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Subtitles for Longest Day The (1962) CD2.

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Longest Day The (1962) CD2

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Also, I've been there side by side|with the men all through training.
They're used to seeing where I belong.|They have a right to expect me there.
President's son or not.
Is my request denied?
No, you know it's not.
Request reluctantly approved.
Thanks, Tubby.
Thanks a lot.
Say...'s that arthritis of yours?
Haven't had a touch in months.
Glad to hear it.
MAN:|The street...
...the bridge...
...the hotel...
...the casino.
One more thing...
You have been fighting|everywhere for four years... Abyssinia, Libya, Egypt, Crete...
But this time you are going|to fight on French soil... our fields... our villages...
...under the eyes of our own people.
The Führer took a sedative, I won't|wake him for these reports.
First we hear that the paratroopers|are shot down plane crews.
Next they are identified|as mechanical dummies.
If paratroopers have landed... can only be a commando raid.
Is that a sufficient reason to send|the panzers to the coast?
I will submit all reports to the|Führer as soon as he awakens.
I understand.
Jodl has turned us down.
He will not release the panzers|without the Führer's approval...
...and the Führer is still asleep!
Will you tell von Rundstedt?
No, not now...
Not now.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Sit down.
This is history!
We are living an historical moment.
We are going to lose the war...
...because the glorious Führer|has taken a sleeping pill...
...and is not to be awakened.
It's unbelievable.
Think of it, Kurt.
Don't ever forget it.
We are witnessing something...
...which historians will always|say is completely improbable...
...and yet it is true.
The Führer is not to be awakened!
I sometimes wonder|whose side God is on.
Can I...
...bring you anything, sir?
In my room there is a bottle|of excellent cognac...
...Napoleon, unopened.
I was even saving it for|a fitting occasion.
This isn't exactly the right|occasion, but get it anyway.
Daylight at last.
A whole night wasted again!
Where's my dog?
He was here a minute ago.
Let's have one last look.
Not even a seagull...
My God!
The invasion.
They're coming!
It's the invasion! There must be|five thousand ships out there!
Get hold of yourself, Pluskat.
The enemy doesn't have|even half that many.
Well dammit! Come and see|for yourself, you fool!
It's amazing.
It's beyond belief.
My dear Pluskat, where are|these ships heading?
Straight for me!
General, in exactly two minutes...
...the fleet will open fire.
Your attention, please.|The Admiral has an announcement.
Soon we shall be engaged in battle.
To drive the enemy out, we must|fire on our homeland.
This is the price of liberty.
Long live France!
There he goes, right on time... as usual.
They're landing!|They're coming! They're coming!
I'm not crazy.|Look, they're landing!
The Americans, the English|and the French!
Do you hear me? What's the matter|with you? What's going on?
You must be deaf! Can't you...?
Dammit can't you hear|it for yourself?
We're under fire. Yes, under fire!
Those five thousand ships you|say the Allies haven't got...
...well, they've got them!
It's wonderful!
Yes? What is it now?
Listen to me, Pips.
The invasion has started!|Put yourself on alert at once!
What the hell can I do|with only two planes?
Where are the others, you idiots?!
Priller, that's an order! Get|ready at once! Understand?
If it isn't too much trouble...
...would you tell me where|the invasion is?
Normandy! How delightful!
Thanks my faithful Hans.|That's the end for us! So long!
It's getting very difficult to|get any sleep around here.
Your prospects for a long sleep are|excellent. The invasion has begun.
We're flying there, the two of us.
Nobody else is left.
I don't think we're coming back.
The shelling has stopped.
Landing craft approaching.
Return to headquarters. Direct|your troops from there!
Landing craft approaching the coast!
Those French bastards!
Send this to headquarters by courier.
No! Take it yourself. Tell|them our lines are cut!
Gentlemen, come here please.
COTA: There it is, men.|Omaha Beach, dead ahead.
Lock on the target!
Stand by!
Get off of the beach!
Let's go!
Come on, move up!
Hello, General, sir.
Are you all right, boy?
