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Macross II - The Movie

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Report from the front! Defense system standing by!
This will destroy their will to fi ght, then we'll fi nish them!
Initiate fi rst strike! Activate!
Hey, Chief, looks like they won't needus afterall.
The Minmay Defense isn't working...
Come on!
I know the U.N. Spacy has always been able to beat the Zentraedi.
But the Minmay Attack won't work forever!
We've grown soft with victory...
...and have forgotten what we're fi ghting for!
Thesong attack won't work forever, eh?
Theypossess music as well...
We're at the limit! This looks bad.
Why do the Zentraedi have singing, too?
They don't look like they're your run of the mill Zentraedi.
This could be tricky.
- What do we do?! - Keep your head on!
Take us closer to the battle zone!
You idiot! Quit flying like a scared rabbit!
Gimme a break!
Okay, just like that. Take us to our next target.
The next one?!
This is gonna turn into a capital ship slugging match.
We'll see the flagship Heracles, pride ofthe fleet, in battle.
A fleet battle? But that's...!
Stop whining!
We came to cover a war! This isn't a game!
Ifyou're scared ofdying, then get the hell out!
Like I could?!
I can do this!
Don't tape our guys getting destroyed!
You think our viewers want to see a scene like this?!
They want to watch TV and enjoy seeing our forces winning!
What the hell are you doing?! Shut up and fly, kid!
What the hell do you think war is?!
It's not some variety show! War is misery!
We're not writing some series to get big ratings!
We record the truth, as it is, as it happens!
Open your eyes and take a good look.
The U.N. forces aren't invulnerable.
Space is vast, and it's utter presumption to think that...
...the universe revolves around the Earth.
You think we've achieved the heights ofculture?
Like hell! What does any of us know about culture?
Don't be so arrogant!
The Heracles !
I am now truly pissed off. Stay outta my way or else!
All right! Way to go!
So, Chief, what WEREyou and Exxegran doing in that hotel?
This is a hell ofa time to be asking me that!
But it's bothering us!
You wanna concentrate on something? Concentrate on those bandits!
Yes, ma'am!
Capt. Nexx!
lhave a bit ofinterest in finding out, too.
None ofyour business.
You and the commander weren't fi ghting in there.
Now come clean. What happened in the hotel?
Nevergossip in battle.
Certain fools may overhearand slapyou with a court martial.
""Certain fools...?""
OH! I get you!
lt's nothing to laugh about!
It'sjust so like you to do this, Silvie.
Wake up! Bandit onyoursix!
That got the blood pumping! I could fi ght 24 hours straight!
Okay, driver, there's our next shot!
I'm getting footage ofthe enemy ship. Take us inside!
You scared?
You kidding? After this I think I could fly anywhere.
That's the spirit. Showing the enemy's side and yours, unbiased.
THAT'S journalism!
lthinkl've met a damn fine drivertoday.
Great shot!
Are you nuts?! We coulda been killed!
Good point. The body may fear death...
...but after a while you don't feel it anymore.
- Let's get out of here! - Dennis, look!
A microne?
I think we've found a scoop.
Is she alive?
I think so. She's beautiful, isn't she?
Let's bring her back.
What are you doing?! Are you serious?!
Jesus, what's he thinking?
This is only a two-seater.
She's a girl, I'm a guy, and it's a tight fit. What's the problem?
Get our footage back to the network...
It's not our footage. It's YOUR footage!
No, I couldn't have gotten it without your flying.
That footage is yours as much as mine.
Think ofthe ratings! You earned them...
- How about those costumes today? - A little tight, huh?
So, Dennis...
He didn't have any living relatives.
But the higher-ups here at the network said...
...they'd give him a proper funeral.
But it looks like this battle carries its own problems with it.
The military's ordered a news blackout until their... conference tomorrow morning.
Well, everyone will know the truth when we broadcast.
Dennis and I managed to get the real truth out there.
Hey, Hibiki. I know you got yourselfa scoop out there!
Fill me in!
It's nothing.
Military secret? Or is it...?
I hearyou brought somebody back with you in that Valkyrie.
Hey, if I landed that kind of scoop, you'd be the fi rst I'd tell.
Well, maybe it'sjust them trying to make you...
...the fall guy for Dennis' accident.
Hell, I'm happy to see you in one piece. Hang in there!
Hello, Shot 5. Yeah, he's here.
Mash, it's Hibiki on the phone foryou.
Here it is. I've been waiting for this. Hello?
Sorry I took so long getting back to you.
So, how's our sleeping beauty?
lnyourroom, like lsaidshe'dbe.
Took care ofher wounds and sedatedherforherown good.
