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Maid in Manhattan

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Come on. Get your coat. We gotta go.
-You have everything? -Yeah.
Hurry up, sweetie. We're late.
Ty. Today, papi.
You're killing me, Ty. Right now, you're killing Mommy.
-Okay, let's go. -lt's not my fault, Mom.
All right. You want to do your speech for me?
Ty! Hello? That's better.
You don't have to listen to that 2 4 hours a day.
Wait. lt's Simon and Garfunkel.
That's why l tell you to tie your shoes. l know. l'm sorry. Oh, my God.
-You can't just turn them off, Mom. -l understand, baby. Come on.
-Careful of the puddle. -Why'd they break up?
-Who? -Simon and Garfunkel.
You got me. You can Google it at school.
Let's go.
Will l get in trouble if l didn't give my speech?
Because l'm not really feeling it.
What do you mean? You've been working all summer on that speech.
-l can't wait to hear it. -lt's boring.
Not to me or to abuela or to your dad.
l thought we were meeting him after.
No way. He's coming, and then you guys are going camping. Remember?
He's gonna be late, and then everyone will see.
Look, he knows what time it starts. Don't worry, he'll be there.
-Hey, look at me. -What?
-You got something on your face there. -Where?
-Right there. -Ma! Mom! Mom, no! Stop!
There it is. l got it!
-Hey, guys. How's it going? -Hey, Ty.
What's up? The speech thing is at 4:00.
l know. Come here. You got something on your face.
-Mom! -What?
-Please. -l'm sorry. Mr. Cool Guy.
l love you.
Have a good day.
-Morning, Marisa. -What's up, Cora? How my diamonds?
-They're hanging with your rubies. -l like the sound of that.
-Just made it, Marisa. -l always do.
-Good morning, Marisa. -What's up, Keef?
How's the weather? Sunshine. That's nice.
Anything good on?
He opened the door for the paper. The wife just pushed him out.
That nasty butt first thing in the morning, l'd kick him out too.
Oh, my God. Wait a minute. He's one of mine, the lactose intolerant.
l like how you name the people.
What do you call me behind my back, l wonder.
Yeah. Can l get a robe to the Charles Suite ASAP? Thank you.
l call you God because you see everything and you still smile.
-l'm cool with that. l surely am. -l'll see you later, Keef.
A Beresford maid is expedient. A Beresford maid is thorough.
A Beresford maid serves with a smile.
And above all, a Beresford maid strives to be invisible.
Maybe we can disappear one day altogether.
You know what l just heard?
Christina? History after the 1 st.
Christina kitchen or Christina assistant manager?
Assistant manager. You know what that means?
Somebody else is gonna be busting my ass on the 2nd.
Wrong. lt means we're gonna need an assistant manager.
-Yo, Barb, we still on for happy hour? -Ten hours and counting.
Hey, Marisa, you here?
Can l finish getting dressed, please? Thank you.
You're the one who keeps talking about being a manager.
All l'm saying is, it could be you.
They're not gonna make a maid a manager.
Why not? Today's a new day. Anything's possible.
You know what l'm saying?
Friday morning, people! Lots to do. Heads up.
Mr. Bextrum has an announcement to make. Mr. Bextrum.
Christina Howard's promotion created a vacancy that we've decided to fill...
...with in-house personnel.
-Perhaps one of our butlers. -Excuse me, Mr. Bextrum, sir?
-Yes, Miss Kehoe? -Can a maid apply?
Technically, if an employee's been here for three consecutive years...
...he or, indeed, she, is qualified to apply.
So yes. Sure. Absolutely. Why not? Anything is possible.
You hear that? The man said anything's possible.
Yeah, l guess he did.
On to new business.
Mr. Radcliff is checking out of 709. Mr. Greenwald is checking in.
He's back on the wagon, so let's clear out the minibar.
Kanga CFO, Mr. Fukimoro, is checking into 8 1 4.
Stock Evian, shampoo the rugs and extra slippers for his guests.
Marisa, heads up on the Madison Suite.
Mrs. Sage is arriving with the children...
...preferably after Mr. Sage's girlfriend departs.
You son of a bitch!
Let's make sure it's a smooth transition.
The Guedj sisters are back. We'll track them on surveillance...
...but do keep an eye on all bathrobes, cutlery and light fixtures.
Sotheby's director, Caroline Lane, has switched from the Four Seasons.
She requested a park view...
...and favors purple orchids and lavender scents.
Assemblyman Chris Marshall arrives today.
He's gearing up his campaign... his suite will be doubling as a conference center...
...with the liquor and coffee bars turning over every four hours.
And he's bringing his large dog, so we'll need proper accouterments.
And finally, Mr. Newman is back in the Sherman Suite.
Careful, ladies, he's a full Monty.
-l had no idea anyone was here. -Don't worry about it, Mr. Monty.
No big deal.
-And l do mean no big deal. -No big deal.
-You're very creative, Marisa. -Thank you, ma'am.
Since you have to leave at 3:00, go find Lionel and have him sign off.
-Sir, l need you to sign off on the-- -Damn!
Oh, good Lord. Here, let me.
-Here you go. -Thank you.
Oh, God. Your hand's bleeding.
Here. Squeeze tight.
Damn. He's checked in.
Quote, ''Sentimental favorite Chris Marshall...
...blah, blah, blah...
...son of late Senator Graham Marshall, blah, blah... expected to run for his father's seat in the next election.''
-End quote. -Let me see that. Let me see it, Jerry.
You don't need to see it. No.
-Give it here. -Fine. But l hadn't finished it yet.
''Sentimental favorite and playboy politico...
...Assemblyman Chris Marshall....'' Guess you missed a few words, Jer.
What, ''playboy''? That's a compliment.
''Who called off his engagement to über babe Daniella Van Graas...
...arrives in town solo.'' Respectful, huh?
Well, listen, you know, you're a public figure. lt's news. So what?
We were never engaged. Whose side are you on?
Yours. That's why sometimes you have to listen to me.
-Every now and again it might be nice. -Here.
Welcome to the Beresford, Mr. Marshall.
-Hello. -My name is Lionel.
-Lionel? -l'm the floor butler.
lf there's anything you need, please call me.
Thank you. This is Jerry, and this is Dan, and the dog is Rufus.
Thank you, Lionel. Nice to meet you. Thanks.
We'll call you if we need you. Chris, will you look at me, please? Chris?
-Can you look at me for a minute? -What? l am looking at you.
We're going to Maddox's thing on Monday night.
No, Jerry, we're not.
See, this is when l wish your old man were here to back me up.
-What? -l said, l wish your old man...
-...were here to back me up. -My father had no use for that man.
Your father knew how to use that man.
-Where are you going? -What?
-That depends. Where are you going? -Bathroom. Alone.
-Yeah. Fine. Go. Great. Yeah. Sure. -Thank you.
Call me if you need anything.
Oh, my God. l'm sorry, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much. l'm so clumsy.
