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MacArthur CD1

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As I was leaving my hotel this morning,
the doorman asked me,
"Where are you bound for, sir?"
When I replied, "West Point,"
he remarked, "It's a beautiful place.
Have you ever been there before?"
Duty, Honor, Country.
Those three hallowed words reverently dictate...
what you ought to be,
what you can be...
and what you will be.
They are your rallying points.
They give you a temper of the will,
a quality of the imagination,
a vigor of the emotions,
a freshness of the deep springs of life,
a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity,
an appetite for adventure...
over love of ease.
In this way, they will teach you to be an officer...
and a gentleman.
From your ranks come the great captains who will hold...
the nation's destiny in their hands...
the moment the war tocsin sounds.
The Long Gray Line...
has never failed us.
Were you to do so,
a million ghosts in olive drab...
and brown khaki, in blue and gray...
would rise from their white crosses...
thundering those magic words:
Duty, Honor, Country!
This does not mean that you are warmongers.
On the contrary, the soldier, above all other people,
prays for peace,
for he must suffer and bear...
the deepest wounds and scars of war.
But always in our minds ring the ominous words of Plato:
"Only the dead...
have seen the end of war. "
Heads up, soldiers!
Heads up!
Lieutenant? Yes, sir?
Major Huff's got himself wounded. Would you look after him, please?
Right away, sir. Corporal, would you take this?
So, one of the Battling Bastards of Bataan, eh?
Yes, sir. No Mama, no Papa, no Uncle Sam.
Well, help is on the way.
I have Washington's solemn promise on that.
General Marshall, Admiral King,
will you go right in, please?
Thank you.
You said you wanted to talk over the Corregidor problem.
I certainly do. I've gone out on a limb with the Filipinos.
We should be getting more than inspirational radio messages...
through the Japanese blockade.
Have any of our ships made it?
One ship has reached Mindanao, two more made it to Cebu.
The rest were either sunk or captured. Thank you.
So far we've lost better than 80,000 tons.
In other words, MacArthur has received practically nothing.
That's about it, Mr. President.
How long can they hold out? Matter of weeks.
We're still dispatching submarines to Bataan and Corregidor.
We managed to land some munitions and drugs,
and evacuate a few of the wounded, but that's all we can do.
Unless you wanna start stripping the defenses of the West Coast, the Panama Canal...
One bombing of the canal and it's out of action for two years.
It's a more vulnerable target, more important target than Pearl Harbor.
And Hitler will have the whole North American continent for a target...
if we don't stop him in Europe. Exactly.
But you know what's going to happen.
Like everything else, Douglas is going to take our strategy personally.
He thinks the blockade is a figment of my imagination,
and that I'm somehow deliberately robbing him of glory.
I wish you people would send Douglas a globe of the world...
to remind him we have obligations all around it.
We have to support Stalin...
while he fights the bulk of the Nazi army.
We have to assist Churchill to keep England functioning.
We have to protect our flanks, the Panama Canal...
and General Douglas MacArthur.
I need him. The country needs him.
We can't leave him to the Japanese.
He won't leave the Philippines unless you order him off, Mr. President.
Cut an order. Put my name to it.
L- O-5-O-6-7-3-D. L-9-2-6...
So long, baby.
That's 140 million bucks theJaps won't get.
L- 4-9-4...
I'm army to the marrow of my bones, Dick.
I've never disobeyed an order in my life.
Now, for the first time, I feel bound to disobey.
Sir, you couldn't. You'd be court-martialed.
Then I'll resign my commission and fight on here as a private.
I want you to direct a statement for the president to that effect.
General, pardon me, but you don't mean that.
I will not leave! I'll stay here with my boys.
Sir, you are the only man alive that can save the Philippines.
They would never have issued an order to this effect...
unless they intended you to mount an immediate counteroffensive.
Damn it, those convoys they diverted,
the troops and supplies that never got here...
they're waiting for you in Australia.
And if you leave now, you can be back before the food runs out.
Sir, you cannot disobey a presidential order.
The president.
Strange ways destiny pulls men's lives.
We have to believe that, don't we, Jack?
I can't even find these supplies.
File that goddamn requisition.
Yes, sir!
Major. Is the general busy? The general busy?
You come and see. He lead a big parade.
Excuse me, General.
