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Subtitles for Love In Nepal.

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Love In Nepal

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24.000 FPS
Someone is about to lose his life
''ls going to fall in love with someone''
''The heart is fragile, ensure it does not break''
''Make a promise that this bond doesn't break''
''Ensure the beloved doesn't get upset''
''May no one ever plunder the world of beauty''
Doesn't his nose look a little crooked?
''That's a manufacturing defect, sweetheart.''
Go do your servicing job!
There comes the devil!
Where is Abby?
lt's 1 1 :30! Where is Abby?
Hello. You have called the residence of Abhinav Sinha.
''Pardon me, l cannot talk to you right now.''
l have left for my office.
Please leave your name and telephone number in a loud and clear voice ...
after the beep.
l will surely get in touch with you.
Abby must have gone to meet some client.
Client? Which client?
He was saying something last night....Donald!
He's gone to meet Donald. - Donald?
Yes. Any problem?
Small one. Donald is with me.
Then he must have gone to meet Donald Jr.
Rashmi! What about the layouts in the studio?
''What happened, Ram? You look upset.''
How are the beautiful girls in my office doing?
Where are you headed? - There is a problem.
Tell me.
l have designed this set according to the location.
But there is some problem. - Why? What happened?
l don't know what to do.
''Tell me something. Your Arts school certificate is not fake, is it?''
''Abby, early morning ... - Give me a pencil.''
Make this pillar a little thicker.
And fill up this empty space.
Abby is the creative head of this agency.
And creative people have their own style of working.
''They don't work with the clock, they work with their heart.''
Why? - The Devil was asking about you.
Nothing new about that.
Sometimes l feel that Ram Mohan must have been my wife in my previous birth.
''To avoid him, l told him you are with Donald.''
Because Donald is with Ram in this office.
''Donald, it's five years since Abby is handling your account.''
''Have you had any problem until today? - That's okay, George.''
But that doesn't mean ...
''Abby, Ram was saying that even until 1 1 ...''
''Just a minute! Before you say anything, l'd like to say something.''
l have a complaint ...
with Donald.
''Donald, don't you think as creative head of Madness ...''
l should know everything about my client ...
so that l can do my best work for him?
l thought l have met the most beautiful woman in the world.
But l realized today how wrong l was.
What do you mean?
l saw the most beautiful woman in the world in your office today.
Who? - Annie.
You saw Annie?
Annie is my daughter. - Exactly! And yet she is beautiful.
''George, have you seen her?''
''l have decided, that until Donald doesn't give us permission ...''
to allow Annie to be the model of our next campaign ...
l won't handle his account.
''The decision is in your hands now, Donald.''
''lnfact, even Annie was saying she is interested in modeling.''
Fantastic! That's good!
''What were you saying, George? - No, it was nothing.''
''Actually, Ram Mohan was saying the creative head doesn't work ...''
''No, l..l mean, you ...''
l think you were talking about Donald's layout.
''Abby, l have complete faith in you.''
''George, l'll send your contract and cheque by evening.''
''Ram, you were saying something ...''
You are too much! When did you meet Annie?
Forget it!
You come late everyday. You'll put me in a soup some day.
l just cannot get up early.
But you will have to get up tomorrow morning.
Why? - Have you heard of Atlantis?
''Yes that US based agency, right?''
Atlantis wants to establish in lndia.
lt has even given a proposal to Madness for a merger.
But why? - The owner is Mr.Daruwala.
''Alright listen, the meeting is tomorrow at Oberoi at 9 am.''
What are you doing here early morning?
Don't ask me! l have to attend a boring board meeting.
Let's set your mood right. - How?
l've made your cola jingle.
''Come, hear it.''
l have 10 minutes. Will that be enough?
''Sir, he must be on his way, sir.''
l had told him yesterday; he should be here.
We'll wait for a few minutes.
''After thinking over every aspect, l have reached the decision ....''
that we accept the proposal of merger with Atlantis.
l'd like to introduce you to our new vice president ...
''and the lndian operations head, Ms.Meenakshi Malhotra, alias Maxi!''
''Before we proceed, l'd like to brief you about Atlantis' work culture.''
This company has a major problem with discipline.
''lt's such an important meeting, and your creative head ...''
He's gone for a meeting with a client.
''ln the first year, our turnover was Rs.200,000; today, it's 500 million.''
And l am sure even Atlantis must have kept this in mind ...
before you gave us the merger proposal.
''And there is mainly only one person responsible for this, Abhinav Sinha.''
l know Mr.Abhinav Sinha is hugely responsible ...
for the success of this company.
But he will now have to work how Atlantis wants.
You can try.
Change this logo. Why don't you people not work seriously?
You cannot do this. - What's going on here?
Do you want to do some work or not?
''We can do work only if you bring work, sir.''
So what was l saying?
A girl does not get impressed by colouring your hair.
''lt's my style, you won't understand, so forget it.''
ls it? Bet Rs.500? - l'm game.
Try fixing a date with Julie.
''Alright, keep the cash ready.''
Watch him get beaten. Get the money out.
Let him get beaten first.
''Julie babes, l was thinking, tonight ...''
Why did you slap me?
Where does Mr.Abhinav Sinha sit?
But who are you?
''l'm sorry, l didn't recognise you, ma'am.''
''That's okay. Where is Abby? - Actually, he ...''
''Has gone to meet some client, right?''
lsn't it good? Abby has made it.
''Despite that, there is scope for improvement.''
''Ma'am, without his permission...''
Ask Abby to come and meet me as soon as he comes in.
Why thank God for such a small thing? What's the problem?
But you are wearing pants.
Maxi is Madness' new boss. - New boss of Madness?
Has George changed his name?
''Stop joking, Abby.''
What's this? - Maxi. She made those changes.
''Didn't you tell her, without my permission ...''
''l did, but ... - But what?''
She didn't listen; and she has called you to her cabin.
''No, the matter is very urgent. Come to my office immediately.''
''Do one thing, come over. No, come tomorrow.''
Who is Maxi? How dare she enter my cabin ...
and make changes in my designs without my permission?
You are worried about the designs? A lot is going to change out here.
What do you mean?
Why didn't you come for the meeting yesterday?
''l was coming for the meeting, and met Ronnie on the way.''
''He cracked the cola jingle, so l went to hear it.''
''You went to hear it, and l had to hear so much from her.''
''ln the meeting,in everyone's presence, she said Abby is irresponsible.''