Thanks. You're a man among men and have my undying gratitude.
Hold on here! This is gonna costyou, dearboy.
I read you. I'll pay into my usual account, okay?
lt'sjustso rare to find apurebreedMeltran--
How rude!
This scoop 'll change everything in this city!
A bill?
Doesn't he trust me?
Where did this girl come from?
And why is only she a microne?
Hibiki Kanzaki will follow this mystery as deep as it goes.
Good morning?
Oh, well...
You understand!
Now you'll be able to understand me.
Sorry if I scared you. Drink this. It'll calm you down.
Whoa! Your name! What's your name?
I see... So there are Zentran and Meltran micrones on this world.
Uh-huh, lots ofthem. Our culture allowed them tojoin together.
That's me, isn't it?
Yeah. This allows you to capture time as it passes.
To always remember good things... And bad things as well.
And with this, I'm aiming for the top!
Are there no images ofyou?
Me? I hardly matter at all.
Now then, could you tell me a little about yourself?
It's doing it this early?
That light!
Nothing to be scared of. Just an energy flux from the ship.
It's the ship that carried culture to you giants eighty years ago.
Uh-oh, it's time!
The light ofthe Ship ofthe Alus?
Someone is coming to this world.
I want to see for myself, before I return to space.
You want discs? BM's best!
Here it comes, Dennis...
lt's time for SNN Wide at eleven.
Topping ournews is yesterday's space battle.
The battle was thesubject ofthepress conference...
...just heldby U.N. Spacy spokesmanAlexeive.
According to thepress release, the enemy remains unknown.
But it seems that once again Earth's culture was effective... fending offthe attack--
What's he talking about? We got our ass kicked!
Let's turn nowto SNN's own exclusive footage ofthe battle.
Here is the complete footage ofthe unstoppable assault...
...performedby Capt. Nexx's and Lt. Gena's Valkyrie squadrons.
What the hell...?!
Itjust the good parts ofthe battle!
We're in commercial break!
Looks like we can downlink some additional footage from RCC.
- Okay, pull it down. - Yeah, hello? What? Okay.
Telephone, Mr. Matsui.
Who'd call in the middle ofa show?
Hibiki, sir...
That goddamned... Yeah, hello? What do you want?
What the hell was that broadcast all about?!
Producer's orders. The Media Bureau's apparently...
...asking we be careful with this story.
Are you kidding?! That VTR was Dennis's legacy!
The military grabbedthe master.
All we hadleft was the battle footage.
Cut the crap! The network's just a mouthpiece for them!
You'll see! I'll break this story! There's still one card to play!
Where'd she go?
Millions ofourbrethren still wanderthe cosmos.
Stillforcedto battle their useless wars.
But when they finally make contact with Earth's culture...
...they willsee how meaningless warfare is.
Long live culture!
Hey, baby, ifyou're bored why not listen to our gig?
This'll cure you right!
Hey, get a grip!
What's her problem?
The Ship ofthe Alus!
Where is it?
""To smile is wrong. lt gives yourenemy an opening toyou. ""
""They willdeceiveyou... "" But why is that?!
As you can see, the pod which made it down to Earth... the same as the ones the giants use.
I thought their fleet was still out at the Mars line.
They've found an opening in our defense line?
But they only sent a recon unit?
There arejust too many unknowns in this battle!
What we do know is that the song stratagem isn't effective.
And that leaves us dangerously vulnerable.
That's all.
This is a rare sight.
You working so hard to be so nice to a girl. Is it love?
Gimme a break! You know she's just a photo subject for me!
So why notjust sell your footage of her?
It's a sure-fi re scoop, right?
Wrong time. The military's got the media under its thumb.
Once the war's over, I'll make it a super scoop!
Liar. You'rejust afraid she'll end up hating you.
Me?! Are you nuts?!
Boss? The shampoo's done!
I hearyou! Wait a sec!
You can't fool me, Hibiki.
I have an inside line on the hearts ofwomen AND men.
Oh, do whateveryou want!
You've such lovely hair!
We don't get this color here on Earth.
But tell me, why did you run away from Hibiki's place?
He's actually very pure hearted. And he was worried about you.
Did he treat you bad?
- I was looking for the big ship... - Oh, THAT ship!
The one that sent the love song to the giants.
Are you in love?
Give it a rest, Mash!
- Better fix that. - Cut it out!
The treasures ofEarth culture.
The Roman Coliseum. The Leaning TowerofPisa.
The Great Wall ofChina.
See them allat Culture Plaza, Earth'sgreatest themepark!
Here I am!
This is the best place to learn about Earth's culture.
