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Made In Britain 1982 25fps

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Mr Shahnawaz saw Trevor throw a brick through his lounge window.
Mr Shahnawaz was treated by his doctor for a cut he received...
...but was later able to identify Trevor...
...when he was apprehended and arrested by the police.
Trevor was charged at Ratman Street police station at 9.45pm.
When asked if he had anything to say, he made no reply.
- No questions. - Thank you.
...for a wound you inflicted upon him?
Stand up!
You do not invite leniency, do you?
You were a constant truant at school - a failure, it seems.
You've been in court on numerous occasions for non-attendance.
You have been convicted of taking and driving away...
...shoplifting, violent behaviour...
...and, in spite of your undertakings to the court... have made no attempts to secure yourself a job.
And now you've been accused of stealing once again...
...and you've attacked a member of the immigrant community...
...and caused damage to his property.
It's a long, depressing list.
Are you not ashamed of yourself?
You are currently under way to Hooper Street Residential Assessment Centre.
"Residential" means the place where you reside, live.
You will reside, live, at Hooper Street for a period of six weeks...
...which means you'll probably end up in there for about six months...
...while a team of experts-psychiatrists and psychologists, team leaders...
...key workers-decide what they think should be done with you.
That is called assessment.
Then you go back in front of His Nibs for nicking the cassettes from Harrods...
...he reads the experts' reports, and then sentences you to be hanged.
- You got that? - What did I get for the cassettes?
Today was the brick through the Paki's window.
They made a balls-up. You gotta go back for the cassettes from Harrods.
That's when he'll decide what to do with you!
- You're in a bad mood, Harry. - You think you'll get away with it?
- Nicking from Harrods! - Why not?
- Full of skinheads that day, was it? - It was full of wogs.
How many other skinheads did you see?
It was full of wogs. Why not me?
- Wankers! - You heard the man. No more chances.
- See him again and he'll put you away. - Bollocks. I'll kick the door down.
- It's not worth it. They'll lock you up. - They can't do that for not getting a job.
No? Try 'em and see.
You still gonna be my social worker, Harry?
Yeah. I'm afraid so.
I'm off for the next two weeks, so behave yourself!
- Off what? - Work.
You going on holiday, Harry?
- That's right. Corfu. - Where's that?
Just stay straight till I get back.
Put me in your filing cabinet.
I'll spend the next two weeks reading all the cobblers you write about me!
- Peter, this is Trevor. - Hello.
What can I do for you, Harry?
- Well, I brought Trevor. - You mean, this Trevor?
Yeah. His case notes will be round later in a lorry!
Have you brought Trevor for admission?
- We've just come from court! - I know nothing about this.
- It's a telephone referral. - When?
Four, five days ago.
Oh, er, yes... Wait there.
How'd you know I was coming five days ago?
I didn't.
- I only went to court this morning. - It's common procedure!
Come through, Harry, Trevor. See if we can't sort this out.
Come on, bald-brain.
We'll find you a place, even if we have to pay for it!
Harry, Trevor is a telephone referral, is he?
Hello, Peter Clive.
Beep-beep-beep-beep! Hello, Peter Clive.
Terry. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, she's still here. No, nothing's planned.
No. Er... can you hold on two ticks, Terry? Good.
Harry, your message isn't recorded in the log.
- Terry's not expected. - Trevor!
Oh, Trevor. That makes things very difficult for us to sort out.
- Impossible, I'd say, Peter. - Yeah.
Just remembered, I left the care order round at the court.
- Where is it, anyway? - Can I call you back?
What brought this on?
This place is full of wankers. I'd rather work than be here!
Look, Peter, can't we do something with Trevor...
...and then you and me can have a sort-out?
All right. I'll pass you on to someone else, if you feel OK about that.
- Don't need me, do you? - I just want to get down the Jobcentre.
Back in two ticks, Harry.
- Watch your step, smartarse. - Bollocks!
- What's this about the Jobcentre? - Magistrate told me to get a bleedin' job.
