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Subtitles for Luna Papa (1999) CD1.

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Luna Papa (1999) CD1

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Amidst the thunder of horses' hooves,
the shouts of the drovers and a cloud of dust
I flew into the small town of Far-Khor.
Please forgive me for visiting you so rarely,
and I'll tell you everything? Mother.
Soon I'll make anough money, so I can study to be an actress.
Father says we haven't enough money.
He started farming rabbits, fat and fluffy.
Nasreddin is doing better. He can already remember 33 words.
Nasreddin... mother...
I like this girl. Her name is Mamlakat.
Soon something will happen to her.
She'll become my mama.
The pills!
Land, idiot!
Where did he go?
Everywhere evil. - No...
Feel sick. - Calm down.
Calm down. - Hurts.
It's a car.
I'm a car. - No.
You are Nasreddin. - No. I'm a car. Get in.
I'm a passenger.
Mamlakat, come to rehearsal! - I can't. I'm looking after Nasreddin.
Nasreddin, Sube is calling us. Let's help her.
Mamlakat, can you arrange these, I've got more to make.
Here's your ice.
Put it in the kitchen. - Do it yourself.
Look, there is a fish in the ice.
this is ice.
Say: 'ice'.
Ice. - Ice... ice...
That's a fish.
Fish... - Fish alive.
Why do you bother explaining?
Do you think he understands? Everything's alive to him.
You're a strange family-all mad.
And especially him.
And yesterday your father...
How many times have I told you? Keep your hands to yourself.
Actors are coming today, and just look at my lip!
Now what?
Close your eyes.
Open them.
Close them.
Open them.
Rudolf Pirumov!
I would give everything.
All my money.
Even more.
What? - Myself.
I would shut my eyes, open my legs and...
Me too.
What? - Shut my eyes.
Give it a rest!
What's wrong with Nasreddin? - Nothing.
What's with him?
Get in. Let's go sell rabbits in Kurgan.
All set?
It's the actors.
I must get back in time. - What is my heart made of?
Of love for Nasreddin and Mamlakat/ But actors will be on stage...
Your love for actors is beyond me.
Powder, lipstick-yuck! It's not for you!
It's not the powder or the lipstick,
they're performing Shakespeare. - Shakespeare!
Why so many rabbits? - I farm them.
You eat them all yourself? - I sell them.
You have too many.
Normal amount. We're not talking elephants.
A joker.
Are you a moron? - You're the moron!
Why be so rude?
Take her into the tank!
Do a full check!
Tell your jackals to clear out.
Stay where you are!
You called Nasreddin a moron,
yet he was a...
who saw active duty.
Blew up on a mine.
We were lucky they managed to sew him back together.
Where the hell are we going? - To sell rabbits.
To hell with your rabbits!
It's expensive to take care of a moron,
you hear me?
Papa, stop it! - I'm speaking their language.
Fuck their language.
Don't call Nasreddin a moron!
Get out!
Now take a walk.
If you want to find me,
I take these roads a lot. And I live in Far-Khor.
What is the number on the lorry?
Well? - I think it is 007.
Great! Turn right!
Attention, passengers,
emergency landing.
Keep giving gas!
I have an urgent delivery.
We're on tour.
We'll be late for performance. - In Far-Khor.
I saw his lorry so I knew he wasn't in.
Let's lie together, my love. - Wait. - I'll take you to heaven.
Give me number twelve.
No, number twelve.
I'll be late for the play.
You and your play!
Salaam aleikum. How are you doing?
Salaam aleikum. - Perfect for your girl.
Look at the fabric, the workmanship!
I won't charge much, only 140 roubles.
No. We need money for Nasreddin.
Try it on.
Here's something for you.
This is what's in now.
It'll look good on you.
How much? - 140 roubles.
Will you give my daughter a lift to Far-Khor?
Of course, it's on our way.
How cam'st thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?
The orchard walls are high... - Stop the racket. Go home!
I'm so fed up.
Thou art so pure, so pure...
Of other people's hands... - Brilliant...
Your acting is brilliant.
Who's there?
I am...
An actor,
a 27-year-old actor.
Please tell me about Rudolf Pirumov.