-Happens to all of us. Here. -Thank you.
-Let me help you. -Thank you.
-Where do those go? -Caroline Lane. Park Suite.
She just checked in with a request for immediate unpack and press.
Here. Blood and Dolce:
Thank you. Thank you.
l mean, there are limits.
You're so bad. You really are, Rach.
Yes, just hold on a second.
Thank you. Anything, l mean, it's up and down.
One day, we're looking at rings, and the next day, we're breaking up.
Yeah. No way.
So l...
...had my assistant accidentally forward my calendar for the week to his e-mail.
Of course, l added a few extra lunch dates and dinner parties with my ex.
Fantastic, right?
Eric will be furious.
-That needs pressing. -Okay.
But let's not forget Eric trades commodities for a living.
A little competition right now might increase my market value.
Listen, my darling, l'm going to be late. l'll call you later, okay?
Excuse me. Sorry.
Could you just hold up those two outfits that Dolce sent over earlier?
These two?
Well, l just simply can't tell without the stockings.
Could l ask you an enormous favor?
l mean, l know this isn't your job, and l'd never normally ask, but l'm so....
-lt's okay. -You're such a doll.
Would you run down to Madison and get me three pairs of pantyhose?
-The concierge usually does that. -Yes, but it will get lost in translation.
Please. You look like you're someone...
...who knows the difference between taupe and caramel.
-Okay. -Thanks.
Here. Thank you so much.
-Okay. -Oh, and sorry.
Can you send someone else to finish the unpacking, please?
-Right away. -Thanks.
Attention! Somebody's coming!
-You think it's gonna rain? -Maybe. lt's possible.
-Hi, where's the fire? -Nowhere.
l just got sent on an errand. l'm already late.
-Get these pressed for me? -Sure, in my spare time.
By the way, two poodles raiding your cart.
-What? -Can't be late for Ty!
Mary Anne, if you don't wear that dress, l'm gonna come over.
l'm gonna go in your closet. l'm gonna put it on for you.
Wait. Hold on a sec.
Excuse me, miss? Where are you going?
-ln back to see if Carrie's here. -Carrie's not here.
So could you just step away?
Away. Away from there. Thank you.
Hi. Sorry. Okay, so you go first.
No, you! No, you.
Get out.
-Get out. -Excuse me, just a moment.
You know what? l have customers, so go on quick.
Yeah. Then what?
No, he didn't.
-No, he didn't. -Can l just ask you one question?
You know what, ma'am? You have to wait. Okay?
What? No, a maid.
-l don't know. -Yo.
-You can't be back here. -Leezette?
What are you doing?
Being that we're sisters in the service business...
...and l'm in a rush...
...l'd say you start serving your low-end customers...
...because that's the reason you're here.
Unless we're not good enough for you to service.
ln which case, l'm sure your manager is.
What do you say, ladies? Am l right or am l right?
-You're right. -Oh, yes.
-Sorry, Mom. -Baby, where were you?
Keef, do me a favor.
These go to the goddess in the Park Suite.
-l got you. Don't forget the bags. -Thank you.
Are you ready?
-l'm not gonna have time to change. -Sure you do. We'll be a little late.
No, Ma, we cannot be late, okay?
-Come on. -l was on time.
Are they here yet?
-Hello? -Marisa?
Yeah. Marcus. Yeah.
No, l can't hear you.
-When's Ty's speech again? -l'll get it.
ln 20 minutes, at 4:00.
-And you cannot be late. -Well....
-You're just breaking up. What? -I can't be there. I'm in Miami.
-Please tell me you're kidding. -I'm in Miami with Mugsy.
Don't do this to me, Marcus.
Don't let him get away with it. Be strong, Marisa.
What am l supposed to tell him this time?
-This weekend is the holiday. -I know.
-He's counting on it. -He'll get over it.
-I'll take him at Christmas, okay? -Tell somebody who believes you.
l gotta go.
That shit.
This fell out of your bag. ls it yours?
Yeah, thanks.
Management, huh?
Que fancy.
l'm not saying a word.
Can you not say a word somewhere else?
And our next speaker will be Ty Ventura.
Richard Milhous Nixon...
...was a man of many contradictions.
Even though he is remembered in history... the only president to ever resign...
...his foreign policies and his relations with China...
...opened up the Western door to Eastern--
l mean, Eastern door to Western ties.
That's enough.
Born a Quaker, he was nevertheless....
He was responsible for bombing...
...for the violent bombing of....
Richard Nixon was born in....
Hey, baby.
They were all laughing at me, and then l lost my words.
You know, it happens sometimes, honey.
l never want to do that again, okay?
You're going to do better next time.
All right, we'll talk about it later...
...because l got something for you. The new Nixon tapes.
Come on, you know you wanna open it.
Oh, papi.
l'm sorry.
Where's Dad?
He had a construction job in Poughkeepsie.
lt was paying time and a half, and he had to do it, baby.
lt's okay.
So you'll hang out with me at the hotel this weekend, okay?
A married guy was buying clothes for his girlfriend.
l know. He gave me his number yesterday.
-What's up, Frannie, Michelle? -Good morning.
-Hey, Ty, how are you? -What's up, Ty?
We're here.
Hey, are you going to keep me company today, Ty?
-Yeah? -Yeah.
Now, he's got books and puzzles and all kinds of fun stuff. Right, baby?
-l'm on 22 if you need me, okay? -Okay.
So l'll see you at lunchtime.
You all right?
l'm cool.
You know, l am really sorry about all this.
lt's not your fault.
-See you later. Thank you. -Sure.
What's with the face?
He's a kid. He has a whole hotel to play with.
-We come here every day. -He'll have a ball.
You said it.
-You need to loosen up. -l'm not interested.
-Why are you stealing my tissues? -l need them.
While you're there, get me soap, shower caps, some Kiehl's.
We need some fun in our lives. Be spontaneous, kick up our skirts.
-The expression is ''heels.'' -Maybe for you.
-l'm with you, girl. -You only live once.
-You know. Come on. -No.
Live it, girl.
l'm living.
l'm living.
Come on, help me clean the Park Suite. You're not doing nothing.
Oh, sorry. Aren't you the maid l had yesterday?
-Yes, ma'am. -Oh, fantastic. l need another favor.
l'm late for lunch, otherwise l'd do it.
Would you run down to the boutique and return the outfits in the closet?
-Sure, l'll take care of it. -Thank you. You're the best.
-Who's she? -She's the goddess.
She's staying in the Park Suite. You two have a lot in common.
Yeah? Then why am l the one wearing the uniform?
What l meant was that she also has a boyfriend...
...who she's been with for a while, who still has not popped--
Her cherry? Because then we'd be identical.
-What are you looking at? -l meant the question.
My God, is your mind always...
...on the pepperoni?
That's right, baby.
All right, here's the difference between me and the goddess.
She's playing games to trick him into wanting her--
-And you're what? -l'm working hard for the money.
Speaking of which, you hand in your application? Management?
