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Subtitles for Lord of Hangzhou The.

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Lord of Hangzhou The

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00:01:01:Look, it's a nice place 00:01:03:What if we move here? 00:01:05:lf we really move the Palace here... 00:01:08:l wonder if Royal Father will scold us? 00:01:11:l don't care if he scolds us or not 00:01:12:Most important is l can fight 00:01:14:You're a girl, can't you be a fair lady? 00:01:16:You have nothing in mind but fighting! 00:01:18:l've learnt martial art for years 00:01:20:so l want someone to fight with me 00:01:23:No one dare to fight with me|in the Capital 00:01:27:A stupid king! 00:01:29:Bullshit! 00:01:32:Martial art is an exercise,|not for fighting 00:01:35:But l really want to meet|some robbers... 00:01:38:Now that our bodyguards are|back in town... 00:01:40:l can show them my ability|if there're robbers 00:01:42:Better still if they're masked and 00:01:46:with good kung-fu skills 00:01:50:Boatman, wait! 00:01:55:Wait... 00:01:58:Boatman, can you row the boat back here? 00:02:03:Sister, they don't look like robbers, 00:02:05:shall we let them get aboard? 00:02:07:No! 00:02:09:l've paid for the boat 00:02:12:You go away! 00:02:13:l beg you, Miss 00:02:14:Yes, please 00:02:15:Beg me? 00:02:17:You jump over then 00:02:20:Okay, we'll jump! 00:02:30:You robbers! 00:02:31:She said you're robber|Miss, we're not robbers! 00:02:33:Master, here 00:02:37:Please don't be misunderstood|Shut up! 00:02:41:Miss, please listen to me 00:02:43:Sister, stop at once 00:02:44:Miss, sorry, excuse us 00:02:46:You hear? They apologised already 00:02:48:ls it apology? 00:02:52:What is your name? 00:02:54:l am Chin Chiang, from the Capital 00:02:56:Excuse my asking, where are you rushing? 00:02:59:l'm Mi-chi, l live in Hangzhou 00:03:01:l have urgent matters at home,|so l need a boat 00:03:04:Please excuse me 00:03:05:lt's okay,|it's good you live in Hangzhou 00:03:08:l'm going to Hangzhou as well 00:03:09:l don't know the place,|could you be our guide? 00:03:11:Sure, of course 00:03:12:Wait finish my affairs, 00:03:13:l'll show you around town 00:03:15:Good, 00:03:16:come and have a cup of tea now 00:03:18:Good, thanks 00:03:39:You've got what you want now 00:04:34:Don't kill him! 00:04:44:Stop! 00:04:53:Stay put! 00:04:59:Don't move! 00:05:02:Miss, are you alright? 00:05:03:l'm fine, you're kung fu expert 00:05:06:You're flattering me, Miss 00:05:08:Now robbers have gone,|who will play with me? 00:05:10:What do you want to play? 00:05:11:Fighting! 00:05:12:Miss... Who is that lady? 00:05:13:My sister, Piyue 00:05:15:What? 00:05:15:Your sister is barbarian, 00:05:16:you're not a good brother either, look! 00:05:20:Okay, l will teach you a lesson|if you come again 00:05:21:Why must you get involved? 00:05:28:Miss, don't be too much! 00:05:29:l like that! 00:05:30:Teach her a lesson, plank her asses! 00:05:36:He bullies me! 00:05:38:You deserve this,|l think you should be punished 00:05:40:You're unreasonable,|apologise to Mi-chi now 00:05:43:l won't apologise! 00:05:45:You conspire with outsiders to|bully your sister, what brother are you? 00:05:54:Brother Chin,|thanks for giving us a lift 00:05:57:Come to play at my home|when we arrive Hangzhou, okay? 00:05:59:You must come, it's a deal 00:06:01:Miss Piyue, goodbye 00:06:04:l must show you around town 00:06:06:when we arrive Hangzhou 00:06:08:lt's a deal 00:06:14:Piyue, dare you play at his home? 00:06:16:Why not? 00:06:19:He will beat you 00:06:20:l wonder who will be suffering then 00:06:24:Brother, we must have those robbers... 00:06:28:No, if we alert officers here, 00:06:30:Royal Father will learn,|and we can't play on 00:06:32:Right...l forget that Look... 00:06:37:Proprietor, we've tried our best 00:06:40:You're rubbish! You failed to do|what l asked you to! 00:06:42:We didn't know Mi-chi and Mi-an|interfered with 00:06:45:We could not fight... 00:06:46:with the 4 of them 00:06:48:l won't spare Mi-chi, 00:06:50:he spoilt my plot! 00:06:53:Mi-chi has been travelling for 3 years 00:06:55:He must have made progress|in martial art 00:07:00:Proprietor, you must be careful 00:07:05:A man as simple-minded as he... 00:07:07:can't be up to anything at all 00:07:16:Mi-an, how's the funeral going? 00:07:18:Mister, don't worry 00:07:20:With Uncle Kang here, you needn't worry 00:07:22:He can handle even 3 funerals|at the same time 00:07:23:Bullshit! 00:07:24:Master! Excuse me 00:07:25:Master! Uncle Kang! 00:07:28:lt's bad... 00:07:29:Uncle Kang, what's on? 00:07:30:The dead jumped out from the coffin... 00:07:32:to order you about? bullshit? 00:07:36:Master, you must control him 00:07:37:l'll slap myself! 00:07:39:Uncle Kang, what is it? 00:07:41:Master, many guys come for the funeral 00:07:45:No problem, the more the better 00:07:46:Old caretaker worked for us for ages,|he had no sons or daughters 00:07:49:Those guys will surely cheer him 00:07:53:Old caretaker is dead,|you still cheer everybody? 00:07:58:No...l mean... 00:07:59:it's good if the funeral gets grand 00:08:02:You mean you want to make|the funeral hectic 00:08:06:l see... 00:08:08:Go ahead 00:08:09:Master, listen to me... 00:08:11:Now that old caretaker is dead... 00:08:12:you must take good care... 00:08:15:of your huge property 00:08:18:You must care about it... 00:08:23:Uncle Kang, let's talk about that later 00:08:26:Okay, yes...but first listen to me... 00:08:30:you have such huge property... 00:08:31:Uncle Kang,|someone wants to see you outside... 00:08:36:Uncle Kang... 00:08:37:Someone wants Uncle Kang? 00:08:38:Yes, someone wants to see you,|it's Sister Ho 00:08:40:Uncle Kang, someone wants you, it's true 00:08:41:Uncle Kang... 00:08:42:Go at once, it's true 00:08:44:Coming! 00:08:46:Master, you must remember my words... 00:08:47:Go at once... 00:08:47:You must remember... 00:08:52:lt's troublesome 00:08:54:We can't play anymore 00:08:54:Master, you've played for a long time 00:08:57:You should start work now 00:08:59:l only like martial art, 00:09:00:l know nothing about business 00:09:02:How can you fight all the time? 00:09:04:This is not fighting,|this is an exercise 00:09:07:Pretext! 00:09:08:Chen, Cheng, how are you? 00:09:11:Master Mi, we've been buddies 00:09:13:But you've been away for 3 years... 00:09:14:We rush here as people say you're back 00:09:17:We're buddies, stop the politeness 00:09:19:We come to see... 00:09:20:if there's anything we can help 00:09:21:Yes, 00:09:22:we have too many people|but not enough money 00:09:24:Do you have any? 00:09:24:Don't bullshit,|we Mi family has lot of money 00:09:28:Old caretaker was in good luck 00:09:30:He died on a very lucky lunar date 00:09:33:He was luckier than most people 00:09:36:Chen, you mentioned his death happily... 00:09:38:do you want your family to die too? 00:09:40:Don't be so rude! 00:09:40:Master Mi, 00:09:42:l was sad when l heard the news 00:09:44:Old caretaker looked after you so long 00:09:47:and was kind to us all 00:09:49:lt is as if my family member had died 00:09:52:Pretend that you were his son and|perform his funeral? might perform his funeral 00:09:57:l... 00:10:02:l was only joking 00:10:03:Master Mi... 00:10:04:Stop kidding 00:10:05:No joke 00:10:07:Let's stop the talking, 00:10:08:and pay our lost respect|to old caretaker 00:10:10:Sure... Come on 00:10:12:Let's go this way 00:10:41:Master, you mustn't run about|outside all day 00:10:44:These are ledgers of Mi family 00:10:49:You must do them up well 00:10:52:Uncle Kang, how can l handle them? 00:10:54:You do them for me 00:10:56:Master, how can l do them for you? 00:10:59:l have to cook 3 meals, 00:11:01:clean up... 00:11:02:and to serve your guests 00:11:04:l still have to check the servants... 