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Mafia Doctor

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It's so good to have you home for a night.
I've missed you.
I'm a doctor. I'm on call.
Dr. Sienna.
I'll be there.
There's an emergency at the hospital.
- Don't go. - I gotta go.
Don't go, Frank.
This better be good.
They need you pretty bad.
I can't even make love to my wife.
You're breakin' my heart.
God, he's lost a lot of blood.
Do the best you can.
We gotta get him to a hospital, Angelo.
His blood pressure's dropping, he's in shock.
He's in shock? I'm in shock! Nino! Where's the merchandise?
Nino, pay attention!
What the hell are you doing?
What do you want, Doc?
Come on, Frank. Just do your stuff, all right? Not a day later?
I was doin' like you said.
This guy came out of nowhere with a twelve gauge.
That's not what I'm askin'. Where are my diamonds?
He pulled me out of the store window. They rolled out over the sidewalk.
They shot everybody in the store. My diamonds end up in the sewer?
- I got some of them... in my shoe. - In your shoe?
Look at this.
Bull, you rat bastard! Son of a bitch!
Nobody robs from me!
- He wasn't gonna tell me about it. - The undertaker would have found.
Hey, come on. The guy was gonna die anyway, right?
You did the best you could. You all right?
Frankie, you all right?
Frankie, show 'em the watches. That's solid 14 carat gold.
These are real diamonds.
Your girl would like that, right? That, my friend, is 14... touch it.
14 carat gold with diamonds. You want it, you buy it.
Only the best.
Where you guys goin'? You want some of this?
What are you doin'?
I told you to take it to a fence. Not decorate your car with it.
We thought we'd sell it here for the afternoon.
I'll take your eyes out. You sellin' merchandice on the street.
Well, there's plenty of them, Mr. D.
Who's your girlfriend?
You know, I vouched for him. He's Frankie.
Yeah, see I mean, look there's end of the shift.
There's 40 guys out here with paychecks in their pockets...
and buy somethin' for their wives or their girlfriends.
Danny and I take all the risk, and that leaves more on your end.
Make sure you make that numbers drop on time, all right?
Oh, Jesus.
- Papa, what... - Why are you doing this?
Selling stolen stuff!
No, wait. Mr. Sienna, it's not stolen. We didn't steal it.
We're just sellin' it for a friend.
And it's good prices for the guys here.
You get that stuff out of here!
- Pop, calm down, will you? - No! Go!!
- Hey, come on! - Pop! What are you doin', Pop?
Is this your way of makin' money for college?
We're sellin' things. What are you gettin' so bent out of shape?
You're gonna end up just like them.
That's great. Thanks a lot, Mr. Sienna.
I've got fifteen trucks out there waiting to pour.
They're puttin' the scaffolds up as fast as they can, Mr. D.
But not fast enough, or else we wouldn't have to drive down here.
Maybe what you need is another tune-up, huh?
You see the men out there?
They got food on the table because of me.
Their children have shoes on their feet because of me.
They have jobs because of me.
Mr. D...
The bridge. The concrete. That was all my concrete.
I built the bridge. And I built you.
You have this nice Union job. You think you got it by accident?
I put you there.
And the only thing I ever asked you...
was to remember that time is money.
Jimmy, hang in there!
Everybody down!
- Everybody clear out of the way! - Let's go! Move!
Let's go! You, go! Clear!
Nicky, look at this.
Your men are walkin' out.
It's that damn shop steward, Sienna.
Mr. D., he's always makin' trouble.
- The grunts do whatever he tells. - They should do what you tell them.
Get outta here.
- I'm sorry, Mr. D. - Get outta here.
- It's Sienna. - All right.
What the hell do you think you're doin'?
At the speed we are, it's a matter of time before a guy gets killed.
- You know that, Maury. - What you know is what I tell you.
Now, I want your men back up there to fix it.
You fix it. I'm takin' my men off of this bridge!
You go tell your bosses, and you know who I'm talkin' about...
my men aren't going to die so they can line their pockets!
That's better.
Joe's wife called me about the accident.
She told me he almost fell. Somebody's gonna get killed.
Genaro, what is it?
You're hurt.
- Ma, it's nothing. It's nothing. - Oh... yu're hurt.
I don't know why I bother to do this anymore.
He's ended up worse than a thief.
Frank is here for dinner.
I don't want him in my home. You tell him to leave.
We don't takes orders from nobody.
I know it was the best thing.
- I don't know. - Wash your hands.
I love you, Nonie. I love your sauce, but I gotta go.
Always Danny gotta go! Where you gotta go?
Well, you know, I thought I'd go to the father and give confession...
and then see if the nuns need any help.
Ah, non fredo.
Jesus, let me look at that. Will you get me the needle and thread?
