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Lord Jim CD1

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Joseph Conrad wrote:
"If you want to know the age of the Earth, look upon the sea in a storm. "
But what storm can fully reveal the heart of a man?
Between Suez and the China Sea are many nameless men...
... who prefer to live and die unknown.
This is the story of one such man.
Among the great gallery of rogues and heroes...
... thrown up on the beaches and ports...
... no man was more respected or more damned than...
The story of Jim begins when Queen Victoria's fleet...
... of merchant ships served a vast empire of trade and commerce.
On the day he received his sailing papers...
... Jim's class proved it was shipshape.
It was a gray, overcast, ominous day...
...but not for Jim.
For him, it was the beginning of an honorable career.
He was particularly smart aloft, especially in the t'gallant yards.
There, he could live out his private dreams...
... the kind of dreams most of us have.
Even on graduation day, it was clear that Jim...
... was the sort of man you would trust on sight. One of us, so to speak.
He was exactly the kind of man I wanted on the deck of my ship.
He found life exacting, but dull.
Demanding, but empty.
There's such a magnificent vagueness that drives some of us to roam the sea.
Such a beautiful greed for adventure and mystery.
He withdrew into a private world of fantasy.
For which of us has not dreamed of rescuing a pretty girl...
... on a picturesque raft?
In these flights of fancy, he won fame, fortune...
... and respect by saving his captain from a very nasty mutiny.
Single-handed, of course.
Jim was acclaimed, loved, and, above all, trusted.
Then, on a calm day, in a perfectly smooth sea...
... Jim met his first seagoing hazard face to face.
We put in at the nearest port...
... so that Jim could have proper hospital care.
Goodbye, sir.
The other patients were delighted to be safe on land.
But Jim craved the open sea, action.
Meanwhile, he haunted the teeming waterfronts.
He held himself aloof from the uprooted human wrecks.
How about a couple of coppers, sir? They'll help me.
Thank you.
Directly, he could navigate without a stick.
He signed on with the first available ship.
That ship was the SS Patna.
Mister, you're looking at a dead ship for certain.
She was bound for the Red Sea.
Cargo: 800 Muslims on a holy pilgrimage to Mecca.
Good morning, captain. I'm the new first officer.
How long you was first officer?
- Two years. - British, huh?
The ship was peaceful, secure.
The world was firm beneath his feet.
He felt that he alone was responsible for every soul aboard ship.
He was equal to the challenge.
There was nothing he could not face.
Hey, mister, barometer dropping fast.
- For how long, sir? - How the devil I know?
I get up, she's down. I think soon we catch a squall.
Then maybe this old iron stove cools off, huh?
Mr. Robinson! Cut your engines to half speed.
No! Shut up! Keep her steady as she goes.
Hot. "Hot" is no name for it down below.
What are you doing on my bridge?
Where'd you expect me to take a breather?
Down that hellhole with them scurvy toads?
What you? Drunk?
How else can I stand this godforsaken stinkpot?
I throw you in the brig, you scum!
- What is it? - The chart shows 100 fathoms.
- Something afloat, awash? - More.
- We're stove in, done for. - Where are you going?
To see if there's damage below.
- I heard something. - No cause for alarm, sir.
- It seemed... - It's the fog.
Makes us imagine things.
It's all right.
They only wanted water.
I felt it bulge, I swear. There's a million tons of pressure...
...and nothing holding it back but this rusty brown paper. Paper!
- She'll go down like a lump of lead. - Shut up!
- We'll shore it up. - Listen.
- She's coming apart. - Wait!
There's no time. There's 800 of them and only two boats!
- Shut your engines off! - There's no time...
Shut your engines off!
Yes, sir.
Very sensible.
Clear thinking, sir.
There, in the dark, alone with the unexpected...
... Jim was finally infected with the other man's terror.
His imagination made him see what he feared to see.
Yes. Yes.
- Are we in danger? - Only if you panic!
You must let me free the lifeboats.
Why, so you can abandon us?
You believe that?
Let him pass. Let him pass.
Lend a hand, quick.
- We've got to free both of the boats. - Sure, sure, but one at a time.
We got to clear out before the storm hits.
Push! Push!
- What about them? - Who?
They're dead! Finished! Nothing can save them!
- Jump! Hurry! - Jump!
Hurry! Jump!
Jump! Jump! Hurry up!
- Jump! Hurry! - Jump!
Well, we're all in the same boat.
We all gotta have the same story.
- I don't know... - She sank, didn't she?
I saw her.
I saw her go down with all hands.
Gone. I swear it.
All them poor heathens.
Hey, you! It's a lucky thing we jump! You understand?
