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Subtitles for Loving You Elvis Presley 1957.

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Loving You Elvis Presley 1957

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I will spend my whole life through
Loving you, Just loving you
Winter, summer, springtime, too
You know I'm loving you
Loving you...
( instrumental version plays )
( western swing music playing )
We're running out of beer, honey.
You better order some more from that Highway Beverage.
Oh, and where's the money coming from, Jim?
I haven't had a check from you in three weeks.
Tend to my publicity, Miss Markle. I'll fret about the money.
Then you better start fretting and start getting.
When I say we'll get it, we'll get it. It takes time.
When you're mad, you're beautiful.
- I ain't mad. - You're not beautiful, either.
( music ends )
( applause )
Thank you, thank you, my cotton-chopping chums.
We're going to have more music for you in a bit,
but now it's a pleasure for me to introduce the generous gent
that's providing all this fuss and fancy for you and me,
your good friend and mine, the next governor of this bountiful state,
good old Jim Tallman.
Thank you, Tex, thank you.
Well, friends, I see that the county still hasn't paved your streets.
Now, you elect me your next governor
and Delville will get paving faster than a frog on a hot rock.
( forced laugh )
Well, friends, we're not strangers, you and me.
I've been coming through here for years,
telling you all about my fine reJuvenating elixir--
Tallman's Terrific Tonic.
And I'm here today, my friends,
to tell you that I got a fine batch
of that pepper-upper tonic for the state administration.
They're crying for it. That's what they're doing.
With all the millions being poured into our great southland...
Hey, partner. Fasten your seat belt.
I've got a bulletin for you.
You won't get paid this week. I won't either.
Our loyal campaign contributors Just ain't contributing.
Can you blame them? Dig that clown.
His politics don't taste any better than his tonic.
Well, you're taking the blow rather placidly.
I'm practicing to be a philosopher.
If I had a rusty knife I'd open a vein.
- Whose? - Art Hawkins'.
He's breaking records at the State Lake in Chicago
with my band, my arrangements.
Well, I made that band. I created that sound.
Both: If I didn't get some tough breaks I'd still be on top...
...bigger than any man in the music business today.
Have I said it that often?
You're a fool, darling. You always were.
Takes a fool to wear these clothes
and play the tunes that clod wants.
Don't knock country music. It's the voice of our nation.
Our nation should see a doctor.
Folk music's big and it's getting bigger.
If you ever get to the top again--
if, I say-- this is your route. All you need is the right gimmick.
Gimmick? What gimmick? I play a quarter-tone sharp
and stomp my foot. What else do I have to do?
If you were a girl, I could tell you.
If I were a girl, maybe I'd get paid.
Oh, Tex, I didn't know this would happen.
I thought Tallman was a real crook-- that he'd get somewhere.
- A girl's entitled one mistake. - Yes, but only one.
- I made mine years ago. - Come on, honey.
Let's shake that medicine man and head for the big wheel.
We're big time, you and me.
You could find a gimmick for me-- a girl with your mind.
In case you forget, Mr. Warner, my mind is up here
and you better get back up there.
The natives are getting restless.
I wish I were twins. I'd have somebody to blame for this.
( groans )
Fellas, will you take one of those cases and please put it
in Mr. Tallman's car? That black Job over there?
Over yonder? Yes, ma'am.
Man, if I had me a car like this, I'd get in it, take off
and I wouldn't stop till I was someplace else.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
( strums slowly )
Pretty good beat, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, kinda.
- Wanna get up and dance for us? - Me?
We could use a hometown touch to liven things up.
- Oh, I don't dance, ma'am. - Then how about singing?
You want singing, he's your man. He sings up a storm.
We could use a good storm about now.
He's Just kidding, lady. I don't sing.
Just give this cat a guitar and stand back.
- Come on, don't be bashful. - He's Just kidding you.
Come on over and listen to this. Got some hometown talent here.
- Come on over and listen. - ( music ends )
- You've got to hear this. - He's gonna sing.
Hey, Tex, give this boy a guitar and let's hear him sing.
Up you go, Hopalong.
- So you sing, eh? - I Just fool with it.
Hey, Skeeter, give Kadiddlehop here your ax.
Handle it easy. I owe money on it.
They're all yours, buddy.
Teddy: Come on, Deke, let's hear it.
Give him a little boogie-woogie. That'll get him started.
( piano riff plays )
Yeah, now go on, Deke. Go on.
There's moon that's big and bright in the Milky Way tonight
But the way you act, you never would know it's there
Now baby, time's a-wasting
A lot of kisses I ain't been tasting
I don't know about you but I'm gonna get my share
I've got a lot of living to do
A whole lot of loving to do
Come on, baby, to make it fun it takes two
Oh yes, I've got a lot of living to do
A whole lot of loving to do
And there's no one who I'd rather do it with-a than-a you
You're the prettiest thing I've seen
But you treat me so doggone mean
Ain't you got no heart I'm dying to hold you near
Why do you keep me waiting? Why don't you start cooperating?
And the things I say are the things you want to hear
Oh, I got a lot of living to do
Got a lot of loving to do
Come on baby, to make it fun it takes two
Oh yes, I've got a lot of living to do
Well I've got a lot of loving to do
And there's no one who I'd rather do it with-a than you
And there's no one who I'd rather do it with
Than you.
( cheering )
Well, y'all got some right lively local talent in these parts.
Deke, that was great.
- You was the most. - You and your big mouth.
Only thing it's good for is to keep your teeth in.
Tex: Once again I want you to meet our own singing sweetheart.
Sweet Susie Jessup.
All right, Susie. Go to work.
Tex: Hey!
- What was the big idea? - I liked him.
He's got something for the girls.
- You notice that crowd? - Only the women.
Another chorus and they would have started throwing things.
Yeah, their door keys.
Hey-- where you going, cowboy?
- Lady, I'm not a cowboy. - You're a whirlwind.
- How long have you been singing? - Oh, I--
What's your hurry?
Look-- come on, Teddy. We've got to get back to work.
Yeah, work. I told you he sings up a storm, didn't I, lady?
Get in, Teddy.
You're not going to run over me, are you?
Excuse me, ma'am. I'm in kind of a hurry.
I can see that. Dual carbs,
electrical fuel pump,
nice do-it-yourself Job. What's your cam?
- Three-quarter race. - What's she peak at?
- She does all right. - You ought to install a tach.
- Tach costs money. - Yeah, money.
I'm Glenda Markle.
You sure know your way around a car, lady.
You have to in my line of work. I'm a girl.
How about a little demonstration?
Go on, cat. Show the lady what the car can do.
Yeah-- I already know what you can do.
( engine roars )
Takes it a little while to warm up.
Doesn't everyone?
Glenda: Crazy! Head back to earth!
Let's coast so we can talk.
- What's your name? - Deke.
- Deke? - Deke Rivers.
- Short for Deacon? - I guess.
I like the way you sing, Deke. You've got... something.
I don't know what it is. Ever think of doing it for a living?
- Everybody thinks. - Ever try?
Thinking and doing is two different things.
How much do you make delivering beer?
How much do you make doing what you do?
I'm a public relations counsel. A press agent.
And I don't make enough to suit me. Do you?
Does anybody?
You're a hard one to talk to. We better stop coasting.
