 4 - Baby Cart in Peril .

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Lone Wolf and Cub 4 - Baby Cart in Peril

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Yuki, In the name of our Lord we will execute you.
Please, kill Oyuki.
For Assassinations I charge 500 Ryo.
KOZURE OKAMl The lone wolf with cub
The heart of a child is like the heart of it's parents
Directed by: Buichi Saito
While tattooing...
You have to press the skin tightly with your thumb.
In the process of engraving colour get's underneath the skin.
The noise that this creates is called ''Sound of the distance''.
It's beautiful when you get used to it,
But those who don't know it usually shudder.
"Shuddering" ...
Because of the tattoo colour you easily feel cold in winter.
Therefore you have to wear warm clothes.
This doesn't mean it's more comfortable in summer though.
Wearing a tattoo means to train patience your whole life long.
She was one of the most wonderful creatures I've ever seen.
I never touched a skin as smooth as hers.
If you spend your life tattooing, you get addicted to skin.
She was perfect.
A woman that stirred your blood.
Her face must have been beautiful either, but ...
Did she cover her face?
She stood over there ... graceful
She wanted me to tattoo her with something that would scare others
simply away. To stun them.
Hearts should stop beating when they saw it...
or something that should make men totally lose control.
She let me touch her everywhere...
Her back, her wonderful... breasts.
I did the mountain-witch on her back.
On her breast I tattooed Kintaro, the witch's child, catching her breast.
It's near impossible to stand the pain of having nipples and belly tattoed.
It is the worst torture imaginable.
But she was brave.
Didn't make a sound. No tears.
I had a suspicion.
First I thought she was a dancer.
But that was wrong.
She had to be a fighter.
I heard the Lords have female warriors: the Besshikime.
The way she looked and acted seemed very much like a Besshikime.
Probably that's why she had to cover her face.
But why does a Besshikime want a tattoo of a witch and her child
covering her body?
What could be the reason?
In fact it was my masterpiece, but I sometimes question myself if...
...if it brings misfortune.
Who are you? who is he?
Who is he? Who are you?
Are you the god of wealthiness?
Who sits besides him? - the one with the long head!
Who are you? The god of welfare and health?
And the Master besides you?
The one with the big belly? The god of cheerfullness.
And the one right besides?
Who is the one with the running nose??
Must be the god of a long life...
Happy new year!
Children, go home!
It's all over, go!
Oh, where are you going, Myladies?
Oh? He, little boy. We're going home.
It's all over now and soon it'll be dark.
Better return home before! - before monsters catch you.
Rain keeps falling.
Like a long wet courtain. It's cold. Cold and sad.
The wind blows in the heart of the little boy.
Waiting for his father, who won't return.
His father is supposed to be an Assassin
The little boy knew that his father sometimes spent the night
in abandoned temples.
He knew,
his father kneeled before the statue of Buddha after his work was done.
He didn't know why. Did he go there to talk with his mother who lived.. the other world now? To cure his heart from the pain?
He was looking for his father..
These eyes..
A fighter living on the edge.
of life and death.
Only those who fought their battles know this look.
How can such a young boy posess the look?
Have my eyes turned blunt?
Attention! Pay attention on the direction of the wind! - Yes.
For the next harvest. - Yes.
Let's burn the field!
He'll be surrounded by fire.
I can't stand it!
But it is certainly a good opportunity to test him.
I was right.
Despite the fire he doesn't cry for help.
Still a child ... but determined to live ...
What an amazing child ...
Come on over!
What's up?
A child? - It was surrounded by the fire. We have to help him.
Hold on!
Is he hurt? - He hid in the mud, so the fire didn't hurt him.
We'll have to hurry, otherwise ...
He saved himself?
Yes, he was lucky.
You didn't cry for help because, you thought you were saved.
That's why you weren't scared?!
Drop him!
What are you doing. Why do you raise your sword against a child?
His eyes ...
It's Shishogan, the look of a Fighter,
who killed hundreds, but did survive...
I can't explain it ...
Impossible ...
Even the sword doesn't scare him.
Everybody who choses the way of a fighter is longing...
to be like him.
On the edge between life and death. - What are you doing?
I'll have to be sure. - How ...?
Fight! - What?!
Away! Or I'll kill you too!
Suio-Style, Ross-technique!!
Are you the child of the lone wolf?
Itto Ogami ...
Gunbei Yagyu.
You're still alive.
I defeated you.
The Yagyu-Shinkage-Style defeated the Suio-Style.
Nevertheless you were chosen as the official Kaishakunin.
Those days ...
The Tokugawa-Shogunat controlled their Lords
through a merciless Policy.
The Kaishakunin were those who beheaded the Lords,
who were ordered to commit Seppuku.
The Kaishakunin was allowed to wear the colours of the Shogunat.
This is how the Shogunat gave him the power,
to behead lords in the name of the Shogunate.
Get Gunbei!
The honor and future of the house of Yagyu is in danger.
Itto Ogami will be Kaishakunin of the Shogunate.
Unbelievable! - How could you raise your sword against the
Shogun?! And Itto moved between you and him, showing he'd
risk his life for the sake of the Shogunate.
