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Subtitles for Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) CD2.

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Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001) CD2

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I do not know the way
I will help you bear this burden, | Frodo Baggins
As long as is this yours to bear
If by my life or death, | I can protect you,
I will
You have my sword
And you have my bow
And my axe
You carry the face of us all little one
If this is indeed the will of the Council,
then Gondor will see it done
Mr. Frodo's not going | anywhere without me
No, indeed, it is hardly possible to separate you, | even when he is
summoned to a secret Council, | and you are not
Hey! We're coming too!
You'd have to send us home | tied up in a sack to stop us!
Anyway, you need people of intelligence | on this sort of...
Well that rules you out, Pippin!
Nine companions
So be it!
You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring
Where are we going?
My old sword, Sting
Here, take it, take it!
It's so light!
Yes, yes… made by the elves, you know?
The blade glows blue when orcs are close,
and it's at times like that, my lad,
when you have to be extra careful
Here's a pretty thing
As light as a feather,
and as hard as dragon's scales
Let me see you put it on
Oh!... Mi old ring!
I should...
very much like | to hold it again,
one last time
I'm sorry I would disapoint you, | my boy
I'm sorry that... | you would carry this burden
I'm sorry for everything!
We must hold this course west to | the Misty Mountains for 40 days
If our luck holds, the gap of Rohan | will still be open to us
From there, our road turns east... | to Mordor
2, 1, 5... Good!
Very good!
Move your feet!
- You look good, Pippin! | - Thanks
Anyone wants to ask for my opinion, | wich I knew clear not,
I'd say we were taking the long way round
Gandalf! We could pass | through the Mines of Moria
My cousin Balin would give us | a royal welcome
No, Gimli | I would not take the roads through Moria | unless I had no other choice
Get him!!
For the Shire! Get him!
Foot him, foot on him!
He got my arm, he got my arm…
What is that?
Nothing, it's just a wisp of cloud
It's moving fast
Against the wind
Crebain from Duneland!
Get down!
Spies of Saruman!
The passage south is being watched
We must take the pass of Caradhras!
It is a strange fate for which | should suffer so much fear and doubt
One so small a thing
Such a little thing
Give the ring to Frodo!
As you wish
I care not!
So Gandalf, you tried | to lead them over Caradhras
And if that fails
Where then will you go?
If the mountain defeats you,
willl you risk the more dangerous road?
There is a foul voice on the air
It's Saruman!!
He's trying to bring down the mountain!!
Gandalf! We must turn back!
We must get off the mountain! Make for the gap of Rohan!
Or take the west road to White City!
The Gap of Rohan | takes us too close to Isengard!
If we cannot pass over the mountain, | let us go under it!
Let us go through the Mines of Moria
You fear to go into those mines
The Dwarves delt too greedily, | and too deep
You know what they awoke | in the darkness of Khazad-dum
Shadow and flame...
Let the ring bearer decide...
We will go through the mines
So be it!
The walls of Moria!
Let's see...
It reflects only | starlight and moonlight
It reads: The doors of Durin, Lord of Moria
Speak friend and enter
What d'you suppose that means?
Oh, it's quite simple
If you're a friend, you speak the password, | and the doors will open
Mines are no place for a pony
Even one so brave as Bill
Bye bye! Bill
Go on, Bill. Go on!
Don't worry Sam | He knows the way out
Do not disturb the water
It's a riddle!
Speak 'friend', and enter
What's the elvish word for friend?
Humm?... Mellon
Soon, you will enjoy the famous | hospitality of the dwarves
Roaring fires! Malt beer! | Red meat of a bone!
This, my friend, is the home of my cousin Balin
And they call it a mine.
This is no mine
It's a tomb!
We make for the Gap of Rohan
We should never have come here
Now get out of here! Get out!!
Into the mines!
Legolas! | Into the cave!
We now have but one choice
We must face the long dark of Moria
Be on your guard. There are older | and fouler things than orcs
in the deep places of the world
Quiet... | It's a four day journey to the other side
Let us hope that our presence | may go unnoticed
I have no memory of this place
- Are we lost? | - No
I think we are
Shhhh... Gandalf is thinking!
- Merry!| - What?
I'm hungry
There's something down there
- It's Gollum!| - Gollum?
He's been following us for 3 days
He escaped the dungeons of Barad-Dur
Escaped. Or set loose...
He hates and loves the ring
as he hates and loves himself
He will never be rid of his need for it
It's a pity Bilbo didn't kill him | when he had the chance
It was pity that stayed Bilbo's hand
Many that live deserve death
Some that die deserve life
Can you give it to them, Frodo?
Do not be too eager to deal out | death and judgement
Even the very wise | cannot see all ends
My heart tells me that | Gollum has some part to play yet,
for good or evil, | before this is over
The pity of Bilbo | may rule the fate of men
I wish the ring had never come to me...