I'm Peter Clive, one of two deputy superintendents.
I'll link you up with your key worker or house-parent-if we can find them!
They'll fill in your entry form with you, organise a room.
We've got things like bike workshops, evening groups, Red Rover days.
Oh, we need to have a little conference with you about your contract.
I don't like that bed-there's a draught. I want that one.
- I'm in this bed! - I know you are.
- You got a swastika on your head. - I know I have.
I'll sell it to you.
- What's this bollocks about a contract? - It's Pete Clive. He makes you do it.
- He's a wanker. - Oh, he's a prick.
You have to promise to behave, get to school on time and things.
Do it in your own writing and sign it.
- What school? - I still go to my proper school.
I've been suspended, so I'm back.
- So why aren't you there today? - Infection in my ear.
My case conference comes up next week.
- Then I might get out. - They're all wankers.
- Who? - This lot here.
Hey, what's that?
- Don't you know? - No.
'Ere, you can have this bed if you want.
No, thanks.
I'll stay over here.
- That's just for the bus? - That's right.
- What about pocket money? - You've only just got here.
It's not been fixed yet. I don't know how much you get.
- Same as everybody else? - You have damages to pay, don't you?
For the broken window.
- I need some pocket money. - What for?
If you're just going down to the Jobcentre and back you won't need pocket money.
You go straight there and back again.
- What if I don't make it back for lunch? - It won't take that long.
If it was up to me, you wouldn't be going at all!
They might send me for a job!
Here's an extra pound - against your pocket money!
Where we going?
Get in.
Remember this?
Stay here.
I feel sick!
Oi! What's this say?
"Supermarket, 23.55 per week."
That's... 50p an hour.
- Bollocks! - Yeah.
You ain't supposed to take the cards.
You a carpenter?
"Dental practice. Four O levels."
"Required to train for three years as dental nurse."
"Should have French and Spanish, but not essential."
'Ere, what's this one say?
"M/F, 9.30-5.30. Young person for general warehouse duties."
"Must be able to speak fluent Punjabi and Urdu."
- You speak Urdu? - No.
Fucks your chances then, dunnit?
Here y'are.
"Wood-veneer wall coverings. Candidate must read, be of good character... at home with parents in home environment."
"No criminal record. School records will be checked."
- Do I get a job from you? - Yes, but you'll have to wait in the queue.
- You get me a job, right? - Yes, but you can't jump the queue.
And you're supposed not to take the cards from the display.
Could you put them back for me?
Tacky jobs, ain't they?
If you wait, perhaps we can sort something out!
You got something useful I can do while I'm waiting for a job?
I got ten O levels, seven A levels, I speak Punjabi and chapatti!
You'll have to wait!
I'll come back tomorrow.
What's this place?
Where did you get all them?
Down a scrap yard.
- What's this? - Centre punch. You never seen one?
- No. - T-bar?
- What's that for? - I'll show you.
Take these, get 'em in the centre.
Hide 'em-stick 'em up your arse. Don't lose 'em! We get nicked, chuck 'em.
Hey, all the new cars - they got locks, proper locks.
How you gonna do it if you ain't got the right-sized keys?
Which one do you want?
That one.
- See? It's locked! - Bollocks.
- You want the keys? - No.
- Now get out. - What?
- Get out. - What for?
I been down the Jobcentre on the bus.
We get back together, they'll suss us and get my keys, so you fuckin' walk.
I'm going to see some mates.
Take it back.
- What? - The car, Trevor. Take it back!
- I don't know what you're talking about. - I'm not bloody stupid. I saw you.
You've nicked that bloody car, so take it back!
I ain't nicked no car!
I saw you get out of it. Now, I'm not blind or stupid.
Now, take it back. Get rid of it!
I'll get rid of it. But I ain't taking it back.
But do just that.
Come through, will you?
Where is it? Where'd you put it?
- What? - The bloody car, Trevor, the car!