Who is she to say that? - She's our new vice president.
Why? - Because the merger is through.
Why do we need the merger? We are already a 500 million company.
We want to become a 5000 million company.
''lf you have seen me enough, shall we get down to business?''
You have changed my designs today morning.
l am the creative head of Madness.
No one here even touches my designs without my permission.
''And if changes are to be made, you got to talk to me.''
''Which means, l'll have to ask even if l want to smoke?''
You were talking about 5000 million?
''Yes, but it will take you some time to understand that.''
''For now, l only want to say that Madness is no more a small company.''
''But to understand that,the people here will have to change their attitude.''
l wanted to discuss something with you about our new client.
''But l was told, as usual, you have gone to meet some important client.''
l will wait for you at 9:30 am tomorrow in this office.
''You? - Yes, me.''
What are you doing here? - Waiting.
Someone told me yesterday there is a very important meeting at 9:30 today
This...this is my chair.
lt's very stiff.
l am asking you not to.
''A new company of France, Serpent. Makes perfumes.''
They want us to launch their product in lndia.
''And for your information, let me tell you ...''
lndia's top three company's market share is 3000 million.
3860 million. - l'm glad you know your figures.
l always pay attention to figures.
l have planned a new type of deal with Serpent.
Which is perhaps happening for the first time in this company.
''Apart from the expenses of film production, ...''
they will also give us a share in profits.
''ln business language, it is called revenue sharing.''
Can't you sit without fidgeting?
Can't help it; l'm used to working.
We have to give them a presentation after four days.
l am going to Chennai today.
l want you to show me all the layouts of this campaign when l am back.
l want you to make sure we don't lose this account.
''Don't forget, Madness is now a part of Atlantis.''
''And just for the records, ...''
''whenever Atlantis has taken an interest in any deal, it has bagged it''
l'd heard women speak a lot.
l am sure today.
''Durga, a flower vase will break inside now.''
Go and clean up.
''They are good, but l don't think our clients will like them.''
They like them very much.
What?? - Yes.
''l just showed it to them. lnfact, they like our entire campaign.''
We have organized a big party to celebrate.
How could you dare to show this presentation to the clients ...
in my absence?
''l don't understand you, Maxi. What do you want after all?''
''You wanted the account, you got it. - Abby, you ...''
And...l didn't go to the clients. They called today morning.
They wanted to meet us. You were not back from Chennai yet.
''l and George went and spoke to them, that's it.''
lf even after that you feel l am wrong ...
''This is very expensive, and belongs to the company.''
lt's difficult
See the moon with the sun
''Both will fall in love, try stopping it''
lt's difficult
''There is dusk in the eyes and dawn on the lips''
Love has engulfed everyone
See the sky with the earth
See the bells with the anklets
See the moon with the sun ...
''The heart is frigid, but full of fire''
What an unseen sight it is!
See the lady with her lover
See the composition with the poet
See the moon with the sun ...
How can we do the Serpent campaign?
You are asking us to shoot between 21st and 26th.
lt is already the 7th today. There is no time for pre-production.
''We have to choose the models, fix the location.''
And Abby is missing.
''Magic! l have come, but late as usual.''
''So, what's going on?''
We are talking about the location for Serpent.
''Actually, l have a suggestion.''
''New Zealand. Where there are mountains, lakes, valleys.''
We cannot get a better place than this.
''What do you think, Maxi? - Actually, even l have a suggestion.''
''We want valleys, lakes, and mountains in the backdrop.''
We have all these here too.
This is Nepal. A much more cheaper location than New Zealand ...
and beautiful too.
''We'll choose the models from here, even the crew will be local.''
Everything at a 30 % cheaper cost.
Want something?
You are sitting here? ls the seat vacant?
''Sorry, someone else is occupying it.''
l was asking for Ram Mohan. You two think alike.
You'll be good company for each other.
Why will l sit here? My seat is over there.
This is my seat.
Yours? - Yes.
You are going to Nepal? - The flight is going there.
''Will you leave my hand, please?''
Which is your seat? - l'm sitting there.
With him?...No.
''Ram Mohan, can you vacate the seat for me?''
''Why? This is my seat, l will sit here.''
Why do you trouble ... - Are you interested in her?
What nonsense! No. - l am.
Then go.
You are quite...bold.
And you are quite beautiful.
''But frankly, l'm quite nervous today.''
l've taken a flight for the first time.
Come on! You must be joking.
''They are saying something about the seat belt, right?''
Does this have to be fixed?
Like this?
Please help me.
Doesn't this man feel ashamed?
You do it very well.
The journey will be good now.
What else do you do?
Strange! No one has come to receive us.
''Sandy, look around and see is someone is carrying an 'Atlantis' placard.''
lt's not possible. lt's such a big corporate company.
''Don't bother me. As it is, l'm angry.''
What's new about that?
''Alright, l'll take one alone.''
Where were you?...Now where is Abby? - Over here.
l could not bear to see you dejected. So ...
''Look, l have found out everything.''
''This is our bus, and l have the hotel reservation details.''
That's better.
Welcome ma'am.
''l've been waiting for you. - Sorry, l was busy inside.''
How was the journey? - Good.
How's Mumbai? - Good.
''Take, l've brought what you wanted from lndia.''
You remembered? - How can l forget what you say?
''Thank you. Come, your car is waiting.''
Couldn't you think of something new to say?
Helpless! the situation is very old.
''Ma'am, get in. Take ma'am comfortably.''
''You aren't coming? - No, l'll follow you.''
A group is coming from Mumbai. l have to receive them.
O God! - What happened?
They were on your flight!
''You go, l'll follow.''
''You were on this flight? There was a group on it, sir?''
Beautiful models? They were a shooting cast.
Are there more passengers inside?
''What nonsense is he talking? - Sorry, l got stuck in a jam.''
The traffic was bumper to bumper. Even Pokhra has become like Mumbai.
What are you doing! Who is he?
Hey! Talk to me.
lt must be containing jewelry. lsn't your jewelry my jewelry?
How do you know it contains jewelry? - You thief!
How do you know there's jewelry in this?
''Leave him! l am your guide, Bahadur. He is Bunty guide.''
We work together in tourist business. Let him go.
Make that mistake again and l'll kill you.
''Enjoy your stay in Nepal. Good day. Take care of them, Bahadur.''
Don't do it next time. - l'm sorry.
''lf this is not that group, where is that group?''