Jesus. You should've gone to the emergency room, Pop.
- That's what I got you for. - Drink. This is gonna hurt.
My father make better grappa.
I heard about what happened, Pop. You shouldn't make waves like that.
It's honest work, Frankie. Remember that.
Pop, it gets noticed. I'm just tryin' to look out for you.
I mean, don't you want somethin' better than this? A nice house?
It was good enough for you growing up.
Those men you work for with he 50 thousand dollar Cadillac's...
with the big rolls of cash.
Do you know what's gonna happen to them?
They're dead. No future. No dreams.
- You had a dream. - Pop, stay still.
You had a dream, Frankie. Ever since you were little, you...
Yeah, I know, Pop. I have a dream. I want to be a doctor.
But it takes money to be a doctor. You gotta go to school.
- Wait a minute, Pop. - I...
What are you doin'?
I know it's not much.
Pop, I can't take this.
Look, I know what I'm doin'.
I'm gonna work, make enough money and then I'm gonna get out.
I know these guys.
Once they think they own you, that's it.
You know, I never get that.
Hey, boys!
I'm hitting the tables.
Pete, good to see you.
Vamos, fill me in.
Why do Italians hate Jehovah Witnesses?
I don't know. Why do Italians hate Jehovah Witnesses?
They hate all witnesses.
Forget about the Ice Queen, Frankie.
She's out of your league. She's a college girl.
Frankie here's been to college. Right, Frankie?
Forget about her. I don't care if you are freakin' Einstein.
Every guy in this place tried to launch that boat.
Somethin' I can do for you?
The question is, what can I do for you?
Look, I'm here to sing. It's what I get paid to do.
So don't waste my time with your dumb lines, all right?
All right. No more dumb lines.
- Would you like to go out? - I never go out with the customers.
Well, how about if I promise never to come here again?
That's very clever, but I'm not lookin' for a mobster boyfriend.
You're all morons.
And, even if I was, you wouldn't be him.
I'm Frank Sienna.
I'm sorry about the dumb line.
I'm an idiot.
Lorina Ryan.
Lorina Ryan, you have a beautiful voice.
- It's an okay voice. - No, it's really terrific.
It's too good for this place.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
So, I'm doin' pretty good, right?
Not bad. I am, still sittin' here.
Right. Right.
So, I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead.
You're not that far ahead.
What time is it?
It's late.
Hey, weren't you supposed to drop that off last night?
It's all still there, right, Dan?
Most of it.
What do you mean "most of it"?
- How much did you lose? - Two large.
Come on, we gotta get it by morning. It'll be all right.
We gotta get it by morning, it's gonna be all right? Are you crazy?
Skimmin' from Nicky D., you're gonna get us both killed!
Don't you ever do that again! You understand me?
Okay, relax. You think I don't got a thing lined up here?
You got a thing lined up here?
You think I'm gonna let you down and leave you hangin'? I got a thing.
Come on. Let's go see a man about some money.
What's the matter with you?
The guy works nights. He keeps his cash in the wall.
Jesus, could you make more noise?
Come on, baby, where's my money?
- You wanna give me a hand over? - For what?
I'm tellin' you, the money, it's in the wall.
No, watch out!
Here we go. Here we go. Here we go, yeah.
Okay, let's get outta here. Let's get outta here.
What's that? What are we talkin' about here?
See that?
Come here.
See that? Look what I'm talkin' about here?
Was that easy or what? A bing bang, boom!
Let's get outta here.
What are you...
Is he dead?
What'd you do that for? Let's get out of here.
All right, this is it.
Now, there's a hundred wanna be humps in this neighborhood.
They want to roll with Delarusso's crew.
But it's real simple. You gotta be a good earner.
You know what I'm sayin'? You gotta make a lot of money for that man.
When you're not makin', you gotta be thinkin' about ways to make money.
Now roll over. Roll over.
I'll put a bullet in you.
I'll blow your brains...
That dog reminds me of my old girlfriend.
Yeah, except the dog is better lookin'.
Yeah, like your sister.
Where you been, Danny?
Georgie expected you yesterday.
And he's all upset, and now you know he's got that heart thing.
Yeah, I was just gettin' ready to drop it off.
- It's all here? - Yeah, forget about it.
We would have had it here earlier, but, we did a thing last night.
You mean it was you guys at that Hawthorne Avenue thing?
Yeah, we went in and out. We were gonna give you your cut.
Wait right here.
Would you stop starin' at him? He doesn't like it.
- I'm Danny Keaton. And this is my... - Sit your ass down, Mick.
That thing on Hawthrone Avenue? That was a police captain's house.
He's with us.
He gets his ham and cheese sandwich every week.
