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Subtitles for Lonorevole Angelina (1947).

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Lonorevole Angelina (1947)

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I gave you another 200 lire.
We ate too, didn't we?
-What day is it today? -14th.
I can ask for another advance.
I have 60 lire for today. And some pasta vouchers.
I can ask Cesira for some oil.
They owe me for the trousers.
You've been waiting 2 months.
How are we going to manage?
You have to earn your leaving.
The wage is what it is.
The children just need to eat.
We can't go on like this.
We don't need an alarm clock.
The fun starts now.
Don't cry.
Adriana, Libero, get up!
-I want to sleep. -Come on, let's go.
Let me sleep on.
We have to get the pasta.
What do they want?
They're journalists.
-One room for how many? -11.
-And your husband? -He works in the council.
My husband is unemployed.
I have 4 kids. Put that in the paper.
Mr. Giacomozzi!
This place is a disgrace.
If only we could strike.
What does he know? He is a journalist.
Do you see those buildings?
Are they the council houses?
Mr. Posh wanted to build a co-op. Then nothing else was known.
He builds houses for the rich folk. And we have to stay here.
Write that on your newspaper.
Come on, blow your nose.
Look someone who still keeps clean.
Giacomozzi, photograph this.
Let's go inside.
We only want to take photos.
Just a photograph...
We're not filmstars, you know.
Come with money!
Not cameras!
She's right!
They come to see...
... and take interest.
To put a big photo in the paper.
How beautiful and how poor she is!
7 in the family.
All starving.
It makes you feel great.
We are all done for.
Do you always have to eat?
Take the pasta and come on.
Hurry, you'll be late for school.
It's cold. Hurry up.
Aren't you getting up?
-Garage opens in the afternoon. -Get up anyway. It is 8.
-I'm tired. -Come on, get up.
There's no peace, here!
How do I have to say it to you?
But I'm working later.
Get him up, or else--
Who cares if I sleep a bit?
It's going to finish badly.
First you want them, then you don't.
-See you later. -Father, wait for me.
Don't be late for dinner.
-Sure. -Finally I can get some sleep.
What's happening?
I'm going to slap you.
Show respect to your father.
Come on, darling.
Mother, no pasta today.
-What do you mean? -It hasn't arrived.
That's strange. It should have arrived yesterday.
We can't go on like this.
The newspaper said it was given out 3 days ago.
Libero, come on get up! Bring me the scarf and jacket.
I'll go and see. These kids have to eat.
Don't cry. Do it all.
Why aren't you giving pasta?
-There is none. -Why do other places have it?
I'm giving it out tomorrow.
It was left at the warehouse. It rained yesterday.
I have five kids.
Thank your husband for that.
You get the pasta, we'll wait here.
-700 lire full litre of oil. -You have time for black market!
I do as I please. I'm the owner.
What can I have for 60 lire?
1 00g of pumpkin seeds.
I can't give them that.
That's your business.
I cope on my husband's wages.
-Go and get us the pasta. -No.
Get out of my shop.
But my children need to eat.
If you don't give it you'll see.
You get fat...
-... and we starve to death. -Get out.
Keep your hands to yourself!
I want that pasta.
I'll show him.
The pasta's arrived.
Adriana, the pasta's here!
-It's a mess here. -Call the guards.
Watch the shop for me.
Stop or you'll be arrested!
They've taken everything.
Put them all in prison.
I want everything back.
-Who should I arrest? -Angelina.
She started everything.
She broke the counter, a mess.
What was taken?
Flour and sugar.
How did you have so much?
Not that much, it's all relative,
no great intrinsic value.
-Exactly... -Better to take standard action.
It's okay. The women were starving.
I have to go to the shop.
Stay and list what you lost.
What's your name?
Zampignoni, son of the late Oreste.
Big photo of you in the paper!
Next time I'll dress better.
Thank you, Angelina!
-Drink with me! -Everyone says hello!
They want you top of commission.
They want me head of commission.
You are a great talker.
You yell really well.
You put real feeling.