''lt's 6 am, sir.''
Madam asked us to wake you up at 6 am. You have to go for a shoot.
Then wake madam up.
''Did you wake up Mr.Abby? - Madam,l tried, but he didn't get up.''
''Abby, are you getting up or not?''
She screams even in dreams. What a woman!
''Abby, are you coming out or not?''
''Abby, if you don't come out in five minutes, l'll come in.''
''You cannot come in, because l sleep in the nude.''
Does one sleep like that?
Now will l have to even learn how to sleep from you?
l warned you.
Now will you stand just like that or wear something?
ln your presence?
l am going down.
l have lots of time!
l know! l am 15 minutes late.
''But one has to do a lot in the morning. Bathe, brush, potty ...''
What's this?
But you won't understand that now. Shall we go?
How can you look so beautiful early in the morning?
Do you know who you look like? - Who?
Rekha Koirala. - Who is she?
A distant cousin of Rekha and Manisha Koirala.
A mole can be black. But the heart should not be black.
The heart should always be pure. To be a good model ...
''a good heart, a giving heart, is very necessary.''
You have all the ingredients of a good ...
You have all the ingredients of a good ...
l am your guide sir; Bunty guide.
''So you are the guide without a guide. - No sir, l have a license.''
''Look, you came to take us yesterday, but didn't.''
''Sir, yesterday l got stuck is such a bad traffic jam ...''
Why are you jamming my traffic?
So l was saying ...
''Can l sit here, sir? - Yes.''
Thank you. l am your guide - ls it?
''What do you do, sir?''
l'm the marketing manager of this company.
Market...bazaar... You are a bazaar officer.
Yes. - Pleased to meet you.
''Sir, shall l ask you something?''
Are you Nepalese? - Nepalese? No.
''Come on guys, we are here.''
lt's so cold here.
Do l have to tell you all that?
l've been telling you since a week l need all clothes ...
''Sandy, what's happening? When will the shooting begin?''
Why ask me? Ask Abby.
Does one have to ask everything from Abby?
What's going on here?
''Maxi, we have a problem. We cannot shoot.''
Why? - There is no light.
lt's very foggy. lt will take 2-3 hours to clear up.
2-3 hours? - Yes.
''What are you saying, Pradhan!''
Tell the location that Atlantis team is here.
To make the weather right and let us shoot.
What will we do now? l have promised our client.
We have to deliver the campaign in 10 days.
We'll do the delivery on time.
''Abby, l'm giving Poornima this dress. ls it okay?''
''lt's perfect. Fix a light on it, and we'll manage.''
Sandy relax! Tell the crew the shooting has been postponed.
They can relax.
3-4 hours delay in work will make no difference.
The atmosphere here is like a beautiful woman.
''lt's sometimes sunny, and sometimes foggy here.''
But it's always green.
What do l tell you? You seem to be Nepalese yourself.
ls there any place worth seeing close by?
''Madam, there is a temple close by.''
l'd like to go there.
''Maxi, and temple; isn't it a strange combination?''
Let's go.
''This is that temple. There is the basil plant, the Nandi bull.''
lt's a spot where you'll see all Gods.
People come here for peace.
''Look, the sun came out the moment you came to the temple.''
May God fulfill everyone's wishes.
You perhaps don't believe in all this.
How is your bazaar doing? - What is it?
ls the hotel good? - Yes.
The food? - Yes. Why do you ask?
''lt's my job, l'm your guide. lt's my duty to ask you.''
Are you sleeping well?
''Whether l sleep or not, why do you care?''
''Why are you getting angry? Until you are here, it is my duty.''
Are you Nepalese?
Now watch the next shot. The camera...over here..okay.
''This is the frame, and the model is over there.''
Hey! What's going on? - Even l want to see the frame.
Want to see the frame? - Yes.
''Alright, come. But the flow of water is strong.''
So the shot is ...
Stupid! What have you done! - What did l do?
Then did l do it?
What do we do now? - We'll party!
Why did l meet you!
Even l want to see the frame! We'll have to hang in the frame now.
''lt's not my fault. - No, it's all my fault.''
l don't even know to swim. - You don't!
Save me! - Save you? You put us in trouble.
Just watch what l do if anything happens to me! Stop this boat!
l'll stop it. Hey stop!'s not listening.
Give me your hand. - l won't.
''Alright, don't.''
Please get up.
You just kissed me. - l did it to save your life.
What are you saying! You kissed me like that even after l recovered?
You don't have to feel so guilty.
One does want to kiss sometimes.
''And anyway, l didn't quite mind.''
''Look, there is no need to make such a big issue of it.''
''l have kissed before, okay!''
That doesn't make a difference to me. l am large hearted.
''And anyway, even l have kissed before.''
''And l think, when someone kisses somebody, he likes her.''
And Maxi...l think you like me.
You like me.
Maybe....a little.
But that doesn't mean ...
''l've said this before, and am saying it again. Women speak too much.''
''Abby, you don't have to tell anyone anything.''
Are you two alright? - Relax! We are fine.
We'd got scared.
There is no need to tell anyone anything.
''What? - Not me, Maxi said that.''
''What happened, Maxi? - Nothing. Abby saved my life.''
And Maxi returned my breaths.
''Sandy, it's so cold here. Call for a coffee.''
Will you pass on the brush? l haven't brushed my hair since a week.
l think you love Abby.
''Madam, l think you love Abby.''
''That is why you are always praising him, always standing by him.''
You are right. l love Abby.
But not like you think.
''Do you know, whenever anyone has a problem, ...''
he helps like it's his own problem.
He doesn't even expect a thank you.
''After two months of marriage, l came to know my husband is having an affair.''
l had decided to leave him.
''At that time, there was only one person ...''
who stood by me.
''Abby and me are very good friends, Maxi.''
People never believe a man and woman can be good friends too.
''Anyway, l think you two love each other.''
Who told you Abby loves me?
He did? - No.
Even he does not reveal his feelings like you.
But shall l tell you something?
Love is a beautiful feeling.
And you have to be very fortunate to get it.
Meeting an unknown girl ...
made my life ...
even more beautiful
''My heart's desires have been fulfilled''
''l fell in love with her at first sight''
Meeting an unknown girl ...
''How lonely l was, how lonesome!''
''Her arrival has brought along spring in my life''
My eyes began to dream
My heartbeats went into a new trance
She is my first love
''She is my peace, my need''
Meeting an unknown girl ...