C'mon, there's a place where you can see the Macross, too.
It's him, right?
I wonder if he's up to something?
He's talking to her like she just landed on this planet.
- Excuse me... - It's a good waste ofa day off.
They say that ifa liar puts his hand in this stone face...'ll bite it off.
Wanna try it, Ishtar?
Just kidding! See? I'm all right.
Looks totally harmless. I think we rolled snake eyes.
I was hoping he was up to something...
...and I'd be able to get him back for before.
Guess I shouldn't have gotten so excited.
What the hell?!
It's them!
Look out!
What're you...?!
Never mind, just get the hell out of here!
Good timing. I've got a bone to pick with the military!
Hold it! Do you realize what's going on here?
I'll get this idiot out of here. You contact headquarters.
Roger, Chief!
Where are you going? The exit's the other way!
There are some ruins up ahead!
We'll take shelter there!
Persistent little...!
Target acquired!
All right!
That's 1 2 kills!
Stop bragging andsave the chief!
Look, I'm grateful you helped us to get away, but...
...why does this always happen when the military handles things?
Somebody I'm carrying around shouldn't be complaining!
There's a lot we don't know about them. We're doing our best.
Forgive me. This is my fault.
- Your fault? - Ishtar, don't tell her!
Thankyou, Hibiki... It was so much fun.
Ishtar, wait!
What did she mean?
The Ship ofthe Alus...
Theship sent the love song to thegiants...
Who is she?
- I don't know. - You don't know?!
You brought her here, didn't you?
All I know is that she's one ofthem.
What do you mean?
I was trying to give her a taste ofour culture.
And now this happens!
That idiot!
Sorry I'm late, Silvie.
Andhere is the battle mecha which attackedCulture Park earlier.
These mecha are thesame as those involvedin the Mars battle...
...andis believedto be similartoZentraedi design...
...andare likely members of a rogueZentraedi fleet.
However, thanks to quickresponse by U.N. Spacy forces...
...damage to the Culture Park monuments wasminimized...
...andthe enemy was once again totally defeated.
U.N. Spacy assures us that oursuperior Valkyrie fighters...
... willmaintain thesafety ofthe civilianpopulace...
...untila lastingpeace can be achieved.
All those woundedin the incident were evacuated... the U.N. Spacy to area hospitals.
Only minorinjuries were reported.
Moving to ournext story...
At a time like this?!
What is it?
lt's the annual U.N. Spacy Moon Festival!
A glorious tribute to the men and women who defendourEarth!
There's a wonderfulsong waiting foryou!
What is it? It looks like fun!
It'sjust a military propaganda festival.
I want to go!
I want to see her sing!
I want to learn more about your Earth's music!
All right then. I can do a report on it.
But before we do that, won't you tell me who you are?
If I go to the ship, then I will know.
If I go there, then I'll tell you.
What is it about that oldship?
Are they insane? Holding the festival during this crisis!
Nexx, we have to stop this.
Silvie, cancelling it would only cause more worry.
You know the brass don't want to cause a full scale panic.
I just think it's strange to avoid panic by hiding the truth.
The U.N. Spacy is the symbol of Earth itself.
Ifwe appear unsure ofourselves, then the civilians lose confidence.
And then how can we defend the Earth?
Maybe you have a point.
Let'sjust enjoy being together.
Excuse me?
Can I get your autographs? I'm a big fan of both ofyou!
My pleasure.
Silvie... Stop trying to take on the world's problems.
Want to take a little drive? For medicinal purposes, ofcourse.
Thanks for the offer, Nexx.
But I need to think.
I read you. See you moonside.
lknowhowhesees this, but...
lt's dangerous. We don't know what they might try.
Gotta follow them!
Kinda broken down, but it still works.
It's beautiful!
The closest things to us are Culture Park, and then the city.
You can see U.N. Spacy headquarters, too.
The inside's in pretty good shape, considering all the energy spikes.
Be careful, Hibiki. It's so dark.
I'm okay! Shoulda brought a flashlight, shouldn't we?
What the...?
Are you okay, Ishtar?!
You must have hit a switch on the console.
Ishtar, what are you?
I am an Emulator.
A priestess who sings to guide the Marduk to victory.
Marduk?! You mean you aren't Meltran?
The Marduk are a race ofwarriors.
We've wandered space since antiquity...
...destroying all other cultures we encounter.
To control our Zentraedi warriors while in combat...
...we Emulators exist.
You mean you use the Zentran to fi ght foryou?
Correct. Our songs enhance their aggressive instincts...
...and impel them to fi ght for the Marduk.
Music for us is used only for war.
Only for war?
But coming here has taught me of its other purposes.