00:11:06:l...l don't know accounting at all 00:11:08:How can l manage them? 00:11:11:Uncle Kang, l haven't learnt|accounting either 00:11:14:Master, you've been away for so long 00:11:16:How come you haven't learnt it? 00:11:19:Mi-an... 00:11:21:Look at yourself... 00:11:24:What have you done with Master|these 3 years? 00:11:28:Uncle Kang, he's Master,|l can't control him 00:11:30:You speak back? 00:11:31:Let's do while learning 00:11:35:No way... 00:11:35:Forget it...don't talk any more 00:11:40:You go and find me an accountant 00:11:43:lt's a deal... 00:11:46:My Master... 00:11:47:We Mi family has such huge property... 00:11:50:how can we find just anyone to manage? 00:11:53:lf so... 00:11:57:Master... 00:11:59:A Chin brother and sister|looks for Master 00:12:02:Ask them in at once!|Stay away from this... 00:12:06:Go and tell that guy... 00:12:08:Tell him Master has gone on a trip... 00:12:12:No... 00:12:13:Uncle Kang, he's my guest,|he's my friend 00:12:16:Master, l know he's your friend... 00:12:16:So rude! 00:12:18:Run...we're going now 00:12:22:Just try it myself... 00:12:25:Hello, this way please... 00:12:28:Get refreshment now, go 00:12:29:Yes! 00:12:32:Brother Chin, where've you been|these few days? 00:12:35:l don't know Hangzhou well, 00:12:36:l haven't been to anywhere special 00:12:38:Okay, let me show you around|when l have time 00:12:39:That's perfect 00:12:41:Where are you staying now? 00:12:42:At an inn 00:12:43:How come? 00:12:44:Move and stay here 00:12:46:lt's bad to bother you|lt's nothing serious... 00:12:51:Piyue 00:12:52:Do you like Hangzhou? 00:12:54:Yes, l do 00:12:56:But brother doesn't take me anywhere 00:12:58:West Lake and 00:12:59:Lufeng Pagoda, are tourist spots, 00:13:01:l can show you there 00:13:03:Perfect! 00:13:04:l can also take you... 00:13:05:to visit bazaar 00:13:07:Right, is there kung fu house|in Hangzhou? 00:13:10:Sure, there are lots of them 00:13:13:l like martial art indeed, 00:13:15:l want to practise with you|if you have time 00:13:18:You mean it? lt's a deal! 00:13:22:From your performance|on the boat that day, 00:13:25:you can learn martial art well 00:13:25:Can l? 00:13:26:l want to know|what level have you learnt? 00:13:28:l'm not good at real fighting 00:13:30:Brother Mi, you must teach me|if you have time 00:13:32:Fists ask for force 00:13:35:Force? How to practise? 00:13:38:You're a girl, 00:13:40:you can't practise fist styles|from Northern China 00:13:41:Fanman, do you feel bored? 00:13:44:Of course,|they keep chatting and chatting 00:13:47:Let me take you out for a walk 00:13:49:Sure Come on 00:13:51:You might practise Ahwei Sword,|it's feminine 00:13:56:l have a friend|who practises Ahwei Sword 00:13:57:Can you...take me to visit your friend? 00:14:00:Sure, maybe another day 00:14:01:l want to practise more 00:14:02:Why so eager? 00:14:04:l can beat you if l succeed 00:14:05:l won't take you there then 00:14:07:lf you don't take me there,|l'll beat you now 00:14:09:No way, you are not up to me 00:14:23:That boat is very nice 00:14:24:Right, if you like, l'll give it to you 00:14:27:Miss Chin, Master will give himself|to you sooner or later 00:14:32:What do l need him for? 00:14:34:Tie him by bed as a toy 00:14:35:Shut up! 00:14:36:Shut up! 00:14:37:Look, you both talk alike 00:14:39:But you will soon quarrel 00:14:40:Why? 00:14:42:You must first quarrel|then become husband and wife 00:14:44:You... You're looking for trouble? 00:14:48:Never mind him, let's go ahead 00:14:49:He's too much! 00:14:52:They both act alike as well 00:14:56:Here comes the fish! 00:15:01:Eat more 00:15:02:l don't want to eat 00:15:03:Why? 00:15:04:l never expected Hangzhou is|such a nice place 00:15:08:lt's good if we don't have to go home 00:15:11:l have an idea 00:15:13:What is it? 00:15:14:You might marry our Master 00:15:17:You go away! Go! 00:15:19:Go away... Don't... 00:15:22:Go away with your debts and misfortune! 00:15:25:Go away! Beat it! 00:15:27:Mistress, but l... Go away! 00:15:28:But l am so ill now 00:15:30:l never ask you to be ill 00:15:32:Take your illness away with you, go! 00:15:36:Even an injured dog should receive mercy 00:15:39:l am indeed a poor dog, 00:15:40:it is exactly as you 00:15:44:After eating the food l gave it... 00:15:46:it turned to me and bit me! 00:15:48:Mistress, l... 00:15:49:Mistress, l beg you... 00:15:56:lf you touch me again, 00:15:57:l'll show you what a heroine is 00:16:01:You... Go away, at once! 00:16:04:This is too much! 00:16:06:You're not human being! 00:16:09:Master, she's starting a fight again 00:16:12:You stay out of this! 00:16:13:l must interfere with this! 00:16:23:Stop that! 00:16:24:Hey, Master Mi 00:16:26:Mistress, just take it easy 00:16:28:You beat him so hard 00:16:29:Are you alright? 00:16:30:You are too much 00:16:31:lt's nothing much indeed 00:16:32:l just pushed lightly,|and you acted the same... 00:16:37:lt's good if my dead husband was|so kind-hearted as you 00:16:39:Mistress, you pushed him lightly|and he's bleeding already 00:16:42:So if you push him hard,|he'll die instantly? 00:16:45:You mustn't say so! 00:16:45:Let me revenge for you! 00:16:47:Master Mi, look at this, 00:16:50:these scoundrels are like flies, 00:16:52:they paster in my inn and never leave, 00:16:55:they owe me rent and even borrow from me 00:16:58:How can l take up such tortures? 00:17:00:You mean it 00:17:02:Master, 00:17:03:don't be taken in by her lies 00:17:05:Mi-an! 00:17:07:Sir, l am a scholar too 00:17:10:Something occurred in my home|so l was forced to stay here 00:17:14:l beg you to help me, please 00:17:17:Don't worry, Master will help you out 00:17:19:Hey man, you never pay|for your room and food here, 00:17:22:you have very good excuses 00:17:24:Master Mi,|just because of these scoundrels... 00:17:28:that l suffer much loss 00:17:31:l say you're the scoundrel! 00:17:34:lt's hard for a woman to run an inn 00:17:37:When do you see the hardship|she confronts? 00:17:38:Forget it! 00:17:39:Master Mi, you're most understanding 00:17:41:Mi-an, 00:17:42:go get 100 taels and|give them to this Mistress 00:17:44:l'll pay for the 10 taels|this master owes her 00:17:47:But remember, 00:17:48:you must help those poor scholars|in future 00:17:50:Ever a hero will have|a hard time one day 00:17:51:Master Mi, you're correct... 00:17:54:to invest your money with me 00:17:57:Mi-an, help this master home, 00:17:59:and find a doctor for him 00:18:01:Thanks, Master 00:18:05:Master, l hope when one day|you're in bad luck... 00:18:07:someone will help you like this 00:18:10:Let's go 00:18:11:l'll take it... l can handle 00:18:13:lf this tigress lives in the Capital... 00:18:15:l must send her to jail 00:18:17:l must lock her in jail for ages 00:18:20:Don't act rashly 00:18:22:lf you reveal our identity,|we must go home at once 00:18:26:You want to go, but l don't 00:18:28:l don't want to go home either 00:18:34:Okay, l'll be more careful in future 00:18:40:l say Brother Mi is very kind-hearted, 00:18:44:he's a real hero 00:18:48:Mi-chi is very good, 00:18:50:but he must know well|the person he is helping 00:18:52:There should be a limit of generosity 00:19:05:Master Wu is much better now 00:19:11:Thanks for Master Mi and Miss|for helping me 00:19:15:l am so grateful to you 00:19:17:lt's a trivial... 