And all this poor bastard knows...
is everything he had is gone, including his dead father's watch.
And he's got twenty stitches in the side of his head.
That is not "in and out". You guys gave a beatin' to a police captain.
Put your hands on the table.
There's a Sicilian custom. It goes back hundreds of years.
Punishment for thieves. Do you know what it is?
They chopped off their hands.
Here. Here it is.
Yeah? Now where are the fazools?
Lou, count that.
Fourteen hundred.
The Captain said it was more like 34 hundred.
You jerk-offs blew two dimes in twelve hours?
Is that what you call layin' low?
The streets aren't safe with you two master criminals walkin' around.
You're different from the Mick. You go to school?
Yeah, Frankie, he wants to be a doctor.
What are you, a ventriloquist? He asked him.
Yeah, I tried to go to college, but it didn't work out.
A doctor, huh?
It takes a lot of discipline to be a doctor. You that kind of man?
Yes, Sir.
That's good. We need more educated people in this thing of ours.
Cultured people. That's good.
Too bad the two of you are gonna be in jail.
You gotta answer for the beatin' up of the cop.
You know, Nicky, this Mick has big balls. He could do that thing.
Then we give the two large back to the Captain. We're all set.
Okay. All right.
That's him. Genaro Sienna. He's the shop steward.
You do him.
Come on. Do him, and we get outta here.
What's this kid waitin' for?
That piece of work that you want done. I can't do it.
Get these two girls outta here. I don't want to look at 'em.
Do you know Sienna's my old man, Mr. Delarusso?
Look, about Frankie, no disrespect...
he's doin' what any one would do. He's like an old man to me, too.
You did that left field thing before, and now you do this!
It's not his fault, Mr. Delarusso.
Give me my father's life. Me for him.
I'll work for you the rest of my life. Please.
You're goin' away for the cop thing.
I have no problem with that.
Your father has a pass. He's finished on the job.
He sweeps up at the Union Hall. He cost me a lot of money.
Your life is mine now. You understand that?
And now for the final matter on the agenda.
As you all know, this year...
there's a full scholarship to medical school going to Frank Sienna.
Genaro's son.
One of our own is gonna to Italy be a doctor...
because of your union dues.
Come on up here, Frank.
That's it, Frank.
Congratulations, Frank.
I'm proud of you, Frankie.
I think you got your mother's intelligence, god rest her soul.
Now, in Italy, it's different over there.
They do things in a different way. Like...
- They kiss. - Example, they kiss on both cheeks.
Yes, even men. Don't forget, or it's an insult.
Okay, hold on a second.
Micky D. Sends his regards.
Dr. Sienna!
Congratulations, Doc.
Come see your father.
The doctor's here!
Hey, Pop.
To my son, the doctor. Salute.
It's good.
Dago red.
You all right?
That cough sounds terrible.
We're gonna get that checked out.
Tomorrow, first thing you're comin' to the hospital.
We're gettin' that checked out. I'm a doctor. You gotta listen.
I got emphysema.
The doctor, they told me I got it good.
Pop, how long have you known?
I want you to meet this nice...
Naples School of Medicine. Internship, Vasper De Napoli.
Residency in General and Cardiac Surgery.
Actually, my residency was in cardio vascular surgery.
It's all there in my letters of recommendation.
The cardiac department was shorthanded...
- so I was helping out a lot. - Helping out?
Ventricle and arterial scepter repairs mostly.
Congenital heart defects.
I did more B.S.D. Repairs in one year than any other doctor on staff.
This is America, not Naples.
The position is in General Surgery.
You may be needed to assist in cardio vascular surgeries.
Take it or leave it.
Excuse me?
The position is yours if you want it.
Yes, of course.
- I just have a few questions. - You start tomorrow.
What do you want?
You look better than when you went in.
- I'll take you now. - Hombre...
What is this thing? It's a toy car?
No, this is an Alfa Romeo Spider Volace.
A what? It looks like a matchbox.
Here, I'll drive it.
So, they treated you well inside, huh?
Yeah. Mafia manner.
Actually, they leave us alone in there, you know?
I ran a good business.
Booze, drugs, broads. Forget about it.
The old waps, they got together, they cooked.
I swear to god, we ate like kings. Unbelievable. I put on some pounds.
You did some clammin' in there, huh?
While you were, runnin' around chasin' nurses...
I was gettin' an education, too.
You know, you shouldn't have had to take the fall for that.
No, hey, it was time well-spent.
Don't worry about that.
You know what? You don't look like a doctor.
You still look like that punk kid who used to chase me around.
I chased you around? You idolized me, you Mick prick!
How you doin', Dr. Sienna?
- Good, Lou. How about yourself? - So far so good.
- I heard good things about you. - You've been hearin' right.
