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Subtitles for Lunes al sol Los CD2.

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Lunes al sol Los CD2

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-Hello. -Hello.
I thought you were Swiss, because of the dress.
I'm not Swiss, the cheese is.
-Want some? -Yes.
-I warn you, I'm a cheese expert. -Sure.
Have you been there?
No, have you?
No, I'm joking. Working.
How's the cheese?
Not bad.
But I like you more.
What's your name?
Swiss for ''My pleasure.''
All right, ''Spregel''.
-May I? -Of course.
Want some of Angela's cheese?
-I'll go and pay. -Right.
It also means ''Goodbye''
I'm going out.
-Again? Where? -For a walk.
-For a walk where? -Around.
Leave him be.
The question isn't whether we believe in God or not.
The question is
if God believes in us.
Because if He doesn't,
we're screwed.
I don't know if I'm explaining myself.
I think He doesn't.
At least, He doesn't believe in me.
Nor in you, Santa.
In Jose...
He might believe in him a bit more. I don't know.
But we believe in you and that's what matters.
Yeah, but you aren't God, for crissake.
Sergei, does God exist or not?
Do you see Him when you're up there?
-Sergei is an astronaut. -Really?
When Gagarin comes to earth after first trip
a journalist asks same thing, if he saw God in space.
And Gagarin says, ''Yes, I saw comrade God in space,
and He tells me to tell you
that He does not exist.''
Give me another.
I'm closing up, Amador. It's late.
When's your wife coming back?
If she doesn't come soon, you'll kill yourself.
What the hell is it to you?
Why are you talking about my wife?
Do I talk about yours?
Give me another drink.
The lot of you can go fuck yourselves.
And God doesn't believe in you,
for your information.
-In none of you. -Don't be angry.
And in you least of all.
I didn't fall.
I threw myself down.
Take him home.
Give me another.
Wait, wait.
Come on, Amador.
It's... You can't.
You can't...
You can't? All right.
No, because...
there's no ticket.
What do you mean? To get into your house?
What are you talking about?
A ticket.
-You got a ticket? -Yes, yours and mine.
-We'll go up and I'll show you. -You don't have a ticket.
They won't fucking let you in.
-We'll buy them upstairs, come on. -No...
You can't.
Like Siamese twins.
They fight, the dickheads.
What Siamese twins?
The Siamese twins.
You know, Siamese twins?
-No, I don't, Amador. Do you? -Yes, I do.
Siamese from Siam.
With two heads.
They hang on to each other as they're born.
Because they're afraid to be born.
And then, afterwards, they can't separate.
-They fight? -They fight.
And one of them wins.
He pushes the other one, who falls.
And he laughs.
But he's falling too.
Because they're stuck to each other.
The two of them fall, you understand?
It's as if he said,
''Go fuck yourself.''
You understand?
Go fuck yourself!
Go fuck yourself!
You understand?
Shit, Amador.
When your wife comes back...
The light!
Jaime Marques.
Paulino Ribas.
Pay it, Santa, or you'll get in trouble.
What does the lawyer say?
That I should pay.
What if you don't?
It's not certain.
Jail too?
Who knows! Depends on the judge you get.
You'll have no girls in jail.
And who'll bring you food?
I will, Santa.
Thanks, Nata.
It's to see who's the cockiest.
Don't worry, you'll win.
I'm not going to pay. I can't.
I'm sorry. I just can't do it. I can't.
That's it, then. Let's have a last drink with Santa.
A farewell drink.
Christ, all this dignity!
Here, half a streetlight.
But don't get used to it. Some of us work for our money.
What's up, Lino?
How did it go?
All right.
Give me a drink.
Go on, Reina's being generous.
What are you doing?
I spilt it.
You're an asshole, Santa.
And full of pride.
Yeah, I guess, but I've been like that for years.
I won't change now.
Right, Amador?
Very elegant.
Yes, well, business...
Is he yours?
Do you like children?
A lot, a lot.
What's up?
You lucky little fucker, you've got Angela!
That makes it easy.
Are they his?
Yes, we're going to the doctor. His arm hurts.
Are you a doctor?
More or less. I worked in a hospital.
In the bar. And you always pick something up.
This looks fine to me.
This week I'm working evenings. If you want to drop by...
Do you know Australia?
-No. -Would you like to go?
-Right now? -No, not right now.
Some time.
You all right?
1,000, 2,000, 3,000,
4,000, 5,000,
6,000, 7,000
and 8,000. That's it.
See how easy it was?
Have an early night.
You did the right thing, Santa.
They were the ones who didn't.
But they can go fuck themselves.
You did what you had to.
Straight ahead.
And you did it well, with style.
You want 8,000 pesetas. Take them, there they are.