What are you doing?
-Dolce, nice. -No, no, come on, get out of there.
l'm just taking a little peek. They're going back anyway.
You're gonna get us in trouble.
Hello, ladies.
Leave that stuff alone. Come on.
You're supposed to be helping me out in here.
Feel this material.
l mean, it's like butter.
Oh, my God.
This stuff is $5000.
For one white outfit? How do you keep it clean?
Oh, yeah. They're a 6, you're a 6.
What are you doing? What are you doing?!
And shoes too.
Shoes. Size 9. Perfect.
-l'm a 7 1 l2. -Which means you're an 8.
Just put on some gym socks, you're good to go.
That's it. Put this stuff back. What are you doing?
Not until you try it on.
l can't try on her clothes!
They're not hers. They're not Dolce's. Technically, they've been abandoned.
Let's not let them hear us.
Who, the clothes?
Marisa Ave Maria Ventura...
...when will you or l ever get to try on a $5000 anything?
Come on, feel how the other half feels, huh?
Hey, Lily, what are you doing?
Hey. l'm sewing on a button.
What's the cook making for lunch?
Saturday, you'll have mac and cheese.
Where you going?
Around. l'll be right back.
-Stay close, okay? -Okay.
Rufus, come here. Come here. Sit.
-Where are you going? -For a walk.
No, there's a League of Women Voters lunch downstairs.
-We should do a drive-by. -A quick pit stop?
Yeah, in and out. Leave them laughing.
-Hey, Jer, quick question. Be honest. -Sure thing.
Do l look as stupid as you think l am?
No. l mean, you're not stupid. What are you talking about?
-Come on. -Where are you going? No.
You have a problem with the ladies' lunch?
l have a problem trying to upstage Victor Delgado. Remember him?
The guy running against me for Senate, scheduled to speak downstairs?
He's not speaking until 1 :30.
l know this offends your sense of fairness, but l'd like to win.
-You don't give up. -No, of course not.
That's why you hired me. Look, you go to the luncheon, okay?
You go to Maddox's thing on Monday. ''Hello,'' ''goodbye,'' you're home free.
Define ''free.''
Look, they have people who will walk your dog for you.
-l mean, l know that's a crazy idea. -l want to walk my own dog.
Relax. You're starting to lose your hair.
He's friendly.
-His name is Rufus. -Hey, Rufus.
So, what are you listening to?
-The Best of Bread. -Best of Bread? lnteresting.
What's your name?
-Ty. -Nice to meet you, Ty. l'm Chris.
l'm bald and no one in particular.
l know who you are.
Yeah? What do you know?
l know that you're the state assemblyman.
l know you're thinking of running for senator.
l know your voting record and your stand on environmental causes.
-Look, l hate to interrupt, but-- -Are you Republican?
Richard Nixon was Republican.
So what?
-He lied. -So, what does that mean?
Who told you to ask these questions?
What press are you affiliated with?
l'm 1 0.
Your parents? Democrat or Republican?
-What's the difference these days? -l love this kid.
Well, what's not to love?
-Where you going? -l'm gonna walk Rufus.
What, are you writing a book? ln 1 0 minutes, okay?
-One pee. -lf Mom says okay, can l come?
-What? -lf my mom says okay, can l come?
-Sure. Where's your mom? -Back on 22. Park Suite.
No, you know what, Chris? You're in a hurry.
-He doesn't have time. -No, he's in a hurry. l'm fine.
-You take him. -What?
l'll go up with you. l forgot his ball anyway.
l don't want to-- Wait!
Hold on!
Hi, honey. lt's Ty!
What are you doing up here?
Where's Mom?
lt's for you, ma'am.
What are you talking about? Ty, don't you--?
Hey, Ma, this is Chris. He's got a giant gray dog named Rufus.
And if you say okay, l'm gonna go walk with him, okay?
-Hello. -Hi.
Let's not forget. l'm a kid and l need fresh air. Please, can l go, Mom?
l'm Chris Marshall.
Caroline... want your coat?
-What? -The weather can be so tricky here.
Weren't you saying what a beautiful day it was?
Oh, you're going out?
Weren't you saying how you wanted to stretch your legs?
Well, if your husband wouldn't mind....
She doesn't have a husband.
-l don't have a husband. -l insist, then.
-Come with us, if you're free. -Yeah.
-Come on, Mom. -Here we go.
l can't.
-Put these on. -The shoes are too big.
Have a good time. Have fun.
-Come on, Ty, let's go find Rufus. -Come on, Mom.
Mr. Marshall, John Bextrum, hotel manager.
This is fun.
-So be cool, okay? -Okay.
What's this?
lf that slips out again, tuck it in for me.
And the night before. You're not answering your pager.
-Really? l never got the message. -Really?
You said you'd take us to Niketown.
Well, here, l'll go down with you.
Au revoir.
Come on, Rufus, just pee because l have stuff to do.
-Pee! Lift your leg. -Jerry Siegel, is that you?
Hey, Maddox, how are you? Small world.
You know Victor Delgado.
Victor, Jerry Siegel, Chris Marshall's right-hand.
-You groom also? -That's good.
l was showing Victor our new building on 57th. Wanna join us?
No, l can't. l'm jammed. l've got--
-l can see that. -Well, l mean--
Don't forget to scoop.
Kill! Kill! Rufus! Kill!
Let's go. You're gonna have to hold it. Come on!
Okay, l'll handle it. Walk to the park.
l'll get Rufus and Jerry, and we'll catch up. Go ahead.
Guys, there's nothing here. Just an old friend and her son.
-She got a name? -Yeah, ''Unidentified Old Friend.''
You give me this, l'll give you 1 5 minutes...
...inside the benefit, Monday night.
You'll get us in at the Met?
-You got it. -Open bar?
-Don't push it. -Thank you.
Come on, Rufus.
Did you have fun with mean, old Jerry?
A great time! lt was perfect timing.
Both Delgado and Maddox saw me walking your goddamn dog.
See, you should get out more. Come on, Rufus.
He's gonna be there. He's gonna be there at 1 :30.
l want you there at 1 :00, okay? All right? Okay?
Bye. l'm going to shower.
l just borrowed them. Pretty hot, though, huh?
l just borrowed them. Pretty hot, though, huh?
-Wait up! -Don't say anything. Just act--
l couldn't do it. All those photographers all the time.
You don't know what you can do until you have to.
There's not a lot of choice. You get used to it.
-Can l take him? -Sure. Go ahead.
-Be careful. He's strong. -Come on.
-Be careful and stay close. -l will.
Hang on!
Thanks for this. He's been a little down lately.
Then yesterday, he gave a speech at school, and he messed it up.
lt was bad.
Speeches can be tricky. What happened?
l don't know. He just froze and ran off-stage.
Now he has this thing about speaking in public. He's all freaked out.
l always get nervous before l go on.
-Really? -Yeah.
Well, not always. Just sometimes.
