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Subtitles for Love Undercover 2 (2003 HongKong).

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Love Undercover 2 (2003 HongKong)

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Officer Fong Lai Kuen you were a top student in the academy
You have outshone yourself and made the police force proud
Thank you, madam
Which department would you like to join?
I would like to join the Tsz Wan Shan Crime Unit
To assist Officer Chung and his team
To serve and protect the community madam!
You are very loyal to your friends
Thank you, madam
But you should try different departments
To challenge yourself and broaden your horizons
Madam, you have supreme wisdom
I am willing to dedicate myself...
and learn new things...
From different departments, madam
Mr. Leung, calm down You want some water?
Mr. Leung, calm down
Come back down
The negotiator is here, sir
43 years old, banker
Married, owes $30 billion
Just had a baby girl
How old?
A new born
How old?
Two months old
Out of the way!
Out of the way...
Calm down! Relax!
Take Team A and sneak up across the railing
You take Team B down to 38th floor
Climb out the window and back up
Team C, you take the files
Go, go, go...
Buddy, wait!
Look at me! Want a woman?
Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother...
You're stayin' alive
Stayin' alive...
Land mine destructive power of 45 metres radius
Turkish made
In 2001 a shipment came to Hong Kong via Vietnam
German made cables
Unlimited supply in Hong Kong
Sir, I've opted to stop the clock
Instead of detonation which will help forensic tests
I didn't bring pliers!
Got it!
Freeze... Stay calm!
Take it easy... Stay calm!
Stay Calm! Freeze!
Stay calm
Take it easy Stay calm...
It's going to blow, run
Seal off a 100 mile radius
Wing, block off the road
Please take down the number, sir
103-036993 put the insurance compensation in there
Good news...
Kuen is coming back!
Uncle Seven and I shared a cake once
His only family is this Bony Tongue Fish that he's kept for 20 years
I must keep it alive for him
Uncle Seven passed away a month already
Uncle Tak, uncle Kwai
Come in
Thank you... Come in...
You're looking good
Chuen! Yes
Change the water
Why didn't you ask me to pick you up?
I'm famished
I'll prepare dinner
You can rest. I'll cook tonight, okay?
No, I've been sitting at the gatepost all day
I'll turn into stone soon
Then go take a nap
Out. No
Why do you want me to nap?
You want to carry a stone? Help!
Don't move
Chuen. Yes
Watch madam, stay until she falls asleep
Excuse me, are you asleep?
I'm sleeping!
What are you doing?
I promised to cook for your dad tonight
Just be patient
Chuen, where's my sea bass?
In the toilet
What are you cooking?
Sea bass
Then what fish is this?
Then what fish is this?
Could it be in the kitchen?
We'll help you find it
Have you two seen the Bony Tongue Fish?
No? What's going on?
Chuen said he lost Uncle Seven's fish
Maybe the cat took it?
I'll help you find the cat
What are you cooking?
Chinese medicine
Smells like fish
Chinese medicine and fish
Chinese medicine and fish are Fu's favorite
We'd love to take a look
I'll show you something outside
What is it?
It's good stuff, we'll go out first
We have to find that Bony Tongue Fish
Something good? Yes
What is that?
Man, what's there to look at?
That's right...
Actually, I have a zit in my ear
Can someone pop it for me?
Yes Really?
It's too small to pop
Kuen why so much ginger and green onions?
Ginger to rid the smell and green onions for taste
They compliment the fish
Then add the medicine, the ginger
Have more...
What is it?
It looks like that Bony...
Like Bony...
Shouldn't eat too much
Wait a minute!
Stop pretending!
My tongue of 60 years experience in fish eating tells me
The bone structures of sea bass and this fish
Are totally different
This is no sea bass but the Bony Tongue Fish
Uncle Seven!
Who did that?
Chuen, kneel down
Take the fall for her and I'll raise your salary 7 times
It was him
It's my fault, sir I was having some fun
Having some fun?
No, I was careless!
Your careless fun cost me the fish
In the old days
I would chop you up and throw you into the sea
Damn it!
Too bad I've quit the Life
We haven't quit yet
How could you do it!