Have a drink on me.
It mightn't seem so,
but these things add up. They make you grow.
In your head.
And you look better, more mature.
I won't be long.
What the...?
Much better.
No, no way. It's easy to act the victim.
There is work. If it's there for outsiders, it's there for us.
-And it's there for outsiders. -All right.
No, it's not all right.
Every month a chunk of my wages goes to pay a load of layabouts.
It's easy take handouts.
-Lino, he says you're a layabout. -Don't involve me.
You are involved. He says that if you wanted to work
you'd go to the south, earn 80,000 pesetas a month,
spend half on lodgings and send the rest to your wife.
-I wasn't talking about him. -No?
About who, then?
Shit, it isn't that hard.
I say you can always find something.
Look at Rico.
They close the shipyard, lay us all off and what does Rico do?
He takes his severance pay and sets up this bar.
And it's going OK, right?
How long ago was that? Three years.
Yeah, but it could have gone badly.
Fuck it, no.
Not if you work hard.
Amador left at the same time.
-What did he do with the money? -Wait a minute.
Firstly, he didn't leave. He was laid off, like all of us.
They're two very different things.
As for the severance pay,
8 million pesetas sounds like a lot, but then what?
What do you do at 49 with no job, 2 kids and 8 million in the bank?
I'll tell you. You do nothing.
In 4 years it's gone. I mean you, Amador, anybody.
And they gave me nothing.
The problem was, it was cheaper to buy the ships abroad.
I'll tell you what the problem was, because I was there.
They said, ''We're laying off 80.
It's that or we close down.'' We said no, it wasn't closing.
Our jobs were there, everyone's jobs,
and you don't mess with our jobs.
It wasn't just casual workers. You were there, Rico.
And so was Amador.
Defending what was ours. Mine, Josť's and Lino's.
There were 200 of us at the sit-in, casual and permanent workers.
Ask the police, I'm sure they remember.
And you achieved nothing.
-We made sure people knew about it. -They've all forgotten now.
And we were united. I remember that.
Then it got fucked up.
It's easy for you to talk. You didn't have a family.
What about the men who were 50?
-Who would take us on? -All right.
You signed the agreement. I understand.
But you knew it was shit.
You did, didn't you?
-There was nothing else. -Nothing else. Fucking great.
Is there anything else now?
You guys left a year later.
You got this bar, it's doing well, I'm delighted.
But others haven't been so lucky. Amador, for example.
Yeah, but that isn't my fault.
No, it isn't, but you all signed the agreement.
They laid us off then, and you guys the year after. And what happened?
What happened?
We weren't united anymore. They'd divided us.
With the fucking agreement.
And divided, we're screwed. It's always been like that.
That's why some of us did OK and some of us didn't.
That's why Lino keeps calling his wife
saying he doesn't know,
and maybe they'll call him.
That's why I'm getting a fucking lousy temper.
All right, but one thing is clear. I come to this bar,
but if it's cheaper anywhere else, I'll go there.
It's the same thing. If the Koreans build cheaper ships...
I don't want to hear any more about the fucking Koreans!
The shipyard was competitive. We work fast.
We even offered to do free overtime to lower costs.
The thing is, the shipyard is where it is.
The site's worth a fortune.
Why? Because it's beside the sea.
Haven't you seen the excavators?
They'll build luxury apartments
and the fucking Koreans will come and live in them
and laugh in our fucking faces. It's as simple as that.
And I wouldn't go anywhere else even if the drinks were free.
I'm going to keep coming here.
Even if you did sign.
I could get a bar job tomorrow.
But if everyone gets laid off there'll be no customers.
And that pisses me off.
That pisses me off.
You signed your kids' dismissals.
Their jobs were at stake.
And we lost them.
Pour me another.
Very nice, Santa.
But that was two years ago.
Since then, what?
I haven't seen you serving drinks.
At least Lino tries. And good or bad, I've got a job.
-A ''security technician''. -That's right.
-You like seeing the games. -Shit, I have to invent half of them.
So stay at home the next time, asshole.
-Come on, Reina. -It's true.
He does nothing, but everything's wrong.
Sure, they're going to come here looking for you
and offer you a job just for the hell of it!
We don't all have a brother-in-law to help us.
Listen, dickhead.
He'd left the company when I joined.
I got nothing handed to me. I'm a worker.
-You're a shit with a gun. -Oh, yeah?
You seemed keen to find a job there.
Your wife wanted to have me near.
You went too far.
He should shut up about whether we work or not.
Fuck it, Santa.
You don't care, you don't like soccer.
It's wrong of you
to make me nervous,
to crush my ambition.
Keep on like that and you'll soon see.
Where is our mistake that can't be solved?
