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Subtitles for Lundi Matin 2002 CD2.

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Lundi Matin 2002 CD2

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The last touch... the mouth...
and the eye...
I'm done.
I told you I'd see you.
Let me drive.
I'm dead tired.
Good morning, my friend.
I gather you're the son of my friend Gabriel.
Here he is.
Young, handsome.
I don't know if he told you,
we had extraordinary adventures together.
Excuse me.
All because of this.
This chair belonged to my family,
and His Majesty used to sit on it.
We prefer to keep it intact.
Want to drink? Tea, coffee...
I have very good whisky.
You'll see.
You're very tough!
You want some more?
No, I have to leave.
Ah, it's time!
Delighted to have met you.
Did you drink? Don't lie. I see everything.
I see it on your nose!
Bitch! You can't see anything, I didn't drink!
How dare you call me a bitch!
You're a bitch, a pain in the ass.
Don't provoke me!
I've told you a hundred times:
I drank, I drink, and will drink when I want to.
And your ugly face cuts my appetite.
In my country, people don't sing anymore.
A pity, it helps the wine vapours evaporate.
In my country, wine has purely gastronomic functions.
It's only for the palate, the taste...
What I like here is that wine has a spiritual function.
In my country, people don't hit children.
I don't believe you!
Did you keep the wine?
is Venice.
And that, over there?
it is the spirit of Venice which counts.
AII of it.
The very spirit
which made Marco Polo travel.
The spirit which made Titian paint.
The spirit tourists will never understand!
Here is this present for you.
Take this one to bed.
Are you all right?
How does it work?
You have to turn.
Going to work?
Can I go with you?
There's nothing to see.
I'II come for the ride.
If you want to...
This time, you see,
I have nothing left.
Mail for your mother, some pretty pyramids.
I hope she won't tear them as before!
Me too!
It would be a pity.
What's happening? Another postcard?
What a pity!
Let's see what it is.
and men on camels.
I never know which are camels, which are dromedaries.
It's more like a dromedary.
So, did she tear it up?
Of course.
Get me the shovel.
We're going to dig a bit.
It's here.
Use your hands.
Mow, my little ones...
I'II tell you something.
Your father
has been gone for a long time.
Since then, we're in a pinch.
We have almost not a penny Left.
What you see now, tell no one!
Heads or tails?
Heads or tails?
You should never gamble with me!
No good.
No good.
- Good afternoon. - Same to you.
You press the button.
Go ahead!
Looks Like your father.
Oh, hi.
Come in.
Who left the light on?
Ask your sons.
The roof is rotten and the gutter is full of sludge.
It's still leaking, as you can see.
Give me one?
You smoke now!
So the gutter is full of sludge...
You might go and see your mom.
Give me a shot.
Here you are.
Took your time.
It went by so quickly.
Did you see your father?
What did he say?
He asked about you.
That bum!
You see, the drawings you sent us?
Why are they torn?
Some are not too happy.
- Were you far away? - No.
Did you enjoy yourself at least?
It was a journey.
Lights out.
Come and see, its fun!
It's you!
And a girl, and a crocodile.
Where did you find a crocodile?
I captured it!
It's true.
Have fun.
subtitles: John Lvoff
Processed by L.V.T. - Paris
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