Do you want to die?
I want to kill you, idiot
Drop your weapons, put your hands up
Kuen I thought you quit the police force
and started a beauty salon with Sergeant Chung?
That's right!
It's an occupational habit
Forgive Chuen, he's a good guy
Why not give him a chance? Just punish him a little
Chuen, I'm disappointed in you!
Chuen, don't wobble!
Stand up straight!
Hello, Sergeant Chung?
What is it?
Yes, got it...
Yes, okay
I have an assignment
Madam Cha approved your application to be on my team
Thank you, Sergeant Chung
Here's your first assignment
Don't move!
Take out your bank machine card
Put it in
Select withdrawal
Transaction advise slip?
Take out $3,000
Only $1,500 left
Only $1,500? Are you serious?
Aren't you with that rich guy?
Abort operation
Will you pay me back?
Sergeant Chung, you're under arrest
You have the right to remain silent anything you say...
will get around to all our colleagues
What's going? Over
You are a law keeper and a family man
Why are you lying to your family?
You lied to me and now Kuen too...
Madam Cha gave me an assignment yesterday...
We are to protect the Empress from Puerto Risi arriving tomorrow
Where is Puerto Risi?
Probably next to Peurto Rico
I'm in charge of their itinerary and accommodations
Madam Cha gave me $80,000 for the expenses
Did you lose the money?
I'm human, I need to rest too
I fell asleep on the bus
When I woke up the money was gone
The job doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg
I'll give her a discounted price
We'll make the Hong Kong Police proud
Thank you!
My name is Chung I'm in charge of the security
My team
Man Po, Royal security consultant
The Empress is easy going
Don't speak unless she does
No photos or autographs, okay?
Start the simple but extravagant welcoming party. Go!
Kuen forget about the eye drawing ceremony
Very Good!
Yeah! Yeah!
Very Good! Good!
Thank you!
Hello... Hello...
Thank you!
You're welcome
The Puerto Risi anthem. Rise!
This hotel is totally exclusive...
for VIP guests only
Welcome, your Royal Highness!
Where's your father-in-law?
On a vegetarian vacation back in a few days
Who has stayed here before?
Mr. Mak
Martin Scorsese
Van Gogh
Genghis Khan
What services do you offer?
We have everything. What would you like?
Yes, who wants a massage?
She's a masseuse would you to shower first?
Would you like soup of the day?
Any blind masseuse?
She's blind now
Let me explain the facilities in this room
There's a TV, a table, a sofa and a bed
And pillows too!
What is this?
A souvenir from the hotel
Thank you
Excuse me... where is the safe?
I'm not sure why you insist that this is a hotel...
but I'm admire your thoughtfulness
I also admire the Hong Kong Police team spirit
I will bestow you with the highest honor of Puerto Risi
Kiss my right foot
Sergeant Chung Yes
After you
From the lowest rank up
Thank you, sir!
Come... don't be shy!
Also, I think you are all too uptight!
I hope you can treat this as your home
You shouldn't have dumped that one...
If you don't want it then it's gin for me
Where are you?
I know
You know? Well?
That's right
You're all here!
Yes, playing mahjong
Man, I'm working
Very hard
Really? What work?
Let's go to our room and work on us
This is Man, my boyfriend
She's an Empress She'll be here for three days
Tasha you have more important things to do
You'll meet Han Yang tomorrow you must be very alert
Oh, yes, your highness...
There are mosquitoes
That's enough, back to work
This tastes better?
You finished all my ice I have no ice for my Coke
Do you have a fever?
You looked at her
Who looked at who?
She played with all my ice
Don't be such a baby
Don't play with ice
What's wrong with playing with ice?
Let's go play with ice
Madam, I have a complaint
Can you not take home your work in the future?
Working at home I could spend more time with you
Can you quit being a police?
No! I inherited my father's ideals of being a police
But have you considered that some day you'll have a child?
Will you feed the baby while you catch a crook?
Police, freeze, drop your weapon
You have the right to remain silent
anything you say may be used against you in a court of law
Son, hurry up
Mommy has to arrest a crook, drink up
It's funny!
