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Subtitles for Lykkevej 2003.

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Lykkevej 2003

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It's not a greenhouse.
It's more of a gazebo.|- How sweet!
I want it to go|in the front garden.
I used sticks to show Jan where.|He gave in in the end.
He's so sweet.|He can always tell when I mean it.
Home already! Will you pay?
Of course.
It's been a lovely day.|He'll just love the suit.
We can't take it back, anyway.|My regards to Henrik.
Lunch on Wednesday!
Where now?|- Just round the corner.
That will be 175.|- Keep the change.
Thank you.
Thank you.|Do mind my sticks, will you?
It wasn't me.|- Mind them anyway.
Hi! What if we drop the Maldives|and enjoy our gazebo instead?
Isn't it lovely?|Look, darling!
And a present for you.
I've something else for you to|look at, too ... close your eyes!
Close my eyes?|- Yes. Close your eyes!
When you open them again|tell me what you really think.
Don't beat about the bush.
I'm having an affair|with my deputy manager.
I feel we've got stuck in a rut.
I can also tell that you ...|- Eva?
For how long?
A few months.
I've been meaning to tell you|for ages, Sara, but ...
I don't want to hurt you.|- So are we getting a divorce?
I asked if we were getting a divorce.
Move Me
Good to see you!
They're waiting for you.
Sara! Good you could come.
There's a cup for you.
You've made us some coffee,|haven't you, darling?
Sara doesn't drink coffee.|- No, I know that.
Do sit down.
Right then ...
I have to tell you that|as your good friend and solicitor
- I'd say Jan has proposed|an incredibly fair settlement.
A flat ...|- Why here? Why not your office?
I thought this would be cosier.
You're welcome to take anytthing|from the house that you ... want.
This is a really good starting point.
I'll decide what to take.|I don't need a settlement.
What do you want, then?
What's due to me.|The house is worth a bit, eh?
I'm sure we'll find a solution.
I'm sure he will.|He usually does.
Going already?|- I'll find my own solution.
But Sara ...|- Sara, if things get tight ...
... promise to get back to us.
They won't.|I'll see myself out.
What about a flat?|I've got a gem for 15000 a month.
It has no garden.
So that's no good.|I really do want a garden.
What else have you?|- This has just come in.
23000 a month|but there's no gardener.
Perhaps it'd suit you?
What's that?|- Oh, it's tiny. Nothing at all.
How much is nothing at all?
9000 a month.|Three months deposit.
Is it furnished?|- I believe so.
But it really isn't your cup of tea.
75000?|- or 100,000 if needs be.
A cash advance?
It's for a deposit and to live|on till the papers go through.
A cash advance.
When?|When do the papers go through?
It can't take long.|- No.
What do you expect to get out of it?|Financially speaking?
There's the house, of course.|- Quite.
Normally we require security.|But we can offer you 30,000.
Do I sign?
There's that,|and my daughter's things upstairs.
May I see your list?
Is that really all you want to take?
I said take whatever you wanted.|- I have.
And Malli's got her stuff ready.|We're going.
Have you talked it over?|- What?
Talked what over?|- I'd rather keep my stuff here.
We haven't talked it over properly.
I'll be leaving home soon anyway.
Malli speaking ...
What about Marianne?|Can't you practice with her?
I see.
Can I call you later?|... 'Bye.
That was Charlotte.|There's a tournament this weekend.
Just a moment ...|- Isn't there anytthing upstairs?
Not this time.|- So we didn't need the big truck.
Is she going to live here?|Eva?
No. Why would she?
I don't know.
And I'll have a room at your place.
Shall we go?|- Malli's staying here.
So I'll make my own way.
Mum! Dad's called a taxi.|- I don't want a taxi.
Mum, stop it!|- Everything's fine.
I'll go with you, then.|- No!
You've got your tennis, anyway.|- We'll just follow you, right?
I've no car. I mean,|can you give me a lift?
Valby, you said?|- Yes.
And you know the way?|- Not quite.
But it's 4 7, Happy Rd.|2500 Valby.
In an area that seems|to be called Vigerslev.
Allow me ...
No more furniture?|- It comes furnished.