They talk and nothing changes.
Bad light and dirty water.
They've no respect for us.
They take advantage of us.
You need to shout a bit.
Maybe I will.
Let's eat this nice pasta.
Pasquale, it's ready.
He knows...
Give me your plate.
Don't you want any?
-You have to give us water. -Fill out the form.
We don't care about the form!
Sit on the road there!
Hello, depot.
-Will you buy me a boat? -Yes.
And a diving suit?
You're worse than the flood.
Put them there. Thanks. Sit there.
They'll get sick here.
It's bad for us too.
We have to do something.
They should fix the flats.
Not build new ones.
They're almost finished.
I have an idea.
Hold on her.
What are you saying?
Hello? Yes. Occupying what?
Get 2 squadrons together.
This is mine!
Arrest her, she's responsible.
I told you it would finish badly.
Are you going home, brigadier?
Don't touch me!
It's not my fault!
Don't push me.
We'll sleep in the road.
I'll stay in your place.
What do I have to do?
Don't move.
I'm not giving you anymore until the flats are finished!
There'll be a penalty for delays.
I'll do what is necessary.
Can't you get the people out?
The truth is you're afraid.
You got 4,000 in 1 937...
... and built houses...
... on poor land.
2 months to get the people out.
The contract remains as it is.
Don't want to talk about it anymore.
You have to fix the house, father.
They deserve it.
You'll never do business, son.
See what you can do...
... and let me know.
-What do you want? -Identification.
-What? -Personal details.
Look at him!
Do you want to go to jail?
-He's her husband. -Chief, this is my wife.
-Maresciallo Ricciardi. -Pleased to meet you.
Look at him!
-Who's he? -The owner's son.
Wait here.
Can you help my mother?
She's done nothing wrong.
They'll free her if you tell them.
She must be there for a reason.
-Yes... -Let me go.
Thank you very much!
It's her fault!
You weren't there!
Be quiet!
Those houses are a disgrace.
We have to sleep with umbrellas!
Work is underway. We can't stop.
What work?
You should be fixing our flats.
-Try to agree. -Can't without instructions.
-Try to agree, you too. -Agree what?
Our kids will get pneumonia.
You don't want to press charges.
No journalists around.
As you wish.
I can't go on.
Pity you left those nice flats.
-Here we are. -My husband didn't like them.
-Orders from high. -I give the orders.
We have Fornaro's place.
We'll be fine.
Here you are!
-The tiles were nice, mum. -Father didn't like them.
Stop it.
The voice of innocence.
I can't live in a home occupied by violence.
Same story for 1 5 years!
They should've made you General.
Girls won't make the same mistake.
It's hard to live with you.
I regret marrying you.
You kill a man slowly.
We want to sleep.
-Will you buy me a boat? -Yes.
-And a diving suit? -Try to sleep now.
So I kill slowly, do l?
You annihilate.
What's wrong?
Say it or we won't sleep.
-It's the carriage. -What do you mean?
First time in it since we married.
-You wanted to be better. -I should have become a general.
It went bad.
It's not true. We love each other.
-We're always fighting. -Your personality scares me.
You know me.
I boil when I get angry.
Don't think about it. Let's sleep.
You're right.
Have you thought of politics?
You'd be famous.
You have to join the Party.
-What Party? -Read this brochure.
I'm a Republican.
What does that mean?
I'm at the centre.
Good evening.
Could you sew my trousers?
If you can wait.
Give me precedence.
Don't let him fool you.
-He's a monarchist. -Stop provoking.
I'd like you to join our Party.
You keep them quiet by feeding them!
I talk to people who know the facts.
Bread and work that is all.
It is too easy.
We don't want them to be poor.
These are the programs.
You're always fighting. Calm down.
I read about you in the paper.
The politicians must go.
Pull the chain on them.
You make me blush.
Parties with no history...
... are no good!
The idea comes from the moment, the need.
Get out, I have to work here.
We'll talk later.
You'll make a name for yourself.
Lots will vote for you.
One day we'll call you Honourable.