Now, how'd you like to come with me--
- sing with Tex Warner's band? - You'd pay me for that?
More than you're making now, and that would be Just to start.
I don't know. There was a guy in St. Joe, Missouri one time
told me he'd pay me to sing in his show.
After I sung he run out on me and took my guitar with him.
- Then what more can you lose? - A steady Job.
It's the first one I've had in a year and I'd like to keep it.
$1 8 a week in tips. Made 26 bucks last week.
- What would your mother say-- - My mother's dead.
- Oh, I'm sorry. - Both of them, a long time ago.
Then you're on your own?
Yeah, that's why I got to hang onto something steady.
Someday I'm gonna have a place of my own, like a farm.
This could be steady. 50 a week to start.
So why not start?
( engine charges )
( music plays )
Have we got a deal?
I think I'll stay here, Miss Markle, but thanks anyway.
Why don't you think it over? You've got till 8:00 tomorrow.
We'll be leaving from the hotel.
Operator, may I have the number of Highway Beverage?
I appreciate your vote and thank you for coming.
The pleasure is mine, madam.
Remember, a vote for me is a vote for-- Glenda!
Well, where have you been?
- So long, Jim. - You going on ahead?
Way ahead. This is goodbye and good luck.
Tex going with you?
You don't need him, Jim. I do.
The only thing you need, young lady, is a little old-fashioned loyalty.
I'm loaded with loyalty, Mr. Tallman.
But for the last couple of years it's been misplaced.
Line up whatever you can, Carl. Anything.
You get the bookings and she'll get the publicity.
Call me tonight. I'll talk to you later, Carl.
There's a court date in Longhorn he can book for tomorrow night.
Boy, did he flip when I told him you were coming with us.
- What's that? - An agreement.
Between the party of the first part
and the party of the second part.
Cut yourself in for a pretty big chunk.
I cut you in for a big chunk. I've got the gimmick.
- Already? What is it? - Sign the paper.
Huh-uh. I'm not going to sign that paper.
Look, let's get one thing straight at the start.
You want me, you can have me-- but strictly on a business basis.
And this time, I call the shots. I handle the money.
Oh, honey, I wouldn't want to fight with you.
- You still haven't got it. - Got what?
A gimmick.
And sign your right name-- Walter.
- Band member: Watch this one. - Band member #2: Okay.
What a beautiful morning this is-- if we were in New York.
Skeeter, get that bus into Longhorn by 4:00.
Could make it by 3:00. There's a road all the way.
- Hey, Susie? Button trouble. - Sure, Barney.
This gives me something to do on the bus ride. I don't play cards.
- Anybody else? Socks--? - All right, little mother.
Get your chicks in the car. We're on our way.
You ride in the wagon with me.
We're not leaving without our gimmick.
That's what you've been looking for, isn't it?
Right now I'm looking for it even harder than you.
( dog barking )
I said 8:00. You're late. That's no way to start a career.
I wasn't gonna come but I got fired this morning.
Somebody complained I was late making a delivery.
That's too bad, Deke. Maybe it's all for the best.
- Y'all still want me to come? - Us all sure do, honey.
Tex, you remember Deke Rivers.
- Hi. - Hi. So this is your gimmick?
Meet Tex officially, Deke. When you get to know him
you'll love him. But there's no hurry.
You're not putting that kid on the stage with my outfit.
You're right. I'm not.
Come on, boys. Let's get this show on the road.
It's 250 miles to Longhorn.
So long, Tex.
( dog barking )
( drawls ) Hey, dawg, come here.
You want to go to Longhorn with me?
Susie: ...should have read
That detour sign
Should have read
That detour sign.
( applause )
Thank you, Susie. Thank you.
Now folks, we have an extra surprise for you all tonight.
They tell us one of Longhorn County's own
has got a different way with the song.
And if we persuade the boy
he'll come up here and do a little number for us.
So how about giving a big hand
for Longhorn County's own Deke Rivers?
All right, let's have your little song.
Thank you, Mr. Warner. Can I borrow your guitar?
Why sure. Here you are.
I've never seen him before but he's cute.
Isn't he? He works over in Little River.
I feel it in my leg
I feel it in my shoe
Tell me, pretty baby, if you think you feel it, too
Let's have a party
Ooh, let's have a party
Send to the store and let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight
So, baby, paint your lips
And regulate your wig
And bring along a shovel if you really want to dig
Let's have a party
Ooh, let's have a party
Send to the store and let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight
I've never kissed a bear, I've never kissed a goon
But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room
And have a party
Let's have a party
Send to the store, let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight
Here we go, have a party
( applause )
Let's hear it for Claypool County's own Deke Rivers.
Thank you, Mr. Warner. Could I borrow a guitar?
Why certainly. Skeeter, let him have your box.
Strings are on the outside, huh?
- You know Let's Have A Party? - Band: Sure.
Okay, key of C. Let's go.
Some people like to rock
Some people like to roll
But moving and a-grooving gonna satisfy my soul
Let's have a party
Ooh, let's have a party
Let's have a party
Send to the store and let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight
I've never kissed a bear, I've never kissed a goon
But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room
Let's have a party
Ooh, Let's have a party
Let's have a party
Send to the store And let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight
The meat is on the stove, the bread is getting hot
Everybody come and taste the possum Papa shot
Let's have a party
Let's have a party
Send to the store And let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight. We're gonna have...
A party tonight.
( applause )
I don't want to be a tiger
'Cause tigers play too rough
I don't want to be a lion
'Cause lions ain't the kind you love enough...
I got a lot of living to do
Whole lot of loving to do
And there's no one who I'd rather do it with-a than you
Hot dog, my heart is gonna go insane
Hot dog, when you come walking off the train
Oh how lonely I have been
But when that Santa Fe pulls in
Hot dog.
It's only 8 7 miles to Rodeo City so I'm making the Jump tonight.
- You keep up the good work. - Hey, Deke.
- Yes, sir? - Come here, will you, kid?
Now, Deke, the boys in the outfit,
Glenda, Susan-- we all think it's about time
you stopped getting up out of the audience.
Beginning tomorrow you're starting right out
on the stage with the rest of us.
And from now on, kid, you're not borrowing my ax.
Hey, Susie.
That's for you from Tex.
From here on in, you're busting your own strings.
Okay, Ramblers, let's get to rambling.
( all cheer )
( horn honking )
- Hey! - Hey.
- Where did you get that? - Here, Monkey Ward's.
I bet you had to get there early before they were all gone.
- Susan helped me pick it out. - Oh.
I thought you'd like it, Miss Markle.
Sure I like it-- for streetwear.
But on stage, I want them to see that face.
I am Just a lonesome cowboy
And I'm traveling all alone
I ain't even got a nickel
To call my baby on the phone
( whistling )
Band: Ride, ride, ride
Just beyond the mountain lies a city
And I hear it calling me
Saddle up and ride, you lonesome cowboy
Here is where you'll find your destiny
In my dreams the lights shine bright and pretty
Near to me and yet so far
Will I always be a lonesome cowboy?
Glenda: Look at the women. What's he doing to them?
If I were a girl, I could tell you.
Ride, ride, ride
Ride along, cowboy
Cowboy, cowboy
Sing-a, sing-a, sing
Will I ever leave this lonesome valley?
Really see the lights that shine?
Gotta find what lies beyond the mountain...