Yes, sir.
Don't you think you better go|back and get your rifle?
Out there, sir?
You're almost sure to need it|before this day is over.
Yes, sir.
Come on! Move on up! Let's go.
General, first reports|from Omaha, sir.
"Assault teams have landed.
No direct radio contact,|but destroyers report...
...first and second waves|appear pinned down on the beach.
Concentrated artillery|and mortar fire.
Third wave floundering. "|Heavy casualties, sir.
When the mortars and machine guns|are silenced...
...have the battalion commanders|join me...
...over there.
Hang on to that map case, Eddie.
I made it.
Hey, I made it.
Did you see me get those two guys?
Hey, Sergeant?
As best as I can figure it,|this is the wrong beach.
We're a mile and a quarter south|of where we were supposed to land.
We should be up there.
Control boat must've been confused|by the naval bombardment smoke.
I agree with you,|but what will we do now?
Our reinforcements and heavy equipment|will approach in a very few minutes.
- I know, I know.|- What if they land at the right beach?
The reinforcements will have to|follow us wherever we are.
We're starting the war from right here.
- Head inland. We're going inland.|- Okay, let's go.
Follow me. Do everything I do!
All right. Let's go!
Head for home!
The Luftwaffe has had its great moment!
Stand by to beach.
Duncan, take care of that strongpoint.
Any minute now. Stand by!
Let's give it them back for Dunkirk!
You hear that? Dunkirk.|Do you hear it, Clough?
Sure he was at school at the time.
Come on, you bums!
Come out, you dirty slobs!|Flannagan's back!
The evil of it all. Drowning a man|before he fights.
Oh, come on!
MAN:|Keep those vehicles moving!
MP, chase out those cyclists.
Get off the beach! Move inland!
Come on, you lot!
Hurry it up.
Never mind the blathering!
We must put these down somewhere.
The sooner you get off the beach...
...the sooner they'll stop|this blasted shelling.
It's very bad for the dog!
Down, Winston, down!
Beach Master Sword, Section 2-A.
Third wave ashore on time.|No obstruction to follow-up.
Standing by.
Get going!
For heaven's sake,|get that carrier off the beach!
I was told I could transmit|a newsflash on your radio.
If you can't drive it, carry it!
You were saying?
I was told I could transmit|a newsflash on your...
My dear fellow, I don't want|to appear uncooperative...
Yes, I know all about|the power of the press.
But this line happens|to be rather busy! Come on!
Down, Winston. Down, Winston.
What did he say?
The answer is no.
We have to use the damn pigeons.
I've got these ready.
Here, clip this on.
They're going the wrong way.
Not toward the Germans, you idiots!
The other way! The other way!
Damned traitors!
- Hold it.|- Can't you get your finger out?
What's the matter?
Engine won't start, sir.|Full of seawater, I think.
My old grandmother used to say...
...anything mechanical,|give it a good bash.
Try it now.
Thank you, sir.
Off you go. Good luck.
I'm sure that got it out.
That's what I call a hell of a man!
Aye, I like his dog too.
Don't stand there yapping!
This isn't Hyde Park Corner!|The war's over there!
Come along!
Come on!
MAN: Thank you.|- Everything's going according to plan.
Stand by to move.|Millin, "Blue Bonnet. "
What in God's name...?
Oh, my friends. What a day!|What a day!
Welcome to France.|Welcome to Colleville!
Most kind of you.|Very nice to meet you...
Look at this. I kept it for you all.
But I don't think there|will be enough for everyone.
Perhaps next time. We have|a previous engagement: the war!
Mustn't lose that champagne!
All right, men, fall in!|Millin, "Blue Bonnet. "
Thank you, boys! Thank you!
Long live France!|Long live the Allies!
If you ask me, Flanagan...
...there's a lot of very|peculiar blokes on this beach.
Welcome to you all!
Thank you, dear, they're lovely!
Better try them on first.
Rommel speaking.
Good morning.
Have they a foothold already?
They must be thrown back!
What about the panzer reserves?