Were you the culprit or was I?
Neither you nor anyone can change me.
1,000 bells are ringing in my heart.
Is it so hard to say you're sorry?
Nata's too much.
You could fucking tell.
No, you just think that.
It was everything.
The way she laughed, the way he touched her hand.
He likes your wife. It's natural.
What do you mean?
-Shit, you like her too. -That's different.
OK, but it's normal he likes her. Your wife's a looker.
-Do you like her too? -Of course.
What's the big deal?
If she's a looker, she's a looker. It's normal that we all like her.
Hey, you're talking about my wife.
I agree, she's your wife.
So you agree with me on that.
I agree with you on everything, but I disagree.
I'm sure it's nothing.
They're friends, they work together.
It's normal.
-He took her hand. -Her hand! Big deal.
-Why didn't she tell me? -Because she knew you'd be angry.
Ask her.
-Talk to her. -I'll do that.
Good. It'll reassure you.
I'm going to talk to her.
Two more drinks.
Listen, Jose.
To talk, you have to go home. Not order another drink.
Yeah, right, but I have to think what I'm going to say.
What if she leaves me?
She won't.
Yeah, but if she does?
This is the story of a dream that made me happy,
because when I dreamed it it touched my heart...
Look at Lino.
Come on.
Come on.
I was flying,
I was singing,
Along a path of blue,
happy among clouds of tulle,
I was flying up to the sun.
And I picked a bunch of stars as I passed,
while I left the unhappy world far below.
And sweet music played just for me.
I was flying,
I was singing,
It's important. It's how people understand each other.
Talk things through.
Talking things through.
Are you off?
-Hello, Santa. -Hello.
-I was waiting for you. -I got held up.
So I see.
We have to talk.
What about?
Later, all right?
-So long. -'Bye.
She wants to talk.
That's good, right?
You wanted to talk too.
No, you did. I wanted things to be the same.
And they will be.
Want one for the road?
I can't. See you tomorrow.
You meeting somebody?
The cheese girl?
He looks happier.
Any word of his wife?
Your Colleagues on the Board
What's that?
A wreath, can't you see?
Who sent it?
The Royal Household, who the hell do you think?
Your Colleagues
How was it?
All right.
Nobody went, just us from the bar.
Did you call the doctor?
I can hardly feel them. It's like I didn't have them.
Mermaids don't have legs.
Do they know what happened?
He was drinking a lot.
He used to have it under control.
He was always in the bar.
Then he'd go home.
Or someone took him.
He was on his own.
Santa told us, he went up with him once.
His wife had left.
I guess she got tired.
It's normal.
But he said nothing.
Not to anybody.
He'd drink and go home.
No one was waiting for him.
That's why he didn't want to leave.
Maybe he didn't have the strength to go on.
Or maybe not.
Maybe he fell.
What difference does it make?
What's wrong?
For example, to exit, Control Q.
You use Control,
you go up
and Enter.
Clear some space.
How are you getting on?
Carlos Fuentes.
Paulino Ribas.
Paulino Ribas?
Sergio Esteban.
And it was starting to look so nice.
I've seen the lots.
For the auction.
No, it's a raffle.
Among the workers.
I got number 8, I think.
Yeah, 8. What about you?
Come off it.
Really, I'm coming tomorrow to pick it up.
Which one did you get?
Yes, there's a list inside.
-Really? -Really.
Go and see.
Go and see.
Go and see!
You're missing out. I'll get yours.
Yeah, right.
What are you doing?
Christening it.
Christening it!
It's really ugly.
Don't be sad, Nata. He's happier now.
What'll we do with it?
We could leave it in his corner.
Yeah, or beside the fucking ham.
-He spent his life there. -Up beside the trophies?
What are you doing?
One for the road.
-For crissake. -It's Amador. We're pals.
The bastard. He didn't say anything.
He did.
But he was hard to understand.
Like Siamese twins.
They're stuck together.
We're stuck together too.
I didn't say that. Amador said it.
If one falls, we all fall.
And if one gets fucked...
That's it.
So do the others.
Because we're the same thing.
The same thing.
Like Siamese twins.
The same thing.
It's locked.
Oops, it broke!
Right, get the others.
We're off!
Can you sail this?
I worked on a ship.
-In the kitchen. -Yeah, but on a ship.
Shall we start?
Where's the urn?
-You had it. -No, Lino did.
-You were holding it. -In the bar, then Rico gave it you.
No, he didn't.
-Yes, in the street, I saw him. -No.
Weren't you with Rico?
I don't have.
You haven't left it somewhere?
-I never touched it. -You always lose things.
I might fucking lose things, but I wouldn't lose a pal's ashes.
Poor Amador!
What day is today?
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