I gave it to Oxfam. They're using it to ship wogs back to Zululand.
- Where is it? - Police parking lot. Where's lunch?
- Why'd you take it? - To get back to lunch.
- You were given money for a bus! - I bought a car instead.
You're not being clever, you know.
When do I get lunch?
You don't. You've missed lunch. It's too late.
- You what? - And next time I'll have you in court.
- Great! - It's your last chance. Get out.
You had your lunch?
I ain't.
There's no lunch. You know there's no lunch.
We don't serve lunch at three in the afternoon!
He's got his in there. He's got it.
The dining room's closed.
You bastard! I'll have you!
- Let me through! I have the key. - Let go!
- OK! - Right!
Get rid of this, shall we?
Heavy mob?
Thank you, Peter.
Well, at least you can spell.
Harry Parker, your social worker - I know Harry very well-he says you're bright.
- Says you're worth a bit of bother. - Wouldn't take the time, if I were you.
Don't be smart. We've no time to waste.
Plenty of other kids we could be dealing with.
If you want to behave like a moron...
...we'll put you with all the other morons under lock and key.
I'll have you transferred to a secure unit. We'll assess you from there.
If you're gonna stay here, you have to step into line.
- I'm not... - Just a sec. You have to step into line...
...and you have to cooperate.
That shouldn't be too difficult. We're a reasonable lot.
I'm not signing any contract.
Well, let's look at that, shall we?
Let's give your intelligence the benefit of the doubt.
Mr Parker says you're a bright lad, and I respect his opinion... I have a particular interest in you - personal, between the two of us.
I want you to prove to me you're worth all the time and effort...
...that we're prepared to put into you.
Your big break, this. Cos I'll not give you a second chance.
All right?
- All right. - Good.
So let's take a look at what life's got in store for you.
Go back a few steps, see just how clever you've been so far!
For a kickoff, you've just been to court. When was it?
Thursday. Yesterday.
Just yesterday? You've been before, haven't you?
- Right. - Still being clever, still being smart.
So what were the most important things that happened before that?
Can you remember that far back?
You started off here, at home. H-O-M-E spells home.
There's your mum, your dad, all the rest of 'em.
And just like any other mum and dad, all they ask you to do is to go to school.
Now, that's not too much to ask, is it?
You're clever, bright. Everybody wants you to succeed, nobody wants a failure.
Get the right qualifications, make your way in the world.
But you didn't want to go to school, did you? You knew best!
So you started bunking off - out the gate, over the fence.
And your teachers are concerned, cos they're there to help.
They don't want to see you get behind. So they go and see your mum and dad.
- No teacher's ever been to my house. - They still talked to your mum and dad.
And they told you to get your arse back into school! But you still didn't listen.
Out the gate, over the fence. Before you know where you are...
...your mum and dad get a visit from the education welfare officer!
- Got a visit from him, didn't you? - Yeah.
The EWO's there to make sure you go to school...
...or he tells the appropriate authority.
And that spells trouble!
Now, at this point, a lot of kids get a bit of sense.
They get themselves together, they get back to school, they listen.
But you didn't listen, did you?
The education welfare officer visits four, five, six, even seven times...
...tries to help, discover the problem.
A lot of time and expense-and all because you don't want to go to school!
The EWO reaches his limit, so he sends your parents a letter...
...threatening to take you to court for non-attendance...
...but that does nothing - absolutely nothing.
So there's a summons.
And you go for the very first time to court. Your debut!
First appearance - send him home for a test attendance...
...for whatever good that'll do!
You're supposed to go to school for 21 days straight...
...but you foul up after the third or fourth day and back you go again.
So... One, two, three, four, five...
...six breaks.
Six chances to get yourself straight, get your arse back into school...
...and one, two, three, four, five...
...six times you've blown it.
- Now, am I not right? - Yeah.
But you weren't just bunking off. You had to do summat with all that free time.
So you did a bit of thieving.
First two or three times you get caught, you get taken down the nick...