And I wanted to learn more.
I thought coming here would reveal the ""love song"" that lady mentioned.
Lady? Oh, you mean Mash.
I think this ship is the Ship ofthe Alus.
Ship ofthe Alus?
A ship known to us in legend.
One with the power to lead the Marduk to peace.
What, the Macross? No way!
Yeah, it fell from space a long time ago, but...
...I doubt it's from your legend.
I don't know. But I sense it is.
But ifthis is the Ship ofthe Alus...
Ofall the idiotic stunts!
I'm taking her with me!
The military can't have her!
We're not fi ghting the Zentraedi this time!
We face the Marduk! That girl's the enemy!
I'm not letting you keep her just to score some big scoop!
If I turn her over, the news will never get out!
Ishtar's existence, the Marduk's existence...
They'll wind up like Dennis's disk!
I understand your concerns. But we have our own concerns!
YOUR concerns?!
You have to let the public know the truth!
Then everyone can have a say about what to do!
Is military censorship going to keep them from attacking?!
Controlling the truth hasn't ended this war!
Well, then, what do you plan on doing with her?
I wasjust trying for a scoop at fi rst, but not anymore.
I think this is turned into something a lot bigger.
I chose to stay here! Please don't blame Hibiki!
Ishtar's known only war.
I want to show her that Earth offers something else!
Dammit, it's my duty!
Or else I don't deserve to be called a journalist.
Silvie... I won't letjust the military have Ishtar!
All right... I'll let you go this time.
But next time I'm taking her in, even if I have to breakyour arms!
Amy, you're a bit off.
Roger! Compensating!
Program two!
Area C, Camera 3.:Standby! Here they come!
Andthat's U.N. Spacy ace pilot Lt. Silvie Gena...
...commanding Faerie Team forsomeprecision aerobatics!
Lookit that Silvie! Whatta babe!
You can date HER then! I'm leaving!
Hey, wait!
Capt. Nexx! Isn't he cool?!
Andpassing in review, aproud ship ofthe U.N. Spacy fleet!
The LunarFestivalispleased topresent Unit 12's Gloria!
Magnificent. The U.N. Spacy has to be the very symbol of Earth.
Ifthey stop believing that, then it's the end for us all.
lt seemsso enjoyable... ls this the ""love song""?
Thankyou, Wendy Ryder!
Andnowthe U.N. Spacy presents its latest fighter.:
The MetalSiren!
Andthepilot is Lt. Silvie Gena!
Thanks, everyone!
I wish I could sing like Wendy does.
You will, Ishtar.
Will you sing for me someday?
I wish to sing a love song...
When I return to the Marduk, I want them all to hear it.
What the...?
Huh? What's wrong?
Hang on!
What maneuverability!
That's... The Marduk!
Hibiki, what's happening? Wejust lost ourfeed!
The enemy's after Silvie in the MetalSiren.
Wendy's in there, too!
No shit? Okay, we've got a Valkyrie up there. Use it!
I'll get you a scoop for sure!
Showthose army boys howit's done, Hibiki!
We can't affordany embarassments on this one.
l'm counting onyou, Nexx!
Isn't this going a little far?! Hurry up and shoot them down!
Can't. We aren't carrying any live ammo.
What?! No way!
This isn't part ofthe show. These guys are for real!
What?! No way!
I want you to wait for me with Mash.
- No. I'm coming, too. - Absolutely not.
It's my fault they're in danger.
I must convince the Marduk... To convince Feff to stop!
The guy who came afteryou before?
We mustn't fi ght!
If I tell the Marduk about Earth, about its music...
Then I might be able to end this war!
End the war?
Take me to the Marduk!
Get my story and end the war...
All right, let's do it!
They're taking us prisoner?
What's going to happen to us?!
Dunno, but it looks like we get to live for now.
That's...! Well, I guess that's it for us.
Sorry I'm late, Silvie.
Can't let the badguys have mypartner!
All units, move in! Time for the grand fi nale!
Nexx must have started!
Hurry! Save us!
- Silvie! You okay? - Hibiki?!
Yup, and I'm here to save you for a change!
Don't be an idiot!
What are trying to do, Hibiki?!
l WlLL come back, with the scoop ofthe century!Seeya!
Do you have a death wish?!
Chief, are you okay?!
Nastasha, form up over me!
We're switching planes!
Chief, what are you going to do?
- Sorry! - Chief!
So these are the Marduk...
I ask again. What is your mission? What is this ""SNN""?
SNN is a civilian news network. I just work for them.
So it's a propaganda dissemination agency?
That guy!
Were you the one who contaminated Ishtar?