What?! Are you crazy?
He's crazy.
What does Honourable mean?
Mother's annoyed now, let's go.
-Have you eaten? -No.
-It's 2 pm. -Non more food here.
-Why? -More important things here.
We have to know our program.
We do!
They are managing gossip.
Politics has its importance.
In the meantime we don't eat.
Where is Cesira?
Must be in there.
I'm hungry.
I had no breakfast.
Delivered shoes around Rome.
Cesira, I'm starving.
Sorry, I can't do anyting, later.
-Haven't eaten since 5 am. -Leave me alone. See you tonight.
Adriana, I must eat.
I have to work this afternoon.
-Tell mum I need to eat. -She's too busy now.
What's he doing here?
Bring it inside for mummy. I want to see what's going on.
-That's her? -Yes, that's her.
I took over the flats.
Don't call me Mrs.
You've come to see...
... how we live.
Your problems are dear to me.
We can get to know each other.
-Am I disturbing you? -Yes. What do you want?
-Nothing. -What are you doing here?
-Looking. -No place for you here.
You must be happy.
I wouldn't say happy.
Each time we meet we fight. Why?
-No reason. -I know why.
We live here.
We're in the carriages.
Why don't you stay at the flats?
Is there any room there?
-No. -Don't you have room,
-Mr. Benedetto? -Not that much.
Take in this lady and her family.
But she has five kids!
We don't get on.
-Why? -An accident...
It's nothing.
I'm glad to have met you, Angelina.
Hope to see you again.
Stay here, Mr. Benedetto.
Goodbye, Angelina.
Who said we'd share a house?
Lots of votes! Lots of votes!
-How many votes do we need? -You have plenty.
Say you'll form a party!
What does a Honourable man do?
Just be Honourable.
She's the voice of the poor.
You feel the benefits.
There is someone I really hate.
Our Party has to have a program.
Let's have it!
Must be something right.
I don't think I can manage.
Be quiet, daddy is here.
It's okay.
That's it.
Mum says don't scream.
Where's my wife?
Mum says it's her turn in 8 minutes.
Mum doesn't want us to talk to you.
Who cares?
-Don't you say hello anymore? -Hello.
Mother isn't coming. She is Honourable.
What are you doing?
Mum says not to break the dishes.
Mother! Mother!
-Who taught him that? -By himself.
Where's Annetta?
Sorting medical supplies.
-Let's meet this afternoon. -No.
-Why? -I have to work.
-Later. -I'm afraid mum will notice.
What is the problem?
I think you're fooling me.
A rich boy usually drives around.
I don't.
I am tongue tied...
... when we're together.
-Hi there. -Give us a go.
-Who owns it? -Spartaco gave it to me.
Not true I saw you pay for it.
-Shut up. -Who gave you the money?
Let's have the same story.
First thing is to eat well.
Then sleep like Christians.
The third divorce.
Medicine to sign. Daddy would like--
Stop men talking from 1 2 to 2.
And we talk the rest.
We have to get out of the flats.
Do you want to let him win?
He gave us the medicine.
We're staying in the flats.
We have to do what's right.
Not going soft are you?
We can't stop now the flood is over.
If he goes bankrupt...
the labourers won't have work.
He'll give them back in writing.
Someone has to talk to them.
We'll have to strike in all areas.
I can't strike for three days.
Under you sure.
Don't worry.
He's a good worker.
It's ready, Angelina.
Hurry up!
Can't find my shoes!
Where is the other one?
Get up, you're always reading.
-Can't go with one shoe. -Found it.
We got some stuff for you.
It's late.
Go and see what daddy's doing.
Got this hat too!
Look at it on me!
She's going to a nice dinner.
You're important!
This was my mother's. Give it back tomorrow.
Thank you all.
I prefer to go as I am.
Be careful not to be led astray.
Don't worry.
I'll see you out.
See you at the meeting tomorrow.
Got some glasses for you.
So you can see better.
You're great. Thanks.
-You're all of us! -Read the brochure once again.