...and some policeman tells you off, shouts at you.
Next time you get a caution-this time a sergeant in full uniform shouts at you.
But that doesn't make a damn bit of difference, you're deaf to reason.
You go on nicking and making a bloody nuisance of yourself...
...when you should be here, learning summat useful!
But it's burglary, shoplifting, TDA - touching the dog's arse...
...taking and driving away - and back you go to court.
They're getting to know you now... you get fined, or sent to the police attendance centre.
Kept off the streets all day Saturday...
...made to scrub floors when you could be watching West Ham lose at home.
The magistrates don't know what to do with you.
They're all greengrocers and shopkeepers.
So... they send you here to us...
...for... assessment.
So, what are we going to do with you?
- We could recommend you go home... - What home?
...but they won't have you. So how are we going to get rid of you?
Foster parents? Never. Children's home? A joke.
CHE, detention centre, borstal.
Well, a pity about CHE, Community Home with Education...
...appealing both to your intellectual brilliance and your public spirit.
What used to be called an approved school, a CHE.
You could have been king of the Mafia!
Lots of lick-my-arse power trips around vicious 15-year-olds...
...and you've just turned 16! Bad luck.
Not much left to bring you in line.
Short, sharp shock at the local detention centre, or borstal!
Two simple lessons you'll have to learn, DC or borstal.
One-discipline, two-respect for authority.
You're gonna have to learn it, so you might as well learn it now.
This is an open invitation to you to cooperate, Trevor. For your own good.
DC - Seven out of ten coming out of detention centres...
- eight out of ten from borstals re-offend, commit crimes, that is, within two years.
So, here you are, fresh out of borstal.
What's the first thing you're going to need? Peter?
A job.
Peter, how many unemployed do we have at the moment?
- Millions. - Exactly.
So what chance have you got, with your record, of getting a job...
...against a lad with O and A levels and a decent haircut?
About nil?
Optimistic. So, no job.
What do you do? Sign on. The dole.
How much is that worth to you?
A place to live, food in your gut, a bit of fun? Nothing. It's gone, broke.
No job, no prospects, no cash.
So what do you do?
And you're back here-all because you were too stupid when you were here...
...nicking sweets from the local tuck shop.
Well, they've tried all this. They know this didn't work, not with you.
So what's left?
And you're on the bandwagon, boy. And you won't get off.
Prison: Locked up like an animal!
A job: No prospects.
Dole: No cash.
Thieving: No more chances.
Prison: An animal.
Round and round you go.
Well, those are your options. You've created 'em.
You've brought it all upon yourself.
Before you kick another door down...
...before you kick another chef in the bollocks...
...before you do anything...
You may not get another chance.
Settle down. We'll have another little chat on Monday.
Sounds great. When do I start?
It doesn't have to be like that, Trevor. There are alternatives, brighter prospects.
You lot are all the same-all first names. "How about that, Trevor?"
You make out like you know me.
- I know some things, Trevor. - Trevor
I know you're intelligent. It's on all your reports.
You say that like it's a present.
I'm not trying to be patronising.
Look, what do you expect me to be? Thick in the head?
- Trevor... - Trevor
- You can walk out of this room now... - Where to?
...but you must behave responsibly. - Grow up.
No more violence, and start using some of the intelligence you're supposed to have.
Bollocks. Piss off! I hate you, the fuckin' pair of you! I hate you!
I don't know you, Trevor. You don't know me. So how can you hate me?
- For putting me in here. - You put yourself in here.
Look, you go kicking doors down, breaking the place up...
I'm British!
- Know what that means, do you? - I think so.
- You proud to be British? - What do you mean?
Don't you know? I'm proud.
I don't really think about it like that.
That's cos you've spent too much time locked up in here with all these niggers.
Oh, I see. British bulldog, one, two, three.
I'm more British than you, fuck-face.
You hate blacks as much as I do, but don't admit it.
You hate them more, cos they frighten you.
- That's why you lock 'em up. - Watch it.