''l am lost in her thoughts all day and night''
''When she smiles, my hearts skips a beat''
When her tresses fly ...
the atmosphere fills with love
That beauty ...
''became my wish, my desire''
Meeting an unknown girl ...
You! What is it? Let me work.
''Why are you getting angry?The weather, the greenery here, is so beautiful.''
And even the snow. Are you Nepalese? - No! Do l look like a Nepalese?
''Who are you? What do you want? lf you come here again, l'll kill you!''
''We want the driver here on time tomorrow, or our shooting ...''
''We canned good shots today, didn't we?''
What's the matter? You've been avoiding me since morning.
Any problem?
lt's not mentioned in any contract that l must talk to you everyday.
''Maxi, what's the problem?''
What happened? - Nothing...nothing at all.
''And anyway, what difference does it make to you?''
''lt does, that's why l am asking. You've been avoiding me since morning.''
Why aren't you talking to me? - You have Tanya to talk to.
''l didn't call Tanya to the camp fire, she came herself.''
''And if she comes and asks me to dance with her, l cannot refuse.''
Exactly! How can you ever refuse a girl.
You think l'm like that?
You are like that.
''You misunderstand me, Maxi.''
''No, l think l understand you very well now.''
Please don't make an issue of such a small thing.
Until yesterday l felt there was something between us.
You are right. There is a lot between us.
''There is Tanya, Sonia, Poornima...''
You think there is no difference between those girls and you?
''l don't just think, l am sure.''
''Alright, then there is no point in talking to you.''
''That's what l am saying, no point talking to you.''
Hello sir. - Hello. One large Bacardi
''Here you are, sir.''
You are very lucky. - Why sir?
Very few girls your size. - Yes.
''And where there are few girls, there are fewer problems.''
One more.
Looks like some girl broke your heart.
''No, not at all.''
''According to her, l don't have a heart.''
''And one who doesn't have a heart, how can it break?''
One for no heart.
l'll sit there.
The camp fire yesterday was fun. You dance very well.
That's the problem. - Where is your friend?
She was with you until yesterday. - Everything changed after yesterday.
''Anyway, forget it.''
What do you do to look more beautiful everyday?
Don't you think there are too many people here?
Let's go to my room. We can sit comfortably and talk.
Good idea.
''You make the drinks, l'll just be back.''
My body is melting ...
little by little
''At this age, every moment ...''
there is danger
My body is melting ...
''l feel a piercing, the wind is biting cold''
What do l say where l hurt
''Don't air the sparks, don't make me crave like that''
My body is burning ...
little by little
My body is melting ...
Even you enjoy this beautiful night
''Why are you standing away, come close to me''
My fair arms are inviting you
l'm getting frantic ...
little by little
''At this age, every moment ...''
there is danger
Who must've killed the poor girl?
What wrong had she done?
But whoever killed her...
has surely seen me
Which means...
l'm in trouble
''Sorry, Tanya...''
but l must go
''Hello, sir. - Hello''
Any news? - Nothing much
This lady was the first person to see the corpse
lt's so strange
Tanya was dancing with us before the campfire
Who could've killed her?
How'd l know?
l've been noticing you since last night... you look upset
Quarrelled with Abby?
Now why'd l quarrel with Abby?
Even if l do...
l wouldn't be upset
''l'm going out, call Abby for company''
''Maxi, breakfast''
Hang on
''Yes? - Not yes, Gajji''
l'll put it straight
''You killed the girl, didn't you?''
What...? Killed the girl?
''What are you saying, sir?''
lt hardly matters to me
''Okay, where's my packet of stuff?''
''Stuff? - Yes, stuff''
''That's nonsense, sir''
l know nothing about any stuff. l was only...
Don't play games with me
lt's stuff worth 100 million
For a 100 million...
''l can hack you to hundred pieces, you dig?''
Mr Gajji...
you can't cut me up into hundred pieces anyway
''Try to understand me, don't get excited...''
You'd better get this!
You have 24 hours. Only 24 hours
lf l don't get my stuff back...
you die
''Listen to me, sir...''
What stuff?
Where have you been? lt's been three hours since l sent for you
''What do l say, sir?''
lt's hell out there... people and cars
Pokhra has become Mumbai... - Shut up
''You think l'm a tourist? - Tourist, you, sir?''
You are our master
l've known you since years
''Forgive me, it's my mistake, sir''
''l'll be careful henceforth. How can l help you, sir?''
Did you know Tanya?
''Yes, sir''
''How well? - How well, sir?''
''She was an angel of a travel agent, sir''
''She was my provider, sir''
She got me so many clients
l have but one complaint
God takes away good people so soon
What did l ask you? Don't give me your damn story
''Sir, you asked me how well l knew her. l'm telling you only that much''
Where were you last night?
Who told you? - Told me what?
About where l was last night. - That's just my question
''Forget it, sir, it's all over''
''What do you mean? - l mean, l had time to spare''
''By God, l was going home, and l found Rajeshwar on the way''
''Rajeshwar? - My friend, sir. He's a driver''
He asked me for a drink and we went to the bar
No knowing when we gulped a whole bottled down...
Ass! Just answer to the point
''Sir, l don't understand. Why are you asking me all this?''
Tanya was murdered last night
''The assassin could be anyone. - True, sir''
''You, too. - Oh no, sir. Not me''
You are my master
''Tanya helped me make a living. Who'd kill the one who provides, sir?''
Shut up
''Clue, sir''
The bartender had seen a chap with Tanya late in the night
''Take this case very seriously, Ashok. - Right, sir''
lt's an lndian girl who was murdered
How long has this bartender been working here?
''Five years, sir''
''Call the bartender here, and interrogate all the waiters''
''Bartender, come here. - Coming, sir''
The inspector wants you
''Greetings, sir''
''What's your name? - Ramchandra, sir''
''He was in the bar last night, sir''
He was dead drunk
Looked quite tensed
''His looks? - He was fair, sir''
Taller than me
''Describe his nose, hair, lips...''
''The bar was dimly lit, sir...''
Can you recognise him if you see him again?
He's the one
''Ma'am is calling you. - Go on, l'll be there''
''lt's getting late, sir. - Go on!''
Saheb wants you. - Saheb? Who?
Come on. - Where are you taking me? Let me go
Sit down. - Why have you called me here?
Where were you last night? - Why?
''Would you tell me, or...?''
l was in my room. - Sir...