The submarine has arrived to evacuate President Quezon and his family, as you ordered.
He still wants you to join them. No, Sid.
Boompity-boompity Boompity-boom
Much more on the drums! Let's hear those drums. Louder on the drums.
Sir, President Quezon is concerned about your safety. He advises...
If a commander sneaks out, how are the men supposed to feel?
I'll not skulk out of here on a submarine.
I'll go in one of Johnny Bulkeley's PT boats.
Sir, I know those boats. Their engines are shot.
They'll only make half-speed.
They're made of plywood. They've got gasoline drums all over the deck.
They're like floating coffins. They'll go up like a bomb.
At least put your family on a submarine.
They'd be safer there.
No, Sid, no. I will stay with the general.
Jean, you don't understand. Come here.
We don't even know how many Japanese are out there.
A submarine might be the only safe place for you and Arthur.
We are staying with you.
Don't forget those other soiled clothes. Yes, ma'am.
Jeannie, Sid is right. It's gonna be a very dangerous journey.
I'd rather have you and Arthur...
Now, sir, as you are so fond of saying,
"We three are one. We drink of the same cup."
You're my finest soldier.
How did Shakespeare put it?
"The general's wife is the general's general."
Colonel Wainwright, sir? General MacArthur's arriving.
Thank you, son.
There goes Dugout Doug and his whole goddamn Gypsy caravan.
Good-bye, General, sir.
Castro, keep up the good fight.
A guerrilla force is forming.
I'm joining them. Very good.
I've got my rifle.
Ammunition? Enough.
All right, then. Cross over to Bataan.
There are good men in the hills there. Join them.
Fight with them. Yes, sir.
Good luck, Castro. We'll meet again.
Well, Jim, I have no choice.
I know.
If we get through to Australia,
I'll be back as soon as I can...
with as much as I can.
I suppose I can't convince you to go by submarine. No, no, no.
If we can break through, it will demonstrate to Washington...
that this blockade can be pierced...
if you have the daring for it.
In the meantime,
you've got to hold on here.
Yes, sir.
Cigars, shaving cream.
Thank you.
let the men know that I'm obeying...
a direct order from the president.
I will. I will.
When I return, I'll make you a lieutenant general.
I'll be here, or I'll be dead.
Good-bye, Jim. Good-bye.
Welcome aboard, sir. Thank you, Lieutenant.
I'm saying hello again to you boys on Corregidor.
Especially you, General MacArthur.
On behalf of the Japanese nation, allow me to invite you to a party...
to celebrate our forthcoming victory.
A surprise party.
In fact, a necktie party, here in Tokyo.
Sorry, General.
Let's skip that little party, shall we?
Aye, aye, sir.
What is it?
I think that's the last of them, sir.
There's a pot of hot coffee up forward, sir.
Would you like some? No coffee!
How do you feel, sir?
I'm not exactly a navy man, Phil.
Well, when we get to Australia, the commissioner of railways...
has ordered his own personal car for your trip to Melbourne.
Anything I can do, sir?
Can't sleep.
We're safe. They're doomed!
I know what they're saying.
"Dugout Doug MacArthur lies a-shakin' on the Rock,
safe from any danger and any sudden shock."
I've heard that song.
Well, I'm sure that the men who thought that one up...
were just blowin' off steam, sir.
I'm only thankful my father isn't alive to hear it.
I knew the train would be the best.
This is the first time he's really slept since Pearl Harbor.
Good crowd, and it looks like all the Australian brass you want to talk to...
are out there waiting for you, sir.
All I see is people. Where are the kangaroos?
I'm sure we'll see some soon, dear.
What I'd like to have is a public address system by the back there.
Hello, Dick. Do you have a report for me?
Ah, yes, I do, but... but there's a crowd waiting.
Why don't you go out, and I'll brief you in the hotel.
Well, good news can wait, bad news can't.
Let's have it.
Well, sir,
I, uh...
Nobody knows anything about a Philippine relief expedition.
I'm sorry.
In the whole of Australia, there is a grand total of some 30,000 U.S. Personnel,
mostly artillery and engineers,
scattered all over the continent.
At present, there's no American infantry.
Air units?
There are about 250 planes of all types...
more or less in commission.
Sixty-five of them are undergoing repairs,
a hundred and twenty-two of them are being assembled.