Did you operate on her to control her thoughts?
Are you nuts?! I'd never do that to her!
Whateveryour contamination, Ishtar shall be reborn!
Very soon!
Surface alarm cut off. Looks okay.
I've gotta fi nd that idiot's homing signal somehow.
Is that...?!
Good, he isn't on it.
I'd better get moving!
Oh, well, better make the best of it!
SNN scoop maker Hibiki Kanzaki here.
I have successfully infi ltrated a Marduk ship!
And I'm about to remove the veil ofsecrecy from--
What are you doing here?
No time for explanations. Come on!
Move it!
Careful, Hibiki. The Zentraedi are close by.
That idiot!
Dammit, ifthey catch you this time it won'tjust be boring!
Silvie, something's wrong. I've never seen Zentraedi like this.
Mind control!
My God...
Silvie, we need to talk.
I know. You want to get her. But how do we do it?
Here we go... Huh?
That's right. The ship that launched...
That's it! Let's go, Silvie!
There's some stuff I want to see here, too.
What's the deal? This is the emergency storage trunk!
Just shut up.
...that our war with them is wrong!
Ishtar, all they have done is confuse you.
It would appear the Alus Nova is needed after all.
I'll show you just how tough a Valkyrie can be!
I can't guarantee your life from here on in.
Ishtar, the wavelength is unstable.
Calm yourself. You're disturbing your entire brainwave pattern.
Lady Elensh, that world is the world ofthe Alus.
I discovered the Ship ofthe Alus there.
The Ship ofthe Alus? Impossible.
That's only a myth.
I have touched the soul ofthe Alus!
The world ofthe Alus holds a magnificent culture.
And it contains so many songs!
No, they were not!
Songs ofjoy... Songs ofsorrow...
And above them all, songs of love.
Even we, who possess only one type ofsong...
We can make them, too!
It's Ishtar!
It's defi nitely her!
- Silvie, she's straight ahead! - Okay, you're the navigator.
I don't want to fi ght you guys right now!
Ishtar, peace for the Marduk means domination ofour enemies.
Without this, chaos and confusion will reign throughout all space.
No, the love song still resonates within my heart.
Lady Elensh, forgive me!
I cannot! Ishtar, return your thoughts to what they were!
You must not defi le this most sacred place!
I cannot! Lady Elensh, I cannot ever go back!
The songs ofthe world ofthe Alus resonate within my soul!
Ishtar, no!
This'll take forever.
- Outstanding, Silvie. - Wait a second.
This is getting impossible.
It's a miracle we've gotten this far.
We should be grateful to my grandma.
Your grandma?
I'm one-quarter Meltrandi.
I inherited my recklessness from her.
You're as reckless as I am.
Uh-huh. I guess neither of us can beat the other there.
I can't forgive these guys. You saw those Zentran.
Maybe they were only born to fi ght...
...but they never gave up their right to be free.
They're people, notjust weapons!
That's why I'm betting on the possibility Ishtar presents.
Thanks, Silvie! You trust her then?
Yeah. And I even trust her sleazy reporter friend.
That wasjust...
Shall we go?
Can you get a shot of me?
Report from U.N. Spacy Valkyrie pilot, Lt. Silvie Gena.
We have penetrated a Marduk ship. Position weak, outlook poor.
Perhaps this record will survive ifwe don't...
I guess you can say we're caught like rats in a trap!
That's Ishtar!
- Let's go! - Okay!
She has told me ofyou.
But peace for the Marduk...
...will come only with the destruction ofall other worlds.
That is the divine destiny we hold to!
There have been those who felt it was wrong, but that is heresy.
No, what we know must be forgotten. The will of Emperor Ingues is all!
Those who have been contaminated must be punished!
That is the Marduk way!
- Hibiki! - Ishtar!
That son ofa...!
- Hibiki, we have to go! - What about Ishtar?!
There's nothing we can do!
Shit, ifonly he didn't have her in there!
This must be that ""Ingues"" guy's punishment!
Hang on!
Made it!
It's the chief! Chief, do you read me?!
Chief! Chief, do you read?
Chief, I suggest you thank dear Cmdr. Exxegran in a big way!
lt's hardgetting the keys to this thing!
Don't ask me how, but we're saved.
Now, will you tell me what happened out there?
Yes, sir.
That I went in to save that civilian newsman is the truth.
But there was a girl in that Valkyrie as well.
Her name is Ishtar. She is an Emulator for the Marduk.
And you...?
I knew what she was.
Go on.
The newsman brought her back with him during our First Contact.
What's his name?
Hibiki. Hibiki Kanzaki.
Ishtar apparently felt she could end this war.