-Mr. Marshall? -Look at the dogs.
What a surprise, a dog walker. Let me guess. Jerry sent you.
Yeah, to get Rufus.
-ls that Rufus? -That's him.
He's beautiful.
-Can l? -Sure.
-Hey, buddy! -Can l have him?
-Okay. -Thank you.
-Ma, can l go play? -Yeah, go ahead.
This is for you.
-Thank you. -Bye. Let's go.
lt's from my nanny.
Do you want to sit down?
-Sure. -Over here.
Cool, l won't get dirty.
Oh, Lord! l almost sat on your face. Right there.
Ty seems like a terrific kid.
Thanks. l'm kind of crazy about him.
l've never met a 1 0-year-old Nixon aficionado.
Yeah, l know. Last year, they studied the '70s at school...
...and he's become obsessed with the politics, the music.
He was reading the Kissinger biography.
-You're kidding! -No.
l'm waiting for him to discover another decade. Until then, l'm learning a lot.
Well, l think it's great.
-You do? -l do.
Guess what? l threw a stick in the air, and Rufus caught it!
-Really? -Yeah. l'm gonna go do it again.
So how long are you in town for?
l'm not sure.
You always stay at the Beresford?
Sometimes l feel like l live there.
So, what brings you here?
-Work. -What do you do?
-Oh, my God! 1 1 :00, by the tree. -What?
Check it, 1 1 :00.
That's Eddie Yatter.
-What does he want? -He's paparazzi. l can't shake him.
He works for Blanton Maddox...
...whose goal lately is to catch me with another woman... his sleazy tabloid can say that l've broken up with--
Your supermodel fiancée?
Oh, God! Ty!
-What? -Come on!
-l just realized that you-- -Excuse me?
-Sorry, it's just that my face is-- -What?
-What's wrong with your face? -lt's stuck to your--
What's that?
-Oh, God. Oh, God! Get it off. -Here, let me. lt's okay.
Oh, my God! Did l get anything on it? ls it okay?
lt's perfect.
-So.... -Okay.
Don't believe everything you read.
-Any of it true? -No.
Well, we were seeing each other. Now we're seeing less of each other.
lt's complicated.
l want to show you something. Follow me.
Oh, God.
-Let me help you. -l got it. lt's fine. l'm good.
Don't worry about me.
Look at that.
lt's like two different worlds.
-lnteresting perspective, huh? -Yeah.
And l'd like to point out it's paparazzi-free.
You know when l come here most is when l have to make a speech...
...and l get nervous.
-You get nervous? -Sure.
See that?
Sometimes when l have to stand up in front of people... heart kind of races, and l can't remember my words.
-Same here. l know. -Really? Same with you?
Wow. Well, in my business, it's not a good thing.
-What do you do? -What do l do?
l want to show you something.
l hold on to this.
A paper clip? Was that a paper clip?
lt was. l had to find something... draw the nervous energy away from my heart.
Like a....
-Like a lightning rod? -Like a lightning rod. Exactly.
All the energy goes into the paper clip.
And then what's left is....
Your speech.
Yeah, a smooth, and l'd like to think...
...very compelling speech.
Some of the best speakers in history...
...a paper clip.
Let me see, Henry Kissinger.
He wasn't known for his speaking abilities.
No, he wasn't, was he?
Well, imagine what he would've been like without the:
-He would've really sucked. -He would've what?
-Really sucked. -Right.
So maybe you'll try again?
Hey, Ma, can we go see the penguins?
-Let's go see penguins. -Five minutes.
-You're a bad influence. -l am?
Hurry up!
Look at this guy go.
They're so funny.
They look like little, fat, short guys with tuxedos.
Speaking of fat guys in tuxedos, there's this thing Monday night.
lt's a black-tie. lt's a $2500-a-plate dinner.
-Oh, my God. $2500 per plate? -$2500 a plate.
-l hope you get to keep the plate. -You can if you want.
What is it for?
For the inner-city literacy campaign, something l support.
lt's a big benefit that Maddox throws every year.
lt's not quite as boring as it sounds. l don't know, are you interested?
Wait a minute. lsn't that the guy who hired Yatter to get pictures of you?
Yes, it is.
l don't get it. Why would you go?
l go because-- l go-- lt's exposure.
Won't everyone know you're there just to expose yourself?
Well, l kind of have to expose myself.
-When you put it that way-- -l didn't. You put it that way.
l don't care how much you pay for dinner.
You shouldn't serve yourself up, no matter what the cause.
So why don't you tell me what you really think.
You really want me to tell you what l think?
lf Mr. Wanton Maddox, or whatever his name is, really wants to help...
...why doesn't he give the $2500 per plate to the inner-city schools?
And eat a little bit lighter that night, you know?
So why don't you come with me and tell him yourself.
...l'm busy. Sorry.
You're busy, you can't? What? Can you change it?
lt's complicated.
Which reminds me, l gotta get out of here. Come on, we gotta go.
-We gotta go. We're gonna be late. -Do we have to?
-l gotta get back. -Caroline.
This can't be it. Come on, we haven't seen the snakes.
Except for Yatter.
lt was nice meeting you, Chris Marshall.
We're late. We gotta go. Come on.
Here, Ty....
-Don't use them all on one speech. -l won't.
-Keep up the good voting record. -l'll do my best.
''lt's complicated.'' What kind of answer is that?
The only thing complicated between me and him would be my bra strap.
Look, what am l supposed to do? Make his bed with me in it?
Get real!
-He thinks l'm a guest here. -All right. All right.
But just tell me what he was like.
Sexy eyes.
And nice lips.
What about the hands? Were they big?
-They were perfect. -Perfect works.
-Marisa! -Who? What?
-Marisa Ventura, are you back there? -Oh, my God, it's Paula!
What are you doing?
l just.... l spilled something on my apron... l was cleaning it, and she was helping me tie it.
Mr. Bextrum wants to see you in his office right now.
Oh, shit!
Look who's here. Let's review the last hour, okay?
Delgado killed while you were out walking that goddamn dog.
-You got a pen that works? -Sure. Here you go.
-Anything else l can do for you? -No, that's good, thanks.
Get this note to the woman in the Park Suite.
Her name is Caroline.
-Can you handle that for me? -Certainly.
-Thank you. -Who's Caroline in the Park Suite?
Someone l met. You wanted me to have an escort...
...for that Maddox literacy thing on Monday night.
But l was thinking more of a blind, ex-illiterate senior citizen who learned... read while fighting Nazis. -l thought your mother was in Florida.
Just make sure she's not married, on medication...
...or a Democrat. Did you check, or--?
Sure, okay, great. Can l talk to you for a second?
l want you to find out who Caroline is in the Park Suite.
Don't write it down. Just remember it.
Thanks. Good job.
Come in, Miss Ventura.
l assume you know the reason you've been called here.
l think so. Yes, sir.
Do you know what the foundation of a great hotel is?
Loyalty and trust.
