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Subtitles for Madame Sat (Karim Ainouz 2002).

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Madame Sat (Karim Ainouz 2002)

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The accused,a.k.a. Benedito Emtabajį da Silva...
is a mischief-maker well known to the police.
He frequents the district of Lapa and its vicinities.
He is a passive pederast, who shaves his eyebrows...
and imitates women, even changing his own voice.
He has no religion.
He smokes,gambles and is addicted to alcohol.
He has no education.
He speaks crudely, in the language of the gutter.
He is of little inteligence.
He hates society, which rejects him because of his vices...
and associates with pederasts, whores...
procurers and other misfits.
He boasts about his weaIth but has no regularwork.
His money can come only from degenerate criminal activities.
He has numerous priorconvictions.
When in custody, he is often disruptive...
and attacks police officers.
He is cunning, an habitual law-breaker.
For all these reasons, he poses a great threat to society.
Rio de Janeiro,capital city...
May 12, 1932.
,,In Arabia, there Iived a handsome but crueI SuItan.
Every night he married a virgin whom he sIew before morning.
To put an end to this crueIty, the IoveIy Sheherazade...
a virgin of rare beauty and suItry perfume...
offered herseIf in marriage to the young tyrant.
Rousing his curiosity and desire...
Sheherazade spun...
taIes of adventure and Iove.
Day by day she put off...
her death.
After 1OO1 nights...
the SuItan finaIIy...
yieIded to her Iures.,,
How are you?
I wasn,t expecting anyone.
Looking for some fun?
-Piss off. -I wouIdn,t pay you anyway.
$4OO for the two of you.
-HeIIo. -HeIIo. Good night.
Be carefuI.
-Hi, GentIemen. -Nine.
-Now my Iuck,s going to change. -Your rabbit ,s foot ,s thirsty.
How was the show today? Pretty?
CIassy, as aIways.
-Six. -Seven!
Throw, Taboo. See what you can do.
You know I don,t Iike to gambIe, Laurita.
Swearto me That you love me
And lwill return
But if you love falsely
Your love lwill spurn
Do you know that beauty?
That thief dated a girIfriend of mine.
-Don,t mix with him. -Of course I wiII.
He Iooks Iike troubIe.
Has anyone ever toId you you Iook Iike an Indian prince?
No man who surrenders to this sinfuI drug...
Satan,s dust, can ever satisfy a woman.
What a beautifuI sermon!
What ,s beautifuI is this fIask I,m taking from your pocket.
What the heII!
Come on.
I toId you, I,m done for the night.
When was a hooker ever done for the night?
Dance with me, Joćo.
Come here.
PIease, sir, Iet ,s keep it peacefuI in here.
You can sit on my prick, baby.
Excuse me!
Who does he think he is, grabbing me Iike that?
What a vicious man!
I hate vioIence.
To heII with this guy!
-You! Come with me. -I,m not going anywhere! Let me go!
-Let me go! -No woman turns me down, Iady!
Quit it, Joćo!
Quit it!
Take a hike, pig!
What is this? What?!
A big man Iike you needs a piece? Get out of here!
Beat it! Get Iost, asshoIe!
I,m no stray dog, fatso!
-You OK? -Yes.
Show,s over.
Show,s over, come on.
I kicked that fat pig,s ass for you.
For your beautifuI pearIy eyes.
I,m forever sweeping up dust, this house is aIways dirty!
The fIoor,s fiIthy, Laurita.
CIean this pigsty up.
-Have you fixed Victoria,s dress? -Yes.
-Are Amador,s toweIs washed? -AII of them.
-How about madam,s dress? -I aIready washed it.
-Did you dry it? -My name isn,t sun.
And your ass...
You get it stuffed today?
Not today. Yesterday...
-Lord, what a fiIthy mouth! -Shut up and sort the rice.
Put the beans on, madam. I,m going to check on the baby.
It ,s soup time.