Lunch in two minutes.|Not three. Two.
Where do you want this?|- In one of the bedrooms.
What about the other one?|Next to it?
No. It's for my daughter.|- OK.
She hasn't got a husband.|- No. Who?
The woman moving into 47.
Oh?|- You can tell.
Or he'd have been there.|But you never see a thing.
He doesn't need to.|You see everything.
Right ...
Ah! La Espania! Again!
There's so much passion|in Spanish cuisine.
It won't do you any harm.
lf we'd moved to Spain|we'd be on the patio right now.
Don't we do all right like this?|- Are you asking me?
That won't do.
Hi, Malli.
I'm fine.|It's a fine house.
And there's a fine room for you.
No, there's not ... I wouldn't say|there's a lot of furniture, but ...
Darling, don't be.
Did your tennis go well?
Jolly good. I believe they have|tennis courts out here, too.
No. No, I understand, darling.
But it's lovely of you to phone.
Yes, we will.|I'm looking forward to it.
Goodnight, darling.
Well, well! I did see|we'd got a new resident!
I've rented it.|- Holger Egeskjold.
Sara Bloch ... Andersen.|- Bloch-Andersen?
No, just Andersen.
It appears to be a really|... pleasant neighbourhood.
Yes, if it weren't for|the man next door.
I mean, just look at that!
Yes, it isn't very nice.|- No, is it?
But everyone agrees|that it's got to stop.
I've been collecting|the last few signatures.
We're fed up with asking him nicely.
You can sign, too.
I've only just moved in ...|- That's all right. We've lots.
Goodness me!|- It's the family home.
But I'm the only one left now.|I've got to carry on the line.
But living here is good for work.|- What do you do?
I'm in the communications business.
Advertising?|- No, I install telephones.
Let me know if I can help.
Perhaps you've a fuse|and a small screwdriver?
That I could borrow?|- Of course. But not on me.
Of course not.
I'll give you two.|Do be careful.
You can still change your mind.|- One needs electricity.
Look ... "The council must|act to put this matter right."
"Building materials and waste must|be removed from the pavement".
"The noise nuisance must cease".|It's only fair.
Shall I sign?|- Yes.
Just here ... put|your name in that box.
What are you used to? Navision?|C5? Or Admiral? Your CV didn't say.
Navision?|- Or Admiral. They're the usual.
I'm afraid I haven't been quite|updated. Isn't that what it's called?
Yes? Yes. I'll be right with you.
Yes. Where were we?
That I'm not updated on Navision.
But one's never too old to learn.
My diploma's at the back.|- Yes.
But it'd dated 1974.
So ... it really is ...|very difficult.
Although|we'd have liked your help.
Thank you.|- You're welcome.
459.75.|- I'd like Cash Back.
Can you try again?|It didn't go through.
Card not valid
Not this time, either.
There must be something|wrong with the machine.
It was working a moment ago.|- I'm opening check-out 2.
I'll make do with these, then.
{y:i}Bloch's Homes, can I help you?|{y:i}- Can I talk to my h... To Jan?
{y:i}Just a moment.
{y:i}Hi, Sara.|{y:i}- When will I get my money?
{y:i}What money?|{y:i}- From the house.
{y:i}There'll be no money. The|{y:i}house is in the company's name.
{y:i}And you said you'd|{y:i}look after yourself.
{y:i}But if you're in a pinch ...|{y:i}- You bastard! You big bastard!
Yes, you are, Jan.|{y:i}- Sara!
{y:i}Sara ...
Cooee!|- Yes?
Your doorbell isn't working.|- Oh?
We live just across the road.|So we ...
My husband and I ...|Bo, she's in, come on inside!
We just wanted to welcome|you to Happy Rd.
It's far too much.|- It's only a symbol.
But the bread's|fresh and organic.
Go on, Bo!
It's an invitation|to our street party.
We take our own food|so it only costs 50 kroner.
Holger and I are|doing the decorations.
Holger's the one with all the lights.|- Egeskjold?
Yes, it's an awfully posh name.
Oh, I forgot. Susanne.|- Sara.
We call her Sus.|Bo. Vestergaard.
Sara Andersen.