Mr Ram Mohan is lying
He got his keys from the reception at 4 am in the morning
l had forgotten that. l had gone out for a while...
Out? Where?
l was...
You'd better give me the truth
''Jaggi, have you seen Ravana?''
Yes. The police have taken him away. - Why did they take him away?
His looks give him away. - Sandy!
Police station? Why?
l've committed no crime. l only went... - Only?
''Only what, Mr Ram? - l'll tell you the truth, inspector''
lt's private... - Shoot
l was zapped last night. A shoot is quite stressing
So l thought l'd... just to relax...
You did what? - l had gone for a massage
So you had gone for a massage? - Yes. Nothing more
''What's going on, Ram?''
''Ma'am, l... - Last night Mr Ram...''
How strange! Why are you telling her?
l told you l was tired. - l don't understand
You were tired last night? What's happening?
''Sir, l just remembered''
He isn't the one
''What kind of a joke is this? You want to take me for a ride, do you?''
There was a little misunderstanding. You may go
Can l take a look?
Not at all
You are good at it
''Where are you going, sir? This leads to the kitchen''
That's where l want to go. - Oh no. Only waiters can go this way
''l'm also a waiter, in lndia. Old habits die hard''
''No wonder you look like an lndian. They pay you well there, isn't it?''
Which hotel do you work for?
Hotel Atlantis
What hotel is that?
l'll tell you later
And from the front? - From the front...
''it was small, yes''
Can you describe anything else? How was his nose?
His nose...
''like mine... no, not like mine''
''lnspector, l can tell you about that boy''
''You? Have you seen him? - Yes, inspector''
His lips? - Thin lips
''Yes madam, l remember''
His lips weren't thick. - Then?
They were thin. - And his ears?
Where's Sandy?
''Maxi, where's Sandy?''
She's not coming for the shoot today. - Why?
The police is investigating a murder
lnspector Prithvi Singh saw a sketch made by Sandy. He liked it
The bartender saw the killer with Tanya last night
lnspector Singh wanted Sandy to make a sketch from his description
He asked for our help and l gave my permission
You allowed her? - What's wrong in that?
Nothing wrong
And eyes?
His eyes... were brown
''What's the matter, Ms Sandhya?''
No problem at all...
''Actually, l want to go to the loo''
''Abby, l'm making your sketch''
l know
What do l do now? - Are you crazy?
Are you crazy? You know l didn't kill her
''l know, Abby. But the sketch is almost complete''
He's describing your eyes
What you will do is give those eyes a Chinese look
''Or Japanese, Mongolian... do anything, but ruin the sketch''
l'm coming over
He's insane
What are you talking? - The situation demands
The model has to be in the front
Any problem in what l said?
No... not at all
''Place the cameras and get the shot ready, l'll be back''
''Yes, sir? - l need to talk to you''
''Tell me, sir''
''You knew Tanya, didn't you? - Damn, everyone is asking me''
You are asking what the inspector asked me
''l'm a guide, so l knew Tanya''
l've seen you joking with Tanya at the airport
''Sir, l joke with everyone, with you too''
Tanya used to put me on to tourist groups
''l would help her, too. l used to arrange cars...''
''book tickets during emergencies... believe me, sir...''
she was a nice lady. - Look Bunty...
l won't lie to you
l was with Tanya last night
But l did not kill her
''Trust me, friend''
''l trust you, sir, but the police...''
That's why l need your help. - Mine...?
''lf the real killer is not found, the cops will arrest me''
Who killed her? And why?
''Sir, you are a gentleman, and you are in trouble...''
so let me tell you
You are right. l knew the lady well
She wasn't a nice woman
She used to meet rotten people
Used to visit places where even angels fear to tread
What kind of places?
''Oh come on, tell me. - l'll tell you, sir''
But l request you not to tell anyone. - l won't
She used to visit Blue Heavens Club
You must take me there. - No way. lt's dangerous
l have no choice
You get me?
''Okay, l'll take you there''
''But l won't enter, l'll drop you outside''
l'll call you at your hotel room in the evening
You killed Tanya!
Let go of my hand
l didn't kill Tanya
l just heard you tell Bunty that you were with Tanya...
in her room last night
That's all you heard? Didn't you hear me telling l didn't kill her?
Then what were you doing there?
She had taken me with her
And you can't ever refuse a girl
Are you a kid?
''She held your finger and lead you, and you couldn't even stop her''
''Abby, the truth is, you are incorrigible''
''The truth is, it all happened because of you''
''After we brawled, l was so upset that l went to the bar''
l got dead drunk
Tanya came along and took me to her room
But nothing happened there the way you think
l'm not thinking
''Besides, it hardly matters if l imagine things''
lt does matter
Because l'm in love with you
But unfortunately...
l don't love you
''ln fact, l don't want to have any kind of relationship with a person like you''
What are you doing here? - lt's been more than half-hour...
Wonder what l ate in the morning... my stomach is upset
lt's all right
Can we have the bartender again?
''You say that his eyes were black, she says that they were brown''
''Look Mr Prithvi, it's a confusion, l can't complete the sketch''
''No madam, l never said anything''
''Sir, l never saw his eyes''
But you said something was black. What is it?
Black...? Oh no...
l only described his nose and lips
''All right, l'll try again''
''Brown eyes, right? - Brown, right''
And... how were his hands?
His hands... he had large hands
ldiot! - What have you done?
Get some fresh papers
''Look, you've ruined the entire sketch''
''Mr Prithvi, l'm no robot''
Sketching is hard work
''All right, l'll call you after two hours''
''Greetings, sir. How are you? - Yes, l am!''
''l'm Nepalese, my father is Nepalese, my mother is Nepalese...''
my entire family is Nepalese. What's your problem?
But you don't look like one. - Damn you! How dare you!
''Forgive me, sir...''
''Yes, Mr Gajji... l...''
l'll put it straight. Where's my stuff?
l'll tell you exactly what happened
''Sir, l first met Tanya in the train''
She sat next to me
Then l met her at the campfire. Know what a campfire means?
''We collect lots of girls and set them on fire... l mean, firewood''
''Then l met her at the bar, where l got a bit drunk''
''She insisted that l go with her to her room, so l went over''
''She sang a song... a lullaby, in fact. lt put me to sleep''
''When l woke up, the poor girl was dead''
''So you see, l didn't do anything''
''And sir, what's this stuff? Wonder what it looks like...''