- Singing too soft. - No one's coughing.
Maybe they ran out of cigarettes.
I am Just a lonesome cowboy
And I'm traveling all alone
If you don't call me, baby
Then I'm never coming home...
What's your number, hon'? I'll call you.
( laughter )
Then I ain't coming...
Congratulations. Do you hear them?
Hear them? I liked to died, little girl yelled out like she did.
That's nothing to be scared of. She Just got carried away.
I don't hear them yelling when Susan's out there.
That's the difference between us. They really go for you.
Me they Just tolerate. Oh, I'm on.
- Hey! - Did it again, huh?
You dirty bird. Man, I sure wish
somebody would invent a birdcage that cleans itself.
I wish somebody would invent a guitar string I can't break, too.
- Glenda: Decent? - No, come on in.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Excuse us, Skeeter? - Oh yeah, sure.
We were Just going to do a little housecleaning anyway.
Weren't we, Matilda?
If you really want a new shirt, Deke,
try this one on for size.
- Did you buy this? - Well, I don't sew.
I mean, you went out and--
That's real nice of you, Miss Markle.
Can't you call me Glenda?
The sleeves are kind of long, huh?
Oh, not too.
Maybe Susan can take them in a couple inches.
Maybe she could.
Aren't you spending a lot of time with her lately?
- well, I can talk to her. - You can talk to me.
In school I got an A in conversation.
I know, but with you, ma'am, it's a little different.
- It's more business with you. - Business?
Finding you was part of my Job for Tex.
Of course that doesn't mean I'll always be here.
If he wanted to fire me tomorrow, that would be the end of it.
Well, that ain't likely to happen, is it?
It could.
Perhaps it's good we had this little chat.
I'm a a big one for a quick goodbye, I wouldn't have time.
Well, I'm not much on business deals, but I figure...
that you and I should have some kind of an agreement.
So if Tex lets you go then I go, too.
Deke, I wasn't going to bring it up, but as long as you did...
I had this contract prepared. Just in case.
Yeah, I know.
Mike Harris is the lawyer that typed it up back in Delville.
He told me. Got a pencil?
It's not legal unless it's in ink.
I always feel so...
- safe when you're driving. - Me, too.
The line that girl threw him tonight didn't hurt any.
No, it didn't hurt a bit.
I really think the kid's going to make it.
Put me right back in the money.
( horn honking )
He's gonna get there fast.
- Don't lose him. - Don't worry.
Hot dog, you say you're really coming back
Hot dog, I'm waiting at the railroad track
Hot dog, you say you're coming home for good
Hot dog, I'm going to keep on knocking wood
And baby, I can hardly wait
I'm gonna meet you at the gate, hot dog
I fell in love with you and then you went away
But now you're coming home to stay
Hot dog, soon everything will be all right
Hot dog, we're gonna have a ball tonight
I've got a pocketful of dimes
It's gonna be Just like old times, hot dog
( screaming )
You went away and every day was misery
But now you're coming back to me
Hot dog, my heart is gonna go insane
Hot dog, when you come walking off the train
Oh how lonely I have been
But when that Santa Fe pulls in, hot dog...
Hot dog, I'm waiting at the railroad track
Hot dog, you say you're coming home for good
Hot dog, I'm gonna keep on knocking wood
And baby, I can hardly wait...
Just stand over there and say you don't like him.
- That's all? - That's all you want?
That's all. I'm testing a theory. Ad-lib anything.
Just give them about two minutes.
- I think he's simply awful. - What?
Dreadful. Just dreadful.
- Aw, what do you know? - You squares.
Ladies, if you don't watch out,
I'll bust all your Lawrence Welk records!
( women arguing )
Here we go again. Toss them in and win.
There's a winner. How's about trying again, buddy?
- It's your turn. - No, honestly Deke, I can't.
Go ahead, lady. Your husband will show you how.
Oh no, really Deke, you do it. I don't know how.
It's easy. Just take it like this, back like this and throw it.
Try anything.
- See what I mean? - Here, I'll show you.
Another winner. How about trying again?
- Want to try some more? - We got enough for one of those?
You got enough for a teddy bear and a baby doll, too.
What do you know? Deke, Jr.
- All right, let's play. - I bet two.
- I'm out. - I raise five blue.
What do you think, Matilda? We got enough to call him?
If that bird says anything
I'm going to have a midnight lunch of parakeet pie.
- Hi, fellas. - All: Hi.
Deke, see the picture in the paper of the gals fighting over you?
Yeah, pretty wild, huh?
Skeet, Susan's got something for you.
It's for Matilda.
Deke won it at the fairgrounds knocking over milk bottles.
How about that? A roommate.
Matilda's been lonely long enough.
What do you mean, lonely? She's got me.
There ain't no feathers on you, Skeet.
He's right. Put the bird in the cage with Matilda.
He's a male. Every female wants one.
From what it says in here, Deke's Just about--
Come on, don't believe everything you read.
He's a tiger, that one.
Deke: Knock it off.
Tex: Hi, fellas.
- I'll stay. - You're a thrill seeker.
Well, fellas, beat it.
You call me?
- Close the door. - Gladly.
I Just spoke to Carl long distance.
These pictures paid off like a daily double.
We're opening Tuesday at The Grand in Amarillo.
- Amarillo, Texas? - Uh-huh.
Oh, bless you, baby.
We've hit the city. It's not Chicago or New York,
but it's a city. They have sidewalks.
Cops who wear shoes. A city.
Oh, baby, I knew you could do it for me.
You can be more grateful than that.
You know how grateful I can be. Amarillo's a pretty big town.
We're sure to get good enough notices to hop to Fort Worth,
then Dallas and it's only a step to St. Louis-- the Ambassador Hotel.
The Ambassador Hotel.
New York, Chicago. I'll be back on records, television.
Out of this riding habit into some stylish threads.
No more Tex. I'll be Walter Warner again.
You're giving me too much credit.
I didn't do this for you. It was Deke, kiss him.
Sure. I appreciate the kid.
I love him.
He's going to be our featured vocalist.
Huh-uh-- the manager of The Grand is booking
Tex Warner and Deke Rivers.
I've got to split the billing with the kid?
- That's the way it's got to be. - You mean--
- 50-50. - I, Walter Warner?
You, Tex Warner.
Do at least get out of these clothes into some civvies?
You're going to go a lot further in cowboy boots
than you ever went in patent leather shoes.
What's the matter with patent leather shoes?
I'm comfortable in patent leather shoes.
I like patent leather shoes.
Patent leather shoes make me feel...
like anywhere I go I've got a reservation.
I will not wear that Hopalong Cassidy suit.
- Tex, it-- - No.
Oh, it's for Deke.
If he's getting equal billing he's going to dress the part.
Whose idea is this split billing, theater manager's or yours?
Oh, stop.
Deke-- see you a minute?
Great news, we're opening at The Grand Theater in Amarillo.
- Hey! - Hey, I raise.
Deke, we've got a lovely flash for you.
The Grand, huh? That's great.
Greater than you think. Tell him, Tex.
Big things for you, kid.
You've going to have equal billing with me.
- Equal? You really mean that? - Yeah.
Oh, gee thanks, Mr. Warner.
- I hope I don't let you down. - You're gonna be a smash.
May I have your undivided attention for a moment?
- Observe. - What is it?
