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Subtitles for Love is Colder Than Death (1969).

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Love is Colder Than Death (1969)

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The sequence showing the drive along Landsberger Strasse ...
was made available by Jean-Marie Straub.
Give me one!
You'II pay for that, you swine!
You've had three previous convictions.
Two for assauIt and one for procuring.
Is that correct?
Something Iike that. -It's exactIy that.
Our information is absoIuteIy reIiabIe.
You know why you are here?
Very weII,
I'II teII you.
The syndicate wants you to work for us.
Do you smoke?
The syndicate gets what it wants. You know that.
In principIe, it's aII very simpIe. You do the work ...
and you'II be paid reguIarIy.
How do you Iike the idea?
You have a girIfriend.
She's a very pretty girI, isn't she?
WiII you work for the syndicate?
You wiII work for the syndicate.
I work for myseIf and no one eIse.
I don't want to work for the syndicate.
Watch your step, kid! They can be reaI mean here.
Do you have a jaiI record?
You don't want to taIk? It's better that way.
What's your name?
My name's Franz.
Where are you from?
A smaII provinciaI town.
I'm from Munich.
I have a girI there...
I'm fond of her.
Be carefuI, kid! They'II torture you.
Beat it!
Have you thought the matter over?
You'd have a secure future as an empIoyee of the syndicate.
The syndicate has the best Iawyers,
the best connections.
I want to be free.
Come on! Get up!
They're Ietting me go today.
I don't know what you pIan to do when they Iet you go.
You can come to us if you Iike.
Can you memorize the address?
Munich, 1 29 Hess Strasse.
Munich, 1 29 Hess Strasse.
I usuaIIy get some nice person sitting opposite me here.
WouId you Iike this appIe?
What are you thinking about?
About the revoIution.
You think so?
How vuIgar!
You Iike that?
Did you enjoy the appIe?
When I was 1 2 I smashed a vase over my father's head and kiIIed him.
At 1 6, I was the Ieader of a gang.
One day we kiIIed a guy who was sitting on a bench with a girI.
We pissed down on him from a hiII.
He came up and gave us a dressing down.
So we went for him, and he just keeIed over.
You know, with brass knuckIes.
And then he was dead.
Just kicked the bucket.
Can't see you now, Sweetie. Come back in haIf an hour.
I've come about a guy caIIed Franz.
He doesn't Iive here anymore. He Ieft quite a whiIe back.
Were you his girI?
He's not my type.
What was her name again?
Joanna, you mean?
I'm Iooking for a girI caIIed Joanna.
Why Joanna? Why not me?
Because she's the one I have to find.
I saw her just now ... in a yeIIow dress.
I've been watching you.
You've been here quite a whiIe now.
You're aIone, aren't you?
I'm aIone, too.
Maybe we beIong together?
I'm Iooking for a girI caIIed Joanna.
I know a girI caIIed Joanna.
1 29 Herz Strasse.
Second fIoor, on the right.
But don't say who toId you...
How did it go?
We ought to find an apartment where we can stay...
Have a chiId ...
and some peace.
A guy from the crime squad stopped me again today.
What did he want?
He wanted to know if you were stiII around.
I'm Iooking for someone caIIed Joanna.
She Iives here, I beIieve? -Yes, that's right.
May I come in?
There's another customer for you.
Who is it?
Come in!
Put your hands up!
He's cIean.
It reaIIy is Bruno.
Some Turkish guy was shot down.
He had a few girIs working the streets for him here.
So his brother comes Iooking for revenge.
And some rat teIIs the guy I'd kiIIed his brother.
Did you?
The heII, I did! As if I'd kiII a Turk!
Anyway, I'm keeping off the streets tiII he's found the right guy.
Joanna's OK.
He can't shoot you if you get him first...
OK, kid!
Can I heIp you?
Do you have steeI-rimmed gIasses?
SteeI-rimmed gIasses! -I don't know.
Are these any good?
I'm not sure... They Iook good.
WouId you serve me, pIease? -Sorry, what did you want?
Just to ask ... whether you have steeI-rimmed gIasses.
I don't know...
WouId you wait your turn?
The Iady just wanted... -It's OK.
I'm Iooking for round gIasses ...
Iike the cop in Psycho had.
The guy who finds Janet Leigh's car.
Do you know what I mean?
I'm sorry, we don't have round gIasses.
Very poor service. I shaII compIain.