But ...
I can't offer you anytthing.|Only tea.
We didn't want to be a bother.|- Oh, I'd like a cuppa.
No, thanks, I'm dieting.|- But you're not, surely?
I am a nursing assistant.|Bo's a driving instructor.
How exciting!|- It would be but for the pupils.
I expect you know|about our scheme.
Neighbourhood Watch.|It was Bo's idea.
We keep an eye on one another's|homes if we're on holiday or not in.
And we haven't had a single|burglary since we began.
You had lots before?|- No.
Times change. One has to keep up.|Did you bring it?
Yes ...|You can put it on your door.
If you want to join the scheme.|- Everyone's in it.
My next door neighbour, too?
He just happens not to be.|- The only exception.
He's a special case.|Keeps to himself.
All the same|he could clear up.
He's not happy, Sus.
It's been five years.|Life has to go on, you know.
Though maybe not|where he comes from.
Where does he come from?|- K°ge, I believe.
Have you heard|the noises he makes at night?
It sounds like a saw.
It's a guitar.|I think he was in a band.
It can't be a guitar.
I heard something like it last night.|- It's all the time.
But it's going to stop.|Everyone has signed.
Nearly.|- What do you mean?
I go in for freedom of expression|as the foundations of democracy.
We all do.|That's why we signed, eh?
But in this case|there is a better solution.
"The good example".
By keeping our own houses in order.
One should be wary|of judging others.
So I haven't signed.
So ...
We're now going to look|at the flat mop systems.
You know this one, or at least|its structure. It's cotton -
- and cotton needs water|and detergent -
- and thereby tensides|to grip the dirt.
The latest technological innovation|is the microfibre system.
Microfibres are made|of polyester polyamides.
They grip the dirt and rip it off.
It's too long for you.|Screw it in ...
Not quite so far ...
What are you going to live on?
That's what|I'm trying to find out, dad.
Or I'll just have to be|a taxi driver like you were.
Don't you think|I could manage that?
He'll just have to pay|for his dirty tricks.
Know what, my lass?|He'll come back to you.
They always do.|But he's got to pay for it.
Yes.|- He has.
More signatures?
No, this came to me by mistake.
This is 49, isn't it?|Robert Hanson, 49, Happy Rd?
The signature thing was a mistake.|- A mistake?
Thank you, then.|- Thank you?
Thank you for being|just like the others.
As I now know.
I don't think those piles on|the pavement look nice, either.
You owe us some consideration.|- I don't owe you anytthing.
You're divorced, aren't you?|- Yes. Not quite divorced yet.
Separated, though.|- Yes. There's the paperwork ...
And he nabbed all the furniture.|- It didn't matter to me.
Why did it break up?
The usual.
Bo and me really used to get on.|We were always going away.
We went off to see|how other people lived.
We were curious. In bed, too,|though of course there were limits.
We were open, right, but now ...
We did sign up for classes where|couples try to find each other again.
Sensual massage and stuff.|But a fat lot of good that was.
But who cares?|{y:i}Cheers!
Thanks for asking me round.
Was it a big house?|- Not too big.
These aren't big, either.|But the basements are great.
Yours must have been|more expensive, though.
These are lovely models.|- For Bo's theory lessons.
This is where we sleep and|... do whatever else we do.
Did you do a lot of entertaining?|- Mostly business.
So you had hired help.|- Depending on the numbers ...
We're really into Spain right now.
And this is Tim's room.
I refuse to tidy up after him.|But I can't help it now and then.
lf you had children you'd know|what they were like.
You should come to salsa.|- Salsa?
It's not only for youngsters.|Holger goes.
I tell you he can dance!
You should have seen him|at the street party last year ...
I don't think it'd be my cup of tea.|- I know what you mean.
But you've got style.|I'd go for it if I were you.
But you're much younger than me.|- Yes.
But I won't be forever.
What makes you think|I don't have any children?
Goodness! I really don't know.
We just hadn't|talked about it, so ...
I've certainly not seen her before.|Well, now I have.
She's so busy with her life.|But she's coming tomorrow -
- and I've just got her room ready.
She's lovely.|Timmy!
Busy with what?|- Tennis, mostly.
