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Subtitles for Lundi Matin 2002 CD1.

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Lundi Matin 2002 CD1

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What are you doing?
It's forbidden!
Get the glasses.
We have to taste this.
I had no idea! If I had known...
Leave me alone.
Look, this is the part that counts.
I brought you this.
Thanks, dad.
Don't touch!
- Dad did that sketch? - Yes. He was young.
Not bad.
darling, come down, there's work to do!
That rain gutter is rotten. And the taps leak.
- Where are you going? - I can go for a walk.
- It's much better. - still a bit faster.
How is it going?
Not well.
Racked my brain on chemistry... I don't get it.
No wonder that you don't like it.
Look, the valences of chlorine and hydrogen are opposed,
so they bind easily to form hydrochloric acid.
Forget it.
What I like is history.
Richard the Lionheart...
the Pharaohs.
They say history is full of lies.
Aragon thought that the Soviets were good guys,
now everyone says they were bastards.
Math is much safer.
Math is for boys.
This goal achieved...
as he had thought,
as the ogre woke at midnight,
with much regret
at having put off what he could have done at once...
I know why you're peddling chemistry.
How about you, with your Richard the Lionheart
and your Pharaohs!
Beat it!
Brush your teeth!
Did you brush your teeth?
Clear the table.
You think money just drops from the sky!
Thank you, my boy.
The milk...
Open the window...
It won't work.
Leave me alone!
What is it?
Saint George.
Isn't it more like Saint Michael?
Saint Michael is depicted on foot,
and without a moustache.
And here is the moustache.
you'll go on like this for long?
Lady, you're disturbing me.
They're not generous in this parish.
I shouldn't meddle...
this doesn't seem very canonical.
This is not Byzantium. Neither the time, nor the place.
So, canons...
You have the halo, and here's the lance.
Your Saint George looks ferocious.
This guy was very bad. He killed the poor dragon for nothing.
The dragon was the Lady's friend,
she even walked him on a leash.
You should thank me for not drawing the lady
and respecting the canons.
The tape recorder, please.
You're going out?
Just for a little while. I'II take some flowers.
Leg... here we are!
See you later.
Mr. Albert, you're just in time, I don't have a Light.
Did you clean it well?
These are for the blue vase.
- Are you done? - Two seconds!
It's not a library in there!
All right!
For the laundry, or the market.
Made in the caravan by my husband, me and the kids.
Give me your hand...
You don't like your children.
How so?
And this is your husband.
- You don't like your husband. - How can you see that?
The hand speaks only the truth.
See for yourself.
It's not a dragon but it's of the same species.
As LinnA would say, of the same order: reptiles.
But this one is ugly.
I'II draw a sketch if you care.
All right.
This one is for grown-ups.
This one was mine when I was little.
This is mama's.
This one is papa's.
This one when I was little.
This one papa forbids us to touch,
and this is mine.
I tried it. It's too big.
Shall we give it to him?
For me?
Thanks a lot.
Come over here.
You lent your bicycle?
Do you know how much a bicycle costs?
I already told you not to lend whatever I buy you.
It's you. The letter?
This time, it's a poem.
'Chantal, I love you.
'I'm crazy about you,
'my little chickadee...
'please marry me.
'He who loves you,
'your Bartholomew.'
Do you have a stamp?
I have everything ready.
Did you see Vincent?
I'm looking for him!
Is my husband there?
What happened to you?
Nothing... What are you doing here?
Your father is at his worst.
- What is this? - It's nothing.
Get a handkerchief.
Is he asleep?
Your father is at his worst.
It's the end.
He hasn't got much Left to go.
Open your eyes!
Give me a drink.
Get up. We'll kick them out.
Do it for me.
Are you ready?
We'll drink afterwards.
We'll have a drink together.
My dear ones, I feel better.
Your presence is no Longer needed.
You can go home.
And you, my sister too, go home.
Son, you may lead these ladies to the door.
You say you want to travel.
Open this safe.
You have to go out
into the world.
If you go to Maples first,
you will find Liras here.
You can go to Alexandria,
Cairo, Constantinople.
And you can also go to Venice.
I have a friend, I told you about him.
He's a good friend.
Enzo Di Martino. A marquis.
That's the one on the right.
Go ahead.
You see, I've lost it.
Take it all.
Let's have a drink.
What's your name?
Bottoms up!
What is this?
You look very tired.
This way.
Leave it here.
Put your fingers in your mouth.
You don't recognize me.
And now?
Paul Robert! What are you doing here?
I work here.
They think I'm a lady.
What is this?
What happened to you?
Give it, I'II mend it.
careful, I'm working!
Lady Pipi!
Don't touch, I could lose my job.
The boss can't take a joke.
Let go.
Make yourself at home.
Settle down. I'II mend your sleeve.
Here are Sophie and Martine,
my friends.
She's the younger one.
Look how pretty she is.
Don't be afraid.
You still live with your wife?
You still work in the factory?
You're a welder?
Can you help?
You still live in the country?
Knowing you, you don't like it.
You still paint?
Take this.
A present.
This brush is for watercolor.
What are you doing here, darling?
Let's drink!
These two suitcases too, please.
So many suitcases! They're all yours?
The lady's...
May I help?
You're French?
See you.
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