00:19:18:We practice martial art,|we must help those poor people 00:19:22:We should help you 00:19:23:Master Wu, since you're recovered, 00:19:26:you should pack things and leave 00:19:27:You keep occupying my room,|so l have nowhere to sleep 00:19:28:Shut up! 00:19:30:Don't blame him, Master Wu,|he's just like a kid 00:19:33:l won't 00:19:34:Master Mi, l admire you,|you're a real kind person 00:19:38:That's why l say|this treasure finds its owner 00:19:46:What is it? 00:19:47:During Han Dynasty,|people fought hard for the world... 00:19:49:There were battles everywhere|in all those years 00:19:51:And this jade witnessed|all those historical events 00:19:54:People say this jade can cast evils away 00:19:57:lt can also cure diseases and|has de-toxic effect 00:20:00:But its owner must be... 00:20:03:a real righteous hero... 00:20:04:in order to make it efficacious 00:20:08:lt sounds magic 00:20:09:Of course 00:20:11:lt looks very valuable, right? 00:20:14:lt is that piece of jade... 00:20:15:Han's Emperor Liu Pang gave to Hang Yu 00:20:19:Who is Liu Pang? 00:20:21:A fairy 00:20:23:Master Mi, 00:20:24:l paid 3000 taels for this piece of jade 00:20:28:Even His Majesty... 00:20:29:will want to possess this valuable jade 00:20:36:Master Chen, 00:20:37:l say you want to possess our Master 00:20:41:Master Mi, this jade... my present to you can l accept|such valuable thing? 00:20:46:lt's my present to you 00:20:47:Master Mi, don't refuse 00:20:49:Master Chin, what do you think? 00:20:51:l'm ignorant, 00:20:53:l've never seen such precious thing 00:20:55:Then...l will take it 00:20:57:Mi-an, get 5000 tales for Master Chen 00:21:00:No, it's my present to you, 00:21:02:how can l take your money? 00:21:03:You must take it 00:21:04:Take it, you long for it already 00:21:08:Chen, take it 00:21:09:Okay, l'll take it 00:21:11:l still have a precious horse 00:21:12:Master Mi, come and take a look outside 00:21:13:Right... Come 00:21:15:lt's this horse 00:21:17:This horse is very nice 00:21:19:Master Mi, this is a royal horse 00:21:21:lt's hard to get it from Palace 00:21:23:Master Mi, 00:21:24:let me give|this royal horse to you as present 00:21:27:No way... 00:21:28:How can l take this good horse from you? 00:21:30:Take it 00:21:32:What a good horse! Very pretty! 00:21:37:Master Mi, go take a ride 00:21:38:lt can run very fast,|and long distance too 00:21:41:Mi-an, 00:21:42:go get 5000 taels and|send it to Sisa Chateau 00:21:46:Master Mi, you're too generous 00:21:47:You get lots of money again 00:21:49:Someone come! Take this royal horse|to Master Mi's stable 00:21:52:Yes! 00:21:53:Do you know this royal horse? 00:21:56:How come l know a horse|from Royal Palace? 00:21:59:As long as Master Mi knows it is enough 00:22:03:This Mi-chi is a naughty boy 00:22:06:He doesn't take us along|when he goes for a ride 00:22:10:We'll leave if you don't like, okay? 00:22:13:No need 00:22:15:lt's a good place here... 00:22:16:The food here is good as well 00:22:19:l don't want to leave here 00:22:23:You don't want to leave here or Mi-chi? 00:22:26:l can't help if you like that 00:22:28:Look 00:22:30:Mi's family collection is... 00:22:32:as good as in the Palace 00:22:34:Hey 00:22:37:Miss Piyue, 00:22:39:why aren't you riding with Master Mi? 00:22:46:Master Mi is a careless person 00:22:49:He doesn't know|how to take care of others 00:22:51:He needs to be taken care of 00:22:54:Does he, brother? 00:23:00:l hear Master Chin is from the Capital 00:23:02:l wonder what you're doing? 00:23:05:l'm only doing small business|in the Capital 00:23:08:l hear Master Wu is also|from the Capital 00:23:13:l used to be accountant in Yungpao Shop 00:23:17:Others say Hangzhou is a good place, 00:23:21:so l come and take a look here 00:23:23:l never expected|l'd run into poverty here 00:23:28:l say Master Chin|you're a very special person 00:23:34:What special person? 00:23:36:Let me tell you frankly 00:23:38:l suffer loss in business and|even run up with debts 00:23:41:l nearly got arrested 00:23:42:So l am on the flee to Hangzhou 00:23:46:You take it seriously?|l was only joking with you 00:24:05:Master Wu 00:24:08:Master Mi 00:24:09:This... 00:24:12:Just then Uncle Kang was|doing the ledgers 00:24:14:He felt faint so l sent him for a rest 00:24:16:And l'm helping him|to close up the ledgers 00:24:18:l'll finish it soon 00:24:20:You can do accounting? 00:24:22:Yes, l used to be accountant|in the Capital 00:24:25:Were you? 00:24:26:l'm not a competent accountant at all 00:24:29:Perfect, 00:24:30:l'm looking for an accountant right now 00:24:32:Help me, 00:24:33:l'll let you handle all my ledgers 00:24:35:Master, l fear l am not up to it 00:24:37:lt's can do it well 00:24:40:Don't turn me down,|l'll hand all the ledgers to you 00:24:43:l get headache|whenever l see these ledgers 00:24:46:Master, l fear... 00:24:47:Don't panic...l'll let you handle|all the ledgers in future 00:24:50:Help me check the entries 00:24:53:Okay, it's a deal, l'll leave now 00:24:55:Thank you 00:24:56:What good luck! 00:24:58:Mind your steps, Master 00:25:16:Congratulations on becoming caretaker,|Master Wu 00:25:19:Thanks 00:25:22:l need help from you two in future 00:25:24:You're welcome 00:25:30:Proprietor, today's Treasure Meeting|is a success 00:25:33:Right 00:25:36:We must be generous to Master Mi 00:25:39:Only Master Mi is generous, 00:25:43:while you two get the reward 00:25:48:What do you mean by this? 00:25:53:Treasures from you two|really make me excited 00:25:57:Of course 00:26:01:Proprietor Cheng,|you mustn't be too happy 00:26:03:Your so-called royal horse... 00:26:06:is not much better than a donkey 00:26:10:Why didn't you crack my plot just then? 00:26:16:Though l'm timid, l am an ambitious man 00:26:26:l see, you must have your plot|by entering Mi's family? 00:26:34:l say you're biased against we two! 00:26:37:Of course not, though l am ambitious... 00:26:42:l dare not do wrong to you,|Officer Chen 00:26:46:l dare not do wrong to you either,|Proprietor of Sisa Chateau 00:26:52:l like obedient pets 00:26:54:Wu Yan, just keep on like this 00:26:56:l'll feed you up when l feed my horses 00:27:03:Cheng, don't speak that to me 00:27:07:l never fear a barking dog 00:27:09:On the contrary, l'll bite it|before it bites me 00:27:14:How dare you talk to me like that? 00:27:16:Cheng... 00:27:17:There are only greedy people|in this house 00:27:20:So don't pretend|you're an honourable person 00:27:22:Master Wu, you count me in as well? 00:27:27:Of course 00:27:30:But the most greediest guy is me 00:27:35:l'm ungrateful, l'm sly 00:27:39:l never help others,|l never harm the innocent 00:27:47:And the you, Cheng 00:27:49:And you, you're wicked 00:27:54:You ask for nothing but money 00:28:00:Gook, straight to the point 00:28:03:Good... 00:28:07:Being a sly guy who speaks frankly... 00:28:10:is much better than... 00:28:14:being a righteous person 00:28:15:Proprietor, do you agree? 00:28:16:Wu Yan, l'm beginning to like you 00:28:38:We've been here for a long time 00:28:39:So we must go back|to the Capital tomorrow 00:28:42:l...l don't want to go,|it's boring at the Palace 00:28:45:lt's different here,|as Master Mi accompanies me 00:28:50:Don't you fear he beats you? 00:28:52:l like him as he dare beat me 00:28:56:Aren't you shy? 00:28:58:You always complain to Royal Father... 