I am
Stop goofing around
I'm a goof
Can you be serious?
I am a goof
I was just kidding
True, you're beautiful tasteful and rich
But you steal!
I'm very disappointed in you
I want you to write a letter of repentance
Admit your fault
And seek psychiatric help...
What is it?
Who needs a shrink?
She does...
Don't tick me off or you'll be in trouble
Forget it, Kuen
As a police, you hurt the very person you were protecting
Are you remorseful?
Very remorseful. How about you?
I'm very angry
But wisdom tells me to remain calm
Madam, your EQ and IQ are very high
You're an inspiration in the police force
But I can't calm down
I'm angry and not amused
I'm sorry, madam
I don't know how to make it easier just accept the reality
Hand over your gun
Are you kidding?
And your police I.D.
The gun
The Police I. D
Police I.D., not membership I. D
Any chance you'll change your mind?
Yes, turn around and leave right now
I come from Chiu Chow
Madam Cha, what are you up to?
Your people hurt the Empress Are you remorseful?
Yes, I'm at fault
But wisdom tells me to remain calm
Let me introduce you to...
Interpol director, Mr. Ford
The suave one here is Interpol Chief...
who's also an expert in criminology and love Mr. Chueng Man Po
This handsome one is a rising star in the force...
who's Man Po's assistant, Kim Hung
Tasha, the Empress of Puerto Risi
is actually an undercover agent for the Interpol
PC 77627
She married the Emperor of Puerto Risi
to investigate the Emperor's activities...
with international smugglers dealing in object d'art
I also became a bodyguard for them
To assist 77627
We fully immersed ourselves in our new identities
PC77627 has been using ICQ to correspond with Han Yang...
the head of the smuggling ring
She has spent three years...
gaining his trust as his cyber lover
We're going to Shanghai via Hong Kong...
to meet Han Yang
We planned to sacrifice her sexuality to him
And infiltrate his organization
The doctor said PC77627 must rest for at least 3 days
That bad?
Has anyone been punished for this yet?
Yes, Kuen has been suspended already
What can The Police force do for you?
There is something
Broadband internet
I'll ICQ Han Yang pretending to be the Empress
And postpone tomorrow's meeting in Shanghai
He's Uh-Oh back
Han Yan, it's been a long time
I miss U. U miss me?
I miss U very much
This is a top-level top-secret meeting What are you doing here?
That's right
Come out here
Come on!
You're a disgrace
Kuen, what do you want?
What are you doing here?
It's on net meeting mode
Everyone out of the way
You stay put!
You are...
You finally decided to meet me!
How come I don't see you?
You look more elegant...
than I imagined
Don't forget our meeting
Kuen, be serious
He's the leader of the smuggling ring Han Yang
Since he mistook you for 77627
Let's make the best of it
From this moment on...
you will be the Empress of Puerto Risi Tasha
An upper-class socialite
Officer Fong, welcome back
We'd like you to take on a special assignment
We don't mind if you go sexy
Go where?
Peace Hotel
Remember, you're called Tasha
Han Yang has won numerous awards as a stage actor
He is full of drama
He loves dramatic exchanges
Does it hurt?
Shall we have lunch?
What would you like?
Steamed buns
The more mysterious you are the more he wants you
Drunken Chicken side dish!
Drunken Chicken side dish!
You must be warm and cold to him
Are you okay?
Sometimes, I feel I'm very mysterious
Are you really lonely?
He's taking the bait, don't reel him yet
Pull your hand in
Let he look but not touch
Let him sense the drama
Plan B
Miss, that gentleman sent you this glass of red wine
Tasha, cheers!
What a pain!
Who is that?
He came all the way from London for me
I'm Alexander, Tasha's ex-boyfriend
Do you mind?
Alexander dabbles in the arts also
Correct, in London...
I do Chinese paintings of the human anatomy
Tasha was one of my models
Kuen, order some vinegar
Miss, give me some vinegar
A dollar per dish
But that gentleman paid for you already
What is he up to?
He's my ex-husband
Man Po!
You see each a lot?