I absolutely love him, he's my favorite actor.
And also Top Cruise.
Do you like Top Cruise?
Good old Tok!
Once, after a play... - Where are you?
He shook my hand for a whole 5 minutes.
I can't see you. - And he wept.
Careful, it's dark here. Aren't you scared?
I know my way.
But you be careful, it drops off here.
Where are you? - Here.
You were onstage all night, you must be tired.
Yes, it was hard work.
I think you have talent.
Shall I recite something? - I'd be delighted.
Be careful. It gets steep here.
We should wait for the moon There'll be more light,
and we'll be able to go...
I am your opponent.
You're the second horseman.
First, test my strength with your right hand.
Ready, set, go...
And now from below...
Mamlakat is not good.
There you are. Isn't it weird?
As a result of some peculiar laws of biology,
chemistry and something else,
the drops of my mother and of the stranger mixed...
and created me, Khabibulla.
Nestled deep within my mother's womb,
soft as rabbit's fur,
I feel the warm caress of her breathing,
hear the beating of her heart.
And I begin to get to know her.
What's his name? - He didn't say.
If I'd made it to the theatre, I would have seen him.
Papa bought me a new dress.
It was white and flowing.
As if he'd known that I was going to meet him.
Why aren't you wearing it then? - It's got blood on it.
He and I went all the way.
All the way?
Stop crying!
Are you sure it happened?
I exploded like an atomic bomb.
Does it hurt? - No.
I slid down.
And there I lay as if I were dead, and he kissed me from head to toe.
He was so gentle.
Then you saw him? - No, I only heard him.
And then I woke up, and he said:
"We shall fly tonight".
They're still here.
Yes. I saw the plane at the airport.
Stop! Stop!
What's the big idea?
You can't go there, girls.
Please welcome the 'Harvest' ensemble.
My mother likes dancing and singing in the 'Harvest' ensemble.
I like rocking about in my mother's quiet waters.
I'm growing.
She still doesn't know that I'm here.
The 'Harvest' ensemble!
What a beauty. Here.
Fish alive. - I think we'll take this one too.
Or what about this one?
Are you alright? - Alive.
Have you had your period? - Not for two months.
You're going to have a baby. - No. - Yes.
Are you alright, Mamlakat?
Fish is flying.
It happens.
These two cows are my present to you.
How much milk do they produce? - Enough for two.
My daughter is only seventeen.
I don't understand you. Look at this groom.
Is he your son?
Your son? - Yes.
Let's test him. - Let's see...
He needs to get stronger. Take your son and beat it.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
I'm the man in Far-Khor.
This round's on me. - What are you doing?
Here is money.
It was dark. Suddenly I heard footsteps. - Whose?
I don't remember. I only remember the voice.
Voice? - It was so tender.
Doctor, I'm going to have a baby. - From the footsteps? -No.
From the voice.
Doctor, I need an abortion. - It's very painful. - Painful?
It's like taking your ear and twisting it.
Is that what you want?
If my father finds out I'm pregnant...
Go lie down.
Go lie down. - Over there? -Yes.
I'll just have a soda first, then I'll give you your abortion.
What else is there to do, Mariam?
Give me one with syrup and one without.
How's business? - Not too bad.
Don't kill the doctor! - Hit the dirt!
Where are you shooting?
Did he want it with or without syrup?
Doctor, are you alright?
Tell your friend to keep the child.
raspberry syrup,
The poor gynaecologist. Killed by a stray bullet.
But I'm glad.
It was my only chance of salvation.
Forgive me, doctor.
What an unlucky day.
So many bad things happened.
What are you going to do now?
Are you listening? I'm talking to you.
What will you tell your father?
And what will the people in town say?
Why are you shrugging? Are you paying attention?
Do you understand what this means?
How are you going to walk around town with such a belly?
Maybe it will be alright.
Papa, there's something I have to tell you.
But don't explode as usual.
What happened, my dear girl? Did you break another cup?
First let me tie up your legs. - Alright.
Don't move.
Is it Nasreddin again?
Now your hands.
I bet it's something interesting.
You lost the lottery ticket?
This time...
I have a little boy or girl sitting in my tummy.
Who is sitting where?
I am pregnant.