To the trio of dirty owls...
... the Patna's rescue was proof of their desertion.
Jim saw it as a monstrous practical joke on himself.
Paper! Paper!
There never would have been an open inquiry if Jim had vanished...
... with the others.
When he insisted on making a public confession...
... the Patna affair became a public disgrace.
- What changed your mind? - He did.
- How? - He gave his word. I trusted him.
Evidently, you were mistaken.
Thank you very much.
The French officer, please.
- You salvaged the Patna? - Yes, sir.
Would you say that the ship was in danger of sinking?
- Possibly. When we towed her in... - That is not the point.
Danger is never the barometer of an officer's conduct.
Will you admit, lieutenant, that his behavior...
...was the unmitigated, inexcusable act of a coward?
It is not for me to say if another man is a coward.
Isn't that a decoration for bravery?
In a war, in front of others, one is expected to be brave.
The trade of war demands it.
At sea, we're always at war with the elements.
Officers are expected to go down with the ship.
- Honor demands it. - Honor?
- Honor is a personal thing. - Very well! The law demands it.
What law? Where is such a law written?
Among civilized men, there's such a thing as the unwritten law.
An idea created by insurance companies.
Necessary because if even one crewman remains on board...
...the ship cannot be claimed as salvage.
Then loyalty. What about loyalty?
Once, there was loyalty to ships under sail...
...but when ships changed to steam, perhaps men changed too.
Could you do what he did?
Who knows?
Under certain conditions, fear will come to any man.
It's always there, waiting for us.
- The fear. - Thank you very much, lieutenant.
Why did you insist on eating all that dirt?
How could you make that disgusting confession... public, before all those grinning natives?
If you had to rut around in shame...
...why didn't you run, hide, crawl 20 feet underground where you belong?
Do you realize what you've done here today?
Do you know what you've done?
You're one of us. Your disgrace reflects on us.
You put all of us on trial!
Don't you understand that?
Yes, sir.
I understand.
Jim! Jim!
He beat his way from port to port...
... trying to lose himself among the nameless.
He no longer dreamed of fame or glory.
He no longer wanted to dream at all.
He took on any job, anywhere, for any pay.
Up to the hotel, boy.
He craved anonymity.
He wanted, finally, to become one of the nameless flotsam...
... he formerly had scorned and pitied.
He hungered to forget his failure...
... the recurring nightmare aboard the Patna.
But the scandal followed him...
... found him...
... made him run again.
The perfect skipper had jumped, it seems, from his own ship.
His final entry in the ship's log read:
"If fear can find the flaw in even one of us...
... why not in any of us?"
One hope kept Jim going, a hope common to most men.
Rich or poor, strong or weak...
... who among us has not begged God for a second chance?
Jump! Jump!
Jump! Jump! Jump!
You did not jump with the others. Why?
Maybe I can't swim.
So much depends on this cargo.
No, wait. Please.
The fire was not accidental.
The men on your boat, you know them?
Could I ask your name, please?
Herr Stein?
Shall we put the powder in the warehouse?
No. We move it upcountry tonight.
Now, this could never show my gratitude, but...
Is it really yourself, Jim, lad?
It's me, your old shipmate.
You're not gonna forget I saved your life aboard that bucket, the SS Patna.
No need to feel uneasy.
Not on my account.
I know just how you feel, mate. It's a mean, untidy world run by toads.
What is it you want, Mr. Robinson?
God bless you, lad, just a couple of quid to see me through.
Stop. Hello.
Mr. Stein, please.
Can you show me one butterfly with a weak heart?
Can you show me one butterfly who's a 70-year-old businessman?
- What can I do for you, please? - Mr. Stein.
- Up here, young man. - Sit down, please.
Here, a rare specimen of life.
- Perfection. - Beautiful.
Beauty's nothing. Look at the accuracy, the harmony.
Fragile but strong.
The exact balance of colossal forces.
Look into the body of man for a real masterpiece.
Man is amazing, yes, but too many flaws.
Man makes too much noise about himself.
Disturbs the equilibrium.
He wants to be a saint, and he wants also to be a devil.
Always, he wants to be what he is not. What do you think?
I think you ought not to go upcountry tonight.
Be a nice butterfly. Stay in your cocoon.
And for this, one of these.
No smoking, no excitement. Everything in moderation.
Even death?
If I had your strong, young heart...
Is your burden really so heavy as you look?
- No, sir. - Good.
- I want to ship out tonight. - That is not so serious.
Where are you bound? What port?
It doesn't matter.
That makes it serious.
I don't want your money.
Just mine, or anyone's?