It's like dj vu all over again. How many times do I gotta tell you?
Ang, I'm runnin' the Union.
Everything's fine.
Wait here.
You prick.
You are who you are because we put you there!
You know that you don't take bread out of your brother's mouth, right?
I'm not a thief, Mr. D. On my children, never.
The meeting is over.
You're gonna sort this thing out, right, Maury?
Yeah, Mr. D.
Welcome back.
Listen, I was wonderin' if I could come up and see you at your office.
I got this heartburn. It's constant.
- Of course. - Thanks, Frankie.
- We're all really proud of you. - Thank you, Mr. Maury.
Hey! Look who it is! The doctor!
- Hey! You look good. - Thank you.
- How was Italy? - Wonderful.
I hope you don't think who you are just 'cause you're a big-time doctor.
Come on, Nicky.
St. Charles is a very good hospital. You didn't think I knew, huh?
When one of ours makes it, I know everything.
I'm very proud of you. You did really good.
Thanks, Nicky.
Now listen. You trust this kid, Danny?
Yeah, he's been like a brother to me.
I don't like him.
I don't know, maybe cause he's Irish.
I don't know. He's a good earner. He's gonna be on Angelo's crew.
So anything that you need from me, you let Danny know.
He'll get right back to me, okay? Anything at all. You understand?
Now, there's something that I want to ask you to do.
Yeah, anything, Nicky. I haven't forgotten.
You're gonna be busy. You're gonna have this big job at the hospital.
I'm hopin' that you're gonna find the time to be my family doctor.
- Take care of me and Rose. - Of course, Nicky. I'm your doctor.
I don't trust the other guys, you know?
I want you to meet somebody. Dr. Frank Sienna.
He's from St. Charles Hospital. The best.
He's been after me to go to a doctor, and now he brings one.
It's nice to meet you.
You're a nice boy, but I don't like doctors.
She's tired all the time. This is the truth.
It's a sin to get old?
I want one of those Sicilian remedies.
That's what I need.
You know, they always worked in the old days.
They are completely useless. They stink up the whole house.
Why don't you just let this kid check you out? That's all.
Why don't you come in, we'll run a few tests, just to make sure.
- I don't go to hospitals. - Why don't you go to hospitals?
That's where people go to die.
I'll explain everything before-hand.
We don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
Please, Roie?
I'll go get the tests. If that's what my Nicky wants.
Make sure you don't get 20 shots of the back of my head like you did.
Well, looks like we got a new player.
Janie, give me a dog, will ya?
What are you doin'?
He's really a lunatic, this guy.
You could get yourself killed that way, Detective.
Hey, boys, how's it goin'?
What do you say we go into your club for a couple of espressos?
What? I'm Sicilian, too. You didn't know that, huh?
You gotta be a member.
Of what, the Mafia?
I think you're lucky to be alive, DeSante.
Well, don't think, Angelo. You're just gonna hurt yourself.
What are you embarassin' yourself for? Just live and let live.
Live and let live?
I grew up in this neighborhood, right down that street over there.
We're all pizane.
Yeah, I guess you're right. I forget that sometimes, you know.
Give me hug, Don Nicky, huh?
What is with the guys that hug and kiss you.
You get a little pissed off?
What are you gonna do, kiss me now?
- You need a hobby. - I'm lookin' at it.
Everything you say and do, I'm there.
My whole life is dedicated to watching you die in prison.
We'll see who dies.
See, pizans.
No, this is my case. You're assisting.
When we first met, I thought you were just another, Wise Guy.
Me? No, I'm Irish.
If me sainted mother were alive, she'd be thankin' St. Patrick...
that her Danny boy met Lorina Ryan.
The most beautiful girl in Jersey.
Go on with ya now.
- Hey, Frank. - Sorry I'm late.
Sit down. I'd like to introduce you to my girl.
Frank Sienna.
Lorina Ryan.
- Pleasure. - You two know each other?
Maybe from the neighborhood.
Come here, you son of a bitch. When'd you get out? Come on here.
Do me a favor. Look after my girlfriend, all right, Frankie?
- Danny, has a lot of friends. - He's the life of the party.
You, uh, work on Wall Street with him?
Wall Street? No, actually Danny and I grew up in the same neighborhood.
So, did you make it through college?
Yeah. I'm a teacher. Second grade.
I always figured you'd make it.
Well, at least I know you kept your word.
You promised, never to come back to the club again, and you didn't.
You never bothered to pick up the phone and call me, either.
- I was away. - Away? For eight years.
I know a little about the justice system. Eight years means a felony.
So, what'd you do? You kill somebody? Rob somebody?
You know when your Irish is up, your eyes change color?
I don't want to know where you've been. It's your business.
You make it sound like I'm asking you out.