Your new outfit.
Think they'll be able to see my face?
Pretty stylish, huh? Got that made up special.
I even had these boots embroidered special.
Yeah, we certainly did, didn't we?
Boy, this sure is fancy stuff.
- It's almost too special. - You're special, Deke.
We were thinking about giving you a special name
like Tab, or Rock or something like that.
What for?
I don't know, seems to me kids like these newfangled names.
What's wrong with Deke Rivers? I like it, it's a good name.
- It's my name. - Whoa, back off.
- Simmer down. - Come on, he was Just Joking.
- Just don't Joke about my name. - No, Rivers is a a fine name.
I used to know some Rivers in Minneapolis.
- Your family from Minnesota? - No, sir.
Where are your folks, Deke?
Thanks for the billing. Hope I deserve it.
What about your new outfit, Deke?
You haven't told us if you like it.
I guess it's okay. If it's what you want.
It's what you want that counts, Deke.
Let me go tell the rest of the boys
we're all getting new outfits.
I don't think Susie will have to touch these at all.
Yes, ma'am. Whatever you think.
You're about the only one that had faith in me, Miss Glenda.
And I'll do whatever you say.
All right then, take off your clothes.
- My clothes? - And put these on.
( tires squealing )
( youth laughing ) Oh what's the matter?
Did I scare you, buddy boy?
Hey, Daisy. Looky yonder.
Youth: Hey, is that the guy you were telling us about?
Daisy: That's him.
We got to get here tomorrow, kids.
Wait'll you see this guy, Wayne.
Why, he had them rocking and rolling in Jordan Crossing.
What do they know in the country, Daise? Come on.
( music plays )
- Hi, Frank. How are you? - Sit down over there, Wayne.
- Hi, Daisy. - Hi.
- Man, what a crazy ride. - Well, I'm glad you stopped.
I'm gonna get some more ribs. That rehearsing made me hungry.
Who ever heard of a cowboy band rehearsing five hours?
We're liable to start putting out a good sound.
- Hey, that's him. - Him who?
Over yonder, Candy.
That's that Deke Who-cha-ma-callit.
- You mean the one-- - Yeah, the one
with the Jumping beans in his Jeans.
- Isn't he adorable? - Adorable?
Somebody ought to cut a firebreak in his sideburns.
You ain't no Yul Brynner yourself, you know.
- Cut it out, Daisy. - I'm gonna ask him to sing.
- No, you stay here. - Get you.
Hey you guys, there's that rock and roll cowboy I told you about.
You want him to sing? I'll get him to do it.
I hope we do as well in the city as we did in the small towns.
City's Just like a small town, only taller.
Hey you-- sideburns.
I got a chick down there who wants to hear you sing.
- I'm sorry, I can't-- - That's right neighborly, pops.
You tell the young lady that Mr. Rivers will do
four shows a day right across the street
starting tomorrow. Prices don't change till 6:00.
She don't want to wait.
She wants to hear you sing right now. Don't you honey?
- Sure do. - Come on.
I'm sorry, folks, I--
Why don't you come around the theater tomorrow afternoon?
We'll be on the stage.
You ain't gonna give me any static, are you?
Now I told my girl I'd get you to sing.
Man can't go back on his word, can he, fella?
Look, maybe you didn't understand me, fella.
But Mr. Rivers doesn't sing in Juke Joints.
Why don't you run on back and drink your malted, huh?
Say, what's the trouble-- these show people starting something?
There's no trouble, sir. Do you mind if I sing a song for these folks?
He don't mind. Do you, Frank?
No, no... I don't mind.
- Go ahead, sideburns. Sing. - Crowd: Yeah, sing.
I'll sing.
( music starts )
I got a woman mean as she can be
I got a woman mean as she can be
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me
A black cat up and died of fright
'Cause she crossed his path last night
I got a woman mean as she can be
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me
Kissed so hard she bruised my lips
Hurt so good my heart Just flipped
I got a woman mean as she can be
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me
( crowd cheering )
Strangest gal I ever had
Never happy unless she's mad
I got a woman mean as she can be
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me
She makes love without a smile
And ooh-- hot dog, it drives me wild
I got a woman mean as she can be
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me
Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me.
( crowd cheering )
( register ringing )
- Well, you ain't bad, sideburns. - And what do you do for a living?
I'm with my old man in auto accessories, why?
I usually get paid for singing as a rule.
I figured you ought to do whatever you do for me.
How about stepping outside and putting a new set
of seat covers on my car, huh?
Why sure, sideburns. What color you want?
I figure his color's yellow, don't you?
( screaming )
Get out of here. I'm gonna kill this guy.
( crowd cheering )
Get the police, quickly.
( music plays )
It's great. It's simply great.
Well, seeing is believing all right.
I can't figure people out. When I read about that fight
I thought we'd blown the whole booking.
Oh no, Deke was exonerated
and the other kid was fined for starting the fight.
I couldn't have planned a better break.
Well, you've certainly capitalized on it, Glenda.
Oh, it was easy.
The fight headlines brought in the first packed house.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
After that, Deke hung up the S.R.O. signs
- strictly on performance. - I see what you mean.
Stage manager: Step back, step back.
He's with me. Mr. Warner's booking agent.
He'll be out to sign your programs and you'll all be very happy.
Those kids, they're giving us all fits back here.
Youth, it's not being wasted on the young.
Listen, I'm expecting a reporter from The Dallas Chronicle.
They're here now.
Why don't you go back? Tex will be off soon.
I'm Glenda Markle. You're early.
- I'm O'Shea, this is Ed Grew. - How do you do?
How do you do? We got shots of the mouse pack outside.
Aren't they lovely little creatures?
It's hard to believe some day they'll all be grandmothers.
Except the boys.
Baby, let me be
Your loving teddy bear
Put a chain around my neck
And lead me anywhere
Oh let me be
Your teddy bear
I don't want to be a tiger
'Cause tigers play too rough
I don't want to be a lion
'Cause lions ain't the kind you love enough
I Just want to be
Your teddy bear
Put a chain around my neck
And lead me anywhere
Oh let me be
Your teddy bear
Baby, let me be
Around you every night
Run your fingers through my hair
And cuddle me real tight
Oh let me be
Your teddy bear
I don't want to be a tiger
'Cause tigers play too rough
I don't want to be a lion
'Cause lions ain't the kind you love enough
I Just want to be
Your teddy bear
Put a chain around my neck
And lead me anywhere
Oh let me be
Your teddy bear
Oh let me be
Your teddy bear
I Just want to be your teddy bear.
( crowd cheering )
- Nice going, son. - Hi, Mr. Meade.
Matilda's done something you've never done.
- She laid an egg. - Well, how about that?
Wait till we tell Skeeter he's gonna be a grandpa.
- Remember me? - How'd you get in here?
I've been trying to make it for four days now.
Ever since the night you had that fight with Wayne.
- Remember, my boy friend? - Look, miss--
Daisy. I'm Daisy Bricker. You remember Wayne, my ex?
After what you did to him, ooh, what you've been doing to me.
- Three or four shows a day. - I'm sorry.
- For four days. - I have to ask you to leave.
My friends dared me to sneak in here and wait.
They said I wouldn't have the nerve to steal a kiss.
But I'm not afraid of anything. And that's what I like about you.
You're not afraid of anything either. I can tell.
