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Subtitles for Magician The 1958.

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Magician The 1958

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- WeII? - What?
- Find what you were digging for? - Nothing.
Aunt with her mandrake and sIiced fingers and other mischief.
Oh, yes. And ghosts waIked sighing and waiIing in the forest -
- so peopIe didn't dare enter after the sun had set. I remember weII.
- Aunt and her ghosts! - Why have TubaI as an assistant?
You shouId throw him out. Do you hear what grandmother says?
How wouId VogIer's Magnetic HeaIth Theatre manage without TubaI?
I onIy ask. For exampIe, who got us out of Copenhagen?
At night? At risk to his own Iife? After our Danish tour went to heII?
- I ask, but no one answers... - And who boiIs our medicine?
Aunt wouId have been kiIIed Iong ago if peopIe knew what she put in it.
What is heaIthy isn't aIways tasty, my mother said.
- I take responsibiIity, anyway. - And the profits.
Don't try, Aunt. Because I know something, me!
Did you hear? There was a scream.
I heard it perfectIy cIearIy.
- It's a fox. - A fox?!
A fox on two thin Iegs, bIoody and maybe with a head hanging by sinew.
A fox without eyes, and with a rotten hoIe for a mouth.
Oh yes, I've seen them... I know what I know.
Damned if I'II sit on that seat and have ghosts waiIing around my ears.
Gash in the eye, bIood in the mouth, fingers gone, broken neck.
He caIIs you down, he caIIs you out, beyond the dead -
- the Iiving, the Iiving dead, beyond the raised hands...
No... Good day, Sire.
My name is Johan SpegeI.
I am very iII, as you can see.
WouId you aIIeviate my suffering and give me a IittIe vodka?
As vodka is my iIIness, but aIso its remedy.
I am an actor...
...and am actuaIIy a member of the famous Stenborg Troupe.
But my iIIness has terminated my career.
Are you aIso an actor?
Why are you made up?
You wear a faIse beard and your eyebrows are coIoured as is your hair.
Are you a swindIer who needs to conceaI his reaI face?
Let's rest a moment... and breathe.
Dusk is faIIing...
And this is the finaI day of Iife.
I aIways Ionged for a knife...
A bIade that wouId expose my entraiIs.
ReIease my brain and my heart...
Free me from my substance...
Cut away my tongue... and my sex.
A sharp bIade...
...that purged aII impurity.
Then the so-caIIed spirit...
...wouId rise up and out of this meaningIess cadaver.
- What book are you reading, Sire? - A noveI. It's about cheats.
- CoIIeagues? - There are no cheats here.
- No? - It's nevertheIess an interesting book.
''Deception is so generaIIy common that he who teIIs the truth'' -
- ''as a ruIe is cIassed as the greatest Iiar.''
The author presumes a Iarge generaI truth somewhere in the backdrop.
- It's an iIIusionary theory. - So much for your reading, Mr Aman.
- Mr TubaI shouId taIk after chewing. - Truth interests me in a deviIish way.
It's a beautifuI passion.
If I say one's bottom is behind and one's head on the neck -
- then that's an absoIute truth, and I Iike truths Iike that.
Bottom behind and head on the neck?
- It's a doubtfuI truth. - I don't understand.
WeII, it appears to be the reverse with you.
- You're droII, it's sad you'II die. - You wiII too, but don't beIieve it.
A question for the future, Sire, and the future is as uninteresting as the past.
I'm a IiIy in the soiI, can't you see?
He dies now.
You wish to record the actuaI moment.
Look carefuIIy, Sire. I wiII keep my face open -
- to your curiosity.
What do I feeI? Fear...
...and weII-being.
Now death has reached my hands... arms... feet...
Now I can no Ionger see.
I am dead.
You wonder... I wiII teII you...
Death is...
That was an interesting piece of information.
Ruined, suspected, wanted by the poIice and with a body in the coach!
We couIdn't make a better entrance into the capitaI.
You remain siIent and I'II taIk.
Above aII I must ask Aunt to keep her trap shut.
One more thing. Aunt can make things jump.
Aunt knows what I mean. TabIes fIy, chairs faII, Iights go out, etc.
We know Aunt's tricks. But be nice now and behave.
- For aII of our sakes. - Yes, I understand.
- Perhaps. - That oId bag makes me nervous.
- Remember what you did in Ostend? - No, just think, I can't remember.
Aunt's tricks are obsoIete. They're no fun as they can't be expIained.
- Aunt ought to be dead. - Yes, it was festive in Ostend.
I was thrown inside, VogIer was fined and Aunt was fIogged in the square.
Yes, it was festive in Ostend.
- We shouId introduce ourseIves. - Of course.
I am ConsuI Abraham Egerman, weIcome to my house.
I and particuIarIy my wife, have a speciaI interest in spirituaI questions.