At least it looked like that,
but Itto had had no Chance to dogde my strike. That's how it happened.
You idiot!
Even if it wasn't Itto's intention, at least it looked,
as if he had protected the Shogun Shogun from your blade.
Get up, Gunbei!
Because of your skills I'll let you live.
But from now on you'll be known to be a dead man.
People will think you committed Seppuku.
You'll change your looks
and you will go to the north.
Call Goroza, the one who can change faces from the Kurokuwa-Clan. - Yes.
I'm here.
Since you know Gunbei, it'll be easy to recreate his face.
One moment.
What you have to do now is for the sake of the Yagyu-Clan.
Are you ready to die for us? - I am.
You'll have to slit open your belly.
I, Retsudo, will assist you.
It shall be done.
Forgive me ...
Officially the Yagyu-art of fighting is inferior to the
art of fighting of Itto Ogami.
From now on Itto Ogami, as the
Kaishakunin of the Shogun, will wear the colours of the Shogunate.
The more than 60 Lords of our
country will tremble with respect.
His fame as a master of the sword will grow.
The Yagyu Clan will always be measured by his deeds.
Using the false Gunbei we'll
at least be able to...
restore a part...
of our honour, but it'll never.. the same again.
We must prepare a trap for Itto Ogami. Making him look like
he's acting unloyal against the Shogunate.
We will destroy his house and his name.
And we will get the position of Kaishakunin back for
our family.
Had I killed you when I had the chance to,
my brothers wouldn't have had to die ...
I will take revenge,
Itto Ogami.
And glory will return to the name of Yagyu.
If I kill you now it'll be over.
Can you defeat me?
Kill me!
Why don't you kill me? - You are already dead.
Makes no sense to kill the dead.
I speak to Amida-Buddha.
We, father and son, walk the ways of darkness.
We even kill our own parents. Even Buddha, when we meet him.
Once there was a group of people,
they were Goumes, artists living on the streets, not beggars.
Like street-musicians, dancers, comedians,
..actors and storytellers.
They belonged to the Jindayu Gomune organization,
spread throughout the country they had a special status.
Who are you?
I'd like to speak to Master Jindayu Gomune.
I am Itto Ogami and this is my only son Daigoro.
I won't let a hired Assassin kill Oyuki.
Kill him!
You are not my enemies.
A scary little boy.
Quiet! You treat your guests in a disrespectful manner.
I don't know, who's there,
but I am Jindayu Gomune.
I am Itto Ogami and I came here for some questions.
Come in. - But Master ...
Let him in! - Yes.
You're trying to find Oyuki to kill her?
What else could an Assassin want to do...
Poor girl to have a skilled fighter.. you after her.
Did the Owari-Klan hire you?
Ah, forgive me...
Foolish to ask an Assassin a question like that.
Oyuki was one of us. - as you already suspected.
She was trained as a swordfighter
from the time when she was a little girl.
Lord Owari, travelling incognito discovered her because..
..of her fighting skills.
So he made Oyuki..
..his Besshikime to train his people the art..
..of swordfighting.
As a leader of the Gomune, I can't tell you more.
Whatever happened to her and why.
she got tattooed and started being an Assassin, I don't know..
None of my businesses.
Sure, I heard some rumors, but I never tried to find out more...
And if I did know I probably wouldn't tell you.
As you also suspected,
she isn't a Gomune any more.
On the road to Kiso, close to Akasaka, there is a..
..thermal bath named "Tsuta no Yu".
It is known that it fulfills your dreams and desires if you..
go there, pray to the god of bathing and spend 7 days and nigts there,
doing the neccessary rituals.
If you have a wish, you might consider going there.
Thank you. I'll have to go now.
Master Ogami.
Oyuki is my daughter.
At the end of this ascent you'll find "Tsuta no Yu".
It's a lonely place.
At this time of the year there's nobody there.
You challenge me? It's ridiculous. - Shut up!
I'll expose your deceitful style.
Where are you looking at?
Look into the fire, and you'll loose.
Don't look into the fire! Concentrate or you'll loose.
Don't fall for my delusion!
Look me in the eyes!
Don't look in the fire!
Look me in the eyes and fight!
The eyes, look me in the eyes!
Look me in the eyes!
The eyes! Look in the eyes!
Look me in the eyes!
Why should such a beauty become a Besshikime?
Women who seek for the arts of war are the ugly ones,
unable to get a man.
You regained consciousness, but it's too late.
Bite off your tung after I'm through with you.
He has no mother, please be kind to him.
'I beg you,
Forgive me, but those who come here seek for their desires.. be fulfilled.
Is that what you're here for?
To kill me, that is your desire.
Yuki, the expelled! ln the name of the lord you'll die.
Get ready! - Kill her!
I've already heard you were after me.
I know your name. You are the lone wolf with cub.
Tell me. Why do you cut off the knots from the samurais you killed?
I got expelled from the Owari-Clan.
So it's natural that the head of the Owari wants me to get killed.
If I cut of the knots of my persecutors and send them back,
Enki Kozuka, whom I wish to kill will be sent after me one day.
That is the reason.