You lock up anything that frightens you!
The only thing that frightens me, Trevor...
...are the people who put sick ideas like that into children's heads.
Do what we tell you, think what we tell you...
...say what we tell you, squawk, be a fuckin' parrot!
I hate you for putting me in here!
You're bullshitters! You swallow your own bollocks, you expect me to swallow it too.
Blacks in here are as thick as shit with no brains! You know it.
Admit it. I had to sit in school and watch these wankers add up on their fingers.
I was held back. All the white kids were held back!
And that's why you spend your time attacking canteen managers?
It's all the fault of the blacks?
- Now, come on. - It's not cruel. It would be kind!
That why you threw a brick through Mr Whatshisname's window?
Every Paki's gonna get one.
And shit, and piss, and petrol. Wait till it starts!
- Proud of all this, are you? - If I watch my p's and q's...
...cos some mingy little fucker like you is gonna write it all down!
"Your case conference is coming up. Watch your step." Bollocks!
I'll say what I want. You got decisions to make about my life, you get on with it.
I hate you for putting me in here.
You put yourself in here. We're trying to get you out.
Out where?
Out of this room, out of this place. Back into the world.
It's your fuckin' world, mate, not mine! Stick it up your arse!
- Come on, Peter, let's have a drink. - Can't you take a bit of honesty?
I wouldn't have said that honesty was one of your finer points.
Trevor, just a minute. That's all. Let's just cool it, shall we?
This is a bad start. But there's no need for it to go on like this, no reason at all.
What you have to remember is, this is just a temporary situation.
You could be out of here in no time. You're here for assessment, that's all.
That means we want to help you to help yourself.
Now, it needn't be like that. There are alternatives.
If it goes well, you could be out of here in... three or four weeks.
There are youth projects. You could travel.
Apprentice boarding schools, choose a trade... Loads of things.
It needn't be like that-
While you're here there's pocket money. Want new clothes? You can have them.
There are trips planned. Christ, it's not as bad as you make it sound!
But there has to be some kind of understanding between us.
- Why were you looking at your watch? - I wasn't.
- Counting the hairs on your arms? - There's a lot you can enjoy, Trevor.
Horse riding, canoeing... A lot better than sitting in this bloody room!
What about fucking?
A man comes round every Thursday to fuck some sense into...
- You on that one, are you? - Peter, please.
Let's concentrate on getting out of here. We can sort out the world tomorrow.
- I'm not signing any contract. - OK, well, forget about the contract.
All it means is cooperation, and that's what's important, cos I'll tell you...
...if we don't sort out something - and soon-all that...
...all that bloody mess up there will be the only options left.
- There'll be no more help from us. - Great.
And you'll be a total bloody failure. At 16.
- And it's such a bloody waste. - I'm a success. I'm a fuckin' star!
Then why are you in here, Trevor?
There are those among us who'd like to know the answer to that...
...and from where I'm standing, it's not looking too good.
I'm in exactly the right place at the right time.
The fact that you're too fuckin' thick or stupid to see that, that marks you down.
You'll be put up against a bus, covered in petrol, and shot!
- Fantastic. - All of you! It's you that's fuckin' failed!
I'm not your bleeding problem or anyone's!
Bollocks to you and your report!
Write it, lock me up. Who gives a fuck?
I don't know. But what are we gonna do?
- About what? - About you.
No, what the fuck are we gonna do about you?
If you had any balls, you'd stick a knife in the bastards who write all that bollocks!
They're just like teachers at school - fuckin' wankers!
- You learn anything at school, did you? - Yeah.
- Be the best, otherwise forget it. - That it?
Everything they teach you is useless.
- Everything? - Rubbish. Bugger all to do with my life.
That's what you learned at school?
Work hard, do well, get a job, otherwise you're no good, you're a vandal.
That's what I learned. It's a lot of bollocks. Lies!
We're all fucking great.
You ain't taking bugger all from us. We hate you.