Ignore him, just whisper and laugh
Big actors are like that
The less dialogue you give him the more he will mug a scene
Don't misunderstand There's nothing between us
We're just friends
I treat my friends very well
Shit, we've overdone it
On the contrary he's become our male lead
Tasha, I must speak with you
Tasha, what is your goal in life?
Sense of satisfaction
What kind?
To steal, without getting caught
Steal what?
The most treasured, the most expensive
The most famous one in Shanghai now is...
the French Red wine in the Norwegian Club
La Controlerie 1698
It's over 300 years old
It's the most precious and perfect French wine
Yes. I'll get this one!
We have to steal it you need to pay me ten million U.S. Dollars membership fee
I'll give it to you in two days
I'll let you be the leading lady
I'll be the audience in this story thank you!
Someone is following us
What do we do?
Where? What shall we do?
Don't look, act upper-class
Woo, I love shopping very much!
But we are on duty now!
Oh, never mind, take it easy!
I should buy these trees and put them on my island in Shenzhen
You should buy the whole shopping mall!
It's only a few billion dollars!
Our Goofy Duck liver is a hundred year old brand
We're applying to be a public company in Singapore
If Mr. Au agrees to be our Chief Executive...
We will guarantee a 31.5% of net profit
Mr. Au
Mr. Au
Mr. Au
Boss, it's Kuen
Miss, anything more expensive?
That's right Quiet!
What's going on?
I'm sorry!
Actually, it was my fault. Sorry
Man, can you lend me US$10 million?
Yes, I'll write you a cheque
I need it in two days, I love you. Bye
Uncle, what's going on?
You're coming to visit me? Really?
I'm working in the beauty salon my hands are all gooey
Sergeant Chung speaking
Sergeant Chung, help!
You two change into casual clothes GoGoGo...
Where's Kuen?
Please wait
Uncle, welcome
Come in, let's do a facial
Where's Kuen?
Gone out to buy snacks
You don't have to lie to me
I know she's not in Hong Kong
When I called her earlier...
the ringing tone was different
It went DoDo
Then why did you come for the facial?
I didn't come for the facial
I came to ask for a favor
My three buddies are getting out of prison today
I wanted to show them that life is full of hope
I promised to bring Man and Kuen to pick them up
Let them know the warmth of family
Perhaps they'll start a new life?
Who knew that they would...
both be away?
Call them back right away
Yes Sir!
It's too late!
Cool exterior, warm inside
He was my pubescent idol!
Top marksman. Never had a love affair
Seven. Very noisy
A lady killer. Rebel without a cause
Damn you!
Hey! My buddies
Daddy, what's going on?
This is my son Man and his girlfriend, Kuen
Say Hello!
Uncle Bobo Uncle...
Hasn't changed in all these years!
Actually Man has something to give you all
Uncles, hope you like it
What is this?
Three first class tickets to the U. S
Window seats
Wildwolf, what do you mean by this?
We have left the Life behind
Wildwolf has really gone mad
Why don't you three leave the Life behind also?
Go abroad and start over
If you see a woman you like
Why not start a family there?
You're talking out of your ass!
I don't need to depend on others
I want to do big jobs
What jobs?
With Hardy's gun Bobo's brains and my physical prowess...
We can pull any job we want
Uncles, the times have changed
You can't outwit the police anymore
Says who?
Even back then, I wasn't afraid of the supercops, I'm not afraid now
Who are these goons that don't know their places?
Sorry! Sorry!
Our lives are worth nothing but our words are worth gold
Sorry, sorry
Calm down, have some tea
Don't treat us like paper tigers
Hurry up, Seven
You act like a woman
Deeper, Seven
Deeper, Seven
Seven, are your legs soft?
Didn't you say you burnt everything?
Burnt everything?
How can us Godfather 4 reclaim the city without weapons?
Shanghai at night is more beautiful than Shanghai in the day!
Pal, they had a few already...
Doesn't their stomach hurt?
Let them be, they're used to it...
As upper-class socialites
We should find a party and socialize
Where are you?
I'm in Shanghai
Shanghai? Me too
I'll bring you the cheque where shall I meet you?