Oh, yes, of course.|- What's up?
You've got to see|our neighbour's daughter ...
You want to see?
What about her?
She looks very nice.|Is this yours?
We'd only just bought it.
Are you trying to kill my tree?|- This won't do any harm.
And I'm allowed to cut branches|hanging over my garden.
You can't even move!
I could pull my house down, too.
There are lots of rooms.|- No more than usual.
Carlos? Will you take over?|- I haven't finished!
We have to be finished by 1.
Do the reception area|and the displays in the lobby.
Sara, is this|really necessary?
What on earth were you doing|in the restaurant?
Just do the jobs you're told to do.|And don't take your breaks here.
I've finished for today.|- You mustn't hang around here.
Want a lift?
No, I don't think so.|- For free.
It's up to you.|- Thanks.
Seat belt.
Thanks for the ride.
Can I sit in it?
You've just got out.|- In your seat.
Well, I'll be damned ...
That was such fun!
How long have you had your taxi?
It's not mine,|it's the cab company's.
I intend to set up for myself.|But it's expensive.
It's certainly comfy. I'm thinking|of getting a taxi license.
It can't be that difficult.|- No.
Why?|- Why not?
Hi, Malli! Are you on your way?|{y:i}- I tried phoning you.
{y:i}Your mobile still refers|{y:i}callers to our number.
I hate my mobile.|Are you on your way?
{y:i}The thing is ... Charlotte's asked|{y:i}me to their house in Provence.
You can tell me all about it|when you get here.
Your room's ready ...|{y:i}- I'm seeing her tonight.
{y:i}But I'll drop in before we go.|{y:i}I've got to run.
All right, darling. 'Bye.|{y:i}- 'Bye, mum.
She says she's insured.|- That's all right then.
She didn't meant to, did she?|- No, I know.
But it wasn't what I'd expected.
It can't be easy for her.
No, she's very much on her own.
She's got through to Robert, though.|- She what?
Well, talked to him in the street.|- Why didn't you tell me?
I was sure you knew.
A juicy move, eh?|- How do you do it?
I'll show you in slow motion ...
That's great!
Hi! See, you can do it!|Do you want to try, too?
No, Sara doesn't dance.|- I'd love to learn.
Really? How brilliant!|- Come on, then!
Just the basic steps.|Watch my feet.
Dip forwards and back ...
Way to go!
You've done this before.|- No, I haven't. It's the first time.
What's up?|- It's mum.
She wants to do salsa classes.|- You as well? Dad! Honestly!
What about you?|- No!
We can start on Wednesday.|Holger is really good.
You'll need tighter trousers, though.|... Black ones.
One, two, three ...
Raise your arms ...
Again ...
One up, one down.
That's very good.
Remember, it's the man who leads.
Could you try leading a teeny bit?
I just wanted to thank you|for the ride the other day ...
Perhaps you don't drink wine?
It's intended to go with a nice|dinner for two, or whatever ...
I see you have a greenhouse.|- What's wrong with that?
Nothing. I just wondered|if I might see it?
Well, thanks for the chat.
Isn't it cold?|Washing outdoors?
It's summer.|- Right. Quite so.
Does it offend you?|- No, I'm not squeamish. Not at all.
If you just planted ...
{y:i}... who love the Tour de France ...
No TV at meal times.
You've just got to taste this.
Isn't it fantastic?|- It's OK.
As good as what we|had on Monday, anyway.
You really think so?|You never even taste anytthing.
I do!
I almost always think|the food served here is great.
Super mucho! OlÚ!
Tim, come on!
What do you mean by "almost"?|- Nothing.
Come on, what do you mean?|- Let's just eat, eh? Where's Tim?
What do you mean, I asked?|- Nothing.
I just happened to use|a harmless little word like "almost".
Is this something you planned?|- Planned?
Yes. To criticize my cooking|just as we're about to eat?
Stop it! I go along with your show|on every front.
Spanish this, Spanish that!
And now even salsa with supper.
So now you're smoking|in the house?
I won't force you to do salsa|if you don't want to.
Thank you.
We'll just stop going.|- Thank you.
Right, we'll talk no more about it.