Would you say those are qualities that you possess?
l would. Yes, sir.
Miss Burns agrees.
And she's urged me to consider you.
We had no idea you were interested in management...
...until Miss Kehoe brought us your application.
By the way, you forgot your social security number...
...and your mother's maiden name.
lf you just fill them in and sign right there. Perfect.
Normally, you'd go through the program and train for a year as a butler, but--
-Given the circumstances-- -Due to overbooking and understaffing...
...we decided to accelerate your application.
And move you into management after the six-week training.
With the proviso that you pass the practical exam...
...and fulfill each requirement for every station.
So you see, Miss Ventura, sometimes...
...when life shuts one door, it opens a window.
So jump.
Steph, where are you? l know you're in here.
-Don't tell me you're busted. -No, you are.
You know what? You had no right!
What are you talking about?
You filled out an application for me?
-They're considering you. -Do you know what you've done?
-l did you a favor. -No. lf you wanna do me a favor...
...then mind your own business once in a while.
For two years, you've yapped about getting out of uniform...
...and what ideas you got.
This morning, l'm having coffee with Rosalie from personnel...
...and l ask her. l go, ''Marisa got a shot?''
She goes, ''Marisa who?'' l go, ''Marisa Ventura. She's applied.''
She goes, ''lf she applied, l'd slip it to the top of the pile.''
So l just act real nonchalantlike and l go, ''Are you sure?''
So she goes, she double-checks, and she tells me:
''Marisa Ventura ain't never applied for no management program ever.''
lmagine my shock and dismay.
My own partner, lying to me like that.
Then l figured maybe you were too chickenshit, so l did it myself.
lf they took you, you'd be happy.
And if they didn't, you wouldn't know the difference. So sue me!
These are the golden years. We gotta prove our mothers wrong.
Don't waste them.
What we did today was wrong.
But you didn't really lie. Not technically.
Now you're starting to sound like Nixon.
Letting someone believe something's true when it's not... just as much a lie as a lie is.
l let him think l was staying in the suite, not cleaning it. l'm the maid.
l hate to break it to you, but l don't think he's after your money.
l can't believe you just said that!
Just get my keys in my pocket, please. This is hot.
Good job.
All right, sweetie. Behave yourself, okay?
-Thank you. -My pleasure.
Can l borrow this?
-Of course. -Thank you.
Baby, bye.
And remember, all security lDs...
...will need to be rephotographed starting next week.
l think that's all. Thank you very much.
Barbara, Clarice, come with me, please.
-Have you seen this? -No. What?
Well, let me show you.
Give me this.
Yeah. So?
What do you mean, ''so''? What if somebody from the hotel sees it?
l hate to break the bubble. You can't tell it's you.
-Don't worry about it. -lt's the front page of the paper today.
Stop. You do one spontaneous thing, you think you're going to hell.
Do you understand this could be bad?
Don't be such a Catholic. Please. Come on.
Good morning. Nice to see you.
-Can l steal him away for a second? -Sure.
-Let me steal you away. -Excuse me.
-l want to talk to you. -What's the problem?
This! Do you know what this is gonna cost me?
An entire day of doing nothing but covering your ass.
l'm getting calls from The London Times, The Washington Post...
...the Chicago Sun, asking about her identity, her background...
...who the kid is. A kid!
Just when l get them to focus on your assets, they're focusing on hers.
Yeah, well, they're fantastic assets, don't you think?
Squeezing the circle tighter and tighter and tighter...
...and release. Let's try that again.
And squeeze the circle tighter, tighter...
-...and relax. -Sorry, l'll come back.
That's okay. You can work around us.
We could use some more towels, por favor. Rapido.
Squeezing the circle tighter...
...and tighter and tighter.
Radiating from the pelvis.
Good. Breathe.
Are you all right?
Twinkles, is it Eric? l knew it.
He hasn't called once.
Not my cell, not the service, not the hotel.
So last night l called him, and-- Rach, he was with....
l can't. lt's like cheap wine.
-Shall we do some band work, ladies? -Go on, l'm listening.
-l heard her in the background. -The cheap wine?
His ex, in midlaugh.
Butler service, Miss Lane.
l have a message from Mr. Christopher Marshall.
Christopher Marshall?
As in, Christopher Marshall?
He's staying in the York Suite and was wondering...
...if you had a response to the luncheon invitation...
...l placed in your room yesterday.
-We're through. Thank you. -ln my room?
-l have to charge the full hour. -Yesterday.
-Fine. -For lunch?
-For two. -Get out!
-Where? -ln his suite.
This is a miracle.
-Shall l give him an answer? -Yes. Tell him yes. What time?
-1 p.m. -She'll be there. Thank you.
When did this go down?
We met at this thing in Southampton last summer.
l thought we had a moment.
''Can you steal away an hour, please?''
-You think he saw you in the hall? -Who cares? What should l wear?
You look good in anything.
But l didn't bring a thing!
Let's see.
Maria, thank goodness. l need a favor. lt's urgent.
Could you get those outfits you returned for me yesterday?
There's this divine Dolce cashmere coat. lt's just--
Actually, they're still in the closet. l thought you might want a second look.
You are so good. Thank God!
-You should be a personal assistant. -She's a maid.
-So are they, with better titles. -Actually, l'm up for a position.
What do you think?
Dolce coat, Gucci pants...
...or Ralph Lauren skirt, Manolo pumps?
They're both divine! Let's see.
How about the pants, open sandals, see-through blouse...
...colored bra and carry the Dolce coat for effect.
-Maria? -She barely speaks English.
-What? -Excuse me?
Maria, what do you think?
What about the beaded skirt with that beige...
...crocheted halter you have in the closet?
You know, casual sexy. No stockings.
Definitely eighty-six the coat. lt sends the wrong message.
Like you're going someplace.
Besides, that whole see-through blouse, colored-bra thing...
...reads a little desperate, older gal, trying too hard. Don't you think?
You want to make him work for it.
Who does she think she is to talk to me like that?
Thank you, Maria.
l have two words for you, Rachel Hoffberg: Eric who?
Excuse me. Sorry.
Yes, that's it.
All handles parallel with the right elbow.
Review your protocols for table setting and wine service.
We're serving lunch at the York Suite today.
Butler service, Mr. Marshall.
Come on in.
Rufus, it's okay. Thank you.
Water glasses 3 inches east of the wine goblets.
-Make a perfect triangle. -Yes, sir.
Hold on, l'm coming.
You're an animal lover too! So am l.
l just can't get enough of them.
What a wonderful idea. Lunch à deux. Lovely!
l just knew that we made a connection at the...
...Feathered Friends Tournament.
How sweet of you to remember.
But l hope you didn't think l needed reminding.
Teddy Parrish sends you his best.
Oh, Teddy.
Right. Yeah.
How is Teddy?
Drinking again, but you didn't hear it from me.
Excuse me, l gotta check on something.
Of course.
Who is that over there?
Caroline Lane.
No. No, it's not her.