Aren't you?
- Hi. How are we? How we doin'? - Good.
Where are the menus? Tommy! Can we get some menus over here?
You want some champagne?
Oh, I gotta go.
What is that? What are you talkin' about?
- I gotta go. I'II... - You just got here.
I know. I'll call you tomorrow.
It was nice to meet you, Ms. Ryan.
See ya, Dan.
He's a doctor. You know, this thing, it happens all the time.
Heard you had that baby with the tetralogy.
Could get very complicated.
You're taking a risk with a newborn.
That baby was only a heartbeat away from full arrest.
Worst odds I've ever seen.
Odds? That's right, you're a gamblin' man, aren't you.
On occasion.
I'd have to say 10 to 1 that baby never gets off the table.
Well, that baby is in good hands.
What is Sienna doing in there? He's not qualified, Phil.
His talents are wasted in General Surgery, Lyle.
Look, what is it? What is it you've got against him, huh?
- He's an embarrassment. - Watch him, Lyle.
He's a natural. He's the best I've seen.
You're putting that baby and this hospital at risk.
Mr. And Mrs. Hennessey?
The baby's gonna be fine.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
- He's a real fighter. - Now let me take you to I.C.U.
- Come on, this way. Frank. - Thank you.
- Frank. - Thank you.
- What are you doin' here? - I came with Danny.
He wanted to take his best friend out to dinner.
- Where is he? - He stepped out.
I saw the nurses.
How you've been savin' babies again.
Eight years of medical school's gotta be worth somethin', huh?
Oh, yeah?
So, I got this problem, Dr. Sienna.
It's my heart.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
You feel that?
Every time I see you, it beats so fast.
I feel like it's gonna burst.
It's a strong heart. You're gonna live a long, happy life...
- get married, have babies. - You think so?
Frankie. Every nurse in this joint is talkin' about you.
Why don't you get one of them? Go get a bite to eat.
- No, you guys go ahead. - No, come with us.
Yeah. Come on, you gotta eat.
Yeah, all right.
The guy doesn't know where he is.
I'm supposed to come pick him up. He can't tell me the address.
- Will you excuse me for a moment? - Yeah, of course.
Hey, Frankie, why don't you do me a favor.
Why don't you take her out dancin' tonight?
You want me to take your girl out dancing?
You know, we had some good times, but I've been tryin'...
to break it to her that I don't really feel that way about her.
You know, actually, I've been seein' this other. A knockout.
It's better... I just sit this one out.
- What do you want me to tell her? - You know, I don't know.
You tell her I got called away, or a business trip.
You're a smart guy. You think of somethin'.
You're my best friend, right?
Of course.
- Frankie? - Yes?
But I love it when...
No, we're gonna be late, okay? Go. No, I...
That's nice.
Now you're startin' to convince me.
Will you marry me?
Marry you?
What are you talking about?
Lorina Ryan, will you marry me?
- I love you so much. - I love you.
I love you.
What's this, corpus delicti. What is that?
- It means corpse. - Why can't ya say that?
This is nice. You hit the big time here, Doc.
Yeah, so... where ya been?
Business is boomin' in the big city.
How's your new wife? You treatin' her right?
- Yeah. - A doctor. Quite a catch.
What are you doin' here, Dan?
Nicky needs a favor.
All right.
You're treatin' Paul Maury for that heart thing, right?
Yeah. I'm doin' a double bypass on him this afternoon.
You tell Nicky not to worry.
I've done a lot of these. Paul's gonna have a new lease on life.
Nicky wants to cancel that lease.
He doesn't want him to get up off your table.
Oh no, Dan, I don't want any part of this.
- You are a part of this. - I'm Nicky's doctor, and that's it.
Look, this ain't a multiple choice thing.
There's only one right answer here.
The guy is Nicola. He only asks once.
So that's it. Say hello to Lorina for me.
Hey. I'm so glad it's you, Frank.
You're gonna do right by me, aren't ya?
He's in trouble.
What can we do? Can we do something?
Get epinephrine.
Okay. Give me two fifty. Stand clear.
Again. Shoot!
Give me three hundred. Shoot!
Folks, looks like we're back in business.
Let's go for a ride, Frankie.
Where we goin'?
You'll find out when we get there.
- I want to know now. - You screwed up, Frank, okay?
- What the hell is that? - Unbelievable.
He checked out. A little transfer.
Frankie. Help me.
He's still alive! We've gotta get him out.
Hey, hey, no, no, leave him.
Leave him.
We gotta get him to a hospital!
Frankie, I said leave him.
You do this to me?
What the hell is wrong with you?
What? You think you're better than me?
We both work for the same guy, pal! Wake up!
We don't get this done, that's us lyin' in there! All right?