Just don't explode as usual. Keep calm.
Get out of my way!
Get out of my way!
Where is my daughter?
Mamlakat, come get your brother.
Everything... bad. - Calm down.
Please forgive me. It was dark, I fell, I didn't mean to.
Forgive me, my love.
Nasreddin is sick,
Mamlakat is pregnant.
I don't know.
Such trouble.
Why did you leave us so early?
Why can't I join you?
I just want to be with you.
We'll go to every theatre.
You'll recognise the bastard.
He is not a bastard.
All Far-Khor will find out that the child has no father.
It's terrible.
It's shameful.
Safar Bekhmuradov's daughter gives birth
to the child of an unknown father!
Such a thing has never happened in our family.
I ought to shoot myself.
Salaam aleikum, Safar.
Hold on!
He's got nothing to do with it.
He is just a theatre director. It's not his fault.
I've got nothing to do with it. - Hold your head straight!
Hold your head straight! - There were 4 women and 4 men.
I don't need the women.
He loves the theatre. - To hell with your theatre!
I promise you... - Give me the list of the actors.
We're going to Samarkand - to the theatre.
Remember the name Oripov.
Oh! I'm slain.
I am maim'd forever. Help! Murder! Murder!
When will this end?
Shakespeare is forever.
How much longer?
What do you mean, shhh?
I'm so fed up with this Othello-Mothello.
Is it him or not? - His face is black.
Wake up that asshole! Why are you drinking over there?
He's been snoring all bloody day.
Who am I strangling Desdemona for?
War! -War?
Call the manager, the director!
It's the end.
Who are you? What do you want?
Is it him? - I don't know.
Don't know... Turn around.
Take a good look. Is it him?
No, it's not him. - No, I'm not him.
You! Follow me!
One, two, three.
Here goes!
Name? -Saidov.
Salaam aleikum. - Is it him?
It's not him either.
Nasreddin? - He's asleep.
This is not the time to sleep!
He doesn't sleep at home, he sleeps on the road.
Terrible habits. I just don't understand it.
What are you meddling with?
I want to help.
You've already helped me enough.
Go and fetch some water.
Forget it.
Remember to buy aspirin - my head is killing me.
Help the poor!
Dear friends!
We pay 5 dollars, real dollars.
Think of those who need your help.
Donate your blood! Come on! Act now, Kolchosniki!
What do you want?
Can I give extra blood?
I can take it, I'm strong.
Let's go. Alfia,
get things ready.
Do you pay immediately? - By post. - Forget it.
But for you we might make an exception.
I need a lot.
Think about it.
Your blood will be circulating around the globe.
Do you like travelling?
Very much.
I want to go far away.
Just don't get lost.
The police! Let's get out of here.
Selim, get moving!
Why are they chasing us?
They don't like us because we help people.
They don't let us buy blood.
Selim, drive carefully!
It's a romantic moment.
I thought you really hurt yourself.
It's my father. Stop the bus!
What father? -He's worried. - How old are you?
Almost eighteen. Stop the bus!
What? -Eighteen. - Did you hear that, Selim?
What's your name? Come here!
Give this to your father. Tell him thank you from the Red Cross.
What for? - Go!
Get moving!
Thank you, doctor.
Good, keep pushing!
Keep the tail-wheel straight!
Abu, you're in charge!
What happened? -We've run out of petrol. Do you have any?
Yes, one canister.
Don't you sing in the 'Fruit and Vegetable' Ensemble?
The 'Harvest' Ensemble.
Wrap your scarf around your neck.
You may catch a cold and lose your voice.
Who's screaming?
A woman is having a baby. - A baby?
It's been a crazy day... - Actor!
No, he's the pilot. - I'm a pilot.
Here's the petrol.
He's a little...
Dump it in! Everybody into the plane!
We're taking off.
Welcome, come in.
You can't just walk in. You need a ticket or an invitation.
We are sold out. There's nothing I can do.
I need to see a ticket or an invitation.
Is Oripov performing tonight? - Yes, he is.
And I need a ticket? - Either a ticket or an invitation.
If life is precious to you, Oedipus, I beseech you, do not ask!
My suffering is enough.
Be brave!
I beg you, please!
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