00:28:59:whenever l scold you... 00:29:00:This is so unfair 00:29:04:You're a Princess, 00:29:06:you must marry an lmperial Highness 00:29:09:l said l will never marry|an lmperial Highness 00:29:12:Okay, you said so,|you mustn't regret that 00:29:16:l will never regret that 00:29:18:l swear 00:29:20:We have to leave now 00:29:22:Do take care, Brother Chin 00:29:23:You must take care too 00:29:24:This fan is my beloved belonging,|l give this to you 00:29:28:l've written some words on it 00:29:30:When you arrive at the Capital,|you can find me by holding it 00:29:32:Hangzhou 12? What does that mean? 00:29:36:You will know when that moment comes,|don't ever lose it 00:29:39:Sure 00:29:40:Put it away properly 00:29:41:Sure, thanks, Brother 00:29:42:Take care 00:29:43:Take care 00:29:49:Piyue 00:30:00:You must come 00:30:03:You must come in one year 00:30:07:l'll be waiting for you 00:30:19:Goodbye 00:30:21:Fanman, don't forget what you have said 00:30:23:You must show me around|when l arrive the Capital 00:30:25:Sure, goodbye... 00:30:33:Master Mi... 00:30:34:l've been looking for you 00:30:35:Master Cheng, come...sit down 00:30:38:Get me some tea, and snacks too 00:30:42:Coming! Come on, please... 00:30:46:What do you want me for, Cheng? 00:30:47:Master Mi, l have a transaction, 00:30:50:which will bring me much profit 00:30:52:But all my money is|invested on elsewhere 00:30:55:l hope you can help me out 00:30:57:We're buddies, l'll help you 00:31:00:How much do you need? 00:31:01:300,000 taels 00:31:03:Only 300,000 taels? 00:31:05:l'll send it to Sisa Chateau tomorrow 00:31:08:Let me write you a promissory note 00:31:09:No... 00:31:10:No need, with our friendship 00:31:12:l must thank you then, Master Mi 00:31:17:Master Cheng, have some tea 00:31:17:Please 00:31:52:Shoot the arrows! 00:32:23:Yang, what's up recently? 00:32:25:ln Suzhou 00:32:26:Master Chen, l've been looking for you 00:32:30:Master Mi, your shop has been robbed 00:32:32:ls there any news?|Have the robbers been arrested? 00:32:34:Master Mi, we'are buddies 00:32:36:l must help you this time 00:32:38:How is situation? 00:32:38:l've arrested some guys,|l'm questioning them now 00:32:41:l'll inform you once there's news 00:32:43:lt's too good, thank you 00:32:46:Pay your debts,|or l'll report to the Officer! 00:32:53:l have to leave now 00:32:55:l can't look afer you any more,|take care yourself 00:32:59:Uncle Kang, don't you worry... 00:33:00:Mi-an, come here... 00:33:05:l'll hand Master to you 00:33:08:You must take good care of the Master 00:33:13:Remember this 00:33:17:l will remember, don't worry, Uncle Kang 00:33:28:Master, l got to go now 00:33:39:He's annoying 00:33:42:All aged men are like this 00:33:50:Master, let's pick Uncle Kang back... 00:33:51:once the incident is over 00:33:53:lt's not that easy 00:33:56:You mean it 00:33:58:Look, nothing is left 00:34:02:Master Mi 00:34:06:How is it, Master Wu? 00:34:07:All the debts have been paid off 00:34:09:Great! 00:34:11:Do we have money to pay the debts? 00:34:12:l have sold the house 00:34:13:You have sold the house? 00:34:15:You sold the house?|lt's property of Mi's family! 00:34:17:Right, how can you sell|property of my family? 00:34:19:Yes, l know,|it's property of your family 00:34:22:But the debtors reported to Officer 00:34:24:l don't want to see you|to be sent to jail had to be sold, 00:34:29:how much did you sell it for? 00:34:31:30,000 taels 00:34:33:And after paying off the debts... 00:34:36:Only 20 taels left 00:34:39:20 taels? 00:34:41:Why didn't you discuss with us first? 00:34:47:Do we owe others so much? Let me check 00:34:54:Look, have we paid off all the debts? 00:34:55:Yes, it's all paid off 00:34:57:lt's good to have paid off all debts 00:34:59:lt's better to owe others money 00:35:01:Master, the new owner of the house|will come soon 00:35:05:Go pack things now 00:35:07:l have bothered you for a long time 00:35:10:l have to leave now 00:35:13:Master Wu... 00:35:17:You're all alone, this 20 taels... 00:35:24:Master... 00:35:25:Please take it 00:35:26:l mustn't take it 00:35:26:Give it to me instead of him... 00:35:27:Shut up! 00:35:28:He's a stranger here, he's poor 00:35:30:Pick it up... 00:35:32:Keep it, for your life 00:35:34:Master, how...can l thank you? 00:35:38:l must leave now 00:35:39:Take care 00:35:46:We're running into difficulties, 00:35:48:and you still gave him the money? 00:35:58:Why don't you greet me, the King? 00:36:01:Your Majesty 00:36:04:What are you thinking about? 00:36:07:l am wondering about Brother Mi 00:36:11:You're biased! 00:36:12:You never miss me|when l leave the Palace 00:36:15:You have so many wives and concubines,|l needn't miss you 00:36:19:You never care about me 00:36:27:Master Cheng,|you have sold the goods already? 00:36:29:Yes, l have 00:36:31:Okay, 00:36:32:we have money to buy back the house now 00:36:35:Master Cheng, please pay back... 00:36:36:What do you want me to pay back? 00:36:38:Master Cheng, you did borrow|money from me, you forget? 00:36:42:Master Mi... 00:36:44:You mustn't joke with me 00:36:45:We Sisa Chateau is doing big business 00:36:49:We never borrowed... 00:36:52:any money from you! 00:36:53:He wants to deny 00:36:54:Be furious to him! 00:36:55:l borrowed your money?|ls there a promissory note? 00:36:58:lf you have, l'll pay you back double 00:37:00:l trust you so l didn't|ask you for a note 00:37:02:Shit, even brothers must be|clear in money affairs 00:37:06:Well, you and l are|just ordinary friends 00:37:08:No one would trust you|if you haven't got a promissory note 00:37:13:Cheng Fa, are you serious|or are you kidding? 00:37:16:l never joke with a nuts 00:37:18:Cheng! 00:37:19:l know you deny the debts,|let me teach you a lesson! 00:37:22:Shut up! 00:37:23:Who are you to speak here? 00:37:25:Let me do it! 00:37:28:Don't be lenient! 00:37:29:You always pride yourself|on your martial art, 00:37:31:l must see it today 00:38:49:Why didn't you kill him? 00:38:54:The hair sticks on me 00:38:55:You're hungry after the fight,|let's go eat something 00:38:57:You should settle up your rent today 00:39:02:Pay her the rent now 00:39:04:Mistress, where's the 100 taels|we gave you? 00:39:07:That 100 taels, this... 00:39:09:lt's settled up for the poor scholars,|no more left 00:39:13:l'm so sorry 00:39:15:You have finished? l'll clean it now 00:39:21:You'd better go away 00:39:21:l'm sorry... 00:39:25:Sorry to bother you 00:39:28:Mi-an, let's go to Uncle and see|if he can help 00:39:33:Uncle, our Old Master|did help you before 00:39:35:Uncle, for the sake of Master...|No... 00:39:37:You go away... Say no more! 00:39:40:Go elsewhere if you want to|borrow money, go away... 00:39:42:Do you have any conscience? 00:39:44:l want to borrow from you|but you treat me this way? 00:39:45:Remember how well my father|treated you in those days? 00:39:46:l must buy all your shops in future shit! 00:39:52:lt's Mi's House 00:39:54:We haven't seen Wu for a long time, 00:39:56:so we want to see him 00:39:59:Wrong... 00:40:00:lt's not Mi's House, it's Wu's House 00:40:04:Right... 00:40:06:lt's hard to predict 00:40:12:l wonder who become rich tomorrow 00:40:15:Master Cheng, if you want to do|the same tricks in Wu's House... 00:40:20:you can never achieve that 00:40:22:Though we're sly, 00:40:24:we're never as dirty as you, Master Wu 00:40:31:Master Cheng, you're flattering me,|we're the same kind of people 00:40:37:Master Cheng, where's your pigtail?|You cut it off? 00:40:43:Why, you want to be a monk? 00:40:46:Don't hurry, l have a present for you 00:40:57:You deserve making a fortune 00:41:01:lf we co-operate, 00:41:03:Hangzhou will belong to us 00:41:13:Look, no one lays an eye on you anymore|Forget it... 00:41:14:Even they have money,|they never pay you back 00:41:15:Say no more 00:41:16:You used to be too generous... 