Here, throw these out the window.
One every few miles.
It's the teeth.
You know, no corpus delicti, no crime.
Hey, come on, relax. You do this for a livin'.
You're not squeamish?
Lou. I'm here to see Mrs. D.
Wait here.
Mrs. D? It's Dr. Sienna.
Hi, Rose.
So... I got the tests back.
You have cancer in your ovaries. We're gonna have to remove them.
Well, I've had all my babies. I don't need them.
The cancer may have spread.
I'm sorry.
How am I going to tell my Nicky?
I can tell him if you like.
I want you to do this thing.
And I want to... I'll see you later.
I think I wasted a lot of money on you.
You got a lot of education, but you're not very smart.
- Listen, Nicky, we need to talk. - There's no talking!
You disappointed me.
And it's a good thing that Mick cleaned up your mess with Maury.
Nicky, he came to see Mrs. D.
All right.
You do what you can do to save my Rose...
I'll forget about the Maury thing.
You remember this?
Remember the kids wouldn't go to sleep until we sang that song.
- But I forgot the words. - You're gonna make me cry.
Hey. Everything went fine, Rose.
- We'll see. - You got the best. We got Frankie.
I want you to get some rest now, okay?
It's okay.
Okay. All right, honey? Whatever you need.
So, we took out the tumor, but...
I'm not gonna lie, Nicky. The cancer may have spread.
You know the only thing I regret?
Is when Rosie found out about me, and the life, you know?
And it changed something in her...
I feel really bad about... about that.
I mean, maybe it was my fault.
So the next thing, we take some more tests...
we see the results...
Oh, my god!
Not bad for a couple kids from the neighborhood, huh?
Not bad at all.
- We can do this? - Absolutely.
Will you let me worry about that?
Come on, it's strange, you haven't been at the hospital that long...
So what? Will you stop?
- What? - Where you been gettin' money?
I didn't tell ya? I'm a doctor.
What? What are you worried about?
Are you taking money from Nicola Delarusso?
What? No, I'm not takin' money from Nicola Delarusso.
What, is that what this is about?
Come on, Lorina, it's ridiculous.
You promise?
I promise.
- Mr. DeSante. - Yeah.
I'm Dr. Sienna.
- Nice to meet ya. - Nice to meet you.
It says that you suffer from periodic chest pain, shortness of breath?
Yeah. But what's with these silly gowns with your asses hangin' out?
Is this to make you guys feel like you're in control, or what?
No, the truth is, I'm an ass man.
- Would you take that down, please? - Yes, I will.
- Whoa. Close call. - Yeah. A little too damn close.
Take a deep breath, please.
War wound?
- Yeah, sort of . - Again.
- Military? - Mob.
They usually have rules against shootin' cops...
I busted some soldier on a truck jacking who forgot about the rules...
Thought he could shoot his way out of trouble.
You know. I guess I forgot to put down there...
I'm a detective with the Organized Crime Unit.
Sounds like an interesting line of work.
Oh yeah. Be happy to show you some of my work.
You take a good picture.
A respectable doctor like yourself should get some new friends.
Not people who kill people for a living.
These are very good pictures.
I think you have a future in photography.
This top Union official, Paul Maury...
the word on the street is that he's fallen out of grace with Nicky D.
You operated on this guy?
That's right.
Out of all the surgeons in the city, he comes to you?
He helped me get a scholarship to medical school through the Union.
My father was a member for years. I was just returning a favor.
That's a favor and a half. This guy's disappeared now.
I know that Mr. Maury was being transferred to another hospital.
The problem is, he never showed up.
Mr. DeSante, we're not responsible for what happens to patients...
after they leave the hospital.
You think being a doctor hides who you really are?
Your blood pressure's way too high.
So, what do you do for the old man, anyway?
You sign a bunch of phony death certificates...
patch up some soldiers with lead in their ass?
I'm Mr. Delarusso's family doctor.
I know. That's what I just said.
His wife, Rose, is my patient.
That's good, Doc.
Look, I can help you get out of this work.
The FBI, they'll protect you and your family.
You can start new. Someplace else.
Just talk to us.
I have other patients to see.
- I'm a friend of Dr. Sienna's. - Are you really?
And, are you a doctor, too?
- Well, I work on Wall Street. - Oh, do you really?
You know all those mergers you hear about, that's me.
I got a little investment thing I'm workin' on with the doctor.
I gotta drop somethin' off.
I could give you my number...
and maybe you could stop by?
Nobody robs from me!
- He wasn't gonna tell me about them. - The undertaker would have found.
Frankie, you okay?
- Hey, Doc? - You all right?
You know, I never liked you.
But Nicky says you're gonna be a good investment.
Well, maybe someday you'll prove it.