Did von Rundstedt obtain|their release from the Führer?
How stupid of me!
There it is.
You mean to tell me|that's all we gotta climb?
They're not as high|as the practice ones.
FABIAN:|They wasn't shooting at us then.
Why can't the Air Force|or Navy do this job?
The big guns in bunkers behind the|cliff can't be seen from the air.
We knock them out or they'll|murder our guys on the beach.
Yeah, well if you ask me...
...three grandmothers with brooms|could sweep us off there... flies off of a sugar cake.
FABIAN:|That's it, the one we're after.
It's empty.
The Air Force and Navy|really plastered this baby.
But I don't get...
The guns.
There ain't no mounts.
They've never even been installed.
You mean...
...we come up all this way...
...for nothing?
Don't worry, sarge,|you'll be all right.
Medic! Medic!
I wonder what "bitte, bitte" means?
What the hell are you|wearing a life preserver for?
I can't swim.
Normandy. It really is Normandy.
This is madness... madness...|sheer madness!
I just talked to General Jodl...|the Führer is awake.
I don't care if he's awake or not!|What about the reserve panzers?
The Führer went into|one of his tantrums...
...and no one dared|bring up the subject.
They're still held in reserve!
Yes, Field Marshal.
Sir, if you would call|the Führer yourself...
...I am convinced he would|respect your views.
Call him?
Call that Bohemian corporal?!
Crawl on my knees to him?!
No! It is out of the question!
"Wounds my heart with a|monotonous languor. "
What's that?
Nothing... nothing of importance.
Here, let me help you.
You all right, Tom?|Come on, they're up there.
- Sir.|- Well?
Mr. Smith says to tell you|he's stood his men too.
The Jerries are moving up|into the woods...
...with machine guns and mortars.
MAN: Tell the men to stand firm!|- Tell the chaps...
Tell them to expect another|counterattack, a heavy one.
- Here you are, mate.|- Ta.
What's the matter?
Listen. I thought I heard bagpipes.
Don't be daft!
I told you I heard bagpipes!|It's the reinforcements.
It's Lovat!
Come on!
Come on!
- Sorry I'm late.|- Better than never, sir.
Glad to see you, Shimmy.
You boys are right on target.|What's the situation?
Jerry's regrouping in the woods,|about a mile.
With mortars and machine guns.
No idea, Shimmy, but they seem|to be moving forward in force.
In that case, we won't wait.
We'd better get moving.
All right, we're going across.
- Millin!|- Sir?
"Black Bear," sir.
All right, come on.
Everybody up!
On your feet!
There he goes. He's at it again.
Ever hear such a bleeding racket|in all your life?
Yeah, it takes an Irishman|to play the pipes.
MAN:|Hold until relieved.
Hold until relieved.
North by east, north by east.|Sainte-Mère-Eglise is that way.
Somebody turned that sign around.
Doesn't anybody in this outfit|look at a compass besides me?
Hey, you guys!
Over here! Over here!
Over here, on the double.
- Where you taking that?|- We don't know, sir.
We took the wrong road.
What do you got in here, ammo?
Yes, sir.
You 82nd?
No, sir, 101.
Well, you're in the 82nd now.
- But, sir, we're...|- But what?
Nothing, sir.
All right, move out.
- Knock that sign down!|- Yes, sir.
- Something's moving up there, colonel.|- Hit the dirt! Take cover.
Lieutenant Sheen, sir, A Company.
Colonel, it's me!
- Where did you come from?|- Sainte-Mère-Eglise.
We hold the main road|and north side of the square.
The Germans have a battery|on the other side of the town...
...and command the countryside.|- And Major Lance?
- Holed up in a building in the square.|- F Company?
They overshot the drop zone|and landed in the middle of the town.
Go on.
It was a nightmare, sir. A slaughter.
They were mowed down|before they hit the ground.
Major Lance sent me to try|and contact you, sir.
He wants your permission to pull back|and regroup outside of town.
No, damn it. We came here|to take Sainte-Mère-Eglise.