End the war?
Yes, sir. They use their Emulators' song... control the minds of the enemy Zentran.
She felt that, ifshe could just sing them an Earth song...
But the song has to be sung by one oftheir Emulators.
She was able to confuse them...
...but not enough to change the course ofthe war.
But we have a chance, Silvie.
You've done a good job. Thankyou, lieutenant.
- Launch ThunderOne! - lnoperative!
We interrupt thisprogram fora specialreport.
The U.N. Spacy hasbeen deceiving all ofyou!
TheZentraedi who have invadedEarth's space...
...are underthe mindcontrol ofa race calledthe Marduk.
This is footage taken inside a Marduk warship.
TheseZentran have been conditionedto fight better...
... when they heara special song sung by their ""Emulators"".
What the hell's going on?! Kill that broadcast!
What the hell is the Media Bureau doing?!
Sir, it's being sent by the military emergency broadcast system!
Kill it now!
And arrest thatjournalist!
We've traced the transmission... It's the SubCom Room, right here!
We have the right to knowabout the dangerthe Earth faces.
The fate ofthe world, the lives ofeach andeveryone ofus...
...cannot be left to militarycontrol! Every--
Grab him!
That hurts!
EnemyZentraedi engaging us at defense line two.
Where did you get the footage?
On the enemy ship. It's for real.
You will not deceive the civilians with that fake footage ofyours!
I believe he escaped that enemy ship...
...with one ofyour people, Cmdr. Exxegran.
Yes, they went in to rescue this civilian.
A foolish risk!
Who was it? Have them brought here!
I accept responsibility for the actions of my command.
Was the person who fi led the report Lt. Silvie Gena?!
Ifthat's the case, we can't leave you in charge ofthis matter.
There's already enough scandal linked with you two.
I suggest you leave Lt. Gena's disposition up to us, Exxegran!
So where is she?
On standby alert with the rest of Faerie Team.
Lt. Gena will be imprisoned for three days, as will this civilian.
Macross Cannonsmoving intoposition.
- Fourofthem? -Aye, but two more are on the way.
Unnecessary. Four willbe enough.
Situation critical at defense line two.
We read losses at 85%.
Number ofenemy ships estimated at 1 300.
But the actual number is unknown. It could be triple that.
They've come...
We'lldrawthem allin, then destroy them in one blow!
Distance to enemy fleet.: 126, 000.
26, 000 to maximum impact range ofthe Macross Cannons.
Large numbers ofenemy fighters approaching at high speed.
Launch Valkyrie teams. They must keep them away from the cannons!
Firewolfand White Ox teams, all units launch!
Operation code.: D-38
Valkyrie teams engaging enemy battle mecha!
Burt! Gimmesome back-up! Come on, now!
Battlezone moving back to D Field.
White Ox team\[]'/ all units off line.
Enemy fleet still 2000 from maximum impact range.
Firewolfdefenses have fallen.
Large numbers ofenemy units approaching the Macross Cannons.
Defend the Cannon at all costs! Bring air defense systems on line!
Enemy fleet now in Macross Cannon range.
Valkyrie teams, fall back to B Field!
Macross Cannons...FIRE!
Reading 60% ofenemy fleet destroyed.
Excellent. Prepare to fi re a second round!
Detecting multiple defold reactions at 1 2 o'clock!
Secondenemy wave hasappeared! Balzae's fleet is engaging them!
Roger! MetalSiren, launch!
It doesn't matter. Launch!
ldon't want to sing thesong ofwar!
Hibiki, tellme... Whatshouldldo?
Where did you get the footage?
I told you, one ofthe enemy helped me out.
Oh, one ofthem just ""helped you out.""
Cut the crap, kid! Who told you to do this?!
I didn't do this under anyone's orders!
I just wanted everyone to know the truth!
Ifwe don't do something... Earth will be destroyed!
You're saying our forces are going to lose?
At the rate we're going, we'll defi nitely lose.
I've seen them... They haven't begun to fi ght!
God damned Marduk... You'll pay for this!
This is gonna take forever!
No matter how many come, you're not getting to Earth... To Silvie!
- No, not that song! - Ishtar, why are you here?
Ingues fears that world.
He will destroy the Marduk entirely to annihilate it.
Ridiculous. This battle is nearly over.
At the end ofthis battle lies another, and another!
And even more of our people will die!
What are you saying? It is by war the Marduk build their history!
War isn't everything!
The world ofthe Alus is teaching us that!
That is what Ingues fears!
Lord Feff...
I am the law here!
Launch all Zentran and link them with the other ships' song.
I will hold Ishtar here!
These orders are all that need concern you.