Meet me?
Russian Folk dance party
How come they're not dancing to the music?
Do you have an oxygen tank?
Did we dress wrongly?
What are we doing? Socialites wouldn't dress like this
It's a Russian Folk Dance Party
Not Russian Folk Dance Costume Party
We got it wrong
Thank you, you performed very well
Please come back tomorrow
Split up to find Man
Man, where are you?
You danced well perhaps I've seen you perform before?
Are you the clowns from the Moscow circus?
They seem to know something
I'll interrogate them in Russian
Do you know where Man is?
Miss, do you have any change?
What's your problem?
Don't bug me, I have a boyfriend
I asked whether you have change There's no need to fret
I told you to back off My boyfriend loves me so much
He's coming soon, don't you move!
I warn you, I'm ferocious!
Excuse me, this is my girlfriend
Can I help you?
Excuse me, this is my girlfriend
Can I help you?
I asked if she had any change
But she's so rude. I'm leaving
He said he asked if you had change
But you're too vicious, so he's leaving
You know Russian?
A little
Chuen is better than me
Kuen, what's with your hand?
This is a public place! Hey...
Why did you take my cigarette?
I broke your astray The remains are here
I feel guilty
I should go clean up
I, Au Hoi Man, now...
I swear by all the luck in my life
I'll make Kuen the happiest woman on earth
The happiest woman on earth
Can you say it again?
Kuen, marry me
This ring is beautiful
Wear both at the same time?
Sorry, it's not this one
Hold me
Tasha, I'm here
Who's here?
Don't you want the red wine?
I'll pick you up at your room
What's up?
As an officer of the Hong Kong SAR Police Force
PC11661, I'm recruiting you into a sting operation
What operation?
To combat crime
For how long?
What's my duty, Madam?
Stay quiet and lock yourself in the toilet
Let's go, let's go
Open the door! Open the door...
I'd like a tour
For an Empress you keep a very low profile
This color seems too bright It hurt my eye
Should I take it off?
I'd like you to take it off very slowly
I don't know how, why don't you do it?
I won't be shy!
No wonder I've been dizzy all day
This is the painting, you really are...
Alright, let's go It really is late
I have to go to the toilet
There's no toilet here
Where does this lead to?
No, don't go in there...
Give me a second!
Bitch kidnapped me!
Yes but you were a pain when I asked you for the 10 million
I should just ask your dad for it
I'd let any woman take advantage of me but you
Should I burn you the money?
Wake up and smell the coffee
Save it for your willow wood coffin so you can sleep in it
Willow wood, you know
Are you possessed?
Yes, there's a ghost in me You're the ghost!
Actually a little bickering is interesting
But real excitement comes from dangerous adventures
I'll take you on an adventure now Very exciting
Fantastic! I like it!
I really like it
Shut up, idiot!
What is it?
Where are the other Uncles?
They left a note saying they've gone on a robbery
Without me? What?
Damn it!
No paper bag
No paper bag?
Only this
Put it on
Pretty cool
Power Ranger?
Bobo, our first heist after we came out is a cinema
Maybe it's too ambitious?
Maybe we should rob an office to warm up
Are you scared?
I'm not scared!
We're the coolest crew around!
We'll go to the show with the biggest audience!
In Hong Kong's biggest cinema The Palace!
There have 3000 seats, let's go
They're new members Empress and her lover
Introduce yourselves
I'm Fai
I'm Marie
When I was 13, I speculated on stocks with my father's money
I'm worth 400 million dollars
But I'm still lost
I can only find myself when I'm in this...
Rich thieves club
I stole a Mickey Mouse handkerchief in the Tokyo Disneyland once
I discovered that paying for stuff is stupid
You gave me back my self-worth
Mr. Han, I love you
What about you? What does stealing mean to you?
My life is plain and dull
I steal therefore I am. Thank you
Well said!
Good... Good...
Well said!
Just like an artist
I met a strange group tonight
Don't know where I am
I don't know what to do
Or and what they will do
I just don't know anything
Thank you
Did I speak in French?