Bloody windbag
Get this
You got only six hours
''Only six...? Gajji, you are funny''
''ln the morning you said twenty-four hours, now you're saying six''
Every business has a law. You are flouting it. This is bad...
Shut up!
Return my stuff within six hours
''Else, l'll hack you into tiny pieces...''
''and have them thrown all over Nepal. - Listen to me, Mr Gajji...''
''Listen, you...! Damn you!''
Why doesn't he listen to me?
''Try to understand me, Mr Gajji...''
''Sir, it's Bunty here''
Who is Gajji? - A butcher
Butcher? - The professionals who cut up people
''Anyway, where were you? l've been waiting for you''
''Sir, there was so much traffic. lt's hell out there...''
''People over people, cars over cars. Pokhra has become Mumbai''
''What now, tell me? - How on earth do you know, sir?''
''Were you stuck in the jam, too?''
''Where are you now, Bunty?''
''At Peva bar, behind the hotel. Come over, sir''
And... don't come by the lobby. There are cops waiting
What are you doing? - Applying sauce
l'm in trouble. The bartender and the girl were describing Abby
l ruined the sketch at the last moment
Prithvi Singh will call me again to make the sketch
''l thought l'd apply some sauce, plaster my hand and tell him that l'm injured''
''l don't know, Sandy''
How could Abby do this?
''You too think Abby killed Tanya, do you?''
l myself heard Abby saying that he was with Tanya in her room last night
Abby was in Tanya's room...? - He says...
''he went to the bar after we brawled, met Tanya and went to her room with her''
That doesn't mean he murdered her
''l don't know, Sandy''
''l'm so confused, and l think we must tell everything to the cops''
How can you say this? He loves you
l don't believe it
l'm not sure whether l must tell you this or not
But what little l know about Abby ;...
''he is really in love with you, Maxi''
''And you, too''
''Anyway, he's in trouble at the moment''
And he needs us
''lf you want to inform the cops, go on''
But l'm not betraying Abby
What are you upto now? - Playing with clothes
Can't you see? l'm making a rope. - But why?
To scale Mount Everest
''Come on, l'm trying to escape''
''Are you crazy? - Yes, l'm insane''
''What difference does it make to you? Go on, inform the police...''
that l killed Tanya
He forgot to tie up the other end!
''Don't let it go. Tell me whatever you have to, but help me up''
''Thanks for saving my life. - Oh no, hang on''
Don't start brawling again. She wants to help you
That's why she is here. - Are you kidding?
''l'm off. - Hang on, Maxi''
''Look, if l'm helping you it doesn't mean that...''
l love you
Where were you going anyway?
To Blue Heavens Club with Bunty Guide
What for? - Because Tanya used to go there
Only there l'll find out what stuff means
Stuff? What stuff?
Gajji is after it
Gajji? - Now who's that?
A butcher
''Now look, get this story for the last time''
l see
But why the hell is he after you?
You got no stuff with you
Well said
''What you will do is, stay here''
''When Mr Gajji calls up, reason with him''
He might just understand you. - This guy...!
''lf you don't have the stuff, who has it?''
How'd l know?
''Obviously he has it, who killed Tanya''
That's why l was going to Blue Heavens
Tanya used to frequent it
l'm going with you
lt's very dangerous
That's exactly why l should go with you
''l'm going, too''
''Sandy, go right now...''
''and call Ram Mohan, Poornima, Deepti...''
get the entire group. We'll all go
And listen... don't forget to bring Pradhan
''lt's going to be fun. l'll get the camera, too''
Come back here
You think we're having a party? There will be villains out there
You guys are going. What about my villain?
Prithvi Singh. He's going to call me to make the sketch
Why don't you stay in this room? He won't find out
''Right. - Okay, l'll change and come''
What for?
''We're going to the club, aren't we?''
Club? Dresses?
There's Blue Heavens Club
l'm not going any further
''l tell you, think before you go. Those people... l mean...''
you will find gangsters there. Your life could be in danger
''Your friend is a gangster, too''
As you wish
''Shall l wait here? - No, don't. We'll get back on our own''
Weird place
''Weird, it is''
But you said we're going to the club
This is a club. This is how clubs hereabouts are
But we got to find out about the stuff
Let's go and mingle with them
You won't fear anymore...
you won't be sad anymore...
you will dance in excitement
Every pain will alleviate
''Come, drag the smoke right into your heart''
You won't fear anymore...
you won't be sad anymore...
you will dance in excitement
Every pain will alleviate
''Come, drag the smoke right into your heart''
Take a drag
Pull it
The night is enchanting
An intoxication has taken over
''l'm craving, so are you''
What spell is this?
Raging sparks...
burn me... l give in
Take the flames in...
pull it in
l have held back my feelings
Love is just an illusion
''lt's all a lie, only stories''
''Lose yourself in dreams, just go wild''
''My friend, take it...''
drag it
Take a pull
Pull it
''Nice song. Must talk a bit now, someone is coming''
''You dance well, sing well... why don't you join the club?''
Club? We're here for something else
What's that?
Stuff. - Stuff?
The stuff that goes to lndia
That guy sells it... that guy...? - That chap...
''Tony? - Tony, exactly''
''Where's he, of late? - Want to meet him?''
That's why we're here. - Come on
Let's go
''Who are they? - He wanted to see you, sir''
''Would you bring just about anybody to me, eh?''
Not anybody
''Abby, from Mumbai''
l'll put it straight. l'm here for the stuff
What stuff? - Stuff
''What stuff? - Stuff, stuff''
''What stuff, l'm asking you''
Are you new in business?
Don't know what stuff means?
''Come on, stuff...''
How did you get here?
You and l got a common friend
He said you're good at supplying
So you're Gajji's friend? - Yes
l also knew Tanya
''Yes, Gajji?''
Where's my stuff?
l told you! l gave it to Tanya
''Look, don't chew my brains''
Tanya used to work for you. Didn't she?
lt's worth 100 million. My 100 million!
''Cut the crap. - Crap, eh?''
She slept with one and all
''lf l find that guy, l'll kill him right there''
Sit there
''No. You guys solve your problem, l'll make a move''
Who is this? - Your friend
He's come from Mumbai. - Are you crazy?
He's my friend?
''Gajji, easy, friend. Don't drag me into your problem''
Smartass! Who the hell are you?
This is what you lack. Every business has a law
And you're not a man of your word
Smartass! So it was you who was in Tanya's room
''Don't piss me off, okay? - What will you do?''