We're gonna take it and hold it.
Follow the lieutenant, gentlemen.
- Sir.|- Thank you.
British and Canadians advancing|steadily from Sword, Gold, and Juno.
Anything from Omaha?
Nothing since the first message:|heavy fighting, heavy casualties.
I can't understand why Jerry hasn't|brought his heavy armor into play.
All the panzer divisions|except the 21 st...
...seem to be sitting it out|in the rear.
French commandos driving inland|from Sword...
...have reached the outskirts|of Ouistreham.
Fall back!
Take cover!
Tank support!|We must have tank support!
I can't get them!
Keep trying! We must have support!
Hold your positions...|I'm going for a tank!
Give us as much cover as you can!
Try for the cannon!
Get the wounded out of here!
Go back!
Get out of here!
No! No!
You can't stay here!
I am Mother Superior of the convent.
The sisters are qualified nurses.
But Madame... I mean, Mother,|we're in the middle of a battle!
Take care of the wounded.
It's a tank!
It's Kieffer!
In the other direction!
Clear away the debris! Hurry!
But where is the Luftwaffe?!
I'm trying...
Yeah, yeah, you're trying.
The British troops have a beachhead|here. They are moving inland.
The Americans hold Ste-Mère-Eglise|and have cut the highway.
We control this center section.
The Americans have landed but|their attack has bogged down.
Rommel is right...
If we can hold them on the beaches...
...the invasion will collapse.
That thing still work?
Yes, sir, now and then.
- Anything from the other beaches?|- Not directly.
A while ago the sergeant picked up|some flashes from the destroyers.
The 4th Division is off Utah Beach|and moving inland.
- What about the 1 st Division?|- They're hung up, sir.
Like we are.
Move out.
- What do you think?|- Think?
We must have close to a thousand|casualties up to now.
Do you want me to have the ships|start picking us up?
- You think it's that bad?|- I don't see what else to do.
We can't get up this hill.
If we don't get off this beach,|we won't have any division left.
These are our men, Tom.
You think we brought them in so some|die and ask the rest to turn tail?
Hell, no.|We're gonna get up that hill.
Find me somebody to speak|for the Rangers.
Back down the beach|on the right there's a gully.
With a heavily defended roadblock|and machine gun nests on both sides.
- Lf we can blow our way through...|- We've hit it three times.
- We didn't get close.|- Three times isn't enough.
We're gonna hit it again.|Can you find me some engineers?
They're all around you!
I mean engineers|with equipment still working.
Then I shouldn't radio the ships?
No, damn it!
We need bangalore torpedoes,|bazookas, mortars, wire cutters...
...and every man that can stand.|Pass the word, will you?
Okay, Norm.
Now listen to me, all of you.
You guys got to snap out of it.
We're getting off of here,|and we're going inland.
What about weapons, General?|My men lost everything.
They gotta have something|to fight with.
Strip the dead and the wounded.
Pick up anything that'll shoot.
I don't have to tell you the score,|you all know it.
Only two kinds of people|are gonna stay on this beach:
Those that are already dead and those|that will die. Get off your butts!
You guys are the fighting 29th!
I've looked at the naval reports.
According to reports from the offshore|destroyers, Omaha is a shambles.
There's no evidence...|To quote the report exactly:
"There is no evidence of any movement|that can be observed off the beach. "
I'd better have a look through these.
How is Ike taking it?
Like everybody else, sir.|Hanging on by his fingernails.
No, no! We must regroup|according to Plan Six!
Hello? Hello?
Can you hear me?
I said we must regroup|according to Plan Six.
If the panzers arrive, we still|have time to use them.
We'll drive to the coast!
Shall we remove the files?
I don't care! I want to get to the|front at once... to Normandy!
Yes, General.
- Where is everybody?|- What?
I said, where is everybody?
I can't hear you.
It's them bells.
I've had them in my ears|for 10 hours.
Ding-dong, ding-dong.
Hey, Sergeant, where's Major Lance?
We moved the CP to that|building. The major's there.
Get him, the colonel's here.