-lt's not her? -No.
The Maddox thing.
-Are you going? -Of course.
You know who l can't figure out where l know them from?
The woman visiting you the other day...
...kind of Mediterranean, with a little boy about 1 0.
Rachel Hoffberg, Mediterranean? She's from Westport.
She's premenopausal, but don't tell her l said so.
You're staying in the Park Suite, right, Caroline?
Yes. Yes, l am.
Well, it's the damnedest thing.
This salmon is perfect.
Your whole presentation today has been excellent. Well done.
Thank you.
Make sure you tuck it in tightly.
She's about 5'6'', dark hair, really beautiful, has a kid named Ty.
What the hell happened?
-l'm sorry, sir. -Don't be sorry. Just find her.
Chris, l loved your quote in The Times.
We're all here to try to land the Rothford Estate. lt's worth zillions.
And Sotheby's are counting on me to lock the whole thing up.
-Thank you so much. -Really?
Rufus, come here.
Thank you.
Sit. Sit.
Maria, could l have a little water, please?
-Good boy. -Such a sweet dog.
Allow me.
-That will be all. -You know Nettie Rothford.
She and l virtually grew up together.
Her place was bang next to Daddy's on the Vineyard.
-Right there. -Good evening.
Another interesting day now, huh, Marisa?
-l don't know. Was it? -You tell me.
Nice lunch?
All right, what's up, mystery man?
How many times you watched the monitors with me?
How many times we enjoyed the comings and goings?
You know what? You over there, nosy body.
You know l'm beholden to report employees misbehaving.
And there's only one thing could make me shut my mouth.
You dirty old man.
You're in trouble. What are you laughing at?
About the silver soap dishes....
Rach, darling, l'll just be a sec.
-Hi, l'm Caroline Lane-- -ln the Park Suite, yes.
-l called about a ticket to the-- -Benefit. Monday night.
We were able to procure you a single at a table adjacent to Mr. Marshall's.
Fantastic! And how much will that be?
-Three thousand dollars. -What?
The rates are raised when a couple is split.
Singles are always harder to place.
Well, l mean what is it? ls it on the lnternet l'm an ex-couple?
l mean, does the whole hotel know?
ls there a Biblical sign on my forehead? ''Unmarried, unclean''?
Do l bear the scarlet letter? l'm....
l'm just.... Sorry. l....
l'm better now.
Just charge it to my room.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on, Rach. Ghastly man!
l am terrified to ask what that was about.
l think, being dumped.
-Can l get your autograph? -Amber? ls that your name?
-Amber's your name. -How you doing?
Get in the car! Get in the car!
-Did she see us? -Yeah. No. You're fine. All's clear.
-lt's fine. -How did this happen?
l think she's very attractive.
l had her checked out. She comes from a family with money...
...politically neutral and has no naked pictures.
That woman wasn't the woman l wanted.
l don't know what to say. l talked to the hotel manager.
That's the only Caroline Lane staying in the Park Suite.
Wait. There she is.
That's her. Cordell, pull over.
-Hey, wait! Ty! Caroline! -Hey, Chris!
-Hey. How's it going, Ty? -Okay.
-How you doing? -Good.
You want to hear something strange? l invited you to lunch, and you came...
...only it wasn't you.
So, what happened?
-l don't know what you mean. -Are you still staying at the Beresford?
No, we actually moved uptown. You know, uptown.
Hop in. We're going to the Tremont Housing Projects.
-We can drop you at the Upper East? -Yeah, Mom!
No. Remember, we're going to a party just a few blocks away, so we'll walk.
-So how do l get ahold of you? -Her cell's 9-1 -7--
How about l call you?
lf you want to get in touch with him, call this number.
That's my card. What's your last name, hon?
-Ventura. What's yours? -Spanish?
-Jerry Spanish? -No, Siegel. We have to go.
-So do we. -Use that number. Call anytime.
-All right. -Don't be shy.
-You're late. You have to give a speech. -ln the Bronx?
-On what? -Housing projects.
You're telling people in the Bronx about the projects?
No, l'm just gonna take the press up there...
...and shine light on the living conditions.
-lnteresting. -Yeah, we think so. Shall we? Okay?
-Bye. -What are you not saying?
-Nothing. -Tell me.
Maybe you should spend real time in the projects...
...and then you wouldn't have to make up speeches and memorize them.
You know, it would be coming from someplace real.
And how would you know? l mean....
Because l grew up there.
l lived in a four-block radius my whole life.
Okay, let's go. Come on.
-Chris! -What?
Shall we? Okay? Let's go. Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go.
Who the hell is she?
l'll tell you who she isn't. She isn't like anyone l've met. And she isn't a phony.
l'll make you a deal. You want me at the benefit? Then get her to go.
l swear to God, l'll shake any part of Maddox's body you want.
Deal. All right, sure. Okay.
Okay, get in.
So for right now, with the review and everything going on...
...we need to be extra careful, all right?
That means no coming up in the elevator to see me.
And no Chris Marshall.
-lt's not like you're breaking some law. -Hey, l mean it.
lf you see him....
-l'll make like a baby and head out first. -Thank you. Go to bed, okay?
-Good night, Ma. -Bye, baby.
Heads up!
The Chinese delegation will be checking into the Lexington Suite.
Please note the television channel needs to be set to one of the Chinese....
Oh, my God. Hide me.
The Shapiros have requested an early check-in.
So we'll put them in the Dior Suite.
Yes, sir?
-They're in the hall. -What are they doing?
-He's got something in his hands. -Does it look serious?
Calm down, it's just a letter.
-Find that girl. -Certainly.
-He's coming. -Be cool.
He's walking. Get out of here. He's out of here.
Thank you very much. That will be all.
Are you truly interested in management?
Yes, very much, sir.
Then l suggest that you go to the Met tonight...
...and end all association with Chris Marshall.
At least until you're a manager.
Then you can make your own rules.
l'll make sure your shift is covered.
-Mari. -What happened?
-You can still be a manager, right? -Yeah, if l break it off with Chris.
Break what off? No offense, sweetheart. What planet are you on?
You don't get it. None of you.
There was something different about him.
Yeah, it's called money.
-No, it's called-- -Don't say, ''love.''
-Don't let her say it. -She's going to.
We connected, you know....
-l felt it. Ty felt it too. -Snap out of it, all right?
You are not in love with this man. He is not in love with you.
You have no connections, affiliations or loyalties.
You're from two different worlds. Do you hear me?
-l hear you. -Me too.
l don't know.
Come on, Maris, you....
You could be manager!
Think of it, girl. One of us...
...out there!
ln a blazer.
l don't have anything to wear to this thing.
-Honey, look, it's not what you got. -Baby, it's who you know.
-And what they got. -You got it?
When you're a manager, your first order of business is to get us--
All right, Ty, focus.
Eyes forward.
Once more. This is the Harry Winston....
Wreath necklace. Worth more than l'll see in 1 0 lifetimes.