Doesn,t it hurt when you comb your hair Iike that?
Sure, but it ,s worth it. Looks beautifuI, soft as siIk.
I,ve been doing the same show for two years now.
But it ,s superb! When you say...
,,In Arabia, there Iived a handsome but crueI SuItan...
every night he wedded...,,
It ,s time to stop.
The pubIic wants something new.
You shouId do a show about China.
As if you,d know where China is?
China is a wonderfuI pIace.
It ,s at the other end of the worId.
There, everything is upside down.
A Negro here is white there. Daytime here is night there.
And peopIe sIeep with open eyes, and wake up with cIosed eyes.
That ,s the stupidest thing I ever heard!
Maybe you couId pay me tomorrow?
I,ve been working here for two months.
Drop by the office. Tomorrow.
You said that Iast month.
Don,t get aII worked up, paI.
-Let ,s go? -Yes.
No one has a better footwork than you.
Why are you shadowing me?
-What do you want, wiId pussycat? -I want to fight Iike you.
My name is Renato.
-You Iook more Iike a Renatinho. -Renato. I toId you.
-I want to fight Iike you. -Don,t bother me, wiId cat.
-You couId teach me. -Cut the buIIshit!
I Iearn fast.
So... You going to teach me?
Get out of here.
I,d Iike you to stay, but I can,t mess with you, my Indian prince.
Are you sIeepy?
What ,s going on? Hands off!
A reaI man uses his fists.
Silence wraps us
Like a dream
Moonlight sheds
A silver beam
You sleep on
And listen not
To the song
Our love begot
Sheds a silver beam
Moonlight wake my lover
Who with my kisses
lwill smother
PIease, my angeI...
The beII toIIs and the night cries.
FIy, fIy away! PIease, fIy away!
Leave this depraved, stinking worId.
-Stop it. -Go, quickIy now.
That ,s the Iast time you fIog your ass around here, Taboo.
What if the baby had woken up?
And with a fucking cop!
I was just with my angeI of goodness.
Since when was a cop an angeI of goodness, Taboo?
And the dough? Where is it?
-Where,s the rest? -That ,s aII he had.
You,re doing charity work for the cops now, Taboo?
Do I have to remind you that you owe me a fortune?
It was aII he had.
If it was aII he had, you wiII stay with a sore ass and empty pockets.
It ,s my probIem if my hoIe is itching and sore.
Did you come at Ieast?
Yes, I came.
Look at the mermaid!
Hi, guys!
Kiss your aunt, come.
In Arabia, there Iived a handsome but crueI SuItan.
Every night he married a virgin...
whom he screwed before morning.
To put an end to this crudity, the IoveIy Sharazade...
a virgin of rare beauty and saIty perfume...
What are you doing?
-Take my cIothes off, now! -I,m sorry.
It won,t happen again. I Iove this number.
-Take them off! -I Iost my head...
I know aII the words to the song.
Stop singing!
,,Lost my head,,!
Who do you think you are?
You turn up Iate, dress up in my cIothes and make fun of me.
It ,s insane!
I,m sorry.
I, myseIf, promise it won,t happen again.
Don,t trust that nigger, they said.
He,s crazier than a mad dog.
Quick. I,m in a hurry.
Shut the door!
My cIothes stink now!
You tear my costume, pinch me...
-The nigger,s gone crazy! -No, madam, he hasn,t.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
Don,t treat me Iike this, do you hear?
I,II sIash your face!
UgIy cow! You,ve got no right to treat me this way!
You treat me Iike this for nothing!
I,II mess up your scabby face!
I want to settIe up.
I,m Ieaving and I want my pay!
-And when did I fire you? -I fired myseIf.
Then go. Go!
No, you son-of-a-bitch.
-Who do you think I am? -I,m not going untiI I get paid!
Who do you think you,re taIking to?
-What? -Shoot, you son-of-a-bitch!
Stop shaking her. She,II be sick aII over you.
Look at her hair.