Hold it!
LANCE:|Colonel, am I glad to see you!
Those bodies. Get those bodies down.
Why are you leaving them up there?|Get them down!
But we've been under fire, sir.
I know you have, but I don't care!
Get them down! Down!
- I don't want those boys left there.|LANCE: Take a detail and cut them down.
- At once!|- Yes, sir.
Has there been a linkup between our|forces and the troops from the sea?
I don't know, Major. I don't even|know if the landings took place.
But I am sure we're gonna hold|this town until the linkup does come.
Whenever that is, today, tomorrow,|till hell freezes over.
For their sake,|if for no other reason.
Show me the enemy positions.
Well, sir, the Germans' strong point|is right there.
That's over there on the hill.|They've got no tanks yet.
They've got heavy guns and machine|gun positions at the top of that road.
How many men have you got?
Not enough.
Lt. Wilson will take A Company|and reinforce Major Lance.
The rest of the command will follow us|straight up that road.
Good luck, Major.
MAN:|All right, A Company, fall out.
- Private.|- Yes, sir.
It's a helluva war.
It's a privilege to serve|with you, colonel.
Well, God willing, we'll do|what we came here to do.
Ready, sir.
Move out!
The old man sure has changed|since yesterday.
Or maybe it's just|that we've changed...
...since yesterday.
Lovat and his commandos|have reached the bridge.
Bob, did you hear?
Yes, I heard.
"Sainte-Mère-Eglise captured|by units of the 82nd Airborne. "
" 101 Airborne driving on Utah. "
That's good. Good.
Yes, but if we can't get off Omaha|it doesn't mean a damn. We know it.
We'll have two cut-off beachheads,|one in British zone and one at Utah.
...and the Germans in between.
You guys engineers?
Yes, sir. 299th.
Where are your officers?|Who's in charge here?
I guess I am, sir.|None of our officers made it in.
What about your equipment?|Those torpedoes work?
Yes, sir, we'll make them work!
- What's your name, Sergeant?|- It's Fuller, sir, John H.
You're Lieutenant Fuller from now on,|whether you like it or not.
You send some men down to the foot|of that gully with those torpedoes.
You and the rest of the men follow me.
Yes, sir!
All right, men!|Let's move that equipment down here.
- I got a rifle, sir.|- Well, good for you, son!
The Rangers are ready, General.
Okay, Major, move them out.
Captain, move them up.
Move them up!
- Well, Tom?|- We're ready.
As ready as we'll ever be.
It'll work. It's got to work.
We're getting murdered here! We might|as well move inland and get murdered!
- You ready?|- Yes, sir.
- You're gonna blow that roadblock.|- Okay.
When I give the word|everything pops at once. Okay?
Yes, sir.
First, we gotta blow a hole|through that wire with bangalores.
If that works, we'll pack|everything we've got into that wall.
All right, let's go!
All right, let's go! Go! Go!
We must leave. The main highway|is under aerial attack.
You don't say!
MAN:|Don't worry, Yank.
He's dead.
Give me a cigarette.|I'm dying for a cigarette.
You hurt bad?
Shot down during the night.
He was gonna make sure of me,|but I got him...
...with this.
You ever killed a man?|I mean, face to face?
Neither had I, face to face.
I've been sitting here looking at him.
Have you noticed anything peculiar|about him?
He's got his boots...
...on the wrong feet.
He must have been|in a big hurry, huh?
Is it bad?
Split wide open...
...from the crotch to the knee.
A medic came along and gave me|a shot of morphine.
I hope he'll be back|before it wears off.
He said he would.
Did he sew you up?
Well, when he came to shore|he lost most of his equipment.
So he pinned it together...
...with safety pins.
Getting on toward night.
You know something?
I haven't fired my gun all day.
I keep hearing shooting, but every|time I get there, everybody's gone.
Funny, isn't it?
He's dead.
I'm crippled.
You're lost.
I suppose it's always like that.
I mean war.
I wonder who won.
Okay, run me up the hill, son.
- Cientizta -
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