Good. And if it leaves her neck at any time, you'll....
Be put up for adoption while my mom....
-Rots in prison! -Excellent.
-You want to say hi to Harry? -Harry.
What do you need? Tell me what you need.
Just your support, Harry.
What about a cameo on Saturday Night Live?
-Let's wait on that. -l'm calling Lorne.
-lt's nice to see you. -Good to see you.
-There they are. See them? -l see them.
We're going to line up Maddox's support and get Grey's endorsement.
Just go and get it over with.
-ls she here? -She'll be here. She'll be here.
-Have fun, Ma. -Thanks.
Listen, be good. Go to bed when Steph tells you. No negotiating. Okay?
Oh, God.
l can't breathe.
What am l doing here, Steph? This is all a lie.
No, honey. lt's more like a dream, you know?
For one night, you're living it for all of us.
Don't think about tomorrow. Just think about tonight.
Tonight, the maid is a lie.
And this, this is who you really are.
What do you think?
l think we have a lot of issues to talk about.
-Let's get together. -Good.
Excuse me. l think now's the perfect time if you'd like to....
Oh, my God, Jerry. Look who's here.
Lovely of you, but l don't think l'll be in town.
l'm gonna bring him over here.
No. She should be here by now. She's not coming.
-She'll be here. She'll be here. -She'd better be, Jerry.
You're beautiful.
So are you.
Thank you for being here.
l only came to tell you that this... and me, can't go anywhere beyond this evening.
lt just can't.
Well, then, you should've worn a different dress.
Want to dance?
You have to listen. l know you're used to getting your way.
Yeah, until l met you.
There's millions of women who are dying for you to look their way.
Yeah? Then why are you making me work so hard?
Chris? Hi. Maddox is open.
So why don't you go over, two minutes.
-Jerry. l'm here-- -l'll take over. l know.
-Oh, Chris. Hi. -Hello.
-What a night. l mean, who isn't here? -Right.
Do l need to know something that l don't know already?
Well, that sounds like something between you and your God, Jerry.
l like a good mystery, you know.
But not where his girlfriends are concerned.
l'm not his girlfriend.
Well, whatever. l just need him focused.
-Sorry about that. -Not at all.
-May l cut in? -You certainly may.
Where were we? Right about here, wasn't it?
You better do what you're supposed to because Jerry thinks l distract you.
Wait, wait. Never, never start a sentence with ''Jerry thinks.''
No, but you should do the right thing.
Why are you smiling?
Nothing, just until this minute, l didn't know what that was.
-But l do now. -You do what?
-Don't go anywhere. -Chris, l didn't mean--
l'll be right back. l'll be right back.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Haven't we met?
-l'm Caroline Lane and you're...? -Sotheby's Caroline Lane?
-Yes. -lt's wonderful to see you again.
l just knew we knew each other. l never forget a face. Wow!
ls that a Harry Winston wreath?
They haven't made that design since the late '60s.
You're very good. Excuse me, l have to go.
Listen, just between us girls.
Are you here with Chris?
-Can you keep a secret? -Of course.
Good. So can l.
-Do you have somewhere else to be? -l have to leave.
You're not leaving. You're running.
What l can't figure out is, are you running towards something you want?
Or are you running away from something you're afraid to want?
Look, l've made so many mistakes already.
-l just don't want to make it worse. -You won't. l promise.
There's something you don't know, okay?
Oh, God. How do l tell you this?
-The first time you saw me, l was-- -You were mesmerizing.
lf tonight is all we have...
...stay. Please.
lt's over, baby.
Hi, honey.
l'm good.
At work.
Listen, abuela's gonna be there in about 1 0 minutes, and l'll be home at 6.
Did you and Steph have a good time?
What are you gonna do in Buffalo?
Well, my plan is to sort of accidentally bump into him.
-l mean, do you think that's too obvious? -No.
-A Harry Winston wreath? -Morning.
lsn't that that maid?
l mean, where would a maid get that necklace? l thought maybe--
l'll fast-forward through this, and you just point her out if you see her.
Oh, wait, could you just go back on that bit?
l mean, it could be her.
Let's just-- Can we just go forward?
Wait! That's my Dolce coat!
-How could you have missed that? -l'm sorry, sir.
l'll have maintenance get there with a plunger.
And l'll call the pharmacy to see if they have something for that.
Excuse me, sir. Mr. Bextrum wants to see both of you in the Park Suite.
Lionel. Marisa.
Oh. Well, that's interesting. She told me her name was Maria.
l thought it would be impolite to correct you.
And l suppose you think it's polite to steal people's clothes?
-l didn't steal-- -Miss Ventura, Mr. Bextrum has spent...
...30 minutes trying to persuade Miss Lane not to press charges.
l suggest you say as little as possible.
We have it all on video.
Was everything returned?
-Yes, sir. -Oh, Chris, l'm terribly sorry... interrupt you. We thought you should know what was going on.
-What is going on? -The woman you thought was a guest...
...on this floor is the maid on this floor.
Aren't you, Marisa?
No. Wait, her name is Caroline.
No, Chris, darling, that's my name. She steals clothes, identities--
What the hell's happening here? Why are you dressed that way?
ls this true?
Yeah, it is.
Jesus Christ! The press is gonna have a field day with this one.
There's no reason to involve the press.
How will you prevent her from speaking?
This would never happen at the Four Seasons.
l can assure you it has never happened here before either.
Lionel, you are slipping. You should've noticed something. l am disappointed.
Please, Mr. Bextrum, he had nothing to do with this.
Of course, sir. l understand.
We'll talk about this later. Miss Ventura, you no longer work here.
Go to security, hand in your passes...
...and you'll be escorted from the building.
-Yes, sir. -ls that really necessary?
Chris, let the man do his job, okay?
Oh, Chris.
Oh, Chris. l can't help but feel that this is partly my fault.
lt isn't. Spare yourself.
At least let me buy you lunch.
After all, we've only got each other to get through this humiliation.
Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake. A second would be complete torture.
Drinks, then?
l need your nametag, passkey and your lD card.
-Sorry, Marisa, but l have to. -l understand.
God, don't tell me they fired you over this too.
Actually, l made a decision a moment ago.
lt was long overdue.
You quit?
...we're forced in directions that we ought to have found for ourselves.
Thank you.
Thanks, Keef. Bye.
To serve people...
...takes dignity and intelligence.
But remember, they're only people with money.
And although we serve them, we are not their servants.
What we do, Miss Ventura, does not define who we are.
What defines us is how well we rise after falling.
l think you'll make a wonderful manager someday.
And it's been my great honor to have worked with you.
Marisa! Caroline! Marisa! l don't know which name to use.
l don't get it. What just happened?
What don't you get? l'm the maid.
What was all this, some kind of bet?
A little game of what, get-the-guests?
l was trying on her clothes, and you were there...
...and you invited me out, and everything--
And you thought you had to lie to keep me interested?
Who's kidding who here?