I,m going to wash out the Iice.
It ,s disgusting! This is no way to raise a chiId.
-Stop nagging, what ,s the matter? -When did you Iast wash her ears?
-What are you going to do now? -I,m going to go reaIIy wiId.
-You,ve aIways been wiId... -See?
You shouId be up on the stage.
A ceIebrity, adored by the crowd.
It ,s no use trying to taIk me into it.
I,ve spoken to myseIf and I,m giving up being an artiste.
I,m tired of fighting.
I was born an outIaw, that ,s how I,II Iive!
WonderfuI candy! Want some?
I,m going for a waIk.
Joćo? Taboo,s gone out.
I,d Iike you to meet AIvaro. AIvaro, this is Benedito.
Good evening...
Benedito is a good friend of mine.
Maybe he knows where to find the kind of girI you Iike.
What ,s she Iike, this girI he,s Iooking for?
You know, a girI...
Dark skin...
big Iips...
You know, kind of bad.
Are you a fan of Josephine Baker?
I am a son of Iansan and Ogun. Of La Baker, I,m a discipIe.
Sit down.
Sit down!
You want a dark girI, my height?
I have a sister you,d Iike.
Want to meet her?
What ,s her name?
She,s got big thighs...
hungry Iips.
She,s reaI bad, my sister.
And she,s got...
Big thighs, you said?
You can feeI them, my sister,s thighs.
FeeI them.
Grab it.
That perfume smeIIs good.
-Must have cost a packet. -Yeah.
Josefa. That ,s it. Take it off.
Yeah, take it off. That ,s good.
My red-hot mama...
-Let me in! Let me in! -What is it, Fatima?
The poIice, they are busting into every joint in Lapa!
They,re Iooking for a kiIIer!
I,m scared. They,re going to break in here!
Take it easy, Fatima. Nothing,s happened.
No one,s coming here. AIvaro is our witness.
We haven,t done anything. Right, AIvaro?
Where are you going, AIvaro?
-I,ve got to go. -Don,t go, AIvaro!
AIvaro, stay here!
Take care of Fatima whiIe I get her some water.
I,II be back in no time.
Oh, AIvaro...
Fatima! Fatima! Fatima!
The cops!
How much?
Ten thousand!
And he couIdn,t buy me a drink!
-Tight bastard! -He had a fat waIIet.
Must be payday.
Give me.
He was pretty cIassy.
Take it. Here,s two hundred.
Two hundred?
Can,t you spare any more?
I,m sick of your whining voice. I,m tired.
You make me want to puke.
If you,re not happy, bIow!
Take it.
You Iimp fairy.
You,re Iike a viper, sIithering through the night, scaring peopIe.
Sit down.
You aIso want a girI?
My height, dark-skinned?
FeeI Mama,s thighs.
You said you had ,,A Mother,s Love,, written here?
The most beautifuI thing in the worId.
A mother,s Iove.
And you?
Ever been in Iove?
What ,s up, Joćo? Don,t you know who I am?
Yes, I think so.
-You think I,m a sucker? -You,re picking a fight?
Think you can rob me and sneak out with that cute face of yours?
Rob you?
I may be ignorant, but I, myseIf, am not bIind!
I,m used to sIeeping with crooks.
You just had to ask, and I,d give you much more.
Now I,m gonna vaccinate you. Judas... so you,II Iearn...
Get out!
Get out!
Laurita, I want to teII you something.
-Take it. -Last night...
Laurita, I had this dream...
I dreamt...
Stop it!
I dreamt that Ferreirinha rode up on a white horse...
to give me...
-Where you going, aII dressed up? -Not I. We!
-We,re going to the High Life. -What High Life?
The High Life CIub, moron!
What do you think I meant?
-You think they,II Iet us in? -Of course!
No more nights at the Danube, the smaII gIasses of wine...
I want to be a star!
-Can I come too? -Are you ready?
-If you change out of that get up. -Joćo, what about me?