I'm gonna have to ask you to get out, Daisy.
You are afraid.
You don't sing scared, but you are.
You're a phony.
When you first met the boy, did you--
Before you ask any more questions, let's go back and meet Deke.
Who are you and what are you doing here? Get out.
What's the matter, lady? You want to keep him for yourself?
Get out.
I would like to have one of those pictures.
And you're not a phony.
Her friends dared her to sneak in here.
Miss Markle was Just telling us how terrific you are.
Will you wait outside a minute, boys?
Sure. I think we got enough for a story.
I didn't know Daisy was in here. Her friends dared her to sneak in.
That's how you're selling me, isn't it?
A monkey in the zoo, ain't that what you want?
If that's what I want, okay. But if it's what you want--
Oh, forget it.
This kind of thing happens to performers all the time.
I came by to tell to you how great you were.
But I guess I didn't realize it myself... until now.
Hey, a one-man concert. It's a good idea, Carl.
We'll sell out the Joint. Freegate Civic Hall--
a tremendous place-- six, seven miles outside Dallas.
And be sure to have a cop on his dressing room door.
Carl, fly to Dallas and sew it up. We close here tomorrow.
I'm going with you. The boys can lay off four or five days,
give me a chance to work. This is important stuff--
- it's got to be handled that way. - Anything in mind?
I've been brewing a thunderclap for a week now.
It'll take money, a lot of it. But it'll be worth it.
If it's worth it, we'll get it. What's the idea?
I've got a rich oil widow dreamed up in Oklahoma City.
She's always wanted a son like Deke Rivers,
someone to take care of, buy him things.
She knows he flips for cars, so she gives him one.
- A car? - A custom built white convertible
with red leather upholstery to match his red and white getup.
( whistles ) In spades.
Honey, this is no idea, it's a spectacular.
- Where do we get dough for that? - We borrow on your life insurance.
He did hang on to that.
Tex: She made me pay it up 1 0 years in advance.
It's the only thing I've hung on to-- and my ulcer scars.
Deke's better than insurance. That boy's an annuity.
It's a gamble. A $6-8,000 dice roll.
Oh no, it isn't.
This is Just the kind of thing that will make front-page publicity.
And in a city as big as Dallas,
they've got a front page as big as your feature,
Okay, you sold me. I'll get in touch with Joe...
the insurance agent.
Are you sure you can get the car ready in time?
We're in Texas, Tex. This is the country
they dreamed up those gorgeous go-devils for.
I'll see you at the hotel, Carl.
We'll take the 7:1 0.
See you, Tex, at the other end of the rainbow.
Tex, is... well, there's one more thing.
I don't think we're gonna need the trio behind Deke.
Better drop them-- and Susan.
Carl, I can't let them go.
They're good kids, all of them.
Deke's a good kid, too, and he's selling the tickets.
Well, I can't fire Susie.
All right, I'll fire her.
I've been practicing for years to be a heavy.
I'm an agent.
Sit. I Just want to say goodbye.
Don't get scared.
I'm only going to Dallas for a couple of days.
I thought it was that quick goodbye you warned me about.
Not yet. We're setting up something truly big.
You Just watch yourself while I'm away.
You'll have a few days off so take it easy.
- I'll keep an eye on him. - He doesn't need a governess.
He can't take care of himself. Can't you, Deke?
- I'm learning fast. - See you in a couple of days.
That Daisy character must have known something.
I got your message, Miss Glenda. I'll take care.
- ( girls squealing ) - Now, girls, come on!
- When's Deke coming out, Mack? - Deke is gone.
Yeah! Real gone. When's he coming out?
He went out front about half an hour ago.
Come on!
All right, boys, you can come out.
- What a week we had. - Three-day vacation.
I kind of hate to leave.
It's the whole week we've spent in a real theater.
- Yeah. - Thanks to you.
What are you going to do over the lay-off?
See my folks. I haven't been home in so long.
- Your dad's a farmer? - One of the best.
You're not leaving tonight, I hope?
Not till morning. Why?
Deke, I'd like to talk, maybe have a bite together.
- It's kind of important. - Sure.
I'll see you in the morning before I leave.
See you at the hotel, fellas. Take it easy, Skeeter.
Girl: There he is! Oh my gosh!
Girl #2: Can I get your autograph?
Tex: Come on, girls. Take it easy.
What does it say?
A one-man concert?
I'm kind of sorry you told me about it.
I won't sleep a wink. I'm that scared.
Scared? Relax. Learn to live with success.
Lady Luck is a lovely roommate.
Yeah, but it all seems to be happening so fast.
It's a funny business. When it starts coming your way,
it comes-- voom-- theaters, clubs, concerts,
records, TV. Maybe even movies.
I sure hope so-- at least, I think I hope so.
Deke... got some doubts, haven't you?
Something you'd like to kick around with somebody?
- Well, Miss Glenda has been-- - I know. Glenda's a fine person,
but there's some things a man has to talk over with another man.
You know, I like you, Deke.
You're not like these punks you see around--
wise guys full of their own future,
ready to spit in the first eye that doesn't light up to them.
You're a boy any man would be proud to have as a son.
More than that, we're real pals-- partners.
- Somebody to go places with. - Thank you.
It gets rugged in a rattle like ours,
with everybody dying to take a crack at you.
You know, it's easy to get to the top,
but staying there-- ooh!
You're gonna need plenty of advice-- plenty of help.
Kinda figured that's what I've been getting.
From Glenda?
She said about the same thing you're saying.
That's why we made an agreement with each other-- weeks ago.
Oh... that was smart.
I think so.
You know, Tex, I signed a paper
that she gets half of everything I make.
And she hasn't taken a dime from me yet.
Yeah, Glenda's a mighty fine person.
Brink me an empty glass, will you, honey?
Are you gonna drink that straight or on the rocks?
Straight. I've got the rocks in my head.
( knocking )
Good morning, boys. Don't you want to see the little lady off?
- Come in. Have some coffee. - We'll have to hurry.
My bus leaves in 20 minutes,
and there's only one to Farmingdale today.
If you miss it, Deke will drive you home.
- Sure. - 200 miles?
I'm not doing anything for three days.
- What will you and Skeeter do? - See The Ten Commandments twice?
Why don't you drive her home? Seriously.
Saves Susie her bus fare.
Do you good to see some folks, see a farm.
- Farm, huh? - You could stay a couple of days.
My folks would love to have you.
- What do you think, Skeet? - I'm not your governess.
Susie: There it is.
Deke: Looks pretty from here.
I'm glad Tex had this idea.
So am I.
Follow the road around the hill.
Whose idea was it to send him to Farmingdale?
It was my idea. Up there they're not going
to be taking pictures of him like that.
That's good publicity.
Tex: I don't think so.
Where did you pick up that moral tone?
When did you start worrying about the kid's publicity?
I like him, I don't want to see you hurt him.
I bring him back from Susan's in that red and white custom Job--
- he'll forget all about this. - I doubt it.
Can't fight sex with horsepower.
Who's fighting sex?
It's a healthy American commodity.
It sells Coke, cream, steam engines,
shampoo, real estate and toothpaste.
It can sell singers, too.
And press agents.
I beg your pardon.
Now who's developed a high moral tone?
I'll tell you why I sent Deke with Susan,
that boy needs to be with a sweet kid
- that's nuts about him. - What are you?