But I'll just tell you|what I'm tired of.
I'm tired of a husband up to his|knees in mud, sinking and sinking.
Thank you.
Maybe that's why|you can't get it up any more?
Maybe you should|take a look at yourself.
Could it just be that|it had something to do with you?
No, that's never occurred to you.
Your super ego|doesn't extend that far.
Shall I carry on?|- Just carry on.
Not so close to that pot hole.
There are some kids up there.|We'll stop.
To let them cross?|- Yes.
Over you go ...
First gear ...|- Now I'm in first ...
No, I'm not. Is that first gear?|- Yes.
Turn the wheel a bit harder.|Fine.
Careful now ...|- There's loads of room.
Ease up on the accelerator.
Was that car there all the time?|- I think so.
No damage done.
I don't think.
Now I know how to do that, too.
Parallel parking.|Thanks.
No trouble.
Hi, mum.
Come and look ...
Recognize this?|- Yes.
It was granny's.
They've lasted for ages.|I'll pick you some more tomorrow.
You should have seen|what it was like!
You should have seen it!
Have you eaten?|- Yes. I don't want anytthing.
We must have a cup of tea at least.
Who's the weird creep?
Oh, that's just the man next door.
Are they all like that out here?|- What do you mean?
He's just busy with|something or other in his house.
I'm having driving lessons.
What on earth for?|- I'm going to be a taxi driver.
A taxi driver? Mum!|- You think I'm too old?
No. All the same ...|- Sometimes one has to chance it.
When are you setting off?|- Tomorrow morning.
We must make sure|you have an early night, then.
We have to be at the airport at 8.
Amalie speaking.|Hi ... I'm on my way, dad.
It's a lovely room, though.
Yes, it's turned out nicely.
Take care, now.
How did you get in?
The door.|- You did give me a fright.
I didn't mean to.
How are you feeling?
Very well, I think.|Did you see my daughter?
She looks like a proper daughter.|- She's coming to live here soon.
How are you feeling?|- I'm fixing the bathroom.
Oh, I see.
I doubt it.
You're welcome to use mine.
I mean ... if needs be ...
Shall we go for a ride?|- Now?
Why not?
Where are we going?
Your turn.
Mine?|- You wanted to drive a taxi.
But I haven't passed my test!
One can't just ...
Listen, it's an automatic.|So you only use your right foot.
Just keep your left leg to one side.
You accelerate with your right foot.
"lt can't be that difficult".|Wasn't that what you said?
Take it easy.|Relax.
Thanks for the ride.
You dare ride with him, then?
Why shouldn't l?
What does he say?|- We don't talk that much.
He's very kind and helpful.
We don't do it any more at all.|- Do what?
Talk. We just yell at each other.|We don't even do that any more.
Nothing happens.
Come away with me!|- Away?
Yes. I've got to get out.|I'm being suffocated.
Go for a run.
Where would I run?
I want a divorce.
Did you hear me?|- Yes. You want a divorce.
I think we're running out of|toilet paper, too.
{y:i}Yes?|{y:i}- Are you asleep? Susanne here.
{y:i}I'm sorry.|{y:i}I've told him.
Told him what?|{y:i}- That I want a divorce.
I see.|{y:i}- That was all.
Sleep well.|{y:i}- Same to you.
It's all very well|for you to say so.
Is there anytthing wrong?|- I can't sleep, that's all.
You don't want one, do you?|- No, thanks.
Got a girlfriend these days?|- Why?
Maybe you feel like talking about it.|- About what?
Well, how should I know?|... As long as you're happy.
Things are OK ...|As long as you two don't fight.
You two don't fight much?|- Who?
You and your girlfriend.|- I haven't got a girlfriend.
Listen to this: "The Council has|studied your letter of blah blah -
- and urges local residents to|sort out the problem together".
I'm not surprised.
Can he drive his taxi home with|a passenger who doesn't pay?
Who do you mean? Sara?
I don't know what they're up to.|- Who says they're up to anytthing?
How much is a taxi?|- Oh, deary me ...
We could save up and|start a company.
You and me?|- Yes! Why not? You and me.
A sure fire thing.