Then I ask you: The families of
these Samurais were dishonoured by what you did to them.
Many committed suicide.
How will you ever stand the hate you evoke? The only reason for all..
..their pain and suffering is your revenge against one man.
And I am here to seek revenge for their suffering...
I met your father, Jindayu Gomune.
He told me you were his daughter.
My father ...
My father..
..wants me to die,
..doesn't he ...?
Sometimes I think there can be... greater luck for a child than parents...
..whose desire is it's death.
Finally you have come, Enki Kozuka.
You have become even more beautiful.
That costume fits better to the Gomune-people.
You need help?
I won't need help to kill you, scum!
It's different from last time. This time you'll have to die.
What are you looking at?
I tought you not to look in the fire.
The eyes!
Look me in the eyes!
Look in the eyes...
In my eyes...
Look me in the eyes!
The eyes!
Look me in the eyes!
So that I can die without showing my skin,
I'm happy then.
I'll make sure nobody will see your skin.
I'm grateful that you came to..
bring me the urn!
One question ...
I hope her death wasn't disgraceful?
She died gracefully.
It's about time...
One moment...
Could you, who was there when she died, stay here for a while, calm down her soul?
Call it an act of providence..
..and tell me of my daughter's last hours
So you are telling me, he killed Oyuki andd Enki?
My people saw it with their very own eyes.
So the rumors are true.
It's not a matter of the Shogunate any more,'s a question of honour.
Not only has he violated your..
..territory, He's seeking lodging with these ordinary Gomunes.
That is proof enough.
If you won't react,'ll make a fool out of yourselves.
I can't let him go!
The bastard!
Lord! The Samurai of the Owari-Clan attack us!
What are you doing? We won't let you through! - Shoot!
Here, here he is!
Back! Stand still!
Are you Jindayu Gomune?
What are you doing here?
It is said the assassin, the lone wolf with cub, hides here.
Hand him over and nothing will happen to you.
Otherwise we have orders to kill you all.
I refuse! - Are you crazy?
Don't you care for yourself any more?
It's about time for us to go. - Don't go, Master Ogami!
Master Jindayu,
..I came of my free will, so let.. go of my free will. - You can't.
Will you resist?
Master Ogami.. my guest.
What would you do if we asked you to hand us over a guest of,
..Lord Fürsten Owari?
Don't get impudent, scum!
Who do you think you are? - Let me tell you something!
Lord Owaris property is around 619.000 Koku.
he has 4.000 men serving him.
In comparison there are...
..more than 20.000 Gomune-people, who serve me.
This is not about strength and power...
It's about respect.
If Lord Owari is human, we are too...
As well as him we eat the rice, and shit it out.
We take hospitality for granted.
And we can't hand you over a guest even when you threaten us.
We Gomunes have pride as well.
Keep calm! - Master!
Damned, you ...! - finish them!
Keep cool! Do not attack!
Master Jindayu!
Master Ogami ...
Take my head and hand it over to Lord Owari.
Tell Lord Owari her father payed you to kill..
Me, Oyukis father, has killed..
..his fallen daughter, his name.
As her father I ask for his..
..forgiveness with my death.
Master Jindayu.
The father's heart is like the heart of his child.
Oyuki ...
As if Oyuki ...
...was calling me. Hurry. I have to ...
...come to her...
Master! - Master!
Guide me to Lord Owari!
Take a bow! Hold on!
I speak to Lord Owari.
I am no prisoner, I am here of my own free will.
Enki Kozuka is the one responsible for all that happened.
Oyuki left your clan, because she was terribly harmed by him.
She got rid of the disgrace by killing Enki.
I have come to tell you this.
You are ridiculous!
Who do you think are you talking to?
Jindayu Gomune isn't connected in any way to the Owari-Clan.
To kill him is inexcusable.
You are irreverent! I am Yoshinao from the Tokugawa-Family. You know where you are?
Me and my son,
walk the way of hell.
Neither do we care for the Tokugawa, nor do we care for the Shogunate.
Kill them! Kill these fools!
Your life is in my hands. Don't move!
Don't dare to move or your Lord's life and all your wealth
will vanish.
Are you going to take the responsibility?
Listen, Master Kashiwagi.
Until we've left this castle,
Lord Owari will be our hostage.
Stand up!
Step forward!
You scum!
Don't do anything you'd regret later on!
Master Ogami, wait!
One moment! Please wait!
Master Ogami, let me accompany you.
I refuse!
Then please spare the life of our Master.
I will not harm him.
Come, hurry!
Lord Owari, take cover!
Stop, don't shoot! - Lord!
Daigoro, listen carefully!
Your father walks the way of hell.
If I don't return, you'll have to die here too.
You understand?
Attack him! - Yes.
Retsudo, fight!
Take that!
Itto Ogami, take this strike from the Yagyu-Clans!
Daigoro, pull the sword out of my back!
Itto Ogami, you survived that fight quite well.
No matter what will happen, you must survive.
Neither the Yagyu nor the Kurokuwa will defeat you...but I will!
One day I will send you to hell!
Until then...
Subtitles by SOUTHSiDE...
...corrected by Crusty
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