- A marriage broker? - A realist, honey.
Deke's nuts about you. Just mentioning your name
- and his eyes pop like bubble gum. - Well...
Sir Galahad.
The fair Susan has been elected to save him
from the wicked witch.
Go ahead, be flip. Avoid the issue.
I won't avoid it. You brought it up.
Let's get to the real point, Mr. Galahad.
When did you find out I signed the kid?
That hurts.
That really hurts.
When you stop bleeding, call for the car.
I'm gonna get Deke back here.
Just for the record...
it's not the kid I want, it's you.
My head maybe full of tapioca,
but I'm still in love with you.
I'll buy half of that.
I'll get the car...
first thing in the morning.
- You want to buy the other half? - Talk me into it.
Get out of here, Joseph.
Deke: Jab with the left, that's it.
- More coffee, everyone? - Hey, take it easy.
- Deke? - No thanks.
- Where's Susan? - She's by the corral.
Fetch her back, Deke.
- Deke: Hey, Susie! - Hi!
Did daddy teach you about contour plowing?
Yeah. Sure knows a lot about farming.
That's all he's done all of his life.
I guess if I had been a boy, that's what I would be doing
instead of gallivanting about the country
- with a hillbilly band. - I'm glad you're not a boy.
You think there are enough farmers?
No, not enough girls.
Come on, Deke.
Why, you've got more girls than you can handle.
If I didn't get out of the theater once in a while
I'd think the population of America was female and under 20.
They're customers.
Glenda isn't a customer.
well, Glenda.
Think a lot of her, don't you?
Don't you?
Tex and the band have started going places
since she took over
and brought you into the deal.
You'll make it for all of them.
- Ah! - Like the concert in Freegate.
Deke Rivers in a one-man concert.
Not exactly.
There's Tex, the guys and you. We're all doing it.
I'm not going. They let me and the trio go.
When they tell you that?
Before we closed in Amarillo.
I thought you knew.
I thought that's why you wanted to drive me home.
They never told me anything.
I drove you home because
well, I wanted to be with you.
Not only here, but I want you with us
- on the road wherever we go. - They don't need me.
And you don't need me. You're going to the top,
and you're going alone.
I've been alone all my life.
I need somebody.
When will we get that song Deke promised us?
I will spend my whole life through
Loving you, Just loving you
Winter, summer
Springtime, too
Loving you
Loving you
Makes no difference where I go
Or what I do
You know that I'll always be
Loving you
Just you and...
If I'm seen with someone new
Don't be blue, don't you be blue
I'll be faithful
I'll be true
Always true
True to you
There is only one for me
And you know who
You know that I'll always be
That was Just lovely, son.
Thank you.
I've never heard you sing that way before.
I never felt this way before.
Wow! The flying saucers have landed at last!
- Hi. - Hi.
Hello. Hi, Susan.
- Hi. - Hi, Deke.
- Where did this come from? - Off the drawing board,
and into your life. It's all yours.
I hope you don't mind my barging in.
- I had to show Deke his present. - We're glad to have you.
Ma, Pa, Miss Margo.
- How do you do? - Nice to meet you.
- Sis and Buzzy. - Hi, Sis and Buzzy.
You must be kidding, Miss Glenda.
Why? I don't understand.
Isn't it crazy? When we were in Amarillo
the widow of some oil man--
she wouldn't even give us her name,
said that you gave her such pleasure,
and sang like the son she and her husband wanted--
she gave you the car.
She wrote you this note.
I never heard of such a thing.
Either did anybody else, but they will.
We better get started for Dallas and get ready for Freegate.
- You Just got here. - Surely not tonight?
I'm afraid we have to leave right away, Mrs. Jessup.
Better get your things, Deke.
- Wanna give me a hand? - Sure.
Kind of tough saying goodbye.
Never had much practice.
I'm Just as happy to stay home for a while.
I got something for you.
A key to the ride. Just kind of...
drive it once in a while, keep the battery built up.
It's the first home the old car's ever had.
Sure makes it tougher to leave.
As long as you were coming along--
you know what I mean.
I'll be here. I'll always be here.
Oh yeah?
See you.
You haven't said a thing in two hours.
What are you thinking about?
- it's funny. - What's funny?
How can a person who's got no home be homesick?
Sometimes, Deke...
sometimes it's better not to have a home...
than to have the kind that I had.
Sometimes, Deke, it's better to have had nothing.
You never had nothing. You don't know what it's like.
What were your parents like?
I don't know, ma'am.
I Just remember somebody
soft and warm holding me a long time ago.
And the next thing I remember is that crack in the ceiling
above my cot at the home,
Jagged like a cut of lightning
in a summer electric storm.
Even after the lights were out I could still see it.
Sometimes I'd lay there crying
and then Miss Whipshaw would come in
and say, Be still, Tompkins.
Want to know who Deke Rivers really is?
You want to see?
Let's go back about 40 miles to Ellen City.
Would you turn on your bright lights, please?
He was alone but for his friends who miss him.
I don't know any more about him than I do me.
Except he didn't have anybody either...
except friends.
1 1 years ago, the night the home burned
and everybody was milling around and yelling,
I ran away.
I ran all night
and the next morning I found myself in here.
I was all alone.
And the one thing I needed was friends.
I knew I never wanted to go back to that home.
So I buried Jimmy Tompkins and took on Deke's name.
And I figured on taking on his friends, too.
And ever since, I've been running.
Running and stumbling and crawling,
looking for a friend...
trying to deserve this man's name.
It's nothing to cry about.
I Just brought you here so you'd know.
I finally feel that I've found friends.
I'm liable to deserve the name Deke Rivers.
Deke, I...
Let's go.
- Thank you... - You wanted me?
Yes. Deke Rivers.
I understand. Well, we'll--
thank you, ma'am, for calling.
That's the fifth call I've had from Freegate.
Your piece on Deke Rivers has started something.
You'd better get down there.
Sounds like the irate ladies of the town
- are stirring up a story. - I'll get right on it.
Mrs. Gunderson, why don't you act as spokesman--
I've already been to the press,
and now I'm telling you, Mr. Mayor,
we mothers here in Freegate refuse to allow
our daughters to be corrupted by this--
Ladies, please.
Ladies! Ladies! Please!
Let's act like gentlemen.
This is fine.
I'll meet you backstage.
I don't want your fans seeing you
with any female under 60.
They'll think you're cheating on them.
You want me to pull up to the theater dressed in these?
That's part of the build up.
The Civic Hall is around the corner.
Good luck.
What kind of a town is this?!
- You can't do this! - I'm sorry.
I've got my orders. There's nothing I can do.
We had a complete sellout.
I want to know who's at the bottom of this.
Oh, go see the Mayor.
Stand back!
You all will get your money back.
- What's going on? - Come on and sing.
- Don't let them do it. - What happened?
We're coming, kid.
Somebody blew something. Let's get out of here.
Hey, wait for me.
Let's go. Come on.
Deke! Deke!
This would make a great follow-up
- to my pieces on the kid. - Thanks, O'Shea.
You want publicity, don't you?
Well, you're getting it.
Yeah, I'm getting it. This is so good
I'm ashamed for not having planted it.
By the time I get through with this demonstration,
your front page won't be big enough to handle it.
I tell you, it's a natural, Harry.
