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Lunes al sol Los CD1

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mondays in the sun
The Ria Station wishes to inform you that the ferry
will depart at 8:1 5 from pier 3.
The Ria Station wishes to inform you
that the ferry will depart at 8:1 5 from pier 3.
-I've started. -Take it easy.
I'm sweating like a pig.
Don't think about it.
Wait a minute.
-Your ticket. -Wait a fucking minute.
You'd think it was his boat.
-Very elegant. Got an interview? -At 1 0:00.
-You never give up. -This looks good.
Well paid, expenses,
an office.
''Own vehicle''. You don't have an ''own vehicle''.
I'll buy one with my first wages. Salo is selling his.
An ''own vehicle'' that moves.
His is in the wrecker's yard.
It just says ''own vehicle''.
''Computer skills.''
My son is teaching me.
And look: ''1 1 2,000 minimum. Plus commissions.''
''Chance of promotion.''
Santa, your ticket. The boss'll blame me.
I said I'd give it to you.
Anyway, the service is lousy. I'd swim across faster.
With the amount you charge, there should be free drinks.
-And hostesses. -Right.
Not a fish-face like you. Pain in the ass.
The problem is there's an age limit.
Thirty five.
Thirty five?
Just about.
Just about?
With that gray hair? Look, it says it there, ''20-35''.
-And ''Presentable.'' -Aren't I presentable?
-Don't make him more nervous. -Lino, they want fucking kids.
-Kids don't have gray hair. -Gray hair can be presentable.
What you have to do is think they won't give it to you.
But that's what I do think.
-Shouldn't he think positively? -No. You know nothing about it.
-And you do. -Anyway...
We'll see.
If I'm gray, I'm gray, and screw the lot of them.
And what is it?
The job.
God knows.
They don't know.
Maybe. It depends.
They might call me.
So it's no.
No, it isn't no. They might call me.
Call you to yes, or no?
If they call, it's yes.
Even if they do call, my daughter'll be on the phone.
It happened before. They called and it was engaged.
How long was the interview?
Five minutes.
They got rid of you.
They got rid of him, Amador.
Don't ask me. I don't understand any of that.
You're better off that way.
Give Amador a drink.
We'll drink to ''They might call us''.
Who'll pay for it? You?
Have I ever not paid you?
Do I owe anybody anything?
-You own me 6,000. -And me 2,000.
2,300, but I'll let you off the 300.
They're getting at me, Natalia.
How strange, you're so nice.
Nata is the only one who understands me.
Why don't you and I have a drink some day, without your father?
Maybe because I'm 1 5?
Having free drinks is one thing, but don't mess with Nata.
Anyway, what's up?
Didn't you get enough yesterday?
She's having you on. She's a bitch.
Don't listen to her.
Come on, what happened?
Fuck it, Jose,
don't joke about that.
You trust me, don't you?
I trust her.
Is your wife back yet, Amador?
Her mother's got worse.
Bet you're delighted.
You've been living it up.
-In here all day... -And you weren't too far away.
Anyone seen Reina? He said he'd invite us to the game.
He said nothing to me.
What are you doing?
It's the tip.
Yeah, but it was for me.
Give over, you're still going to get it.
I'm reinvesting in your business.
-Do they hurt a lot? -The right one in particular.
From the knee down.
Did you call the doctor?
When? I didn't have time.
Tell them you have to sit down.
Yeah, I'll ask for a massage too.
Fat chance.
God, eight hours on my feet.
At night too. The bastards keep changing our shifts.
For those shit wages.
One day, I'll tell them all to fuck off.
The company and the boss. He's a creep.
They can stick their fucking job up their ass.
The cream?
It's there.
I like you, Rosa.
Tell mom I'll call her. I'll call her tomorrow.
You can't bring women into your room.
She isn't a woman. She's my sister.
You're making it worse.
It's from the court.
Have you done anything wrong?
No, but don't worry, I'll let you know.