Therefore we've asked Commissioner Starbeck to gather here.
Frans Starbeck, PoIice Commissioner. I'm responsibIe for our meeting.
I hope my men have behaved and proceeded with necessary tact.
Vergérus, MedicaI CounciIIor.
It onIy seems right that we in our turn introduce ourseIves.
FirstIy, the company's Ieader and director, AIbert EmanueI VogIer.
A big name on the continent. Mr VogIer has, in an ingenious way -
- deveIoped and perfected the science of animaI magnetism.
Happy to make Mr VogIer's acquaintance.
This, gentIemen, is Mr VogIer's young ward and foremost pupiI, Mr Aman.
He's dispIayed the most unusuaI taIents.
This venerabIe oId Iady is Mr VogIer's grandmother.
Once a ceIebrated opera singer.
Who does not recaII Countess Agata de Macopazza?
I am insignificant in this gathering. My humbIeness has found its Iife's task -
- in serving the great spirit that bears the name, AIbert EmanueI VogIer.
Does Dr VogIer object to sitting down awhiIe and discussing -
- generaI questions in reIation to the enterprise?
WeII... PIease be seated.
Dr VogIer. You have announced an entertainment in the town chronicIe -
- brimming with a range of sensations.
''Astounding, never before witnessed curiosities.''
''MagicaI acts derived from OrientaI phiIosophy.''
''HeaIth inducing magnets. Nerve stimuIation. Mind animation.''
- Is this your announcement? - Commissioner.
These ostentatious formuIations are not the work of Dr VogIer's hand.
We'd be gratefuI if the doctor himseIf wouId answer the question.
Mr VogIer is deprived of the gift of speech.
He is dumb, gentIemen.
Perhaps Mr Aman is aIso deprived of the gift of speech?
- I haven't heard you say anything. - I haven't been asked, Commissioner.
- You undertake magicaI seances? - We haven't cIaimed that.
- Your friend, Mr TubaI... - We use devices, mirrors, projections.
- It's simpIe and perfectIy harmIess. - Another question...
- Mr VogIer cures iIInesses? - We haven't said that.
Mr VogIer recentIy, using another name, toured Denmark.
He made an appearance as a doctor and received patients in inns.
''Patients were magnetised according to Mesmer's principIes in a dim room.''
''This resuIted in quaking and nervous attacks of various types.''
''Some fainted.''
Why do you ask what you aIready know?
There seems to be a remarkabIe division in Mr VogIer's activities.
- What do you mean? - There's the ideaIistic Dr VogIer...
...who practices medicine according to Mesmer's doubtfuI methods.
Then there's the Iess tastefuI notion of VogIer the conjuror -
- who performs aII sorts of hocus pocus from homemade formuIas.
If I understand it, VogIer's activities range without scrupIes -
- between these two... extremes.
TeII me. Do you consider you possess supernaturaI powers?
This incomprehensibIe interrogation is hurtfuI to both parties.
- HoId us if we've acted iIIegaIIy... - That's what we intend to find out.
- Forgive me, I didn't know. - Sit down, my dear chiId.
GentIemen, may I present my wife.
Mr VogIer, I must apoIogise. What has emerged so far in this matter -
- hardIy inspires confidence.
Bring the Iamp on the tabIe over there.
HoId it Iike this.
Look at me, Mr VogIer.
Why do you Iook so infuriated, Mr VogIer? You've no reason to hate me.
I simpIy want to ascertain the truth. That shouId aIso be your wish.
Open your mouth.
Stick out your tongue.
I'm sorry, Mr VogIer. Your dumbness seems to be inexpIicabIe.
In your advertisement it states further -
- that you ''evoke stimuIating and terribIe visions amongst those present.''
Commissioner, that's our Laterna Magica.
- A siIIy and harmIess pIaything. - I'm not sure it concerns that.
- Do you evoke visions? - I protest.
- Why may I ask? - Dr VogIer is a great man.
A great man and a prominent scientist. You're treating him Iike a charIatan.
It's rather the surroundings that cast a shadow on his scientific merit.
- Do you evoke visions? - SiIence or I'II send you out!
WeII, Mr VogIer? Yes or no.
Yes or no.
So, yes... Can you achieve this condition with whoever it may be?
With me, perhaps?
Let's do an experiment. I'm at your disposaI.
- No, don't do it. - And why not, Mrs Egerman?
Forgive me.
No additionaI arrangement? No magnets, no mysterious haIf Iight?
No secretive music performed on a gIass harmonica behind the curtain?
What do you want me to see? Something frightening or exciting?
It must be with broken reed. Broken reeds, weak souIs.
You're overexerting yourseIf. CarefuI, stop your attempt.
You think I hate you. Mistake. There is onIy one thing that interests me.
Your physioIogy, Mr VogIer.
I'd Iike to perform an autopsy on you. Weigh your brain -
- open your heart, do a IittIe research on your nervous system.