There's almost no navy at all.
And no infantry. God help us.
Well, there are approximately 300,000 Australian troops,
but they've been described as undertrained and underequipped.
You know what that means.
Not only is the Bataan rescue mission so much blue sky over the horizon,
it is even open to question if we can defend Australia.
MacArthur! MacArthur!
Ready to go, Daddy? Shh.
However, there is one more thing, sir.
Headquarters here at Melbourne has received...
a message for you from President Roosevelt.
He has awarded you the Medal of Honor.
Congratulations, sir.
MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur!
MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur!
MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur!
Congressional Medal of Honor.
MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur!
You know, my father...
was awarded the same decoration when he was only 19.
MacArthur! MacArthur!
I had to wait just a little bit longer.
MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur! MacArthur!
But at this moment,
I would swap it for just one trained division.
Excuse me, gentlemen. Would you please shoot from a low angle?
The general likes that effect very much.
The president of the United States...
The president...
The president of the United States ordered me...
to break through the Japanese lines...
and proceed from Corregidor to Australia...
for the purpose of organizing...
the American offensive against Japan,
a primary object of which...
is the retaking of the Philippines.
I came through...
and I shall return.
This is General Wainwright speaking.
Subject: Surrender.
To put a stop to further useless sacrifice of human life,
I've decided to accept,
in the name of humanity, the formal surrender...
of all American and Philippine army troops...
in the Philippine Islands.
It became apparent that the garrisons would be eventually destroyed.
This dissension was forced upon me...
by means entirely beyond my control.
Let me emphasize there must be no thought whatever...
of disregarding these instructions.
My assistant chief of staff will repeat the complete text...
of this letter by radio to General MacArthur.
It's a trick! It's a Japanese deception!
No, sir. Everyone recognized the general's voice.
He struck Old Glory and ran up a bedsheet!
By what authority does he issue such an unlawful order?
He's the acting commander.
The only possible explanation is that he's temporarily deranged.
For that reason alone, his orders have no validity.
I place no credence on this alleged broadcast.
Everybody up there believed him, the Japanese included! The conditions...
If it's true, then we should get back at once.
It's not too late to join the guerrillas on Luzon.
General, you-you can't be serious.
They-They won't be organized for months.
Now, we both know that Wainwright could not hold on indefinitely.
He was not asked to hold on indefinitely!
His job was to defend the island until help arrived!
That was his assignment. He had no supplies, no food left!
The malaria was totally out of hand.
If he had tried to hold out one more day,
we would've had a dreadful massacre.
General, would...
Yes, yes, yes.
I suppose it was just a matter of time.
General Blamey on line two, sir. I can't speak to him now.
He'll call back later.
There's some talk in Washington about...
a Medal of Honor for Wainwright.
They want you to recommend it.
Medal of Honor?
If Wainwright received it,
it would constitute an injustice to others who have done far more.
Send the following radio to General Marshall.
"I believe that Wainwright has become temporarily unbalanced,
and that his condition renders him susceptible of enemy use."
General, this training is well and good, but it's not enough.
These troops are green corn! They won't be ready for weeks!
All soldiers are green until their first battle.
Excuse me, I don't even have the transport...
to supply a single division for 24 hours.
Hell, I can't even land 'em on the beach.
Harding, I want action from you, not complaints.
If I don't get going, the navy's gonna win this war.
Look what Nimitz did up at Coral Sea and Midway.
I know you don't have everything you need.
Sir, if I could just have a little more time...
That's because our friends in Washington...
are sending it all to George Patton in North Africa,
so he can run around in the desert, fighting a seesaw tank battle.
If I could just have... Sid, I want to see my new air commander.
Where's General Kenney?
General Kenney? Good morning.
Where'd you get the B-17?
It flew in from the States this morning.
We're puttin' together several squadrons up in Brisbane.
Good! How soon can you get 'em in the air?
Soon enough to get the enemy off our back,
and maybe go kick his butt for a change.
Good, good! My boys say you can't do it.
Well, your boys aren't fliers.
Give me five days to prepare,
and I'll ship the whole goddamn United States Army to New Guinea by air.
- My staff hear about this? - I doubt it.
Don't tell 'em. You'll scare 'em half to death!
And you ram it right down his throat!