Sorry, I speak French when I get nervous
C'est la vie
C'est la vie
I'm here, Sergeant Chung
Location, Sergeant Chung
In the car, dammit
I can't see you
Behind you
Nine o'clock
No, it's ten o'clock
Even a blind passerby said Hi to me
Are you blind?
No, he said Hi to me
Why don't you get a higher car?
Drive a truck and stand on the top to look for me. Idiot!
I'll try it
Suspect is armed and dangerous
To avoid a blood bath...
We won't open fire, understand?
Uncle Bobo what are you three doing here?
The Palace Theatre really is torn down
Did it need rebuilding?
We thought it'd be packed
And we'd rob their box office
Who knew there'd be only three of us in the theatre
We even lost money for the tickets
Have you killed anyone before?
Let's take it easy
Let go, let go
Just kill us
There's no difference between a toothless tiger and a four-legged snake
That's the difference between a mammal and a reptile
If you can't be robbers you might as well start over
Who asked you to talk?
Chuen, slap your mouth
Well, then
Go to bed
Three good brothers!
You're a rich guy what are you doing here?
Seeing you pull job fired up something in me
I really want to pull a big job
But we don't pull just any job Tomorrow...
we'll rob a bank, okay?
Damn you!
Don't worry
I have many banks under me
Pick one and we can go act out a robbery
Blood oath
That's not sanitary
We will steal La Controlerie in a moment
But I just received a terrible news
There is a mole among us...
It's me, I'm the mole, I'm a cop
You're a cop? Where's your I.D.?
Why would a mole bring his I.D.?
Don't you have common sense?
What does Hong Kong's PTU stand for?
It stands for PTU
Who is the Police chief?
Hillary Clinton
How do you treat a sniffer dog who's hooked on drugs?
Mix Methadone with dog food
I have something to say
I know who the traitor is
It's her
Freeze, police
You're all under arrest
Freeze or I'll kill you
I said freeze!
Go... go!
Kuen, go!
Hi! Hi!
That'll make me deaf, asshole!
Hubby! Honey!
Let go, don't move
I love you!
Shut up!
I'm a rising star in the police force don't hit me
I'm detective Cheung Man Po from the crime unit. Stop it!
Don't mess with my boss! Stop it!
Scared now?
Your punk!
Well done!
What are you doing? Let go. Are you nuts?
Man... Kuen
Stop screaming!
You're asking for it!
Let go. Man...
Kuen... Man...
Let go. How is he?
Stop pretending, PC11661, Fong Lai Kuen
On the net meeting that day you had a police I.D. On?
Steal with me
I feel I've fallen in love with you
Do you love me?
What we want is on the 100th floor
Norway's richest man and his new bride fell in love at first sight
Tonight at midnight, he'll open the 300 year old French red wine...
La controlerie to share with his wife...
to express his love
That's love
At all costs
To steal is to abandon
Tonight you must abandon your police identity
And be my mate
Coffee mate? Any Sugar?
Shall I stir for you?
Let it go, Han Yang
Worried about me?
I said let go, I'm getting angry
I like you
Too bad, I hate you!
I like you more
11661, listen to my instructions. Go!
Asshole, he gave me this necklace
Give it back
Obey me if you want your lover to live
Help! Help...
Shit! My Honey!
What Happened?
My wife has an epileptic fit
What can I do?
Any doctor here?
I'm a doctor
I'm an epilepsy expert
Any nurses around?
Take her to the hospital right away
Her brain will explode soon we must operate right away
Operate right away
Any alternatives? I love her very much
Take her to the rest room
If you want to conquer love you must understand the other person
Stealing is the same thing
The Norwegian millionaire and his wife are caring people
Watch the time, we have five minutes
Forget it, go home
Here? Are you sick?
Respect what you do
When will we meet again?
The question is will we ever split up!
Shut up!
Your mouth is full of wind
Take out the lip marks
The Norwegian millionaire doesn't often kiss another woman
But he forgot, his wife is an artist
The game begins
A guard
No way!
Your phone bill has been outstanding for 3 months
It's been disconnected Please pay the bill immediately
Thank you
Now it's your turn!