Have faith in me.
What a day!
It's so late.
Just a small bit.
What is this rubber?
-Is this pasta? -Do I look like a cook?
Don't be funny.
That's enough!
I'm fed up!
My life is a mess!
What about mum then?
I don't want to have to worry about your problems too.
You make me laugh.
What a joke.
You did the democratic campaign.
I had to have lots of kids.
-Shut up, Angelina! -You're the usual Party pooper.
You should be happy for me.
You want me to dress poorly.
You'd arrest your wife...
... and kill kids!
Hurrah for Angelina!
He wants to make a show of me.
Where's my belt?
Calm down!
Stop treating Angelina badly.
Leave me alone.
We're coming!
-Okay. -Good evening, Luigi.
Good evening, Pasquale. Any news?
Everything is news.
-Once again? -Say hello.
Adriana, change the baby.
Thank you. Get in.
Enjoy yourselves!
I'm no use. I'm going to leave home.
They're just words.
Once my life had meaning.
I felt important.
No one is waiting for me.
She's a big head now.
My kids don't listen to me.
They only love their mother.
Few things left.
-Can I take your coat? -No. You take off.
What are they?
Take them off.
Let's go.
Sorry for the delay.
-This is the famous Angelina. -Pleased to meet you.
This is Annetta, mother.
-You're very beautiful. -These are for you.
How nice. Giacomo!
-Let's go. -We have to talk.
I'm not joining your Party.
-I'll join yours. -A good idea.
Hello! Thanks for coming!
We're delighted.
What is this Angelina like?
She has a daughter and Filippo likes her.
Great news.
They left flats today.
How did you manage it?
-It's a secret. -You're a demon.
Look, it's Filippo.
Haven't seen you around.
I have been very busy.
Let's go.
-You're Honourable? -Yes.
-You too? -Yes.
How do you feel?
-I can't describe it. -And your political program?
I'll write it and send it to you.
-Are you enjoying yourself? -Yes.
What's wrong?
Feel like an outsider.
I'm not interested in money.
I like you. You're a good person.
You should be happy!
I'm glad my parents are nice to you.
My father's understood many things.
You're nice. I didn't like you before.
We didn't know each other then.
We have to talk, it's important.
-You aren't going to seduce me. -Who knows?
I like you.
You know when to talk.
Do have a seat.
-Am I wrong? -No.
Here is a small present.
Money, if you need it.
A million lire?
-What do I do with it? -What you want.
Say nothing.
Others would be disappointed.
They won't go back to old flats.
What do you mean?
I won't be owner from tomorrow.
-Thief! -What's wrong now?
You're a disgrace.
What's wrong, Callisto?
I'm disgusted.
I'm really disgusted!
Mum, we're in their house.
They make fools of us.
With their money.
Look at them!
They're specialists at it.
I'm going back to the flats.
Don't cry!
I should cry.
-Take your coat. -Filippo!
-What a disgrace. -She's certainly got a tongue.
-Annetta! -Filippo, where are you going?
-But mother-- -Come on.
Commendatore Garrone here.
I'm the owner of the flats.
Yes, the flats in Pietralata.
Mrs. Angelina, you know her,
is going back to the flats.
Didn't agree on certain things.
Something like that.
Thank you, very kind.
This time she'll calm down.
Contract is not at risk.
The police is going to the flats.
Are you doing the right thing?
What's happening?
What's happening?
Tonight is not the night.
The police is at the flats!
You want to marry you daughter...
... with the rich guy.
We saw your daughter!
We saw them dancing!
2 cokes cost 500 lire.
You hope he'll marry her.
Home already.
What's happening?
No more credit!
Until you pay up!
-Get off! -Isn't this yours?
Ask him where the medicine went.
Explain yourself.
The medicine was never enough.
Nothing left to say.
You ripped us off.
You stayed with Fornaio.
We had nothing.
You can do our trousers for free.
Honourable Angelina!
-Mother... -I'll deal with you later.
Come here.
Come here.
-What have you done. -Mother!
What have you done?