I wish none of this had happened...
So do all who lives to see such times
but that is not for them to decide,
all we have to decide is
what to do with the time | that is given to us
There are other forces at work in this world | for the besides of the evil
Bilbo was meant to find the ring
In which case you also were meant | to have it
And that is an encouraging thought
It's that way!
He's remembered!
but the air doesn't smell | so foul down here
Every time you doubt, | always follow your nose
It'll be risk a little more of light here
The hall
The great ground of dwarf city | of ???
There's an eye open ???
Here lies Balin, son of Fundi,
Lord of Moria
He is dead then
It's as I feared
We must move on. We cannot linger
They have taken the bridge
and the second hall
We have barred gates
but cannot hold them for long
The ground shakes
Drums in the deep...
We cannot get out...
A shadow moves in the dark...
We cannot get out...
They are coming...
Fool of a Took!
Throw yourself in next time,
and rid us of your stupidity!
Get back! Stay close to Gandalf!
They have a cave troll
Let them come! There is one dwarf yet | in Moria that still draws blood!
They don't get the hang of us!
He's alive!
I'm alright. I'm not hurt
You should be dead
That spear would have skewered a wild boar
I think there's more to this hobbit | than meets the eye
You are full of surprises, Mr. Baggins!
To the bridge of Khazad-Dum!
What is this new devilry?
A balrog!
A demon of the ancient world!
This foe is beyond any of you!
Lead them on Aragorn! | The bridge is near!
Do as I say!
Swords are no more use here!
Merry! Pippin!
Nobody tosses a dwarf!
No! Not the beard!
Lean forward!
Over the bridge!
You cannot pass!
I am a servant of the Secret Fire,
wielder of the flame of Anor!
The dark fire will not avail you,
flame of Udun!
Go back to the shadow!
No! | No! Gandalf!
Fly, you fools!
Legolas, get them up!
Give them a moment for pity's sake
By nightfall these hills | will be swarming with orcs
We must reach the woods of Lothlorien
Come Boromir, Legolas, Gimli! | Get them up!
On your feet, Sam!
Stay close, you hobbits!
They say that a great sorceress | lives in these woods
An elf witch,
of terrible power!
All who look upon her | fall under her spell
And are never seen again!
You are coming to us, | besides the footsteps of doom!
You bring great evil here,
great peril
Mr. Frodo?
Well, here's one dwarf | she won't ensnare so easily!
I have the eyes of a hawk | and the ears of a fox!
The dwarf breathes so loud, | we could have shot him in the dark!
Aragorn! These woods are perilous!
We should go back!
You have entered the realm | of the Lady of the Wood
You cannot go back
she is waiting
Eight there are here, | yet nine there were set out from Rivendel
Tell me, where is Gandalf, | for I much desire to speak with him
He has fallen into shadow
The quest stands upon the edge of a knife
Stray but a little, and it will fail
to the ruin of all
Yet hope remains,
while company is true
Do not let your hearts be troubled,
go now and rest,
for you are weary with sorrow and much toil
Tonight, we will...
Welcome, Frodo of the Shire,
one who has seen the Eye!
A lament for Gandalf
What did they say about him?
I have not the heart to tell you
For me the grief is still too near
Take some rest
These borders are well protected
I will find no rest here
I heard a voice inside my head
She spoke of my father | and the fall of Gondor
She said to me, | even now there is hope left
but I cannot see it!
It's long since we had any hope
My father is a noble man,
but his rule if failing
and our...
Our people lose faith
He looks to me to make things right, | and I, I would do it
I would see the glory of Gondor restored
Have you ever seen it, Aragorn?
The white tower of Ecthelium?
Glimmering like a spike | of burning silver
It's banner caught high | in the morning breeze
Have you ever been called home | by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?
I have seen the White City...
Long ago
One day our paths will lead us there
And the tower guard shall take up the call
For the Lords of Gondor have returned
Will you look into the mirror?
What will I see?
Even the wisest cannot tell
For the mirror shows many things
Things that were,
things that are,
and some things
that have not yet come to pass
I know what it is you saw
For it is also in my mind
It is what will come to pass | if you should fail
The fellowship is breaking
It has already begun
He will try to take the ring
You know of whom I speak
One by one,
it will destroy them all
If you ask it of me,
I will give you the one ring
You offer it to me freely
I do not deny that my heart | has greatly desired this
In the place of a Dark | you would have a Queen
Not dark but beautiful
and terrible as Sauron
Treacherous as the sea
Stronger than the foundations of the earth
All shall look me | and despair
I pass the test
I will diminish,
and go into the west
and remain Galadriel
I cannot do this alone
You are a ring bearer, Frodo
To bear a ring of power | is to be alone
This task was appointed to you,
and if you do not find a way,
no one will
Then I know what I must do,
it's just,
I'm afraid to do it
Even the smallest person | can change the course of the future
Do you know how the orcs | first came into being?