What will you do? Tell me. - l'll tell him
What will you tell him? - l'll tell him
Tell him what? Go ahead. - l'll tell him that...
l saw you in Tanya's room and you tried to strike a deal with me...
''You're lying, swine! - Gajji''
Did you meet Tanya? - They are enemies
ls the stuff with you? - What are you talking?
''l've been working with you since ten years, did l ever cheat you?''
''l wasn't in Tanya's room, he was...''
''Now, you go after him''
Duck! Now run
''lf the swine is hit, l'll lose my 100 million''
Tony! Listen to me
''Abby, look there... - Switch off the torchlight!''
l told you not to shoot
''lf he dies, will you give me 100 million?''
l was only scaring him
Why did you switch on the torchlight? - l was trying to find a way
lnside the house?
Don't shoot him! Don't shoot him!
Don't shoot him! Don't you guys understand?
You're scared of rats?
l'm only scared of rats. - What if l died?
You forgot switching on the torchlight? Lighthouse!
l was only looking for a place to hide
Where to?
God! Did l hit you? - What have you done? You shot him
''Hang on, l'm talking''
You shouldn't have come in between. - Give him his fees back
Stupid! Get the hell out of here
l don't care about the money involved. He's deadmeat
''No, Tony''
D'you know how much 100 million is?
''Whose car is this? - Ours, for now''
l didn't know that. How will you start the car without keys?
To start a car without keys is the only thing l learnt in college
Hit the tyre! The tyre!
Don't run... easy. We're inside the hotel
They'll track us down
Must leave for lndia right now
ls there a flight to lndia at this hour?
''There's one, sir''
''Book two tickets for us, please. - Sorry, l can't do that''
Why not?
''As per police instructions, nobody can check out''
Shall l talk to the police...? - On second thoughts...
we're not in a hurry to go to lndia
We can leave after a couple of days. - Yes?
Yes. We got to do a lot of things. Mountaineering...
''trekking, got to meet uncle Tony and uncle Gajji, too''
How are we to go back to lndia? - How'd l know?
She saved me. Tell me something ;...
what's she doing outside so late in the night?
''Now don't tell me you went into her bedroom, too''
''Yes sir, l took a good look. lt's him''
''You're saying that the couple is with the lndian crew, right?''
''Yes, sir. They had come to the travel desk too''
''Ashok, seal the entire hotel''
''Sandy, no one is going to suspect you''
Get a car somehow. Meet us at the old market
l and Maxi will be there. - All right
Are the two of you all right? - Ram...
''get confirm tickets for tomorrow's flight, for the crew''
lt'll be done. But what about the two of you?
We'll have to find a way to get out of Nepal
''We don't have a choice, Abby. Only by air, but that Prithvi...''
l'll manage
''Sandy don't worry, trust me''
''Mr Abby, open the door''
''Mr Abby, open the door''
''Don't move, l'll slip, stupid. - Just, hang on''
Didn't you find a better place to take my pants off?
Nepal was your idea. 30 percent cheaper
This is much cheaper. - Why blame me?
''Go on, dance with Tanya, go to the bedroom''
l won't. - You won't?
Stand straight!
Give me your hand
Come up
You're so fat. Ever believed in dieting?
''Let me come up, l'll fix you''
As if you are a body builder
''Give me a hand, Abby!''
Ruined my dress
This leads to the kitchen. - l know
Damn! Why is he roaming here?
''l'm on duty, sir''
''But l know everything. Not an lndian waiter, you are a cheater''
''Listen, l'm in serious trouble. Can you help me?''
l'll give you anything you ask for. - Sure?
All right. l have a dream. A highrise building...
''You want to own one? - Oh no, sir. l want to be its guard''
Do you know Bunty? - Bunty?
''Bunty, the guide. - Yes, l know him''
Where does he stay? - Beyond the hills
Where? - Beyond that hill is a smaller hill
Beyond that is an even smaller hill... - Do you know the place?
l do. - Can you take us there?
Sure. - Let's go
Oh no! There are cops that side. ls there no other way?
There is. Come on
''Ram, l'm worried. Abby isn't here as yet''
May be they are held up
We mustn't have left them stranded. What if something happens to them?
He will find a way out to get out of Nepal
Where's Abby?
Bunty... - Sir? Here?
Thank God l found you
So late?
''What are you doing here at this hour? - Bunty, we're in real trouble''
There was a mess up at Blue Heavens. Goons are after us
''l told you, it's a hell-spot, but you wouldn't agree''
What can l do? - Look Bunty...
''all we got to do is, get out of Nepal''
''You want to get out of Nepal, but l have to stay here''
l'll be killed. They'll come after me
''Apart from you, we don't know anyone who can get us out of Nepal''
''Sir, you've come asking me for help''
A guest is like God
l'll try
Hurry back
The day is about to dawn
''lf you are telling the truth, why did Abby run off?''
He should've informed the police. - The circumstance was such
Tony and Gajji were after him. - Do you know?
Tony is the biggest dealer in drugs hereabouts
''Which means, the stuff...? - Yes, it must be the drugs''
lf Tony is after Abby...
then he'll surely find him. Pokhra is a small place
''What are we supposed to do, sir? - Why didn't you tell me before?''
Come with me
''Where are we going? - Don't worry, sir''
There's a bungalow on the other side. l'll drop you there
l'll come in the evening and help you cross the border
But you won't venture out in the interim
''Even if a bird spots you, you will be in trouble''
Get down... easy
Sandy and Ram Mohan must be waiting for us
''Don't worry, l'll inform them''
''ls this the bungalow? - Yes, sir''
Come on in
lt's a bit dirty
A bit? - lt's only a matter of few hours
You will be out of Nepal and away from trouble
''But Bunty, you said we'll be alone here''
Who else is here then?
At least a couple of hundred spirits
Abby! You've got a bad sense of humour
''Keep talking, l'll leave''
Please come back soon
And don't give me the bull that you are so good at
''About traffic jams, Pokhra, Mumbai... - You're joking''
''l must leave now. Please don't venture outside, okay?''
Don't venture out?
lf we stay inside any longer...
we'll become like them. Like the spirits living here
Where's the toilet?
''Well, the haunted place has come of good use''
''You're still joking, aren't you?''
l live in the present moments
You are with me
l may be dead the next moment
Come on. - l'm not coming
That's Veer Singh's mansion. - Come on! Veer Singh's mansion!