What are you doing, spy?
Stop fooling us!
Let her go!
They'll shot!
Stop! Don't come any closer!
Go back!
Think of the kids!
-Are you crazy? -Let me go!
Go back!
I don't care!
I'm never leaving!
Let us read the newspaper.
It's 3 weeks old.
No decent magazine.
You have gone up in the world.
Leave her alone.
You haven't heard anything
Wonder how long I'll be here.
Not more than 3 years.
Three years...
They'll pass quickly.
I wish they were 1 0.
I feel sorry for the kids.
I've ruined everything.
I've ruined my husband.
Family is number one.
Are you married too?
I killed my husband.
I'm worried.
He's gone 1 5 days ago.
Don't worry.
You never tell me anything.
-The accountant is here. -Show him in.
-Hello. -How did it go?
We spoke 1 hour.
He said don't worry.
He's working for an architect.
He won't be skiing this winter.
-Do have a seat. -Thank you.
He isn't interested.
He's a family man.
That witch is behind all this.
Let them marry.
-Who cares? -I don't understand.
He's suffering.
The problem with the flats,
mother in prison...
He says he'll write.
Couldn't do anymore.
-See you later. -Okay.
-Who's Angela Bianchi? -Me.
Get your things.
-What's happening? -They're transferring you.
Let's go.
Don't worry.
Good luck.
Come in.
You're free to go.
He took back allegation.
Are you sure?
This is the second time.
Are you sure?
Yes, you are free.
Thank you.
Are you here to put me back?
Let's go to the flats.
-Why? -The son left home...
when they put you in.
We treated you badly.
Let's go.
-What's happening? -Come here?
-Why? They're dividing the flats!
-Really? -You can move in 1 month.
-How much? -Same.
What's going on?
Roberto is waiting for you!
They're delighted.
They're signing for flats!
Hurrah for Angelina!
Your flat is the best.
-Pasquale... -Are you here to arrest her?
No, politicians are immune.
What are you saying?
They'll make you Honourable.
Is that what you want to say?
We'll talk later.
Don't go.
Sign here, Angelina.
Where are you going?
Are you falling in love once again?
-What? -You look at him like a teenager.
What about the speech?
I've to go to the office.
-I'm going to leave work. -Really?
Yes. I've decided.
I'll ask for transfer.
I'll send money home.
I want a different life.
Tell her for me.
I will.
You're a friend.
This flat's yours!
Make a speech!
Have you seen Pasquale?
-Yes. -Where is he?
It's a long story.
Make a speech, Angelina!
I can't make speeches.
Mum, we're here too!
Go on, Honourable.
I won't say much.
I'll never be Honourable.
-You will! -You have 86,000 votes!
I'm not able for the job.
I had time to think in prison.
Prison should be forced.
We all deserve it.
Prison makes you think about a lot of things.
This is not the way.
I'm just one of you.
I neglected my family.
I love my kids.
I have enough politics at home.
Find someone who is better than me.
I say goodbye to all of you.
If you need me...
... I'm here.
I'll do my discussing at home.
I'll be free...
... and Honourable there.
We'll be all Honourables.
You have to help me transfer.
I told you everything.
What are you doing here?
Don't be stupid.
Why are you crying?
I've resigned.
-Why? -I just want to be me.
-Why, mother? -Don't speak to her like that.
Shut up.
You must respect your father.
We all must respect him.
-Am I right? -If you say so...
Have you understood?
From today on!
Sorry for the trouble.
Give me the baby.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
-Have you some money? -No.
Let's go home so.
-Are you sleeping? -No.
-Why not? -Want to do the accounts first.
-Do them tomorrow. -I couldn't sleep.
Then you won't sleep at all.
Why aren't you sleeping?
-Thinking. -About what?
Everything was almost bust.
It's over now.
Everything will be fine.
Don't worry.
-I'm glad we're still together. -You old fool.
There are more serious things. Milk for the babies.
Won't get it without voucher.
I can ask for an advance.
Don't worry.
I'll talk with the milkman.
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