00:41:22:Wu's House? 00:41:24:How come it is Wu's House? 00:41:26:Except for Mi's family, there's|no other rich family in Hangzhou 00:41:29:Who's the Wu family that bought my house 00:41:31:Let's find some food 00:41:34:l really don't want to scold you... 00:41:36:Say no more 00:41:36:Clean the place all over 00:41:38:Wu Yan? 00:41:39:Go away if you don't want to work! 00:41:41:Wu Yan, so it's you who bought my house? 00:41:44:You... 00:41:47:Why? lf turn away the money 00:41:50:l'll be punished by Heaven 00:41:52:You ungrateful, it's you|who stirred up all trouble! 00:41:56:Master Mi, as you never stir up trouble,|you become a poor guy now 00:42:00:Wu Yan, you are too much! 00:42:01:Our Master saved your life... 00:42:02:and gave you the 20 taels left|after selling the house 00:42:05:And now you treat him this way? 00:42:08:lf an honest guy must become poor... 00:42:12:while a wicked man becomes rich 00:42:16:l'd rather become a wicked man 00:42:18:l now understand 00:42:20:lt's you who made me lose my properties 00:42:22:You sly! 00:42:25:You lousy servant 00:42:27:l'll beat you up if you speak on again! 00:42:30:l tell you, 00:42:31:l bought this house with real money 00:42:34:What can you do to me? 00:42:35:Report to Officer if you can 00:42:39:Mi-an... 00:42:42:Let's go! 00:42:46:Why did you stop me? 00:42:46:Why didn't you let me beat him? 00:42:48:Beat him? 00:42:49:How can we beat him|with the way we are now? 00:42:51:We're only hungry, remember we have|always fought with others 00:42:53:We can fight even when we are hungry 00:42:55:l fear you will be killed|as you are hungry, 00:42:56:it's too bad then 00:43:01:What is it? 00:43:06:Buy some red potatoes 00:43:08:What is this? 00:43:08:Grilled red potatoes 00:43:09:How come l have never eaten this before? 00:43:11:Master, your leftover was|even better than this, 00:43:13:how come you ate it? 00:43:15:How much is a catty? 00:43:16:5 cents 00:43:18:Okay, l'll buy them all 00:43:19:Wait... 00:43:20:What is it? You have money? 00:43:22:No No? 00:43:25:You have money? 00:43:26:l don't have 00:43:27:You have a little l don't 00:43:29:You have a little 00:43:30:l really...have a little... 00:43:32:2 cents 00:43:34:Let me handle 00:43:35:l now have 2 cents 00:43:37:He's Master Mi, you know him? 00:43:41:Let's buy one first 00:43:42:lf it's delicious, we'll buy them all 00:43:44:Haven't Mi's family gone bankrupt? 00:43:45:What? Don't bullshit! 00:43:47:Don't bullshit! 00:43:48:Don't bullshit 00:43:49:We only sold the house and moved away 00:43:51:A bigger one, we want to try one first 00:43:53:Here 2 cents for you 00:43:54:Wait, put it down... 00:43:57:This better 00:44:00:l paid you 2 cents already 00:44:01:2 cents is enough to buy lots of things! 00:44:02:Don't choose about|lsn't this too small? 00:44:06:Okay...take this 00:44:10:Go... 00:44:13:Sweet and tasty red potatoes 00:44:15:Very sweet... 00:44:35:Red potatoes! 00:44:55:We can't really fight when we are hungry 00:44:57:We can't fight 00:44:59:l must kill you as|you cut off my pigtail, 00:45:01:beat them 00:45:11:You alone? 00:45:12:ls there any problem? No problem 00:45:13:Go! 00:45:27:Master, get a pole as weapon! 00:45:28:Give me! 00:45:40:Chase them! 00:45:44:Master... 00:45:46:Master, l've bought red potatoes,|eat it now 00:45:48:l have no appetite 00:45:52:What's on? 00:45:52:Nothing 00:45:54:You're ill? 00:45:54:Don't bother me, l won't eat! 00:45:57:Master, you'll have no strength|if you don't eat 00:45:59:Come on, you eat the big one|while l eat the small one 00:46:01:l won't eat, don't bother me 00:46:03:Master, don't be peevish 00:46:06:We mustn't spend our money so fast 00:46:07:We need it as expenses|to go to the Capital 00:46:09:l won't eat Come on, eat it 00:46:10:l said won't eat, didn't you hear? 00:46:23:Why not eat it? 00:46:29:You still think 00:46:32:you can eat whatever you like now? 00:46:40:But you just scold at me! 00:46:53:Come on, eat it 00:46:55:Come on, it's getting cold now 00:46:57:Don't be peevish 00:46:59:You must be hungry 00:47:06:You're just like a spoilt kid, come on 00:47:08:Let's go to the Capital 00:47:57:Master, get up... 00:48:03:lt's dawn 00:48:10:Master, you must be starving? 00:48:14:l have some food here 00:48:19:Eat it 00:48:20:l won't 00:48:22:Eat a bit, Master 00:48:24:Eat it then we'll set out|for the Capital 00:48:45:Where did you get this? What is this? 00:48:47:How can l eat this stuff? 00:48:50:Look...what kind of house is this? 00:48:52:What house is this? lt's a broken house! 00:48:55:You want me to sleep on hay;|there're bugs biting me 00:48:59:lt's cold and with no food! 00:49:03:You're useless! 00:49:04:You're rubbish, l was so good to you! 00:49:10:Why...are you losing temper to me? 00:49:14:Did l bring all this misfortune to you? 00:49:18:Why don't think for yourself? 00:49:20:Others brought you a horse and|you paid them 5000 taels 00:49:23:They brought you a jade and|you paid them another 5000 taels 00:49:26:Did l spend up all your money? 00:49:28:All those who cheated your money|have left you 00:49:30:Now only me is by your side|taking care of you 00:49:31:Why are you losing temper to me?|Did l do anything wrong? 00:49:34:What did you say? 00:49:37:How dare you say that to me? 00:49:38:Who do you think you are? 00:49:39:You're only a servant! 00:49:41:You think you're a Master? 00:49:44:Go away! 00:49:45:l didn't ask you to accompany you, 00:49:47:you made that decision yourself 00:49:48:Go away, leave me if you want! 00:50:10:You keep losing temper to me,|and now cast me away? 00:50:15:Who takes care of you if l go away? 00:52:13:Very hot... 00:52:18:Mi-an, red potatoes are cooked,|very good 00:52:24:Mi-an, what's wrong with you? 00:52:32:You have a temperature? 00:52:35:Your hands are cold, what's on, Mi-an? 00:52:37:l've just...been bitten by a snake... 00:52:40:Bitten by a snake? Where? 00:52:42:On the leg 00:52:44:On the leg? 00:52:45:What shall we do? 00:52:48:What shall we do?|Mi-an, what shall we do? 00:53:00:Open the door... 00:53:02:Help! Open the door! Doctor... 00:53:06:What is it? 00:53:07:Doctor, my friend is in danger, 00:53:09:come and help him 00:53:10:lt's late He's over there, come on 00:53:11:Do you have money? Do you have? 00:53:14:l...l've no money... No money no way 00:53:15:Go away... Doctor... 00:53:20:You're inhuman! 00:53:22:You're a doctor, 00:53:23:if you don't heal patients,|why do you become doctor? 00:53:26:Help...Help... 00:53:44:Mi-an... 00:53:48:How do you feel? 00:53:50:Master... 00:53:52:l am useless...l can't take care of you,|Master 00:54:00:Master, you have never... 00:54:03:never treated a servant 00:54:13:lt's my happiest days in my life|to be with you 00:54:21:You were born a good man 00:54:25:But you must be a clever good man|in future 00:54:29:You mustn't let others cheat you anymore 00:54:32:Keep this red potato for yourself 00:54:37:l can't eat anything now... 00:54:49:Mi-an... 00:54:52:Mi-an! 00:54:59:You mustn't die... 00:55:31:Mi-an, l'm ignorant... 00:55:34:l'm too capricious,|l've harmed you now... 00:55:39:l'm so sorry to you... 00:55:42:Master, l haven't died yet 00:55:45:You're still alive! 00:55:47:Get up...get up now! 00:55:59:You scared me to death... 00:56:03:lt's good you haven't died... 00:56:04:You scared me to death... the door... the door, quick... 00:56:19:Open the door, doctor, open the door! 00:56:25:Why are you here again? 00:56:26:He's dying, doctor... 