Remove your eyes...
Stop before it is too Iate!
Too Iate? Tedious you mean.
You have faiIed, Mr VogIer. But you shouId be gratefuI for your fiasco.
- You are harmIess. - Why are you Iying?
- I don't understand, Mrs Egerman. - We see you're Iying.
You feIt something that terrified you, but you don't dare say what it was.
Sorry, Mrs Egerman, I have nothing to hide, no prestige to maintain.
Who knows, perhaps I regret I wasn't abIe to feeI anything?
Everything weII, then. It's just the PoIice Commissioner's permission -
- that's needed so that you can hoId your ''magnetic entertainment''.
- Mr Commissioner... - Mr VogIer wiII perform privateIy...
...tomorrow morning in Mr Egerman's drawing-room.
As a form of controI. In broad dayIight.
Do you have any objections, Mr TubaI? ExceIIent.
- Supper wiII be served in an hour. - It is an honour...
I'm sorry. Mr VogIer and company wiII be fed in the kitchen.
Mrs Garp wiII assign you quarters. Rustan, show the guests the kitchen.
- Perhaps we'd rather stay in town. - It is the Commissioner's wish...
...that Mr VogIer and company be guests of the house.
- That was quite an amusing game. - What do you mean?
It's amusing to humiIiate defenceIess peopIe.
You misunderstand. We have a wager, it's a question of scientific interest.
- You have a wager? - Yes, Mrs Egerman.
Your husband is of the opinion that there reaIIy are inexpIicabIe forces.
- And you deny that possibiIity? - It wouId be catastrophic for science.
- A grotesque thought. - It wouId Iead to us being forced to...
- LogicaIIy we'd have to imagine... - A God.
TotaIIy out-of-date! Science is better equipped today than ever - penetrate aII apparent mysteries. - Apparent?
- Everything can be expIained. - You're optimistic.
- Think of eIectricity, steam engines... - Our wager hoIds, then?
We'II see tomorrow.
Your wife appears a IittIe tense, Egerman.
- Is it the chiId's death that stiII... - We're traveIIing in autumn and I...
- Cheers, gentIemen. - To Dr VogIer's magnetic company.
A company with an exceptionaIIy bad conscience, it appears.
I think they're peopIe to watch out for. They Iook awfuI.
- You're too young to understand. - The magician is dumb, that's awfuI.
- He hasn't said a word. - Rustan says he's pretending.
That's even more awfuI. I'm reaIIy afraid.
They haven't got any money anyway. You onIy need to fear weaIthy peopIe.
It's awfuI they're poor. What if they kiII us and steaI the master's money?
Good evening, young maids.
My name is simpIy TubaI, it's as simpIe as a foIk song.
Let's see now. That's Sara and this is Sanna.
- Is that how it is? - I know. That's Sanna. This is Sara.
- Do you think so? - Time wiII teII.
Put simpIy, we're invited to dinner.
There are the preparations and here are the guests. ShaII we sit down?
- My Iady... - Sofia Garp, the house cook.
I am charmed, fIattered, overwheImed, not to mention enchanted...
DeIighted. Charmed.
- Can you teII fortunes, Mr TubaI? - Mr TubaI can teII fortunes.
- Read my paIm, Mr TubaI. - My dear IittIe chiId.
You're far too young and hopefuI. I don't want to muddy your curiosity -
- your joy of Iife, your chiIdish faith.
One reaIIy senses Mr TubaI's supernaturaI powers.
- I can feeI it, I can feeI it. - A wonderfuI gift.
But hard to bear, Sofia, and dark...
Gracious, Mr TubaI! It makes one reaIIy hot under the corset.
- And coId, too. - Mr TubaI, read my paIm anyway.
- This is Antonsson, the coachman. - MiId servant Antonsson. We've met.
- Evening. - Quiet. He wiII taIk of the future.
Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet... I see a Iight.
Now it's been turned off. It's dark. I hear sweet words of Iove.
No I can't repeat them, my sense of propriety forbids me.
A young man. He's riding at fuII gaIIop. It's wonderfuI.
Sara, my chiId. Before you go and ceIebrate your feast of Iove -
- take a few drops of our Iove potion. You'II enjoy it sevenfoId more.
It's a gift from Aphrodite Venus.
- TubaI is just the simpIe bearer. - A Iove potion!
- Is it expensive, Mr TubaI? - It's weII-nigh impossibIe to procure.
- And under extraordinary hardship. - That you dared!
In the name of science. Of Iove...
- WouId you aIIow me to buy a bottIe? - It's impossibIe.
Your means are far too modest, Sofia.
These potions are onIy affordabIe for princesses -
- countesses and one or the other Ieading actress.
But for you Sofia, for your beauty, your great hospitaIity -
- your courtesy, Iet's say thirteen shiIIings. Two bottIes for twenty!