Oh no, we should call the police first
Or we'll get into real trouble
Okay, you call
Let Man go first
Maybe he's dead already
Then you'll be dead
I'll order them to kill him right now
The number you're calling is busy Please call again later
Do you want to hear your husband's last words?
Hello, Madam Cha?
I just want to see if you drank it yet
Drink it if you haven't already
Concentrate when you work
Doctor there's someone with epilepsy here
Hurry up and help, thank you...
It's over! Man
Give me the wine...
Trust me, I'll let Man go
Han Yang! Catch!
Hey, Han Yang!
Trust me, I'll steal the wine for you
I swear on everything I own!
Fine, tomorrow at 3:30! Hong Kong's Music Farm
A wine for a man
You are Hong Kong Police Fong Lai Kuen
Yes sir
In a few minutes four elderly men will rob this place
Don't do anything!
Pretend to be scared but don't scream aloud!
Let's rehearse
I said, don't scream
Isn't that better?
You hand the money over the counter
Remember, be courteous
Where's the money?
Lucky I took some money out
That's all?
I think they'll shoot!
Wait, are their guns real or fake?
No, I'm not playing, I'm scared!
Take it all off if you dare
Sergeant Chung, this won't work!
Right, $4,200 is not much
I have $300 in my pocket, take it!
We'll pool together at least $5,000
We'll work some more, that'd be $10,000!
I didn't mean it that way Sergeant Chung!
I didn't mean it that way
We're law keepers we should serve and protect!
Why are we creating a fake bank for a fake robbery?
That's not the behavior of a law keeper
Kuen is on a the job in Shanghai
I don't want her distracted by this
Let's just get it done
She has to concentrate on her mission understand?
Yes sir
How do you think she's doing in Shanghai?
I'm curious also
Hold it, find the location of the call
Fong Lai Kuen
That's me
It's me
Where is the rendezvous?
The bank, location is...
I want to hear his voice
I miss you
I miss you too have you gained or lost weight?
Why is your voice so weird? Did they torture you?
Not really but they do say nasty things to me
Forget it it's important that you're safe
Very safe! If it's convenient can you pick me up some ham?
Sergeant Chung?
Chung Lok Hoi
Which jerk jammed the line?
It's Madam Cha, on the job
Madam Cha, I'm sorry...
La Controlerie 1698 15 million U.S. Dollars
The Shanghai Police is very cooperative
But the Norwegian millionaire...
would not lend out his La Controlerie 1698
It's fake?
The bottle is real glass
But the wine is from the supermarket $99
Don't worry!
You want me to take a fake bottle?
Yiu Shan Bank
Wildwolf, is that yours?
Not mine
But it's a good one to rob
Don't move... robbery...
Get down, don't move!
Buddy, look at me, scared?
You're really good. You'll get a raise
Don't move or I'll kill you
Get down...
Get down!
Hurry up, don't be scared
I want money, not your life
Why are you so slow?
Hurry up, we're being yelled at
How much can you take taking little bundles like that?
It's a huge sheet of glass How fast can I be?
Don't move
Open the door
Don't move, open the door!
Don't move, open the door!
How can he open the door if he can't move?
Give clearer directions
You don't understand but they do
When I say open the door that means to move
Open the door!
I told you to open the door!
Don't trip the alarm or I'll shoot
Let's split
Open the door!
Don't you have the key?
Don't you have the key?
No Do I have it?
We lost it
It's gone
Little girl, lend me the car
Seven, watch her
Sergeant Chung even prepared a getaway car for us
And women too!
Master, where are you?
They should be here already
It's so dark, I'm scared, boss
Announcement bank robbery in Wong Tai Sin
Four male suspects between the ages of 50 to 80
Suspects are armed and dangerous
That's them
How can you look cool if you scuttle like that?
You're kidding, it stalls now? Open the door
Open the door
We're standing by at the Music Farm waiting for you!
Oh, I'm dizzy!
Uncle, you got a new car?
Where are you going? I'll take you
Music Farm
How do we get to the Music Farm?
Uncle, do you have a map?
Me? No
This is not his car...