00:56:27:No money no talk 00:56:29:l beg, l beg you... 00:56:31:l kneel and kowtow to you, doctor! 00:56:33:Help him, save him, doctor! 00:56:35:Okay, come in 00:56:37:Thanks...thanks for rescuing him! 00:56:40:Mi-an...Mi-an, quick... 00:56:41:You can survive now... 00:56:42:You needn't die now 00:56:44:Come on, l'll help you inside 00:57:03:Mi-an, drink the medicine 00:57:07:Thank you, Master 00:57:30:How is it now? 00:57:32:Why is it so hot? 00:57:34:Hot medicine forces the snake poison out 00:57:38:You force my urine out too 00:57:40:Good if it's out,|the urine brings the poison out 00:57:42:Pretext! 00:57:44:Go make the soup now 00:57:44:Okay...l'll go... 00:57:50:You deserve this today 00:57:52:Quick! 00:57:58:Brother, there's no reason at all 00:58:01:A year has passed and Brother Mi|hasn't come yet 00:58:06:He may be on a trip with his friends 00:58:10:No, Brother Mi won't eat words 00:58:11:Trust me, he must be having|a good time now 00:58:14:l say he won't 00:58:17:Yes, we can 00:58:21:We can eat? Get me some! 00:58:24:Don't waste it 00:58:32:Master, is it cold? 00:58:35:Yes, a bit cold 00:58:40:lt's...Uncle Kang! 00:58:44:Uncle Kang... 00:58:46:Uncle Kang! 00:58:48:Master! 00:58:50:Get up at once! 00:58:52:How come you're here? 00:58:53:Uncle Kang, how are you? 00:58:55:Master, why have you become like this? 00:58:58:We... 00:59:00:Do you live nearby? 00:59:01:l live not far from here,|come to my place now 00:59:16:ls it delicious? 00:59:17:Yes, it is... 00:59:21:Master, don't eat so quickly 00:59:23:Eat it slowly 00:59:28:lt is really delicious! 00:59:29:Uncle Kang, this? 00:59:31:What is this? lt's very tasty 00:59:35:Master, you really don't know? 00:59:38:l don't know 00:59:40:lt's delicious,|l don't know what this is 00:59:43:lt's the food you left over 00:59:46:You're kidding, Uncle Kang 00:59:48:How come the leftover is so tasty? 00:59:50:Master, listen to me 00:59:54:ln those days,|whenever we ate dumpling... 01:00:00:you only ate the filling and|not the pastry, right? 01:00:03:You still remember? 01:00:07:l dried the pastry and took them home 01:00:12:What you're eating|is the pastry you left over 01:00:30:When Old master was alive... 01:00:36:our family was so big and influential 01:00:41:Now you've lost all the properties|within just a few years 01:00:51:Mi-an, you're to be blamed for that too 01:00:54:None of my business, Uncle Kang 01:00:56:Master only ate the filling|and not the pastry... 01:01:00:was indeed your idea,|you think l didn't know? 01:01:07:Eat it... 01:01:09:There're lots of, eat it slowly 01:01:26:Mi-an, take this money 01:01:28:Uncle Kang, no, 01:01:29:Master will scold me if he learns this 01:01:31:Speak softly...|don't let Master hear this 01:01:35:Mi-an, it's a long way to the Capital 01:01:42:You need money for expenses 01:01:45:But, Uncle Kang, this... Take it 01:01:48:Where are you going? 01:01:51:To the Capital 01:01:52:To the Capital?|Sitting for exams or meeting Officers? 01:01:54:lt's not easy to meet Officers 01:01:56:We're not meeting Officers 01:01:59:You're sitting for exams? 01:02:00:lf you become Officers, 01:02:02:you must understand our difficulties 01:02:05:No... 01:02:06:What no? 01:02:07:You're irresponsible this way 01:02:08:Whether you're Officer or not, 01:02:10:you must take up responsibility... yourself and others 01:02:16:Do you agree with me? 01:02:17:Let's talk about this|after we become Officers 01:02:28:Hey, anybody home? 01:02:32:Nobody here, Master 01:02:32:Let's take a look in front 01:02:38:ls there anyone in? 01:02:42:The door is not locked, is there anybody 01:02:47:How is it? Master, no one is here 01:02:55:Master, this place is not bad 01:02:56:Not bad, really not bad 01:03:00:Master, come...sit down 01:03:05:l'll see if there's any food 01:03:06:Find some food, l'm starving 01:03:16:Who is it? Come out! 01:03:22:No... 01:03:25:No, l have a baby 01:03:28:lt's a girl 01:03:30:Sorry Don't be afraid 01:03:32:Don't panic, we're not thieves 01:03:34:Because it is cold outside... 01:03:36:Yes, because it's so cold outside... 01:03:37:We come in to take shelter 01:03:38:We...take shelter, don't be afraid... 01:03:41:ls this your house? You live here? 01:03:44:No 01:03:46:l'm also taking shelther here|even it's not my place 01:03:51:We've only just arrived 01:03:52:We're looking for food 01:03:54:We're very hungry indeed 01:03:58:l have some congee, 01:04:00:take and eat it 01:04:02:How can we eat it? We mustn't eat it 01:04:04:Help yourselves 01:04:06:Thanks, let's help you 01:04:08:We'll help you clean the place 01:04:14:How come you're alone here? 01:04:18:Why? 01:04:20:A guy cheated me 01:04:22:My family cast me away because of this 01:04:25:You're poor 01:04:30:How come you're here? 01:04:32:l even took you as thieves 01:04:35:She said you're like a thief 01:04:37:We walked a long time outside... 01:04:39:Miss, how come there was no one|in the street? 01:04:43:l used to live in this village 01:04:47:Not long ago robbers arrived here 01:04:49:They robbed us and killed many people 01:04:51:All villagers fled for life 01:04:54:They now live in a neighbouring village 01:04:57:l see 01:04:58:So she used to live here 01:04:59:Miss, what are you...going to do? 01:05:05:l want to... 01:05:07:give birth the baby, then go home 01:05:12:This is the only thing you can do 01:05:13:Yes, this is the only thing to do 01:05:14:lf you need help, just call for us, 01:05:16:we can help you 01:05:17:Right, call for us 01:05:18:lt's done, the congee is ready 01:05:21:Come...and get the congee 01:05:23:Very good 01:05:25:Eat it 01:05:33:Miss... 01:05:36:What's on? Miss, are you alright? 01:05:38:Nothing, l just feel unwell 01:05:42:You need help? 01:05:44:l can handle, eat the congee... 01:05:51:What's happening to her? 01:05:53:She seems to have belly-ache 01:05:54:She ate something wrong? 01:05:55:She hasn't eaten anything, no way 01:05:56:She has...belly-ache? 01:05:59:ls the baby coming out? 01:06:03:Miss, what's happening? Miss... 01:06:04:The baby is coming out|She's giving birth! 01:06:06:Miss, you're delivering?|What shall we do? 01:06:09:Master, what shall we do? 01:06:10:She's delivering! What shall we do now? 01:06:11:You want a mid-wife? Boil water... 01:06:12:Mid-wife? Where to find a mid-wife? 01:06:13:No villagers here,|where to find a mid-wife? 01:06:15:Miss, tell us what to do, 01:06:17:what shall we do? 01:06:18:Go boil some water... 01:06:21:l'll ask Master to boil water 01:06:22:Go...boil some water... 01:06:26:Miss, what's next? 01:06:30:We've boiled water already 01:06:34:lt hurts... 01:06:36:What shall we do? Bear it... 01:06:41:Come on... 01:06:42:lt has come out! 01:07:01:Thank you. Masters 01:07:20:Miss, shall we give the baby a name? 01:07:23:Give her a name... 01:07:28:l have never received education 01:07:30:What if you give her a name? 01:07:33:We? Sure... 01:07:35:What name shall we give her? 01:07:37:What's her father's name? 01:07:39:Right, what's her father's name? 01:07:43:Her father dumps her... 01:07:49:lt's better if she takes your name 01:07:52:Take our name? Good, terrific... 01:07:55:Our name is Mi 01:07:57:We were eating rice when she was born, 01:08:00:let's called her Mi-fan (Rice) 01:08:01:Mi-fan... 01:08:02:Bullshit! 01:08:04:Let me do it 01:08:05:You the same 01:08:07:What name shall we give her? 01:08:09:Be good... What name? 01:08:11:Piyue... 01:08:13:You only have Piyue in mind 01:08:14:Piyue means moon and goose 01:08:20:Let's called her Goose, okay? 01:08:23:Goose...Goose Mi... 01:08:27:Good name! 01:08:29:ls Goose a good name?