Hey, whoa, whoa! It's all right! It's all right! Lou, come on.
Frankie, go wait in the car.
You know, he's a cocky bastard.
No, no, he's cool. He's a little freaked out.
- You just blew a guy's brains out. - Well, is that right?
Well, the heat is on you if he goes sideways.
Yeah, I know.
You remember that cop, DeSante?
Yeah. The prick's been after Nicky for years.
Well... I saw him one time at the hospital. He was talkin' to Frank.
Well, he better not be talkin' too much.
He likes bein' a big shot too much. You don't got to worry about him.
All right, get outta here.
What do we... This doctor, what do we do about him?
He's crossed the line.
What would you do, Ang?
I don't know. That's why I'm askin' you.
You gotta find out a way that we can put him in a corner so...
he can't go against us, you know?
Roie, what are doing? You're supposed to be in bed?
- The doctor told you. Come on. - I'm gonna die in that bed.
I want to feel like myself again. I just...
I was tryin' to take care of you, like you take care of me.
You take care of me. You brought me Frankie.
- And the sauce? - Garbage.
You like what you see?
My husband just bought this for me.
It's okay, Bob already took care of us.
This is a tiny piece of garbage.
You give me a big Cadillac. A nice, big back seat.
Nothin' like layin' a woman down on that fine Cadillac leather.
Get outta of my car.
Your car? No, you got that wrong.
See, this is my car. I own this car.
Just like I own that beautiful house you got.
Just like I own that doctor husband of yours. And just like I own you.
Now, don't go playin' dumb with me, Lorina Ryan.
You know who I am.
Your father did a lot of work for me.
Those Westies were animals, and he was the worst.
Frankie never told me what a beautiful set of tits his wife had.
You know, I'm gonna keep a picture of you in my mind and...
the next broad that I screw, I'll be thinkin' of you.
Now, you tell Frankie what happened here...
he'll probably wanna bust my head.
Then I'll have to whack him.
But then it'll just be me and you.
Would you like that? Answer me!
- I won't say a word. - All right.
You don't make waves. All right? Just enjoy this fine car you got.
And be happy...
your husband isn't in pieces in the woods, all right?
Oh, there's Tara.
- Congratulations. - Thank you, honey.
Where's Phil? You want something to drink?
Two glasses of champagne, please?
Right away!
You're nothing but a no talent guinea.
Did you just call me a guinea?
No, no, I didn't.
I hope you're not on call tonight, Doctor.
Of course I'm on call.
They need one surgeon who'll get the job done.
You're drunk.
You think you're so good. You just got lucky.
The reason I hired you is 'cause I lost a $100 thousand dollars...
gambling with your guinea wap friends.
"Hire Frank Sienna.
Do this thing for us, your slate is wiped clean."
Did you see that dress she was wearing? Dr. Sienna's wife.
Oh, poor thing. She's trying so hard.
Listen, I heard a wild rumor. Dr. Sienna's a mob guy.
Oh, my Henry thinks so.
He says Lyle was forced to hire him.
Can you imagine?
Was the chicken rubbery enough for you tonight?
Well, what do you expect for 250 dollars a seat, huh?
But remember, this is all for the kids tonight.
So, moving on to the awards.
The first one goes to the doctor...
who has gone above and beyond the call of duty...
who's shown outstanding service to the community.
Dr. Frank Sienna, come on up.
- What are you doing? - What does it look like I'm doing?
What, are you crazy? Stop.
I won't be married to a man who lies to me.
What are you talking about?
Do you think I'm stupid, Frank?
Do you think doin' charity work and gettin' awards...
makes up for all the blood money you take?
All right, look, Lorina, let's talk about this, okay? Please?
- I want the truth, Frank. - The truth?
The truth is, the less you know the better.
- Goodbye, Frank. - Stop! Are you just gonna walk out?
You have been lying to me from the very beginning, Frank!
- I'm trying to protect you! - Protect me?
You think I'm safe?
You have no idea.
For god's sakes, your old man was one of them! You didn't know?
Lorina, stop.
You want to know what's really pathetic?
I didn't want to know, 'cause I loved you.
What does that mean? Lorina, what does that mean?
Are you telling me you don't love me anymore?
Look at me in the eye and tell me you don't love me anymore!
- Lorina, don't go. - I can't.
- Don't go! - Stop it!
Frankie. Let's... leave with me. We'll get out, you know?
- Get out where? - I don't know.
- What does that mean? - I don't know! We just leave!
You think I haven't thought about that a million times?
Where we gonna go?
What are you gonna do? You don't think they're gonna follow us?
They're not gonna stop until we're dead.
I don't know, Frank.
I'm gonna make this up to you, I promise.
Okay. Okay.
Genaro? It's Frankie.