You can lock me in here, but you can't take away the hate inside my head.
Don't like that, do you?
You can't take a bit of truth, can you?
Oh, I don't think you're particularly truthful. Or honest.
No, you lie with the best of them!
You go out thieving, and that's not particularly honest.
Perhaps school would be a better place if people like you were more honest.
You believe that not nicking from school...
...or from the local Paki sweet shop bit, don't you?
- That's being honest, innit? - Yes, it is.
- You don't really want me to be honest. - Yes, I do.
Well, honestly speaking, I don't think I can keep the peace...
...while I'm incarcerated in this shithouse or any other shithouse-contract...
...or no contract, so there's no point in saying I will!
- How's that for honesty? - But where's it getting us?
It's not getting us out of this bloody room.
See? You can't take it. It's the same when I was at school. I said when I was bored...
...when I didn't want to do a lesson...
...when I wanted to tell the teacher to fuck off, or kick him in the teeth.
But they couldn't take it. They didn't want me to be honest in that way.
That's why they don't teach honesty. 9.00-10.30- Honesty!
They don't want the kids to say what they're really thinking.
If they had lessons like that, they'd lose control!
Wouldn't be able to smack you round the head when they feel like it.
You just want me to be honest when you take me down the nick.
"It's a fair cop, guv."
Or when I fill out a form. "Be honest, don't cheat, don't carry a knife."
"Bend over, let me search you, make notes about you, keep files on you."
If I'm honest, I've got nothing to worry about.
You're protecting me from the dishonest buggers, ain't ya?
But I can't look at the files.
What's read out by the magistrate, what those fuckers said about me at school...
...what's on the police computer - it's all bollocks!
We're not talking about honesty, it's sticking to the rules!
All those honest people are just sticking to the rules...
...but they lie and fuckin' cheat all the way!
They just think they're being honest...
...cos they swallowed the bollocks they've been handed. They've been conned!
Well, I've not been conned.
That's why you can stick your hairy contract up your hairy arse!
It's a dishonest con!
If you want to put me in line... well, do it.
Try it. Don't fucking lie about it.
Kick me in the bollocks if you like, cos I'll do the same to you!
So good night and fuck off!
Good night to you too! Peter, I'm going.
Er, just, er...
Just a minute, Barry!
Forget it. He's a sod, he's psychotic.
Have him transferred to a secure unit. Let someone else deal with it.
Harry Parker dropped this one on us. Let's chuck it back.
He has no intention of keeping the peace. Let's have him locked up.
- Give Parker a call. - Do you really think it's worth it?
This one opens my office. The small one's to the top drawer in my desk.
You'll find my address book. Parker, under P.
It's a waste of time.
- Want to go to the toilet? - No, I'll piss on the wall.
We're gonna have to send you to Hatchmere House.
- Secure unit. Under lock and key. - Great. It's where I'm going anyway.
Anything you care about?
If I told you, you'd confiscate it.
Same every night.
Late tomorrow.
No-one cares about your little protest, Trevor.
No-one gives a damn.
It's totally insignificant - just you in this horrible room.
Barry Giller and I may not be much...
...but we're all there is.
No-one else gives a sod.
Going banger-racing tomorrow night.
Why not drag yourself along? You're into cars.
Take the social services for all they've got, eh?
Better than sitting around in this hole.
Who wants to watch a bunch of wankers smashing up cars?
Oh, me for one. I quite enjoy it.
One of the lads entered.
It's part of a project.
Leroy. He's...
- He's a good driver. - And a nigger.
I'll go if I can drive.
Yeah. Well, a cut above cruising in a Ford Granada!
I'll go if I can drive.
Keep the peace?
Lf... I can drive.
Nah, it's not that easy. It takes weeks.
If I can get him to, er...
Yeah, why not?
It's possible.
OK, I'll fix it. But you stay away from Ford Granadas. It's a deal for everyone.
No touching the dog's arse, and keep your boot out of the chef's bollocks, all right?