Aah, it smeIIs strong. So strong, so strong...
It's the actuaI fIuid, my chiId. The stimuIus materiaIised -
-...if I express myseIf scientificaIIy. - Is it good for men too?
Not onIy. Aphrodite Venus touches their hearts with her fingertips...
- And the deviI is Ioosed! - God in heaven, if mother was here!
The Iove potion is finished. What do we use now?
This is for coIic and bIistered feet.
The most important thing is what the bottIe Iooks Iike and the taste.
- TubaI is naturaIIy a swindIer. - Yes, of course, Sofia.
- But I have something speciaI, not so? - I was just thinking of that.
- You'd be a good preacher. - My faith wavers.
Perhaps you're right. The matter requires a private discussion.
I'II go to my room. Go into the yard, then around the house to the right.
There's a IittIe door there. I'II Iet you in.
- You're a woman, Sofia! - Perhaps.
My husband died eight years ago.
- Don't you want the bottIes? - Keep your bottIes.
You can seII them again.
Get married... to Sofia.
HaIIeIujah brothers and sisters!
ConceivabIe. The main thing isn't faith, but the power. Sofia feIt the power.
- What can I get for this shiIIing? - A night of Iove you'II never forget.
- No, that's rat poison. - That one wiII be hard to kiII!
Drink it in one guIp and you'II feeI bIiss greater than SoIomon -
- when he amused himseIf with his 1,000 concubines.
- Why is the IittIe one crying? - Are you a witch?
That may be so.
I'm so scared of what's going on tonight. You're so oId and ugIy.
When you are aImost 200 years oId, you wiII aIso be ugIy, IittIe one.
- Are you so oId? - Oh yes...
- Can you cast speIIs as weII? - It happens.
But nowadays no one beIieves in my secrets so I have to be carefuI.
You shouIdn't cross the new faith or you may end up in hospitaI says TubaI.
- How did you become a witch? - I can't say.
- Have you soId your souI? - Yes, weII... perhaps I have...
- Oh, I'm scared again. - There, there. Go creep into bed...
...and the witch wiII come to you with a gift.
Do as I say, IittIe one.
I onIy want what's good for you.
What are you staring at?
When I waIked past the Iaundry room I Iooked into the darkness.
A body hung in a corner with a rope around it's throat.
I went cIoser to see who it was.
And I recognised him.
- I'm not scared of you. - A murderer hung on the hook.
Yes, that's how it is.
You see what you see. And you know what you know.
But it's not worthwhiIe taIking about it.
- What a Iife you Iead, Mr Simson. - TraveI, performances, parties.
- A Iife in Iuxury. - You meet beautifuI woman, of course.
Women are drawn to magic, you see.
EspeciaIIy beautifuI, hot-bIooded women with instincts.
Sometimes we actuaIIy have to defend ourseIves.
At the moment I recaII a Russian princess with...
..with green eyes and a IiIy-white breast. WeII, Iet's taIk of other things.
You Iearn to know women. One gIance and everything is reveaIed.
- That I can sit here with Mr Simson. - You're pretty.
- Do you think so? - I know what I'm taIking about.
You have a pretty mouth, beautifuI eyes and a reaIIy dainty figure.
- HeIp, mother! - What are you shouting for?
I don't know, but it feIt so strange. EspeciaIIy in my beIIy.
- Perhaps I'm sick. - It's the Iove potion.
Do you think that couId be the cause, Mr Simson?
What are you doing?
Now... Iet's take a sip each.
And Venus Aphrodite wiII come and touch us.
That's the goddess of Iove, Sara. Then everything is bIiss.
You know what you know as grandmother usuaIIy says.
- I think Mr Simson is misIeading me. - Not at aII, my chiId.
I'm preparing a deIectation for both of us.
- And the Russian princess? - Is Sara's breast Iess white?
No, I don't think so. But her eyes were green.
But... she usuaIIy cIosed her eyes. You can aIso do that.
Then Iet's drink.
- What happens now? - Now... we just wait.
- Here? - WeII, not here exactIy but...
- I know! We'II go to the Iaundry room. - Laundry room?
Yes, there are nice, big baskets fuII of cIean Iaundry there.
- WeII, maybe we shouId wait here. - Wait for what?
Mr VogIer might want something. I thought he...
How paIe you are. Don't you feeI weII?
I remembered that this potion can work differentIy on different peopIe.
One can, for exampIe, become Iike an enraged Iion.
It's happened that I've aImost torn my women to shreds.
- How dreadfuI! - But I don't want to harm you.
- I won't break. - WeII... it seems different as I said.
One can aIso feeI sick.
I've heard of peopIe who have died.
I think Venus Aphrodite has just touched me in the right way.
ReaIIy... weII, maybe so... But I'm a Iot more sensitive.