Even if I have to use this ship as a shield...
...they're not getting to Earth!
Take us in towards them!
Main engines, aheadfull!
Capt. Nexx, the Gloria 's headedinto the enemy fleet!
What?! The Gloria ?!
Capt. Balzae!
Captain, this ispointless! Pullback!
I can't run! I gamble this ship for the fate of Earth itself!
But sir... They're still--
I am a warrior ofthe Marduk, loyal to Lord Emperor Ingues.
My death will come only on the field of battle.
Go now, Ishtar, before I come to my senses.
I will say I killed you for your crime of rebellion.
I dared to love what I could never have.
You're excused.
Cmdr. Exxegran, what's...?
This is an unofficial meeting. There will be no records.
Just like at the hotel.
Exactly, only without any indiscrete reporters, I hope!
Commander, at this rate our forces can't win.
I'm afraid you're right.
It'sjust a matter oftime before they breach our fi nal defense line.
Do the civilians know?!
No. We may have the courage to die in battle...
...but not admit when we're losing.
The enemy truly lies within.
But then...
In a regular battle, our forces may be destroyed...
...but you mentioned there might still be a path to peace.
Yes, sir.
The Marduk are led by an absolute dictator, Ingues.
He keeps his people fi ghting by means of rule by terror.
Ifwe can topple him from power, we can join with...
...those Marduk who desire peace and somehow end this war.
Launch a surgical strike on their mothership?!
Exactly. A sneak attack!
Commander, I have a proposal.
Use the Ship ofthe Alus!
Hibiki... I'll try to sing.
The song ofthe Alus...
The enemy will soon be here.
It's not the military's fault or the media's fault.
It'sjust the truth...
So many people will die.
On their side and ours... Who'll die not knowing what's happening.
Everything will end. And no lessons will be learned.
Humanity once again makes the same mistakes of history.
But after it ends, it's too late! I see the truth at last...
I think about them all, and then I...!
Defense line 1 , Area A\[]'/ enemy contacted and engaging.
Fleet 2 at Area 2 reports 70% losses, including the flagship.
Confi rming defold reaction in Area A.
All transmissions have ceased from battle group twenty.
Enemy units in Area C moving from point P to point Q
There's no stopping them now.
This unannouncedrelocation ofourdefense line to a...
...closerpoint hasbeen decided to be in ourbest interests.
The effect ofthis willbe a slight risk to thesurface.
Asaprecautionarymeasure, we have begun evacuating...
...citizens ofthis city into the undergroundshelters.
This is toguarantee yoursafety.
Good work, men.
I'll take him from here.
But we weren't--
What are you doing, Silvie?
Getting some payback.
What do you want to do?
The U.N. Spacy doesn't have the strength to beat these guys.
We havejust one gamble left. We're going to the Macross.
Use those energy spikes, you mean?
The main gun should still work.
But there's too many ofthem.
We'll just shoot their mother ship.
And then we'll see if it really is their ""Ship ofthe Alus"".
Sounds like fun. Count me in!
Too many!
Saori! Thankyou!
No time to celebrate. You've got 5, 6, 7 bandits on your six!
- Huh? Where? - You're surrounded!
- Where?! - I've got 'em, Amy! Calm down!
We'll hold out even if the chief isn't here!
That's as far as you go!
Capt. Nexx! Proceedto Cannon Base Two!
But if I move from here we'll leave them an opening!
Captain, this is agamble forthe fate ofthe Earth!
Auto-Lock System, standing by.
Over there.
Looking good... The Macross is coming back to life!
Can we really run this thing?
I read the manual.
Maybe I should get out and push?
Subsystem #4\[]'/ operational.
Reactor output at 85%. Safeties off, linking to main system.
Way to go, Silvie!
Hibiki, open a com channel. Wavelength four.
I'm getting data from UNS headquarters.
Are they in on this?
No. Only Cmdr. Exxegran and I know about this plan.
We need intelligence on the mothership's position to shoot it.
We can't fail. We're betting everything on this one shot!
Blue Liqueur team proceed to ZS-5 and counterattack!
Sir, incoming message from Lt. Gena.
- Put it through. - Number four.
Lieutenant, is the Macross operational?
Sir, give me the data on the mothership's position.
They have a numberofships in the atmosphere already.
Destroying the mothership may change thesituation.
We're counting on you, Silvie.
People used to live here! Their love song remains even now.
Macross, lifting off!
The Macross?! What the hell?!
Receiving video. On left main screen.
Who's flying it?! I was never told ofthis!
- What is it? What's happening? - The Macross ! Look!
Datalink established. Enemy mothership coordinates confirmed.