- Take it. I owe you... - Nothing.
I do not trust a man who does not respect money.
One moment, please.
If you want to be an idealist, you must also be tolerant.
Are you running from the police?
So much pride.
Even you must have a name.
- Jim. - That's all? Jim?
A man of mystery, huh?
Today, you risked your life for who-knows-what reason.
Would you risk it again for ambition, chivalry, adventure?
Are you making an offer?
The role of a hero appeals, huh?
It might interest you to know that some men can never become heroes...
...and some heroes never become men.
And some are lucky enough to be both.
Who says they are lucky?
...if someone tries to make another fire...
...kill him.
That stuff makes you uneasy?
Well, sir, gunpowder is highly impersonal.
It will blow up anybody.
- How fast can you load and fire a rifle? - About five seconds.
Well, this weapon can shoot five bullets in the same time.
- Is somebody gonna fight? - Well, it doesn't have to be your fight.
- Is it yours? - Yes.
For pleasure, profit or patriotism?
Nothing so noble.
I go to help a friend, if it is not too late.
Now, tomorrow we come to Batu Kring.
End of railroad, end of province, end of police escort.
Our destination...
...Patusan. By engine boat, 12 hours away, through enemy country...
...and no protection, sitting on all that dynamite...
...which somebody already tried to destroy.
...what do you say?
I'd say our situation...
...was highly inflammable.
What do you expect to find in Patusan?
I was rather hoping... find paradise.
Patusan is like a jump into the unknown.
My first trading post was in Patusan.
And my first friend was Chief Du-Ramin.
We fought side by side against river pirates.
But today, 30 years later, the enemy is a warlord without a country...
...a precise militarist, intelligent, ruthless, and deadly...
...with an army of escaped criminals, riffraff.
The General suppresses thousands, collects taxes, also tribute.
From here, rubber. From this province, tea and precious stones.
Patusan, tin.
And those who refuse to operate the mines now work as chained prisoners!
Life is cheaper than tin.
So on a certain day, all men will mine tin or be shot.
And that certain day will be three days from now.
But on that day, people will resist.
One old, rusty cannon, useless without that powder.
Without these weapons, it will be spears against rifles.
But if we don't get there on time...
...or not at all?
They will still resist.
- What with? - Mostly with courage.
- Schomberg! - Just a minute.
Where is Schomberg's engine boat?
Hello, hello! Welcome, Papa Stein, you look sensational.
- Where is the boat? - Take your pick...
...sampan, sailboat, barge. What you want, Schomberg's got.
- You promised the engine boat. - True, true.
- Well, where is it? - Where else? In dry dock.
- Fungus, dry rot, terrible shape. - I will buy it.
- No, no, it's not for sale. - But you promised.
Yeah, a promise straight from the heart.
The heart says "yes," but the conditions say "no."
All my life, I'm a victim of conditions, so it's got to be "no."
Better you don't go where you're going.
Nobody gets up that river, not alive, not since the General.
Positively not carrying contraband cargo.
- How do you know it's contraband? - I know nothing. I don't even know you.
- You've got your business, I got mine. - Your business is renting boats.
Please, my business is to stay in business.
You can have any boat I got, but not the engine boat.
The one at the pier rigged for sail.
- You can't push her up the river alone. - Get me a couple of men.
That's very funny, mister. You think everybody is dying to die?
At most, a few fools who are desperate for money. Ridiculous.
Get them!
- Get them. - I can see you're a born leader.
Leave it to Schomberg.
Do you want a doctor?
Does he have a prescription for failure?
We haven't failed yet, sir.
Without the engine boat, there is not enough time.
- Not enough time. - We can rig a sail.
And if there's no wind?
Then we'll row, paddle, push.
For 20 hours?
We can try.
- Yes, we can try. - You're not coming.
- But without me... - We might make it.
You can't pull your own weight.
No offense, sir.
This elephant camp is halfway point. You must reach it by morning.
After that is a little difficult and dangerous.
If you sail openly into Patusan...
...the only welcome you expect is a bullet or worse.
Now, Du-Ramin's people expect us.
His plan is simple. Also, it is tricky.
Two miles before you reach Patusan, you find these ruins.
And behind them, hidden in the jungle...
Try not to use the rifle. Even one shot would upset the plan.
These weapons must not fall to the General under any conditions.
If such a thing happens, destroy the rifles, everything.
You are under no obligation to me, even now.
- Lf you wish to... - Jump?
...withdraw, I would understand.
- Your man at the trading post... - Cornelius?
- Can he be trusted? - Why?
Well, you haven't said much about him.
You haven't said much about yourself, but I trust you.