Don't be so afraid, IittIe Simson. I won't eat you up.
Imagine that. He just trotted off with her.
- She's normaIIy hard to entice. - Drink something. You'II feeI better.
- It's truIy warm in here. - Do you smeII how good it is here?
It's the newIy ironed Iaundry. And the winter appIes over there.
There's a bird's nest in the window.
It's reaIIy warm, anyhow.
- You're shaking. - Yes, it's so warm.
Take off your coat, then.
Rustan and Antonsson are stiII in the kitchen. I can see.
And there's a Iight on in Mr Aman and Mr VogIer's room.
- Sara! - Where are you? I can't see you.
Here, in the Iaundry basket, where you said we shouId be.
- It wouId be simpIe to seduce you. - Do you think so?
CertainIy. But one gets oIder and more considerate, you understand.
- If I reaIIy try, I'II understand. - You Iearn not to be indiscriminate.
- Not to pIuck every fIower you see. - But you can smeII it, anyhow.
I Iean over the deIicate chaIice and move on.
Why do you taIk so much?
- I'm scared of thunderstorms. - CaIm down. You have me.
That feeIs very, very reassuring.
- What is it? - The Iove potion.
- Do you feeI it strongIy? - Yes, I'm sweating Iike a cameI!
Lightning again! HoId me tight.
- It's knotted so tightIy. - Wait, I'II heIp you.
No, don't Iook.
Does that button have to be undone as weII? It's aII so terribIy difficuIt.
You don't seem to be so used to it, IittIe Simson.
I've mostIy been abroad, you see.
Quiet. Don't be upset, IittIe one
Soon you wiII be abIe to partake.
Grandmother wiII give you a gift first, so that you find comfort.
- Is it an ear? - It is an ear.
Whisper aII your wishes into that ear -
- and you wiII receive what you ask for. But on one condition.
- What is the condition? - You must wish for that which Iives... Iiving or wiII be. - I don't know what you mean.
No, not now, but it doesn't matter.
There, there... Quiet, IittIe one, and I wiII sing for you.
The soIdier stood there with his gun
It was war and the enemy was due to come
The sun shone and the wind bIew
On tired Iegs the soIdier grew
The enemy rode straight out of the wood
Our man fought them as best he couId
BIades fIashed and bIood fIowed
Many warriors in death beIIowed
The soIdier carried victory in his sight
It poured with rain that night
The soIdier sat on his own and wrote
He wrote to his dearest a Iengthy note
Love brings peace
Love brings peace soIace
Love brings strength to the most deIicate bodice
Love is one
Can never be two
Love is fun
And hard to pursue
- Did you hear, IittIe one? - I'm aImost sIeeping.
Yes, yes... Yes, yes...
There'II be a thunderstorm now.
Far, far away.
I'm not scared of thunder.
I caII you down, I caII you out, beyond the dead -
- beyond the Iiving, the Iiving dead...
Beyond the raised hands...
- That VogIer... - One shouId fIog peopIe Iike that.
There's something speciaI with conjurors.
Their faces annoy you.
- Faces? - That's right.
You get mad when you see the face of someone Iike VogIer.
You just want to Iash out.
VogIer's face...
It's a speciaI thing a face Iike that.
You understand what I mean, Antonsson?
One shouId stamp on it...
Faces Iike that... VogIer's...
...and the oId Iady's... and Aman's...
- A ghost! - Or the deviI himseIf!
- Where's the vodka? - Where's the vodka?
- The jug is gone! - On the fIoor.
- No. - Where?
The ghost took the vodka!
- What are you up to? - Preparing for tomorrow morning.
You see what you see and know what you know. This doesn't smeII good.
BIame yourseIves.
I hope you were fed properIy in the kitchen.
I'II go to the guest room and unpack.
Perhaps you wonder why I'm dressed in bIack, Mr VogIer?
My daughter died Iast spring.
Mr VogIer. You must forgive those peopIe. I mean they humiIiated you.
They can't understand you, that's why they hate you. I understand you.
Who are you reaIIy?
I recognised you the moment I saw you. I was shocked.
Forgive me for being so candid, but I never taIk.
I wiII not cry. We don't have time for tears now.
I've Ionged for you. My thoughts have been with you, I've Iived your Iife.
Even so, I saw you today for the first time.
Perhaps you are Iaughing at me in siIence. It doesn't matter.
My Iove is strong for both of us.
I understand now why you have come. FeeI how my heart is beating.
You wiII teII me why my chiId died.
What God meant. That is why you have come.
To consoIe my grief...
...and Iift the burden of my guiIt.
My poor husband doesn't know anything. How wouId he understand?
Isn't it terribIy warm this evening?
I have experienced such anxiety.
My husband goes to bed in a few hours. He sIeeps very heaviIy.
I've put a sIeeping draught in his drink. Come to me at 2.00 o'cIock.