Go change, too. You Iook Iike a tramp.
Come on!
-How about this? -Perfect. Now watch me.
Come on!
When I die...
I want no one to cry...
I want a yeIIow ribbon...
with her name write on.
When l die
lwant no one to cry
lwant a yellow ribbon
With her name write on
When l die
lwant no one to cry
-lwant a yellow ribbon -Get down, Joćo!
With her name write on
lf there is an after-life And the soul goes on living
l want a dark-skinned girl To tap-dance on my coffin
When l die, when l die
Shut up!
Are you crazy? Junkie! The baby,s asIeep!
-Are we going out or aren,t we? -Shut up, cunt!
I put on this show for you...
and you,re fooIing around!
Your hair is so beautifuI.
-SweII. -You think so?
Just Iike a wig!
It ,s gorgeous... Don,t mess up my neckIaces.
I,m going up, up, up!
-Look how beautifuI I am! -Very chic!
And my shoes?
LoveIy, aren,t they?
-Good evening. -Good evening. We,d Iike to go in.
It ,s not possibIe.
I can,t Iet you in. PIease don,t bIock the entrance.
-Why? -Excuse us.
-Why can,t we go in? -Because you can,t, that ,s why.
Why not?
Because hookers and bums aren,t aIIowed.
-You see ,,bum,, written here? -I don,t want troubIe.
I don,t owe you anything! I pay back my debts.
In my house, God provides. If not, the Virgin heIps out.
-Let ,s go! -No, I,m going in...
-Let me go! -Get off!
Ouch, she bit me!
Let me go, you bastard!
Let ,s go, Joćo!
Quit it, Iet ,s go!
Let ,s go, Joćo!
You shouId Ieave me aIone.
I,m not going anywhere. Not untiI you caIm down.
CaIm down, Joćo!
Let me take care of that.
Look, I got hurt too!
You shouId have run off, Iike the fairy.
-Did you have to go that far? -Sure I did.
I won,t take that shit! Why can,t I go in Iike anybody eIse?
Because you,re not Iike anybody eIse.
-I,m going out. -If it ,s to the hospitaI, fine.
Watch your mouth or you,II be sorry, bitch!
Do you need anything? Ointment or something?
Excuse me.
You,re Iike a wiId animaI!
Banging your head against the waII.
I want to straighten myseIf out.
Straighten out?
You were born bent.
Remember when we first met? When I first came to Rio?
Where,s the man who gave me a home, fed me...
cared for my kid? Where is he?
Right here, in front of you.
-Do you stiII think I,m pretty? -Don,t start, Laurita.
Say it.
I want to hear it.
-Am I pretty? -Yes.
Very pretty?
You,re beautifuI, Laurita.
Why don,t you caIm down?
There,s something eating me up inside.
-What is it? -I don,t know.
What ,s eating you?
It ,s Iike you,re angry just for being aIive.
Maybe you,re right.
But the anger wiII pass.
Mine just seems to grow.
An anger without an end...
which I can,t expIain.
what do you see in me that I can,t see?
I see...
RudoIph VaIentino...
Johnny WeismuIIer...
Gary Cooper.
-Here. -See how smart she is?
What? You want a toffee appIe?
Take it.
HoId it.
CarefuI with the appIe...
My princess is so cute!
Look in the cIoset.
Mr. Joćo Francisco...
I have a compIaint drawn up against you.
For theft.
This is my home, where I Iive with my famiIy.
If anyone cIaims they,ve been robbed here, they,re Iying.
I know what goes on in this thieves, nest.
But you are accused of steaIing the takings of the Cabaret Lux...
situated at 38, Pharmacy Street...
next to 11 November PIace.
I worked there!
I was paid what they owed me!
That ,s not what Mr. Gregório and Miss Vitória decIared.
Mr. Gregório AIbuquerque Freitas...
and Miss Vitória Aparecida Ximenes dos Santos Cruz.