The recent bombings of our northern airfields give us every reason to believe...
that the nips' next move will be a massive invasion of the Australian continent.
The garrison at Darwin, up here,
doesn't have enough troops to hold for more than 48 hours.
So our best plan, therefore, is to show token resistance...
and fall back rapidly to this, the Brisbane Line.
To the north, the enemy will find only burnt offerings.
Meanwhile in the southeast, we will throw everything...
into the fight for the cities and the farmlands around them.
This is the living heart of Australia,
and we shall defend it with our lives.
- General. - Thank you.
I've been deeply moved...
and deeply stirred...
by the allied efforts,
and by the courage and determination of the Australians...
as expressed by General Blamey, but...
as supreme commander of the southwest Pacific area,
I will not be the leader of another lost cause.
We are attacking, gentlemen.
I am going to make the fight for Australia...
up here in New Guinea.
Hey, Joe, whatcha doing out here?
You should be home on the farm walking with your girl,
getting your chores done and sitting down to supper.
Or maybe you should be taking in a show,
walking down Broadway, sipping Coke.
Thejungle's where we live. It's where you die.
Bob, I sent for you...
because I don't think you like a stalemate any better than I do,
and that's what we've got here in New Guinea.
They tell me that American boys are actually throwing away their rifles and turning tail.
That hasn't happened since the first battle of Bull Run.
I want you to relieve Harding.
This isn't the Civil War, General.
Harding's a good man, he's a good officer.
- It's just that he's up against... - I'm sending you in, Bob.
I want you to remove all officers who won't fight.
If necessary, put sergeants in charge of battalions...
and corporals in charge of companies.
Anyone who will fight.
I want you to take Buna or don't come back alive,
and that goes for your chief of staff too.
Yes, sir.
If you come through this all right,
I'll give you the Distinguished Service Cross,
I'll recommend you for a high British decoration...
and I'll release your name for newspaper publication.
Yes, sir. Thank you very much, General.
I don't care how deep the goddamn mud is!
I want you to kick ass, or I'm gonna relieve yours!
Good news, General. This battle is over.
It says so right here in Stars and Stripes.
General MacArthur won it yesterday.
Well, the great Sarah Bernhardt. Another dramatic moment.
God, he tells the newspapers,
but I wish he'd told the Japanese.
Son of a bitch. "Mopping-up operation"!
Now what kind of a phrase is that to ask men to die for?
I'm surprised he didn't say we're just policing the area.
I wonder who really writes that propaganda. I don't know.
I don't trust any of those ass kissers up there at the H. Q,
surroundin' MacArthur.
Hell, he doesn't have a staff, he's got a court!
You ever see any of'em?
They remind me of a bunch of barracuda...
I used to play poker with in Shanghai years ago.
We had to put the goddamn cuspidor in the center of the table...
because no one dared look away long enough to spit!
- Where you off to? - Gotta go to the latrine, sir.
But I shall return.
8- 5-9-9-7-0-0.
U.S. 7-6-9-9-7-2-6.
Australian. No tags.
No tags? Take care of him later.
U.S. 7-7-2-5-9-6-2.
Oh, my God, here comes General MacArthur!
Yeah, yeah, and I bet he's got Eleanor Roosevelt with him too.
No, I'm serious. Look.
General, sir! Excuse me, sir, but we just...
We just killed a Jap sniper here not five minutes ago.
Fine, son. That's the best thing to do with them.
Thought you said there were 1,500 Japs here. We ran into more like 6,000.
5- 8-1-3-8-6-4.
You mind repeating the last four again?
3- 8-6-4.
Not my idea of how to win a war.
Australian. 0- 0-8-0-2.
Dennison, E.
2- 4-4-0-7-8-6.
I'm thinking about Hansa Bay still up ahead.
Yes, and Hansa Bay is not some little outpost...
that we can overrun with galoshes and determination.
We need men, supplies.
Plenty of both.
Well, bombing Hansa Bay is one thing. Taking it's another.
You can say that again.
Well, let's just say we won't take Hansa Bay.
We won't what?
That's it. We don't want it.
General, the farther up the New Guinea coast we go,
The more trouble we're gonna run into.
And I hope you don't think it's gonna be any easier at Wewak.
There's 60,000 of them holed up there, sharpening their samurai swords.
Good. I hope there's more.