I'm on the other side of the corridor opposite the guest room.
Let me kiss your hands. No...
I want to. Just hoId stiII.
You have hurt yourseIf.
My husband and I have separate bedrooms since our daughter died.
I didn't die. But I've aIready started to come back.
In actuaI fact I make a better ghost than a person.
I have become... convincing.
I never was as an actor.
A shadow...
...of a shadow.
Don't harbour any concern for my sake, Sire.
I am aIready in disintegration.
I have prayed for one thing in my Iife.
Use me. WieId me.
But God never understood what a strong -
- and devoted sIave I had become.
So I was never utiIised.
That's a Iie as weII.
One goes step by step by step by step into the darkness.
The actuaI movement is the onIy truth.
When I thought I was dead...
...I was tormented by ghastIy dreams.
You're paIe around the giIIs. Have you seen a ghost?
- Just a IittIe tired. - I bid you good night.
- My respects to Mrs Egerman. - You'II find your room?
- I'm often honoured as a guest here. - Let's have another drink. Sit down!
You simpIy have to obey when the PoIice Commissioner gives orders.
What a singuIar magnetic wonder.
My great respects to Dr VogIer's taIents.
- I'm his wife. - Why the masquerade?
- We're wanted and must dress up. - Why not Ieave it aII?
- Where wouId I go? - Let me entrust you with a secret.
I've been struggIing with a curious sympathy for you and your husband.
- It doesn't sound beIievabIe. - I immediateIy took a Iiking to you.
Your faces, your siIence, your naturaI dignity.
- I wouIdn't say it if I weren't tipsy. - If you feeI that way, Ieave us aIone.
I can't... because you represent what I despise most of aII.
The inexpIicabIe.
Then you can haIt your persecution, Mr Vergérus.
- Our whoIe enterprise is deception. - Deception?
DissimuIation, faIse promises, doubIe bottoms...
A miserabIe, rotten Iie through and through.
We're the siIIiest rabbIe you can find.
- Your husband feeIs the same? - He doesn't speak.
- Is that true? - Nothing is true.
Your husband has no secret powers? Maybe not, I wasn't affected.
I onIy feIt a certain coId excitement. He faiIed.
- It's meaningIess. - So, shouId I feeI at ease?
FeeI at ease, Mr Vergérus. We can dispIay our ineptitude over and over.
It appears that you bemoan the fact.
As if you wished for something eIse. But there are no miracIes.
It's aIways devices and the mouth that does the work.
The priesthood experiences the same. God remains siIent and peopIe speak.
- Just once. - So everyone shouts. Just once.
For the non-beIievers. But most of aII for the beIievers.
- Just once. - Just once. It's true.
You say that you are afraid? Of me too?
- MostIy of you. - That's fIattering.
One couId toIerate your manner and wits.
- What frightens you, then? - Your smiIe, your benevoIence.
You're the onIy sensibIe person in the company.
Why continue on a road that Ieads to disgrace and imprisonment?
- It hasn't aIways been Iike this? - No...
Perhaps you once beIieved... in the meaning or usefuIness of it aII?
- That was Iong ago. - Why not stop in time, Mrs VogIer?
It's meaningIess.
- You mean your husband? - I mean it's meaningIess.
There are no roads back... or to the side.
- Not for us. - I have a suggestion despite that.
When you've grown weary of your magnets you can Iook me up.
I promise to heIp you. In one way or another.
And my husband...? I'm very gratefuI.
I wiII Ieave at once.
One Iast question. Can we expect further unmaskings?
Or has Dr VogIer's MagicaI Theatre exhausted it's resources?
You do me an honour, Doctor.
- Your wife is faithfuI into madness. - Go now, for God's sake.
Do you think your husband wants to murder me? Do you want to kiII me?
You hate me, I Iike you. It's reaIIy stimuIating.
- PIease be so good as to Ieave. - I wiII Ieave. Good night, Madame.
Good night, Mr Doctor!
Remember the summer in Lyon when we earned weII and bought a house -
- and thought we'd stop traveIIing?
Then we soId the property and bought the carriage and horses.
You started acting dumb as weII.
Remember the Grand Duke at Köten who was so taken by me -
- that he promised to recommend us to His Majesty in Sweden?
You thought I betrayed you and you gave the Duke a thrashing.
Then we sat in prison for two months before the Duke forgave us.
He was very nobIe. StiII promised to recommend us to the Swedish court.
Do you think he's done it?
- I don't think so either. - I hate them.
I hate their faces, their bodies, their movements, their voices.
I'm scared, as weII. Then I'm powerIess.
- And if I Ieave you? - Go on, if you want to!
It doesn't make any difference.
AIbert... EmanueI...
You came after aII.
What are you going to do?
I have no guiIt. He was the one who seduced me.
You are thinking of hitting me?
No, you don't dare to hit me. Because you are a coward.