Australia is fucking great.
You know how many square kilometers it has?
Ten times this.
And the population?
No idea.
Less than half of Spain.
Just work it out.
Work out how much per head.
Here, it works out at shit.
They give you your share.
They do?
When you retire.
It's a law they have.
They divide it.
Yeah, what they do is,
so many kilometers of country
divided by however many people there are.
I don't know. Let's say...
Two square kilometers, or three.
Whatever it is.
And they give it to you.
-Each one gets his share. -Shit.
Can you imagine it?
Here, this is for you.
It's yours forever. And you can do what you fucking want.
And so people are in a better mood.
Because of the climate too. It's great there, Lino.
The Antipodes.
The Antipodes.
You know why they're called that?
Because it means ''the opposite''.
The oppo-site.
The opposite of here.
You can work there, not here.
You can screw there, not here.
I bet those bastards are going there.
What day is it today?
If I may, your honor, I'll read the statement
in which, on November 4 of this year,
in accordance with the decision adopted by this court...
the accused was found guilty
and sentenced to pay compensation to the claimant
for breaking the streetlight, model Urban Swimlight 2 70,
situated eight meters from the shipyard entrance.
That was accepted at the time without any argument.
But we would like it to be seen
in the context of the labor dispute prevailing at the time,
a lockout and the dismissal of 200 workers,
among them, my client,
which meant that he and many others
joined the demonstrations with which we are all familiar
and which ended with regrettable confrontations
between the workers and the police.
Consider, therefore,
the events surrounding the incident
for which my client is being asked to pay compensation.
But it wasn't the streetlight's fault.
That's true, your honor.
But it was badly situated.
So it's all the fault of whoever put it there.
it could partly be seen like that, your honor.
Counsel, this is the third time we've heard this case.
What is the compensation being demanded?
-8,000 pesetas, your honor. -8,000 pesetas.
How can I pay it?
How can I pay it? They laid me off.
And now they want me to pay 8,000 pesetas.
What is this? I pay them for laying me off?
You broke their streetlight? Well, now you pay for it.
A lousy streetlight.
No, it was an Urban Swimlight. 8,000 pesetas worth.
I won't pay it.
Santa, this was the third hearing.
You know what the fourth means.
Do you know or not?
What do you think?
It isn't a matter of cheap or expensive.
It's cheap for you? Correct.
Not for me.
Is Jose ugly or handsome?
That depends too. His wife might like him.
The 8,000 pesetas, for example.
-What are they worth? -In euros?
In pesetas. What are 8,000 pesetas worth in pesetas?
-8,000 pesetas. -No.
No. You see?
For me, morally, they're worth much more.
-1 0,000? -Much more. 1 0 million.
More. 1 00,000 million.
How can 8,000 be worth 1 00,000 million?
-Morally. I said morally. -All right, morally.
It still doesn't seem expensive.
It must be great to be on TV.
Imagine presenting a program.
You go on,
talk a bit of rubbish, and live like a king.
You know what he gets paid?
I was on TV once.
In an ad, when I was a kid.
I was a good looking kid.
What was it for?
A soft drink. ''Bubbles''. Remember it?
Orange and lemon flavor.
Never heard of it.
-They went bankrupt very soon. -Shit, Lino!
''Bubbles''. Don't know it.
Give me another.
It's your fourth, Jose.
Don't worry, I'll pay you.
That's not what I meant.
Want anything?
You got ''Bubbles''?
Orange or lemon?
Orange, please.
You assholes!
I was on TV too, about the shipyard.
Is anyone still there?
It was open on Monday. They're auctioning the machinery.
The bastards.
Careful with the crumbs.
If the foreman sees them, I'm finished.
-Lino, here. -Get it out of there. Don't screw up.
-You're going to lose it. -Get it out.
-You're going to screw up. -He's on his own. Back him up.
-Kick it over, come on. -That's it, move up, guys!
-Go on, move up! -Look at him! He isn't looking!