The owners.
Sir, I was paid what I was owed.
As Saint George is my witness, I stoIe nothing.
-We,re taking you in. -I,m sorry, but I won,t go.
UnfortunateIy, you have no choice.
I may be a nobody, worth Iess than a dog...
but you,re not taking me in for something I didn,t do.
CaIm down!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get him!
BIack bastard!
-Who is it? -It ,s me.
Let me in!
How many cops with you?
Let me in.
Who toId you where I was?
And she gave you the Iousy idea of coming here?
It was my idea.
She Iiked it, so...
Here I am.
Now you can run and teII the cops.
You beIieve I,d do that?
I beIieve you,d knife me in the back.
The poIice are raiding Lapa every day Iooking for you.
-And not finding me... -True.
So they,re rounding up aII the queens and hoods.
Very annoying.
Renatinho... everyone sore at me? -CouId be.
They say the cops won,t stop untiI you show up.
-Is that right? -That ,s what they say.
What do you think?
I don,t think anything.
ShouId I turn myseIf in, Renatinho?
I don,t know. It ,s your head.
It ,s my heart, too.
I,m taking off for Sao PauIo.
It ,s too hot for me here.
Maybe you can join me there when you pay your dues.
It ,II be easier there.
,,Bon voyage,,.
Anything eIse?
What are you in for?
FIouting authority.
May I have the honour?
Joćo Francisco of The BIue Danube.
It ,s you?
-In person. -I,m Agapito.
It ,s a pIeasure.
This is the deaI.
The house don,t provide nothing.
Nothing, paI.
If you want, you can rent a mattress and bIanket.
I coIIect the money and pass it on to the guards.
No sweat.
OK, that ,s a tough guy.
A man you shouId respect...
See, a reaI man pays his way.
You can choose anyone you Iike in this ceII.
I,ve got it. Thanks, Agapito.
Just make your Iove under the bIanket...
so as not to cause a fuss.
No probIem, Agapito.
She,s aII grown up, Iook.
What ,s with the Iipstick?
She,s even saying your name.
-And this? -Nothing.
I,m just so happy you,re out.
You Iook great.
ReaIIy rested.
And your hair,s stiII as good as a wig.
I missed you.
Limp fairy.
You didn,t even come to visit me.
I was frightened.
That hurts, Laurita. Easy.
Now everyone goes to Estudantina to dance.
What a baIIroom! It ,s aIways packed.
The BIue Danube,s become a reaI dump.
-And Amador? -He,s stiII there.
We,ve got to go to Estudantina.
It ,s reaIIy chic.
Taboo has aIready made a Iot of friends there.
The cat got your tongue?
I,ve got something to teII you.
Go ahead.
It ,s bad news.
Spit it out.
It ,s Renatinho.
I toId you he,d gone away.
And? What eIse?
You made Iove to him, he robbed you...
and now you,re pregnant?
He,s gone...
-He didn,t just Ieave. -Big deaI.
He,s gone and he,s never coming back.
Good for him, Laurita.
Don,t you understand?
He,s dead.
Messed around with the wrong guy.
And got three buIIets in the back.
Got to Emergency stiII breathing.
But didn,t make it.
It happened Iess than a month ago.
He heIped me a Iot whiIe you were Iocked up.
And I was getting to reaIIy Iike him.
He was crazy about you.
It was him who fixed the record pIayer.
Wanted to give you a surprise when you got out.
Hey, boy!
Laurita toId me you were out.
I,m reaIIy gIad.
-Thanks, Amador. -ReaIIy gIad.
That ,II teach you to stay out of troubIe.
That ,s enough.
WeIcome back. Cheers!
Joćo, I have an idea...
What do you think about staying here?
This is rotten.
Staying here?
Thanks, Amador, but I,ve got a pIace to stay.
I mean at night, heIping out.
What ,II I eat, Amador? OIives?
Sorry, my aim,s getting worse.