And you've got the ground floor on the kid if you act fast.
Otherwise, I'll take it to another network.
But setting up a telecast from Freegate, Texas--
I can't greenlight a thing like that now.
Let me--
let me get back to you tomorrow.
That's too late.
This is a legitimate four-star event.
A real issue-- freedom of speech.
All right, call me back tonight. Bye.
Who is it?
Just ole Tex.
You're Just in time to buy me a drink.
- We're celebrating. - Not so fast.
I had a long talk with Mr. Rivers.
What's the matter with him?
Well, ma'am, he Just ain't happy.
Ain't happy at all.
This ruckus down at the Civic Hall,
the kind of pictures they've been putting in the papers,
this talk that's going around.
Deke figures he'd be happier
Jockeying a tractor at the Jessup place.
He's about to quit, Glenda.
- He can't-- - We've already done that bit.
Blew my top all over the place.
Gave him all the lyrics-- loyalty, gratitude...
I was sailing when all of a sudden...
All of a sudden, what?
That kid's eyes snapped on--
lit up a deep, dark cellar in a place we call my soul.
Huddled down, way down there in a corner,
Just barely alive, was an old conscience of mine.
Family heirloom.
You packed his bag for him, I suppose.
A fine time for you to hit the glory road.
I Just lined up a television shot
to tell Deke's story coast-to-coast.
- You better cancel it. - You realize the work
I've put in, you've put in, that's about to pay off?
No, sir, Mr. Warner.
Mr. Rivers isn't going anywhere.
And... if you need me
I'll be in the bar
rehearsing my drinking.
Aren't you gonna pack your guitar?
It's yours now.
Tex told you, huh?
I'm not the only one that goes in for the quick goodbye.
But I didn't know how to tell you.
I know how you feel about everything.
Do you? How do I feel?
- About everything? - What do you mean?
How do I feel when you go to Tex and tell him
you're walking out, not to me?
I guess I couldn't face you...
not after all the hard work. I couldn't.
Thanks for that much anyway.
What's been happening to me?
I've been changing every minute.
All this fake and phony...
the clothes I've been wearing, the car I've been driving.
What's phony about that?! You've made something of yourself.
I don't like what I've made. That's where I'm going.
Going where?
Back to Woodbine Cemetery to start over?
I never meant for anybody to say I'm--
It sounds like folks ought to be ashamed
Just listening to me sing.
What you're really saying is...
- it's all my fault. - Oh no.
You've been wonderful to me.
That's why I feel so bad.
- I've let you down. - No, Deke.
No, you haven't.
You tried to help me.
You knew how it was with me,
crawling all my life because I never knew my folks.
You made me think I don't have to run anymore.
But tonight showed me it ain't so.
I'm scared again.
Real scared.
Running and crawling scared.
You have no reason to be scared.
Not anymore.
I'll help you. You'll be all right.
You cannot blame the behavior of young people
or old people on music.
You were the same people doing the Charleston
and the Black Bottom 20 years ago.
- 30! - 30.
30 years ago, people were alarmed
at what they thought Jazz was doing to the country.
Some of our leading magazines were printing articles like,
Is the Jazz the plot of disaster?
Unspeakable Jazz must go.
Does Jazz put the sin in syncopation?
You're adopting the same attitude toward rock and roll
because your kids use it to let off steam.
And it goes back beyond Jazz.
When Debussy's Afternoon of a Fawn
and Stravinsky's Rites of Spring were first performed,
there were riots in the streets of France.
That don't prove anything.
There are always riots for one reason or another.
The point is, this is nothing new.
Let me do a little flag waving, gentlemen.
One of the things that makes America great
is the right to a fair hearing,
yet you've condemned Deke Rivers without it.
You have no idea how many phone calls
we've received here at the City Hall.
Just look at all these wires.
Still condemned without a hearing.
The name of your city is Freegate.
How about living up to its name?
We've got a coast-to-coast telecast set up
to go tonight from your Civic Hall.
You've got a chance to make Freegate
an important community in that half-hour.
Are you going to miss that chance?
Mr. Shelton wants to know
if he'll have to wear makeup.
I'll put it on personally.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Do you realize something?
I Just fought City Hall.
City Hall isn't so tough.
I found our fearless leader.
Well... you really did rehearse your drinking.
Yeah. Funny, too...
after the first five shots, it all came back to me.
You better struggle down to the barbershop
across the street and have yourself restored.
I wouldn't want Harry Taylor seeing you like this.
- What's he doing here? - Flying in for the telecast.
- We're on at 8:00. - What about Deke?
What about him? He's the star of our show.
You better get yourself cleaned up.
You've got a long rehearsal.
How did you change his mind?
We took a nice long drive in that nice long car,
and had a nice long talk.
I've got a million things to do. See you later.
She's quite a gal.
Yeah. Always was.
I don't understand.
Last night when I left Deke, he was packed.
Couple hours later, he comes back after that ride
and he's nine feet tall.
I don't know how she does it.
I have a pretty good idea, though.
Well, let's get down to that barbershop.
Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll cut my throat.
Phil, can we get this dish set up first?
Are you expecting a car from Transplains Airlines?
Yeah, sure am.
- Pull up back here. - Right.
Bob, the kid's hot rod is here.
- Deke? - Yeah?
Hit it harder all the way through.
You have 1 4 men in the band
and the Jordanaires working up a storm behind you,
so come on like a truck of turkeys.
Sure. Okay. Hey.
Are you sore at me about something?
I got a lot on my mind, that's all.
Glad to see you decided to stay.
You know, Susan'll be on the show.
Is that why you stayed?
Not exactly. It will be nice seeing her.
How come you did change your mind?
It was on account of Miss Glenda.
You know what, Tex.
I never realized how much I meant to her last night.
Take a tip from somebody who's been there--
watch your self in the clinches.
I'm afraid I don't get you.
It's simple. You're on the hook.
- I'm off it. - Wait a minute.
Sit down.
Was there something between you and Glenda?
A little. We were engaged once.
Didn't work out. We got married.
That didn't work out either. We got divorced.
- You and Glenda married? - It didn't work out.
We got divorced. Funny...
Divorce hasn't worked out either.
After last night, maybe it will.
Hey, wait a minute.
I don't know what to say.
Last night she acted like...
like I meant a lot to her,
like I was the only one that did mean anything.
You do, kid.
You mean her whole future.
Blew my chance. Maybe you'll have better luck.
This show comes off the way she planned it,
and you're on your way to New York.
That'll be all right.
I'll run over Mr. Warner's lines with him.
Check the cue cards on the Jessup girl,
the mayor and the others.
- What about Rivers? - He'll be all right.
He's only got one line before his song.
I want to run over your lines.
- Say, Tex-- - Excuse a moment, gentlemen.
I have a few lines I want to run over with you.
But, baby, the show's about to go on.
There's always a minute for old friends and lovers.
You'll have all the minutes you want after the show.
Harry's so pleased with the way you look.
Of course I'm pleased with you myself.
What's the matter?
I was trying to figure out something
- I could say to your face. - What?
- What does that mean? - I never really thought
of myself as your ex-husband until now.
I'm starting to enJoy the thought.
You're playing a score I never heard.
All right, I'll give you the lyrics.
Deke Rivers is on cloud nine because of you.
I always knew you'd go far to get what you want.