-Was that Ferrer? -We need two more floors, Reina.
You lot had a great goalkeeper. Who was he? Yasine...
-Yashin. -Yashin.
The Black Spider.
Best goalkeeper in world.
He always wears black.
Everyone is afraid of him.
Opposing player, when he scores goal,
apologizes to Yashin.
Ball is also afraid of Yashin.
He deflects ball with look.
This needs to be welded.
-Do you need an expert? -Why, do you know one?
Official first-class welder. Four years in the yards.
Come over here.
Who wants cheese?
-Watch the crumbs. -I can't help dropping them.
Put your hand underneath.
Stop be such a pain in the ass, Reina.
Yeah, you're like my wife.
I'm like your wife? If I belt you, I won't be like her.
You could tidy my place. It's a mess.
That's because your wife works.
Are you being smart?
I just said she works. And she does, doesn't she?
-Yeah, what about it? -Nothing.
-It seems to bother you. -It does bother him.
Look, look, look.
I can't see a thing.
Next time, go to the grandstand.
I won't ask you again.
And you, put that down.
Can I borrow it?
Do you want to get me fired?
-You've lots. There's another one. -Put it down.
Do I have to frisk you on the way out?
Calm down, Reina.
Don't pull your gun.
Now, now, now...
-Move it up. -That's it, very good.
Go on, move it up! Move it!
-Go on, move it upfield! -Go on.
Go on, go on, go on...
I bet it was Salva.
He has no patience.
-He gets angry at anything. -It's the uniform.
It's the uniform.
-He was always like that. -No, believe me.
-It's the uniform. -I haven't seen him recently.
-He goes to other bars now. -Don't be a bastard.
It goes out on its own.
It's a time switch.
What time?
The only time there is.
That's shit.
It costs more.
So what? You're not paying.
It's Jose.
What's he doing here?
What's up?
Nothing. I'm meeting Santa. How are your legs?
-Is that why you came? -Ana...
get back in line!
-Can't I talk to my wife? -Don't, please.
-He's an asshole. -You want to get me fired too?
Does he know all your names?
I'll see you at home.
Fucking great.
He can't live without you.
It's an ugly son of a bitch.
They should have paid me for breaking it.
I like it.
Yeah, but you've got no criterion.
You know what criterion is?
If you don't know what it is, how can you have it?
It comes from the Latin, criterion,
it means that. Criterion.
The word itself tells you.
Hello, Bizco.
What's up, Jose? Have you come to work?
-You got a lot to do? -No, just junkies who sneak in.
It's very quiet here.
-Is anyone up there? -Alberto.
Have you got criterion, Jose?
-Criterion? What's he on about? -I don't know.
-If it isn't here, it's gone. -I need it for the bank.
What year did you leave?
'9 7.
Tax statement from 1 994, and the preferential employment list.
All the paperwork is over there. If you want anything, self-service.
-What about the computer? -We're not linked up anymore.
When do they start building?
Don't ask me about that, just about papers.
Could you do them again?
No. I couldn't.
If you were here from '94 to '9 7, I'll never find them all now.
What about shame?
Have you not found that yet?
We could bring 200 jobless families to help you find it.
Go to head office and talk to them.
Don't give me a hard time. I didn't take anyone's job away.
If I went to head office, there'd be fucking murder.
Did he know we were coming?
We'll wait a while.
You saw the excavators.
The show house will be ready in six months.
They'll need permits.
They'll get them.
Whenever they want.
Look, there he is.
Were you out shopping?
What are you doing here?
Keeping an eye on you. Your wife told us to do it.
-I'll take that up for you. -I can do it.
-It's four floors. -Let go, for crissake!
I'll do it myself.
You got someone up there?
I'll be right down,
He's getting really moody.
I'm off.
To work, to maintain you lot with my taxes.
I'd rather not work than work as a cop.
Watch it, I'm not a cop.
''Security technician.''