Frankie's here.
I'm here, Pop.
How is your beautiful wife?
Take good care of her.
Hey, Pop?
You know, I never got a chance to tell you that I'm proud of you.
All those years, workin' hard for the family...
and you never complained.
I hope... you stay out.
Promise... you'II...
Get out...
I promise, Pop.
Here we go.
One quarter! You see that?
Oh, man.
You remember these times?
I miss this, you know?
The two of us gettin' together and havin' a pitcher.
We gotta do this more often.
Yeah, I'm gettin' out.
I'm gettin' out.
Hey, wait, wait.
Hey. Hey, come here. What are you talkin' about?
You just don't wake up one morning and say you want out, huh?
You want to get us both whacked?
Danny, I'm gettin' out. I'm done.
Oh yeah, what are you gonna do? You pack a little suitcase?
Like get on a bus? What are you talkin' about, you're out?
As far as they're concerned, I'm lookin' out for you. It's my ass.
I'm talkin' about I'm done with Nicky D.
I'm done with Angelo. I'm done with Lou. I'm done...
Shh-shh, you just keep your mouth shut.
What are you talkin' about?
I'm goin' to DeSante.
And then what?
The guys aren't gonna stop.
Forget about me and you. Think about Lorina. And Nonie.
I am thinkin' about Lorina and Nonie. They're gonna be protected.
By who? FBI?
FBI tell you they're gonna protect them?
FBI's gonna protect them?
Yeah, they could put you in a freakin' cave in Utah...
- these guys are gonna find you. - What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do? I told my old man.
Your old man's dead. I'm sorry.
And promises are meant to be broken.
- Look, okay... - You know, Danny...
Come on, come on. Look, I'm gonna help ya.
We're brothers, right?
But you gotta be smart about this.
It's gonna take a little time. You gotta trust me, okay?
All right... Back it up.
Where's your husband?
He's on his way home. He'll be here any minute.
I can wait.
Well, I'm in the middle of cookin' dinner, so...
Dr. Sienna, please. It's his wife.
Okay, yes. Tell him to call home, it's urgent.
I told you what would happen.
Go ahead.
- I tried to call you, but... - What's the matter?
Hey, Doc. How's the heart business?
Lorina, would you excuse us a second?
Get the hell out of my house, Angelo.
Let's go, Frankie.
I couldn't let him touch me anymore!
I'm here to see Mrs. D.
If you're here, that means Angie is dead.
I want out.
You want out?
You're dead. That's how you're out.
Then I'm takin' you with me.
I trusted you. I treated you like a son.
- We had a deal. - What deal? Let my father die?
You turned against me. You turned against the family.
- I made you a doctor! - Yes, you made me a doctor, Nicky!
But at what price? So I can wake up...
and find Angelo with a gun in my wife's head?
What do you think, you're the first punk who ever put a gun in my face?
Is that what you think?
Come on!
The difference between me and you is I'm not afraid to die!
I thought I heard you.
What? You hungry?
Rose, what are you doing? You should be in bed.
Come on, we have something. Ravioli. Give him some ravioli.
I can't stay. I've got to go to the hospital.
I'll walk you out.
Oh, Frankie!
It's okay. It's okay.
- It's okay. It's okay. - All right.
- Frank? - What?
- Did you kill him? - Oh god, I should have.
Come on. Okay.
Get back!
It's okay. It's okay.
Al right, let's go. Let's go.
Let's get the bags. Let's go.
Let's go!
Frankie. They shot me.
I'm bleedin' and I don't want to die.
- You gave me up to Angelo. - No, I didn't. I...
I stood up for you and they came after me!
Come on, man, I need your help.
Where are you?
The place.
Okay. Hold on, I'll be there.
- Look, keep them safe. - What you doin'? Where you goin'?
- I gotta take care of somethin'. - What are you talkin' about?
- You're our star witness! - What do you think I'm gonna do?
You have my family.
Frank, what do you think we're gonna do, let you run around loose?
- We gotta take care of you. - Okay, let go, or the deal's off!
You're gonna run around and take care of somethin' now?
If you hurt that boy...
I will not forgive you.
I knew you'd come and do the right thing.
You always were the better man.
They sent you.
Ang always said you didn't have the balls for the street.
- Listen to me. - You killed Ang.
Now they're gonna open the books for me.
They're never gonna make you. Can't you see that?
To them, you're just another Irish hump.
Shut up!
You think this is hard for me? It's not!
I've been waitin' to do this all these years!
You know how long I had my nose pressed up watchin' you?
You got everything. You got my girl. My life.
Nick said: "The doctor gets a pass."
A pass?
Don't be stupid.
Don't do it, Danny. "THE FAMILY DOCTOR" (11)
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