Not inside! Not inside!
''Stop droning, and say something''
''Not in Chinese, talk in Hindi''
''He says, this place is haunted''
Shut up!
''Have you seen a ghost? - Yes, l have''
How does it look? - Large eyes..
''long hair, clad in white...''
Cut the crap and get inside
Now what's gotten into you?
''Tony, this is the time. Show the world that spirits are only fake''
''Carry on, go inside, l'll wait here''
The swine's terrified
Where the hell are you going? You want me to stand here alone?
''Don't shoot him, Tony. lt's a matter of 100 million''
Praise the lord
We have guests. l guess we'll have to ask the spirits for help
Can't see anything. - Ghosts can't be seen
Shut up
''Strange place. People don't come here, l guess''
There's has been no guests here since 200 years
l told you! This is Veer Singh's mansion
Now that you are here...
But who is she? Mrs Veer Singh?
Please go back to bed
Please go to bed. We won't ever come back
how does one recognise a ghost?
A ghost's feet are reversed
''Gajji-bhai, tell me something''
What brand of shoes must they be wearing?
What are they doing?
l'll go inside
Where the hell are you going? Don't leave me alone
lt's been long since this thirsty land...
was deprived of even a droplet of rain
Looks like a storm is kicking up today
We'll get a bottle of mineral water for you
She's messing up her lines
She seems to be seducing them. lt's time for me to show up
''Lord, have mercy on us''
Couldn't you find a better dialogue?
''Lord, get me out of here''
''Lord, get me out of here. l don't want the 100 million''
''Should l get out of here, l swear, l'll quit all illegal activities''
''l swear, l'll quit''
Who's there?
Why isn't anybody there? Tony!
That was the Chinese
He's quiet again?
''Where are you, Tony?''
Gajji! Bastard!
Good Lord!
''Tony, l didn't kill you, l swear''
''lt's a haunted place, the ghosts had you killed''
l'm getting out of here. To hell with 100 million
''Who's there? - Hang on, pal''
l've been expecting you
At last you are here
Do ghosts fire...?
''Bunty, you?''
''Yes, it's me, sir''
You killed him?
''Yes, l killed him''
How did they know we're here?
l told this guy
Are you okay?
l informed them
l had gone to her bedroom that night...
to pour my heart out to Tanya
You? - Yes
Sorry for dropping in at this hour
l have something important to say
Go on. What is it?
Actually... this room is so beautiful
At three in the night you come to tell me about my room?
''Oh no, l... Ms Tanya...''
''Hurry up with it, Bunty. l'm drowsy''
''Ms Tanya, l'll tell you''
''We've been working together for years. And you know, a guide has to lie''
''But l'm not lying to you, it's from the bottom of my heart''
l like you. You are so pretty
''l like you too, Bunty''
You must go now. Good night. - l'm in love with you
l madly love you
''Bunty, maybe you're drunk. Tomorrow... - Oh no''
l just drank a little to muster some courage
''Look Bunty, there's somebody inside. - With you?''
''Go away, Bunty. - Even if there are ten men with you...''
l don't mind
Because l know that they are here only till morning comes
''Bunty, just go away. - l want to marry you''
''Just go away, Bunty. - l'll be lucky to have you as my wife''
''l swear, l'll be most happy... - Bunty, get out of here''
How dare you touch me?
How could you imagine that l'm in love with you?
Have you ever seen a mirror?
l just spoke a few good things to you...
and you think l'm in love with you? - Don't say that
You are just a guide for me. Only a two-penny worth guide!
You're humiliating me. - Get out of here
''Don't say that, please. - l don't want to see your face again!''
Enough! No more!
Don't say that
l pour my heart out to you
And you talk about my looks
l am...
What's this?
You're bleeding
Oh no!
''How could this happen? Oh, what have l done?''
''Ms Tanya, get up for once, please''
And after that...
l picked the corpse up...
''and placed it i bed, beside you''
''Which means, you killed Tanya''
l didn't kill Tanya
You did
You've ruined my life. l'm tired now
You turned a simple guide into a murderer
''Which means, you are the one who directed Tony and Gajji here''
''Yes, l did''
l stole the stuff from Tanya's room
Then l set Gajji behind you
l thought Gajji and Tony will see the end of you
But the swines...!
l understand this much
No one helps another in this world
One has to do it all alone. l'm confused no more
Now l'm going to kill you
''Bunty, listen to me... - One minute, lady''
l beg of you
Please do not interfere
l'm just not interested in you
''Sorry, but you can leave''
Tell me one thing. lf l were to make love to you now...
''with this dog watching us, how would you feel?''
You want me to make love to her? - Listen...
there was nothing of that sort between me and Tanya
''Nothing? Nothing, really?''
''Bloody cur! Nothing, really?''
''lt hurt, right?''
Blood was spurting out of her head
l was shuddering like crazy
''l was crying, and you were enjoying your sleep''
All that made the difference was the face
Tanya loved your looks
Let me cut up that face
l'll be at peace only if l scratch that bloody face
Let me send you to the heavens
''You are right, Bunty''
''lf l were in your shoes, l'd do the same thing''
''l can understand your pain, brother''
Are you trying to mislead me? You are going to die now
l'm not sparing you
All right!
You're going to kill me anyway
So why don't you listen to truth before you do it?
''Yes, l had slept with Tanya''
''And everything that you imagine, happened''
''Not you, Tanya was in love with me''
She madly loved me
Before you propositioned her...
you should've taken a look at yourself in the mirror
Damn you! You look like a bloody dog
Crazy swine
He just couldn't read it
There was nothing between me and Tanya
''Let's get out of here, Abby. Come on''
Come on
''What are you doing, Abby?''
Just checking. He might just rise again
Can't trust this chap
''Tell me something, Abby''
Did nothing really happen between you and Tanya?
Good Lord
There they are! - They are here. Climax!
''Abby, are you all right? - l'm perfectly all right''
''Where are Gajji and Tony? - Maxi, l hope you are not hurt?''
You are terribly hurt. - Easy
We'll talk about it after...
Love is crazy...
''l realised only after l fell in love with you, sweetheart''
l can't live...
if living is without my beloved
Not mine...
it's the call of my heart
So what do you think?
So what do you think?
l'm in love with you
''You are my life, my romance''
You rejuvenate my love
''When l mention you, my heart skips a beat''
''l can't help it, my heart is restless''
So what do you think?
So what do you think?
l'm in love with you
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