I'll pay for them.
See you later.
-Amador, is your wife back yet? -She's coming on Monday.
-Want another, Jose? -No, I've got the bank tomorrow.
-For the loan. -Will you get it?
We'll see tomorrow.
-Aren't you late? -I need money for the taxi back.
They'll stop asking you.
Are you babysitting?
Got your books?
My notes.
Call if you need me.
-If there's a problem, call us. -OK.
His supper is in the fridge. You have to heat it up for him.
-Can you use a microwave? -What do you think?
No, but anyway...
Put him to bed at 1 1:00.
Don't give him candy or beer or anything. He's only four.
He can't see TV.
Don't talk to him about politics or girls.
My cell phone.
They're due at 2:00. I'll be here at 1:45.
What if they call?
I've re-routed the calls.
That's for you.
Three? Wasn't it five?
And my commission?
That's how the world works.
Get used to it!
Who are you meeting?
A guy.
You weren't free.
Tell me when the movie ends.
If there's any fighting or groping, change stations.
You know where to press?
-Here. -That's it.
Very good.
This whisky is terrific.
The guy's got good taste.
We've all got that, he's got money.
I wonder what he does.
Can you imagine living like this?
What's the kid's name?
Jorgito... Luisito...
What's up, kid?
What does your father do?
Russian story says:
Two old party comrades meet,
and one says, ''All that we were told about communism was a lie.''
The other says, ''Yes, but the worst thing
is that all we were told about capitalism was true.''
What did you do?
I study in Gagarin Space School.
-You're kidding. -Many astronauts learn there.
I study 2 7 program of Soviet Union.
I, in space now,
Between big star and little blue one.
But my program stop. Soviet Union kaput.
I am here now.
That's life.
Did you know the Russian was an astronaut?
-What's up? -Nothing, I'm serious.
He should be up there now.
Hell of a change.
I know what this guy does.
He makes shoes.
-I opened a closet, it was full. -You opened a closet?
200 pairs, all women's. They must be his wife's.
-These people have lots of shoes. -Why did you open it?
I was investigating.
Don't dramatize it.
I'm not. We're here under my responsibility.
If anything disappears or happens to the kid...
The kid could have his head in the oven right now.
You're here because I invited you. Got that?
And you do as I say.
It's my house and my job and my child.
But we're helping you, aren't we?
With the child.
-We're all looking after him. -What are you on about?
Lino is right.
So we should all share the money.
The 3,000 pesetas?
What else? Do you want a contract too?
Have you all gone crazy?
-Where are you going? -To put the child to bed.
''The Grasshopper and The Ant''
Here we go.
''Once upon a time, there was a grasshopper and an ant.
The ant was very hardworking
and the grasshopper wasn't. He liked to sing and sleep
while the ant went about his tasks.
Time went by. The ant worked and worked all summer.
He saved all he could and when winter came
the grasshopper was dying of hunger and cold
while the ant had everything.''
That ant is a real bastard!
''The grasshopper knocked at the ant's door,
and the ant said to him, ''Grasshopper,
if you had worked as I did
you wouldn't be hungry and cold now.''
And he didn't open the door!
Who wrote this?
Because this isn't how it is!
That ant is a shit and a speculator.
And it doesn't say why some are born grasshoppers.
Because if you are, you're fucked.
It doesn't say that.
Will Ana like them?
Of course, they're beautiful.
But she's a bit odd.
She takes a size smaller but with an insole...
Look, look.
Come here and look at this.
-I have to get up early. -Didn't you want to be on TV?
Look, look, look.
Good evening.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to ''Guess who is the biggest dickhead I know''.
Tonight, it's a very close competition.
On my left, in a checked jacket
which is way out of fashion,
Paulino Ribas, unemployed and weighing in at 80 kilos.
And on my right, another considerable dickhead,
last week's champion, Jose Suarez. A big hand.
-Can I play? -No, you can't.
This is for Spanish dickheads.