|Mi-fan is not bad either 01:08:32:lt's done 01:08:34:Miss... Okay, let's call her Goose 01:08:36:Don't shout... 01:08:37:Miss, take a rest 01:08:38:Tomorrow morning|we'll go to the neighbouring village... 01:08:41:to find something for the baby 01:08:43:Thanks 01:08:48:Be good, Goose Mi... 01:08:56:We're back 01:08:57:We're back, we've bought a lot of things 01:08:59:We've bought a lot of food... 01:09:01:Goose's mother 01:09:04:Let's sit down first 01:09:07:Where is she? Where? 01:09:11:Goose... 01:09:13:She's left alone here 01:09:14:Where is her mother? 01:09:15:She's crying, help her up 01:09:17:Take her legs up, be careful!|Her head! 01:09:20:Turn around... Don't block my hands! 01:09:23:You're careless, what do you mean? 01:09:25:Goose, stop crying...why are you crying? 01:09:28:Look, there's a letter... 01:09:29:Stop crying, Goose, stop crying... 01:09:32:Mi-an, her mother has gone! 01:09:34:Gone? 01:09:35:lt's bad this time 01:09:37:Why is she crying hard? Has she pissed? 01:09:40:See if she has pissed, look... 01:09:43:Stop crying, Goose... 01:09:45:No, it's dry 01:09:46:ls she hungry? 01:09:47:Right, she may be hungry, 01:09:48:we're hungry too 01:09:49:What shall we give her to eat? 01:09:50:What did you eat when you were a baby? 01:09:51:Milk of course, or else red potatoes 01:09:54:Let her bite your fingers for the moment 01:09:55:Fingers are dirty 01:09:58:Just let her bite anything,|take off your clothes... 01:10:00:Are you mad?|Let's go and find something for her 01:10:01:Okay 01:10:03:She never stops crying, what shall we do 01:10:04:How come l know? 01:10:05:Figure it out l have no idea 01:10:06:Let her suck the fingers 01:10:08:Don't, fingers are dirty 01:10:09:What shall we do? 01:10:20:l have an idea 01:10:32:Wait! 01:10:33:Wait...don't go... 01:10:35:What are you doing? 01:10:37:Don't be afraid 01:10:51:Has she had enough? 01:10:52:She has had enough Enough? Good... 01:10:53:Be careful 01:10:54:Mi-an, put this on... 01:10:57:Thanks No thanks 01:11:00:Thanks Be careful 01:11:03:You've had enough, not crying?|Good girl... 01:11:08:Goose, sleep now 01:11:12:Moon shines on the ground 01:11:15:Are you thinking of homeland? 01:11:23:Thanks No thanks 01:11:25:Thanks very much Mind your steps 01:11:26:Sorry to bother you 01:11:27:She finished one so soon? 01:11:40:Look, she's smiling at me 01:11:51:Don't shout... 01:12:43:Where have you been? 01:12:46:Why did you dump Goose behind? 01:12:49:Where have you gone? 01:12:51:Say! 01:12:54:lt's hard to say 01:12:59:l...l want to get Goose back 01:13:03:Do you know it's dangerous by doing this 01:13:06:Do you know it's dangerous by doing this 01:13:07:You're lucky with us here 01:13:09:You'll regret... 01:13:10:if anything happens to Goose 01:13:14:Listen to me 01:13:16:You're irresponsible by doing so! 01:13:18:One must be responsible... 01:13:19:not only to oneself, but to others too 01:13:22:lt's wrong to be irresponsible like this 01:13:26:lt's wrong to do this, you know? 01:13:30:When did you learn such things? 01:13:33:Just now 01:13:36:Do you understand? 01:13:37:Do you understand? 01:13:41:Goose 01:13:44:Goose... 01:13:55:Mi-an, how much money do we have? 01:13:59:Just a little 01:14:06:Take it 01:14:07:No... 01:14:08:Goose needs it, even if you don't 01:14:10:Take it 01:14:17:Be careful, don't let Goose catch cold 01:14:21:Thanks 01:14:22:Right, it's late, go home 01:14:26:Thanks, Masters! Get up 01:14:31:Remember to take good care of Goose 01:14:36:l will 01:14:37:l'll pick up Goose|when we finish our affairs 01:14:43:Go home now 01:14:52:Thanks! 01:14:55:Go now 01:15:10:We've arrived the Capital 01:15:13:Master, open the fan and see 01:15:15:Yes, open the fan and|we might find Master Chin 01:15:19:Sir, excuse me... Lunatic! 01:15:23:Princess has arrived! 01:15:38:Who is it? 01:15:54:Master, she looks like Piyue 01:15:56:How come Piyue is Princess, nonsense! 01:16:00:Take a look, Master, it's really Piyue! 01:16:03:Lower your head or you'll be beheaded! 01:16:08:Excuse me, do you know... 01:16:11:Hangzhou 12 01:16:12:Excuse me, do you know it... 01:16:21:Excuse me, 01:16:22:do you know this Hangzhou 12? 01:16:26:Sir... l don't... 01:16:27:l don't 01:16:35:No one listens to us 01:16:38:Right 01:16:40:Master, it's getting dark 01:16:41:What shall we do now? 01:16:43:Let's get a place to sleep 01:16:48:lt's cold, where shall we sleep? 01:16:54:Sir, do you know it? 01:16:57:No one knows the owner of this fan, 01:16:58:let's get a place to sleep now 01:17:17:You scared me to death! 01:17:24:Why still playing? 01:17:30:Master, look, it's horrible 01:17:33:Right, it's dark and dim here 01:17:39:Master, look, there're some statues 01:17:56:lt's only a coffin, why shout? 01:18:00:Go and take a rest there 01:18:06:We can sleep a while 01:18:16:Who? Who is it? 01:18:19:Mi-an, don't panic, it's human 01:18:23:Why are you here? Say! 01:18:26:Don't be misunderstood 01:18:28:We happened to pass by 01:18:29:lt's cold and we have no place to sleep 01:18:31:So we're taking shelter here 01:18:33:Sorry to disturb you Right... 01:18:36:Where are you from? 01:18:37:Hangzhou 01:18:39:Hangzhou? 01:18:40:Where is Hangzhou? l don't know 01:18:42:Boss, l know 01:18:43:lt's behind our temple 01:18:45:They went there only last night 01:18:48:Hangzhou is in southern, far from here 01:18:50:Very far away? 01:18:51:l don't know 01:18:53:Let me explain 01:18:54:We come all the way... 01:18:56:to find someone 01:18:58:Find me? Who are you looking for? 01:19:00:Who are you looking for? 01:19:01:Master, show it to them 01:19:03:lt's a long story, look at this 01:19:09:Zhouhang...20? 01:19:12:What does that mean? What is this? 01:19:14:Right? 01:19:17:l don't know either 01:19:18:l'm looking for the owner of this fan 01:19:19:Owner of this fan?|You come to the right place 01:19:22:You know him? 01:19:24:l know the Capital best 01:19:30:l'll bring you there tomorrow, sleep now 01:19:37:Mi-an, you believe them? 01:19:39:We must believe them now 01:19:41:We already found him for a whole day 01:19:43:Let's see when morning comes 01:19:45:Hangzhou is a good place 01:19:49:Hold it... Be careful! 01:19:50:What's special with a cart? 01:19:51:Must l kill you horse? 01:19:52:l know Hangzhou very well 01:19:55:Didn't you say|you never went to Hangzhou? 01:19:57:You blamed me 01:20:00:when you disturbed me|sleeping last night 01:20:02:They don't look reliable 01:20:06:Master, it's better with their help than|walking about ourselves 01:20:09:We don't know this place at all 01:20:11:Aren't you taking us|to the owner of the fan? 01:20:14:He's in front... 01:20:16:ln front? 01:20:22:Leave protection money 01:20:28:Leave protection money 01:20:30:What are you doing? 01:20:31:Give you a bowl, beggar 01:20:33:You should make your own living,|we can't support your life 01:20:35:You think you're lmperial Highness? 01:20:38:Go get some money yourselves 01:20:40:Let them beg for money 01:20:46:l'll go! 01:20:48:l'll go too 01:20:52:You... Have mercy on me 01:20:56:You, have mercy on me, give me some food 01:20:58:Have mercy on me... 01:21:07:l say they're stupid 01:21:09:They get no food but a quilt 01:21:34:You told us last night 01:21:36:you know many people here, 01:21:38:that you can help us find|the owner of the fan 01:21:39:We looked a whole day but to no avail 01:21:42:You know no one, 01:21:43:you only know lying! 