They were elves, once,
taken by the dark powers,
tortured, and mutilated
A ruined, and terrible form of life
And now,
my fighting Urukai
Whom do you serve?
Hunt them down!
Do not stop until they are found!
You do not know pain, | you do not know fear!
You will taste man flesh!
One of the half-lings carries | something of great value
Bring them to me alive and unspoilt
Kill the others!
Farewell, Frodo Baggins!
I give you the light, Elendil,
our most beloved star, Namarie
May it be a light for you in dark places,
where all other lights go out
The Aragornath
Long have I desired | to look upon the Kings of old
My king
We cross the lake at nightfall
Hide the boats, and continue on foot
We approach Mordor from the north
Oh yes?
Just a simple matter | of finding our way through Amen-Muil?
An impassable labyrinth | of razor sharp rocks,
and after that, it gets even better!
The festering, stinking marshlands, | as far as the eye can see
That is our road
I suggest you take some rest | and recover your strength, Master Dwarf
Recover my...!
We should leave now
No. Orcs patroll the eastern shore,
we must wait for cover of darkness
It is not the eastern shore | that worries me
A shadow and a threat | has been growing in my mind
Something draws near
I can feel it!
Ho, ho! Recover strength...!
You don't hear to him, young hobbit
Where's Frodo?
None of us should wander alone
You least of all
So much depends on you...
I know why you seek solitude
You suffer. I see it day by day
You sure you do not suffer needlessly
There are other ways, Frodo
Other paths that we might take
I know what you would say,
and it would seem like wisdom, | but for the warning in my heart
Warning? Against what?
We're all afraid, Frodo,
but to let that fear drive us | to destroy what hope we have
- Don't you see, it's madness? | - There is no other way!
I ask only for the strength | to defend my people!
- If you would but lend me the ring... | - No!
Why do you recoil? I am no thief!
You are not yourself!
What chance do you think you have?
They will find you!
They will take the ring!
And you will beg for death | before the end!
You fool!
It is not your safe | but for an unfortunate casualty!
That could have been mine! | It should have been mine!
Give it to me!
Give me the ring!
I see your mind
You will take the ring to Sauron!
You will betray us!
You go to your death, | and the death of us all!
Curse you!
Curse you!
And all the halflings!
I must find him!
Please, Frodo
Frodo, I'm sorry!!
It has taken Boromir
Where is the ring?
Stay away!
I swore to protect you!
Can you protect me from yourself?!
Would you destroy it?
I would have gone with you to the end
Into the very fires of Mordor
I know
Look after the others,
specially Sam,
he will not understand
Come, Frodo!
Mr. Frodo?!
Find the Half-lings!
Find the Half-lings!
Aragorn, go!
Hide here! Quick!
Come on!
What's he doing?
He's leaving!
Run, Frodo. Go!
Hey, hey you! Over here!
Over here! Hey! | Over here! This way!
- It's working!| - I know it's working! Run!
The horn of Gondor!
Go! | Go!
They took the little ones!
Stay still!
Frodo?! | Where is Frodo?!
I let Frodo go
Then you did what I could not
I tried to take the ring from him
The ring is beyond our reach now
Forgive me!
I did not see it
I have failed you all
No, Boromir
You fought bravely
You've got your honor
Leave it!
It is over
The world of men will fall,
and the whole world | will come to darkness
My city to ruin...
I do not know what strength | is in my blood
But I swear to you, | I will not let the White City fall
Nor our people fail
Our people
Our people!
I would have followed you, | my brother
my captain,
my King!
Be at peace,
son of Gondor
I wish the ring had never come to me
I wish none of this had happened
So do all who live to see such times,
but that is not for them to decide
All you have to decide
is what to do with the time | that is given to you
Frodo! No!
Frodo! | Frodo!
No, Sam!
Go back, sam!
I'm going to Mordor alone!
Of course you are!
And I'm coming with you!
You can't swim!
I made a promise, Mr. Frodo
A promise!
Don't you leave him | Samwise Gamgee...
And I don't mean to
I don't mean to
Oh, Sam!
Come on then
Frodo and Sam have reached the eastern shore
- You mean not to follow them | - Frodo's fate is no longer in our hands
Let us all have been in vain | The fellowship has failed
Not if we hold true to each other
We will not abandon Merry and Pippin | to torment and death
Not while we have strength left! | Leave all that can be spared behind
We travel light!
Let's hunt some orc!
YES! Ha, ha!
Mordor... | I hope the others find a safer road
Strider will look after
I don't suppose we'll ever see them again
We may yet, Mr. Frodo | We may...
I'm glad you're with me.
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