Send your name and your telephone number
to whatever fucking address you want.
I don't have phone.
I'm off.
First question. How many hours is Australia from here?
Let's hear your answer now.
-By plane? -No, swimming, asshole.
-Ten hours. -Ten!
1 4, you've lost.
Sergei said ten and he's an astronaut.
He can't answer because he isn't from here.
The question is disallowed. You've lost.
-What did I lose? -You have just lost
a wonderful job with a year's salary every month,
a secretary, and the chance of promotion in Torrevieja, Alicante.
Jose! Wait!
I'm ready!
That isn't all.
Like them?
Very much.
Fit for a princess. Chosen specially.
I can go to the bank on my own.
We could be there for an hour.
I'm sure I'll have to sign something.
Don't put on any more, you don't need it.
Stop it, I smell of fish.
You don't smell of fish.
You smell like a mermaid.
Go on, have your shower.
A personal loan. 1,500,000, right?
Your pay slip?
She's the one who works.
-Permanent contract? -Temporary.
Net monthly wage, 1 1 0,000.
Any bonuses? No bonuses...
Any other source of income? Anything in the offing?
Well, well.
Can anyone act as guarantor for you?
I can.
Someone with an income, a relative, your parents...
Is it necessary?
It helps.
Is there a problem? The ad said it was easy.
You know what ads are like.
I'll need a copy of your marriage certificate.
Sign here, please.
The active person.
In ten days, we'll tell you something.
Why did you put it there?
Excuse me?
Why did you put the form there?
That's its place.
-And that pile? -Jose, please.
Why not throw it in the wastepaper basket?
-A committee will study it... -Committee, my ass!
You think I don't realize?
You think we're retards?
I'm sorry.
Thanks, Jose, you were a great help!
-There are lots of banks. -What?
What do you think this is?
He was laughing at me!
He wasn't laughing at you,
or at anyone. He was doing his job.
He can stuff his job!
-What was that, a trial? -Yes, it was.
And if they like you they give you money.
You don't approve? Fuck you, that's how it is.
No, fuck them. Nobody puts me on trial.
I don't like their money.
I was asking for the loan. I'll decide if I like their money!
Right, I'm not the ''active person''. After all, who am I?
Nobody, a worthless asshole. Someone they can laugh at.
I knew it.
I should've come alone.
Great. You all on your own.
You work, you ask for the loans. Great.
-What about me? -Jose.
I knew that this would happen as soon as I saw the whisky.
Right, you know everything.
What has happened, what will happen...
I don't know why you're filling cans of tuna.
It's more than you can say.
Couldn't you be quiet for once?
-We can go to another one. -Another one?
What for? To insult them too?
It's always the same.
Look at us. We've got nothing.
No house, no kids, no loan, nothing.
And it's always because of fucking work.
Are you awake?
I'm sorry, all right?
I'm sorry.
1 8, 21, 37,
and 47. And the complementary number is...
Good morning.
Maybe for you.
Whoever wants to suck me off, raise her hand.
Do you know her?
From the other day.
If they can't give us a proper job we'll take a blow job.
What can I do? Put yourself in my place.
They were to send you the dismissal form.
When did you sign it?
-When I signed the contract. -That's impossible.
You can't sign the dismissal and the contract together.
But they were together.
What you have to do is go home and wait.
An inspector will visit you and decide about your case.
Meanwhile, we can't pay you any benefit.
-I've brought the certificate. -That's no use to me.
You have to wait.
-But I can't wait. -Samuel, I can't do anything.
They'll ask for proof of dismissal.
You call her, please.
Call my wife and tell her. See what she says.
Tell her about the inspection, the dismissal and everything.
Tell her and see if she understands.
Please, see if she understands.
Anyone call?
-Has she got over it? -More or less.
She says she has,
but she seems a bit strange.
What does she do?
She doesn't talk.
-She doesn't talk? -Not much.
And she thinks all day.
That's bad.
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