"Happy Cabs."|- Happy Cabs!
She died all of a sudden.
It happened|so damned quickly.
We used to laugh like this, too.
You don't have to talk about it|if you don't want to.
We'd just bought the house.
That's where we were going to live.
She wanted a really nice bathroom.
What happened?
They removed one breast.
But it had spread.
Tomorrow it'll be five years ...
But I'm feeling better now.
We do have a laugh.
Yes, we do.
We have a real laugh.
Excuse me.|Just a moment.
Hi, mum!|- Hi, Malli! Welcome home!
Thank you.|- Hello, Jan.
I gave Malli a lift|and I thought I'd see how you were.
And maybe see your house.
Pastries to have|with our coffee.
How beautiful!
Who are you?|- This is Robert. From next door.
We're having a cup of tea.|This is Amalie, my daughter -
- and Jan, Malli's father.
I didn't realize you had visitors.|- Malli's been away on holiday.
No need for you to go.
Dad, you've just got to see my room!|- Yes, I have.
Tell your mum about your|American scholarship.
I haven't got it yet.
Let's have a look|at that room of yours.
Your doorbell's not working.
The door was open, so ...|I didn't mean to walk right in.
Does he often come over?|- My ex husband?
This is the first time.
So what do you want?
I don't want anytthing.
Or ... I just want to chat a little.
And that'll help, will it?
Talking's always good,|isn't it?
It'd go all wrong.
OK ... in that case|I'll be on my way.
I can see you need a bathroom.
Hey! Can I talk to you?|- Yes.
We didn't have much joy.|With the petition.
But I don't suppose you're sorry.|- I'm only sorry I signed.
Yes, I figured that out.|- Jolly good.
Maybe you could bring|your influence to bear.
Yes. I hope so.|- If he'll listen to anyone.
Do say if you need any|assistance of any kind.
After all, we're in the same boat.|And you're used to such things.
I'm not sure|we're in the same boat.
Some people have to make do|with what they can get.
It's not for me to interfere.|- No, it isn't, is it?
But I can't help wondering|why you ...
Can't our telephone engineer|get enough? Or is it a new petition?
We just want you to clear|the pavement for the street party.
Do you need my pavement?|- No, we just have to look at it.
Every night I have to look at your|silly lights going on and off.
My property is|perfectly presentable.
You'd better hire some more spies.|- Robert! Come here!
Give way to traffic on the right ...
Hi! Have you got a sofa|for me to pour wine on?
He says if I want a divorce I'll have|to fix it; it's not his problem.
I can get sod all out of him.|You can see why I'm exploding.
Sometimes I wouldn't mind if|the doorbell rang and it was Jan.
And he wanted me back again and|everything'd be the way it was.
It'd just be much, much easier.
Security is over-rated.
I go in for insecurity.
I am not a spy.
I am your friend.
Don't you believe me?|- If you say so.
Are we going for|another ride soon?
It doesn't have to be now.
Why not now?
I want to take my bike, too.|- You what?
My bike.|You'll need the rods.
Use the holes.
There's a 15 kroner surcharge.
I did it!
Good morning.|- You're really doing well now.
I'm off to salsa.
So I see.|Who are you going to dance with?
I don't know.|A man, I presume.
A real one.
I wish you luck.
The woman across the road|doesn't know what's good for her.
It's an offence.|- You don't mean Sara?
And that jerk.|You'll see.
But not now.
Now we're going to enjoy ourselves.|We deserve it.
Hi, mum.|- Hi, Malli. Hi, darling.
Are you going out?|- What makes you think so?
Are you staying?|- No, we're going to Jazz House.
Jazz House! That sounds lovely.|- Mummy, what's wrong with you?
Nothing, darling.|What do you mean?
Have you found a boyfriend?|- Oh, Malli! Does it look like it?
What are you going to hear?|- Just a salsa band.
Dancing salsa is great.|- Yes. It's very common round here.
Aren't we going to eat soon?
I think you're lovely.|- Thank you.
Drop in any time.
But we'd better keep a low profile.
Where have you been?|- Salsa, as usual.
You're not usually this late.
Some of us had a beer afterwards.|- Some of you?
Yes, some of us.