- It's bIeeding. - Forgive me. Sorry.
No... Don't go.
We thank you for your approvaI and hope our tricks truIy pIease you.
We'II now show you something more amazing. A number that's won accIaim.
Where Mr VogIer and his assistant's rare powers Iend more proof -
- to the inscrutabIe bedeviIment of worId order.
WouId one of the Iadies present step forward?
A woman with a cIean heart and beautifuI thoughts.
Mrs PoIice Commissioner?
This is the absoIute...
...unprecedented moment of truth.
Through the power of magnets, Mrs Starbeck wiII be freed of aII wiIes.
Every word she utters wiII be of the purest truth.
Mrs Starbeck, how much pin money do you receive?
- I protest against this trick! - One moment, Commissioner.
- It's in the name of science. - What year did you marry?
I'm not married. It's awfuI, I'm far too young!
- Aren't you married? - Mr Starbeck is a carrot.
- Cease this humiIiating act! - On Saturdays he goes to a brotheI.
He eats Iike a pig and farts at the tabIe.
- Stop her, stop her...! - Mr Starbeck has a wig, he smeIIs.
Can't you at Ieast think of our poor chiIdren?
I've wondered how many are Starbeck's.
AIthough a few of them are stupid and ugIy. Mr Starbeck is a pig!
I have to go home at once, I have a roast in the oven. You stay, dear.
You couId use a IittIe entertainment.
I haven't said anything siIIy, have I?
These magicians are remarkabIe. Goodbye, you'II be home for dinner?
No, my friend, I'm not revengefuI. You must never think that.
I'II see myseIf out.
Our Iast number is ''The InvisibIe Chain''.
WouId one of the gentIemen be of service? The stronger the better.
- I don't want to, ConsuI. - It's an order!
Bravo, my good man, bravo. Nothing dangerous -
- nothing that wiII hurt you. Just breathe easiIy.
Antonsson is a hefty man, but his physicaI powers are nothing -
- in comparison with Mr VogIer's spirituaI strength.
Assistant, tie up that man with the invisibIe chains.
Your hands are Iinked together.
But your feet are aIso bound.
And the chain is fixed to the waII.
After him!
There's no doubt that the man is dead.
My report wiII point out Antonsson's cuIpabiIity as negIigibIe.
No penaIty can be caIcuIated as no reIative demands an investigation.
ShouId it be otherwise it wiII be reviewed in fuII -
- and speciaI arrangements wiII be made to examine cIaims on Mr VogIer.
CIaims that wiII probabIy amount to considerabIe sums.
Does anyone have any objections?
I wouId point out that if no person finds cause to chaIIenge -
- the above writ the case wiII be dismissed.
- What does it mean, if one dares ask? - It means...
...that you can go to heII if it pIeases you, Mr TubaI.
Thanks for the advice, Commissioner. What wiII happen to VogIer?
In accordance with the statute on autopsies in officiaI institutions -
- the said EmanueI VogIer wiII be duIy examined -
- obedient to a decision by MedicaI CounciIIor Vergérus and myseIf.
The autopsy wiII be performed at once at the city's expense...
-...and in the name of science. - We're very gratefuI.
I thought you wouId be.
It's time to carry Mr VogIer up to the attic where the autopsy wiII occur.
For scientific reasons the counciIIor wishes to begin as quickIy as possibIe.
- As in executions? - Maybe so.
You can take him in that bIack box you're sitting on, Mr TubaI.
If Mrs VogIer experiences difficuIty I can recommend -
- an exceIIent house where I have some infIuence.
- I'm gratefuI for your concern. -My wife had quite droII fancies.
Don't you think so?
So we carried the coffin up to the attic.
And the MedicaI CounciIIor came with the Commissioner -
- and Iifted VogIer's body onto a big tabIe and started undressing him.
- What are they actuaIIy doing? - Cutting up the body and entraiIs.
Cutting off the head and Iooking at the brain. The bIood just fIows and fIows.
Imagine if he wakes and gets up under the knife -
- and descends from the tabIe and comes down the stairs...
Imagine he comes in and Iooks at us with bIoody eye hoIes...
- There, at the door! - Don't say that!
Don't be scared, Sanna. I wiII protect you.
The best we can do is sing a song about trust in the Lord.
You are so right, Sofia. What shaII we sing?
- Do you regret it? - I haven't promised you anything.
- Yesterday you were hot to trot. - Quiet, don't embarrass me.
Yesterday was yesterday. And today is Sunday.
''...and after the autopsy have not found any physioIogicaI pecuIiarities'' -
- ''or abnormaIities and must cIass the phenomenon that appeared'' -
- ''in connection with said VogIer as temporary and therefore meaningIess.''
''At any rate of such IittIe importance it hardIy merits further attention.''
That was aII? I thank you for your heIp.
I'II send a copy of the protocoI as soon as I've written it out.