We each have our weaknesses.
I am too romantic, Cornelius drinks too much...
...and you? - Goodbye, sir.
- Is there nothing I can do for you? - Yes, sir.
Cast off.
If I knew where I could write your parents, your friends...
...and tell them... what?
Tell them...
Kill him.
Captain, this man wants to kill...
You see? That crazy rascal tried to kill you.
Sun sickness, I bet you.
Lucky for you, l...
- What for you do that, sir? - Sun sickness.
That gun cannot shoot without you put another bullet in, sir...
Pick up that oar.
General, I salute you.
Your information correct.
Coming from trading company of Stein, weapons, gunpowder.
- Weapons? - Rifles.
How many?
The man who brought them?
Big bang, huh?
Yeah, big bang.
'Nelius... are a corrupt, depraved drunkard.
- This weakness I overlook. - The General is compassionate.
Your employer, Mr. Stein, conspires against me.
- A sentimental gesture. - Supported by new rifles.
- Harmless, where they are. - They are here.
- Impossible. - Possible, probable, actual, here.
And you know it.
For disloyalty, I kill.
Disloyal to you?
You already betray the people of Patusan.
Why not me?
Because you are supremely powerful, and I am incredibly selfish.
That makes me your most loyal subject.
- Can we bury this one? - They cremate their dead.
Chief Du-Ramin was told?
This morning, sir!
When their women bring food, they will take him away.
Hey, General...
Chop, chop, chop.
Father, please stay in the house.
Thank you.
What hostility brings you here?
- Politics? - Business for Mr. Stein.
I like men of business.
We have a common language: Money.
You sell munitions, I buy.
They're gone.
Blown up. Exploded.
One explosion.
You bring nine separate barrels of powder.
So there should be many separate explosions.
You have two paths. First path, we trade.
You give rifles and powder, I give a boat...
...and freedom. - And the second path?
It leads to the same place, only not so pleasant.
Can all men... persuaded?
And if it is too late?
He may have told them where he put the weapons.
Then they would not still be searching.
And while they search, we must wait.
That is why we must act swiftly.
And the dead prisoner... it proper to use his body this way?
If the dead can serve the living...
In spite of overwhelming odds, you made a noble effort.
No, please, don't deny it.
What did the General call it? "Gallant. Admirable."
Self-sacrifice for one's own kind, yes, understandable.
Why suffer excruciating agony if you have to submit anyway?
And for whom? For the glory of the trading company?
Look at me. Eight years of loyal service in this godforsaken hellhole.
Deserted, forgotten.
No gratitude, no respect... future.
Be sensible.
Think of yourself.
- I am. - Capital.
I'll see you have first-class treatment. You can depend on it. Right?
Now, tell me, where is it?
Where did you hide the rifles?
- What about them? - Who?
Nothing can save them.
Tomorrow morning, they are finished... a nation, as a people.
Down the drain, gone without a trace.
- Like a sinking ship. - Exactly. Done for.
With our without your weapons, done for.
In that case...
...why all the fuss?
You don't even know them.
Have you ever considered what makes pain unbearable?
One thing. The brain.
Put the brain to sleep, and the flesh can be burned, torn...
...twisted, chopped without pain.
Awaken the brain...
...anticipate pain...
...then every touch, sight, sound...
...becomes exaggerated.
Mind betrays the body.
And finally, the pain becomes unbearable.
Nothing to say?
You think silence is strength.
A man's strength is relative to his imagination.
The more imagination, the less resistance.
For God's sake, tell him. Tell him.
They'll never know you spoke, so there's nothing to be ashamed of.
Never test another man by your own weakness.
Science bores you?
No man is a stranger to fear.
Fear is the perfect tool for persuasion.
...what do you fear most? What do you prize most?
Your strong, young body? Your manhood?
Your eyesight?
What could make you cheat a friend, forsake honor...
...desert a post of duty?
What fear could turn you into a coward?
Interesting man.
I hate him.
Naturally. He endured where you could not.
You should have killed him.
He knew I would not kill him, not until...
Of course.
He knew!
For one hour, he is not to be molested.
Attend his comfort.
Indulge your senses.
Feel life.
Eat, smoke, dream, make love.
If he wishes privacy with her, permit.
The essence of pleasure.
Warm, sweet, ripe.
A woman can satisfy all your senses at the same time.
She is the only reality.
She is life.
Death is the end of all things real.
It is the end of all feeling, desire, hope.
Death is nothingness.
And that is what you fear most. Death.
Not pain, but oblivion.
In one hour, I will ask for the weapons.
I will ask but once.
If you refuse, if you lie...
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