It's all yours.
This towel.
And the water.|Hot and cold.
Everything I need.
Yes. There's water|in the shower, too.
Look ... Oh, no!|What am I doing? Stop it!
I'm sorry.|I'm so ... I'm sorry.
Come here ...
Give it to me and I'll dry it.
It's not locked.
I might as well do this|once I've started.
We could have a bite to eat.|Nothing special ...
I'll ... rustle something up.|- You want me to eat stark naked?
No! Not at all.|I brought you this.
I certainly don't need any more.
Had enough?|- Yes, thanks.
May I see your hand?
Yes! No, stop it! Don't be silly!|You're afraid of me.
A big man like you|mustn't be afraid of me.
Wow, how fantastic!
I keep seeing that|these fingers play the guitar.
There it is. It starts there.|You can follow the line -
- to that big group there.|They show you ... feel great sorrow.
And you can't get rid of it.|- That's not good.
No. It's not good.|But it could be.
I'll make some coffee.
Don't you think|my things are dry now?
But coffee ...
I've bought coffee.
Please hold me a bit.
I'll get your clothes.|Have some more wine.
I'm not going to get that.|- It might be your daughter.
No. It's bound to be Sus.|Forget it.
You are beautiful.
So are you.
Wait ... I'll deal with it.|Stay where you are.
Stay right there.
Hi, Sara.|- Hi. I've got visitors.
Oh ... excuse me. Can Malli|stay here for a day or two?
I'm trying to buy the house from the|company so that you don't suffer.
Sara ...
I can't figure out|what's happening.
Stop it, please, Jan.
You left your things.
Why do you always run away?|- I don't want to intrude.
You're not intruding.
Yesterday was about Malli.|She's coming to stay for a bit.
I'm not blind.|- What?
I'm not blind.|- Oh, yes, you are.
I do believe you are.
I just want to be left alone.
Your pavement shows|what comes out of that.
Were you expecting us|to have a relationship?
You and me?
You're right.
You wouldn't want|an old biddy like me.
That's got nothing to do with it.|- I'll leave you in peace.
I've no lesson today, have l?|- No.
No, I just ... can you spare|a cup of coffee?
Want a smoke?
There've been|big decisions at home.
Total personal freedom.
No jealousy. No limits|to personal development.
I certainly feel ...
... reborn, if one can use the word.
Perhaps you can feel|my new energy.
Perhaps not quite.
I can tell I'll have to regard my|fellow human beings in a new light.
I'm not really|such a dry old stick.
I can be quite charming.
Hi, Mum.|- Hi, Malli.
Is that your boyfriend?|- Oh, no. He's just my neighbour.
Another one.|He's got problems.
So's the other one.
But don't worry about them ...|- What's up with the people here?
I don't know.|- Are they horrid to you?
No, darling,|they're not horrid to me.
I'm not going to the US.|- Why not?
I'd rather be with you.|- Our problems aren't your fault.
No, but ...
I like your lovely house.
Daddy's in a bad way.
Is he ill?
He misses you. He does, mummy.
Does he say so?|- I can tell.
Tim, come and talk to us.
Tim? Dad and l|want to talk to you.
So we'll have to share the house.
You'll be affected|by the new rules.
Dad'll sleep in the basement.|I'll sleep in the lounge.
There'll be a timetable for using|the kitchen and bathroom, etc.
We'll just have to|do the best we can.
It's not my idea, Tim.
Your mother has|suddenly written me off.
Watch it, lad.|You may be next.
Daddy's being silly.|- Jeeze, you're both so out of line.
That was really below the belt.
I'll always feel responsible for Tim.
How could I know?|- OK, we'll sell the house, then.
Then I won't have to waste|any more time on you -
- while you give her|free driving lessons.
She's got style.
I understand why you're getting|desperate, at your age.
You're getting older|and older every day.
What are you doing with|my husband?
You know what I mean.
I'm having driving lessons.
Are you coming to the salsa class?|- No, Malli and I have hired a film.
I'll get a lift with Holger, then.|- Is that wise?
It's the wisest thing|I can think of.
Swap partners.|Bo, you can take Sus.