Attack coordinates\[]'/ GT-200.
RC-98. Speed.: 70.
- Look alive, Hibiki. - Gotcha...
Energy level rising from eighty to ninety.
Distance to attack coordinates\[]'/ 1 0,000.
Energy level to full power!
Macross standing by to fire main cannon!
Please... Let this end it!
Got it!
That is not the Ship ofthe Alus!
Coordinates calculated.
What would be the point? All on this world will be destroyed!
We've lost...
Ifthey'd just listened to us sooner, this all wouldn't be--
It's no one's fault.
We all just got a little too used to having peace.
We closed ourselves into our little Earth...
...and never bothered to look at the world outside.
And mankind IS little.
We're conceited. And lazy...
People in general are pretty disgraceful.
And when people fi nally come together, it's usually too late.
Come together?
Yeah. Like us.
But we managed to come together... And it's still not too late!
This is the power ofthe Alus!
This is love, isn't it?
We've broken their main force.
Why, lshtar? Why does this worldfascinateyouso?
What deceivesyouso that yousense theShip oftheAlus?!
The enemy mothership has penetratedthe atmosphere.
We've no more time to waste!
This is the fi nal plan, our gamble on humanity's future.
Take us into the battlezone!
Everything's being destroyed!
It's all over...
No! This is the Ship ofthe Alus.
We're here only because it led us here.
But we have nothing left to try.
The main gun's useless.
The power ofthe Alus isn't that.
It's the power that brought you and Hibiki together.
And it's brought us together. That is the power ofthe Alus.
I'll send it to them. So that the Marduk...
...and your wonderful Earth can come together as we did.
Hibiki, I'm going to try!
What's the point?
Open all com channels. Let's give it a try, Silvie!
We're here because we believed in the Macross's power.
Let's try another bet on our Ship ofthe Alus.
We must not fi ght!
We must not destroy this world!
I am Ishtar, Emulator ofthe Marduk.
There is culture here that is worth defending.
In saving it we will create something more.
Destroy it, and we will never be able to recreate it.
This world has taught me the sorrow ofdestruction.
The Marduk way teaches destruction to all things.
And it teaches there is no room for any other teaching.
We can draw no inspiration from our destruction.
We create nothing!
We must not fi ght!
We can come together!
Sing, Emulators! And let all be destroyed!
It is the deception ofan inferior race!
Do not be fooled!
The Marduk are fated to control the cosmos!
Sing, Emulators! Do not be deceived!
Not that song!
It is on Earth that true songs exist!
Songs of happiness! Songs ofsorrow!
And songs of love!
Taste my fi re!
Behold, the punishment for those who would contaminate us.
Utter annihilation!
Sing, Emulators! Sing the Song of Death!
Sing for all the Marduk!
No, Lord Ingues!
This world lies in ruin.
Surely you desire nothing more!
You will not sing?
Pathetic fools!
The Marduk way must be preserved at any cost!
I must now once again teach you all this!
What's happening?!
The end ofeverything...
Is this punishment for the sake ofthe Marduk?!
We can't let him do this!
I still believe... This is the Ship ofthe Alus!
What's this?
Sing, Emulators! Or be punished with death!
Stop it, Lord Ingues!
You'll destroy the Marduk as well!
Don't say neveragain. That melodyprayeryousay again...
Is this...""singing""?
I've never heard anything like it. It feels so good...
No matterhowfarapart we are, l'llbesending it toyou.
She's sending everyone the gentleness of her own heart.
You would destroy us as well!
No! The Marduk are not yours alone!
They're killing their own kind?!
Captain, the mothership is locked on past the terminator!
Open all cannons! Destroy the mothership!
Inferior scum!
This disgusting race still exists?! It does not deserve to live!
Destroy them! Destroy them all!
Just once more, dream again...
We must save ourselves!
In the name ofall the Marduk!
You fools!
Against me...
They dare turn against me?!
lt hasbeen three days since the defeat ofthe dictatorlngues...
...andbetween the Earth and the Mardukhasbeen signed... eternalpeace treaty.
- You're really leaving? - Yes.
I want to build a new culture with everyone else.
There are so many wonderful songs here on Earth.
When I sang, I sang from my heart.
Ofsadness, of pain... And fi nally of hope!
I want to remain an Emulator so that I may...
...teach my people about the feelings the Macross gave me!
Glad I caught you. Here, I want you to have this.
Thankyou. I'll treasure it.
Silvie... Take care of Hibiki.
You were a wonderful rival.
A wonderfulrival...
She'll create a magnificent culture for them.
I know...
But the search for what ""real"" culture is... Is ourjob as well.
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