You think my money grows in my cIoset, Amador?
That ,s not it.
I need someone to keep the peace.
And keep the customers happy.
And you,II attract more customers who,II spend more.
And how much do I get out of it?
$8OO a week.
PIus meaIs and coffee?
PIus meaIs and coffee.
And drinks for Laurita?
And drinks for Laurita.
Sorry, Amador.
I Iike you a Iot, but I don,t know if it ,s my thing.
do you know it ,s Laurita,s birthday next week?
I promised to put on a speciaI show for her.
Very good.
In Lapa it ,s not easy...
to find somewhere to put on a show, in honour of a dear friend.
I know. It ,s getting harder and harder.
So, you see, Amador...
I decided to pay tribute, here in the BIue Danube...
to Laurita.
This is no pIace for a show.
It ,s not a good idea.
It ,s a great idea, Amador.
I, myseIf, think so.
Let me take that.
,,In Arabia there Iived a handy but crueI SuItan.
Every night he wedded a virgin...
whom he screwed before morning.
To put an end to this crudity...
the IoveIy Sharazade...
a virgin of rare beauty and saIty perfume...,,
Mess up my skirt, and I,II poke your eyes out!
Come on. Let ,s go!
You,re aII worked up.
Of course I,m worked up.
I was born for this day...
for the cheers of the pubIic.
Hitch the skirt up on the waist.
Rearrange that neckIace.
Now you,re beautifuI!
You have to thank Amador, Laurita. I toId him it was your birthday.
Count on me. I know how to thank him.
I know what he Iikes.
,,In Arabia there Iived a handsome but crueI SuItan...,,
Ladies and gentIemen.
I am Jamacy...
the queen of the forest...
daughter of Tapunan and Bernadette!
Answer me, my dear Lapa...
Isn,t Iife better when we sing?
Yes or no?
Isn,t Iife better when we shake and swing?
We,re here to ceIebrate...
the birthday of our divine Laurita.
A big hand, pIease!
Thank you!
Thank you, Amador.
Let ,s sing!
Silence wraps us
Like a dream
Moonlight sheds
Its silver beam
You sleep
And listen not
To the songs
Your love begot
Wake my lover
Whom with my kisses
I will smother
But the moon pities me
As my loverwith song l caress
ln the mists he hides away
Feeling my distress
Wake my lover
Whom with kisses
lwill smother
But the moon pities me
As my loverwith song l caress
ln the mists he hides away
Feeling my distress
You sleep
And listen not
To the songs
Your love begot
Wake my lover
Whom with my kisses
lwill smother
You were a boxing champ once, right?
It ,s been so Iong, I forgot.
BuIIshit. It ,s something you never forget.
Never thought I,d win that fight.
One day I,m going to be a champ Iike you, Amador.
Write it down.
When I was on stage, I feIt an ecstatic joy.
My show was a success, right, Amador?
-Sure. It was funny. -Funny but a success.
Yes, a success.
Then I,II put on another...
and seII out your bar again.
-What do you want? -I want the worId, Amador.
Now things are Iooking up!
The crowds wiII shout, ,,Here he comes!,,
I,II put my IittIe princess in a French CathoIic SchooI.
And afterwards, take her to China.
As for me, I,II fix up the house and go to the movies...
...everyday in a new dress. -Laurita!
-That ,s so cheap. -It ,s not.
I,II buy a Singer sewing machine with a pedaI.
Mend my kind angeI,s uniform.
And Iive a Iife of Ieisure.
Dream on!
,,There Iived in China...
a brute and crueI shark.
And whatever it bit turned into dust.
To pIacate the shark, the Chinese sacrificed everyday...
seven wiId pussycats...
that it ate before sunset.
To end this crueIty...
came Jamacy...
goddess of the Tijuca forest.
She ran through the woods and fIew over the hiIIs.
One day, Jamacy turned into a goIden puma...
saIty and magicaI.
She fought the shark...
for a thousand and one nights.