Miss, we haven't been introduced
She's my niece
Fong Lai Kuen, Han Yang is next to me
You're Interpol and yet you break the law?
Don't you know it's a crime?
Did I ask for it? I'm rich but I feel so empty
My shrink told me to have a goal in life
What will you do now?
Go home and get ten Blythe dolls and La Controlerie
To Music Farm
Uncle, take me home
Home? I know the way home
She's in a hurry
Let the lady unload the goods first
Unload the goods?
This is my house
Is the road yours?
We can be pen pals and get to know each other
Get in, Seven
Stop womanizing, Seven
Bobo needs to get to the pier
How are you?
Let him go
Transaction over, US$20 million
I must test the wine
Let him go first
Wine test
Let him go first
Wine test
The wine is fake
I hid the real bottle let my husband go first
Where are the hostages?
Hostages are down there
Any Coke?
Any Coke?
Man Honey
Kuen, do you have any Coke?
The real La Controlerie is over there
Yes, I vacuum-packed the red wine into the fish-sauce bottle
Right under your nose
Didn't expect it?
Tasha, is the US$20 million ready?
Do you really believe her?
I do, do you believe her?
Thank you
Don't touch me, jerk
Where's the money?
I put it elsewhere
Take her away, make her husband pay
Take her away, everyone leave
Help... help... help
Now what? Master
Undo the rope
Can't get out!
Seven, what's with you?
I miss that girl
Seven, I've told you, women are trouble
Forget about it, Seven
Wildwolf, turn back
The bun I had this morning may be bad
Wildwolf, I need to crap
Oh no!
Wildwolf I can't hold it in if you turn so fast
Okay? Okay
What are you doing? I said to observe only
We'll split if there's danger
Let's split!
Don't move...
Stop everyone!
Daddy? Uncle?
Don't move
You only have one gun
But I have six
You're surrounded
Take a look around you
Surrender, assholes
Piss off
Drop your guns
Drop your guns
Go away, old man
Never learn
Daddy, go
Go! Go! Go...
Freeze, you're all surrounded
You're surrounded
Don't move, drop your weapons
Police also
Drop you weapons
On your knees
My ass got shot
On your knees
Madam, it's all yours
Let's wrap it out
Sorry... Madam Cha
I'll yell at you later...
Seems like it's been years
We can't find Han Yang he may have swam away
Mr. Au, you and your 3 friends are suspects in a bank robbery
We want you to cooperate with us
Daddy, you robbed a bank?
Madam, there must be a misunderstanding
Me and my friends robbed our own bank for fun
Sorry, uncle, you went to the wrong bank
You did help with this case
We'll ask the judge for leniency
Wildwolf save it till we've been body-searched
Let's go
I'll go with them
Kuen Uncle
Don't worry, two days at the most
Don't worry...
Will we get beaten?
The police don't beat people
Don't beat people
Us Godfather 4 are finally reunited
Didn't think we'd go back in after a few days
Fong Lai Kuen
You are very courageous
I want to bestow you the highest honor of my country...
Kiss my right foot
Let me take her back
Okay, back to work
What will you do with no ice to play with, sir?
I play checkers now
Don't move... Don't move...
You hurt my husband?
You hurt my husband?
Do you want to die?
Don't go, the grenade is dangerous
Cops can't hit people...
Don't move
You hit...
Calm down
He's got my husband, he's got a grenade
Calm down
Stay calm, put him down
Help, call the bomb disposal squad
Calm down
Damn you
Bomb my house? Go to hell!
Good boy
Hubby Kuen
Are you okay?
Mouth to mouth resuscitation?
Hurry up, Seven
Faster, Seven, what are you doing?
What's holding you up, Seven?
Can't you even sweep, Seven?
Why do you keep sweeping the same spot?
Seven, getting lazy?
What? Getting annoyed?
Seven, you're sweeping that spot again
Jerk, you can't call him Seven
Seven, let's jump him
Jump him
You want to run?
You want to run?
Hello, madam Cha?
No need to see us off to the airport
Man, can we turn back?
I... have...
A special mission
But we're going on our honeymoon
What kind of mission?
Madam, can I go with you?
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