- He's out. - It doesn't matter, Barry.
We're all going to bed now, aren't we, Trevor? Come on, let's go.
- What happened? - I'll tell you.
I don't have to do this, Trevor. I don't have to do it.
Now, you let me down...
...I'll kill you. With help, that is.
I'll get the chef and some of the biggest lads I can find...
...and Wankers United will bring you down here and, together...
...we'll duff you up.
All right?
Shit! Shitty car!
Fuck it!
Nearly all those other chaps, they're professionals.
Men twice your age. Isn't that right, Leroy? Mm?
Look at the time!
Lie-in tomorrow. Hey, do you want some fish and chips, Leroy?
No. No, thanks. I had a couple of dogs at the track.
If you want to join the project, Trevor, I'll fix it. Bloody try, anyway.
- You're in now, aren't you, Leroy? - Yeah.
You could race on a regular basis. Can't be bad, can it? Join a team.
You wouldn't have to nick cars any more, you'd get 'em for free!
The police donate cars to the project. Stolen cars.
They're not ones they've stolen!
Unclaimed vehicles.
Er, do you want any fish and chips, Trevor?
That's funny. Can't find my keys.
Nah, not there. Lost 'em, dropped 'em...
No, don't...!
Too late.
Damn! Now we'll have Hope or Hopkins on our necks.
Heap of fuckin' tin, that motor. It just died on me.
Now, I've got a set of dupes somewhere.
It's always best with keys.
Oh, here we go...!
- Hello, Ray. - What's going on?
They've been on a project race. Sorry to disturb you.
- I don't know about this. - Get in, Trevor. Leroy.
- Nobody tells me a thing! - It's in the register. You should look!
As far as I'm concerned, this door's locked at 10.30pm!
I'm well aware of that!
Your case conference coming up, is it, eh?
Watch your lip. Watch your fuckin' step. Get your hands off your cock.
This one's got a little bit too much to say for himself, little fucker!
Look what I got!
Shut it!
- What's your name? - Errol.
- Other one, prat. - Duprey.
- Do what? - D-U-P-R-E-Y.
All these keys. Who needs 'em, eh?
- How did you get all them? - Clive, the wanker. He dropped 'em.
- Where? - On the floor.
They got you here, you little wanker.
Everything these fuckers have ever said about you.
- For my case conference? - For your fuckin' execution.
That's your school, look.
"Confidential report to juvenile court. Subject: L Duprey."
"End of term clinic report."
"Head of Year report."
"Record of school offences: Arguing with a teacher, disrupting assembly."
"Kicked football into staff face."
He kicked me.
"Racist remarks." Fuckin' hell!
"Damaged calculator by taking it to pieces."
"Confidential referral form for admission to special unit."
I don't know nothing about no special unit.
"My contract, by Errol Duprey." Is this your writing?
Yeah, it's the contract.
- What do you write with, a hammer? - A pen.
"I have to behave myself at Hooper Street at all times."
"I must obey the staff and teachers at Hooper Street...
...and if I do go home, I must behave myself and listen to my mum."
Obey the teachers, listen to your mum!
"I have to be up at eight every morning...
...and wash and get dressed and have my breakfast and get ready for school...
...and reach there at five to nine every morning." Did you write this cobblers?
They make you do it.
Signed by yours sincerely, Errol Duprey.
"Assessment report on Errol Duprey." Your case conference coming up, is it?
- Can't you read? - Not very well, no.
You fuckin' baboon!
"Psychiatric report."
"The most striking feature about Errol was his nine-inch cock."
"The future."
"It seems unlikely for this child to return home...
...his mother having rejected him for her own lifestyle."
"Bearing this in mind, future care seems to be the alternative."
"We would recommend a care order be made... order to be able to continue our assessment of his needs."
You're in here for life, mate!
What'll I do?
Piss on it!
Fuckin' chuck it. Chuck the fuckin' lot!
- Where's yours? - Who gives a fuck? Bottom drawer.
Piss on it!