01:21:45:We're not lying,|aren't we looking for him? 01:21:48:But he has left home 01:21:50:You're unlucky, we're not cheating 01:21:53:Right, you're in bad luck 01:21:55:But you said you know him and|would take us there 01:21:57:Now you fail and you said|we're in a bad luck? 01:21:59:We really know him 01:22:01:You're in bad luck not to find him 01:22:03:Okay...say no more! 01:22:10:Do you know|where we can find the Princess 01:22:13:Sure 01:22:14:Where? 01:22:16:You can see her every First and|Fifteen of the month 01:22:19:Right, go and see her then 01:22:21:lf you don't believe it, ask His Majesty 01:22:25:When His Majesty sees us, 01:22:26:he has to call us brothers 01:22:27:Otherwise, you can never find them 01:22:47:Chau Chau, Nau Nau 01:22:48:Yes, Your Highness 01:22:50:Say, is being Princess good? 01:22:55:You never need to worry life... 01:22:58:and can enjoy everything, 01:23:00:of course it's good 01:23:03:Then what's the weak point of|being Princess? 01:23:06:Your temper is bad 01:23:09:Why is the temper bad? 01:23:10:As her lover has gone, so... 01:23:14:Nonsense! 01:23:16:l only worry about Brother Mi 01:23:19:lt's a year...and he hasn't come yet 01:23:23:l hope he can come soon 01:23:30:Princess, look, it's snowing 01:23:34:Yes, it is 01:24:01:Master, don't think anymore 01:24:04:We will surely find Piyue 01:24:06:Go in and eat something 01:24:19:Have mercy on me... 01:24:23:Have mercy on me 01:24:24:Don't touch me or l'll beat you! 01:24:41:Old master, have mercy on me 01:24:45:Okay, take this 01:24:47:Thanks... 01:24:48:Mi-an...l've got it, look 01:24:56:You said the Princess will come,|but she hasn't 01:24:58:Do you mean it today? 01:24:59:Don't cheat us again 01:25:01:Don't worry, 01:25:03:the Princess promises to come today 01:25:06:l am familiar with her 01:25:06:lt's good if she will come 01:25:09:Right, don't hurry 01:25:11:His Majesty has arrived! 01:25:15:Kneel down...His Majesty has arrived,|kneel, don't look... 01:25:24:Lower your head! You'll be punished! 01:25:29:Hey, don't look! 01:25:37:lt's she, Piyue! 01:25:42:Protect Her Highness! 01:25:46:Mi-an, be careful! 01:26:05:Brother Mi? 01:26:08:Fanman! 01:26:10:Piyue 01:26:12:Fanman, you're really His Majesty? 01:26:15:Piyue 01:26:16:Brother Mi, you come finally! 01:26:18:You say? 01:26:20:Brother Chin Brother Mi 01:26:22:Master, he's really the King! 01:26:25:Greet you, Your Majesty 01:26:26:Stand up 01:26:29:How come you're like this? 01:26:31:lt's hard to say 01:26:32:lt's a long story, 01:26:34:Your Majesty, let's sit down 01:26:36:Let's go inside 01:26:36:Sure, come in first 01:26:37:Come on 01:26:50:Your Majesty, Hurrah...|Long Live Your Majesty! 01:27:00:Send them in 01:27:01:Send Mi-chi, Mi-an in! 01:27:24:Greet you, Your Majesty! 01:27:29:Read the lmperial Edict 01:27:32:His Majesty has decided to... 01:27:35:assign Mi-chi to be|Hangzhou lmperial Highness 01:27:38:and Mi-an to be|Butler of His Highness Palace 01:27:42:You now know 01:27:44:what Hangzhou 12 means? 01:27:45:Move the strokes, it's lmperial Highness 01:27:47:Hangzhou lmperial Highness 01:27:50:Thanks, your Majesty 01:28:21:His Highness has arrived! 01:28:35:You deserve this today! 01:28:50:Cheng Fa, lift your head and|see who l am 01:29:00:Cheng Fa, do you know you must die|as you assassinate me? 01:29:04:No, l haven't assassinated Your Highness 01:29:07:He said he hasn't 01:29:08:Give him a chance then 01:29:10:Okay, you have a chance 01:29:12:lf you defeat me, l'll spare you 01:29:15:l'm innocent... 01:29:17:You're so many, l can't defeat you 01:29:21:Give him some allowance then 01:29:23:Okay, you have some allowance 01:29:26:l'll tie my hands behind me 01:29:27:lf you can defeat me, l'll spare you 01:29:30:Don't move 01:29:33:lf l were you, l'd assassinate him 01:29:36:He'd tie both hands behind him? 01:29:38:l never lie, don't move 01:29:40:l haven't moved 01:29:41:Guards, give him a sword! 01:29:45:Take up the sword... 01:29:47:Chop him, kill him, assassinate him! 01:29:52:Come on! 01:29:59:Kneel down! 01:30:01:Didn't you say we'd have a duel and 01:30:02:spare me if l win? 01:30:04:Have l said so? 01:30:05:No 01:30:06:When did l say so? 01:30:08:You asked me to kill you 01:30:11:l asked you to kill me?|You have a note for that? 01:30:13:He said so too 01:30:17:Are you mistaken? 01:30:19:You said that just now 01:30:20:You're wrong,|l saw you assassinated His Highness 01:30:24:Do you know you must die|as you assassinated His Highness? 01:30:26:l haven't...assassinated His Highness 01:30:28:You're wrong,|l really saw you assassinate him 01:30:31:Listen, did you see him|assassinate His Highness? 01:30:33:Yes! 01:30:34:Do you hear? Arrest him! 01:30:37:l'm innocent... 01:30:40:You Highness, l am innocent! 01:30:49:Master Mi, he assassinated His Highness, 01:30:54:l'm not involved 01:30:56:Your Highness, do you know him? 01:30:59:l don't know him 01:31:00:His Highness said he don't know you... 01:31:02:l know you'll become... 01:31:05:important person one day 01:31:06:What are you doing? Get down! 01:31:08:Catch him, lock him up, take him outside 01:31:10:l'm innocent... 01:31:13:l'll question you later 01:31:15:What have l commit? 01:31:16:First, you're take bribery,|Second, you conspire in the assassin 01:31:18:Third, you cover the convicts 01:31:20:The rest of life in jail? 01:31:21:Right 01:31:25:What shall we do now, Your Highness? 01:31:31:This house is even prettier than before 01:31:34:Look: ''Obtaining easily'' 01:31:38:lt suits the house 01:31:42:Break it! 01:31:44:No, don't... 01:31:46:You must think it over 01:31:47:What? 01:31:48:Breaking it means|breaking your ancestors' property 01:31:51:l mean breaking that plate 01:31:54:Break this plate! 01:31:57:Bring Wu Yan in! 01:32:01:Your Highness 01:32:07:Wu Yan,|it's said you became rich suddenly 01:32:12:Tell me what your secret is 01:32:15:Your Highness, l've always been|keen and hardworking... 01:32:19:and this is my secret 01:32:21:You must have capital,|where did you get it? 01:32:24:My friend gave the money to me 01:32:26:Your friend gave you?|What a generous friend he is! 01:32:29:My friend is called Mi-chi... 01:32:33:As l saved his life, 01:32:34:he gave his house to me 01:32:37:Mi-chi? Where is he now? 01:32:40:Master Mi is tired of his life 01:32:43:He wants to live in the countryside 01:32:45:He has gone wandering already 01:32:48:ls what you said true? 01:32:49:l can guarantee that with my life 01:32:52:Lift your head and see who l am! 01:32:58:Your Highness! 01:33:00:Wu Yan, you cheated my properties and 01:33:04:occupied my house 01:33:06:While l was so good to you! 01:33:07:l then take your life as guarantee! 01:33:10:l was forced to do that|by Chen and Cheng 01:33:13:l couldn't help doing that 01:33:15:Master Mi, have mercy on me, spare me 01:33:20:Take him out! 01:33:21:Master Mi... 01:33:22:Take him out! Yes! Move! 01:33:23:Master Mi, l dare not again... 01:33:27:Master Mi! l am a bit hungry 01:33:28:Yes, let's eat something 01:33:36:Piyue... 01:33:37:What haqppen to the figure of this month? 01:33:39:We spend 20 taels for the dog 01:33:43:Make it clear for me 01:33:46:lt needs a lot of money for the child 01:33:49:Studying, visiting doctor 01:33:52:Why are you crying again? 01:33:59:You take care the dog rather than the child 01:34:01:Stop it 01:34:09:How could you 01:34:12:let your relative to live here 01:34:14:without charges 01:34:15:They are Piyue and her relatives 01:34:17:lt's nothing to do with me 01:34:19:Come over here...over here... 01:34:23:This is your son 01:34:25:Hold the dog please 01:34:28:You don't need to take care of it 01:34:31:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
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