We don't want Wewak either.
We'll bypass their strong points,
cut their supply lines and leave 'em to wither and die on the vine.
- But what about my men? - Starve Hansa Bay. Starve Wewak.
Starvation is my ally.
Okay, soldier, welcome to the fight.
So the cut of the cards has dealt you a tour of the Pacific.
What's it going to be like fighting the nips,
and who is this man, Douglas MacArthur, your new commander?
Let's take a look at the general who in a few short months...
has turned the tide toward victory.
Colonel Whitney! Yes. We've been expecting you.
Welcome to New Guinea. Come in out of the light. I'm so sorry.
That's all right. Please, have a seat right over here.
Excuse me just a moment. I have to watch this one section.
Okay, that's more like it.
I understand you're here to organize Philippine guerrilla activity?
Yes, yes, that's right. But you know, I've just come from Washington.
I must tell you straight off,
you've done an absolutely topnotch job on the general's press.
He's America's hero now, and no small amount of credit belongs to you.
Well, we don't want the home folks to forget about us out here.
Oh! I don't think you realize the dimensions of the excitement.
Here. Letters from congressmen, senators,
corporation executives, even two governors.
And thousands of just plain folks.
"You are big, B-l-G,
"enough to do a complete housecleaning...
"of parasitic bureaucrats in Washington.
"As long as the war is on, only a military figure like yourself...
can unseat the man in the White House."
There's one from a lady in New Jersey I want you to read.
Excuse me a minute. I just want to look at this closing. Oh, sure.
Just remember, America's greatest combat general will be leading you into battle.
"Hit 'em where they ain't." That's his motto.
This is the MacArthur touch,
combining sea and air power as never before,
he's leapfrogging right over the enemy's strongholds to cut their chow line...
all the way to the Philippines.
Now you get your chance to fulfill the immortal pledge:
I came through, and I shall return.
Good! Good!
Some exciting stuff there. Thank you.
Okay on this one to Washington.
Wow! President MacArthur. I like the sound of that.
Only question is, how does it sound to MacArthur?
You know that I have no political ambitions whatsoever.
General... General, this country's always had a hero.
Washington, Lincoln, Lindbergh.
Now you.
It's in all the papers.
The Republican ones. No, sir. Democratic ones too.
Listen to this woman in New Jersey.
She says, "I have never wanted to sin with any other man in my life,
but I would with you."
How about it, General?
Uh-oh. Here's a little boy in Moline, Illinois.
Wants to know, "Why do you carry a cane?
Are you feeble?"
General, what we want to do is to print, "I shall return"...
on candy bars, matchbooks, chewing gum, sewing kits and pencils,
and drop them on the Philippines to boost morale.
First-rate idea. Yes, sir.
But back in Washington, the Office of War Information wants to know if,
before things get going,
you'd be amenable to a small revision of the wording.
What sort of a revision?
Well, sir, they feel that "We shall return" is more to the point.
"We shall return"? Yes, sir.
I fail to see what purpose that would serve.
Why does Roosevelt want me at Pearl Harbor?
What's he up to?
Why haven't I been told what this is all about?
I'm perfectly willing to discuss strategy with Admiral Nimitz, if that's what they want.
I suspect Roosevelt has been pulling some strings to keep me in the dark.
You know, he's always favored the navy.
That's our general.
And you should see the fire-engine red car he just drove up in.
Douglas MacArthur starring Douglas MacArthur.
He keeps me waiting half an hour, and then he gets a bigger reception than I did.
Now I see what Eisenhower meant.
He said he spent nine long years with MacArthur...
studying dramatics!
Excuse me, sir. Would you look this way?
Keep talking and act natural.
You're looking well, Douglas. Tell me about your family.
Just fine, thank you, Mr. President.
Sorry that I couldn't entertain Eleanor when she was in Australia.
She enjoyed visiting with Mrs. MacArthur.
You, as I recall, were out of town fighting a war.
Oh, and, Douglas, before we get down to business,
I'd like to take this opportunity to present you with a decoration.
The Order of Merit for Conspicuous Inspiration...
of the American People.
General MacArthur, we have asked you here because the Joint Chiefs of Staff...
have been considering for about a year, without a decision,
the next step to be taken in the Pacific war.