Shit on it. Fuckin' shit on it!
Aagh, fucking 'ell, what a stink!
- I can't see to wipe me arse! - Come on!
Shut it and come on!
Come on, man! They'll catch us.
Not that one.
Here it is - Mr Shahnawanker's!
We don't want you here! Britain is white!
Fucking Paki bastards! We'll put you in the fucking gas chambers!
Fuck off back to the Punjab!
- They saw us, man! - Bollocks!
Let's go back, eh? Let's go back!
You little black bastard! Out!
Fucking wanker!
Oi, oi! You up early, missus?
Sorry about that, Mr Driver. Sorry, John.
I thought it was the taxi for the airport. I'm sorry.
You nerd!
- You going away, Harry? - In there! And keep your voice down.
You going on holiday, Harry?
What do you want, Trevor? What's going on?
I'm turning myself in.
Wait there, and don't make a noise!
You wake him up and I'm going to boot your arse.
I didn't get to bed till one, so I've had bugger all sleep. So watch it, right?
Now, what's going on?
I had a bust-up with those wankers you put me with.
Where you put yourself! I kept you out of there for months.
You're pissing off on your holidays.
If you can't cope for two weeks, you're not worth a toss. When did you bunk off?
About one.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
Take my advice and bunk back in before it's too late.
- I bust the Jobcentre window. - What?
- When? - Friday.
- But I only took you in there Thursday. - They don't know I did it.
- The assessment centre? - Yeah.
But you're telling me.
- Yeah. - Great!
Not yet, Terry. I'll tell you when it's time to go.
Hello, Tel!
Back to bed - I'm working. Come on!
- I nicked the Transit from the centre. - When?
- Tonight. - What else?
Me and Errol chucked bricks through Mr Shahnawanker's window.
- Viv! - All right!
Mr who? Whose windows?
That Paki bastard who had me put away.
Who's Errol?
A nig-nog. From the centre.
I dumped him in the Transit at the police station. I turned him in.
- Is that all? - Yeah. Ah... no.
I pissed on my files in the centre.
Errol shit on his.
I'm turning myself in to you, as you're my mate. You can collect the reward!
Where did you leave Errol and the Transit?
What police station?
- One near Bradley Street School. - Crapping on your own doorstep!
- We'll let them deal with it. - They'll stand on me, Harry.
They don't like me there. I've been there before.
They'll roll me in a mattress and boot me.
What's that to a brick shithouse like you?
I smashed a police car with the Transit.
Send me to another nick.
Your shit. You roll in it!
You're an arsehole, Trevor.
You're not worth a piss!
Like my file!
Take your finger off that bleeding buzzer!
- What do you want? - Can you flush the toilet? I done a crap!
Now, I told you to keep your hand off that buzzer!
I'm a juvenile offender. You can't keep me in a cell.
I know you.
Do ya?
I've been charged. You can't keep me in the cell.
- You got to send me back to the centre. - Shut your mouth, will you? Just shut it.
You got to look after me!
Gimme something to eat.
You see this?
Sit down and shut your fuckin' rabbit.
- PC Anson. - Shut it!
You're straight into court Monday.
And you ain't going back to no assessment centre.
You're going straight to a detention centre. Or borstal.
And when you come out, we're gonna be waiting outside the gate for you...
...and we're gonna put you in a car and bring you straight back down here.
And we're gonna take your fingerprints.
We can't do that now, juvenile offender... -
...but once you've been to a DC or borstal, we can screw you-and we will.
We got you now.
Once we have your prints, we'll do you for every unsolved taking and driving away... this district, stretching back over months-and that's a lot of cars!
And you'll go down and you'll stay down for years. We'll see to that.
Sounds great!
You think you're hard, don't you?
A lot of verbals.
There's two things you're going to learn!
At home, at school... work, in the street... will respect authority and you will obey the rules, just like everybody else!
That's discipline!
Most kids know that by the time they reach your age.
Shut it!
And keep it shut!
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