Last night you really went.
What did I do last night?
He must have misinterpreted something--
There are some things not open to misinterpreting.
I want to get back on top, but not this way, baby.
- I've had it with you. - Listen, Tex!
All right, I'll play your show for you.
- Then I'm going tonight. - No!
Do you realize what you're accusing me of?
I didn't. I swear to you.
You would have if you had to.
I let him kiss me. Was that so wrong?
He needed reassurance he's not alone in the world.
Reassurance? Is that what they're calling it now?
Why do you make it so difficult for me to love you?
If I didn't love you,
why would I knock myself out on these whistle stops,
when I could be writing my own ticket
on Michigan Boulevard or Madison Avenue?
I don't buy that.
You could have helped me months ago if you wanted to--
without Deke, before Tallman.
You know I'd have straightened myself out.
People would have believed you if you'd have told them.
All right...
you asked for it.
I did tell them.
I told everyone from New York to San Francisco who could have helped.
But they didn't want you.
Nobody wanted you.
I'm sorry.
You've got to believe me about Deke.
Where's Miss Markle? Her star's gone.
Deke? Well, now...
Mr. Taylor, Rivers Just took off in that hot rod.
I might have known it. Anything you're mixed up in, Warner.
I'm Just looking for a nose to hang one on.
- Don't volunteer yours. - Stop it, you've got a show to do.
What show? Where's your star?
Ad-lib around the other people. I'll get Deke back here.
What happened here? What went wrong?
Don't you know, Taylor? It's the Warner curse.
- Miss Markle, he headed north. - Thanks.
This is Freegate, Texas,
a town that dedicates itself
to the American ideal of freedom.
A town that tonight is asking America
to help it Judge its own Judgment.
It was here that a young, hitherto unknown entertainer
made local headlines only two days ago.
I think that Deke Rivers
should be allowed to sing anywhere that he pleases.
I think it's pretty silly to say that his performance
has any kind of influence on kids or anybody.
You know, what grown-ups mean
is that they don't like the same things we like,
so we have no business liking them.
Gosh, I've listened to some of the singers
my folks are crazy about, and--
I sure wish their folks would have a little talk with them.
From the day he come to town,
we all took a liking to him.
He was a good worker, too.
My boss was sorry to have let him go,
but Mr. Warner needed him so bad
that he knew he'd be better off singing than working in a store.
All of us back in Delville are proud of the success he's made.
Those stories in the paper aren't all true.
I sneaked into Deke's dressing room on a dare, that's all.
He had nothing to do with it.
I really didn't want to start anything.
It was Just a show-off kind of thing.
- Deke, are you all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
You're a regular bloodhound, aren't ya?
Deke, please, I've had enough for one night.
Just tell me one thing-- where did you think you were going?
If I can lie like you, maybe I can answer.
I guess it's time I straightened out the books with you, too.
You can have the truth.
You see that car?
Tex hocked his life insurance to buy it. There is no oil widow.
The pictures in the paper, the kids fighting over you--
I started it all.
I even had you fired in the first place
so you'd come with us-- that's my Job.
Why didn't you tell me this last night?
Last night I still had Tex.
And whatever I let you believe was part of my Job,
to make it worth something to us and to yourself.
You been telling me one lie after another from the beginning.
One thing I didn't lie about, Deke, is your future.
It's waiting for you on that stage in Freegate.
You don't need my help anymore.
You're about to make it on your own.
It's not my future you're interested in,
it's yours.
It's what I can do to help you.
You don't care about me or about Tex,
- or about anybody but yourself. - You've got to go back, Deke.
Stop running. All your life, you've been looking for somebody.
For Mama.
It's time you realized that Mama's never going to come.
Grow up, Deke. You've got a Job to do, to do alone.
Here's your contract.
I don't even want half of it.
The only one you owe anything to now is yourself...
and Susan, or somebody like her.
You've got 1 5 minutes to get on that stage
and find out if you've even got a future.
I guess he was always kind of scared and shy--
except for when he was singing.
He sort of covered up his feelings with his songs.
What are we gonna do now? Her spot's supposed to lead into his.
A whole 30 minutes around a guy who doesn't show.
I'm gonna tell you the truth about something.
And this isn't written in the script.
Deke Rivers isn't here tonight. He ran away.
They're out looking for him now, but they'll never find him.
And I shouldn't wonder what-- some of the stupid things
they've been saying and printing about him.
- He's here! - Announce! Announce!
Announce! Announce!
America, Judge for yourself.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I don't even know if I'm worth listening to or not,
but, well, I'm certainly grateful for the chance...
'cause there's someone here tonight
that I've got something very important to say to.
I Just want to say that--
I think she'll know.
I will spend my whole life through
Loving you
Just loving you
Winter, summer, springtime, too
Loving you
Loving you
Makes no difference where I go or what I do
You know that I'll always be loving you
Just you
And if I'm seen with someone new
Don't be blue
Don't you be blue
I'll be faithful, I'll be true
Always true
True to you
There is only one for me
And you know who
You know that I'll always be
Here, Skeet-- now you're a bandleader.
Oh, Deke-- Deke, I do know.
You've shown me, now show them.
- Tex-- - They made you all head--
no heart, Just head. Congratulations.
- What are you doing? - The kid's a hit.
I kept my promise-- I played your show,
now I'm gonna keep my promise to me.
- I need to tell you something. - Drop me a postcard.
Listen to me for a minute.
Oh, yes, I've got a lot of living to do
I've got a lot of loving to do
Come on, baby, to make a party takes two
Oh, yes, I've got a lot of living to do
I got a lot of loving to do
And there's no one who I'd rather do it to than-a you
So I got a lot of living to do
Well, I got a lot of loving to do
Come on, baby, to make a party takes two
Oh yes, I've got a lot of living to do
Well, I got a lot of loving to do
And there's no one who I'd rather do it to than-a you
There's a moon that's big and bright
In the milky way tonight
But the way you act you never would know it's there
Now baby, time's a-wasting
A lot of kisses I ain't been tasting
I don't know about you but I'm gonna get my share
Oh, I got a lot of living to do
I got a lot of loving to do
Come on, baby, to make a party takes two
Oh yes, I've got a lot of living to do
Well, I got a lot of loving to do
And there's no one who I'd rather do it to than-a you
And no one
I'd rather do it with
Than-a you.
As soon as the kid comes off, we've got business to settle.
Settle it with Deke, Harry.
I tore up our contract.
There's a heart there, after all.
Thanks a lot, everybody!
Miss Glenda...
Miss Glenda...
I would like you and Tex to take over and handle things for me.
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be here,
and I'd like for us to stick together.
Even after--
All I know, ma'am, is that you and Tex and...
and Susan are all what I've been looking for.
You proved that tonight.
Well, all right, friends,
shall we go inside and get on with the contracts?
I'm in a position, my boy, to offer you a deal that I think...
Glenda, before we start, this is the way I see it.
We don't do guest shots-- we start with our own show.
Whoa, boy. You're getting that old feeling.
I am, huh?
Please, don't let anything spoil it this time.
Promise me, Walter?
( drawls ) Lady-ma'am, Just call me Tex.
I think we'll have to wait a little while.
My managers are negotiating a deal of their own.
If you'll excuse us, Mr. Taylor,
I think this is one deal I can handle by myself.
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