I have onIy one pair of hands!
The steeI-rimmed gIasses! -Yes.
If you don't have round gIasses, what eIse can you show me, darIing?
We don't have such a big seIection. We're a department store.
Thanks a Iot.
Another time maybe.
Just a moment!
HoId it!
You know very weII you can't smoke in a department store.
That's right! See to it they keep order here!
I have a gun Iicense.
For what type?
CIose the door!
An IsraeIi sub-machine gun.
The onIy machine gun I have is a very fine dummy.
Let's have a Iook!
This here.
It's much Iess expensive, of course.
But it sits beautifuIIy in the hand.
Do you have a revoIver?
I'm out of WaIther PKKs at the moment.
Thank you.
Why have you taken off your gIasses?
He doesn't turn me on ...
What was that for?
Because you Iaughed at Bruno,
and Bruno's my friend.
And what about me? -You?
You Iove me anyway.
Yes, pIease?
Coffee! -OK.
What wouId you Iike? -A coffee.
And for you? -Coffee.
I'm the guy you're Iooking for.
Is that your car parked back there?
Which one?
The American one. The Ford Mustang or whatever.
Can I see your papers?
Cut out the funny questions!
WiII you show me your papers or...?
Look, I couId understand you perfectIy...
It's quite simpIe.
A rivaI gets murdered...
His brother turns up to avenge his death.
But someone tips him off that you're the kiIIer.
So he comes Iooking for you.
You're afraid to Ieave your hideout.
After a whiIe, you've had enough, and you think:
before he gets you, you'II get him.
Just imagine: you shoot him... and not just once.
And now you can go out again.
And you get arrested.
It's a nice story.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Sure, things Iike that are bound to happen.
You might even be acquitted.
Acting in seIf-defense...
If it weren't for the girI, Erika Rohmer.
Pretty girI, 1 9 years oId.
StiII had a Iot to expect from Iife.
You had ...
to get rid of the Turk.
I can see that.
But why did you have to kiII the girI?
I have nothing to do with it.
I'm saving up the best things for Iater.
How's Joanna?
She's fine.
And business?
Is that fine, too?
We've gone straight.
Apart from two IittIe murders.
How do you make a Iiving?
We get by.
where were you Iast night?
What time?
Let's say ...
around six.
At six?...
I was in bed.
Was I ever aIone in bed?
In jaiI, you were.
Apart from in jaiI, that's true.
So who were you with?
I'm a gentIeman.
Oh, yes?
OK, Iet's start again at the beginning.
We have pIenty of time for you.
24 hours. Not a minute Ionger.
The poIice are hoIding him because of the Turk.
They have to reIease him by 1 0 tomorrow morning ...
if he doesn't confess.
He can't take a Iot.
The same questions over and over again.
''Where were you yesterday at six?''
''Who were you in bed with?''
''Why did you shoot the waitress?''
''Where did you hide the gun?''
Didn't they come to the apartment?
It was pretty risky to wait in the car outside the poIice station.
Is that it?
How wouId you Iike it?
In mark coins?
Good, huh?
Very cIean, the bank.
The biggest amount of cash is there on Fridays.
We'II go our separate ways tomorrow ...
and fend for ourseIves for a whiIe.
Each of us wiII take a smaII amount of the cash.
The rest wiII be hidden.
We'II meet again in a few months ...
when the heat's off.
Who is it?
Open the door, Hanna! Hurry up!
A customer.
Open the door!
There are two others here!
And one of them has a gun!
I'II get rid of him.
I spoke on the phone with Mr. Strauss.
His orders are to get rid of the girI.
It's to be done tomorrow.
If you fire first ...
we can take advantage of the confusion.
And the weapon?
In the bIack CitroŽn.
- OK. -
At 4:30.
Make sure you hit her properIy!
See you in Greece!
Bavarian State Bank
StiII too many peopIe.
Where's Joanna? -She's buying cigarettes.
Buying cigarettes.
Why aren't there any here? I asked for them speciaIIy.
But I haven't seen any.
Where is she?
She'II be here in a minute.
Put your hands up!
I have a machine gun!
Don't move, or we'II shoot!
Hands up!
Is he dead?
- Yes. -
Damn it!
They're on our taiI.
Open the door and throw him out!
He's dead.
HeIp me move him aside!
I caIIed the poIice.
SubtitIes: Peter + WaItraut Green
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