The president has decided he would like to hear firsthand...
the views of his commanders in chief in the field.
Admiral Nimitz, would you please present the plan prepared by you and Admiral King.
Yes, sir.
In our westward drive across the Pacific,
the navy's consistent goal...
has been to cut Japan's line of communication.
Now, as you know, the central Pacific offensives...
have taken under control the Gilbert, the Marshall, and the Mariana Island groups.
In our view, the sound strategy for early victory...
is to occupy the western Pacific and seize Formosa,
both to control the Formosa Strait...
and as a jumping-off point against Japan.
Now, this means bypassing...
the main Philippine island of Luzon...
until Formosa is secured.
After General MacArthur's troops...
have seized the southern Philippines,
the access of advance that should get the highest priority...
is the central Pacific offensive toward Formosa.
General MacArthur could then move into Luzon...
and recapture Manila after my forces have taken Formosa.
In fact, with the fall of Japan,
the liberation of the northern Philippines,
including Manila,
will follow de facto, without any need for force of arms.
We therefore propose to invade Formosa...
at the earliest opportunity.
And my planners are convinced...
that a target date of March 1, '45,
is not unreasonable.
Well, Douglas, how does it sound to you?
I'm a soldier, and I'll hold the horse if so ordered.
To bypass isolated islands is one thing,
but to leave in your rear...
250,000 Japanese troops...
drawing their sustenance from the Philippines,
involves serious and unnecessary risks.
From Luzon, I can clamp a blockade...
on all supplies from the south to Japan,
thus forcing her to an early capitulation.
Therefore, I propose...
that we land at Leyte Beach on Luzon,
and then carry the fight to Manila.
Given a successful landing, aren't you afraid of a long and bloody campaign?
With the kind of performance and support...
provided thus far by the navy,
I can be in Manila in five weeks...
from the day my troops step ashore on the beaches,
and well before next March.
General, how can you say that?
Because for two years, Filipino guerrillas have been working...
behind the Japanese lines to set the stage for our landings.
It's your position to know, but I can't conscientiously agree with this estimate.
To take Luzon would demand heavier losses than we can stand.
It seems to me we should bypass it.
In my two years of fighting in the southwest Pacific area,
and they have been long, hard years,
fewer Americans have been killed than in the single battle of Anzio.
The days of the frontal attack are over.
Only your mediocre commanders use it.
Your good commanders do not turn in heavy losses.
Douglas, Admiral Nimitz's victories have been no less than your own.
Franklin, all the years we've known each other,
I don't believe I told you how my father won his Medal of Honor.
No, you never did. But you're about to do it now, aren't you?
It was during the Battle of Missionary Ridge.
At the height of the fighting, he saw the flag go down.
As others around him faltered, he seized up the colors...
and rallied the troops to victory.
Admiral Nimitz is one of our greatest admirals.
But just now, as I listened to the plan,
I thought I saw our flag going down.
Oh, did you?
Mr. President, had we the will to do so,
we could have saved Bataan and Corregidor in the first place!
To sacrifice Luzon a second time cannot be condoned or forgiven.
My dear General,
bypassing Luzon is not synonymous with sacrificing...
But bypassing Luzon has implications which stain American honor.
Do you realize what theJapanese propagandists are telling the Filipino people?
That Americans will never shed their blood...
to save the colored peoples of the earth!
Your zeal is understandable. I admire it.
But we can't let it interfere...
with a workable Pacific strategy.
"I give to the Philippines my solemn pledge...
"that their freedom will be redeemed.
"Entire resources of men and material of the United States...
stand behind that pledge."
Your words, sir.
Mr. President,
General MacArthur's points are well taken,
and I'm sure that the Joint Chiefs will wish to consider them very carefully.
I shall return.
I am going back there next fall if I have to paddle a canoe.
If your decision be to bypass Luzon with its millions of people,
thousands of American prisoners of war,
to continue to languish there in agony and despair,
I daresay that the American public would be so aroused...
that they would register complete resentment against you at the polls next fall.
Arthur! Arthur Prettyman!
Get me an aspirin tablet. No, no, make it two.
Nobody can talk me into a headache the way General MacArthur can.
Gentlemen, I think it's time to call a recess.
It's been a fatiguing day. Indeed it has, sir.
Recess was my favorite time in school.
It's getting to be that way in war.