No, I can dance with your partner.|- Cool.
On we go.
That was very good.|Class dismissed!
One, two three ...
Shall we go, Holger?|- Sure.
I need a drink.|A proper one.
One, two, three ...|- Aren't you going with your wife?
No, we're getting divorced.
I find you so enormously rhytthmical.
So are you.
You've sparked something off ...|- I wonder what?
I always dreamt of getting|screwed in a garage.
How about that drink?|I'm not serving it in the car.
I've got something to show you, too.
What do you think this is?
It looks like Robert's taxi.
And who do you think is driving?
That's Sara.
Do you think it's legal?|I don't think they'll like it.
Who?|- The police.
Or his boss.|- They're good pictures.
I knew something was going on.|It's out of order.
He could go to prison.|Then he couldn't afford his house.
Vengeance is sweet.
Aren't you going|to make yourself comfy?
It's no good.
I don't get you.|- Sort out your own vendetta.
It's not only me.|He doesn't fit in here.
We could move the party up the road.|- Let's drop that street party.
Drop it? We can't!|- We've nothing to celebrate.
Thanks for a nice evening.
Blow me!
Someone wants to talk to you.|- To me?
Hello?|{y:i}- Hi, Sara.
{y:i}Shall we go out to dinner|{y:i}tonight, just you and me?
{y:i}Because I'd like to talk to you.|{y:i}- Is that a good idea?
{y:i}I just feel like it.
What's Malli doing tonight?|- Going to the street party.
Of course you'd have one of those.
Not me.|I'm not going to a street party.
They can be pretty heavy,|I must admit.
Like office parties?
I have an admission to make.
Even though it's hard|when one has messed up.
I've lost the woman I love.
Oh? She didn't last long, did she?
I'm sitting opposite her,|hoping she'll forgive me.
I don't think one grows up -
- until one realizes ...
One can't just ...|- I've been there.
Can you forgive me?
What should I forgive?
Well ... that I've been a bastard.
Yes, I can forgive that.
Did you talk to Amalie|about this dinner?
No, not in so many words.
She knows I miss you.
Shall we pay the bill|and go home and talk?
Right. Come on!
That was what you wanted,|wasn't it?
Yes ... it's lovely.
Welcome home!
It's no good, Jan.
Too much has happened.
It's been a lovely evening.|I'll make my own way home.
Hey, Sara!
Attention please! Look who's here!
The Queen of Happy Rd!
Look what she's achieved!|Get an eyeful of that!
If that's not magic ...
... I don't know who I am.|But I don't know anyway.
We know, Holger.|- Where is Robert?
I think he'd rather not.
I'm disappointed.|I was going to make a speech.
Shut up and sit down!|- No, I'd have taught him salsa.
Because it's the man who leads.
Hi! Sorry I'm late.|- What are you doing here?
Didn't you say you were|having a street party?
Shall we dance?|- Yes! Of course!
Mum? Where's dad?
At his house.|- Want a glass of wine?
No, darling, it's getting ...|- Yes, you do.
I'll fetch you a glass.
Where is your husband?
I have no husband.
Shall we just have a dance, then?
Let's just stay in ...
{y:i}As the evening breeze dances
{y:i}And flutters my window curtain
{y:i}Warding off advances
{y:i}A shield so soft and certain ...
I can't dance any more!
Fancy checking out|my new bathroom?
Yes!|- Come on, then.
{y:i}Why don't you stay, my dear
{y:i}Just a little while?|{y:i}The while
{y:i}That can last a lifetime ...
Why can't we just|take the airport bus?
There's our taxi.|- This isn't a luxury holiday.
And I bet you'll want refreshments|when we get to the airport.
Well, I've packed sandwiches.|- Just wait and see!
I don't believe it!
Hi, Sara!|- How brilliant! Congratulations!
What are the sticks for?|- Marking out the greenhouse.
Greenhouse?|- Yes. It's going right here.
In the front garden?|- Of course. Why not?
Greenhouses go in back gardens.|- They go where the sun is.
In the back garden.|- Oh, give over!
Nothing will grow here.|- Who lives here? You or me?
Shh! Not so loud!|Everyone can hear us!
So what?
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