After so much hassIe...
the gIorious Jamacy...
and the furious shark...
they were so sore that we couIdn,t teII one from the other.
And in the end they became one and the same creature:
The Divine Negress of BuIacoché.,,
Good evening, Iadies and gentIemen!
Good evening!
What am I offered for the Divine Negress?
-How much? -$5OO!
For that, just the backside, Joe!
The big mulatto now turns tricks
And writes sambas for kicks
Since a kid Goes forthe glitz
Lives on his wits
Always knows the latest songs Society“s where he belongs
All the girls He makes them cry
Because they know He prefers the guys
Sunrise! It“s our love blossoming
Sunrise! It“s our love blossoming
The city is awakened And the sun bathes the sky
Youth is everywhere Sadness and the moon
Sunrise! It“s our love blossoming.
Sunrise! It“s our love blossoming
A promise of happiness That won“t be fulfilled at all
Only nostalgia remains To miss our neighbours is the law
Sunrise! It“s our love blossoming
Sunrise! It“s our love blossoming
The sun washes the sadness away
And joy rules over!
Let ,s go.
Amador, I am happy tonight.
I am reaIIy reaIIy happy.
I,m going to turn pro...
become a ceIebrated artiste.
But I won,t abandon my Lapa. I want to straighten myseIf out.
PeopIe wiII treat me better.
-Let ,s dance? -Come on.
After my first inhale
Gulped down a litre of ale
-Gimme a drink! -lwas awaken by a spell
ln the doorway of the convent
When a copper did his part
Came and took away my heart
-We,re just cIosing. -lwas so very good to him
OK, carry on with the pansy dance. Pretend I,m not here.
I,m sorry, but we,re cIosing.
You want me to go so you can get dirty, right?
PIease, I,ve just given a performance and want to reIax.
You,re pIaying a woman or a man?
Which is it?
-Stop that! -You shut up!
You going to answer me, or keep your trap shut?
-Why are you doing this? -Why do you think?
You Iike it when I grab you?
Nigger faggot!
You shouIdn,t taIk to me Iike that.
Look at that!
You,ve got more crap on your face than a fucking whore in Lapa!
Mind your own business, shithead.
-The fearIess fairy! -You jumped-up IittIe toad!
-Pervert! -I,m a Queen by choice!
It doesn,t make me Iess of a man!
That ,s the way it is!
It ,s because of niggers Iike you this pIace,s going to shit!
That ,s enough!
Faggot! Pervert!
Go home...
...think of tomorrow,s show. -Pervert!
Go home.
CooI down.
I,II get you a gIass of water.
Joćo Francisco dos Santos...
is accused,under article 121 of the penal code...
of first-degree murder.
The accused is a repeating offender...
idle and dishonest.
He has confessed to the crime, admitting his intent to kill and...
his will to commit the act. Therefore assuming all possible consequences.
Thus,l accept the prosecutor“s recommendation...
and sentence Joćo Francisco dos Santos...
to 1O years“ imprisonment.
~Forten years was held prisoner in a castle in an island of the Arabias...
a princess called Jamacy.
She was held prisoner by a wicked and jealous Queen.
Jamacy became very sad and lonely...
till the first day of carnival...
when a knight on his camel set the princess free...
and she ran on foot until she got to her beloved Lapa...
and she donned hercostume forthe carnival parade.
Jamacy, all dressed up...
burst onto the scene in the Carnival of“42...
and became known to the whole wide world as...
Madame Satćr
,,In January 1942, after ten years in jaiI...
Joćo Francisco dos Santos was reIeased.,,
,,That year he won the carnivaI fancy dress contest...
wearing a costume inspired by CeciI B. De MiIIe,s fiIm:
,Madam Satįn,.,,
,,He won many carnivaI contests and was jaiIed countIess times.,,
,,On 12 ApriI 1976, in Rio de Janeiro...
Madame Satć died at the age of 76.,,
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