Douglas. Yes, Mr. President?
Why haven't you come home all these years?
Well, I've had my hands full out here.
The country has evolved,
grown mature.
Change is inevitable, you know.
The things I value never change.
My only regret is that my son has never seen his country.
He's never been home.
Where is that for you?
Well, in a sense, the army is home.
Even my swaddling clothes were khaki.
Mainly l...
I think of West Point as home.
The lecture halls,
the football fields where I became a man.
And l...
I also see a terrace overlooking Manila Bay.
Yes, the Philippines are also home.
I appreciate and understand your feelings, Douglas.
Now, I shall inform the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
upon my return home, that I have had two excellent briefings.
I'm sure they'll be both pleased and delighted.
And I shall ask them to make their decision promptly.
Thank you.
I'd like to return to my command as soon as possible.
For 40 years, I've held a firm conviction...
that a commander's place is at the scene of the battle.
I agree with you entirely, Douglas.
That is why I am here.
"Southwest Pacific forces...
"to invade Leyte.
Target date advanced to 20 October. "
Hot damn, we got it!
This'll make the old man happy.
He'll be returning to the Philippines two months earlier than he expected.
Sergeant, I want you to get this out immediately, if not sooner,
to all top command headquarters.
Good morning, sir. Good morning, General.
Earplugs, sir. Thank you.
Good morning, Mr. President. Good morning, General.
President Osmeņa, earplugs for your ears. Thank you.
I hope to hell they do as well on the beaches as they did in training.
I don't think you have to worry about that, General.
I know the 5th Cavalry.
When I was a little boy, my father was a captain at Fort Selden,
New Mexico territory.
Geronimo, the Apache scourge, was on the loose,
and it was a troop from this same 5th Cavalry that rode through to help us.
They fought then. They'll fight now.
And they'll win.
Look at that, Mr. President.
The second wave is going in upright.
Our intelligence reports said the Japanese wouldn't let us on the beach.
But just look at those boys! Nothing will stop them!
Where's my landing craft? I'm going ashore.
I had it delayed, sir. Heavy enemy mortar fire on the beach.
I felt it was unsafe for the commander in chief...
The landing craft, Captain. Aye, aye, sir.
President Osmeņa, you're home at last.
Follow me.
Correspondents, please stay in the rear until after the general makes his statement.
No questions... Gerry, where are you going with that?
I'm gonna get a better shot down the beach, sir.
I want that camera where it was. I wanna see that wreckage in the background.
The general will think this smoke is marvelous!
Get back. Correspondents, back.
Low angle, remember.
Right over there. Stay.
You see, General,
my people are going to laugh if I fell in deep water.
I cannot swim! That's not so bad, Mr. President.
Everyone's about to see that I can't walk on water.
People of the Philippines,
I have returned.
By the grace of Almighty God,
our forces stand again...
on Philippine soil.
The hour of your redemption is here.
Rally to me.
Let the indomitable spirit...
of Bataan and Corregidor lead on.
As the lines of battle roll forward,
rise and strike...
for your homes and hearts.
for future generations...
of your sons and daughters.
Strike in the name...
of your sacred dead.
Strike! Let no heart be faint.
Let every arm be steel!
The divine guidance of God points the way.
Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it! Hold it!
General, sir, you've arrived at the front lines.
Well, I see our boys fully 100 yards up ahead.
Sir, that's only a forward patrol. The men are under enemy fire.
You'd be in extreme hazard if you go on up past this point.
There's Japs right up there.
You can't fight 'em if you can't see 'em, son.
Let's go.
I don't believe it.
That's the first time I've ever seen a commander in chief take the point.
Yeah, he's the greatest general since Sergeant York.
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Come on.
Will you look at him?
Does he really think that he can't get hurt?
Goddamn it, of course he does!
I've got a little surprise for the general.
Morning, gentlemen. Good morning, sir.
pursuant to an act of Congress,
you have been promoted to the rank of General of the Army.
Such promotion to take effect 18 December, 1944,
by order of the president.
Sir, we thought that you should get these on as soon as you can.
You got your fifth star, General.
Well, I have no objections. I like the look of'em.
Congratulations, sir. Thank you, Court.
I think it would be a good idea...
to take that mortar out before someone gets hurt.
Follow me. Come around so we can get the general.
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