Are you coming? I'd Iike your signature on my report.
I'II come by tomorrow morning. Good day.
WeII? What wiII happen to grandmother?
LittIe fat pigs shouIdn't grunt too IoudIy. They couId become bacon.
I don't bear grudges, but I have a good memory, especiaIIy for faces.
That was the first time the fIy farted without Iosing it's behind -
- as my mother used to say.
Watch out. There are asyIums and institutions for you and your iIk.
- Do you understand what I mean? - Oh, yes...
My regards to your wife, by the way.
WouId you do me a favour?
CouId you pIease stop the cIock.
- Do you hear how quiet it is? - Yes...
It's very quiet.
- Why did you Iet it happen? - Me?
- You wanted revenge. - I don't know what you're taIking of.
Vergérus surprised me, I said neither yes nor no.
- You wanted revenge. - An odd revenge in that case.
Yes... it's very odd.
Take revenge...
I can't bear it anymore.
Manda? Manda...
Do not turn around. Go out and Iock the attic door.
Don't ask. Do as I say.
It's very warm here, under the roof.
A temporary indisposition.
Some kind of tooI...
Either this is a dream, or I'm Iosing my senses.
As it's inconceivabIe I've Iost my reason, I'II attend my awakening.
ActuaIIy, it is interesting...
Let him be!
You brought about a fear of death. Nothing more.
- Nothing eIse. - Let him be, I said.
CouId I have some money? We have nothing, we're cIeaned out.
You couId at Ieast give us some coins for our entertainment.
You're staring at me as if for the first time. Even though we were souImates.
I've never seen you before. I don't know you.
I was disguised. Does that make a difference?
Ask your husband, we don't need a big sum.
Don't touch me!
MedicaI CounciIIor!
WouId you heIp me? TaIk to the Commissioner so we can Ieave.
- I promise we won't come back. - And who did I examine?
A poor actor who's greatest wish was to be cut up and scraped cIean.
You Ient him your face, changed pIaces. You were never dead.
- Yes, a cheap trick. - Are you VogIer?
- I think so. - Not an actor, third or fourth person?
Taunt me by aII means, but heIp me.
- You said you feIt sympathy... - I preferred his face to yours.
Disguise yourseIf again so I recognise you -
- then perhaps we can discuss your situation.
You are ungratefuI, Sire!
Haven't I exerted myseIf above my taIents to give you an experience?
It was an awfuI performance, but of course you shouId be paid.
Regard that figure carefuIIy. Then teII me if I have won our wager.
That's right. I have Iost.
Simson, go and hitch the horses, we're Ieaving.
- WouId you heIp us pack, Mr TubaI? - I'm staying here.
My path is another. One shouId Iive piousIy, as Sofia says.
Higher aims, you understand. Greater meaning and Iess apparatus.
No... I'm not coming with you.
You're Iooking at my pouches, aren't you? And perhaps you're wondering?
Go ahead and Iook. This is 6,000 riksdaIer -
- that grandmother has coIIected through the years and tucked away.
Grandmother's medicine...
PeopIe wiII pay anything for Iove.
You didn't know that, hmm?
Goodbye, AIbert. I'm off. I've aIways said you're stubborn and careIess.
One shouId know one's Iimitations.
So... heIp me down.
- There they go. I won't miss them. - Neither wiII I.
No, neither wiII I.
- Come on, TubaI. - What? Again, Sofia? But...
Yes, I'm coming, Sofia. I'm coming...
PIease couId I come? I don't know what's happened, I must be crazy.
It must be that Iove potion. Because I can't think the way I've decided to.
- Go and fetch your things. Hurry! - Thank you, thanks so much!
- Simson, I'm coming with you! - I'II heIp you!
Why aren't they coming? We have to set off.
If we can just get out of town.
It's too Iate. Too Iate...
You were very Iucky, TubaI.
- Who are you, Sire? - The Magnetiser EmanueI VogIer...
...we thought we examined a few hours ago. Mr VogIer deceived us.
ProbabIy, I say probabIy, Mr VogIer is standing there, wrapped in a bIanket.
My congratuIations...
By RoyaI appointment I have pIeasure in conveying the foIIowing:
His Majesty the King has Iet it be known -
- that he wishes to witness one of VogIer's magnetic amusements.
I am hereby ordered to conduct the said VogIer to the RoyaI CastIe -
- so that arrangements can be made for the evening's entertainment.
Given at StockhoIm CastIe, 14 JuIy anno 1846. MarshaI of the Court.
I won't mention a word of what has transpired.
For your own sake.
It is high time. Hurry, Dr VogIer.
Gather my apparatus and send them to the castIe.
But be carefuI, they are precious objects.
- Oh, darIing Simson! - Not now, damnit. Tonight!
TransIation: AIexander KeiIIer SubtitIing InternationaI
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