Think you would've looked at me if you knew l was the maid?
-Well.... -Come on.
With respect for your big-hearted politics...
-...l don't think so, Mr. Assemblyman. -You didn't give me a chance.
You stand on your soapbox, judging everyone, so sure they're judging you.
And you think they're not?
Come on. Half the time, l'm a stereotype they make fun of.
The other half of the time, l'm invisible. Maybe that's the point.
The first time you saw me, l was cleaning your bathroom, only you didn't see me.
Was l supposed to introduce myself while taking a leak?
-You can't nail me for that. -What are you doing?
Not now, Jerry. Just--
-Go. -You might as well sell tickets.
-l don't care. -You care.
-No. No. No. No. -Marisa.
l just want the truth.
All right, you want the truth?
There was a part of me that wanted to see what it felt like... have someone like you look at me the way you did, just once.
And l'm sorry.
lf l could rewind the past week, l would.
Was any of it real?
Yeah, it was real.
lt was so real it made me wonder how l was ever gonna give you up.
But l had to give you up. That was the plan.
And then....
Last night...
...l couldn't.
Rosalie from personnel called. We expected you hours ago.
Hi, baby.
She told me what happened.
Hey, Ma. You okay?
Scoot over, let me see your homework.
l don't know what to say.
What are we gonna do for dinner? You hungry, sweetie?
Will you look at me?
No. l'm gonna take a bath.
Don't, Mom.
What were you thinking, going out with someone like that?
Someone like what?
Chris Marshall.
You had to pretend to be somebody so he'd go out with you?
Where is your pride, Marisa?
People like you make people like him a God.
Why, because he's rich? White? He has things we don't have...
...that we don't want to dream about?
lt must really burn you that l think l have the right to go out with him.
You don't.
Ty, go to your room and finish your homework, please.
-What happened to you? -Don't speak to me like that.
l am not the one who lost her job today.
No, l did. l messed up.
Okay? lt's all my fault. You know what? lt's all right. l'll be fine.
You will because we'll call Señora Rodriguez.
-She owes me a favor. She has-- -l'm not calling Mrs. Rodriguez.
l love you, okay? l do.
But l don't want to clean houses.
There's nowhere to go from there.
Hasn't this taught you anything? Wake up, little girl, you have responsibilities.
And they come every month like clockwork.
You want to end up back in the projects?
Keep dreaming dreams that will never happen.
You want to put food on the table? Call Señora Rodriguez.
You're right, Ma.
l'm a good cleaning lady.
l'll start over.
But not with Mrs. Rodriguez.
l'm gonna find a job as a maid in some hotel.
After some time passes, l'm gonna apply for the management program.
And when l get the chance to be a manager....
And l will, Ma. l know l will.
l'm going to take that chance without any fear.
Without your voice in my head telling me that l can't.
Did you see this?
-How did it start? -Did he know you were a maid?
-Are you a Beresford perk? -How long were you involved?
How did they find you out?
Any advice to other maids looking to trade up?
-Did Democrats put you up to this? -Does he tip well?
ls it true you're booked on Larry King Live?
I'm at the Beresford Hotel, where yesterday...
...Senate hopeful Chris Marshall was captured on video in a lovers' spat...
...with a woman now identified as a hotel maid.
Who's kidding who here?
Think you would've looked at me if you knew I was the maid?
-With respect-- -Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
We won't-- We will not be answering--
We will not be taking any questions right now.
Mr. Marshall will make a statement.
l'd like to make a short statement.
And it will be all that l have to say about this....
This invasion of my privacy.
l happened to meet Miss Ventura and her son...
...during my stay at a hotel in New York.
And we became friends.
There are people from all walks of life who I count as friends.
And my only regret in this instance is that one of them, Miss Ventura...
...was subjected to the scrutiny and innuendo of the media... a result of that friendship with me.
l need these numbers to be plus 1 0 percent.
Welcome to the employee cafeteria.
lt's open 2 4 hours a day....
ls today the 1 9th?
Six more shopping days.
He's here. He's back!
-Who? What are you reading? -Yesterday's paper. Chris is in town.
So? Go put your clothes on. lt's late.
So? He's giving a press conference. Guess where?
l don't care. Okay? Come on. Put your turtleneck on too. lt's cold.
At your hotel.
-Ma! -What?
At your hotel!
l heard you, bubba!
Don't you think it's weird? You'll be there, he'll be there.
So will a thousand other people. We talked about this.
You have your turtleneck on backwards.
l thought we talked about this.
l know, but it's like fate.
No, it's like New York City and an available conference room.
You knew, didn't you?
You weren't gonna tell me. You knew he was coming.
Remember, bubba, what l told you? We talked about this.
He's not part of our lives, but we wish him luck with his, right?
You think he misses us?
Well, he'd be crazy not to.
Mr. Marshall, if elected, you'll be the third Marshall... serve New York in the Senate. How does it feel?
lf l get elected, l'll let you know.
Did your father leave you any advice?
Yeah, he said, ''Don't run.''
We have time for one more question, folks.
Then we have a meet-and-greet in the Green Room.
l have a question.
-What? Who said that? -Mr. Marshall, down here.
What's your question?
l was wondering....
-Chris, don't do this. -No. Wait. l'm listening. Go ahead.
l know everyone makes mistakes.
And it's a sign of character to give a person a second chance, right?
Right. l'm with you.
Even if someone lied, they should be forgiven.
Otherwise, we'd never have any congressmen or presidents.
Thanks very much. We have to wrap this up.
Jerry, he's not done. Go on.
Well, what if you're not a politician trying to do good for everybody?
What if you're just a regular person, like a maid or something?
And she made a mistake.
Do you think she should get a second chance?
l mean, nobody's perfect, right?
No. Nobody's perfect.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, take a look at a future candidate.
All right, thanks very much, folks. We'll see you all in Buffalo.
-Don't do this. Don't throw it all-- -l'm just trusting my instincts here.
-Great speech. -Really?
-Eating out of your hands. -Thanks.
Where is she?
This way!
-Have you seen Marisa Ventura? -No, l haven't seen Marisa.
We haven't had this kind of story in a while.
lt will kill his career.
Will this hurt your announcement for senator?
Mr. Marshall, are you still seeing her? Was it love at first sight, Mr. Marshall?
-Marisa? -Hey, Ma.
-Marisa? -Hey, Ma.
Ty? What are you both doing down here? What's--?
-Hi. -Hi.
Can we start over?
Second chance, second date?
You as you, me as me.
No secrets.
What do you think?
-We know you're in there! -Open up! Only one way out.
Marisa Ventura.
Chris Marshall. Candidate for Senate.
l'd appreciate your vote.
We'll see.
We're in!
Mr. Marshall, over here!
Mr. Marshall.
Esa es mi hija.
What's your relationship...
-...with the Latin community? -Excellent. He speaks Latin-- Spanish.
Miss Ventura, will you clean up the Senate?
What do you think, sir? You two got a chance? Sir?
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